Comfort Jesus, Be For Him A Good Bride

August 19, 2021

Hello, brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family. May we all be a consolation to Jesus in this hour.

I have traveled back home for a few days for the wedding of one of my sibling’s, and on the news, I have seen the tragedy of Afghanistan unfold and the devastating earthquake in Haiti which has taken more than 1,900 lives and still counting. My goodness, all those souls who have perished this week—my heart was so heavy. On the news, a reporter who was in Haiti mentioned how a voodoo temple had collapsed in the earthquake and I thought to myself the people of Haiti still don’t get it. These idols and the prominence of voodoo, which is witchcraft, will continuously be the demise of this nation until they completely renounce that and the majority of the citizens or even the government dedicates that nation to God, it will only be shaken and bring judgment upon itself. 

Then, when I did the Lord’s Supper I got this reading,

Luke 13, 1-9, “At that time some were present who told Jesus about the Galileans whose blood Pilate had mixed with their sacrifices. He said in reply: “Do you think that these Galileans were the greatest sinners in Galilee just because they suffered this? By no means! But I tell you, you will all come to the same end unless you reform. Or take those eighteen who were killed by a falling tower in Siloam. Do you think they were more guilty than anyone else who lived in Jerusalem? Certainly not! But I tell you, you will all come to the same end unless you begin to reform.”

Jesus spoke this parable: “A man had a fig tree growing in his vineyard, and he came out looking for fruit on it but did not find any. He said to the vinedresser, “Look here! For three years now I have come in search of fruit on this fig tree and found none. Cut it down. Why should it clutter up the group?” In answer, the man said, “Sire, leave it another year while I hoe around it and manure it; then perhaps it will bear fruit. If not, it shall be cut down”.

I shuttered a bit because I felt the Lord was addressing me in the gospel. Not only my personal sins but the sins in our nation, as if to say we are no better than Haiti, even worse off, and it’s only his mercy that judgment has not come to us yet. As I was contemplating these thoughts, I heard Blessed Mother begin to speak to me concerning that. So I came before her, saying,

Good morning Mother, what’s on your heart?

Our Mother of Mercy began,

“Comfort Jesus, comfort My Son. He is in need of much comfort in this hour. His heart is breaking at the state of the world, the continuous indifference and the many deaths that have taken place, and more who will die without salvation. That is what grieves him the most. So many are still not responding to conversion, are not responding to his love, but continue on in their obstinance, their pride, and attachments to the things of this world that will leave them wanting. The earth is passing away and that is apparent as he has allowed all these events in His mercy, to wake many up from the slumber of this world and to work out their salvation with fear and trembling.  

“The reading given to you today was about these very things. Although Haiti has been dedicated as a nation to the prince of darkness there are many of God’s servants praying to turn this nation around”.

As an aside, I wanted to look up how Haiti had been dedicated to Satan. I found this article from, and I found this part interesting and want to share it with you all.

It said, “It was not uncommon for slave masters, as Alex Dupuy writes, to “hang a slave by the ears, mutilate a leg, pull teeth out, gash open one’s side and pour melted lard into the incision, or mutilate genital organs. Still, others used the torture of live burial, whereby the slave, in the presence of the rest of the slaves who were forced to bear witness, was made to dig his own grave […]. Women had their sexual parts burned by a smoldering log; others had hot wax splattered over hands, arms, and backs, or boiling cane syrup poured over their heads.” All of these heinous acts were committed to force slaves to perform their duties on plantations.

“Within this violent environment, many enslaved Africans resisted and fought against their captors. Therefore, it makes sense that enslaved Africans would reject the religious system (Christianity) forced upon them by slave owners. On August 14, 1791, Boukman uttered these prophetic words at Bwa Kayiman in defiance of the slave owners, which C.L.R. James quotes in The Black Jacobins: “The god who created the sun which gives us light, who rouses the waves and rules the storm, though hidden in the clouds, he watches us. He sees all that the white man does. The god of the white man inspires us with crime, but our god calls upon us to do good works. Our god who is good to us orders us to revenge our wrongs. He will direct our arms and aid us. Throw away the symbol of the god of the whites who has caused us to weep, and listen to the voices of liberty, which speaks in the hearts of us all.” Boukman, along with others, tore the Christian cross from their necks. Six days later, slaves of the Turpin plantation, led by Boukman, indiscriminately massacred every white man, woman, and child they could find. This act of revolt began a general insurrection that would lead to the Haitian Revolution, the first successful slave revolt in the Western Hemisphere that extended the “rights of Man” (liberty, equality, and brotherhood) beyond Europeans and articulated a common humanity and equality embracing all Haitian citizens.

Although the story of Bwa Kayiman inspires many Haitians and other peoples of African descent who share a similar history of bondage (African Americans, for example), many Haitian Protestants today find the history of the Bwa Kayiman ceremony offensive and believe that this was the exact historical moment when Haiti was “consecrated to the Devil.” – (

 Our Mother of Mercy continued,

“We have cried out by bringing servants upon servants to you. We have cried out by allowing judgments to befall your nation, your land, but you still continue on in your wicked ways and therefore you have received the devastating consequence of your decision. When a nation turns from the one true God it brings upon itself its own destruction, death, and decay. But, My children, don’t think they are worse off than you and that is why the Lord permitted this. 

No, My beloved ones, you are much worse off than they. If it had not been for the many souls who are intercessors—they have sustained your nation from the judgment to befall you, time and time again. But that time is coming and soon approaching—unless reformation happens, unless repentance takes place, it will be much worse, much worse.

My children, heed these warnings, do not disregard these events we are allowing all over the world. Do not be to be numb to the plight of others, and worse, pity them and think you are okay. So you continue living on, thinking your life, your sins, will not be accounted for. They will be if you do not repent and reform your lives.

“Afghanistan is a treacherous situation, all planned by your government and the President in office now. As he works with the elite in your nation and all over the world to bring about the New World Order. That is their plan and intention, to have the rebels who are paid puppets, by them, to rise up in each nation and take over, causing anarchy, death, and destruction, weakening the surrounding nations, inciting fear, and, in turn, making your nation vulnerable by weakening its military with vaccinated soldiers, making it ripe for an attack. “And here Our Mother Mercy is right. I just found out that a law was passed that any soldier in the US military who does not take the vaccine by September will be kicked out. My sister’s close friend, who is in the wedding, has a husband who is in the Army. He was given that same ultimatum and has decided not to take the vaccinate and leave the Army. We praise God. Let’s pray for all of our soldiers in the military.

Our Mother of Mercy continued,

Do not get lax, My children this is the time for the fiercest battles to take place in the Heavens. The Lord is looking to you, for your prayers to change the outcome of these things. For mercy to be extended and for evil to not advance beyond the permitters and boundaries that He has allowed and that will be by your prayers. Pray, pray, my beloved little ones. Pray, although you see things getting more bleak, dark and looking hopeless your prayers bear much fruit and many, many souls will be saved. Pray, My beloved ones, and do not forget to comfort your beloved Jesus who is hurting from the events and things that must come.

Hold Him, tell Him how grateful you are of his love, his mercy, and this intimate relationship he has graced you with. Tell Him how grateful you are of him protecting you and your family despite all they have done to warrant judgment instead. Tell Him how much you long for Him. How your heart is a place He can rest from the darkness and death of this world.

Stay away from the news and make yourself a home in which he can reside and stay. Finding you there, wanting, and ready to comfort him. It won’t be long now, be for him a good bride.”

That was the end of Our Mother Of Mercy’s message.

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My Name Is Mary Elisha I started this blog 6 years ago on my journey walking with Jesus and never knew all that he had in store for me. It has been a journey of tears, trust and confidence in him. Knowing that He is my loving spouse and he wouldn't lead me astray however he has given many suprises along the way! lol Upon fully surrendering my life to Jesus, he has completely turn my world right side up. Filled me with his spirit and showed himself in supernatural ways. He has completely left me in awe leaving me with the thought.....(as most Holy Spirit filled followers of Christ also say) why didn't I surrender 15 years ago! lol. When I started this blog I was a 30 years old zealous for the Lord and desiring to make his love known because it tranformed my life. However, I didn't know the way and the road in which he would take me. It is the way of the cross, the way of holiness and the way of love. Living a life seperated from the world and compltely concecrated to him. I no longer belong to myself, but to him as he has led me to a life of hiddeness and deep intimacy I didn't know was so avalialble for all who would make their lives, their hearts his home. He has given me a new name, a renewed purpose and a heavenly family who is so very present and so real to me. Saints who cheer me on, give me council and pray for me everyday to ensure I do the Lords will and the greatest gift of all He has led me to his Mother! Who has always been My Mother just never knew it. I love Mother Mary, she is my heart, my friend and confidant and continues to prepare me to a worthy bride to her son, Jesus. It is she, who has handpicked me for this mission and to run the community "City of God: Sacred Heart Refuge" in Ghana, West Africa. This is her mission and her ministry as a gift to Jesus and I just get to be her handmaiden. Heartdwellers Ghana is an extention of Heartdwellers ministry by Mother Clare and Father Ezekiel from Still Small Voice Channel. Jesus has taught us about divine intimacy with him. As we dwell in his heart, He and the Father come to make their home within us. (John Where Jesus is all of heaven is as well because the kingom of God is within. So here may you come to get fresh manna from Jesus and any ther saints who may want to give us council, encouragment and exhortation that we may finish this race of faith and run to win the prize. To be a bride spotless, blameless adorened with purity, carying the fire of charity and zeal for our fathers glory. That we maybe ready for him when He comes back for us. Our Lord, Jesus Christ is amazing the intimate you become with him the more in awe he leaves you. I hope this blog draws you nearer to our Lord and you began to open the ears and the eyes of your heart to all that he has to say to you and show you. All of these messages are from Jesus with you. May you be blessed by his words of life. God bless you!

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