May these prayers be a source of comfort, encouragement, and spiritual fortitude for you. These prayers are written from scripture and instruction given from the Holy Spirit. You can click to read or download!

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Saint Michael Archangel’s Lent, Prayer

Most Glorious Saint Michael, chief, and prince of the heavenly hosts, faithful guardian of souls, victorious over rebellious spirits, beloved of the house of God…

Binding Prayer

Powerful prayer given to Mother Clare by the Holy Spirit, and also from John Ramirez. We say this prayer daily and have used it for those who were under oppression and they received deliverance. We encourage you to say this prayer daily first thing when you get up to cover yourself, your family, and loved ones.

Prayer to Rebuke & Bind Demons of Division

Stop! Rebuke those demons of division. Stop and take a look at your attitude and repent. Opportune time for an attack is when you’re tired, sick and frustrated. Use this prayer when you sense those demons are afoot! Please make this prayer your own by mentioning the persons name or inserting their names in the prayer, God Bless!

Self-Deliverance Prayer

This prayer is powerful and taken from John Ramirez an ex satanic witch-lord who became a Christian. This prayer was used on the channel and brought deliverance to many. I was fasting that day when I did this prayer so that’s something to take in consideration for those who are wanting deliverance. If you feel led too fast then say the prayer do as the Holy Spirit leads.

Prayer To Love Sincerely From The Heart

A beautiful prayer the Holy Spirit gave us to counter act an assignment against the demons of division that has been released on the Body of Christ to attack every level of relationships from spouses, too friendships, partnerships, family, and the church. Personalize this prayer by inserting the names of loved ones. God Bless!

Prayer for God’s Justice & Mercy In the Nation

This prayer was taken from Psalm 9 , as the Lord continues to ask us to pray for the United States of America and our President. You can also personalize this to whatever nation you live in as well. The Lord is calling us all into intercession right now and to cover our nation and the whole world with prayer.

Prayer For Muslims To Come Jesus

The Lords heart is always after souls. During Ramadan is a great time for us Christian to pray for our Muslim brothers and sisters to come to know Jesus! We are believing God for heavenly visitation and Holy Spirit encounters so that they may come to know Gods love and come into the kingdom! Let’s pray for them and watch the Lord do a miraculous thing!

Prayer: I Am The Light Of The World

Matthew 5:14-16 14 “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. 15 Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. 16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. Wonderful prayer from John Paul Jackson. Use everyday to declare over yourself. I said this 5 years ago and indeed it has come to past!

Prayer for Israel

A simple prayer for us to use when praying for Israel. We need to keep them in prayer now more than ever. Lord is asking for the prayers of Mercy for Israel and especially Tel Aviv God bless you!
Genesis 12:1-3, Psalm 122

Prayer For The Lost

This prayer is for the lost. You can personalize it by inserting your loved ones name. God Bless!

Prayer Of Repentance For Our Nation

Taken from Isaiah, may you use this to pray daily over our nation and can personalize it to the nation you live in as well. Asking for the Lords mercy. God bless you!

Declarations Prayer For Children

Teach them now in the way of the Lord and they will not depart from it.

Prayers For Marriage, Relationships & Courtship

We live in a generation that desires everything quick, fast, and perfect. Many times we demand that from God and from each other which is not at all a reality. A marriage designed and put together by God will convey the most powerful story ever told, the story of the cross. It is a marriage of sanctification, selflessness, sacrifice, patience, endurance and A LOT of forgiveness. Simply it is a marriage of love, Christ like love, dying to yourself to become one. His love for us took Him to the cross and our love for one another requires the same type of response and sacrifice. Remember not one word of scripture from your mouth will return void so begin a prayer journal and say these prayers daily over your spouse or future spouse. May these short and simple prayers minister to you, encourage you, and help you through your marriage. May this also be a source of preparation for those who are still waiting on God for your spouse. Pray into your spouses now, pray into your marriage now and be amazed at what God does!

Marriage Declaration Prayer

Sweet declaration to pronounce over your spouse or fiance. Personalize the prayer. God bless!

Prayer For A Wise Heart

We all need wisdom. Prayer to ask for your spouse to have a wise heart. God bless!

Letting Go Of Fears And Expectations

Let Go and Let God. Lay down all your expectations and put them on Christ not your spouse.

Prayer To Become A House of Prayer

A house of prayer is not just the church. Your family home can be a house of prayer where the Spirit of the Lord dwells and rest.

Prayer To Be Faithful To God

The Lord has put your marriage together, keep him in the center.

Prayer And Blessing For Mother In-Laws

A beautiful blessing and prayer taking from the book of Ruth

Prayer To Be Transformed Into The Like

Through suffering and humility are we transformed in his likeness

Prayer To Be Poor In Spirit

There is so much grace God gives us when we embrace our poverty, our nothingness and realize we are in desperate need of God for everything!

Prayer For God’s Presence In Your Marriage

A prayer not just to keep Jesus at the center but to have his presence in your marriage.

Prayer Against The Small Foxes

It’s the small foxes that spoil the vine of your love for each other and for God. Make no more compromises.

Prayer For A Strong Bond

1 Corinthians 1:10 and Ecclesiastes 4:12

Prayer For Your Children

1 Timothy 3:15, Matthew 21:16, Psalm 8:2, Proverbs 22:6, Ephesians 6:1-4 and Job 42:15

Prayer To Forgive Offenses

Forgive quickly ask the Lord for the grace so resentment and bitterness doesn’t get a foothold

Prayer For Righteous Friends

Friends can influence your marriage. Use this prayer to ask the Lord to bring your spouse righteous friends

Prayer To Honor Your Spouse

You must honor each other as you do unto the Lord. Think about it do you treat Jesus how you treat your spouse?

Prayer To Cast Down Evil Suggestions

Every marriage will be attacks with evil suggestions, suspicious and accusations from the enemy. Cast the lies down immediately and give the devil no room!

Prayer To Be Like Jesus In Your Marriage

You have to ask yourself what would Jesus do in this situation? How we he respond to my spouse? Prayer to ask the Lord to also lay opinions, preferences and life for your souse

When You Fall, Apology Letter To Jesus

We fail so many times when we don’t respond, react or act in charity towards our spouses and others. Thereby hurting Jesus in the process. Ask him to forgive you and he will pick you up and restore you.

Heartdwellers your prayers are powerful. Don’t stop praying”


“There are countless ways My Love, to approach and come close to Me. Each of you are like a very unique one of a kind diamond that prays in your own way, which I relish. Mostly, I want you to come to Me transparent, hiding nothing, and coming in confidence that I love you and will do for you what is in the end for your very best interests. “