Firestorm Opposition Against the Trip, PLEASE PRAY!

Hello, Brothers, Sisters, and Heartdwellers family.

Last night after prayer, I could feel heaviness on my head. I discerned that the Lord gave me a crown. As I write this I remember [that] in the previous video I offered myself for a soul so they could stay in God’s grace and now wonder if that was the crown I received, like St. Faustina? But a crown always means a fiery trial.

I was so weary when finding this out in hopes this last week would be a bit of a respite. But Jesus did say the pressures against me would be tremendous — wanting me to give up — and boy did it happen this morning. Sure enough, I was hit intensely in the morning. I felt like reaching out to Derrick and sharing my feelings because I was having anxiety attacks in the morning and at night for the past three days. It didn’t go so well initially and had us both at odds with each other.

After we talked things through we decided to check on all the documents and things needed for his interview and found out they changed the date of his interview and he missed it, it was last month! For the first time, he realized that what I have been saying about opposition against us, is real. I emailed the embassy and planned on calling Monday to see if they can restore his date.

When this happened I then went to the Lord wondering if I had discerned wrong again or He changed his mind now about this trip because that was one of the main reasons for us going and if Derrick didn’t make it back on the mountain with us I would have to question all the messages I received. The next interview date they had on their website was sometime next year.

I thought,  No Lord, please, not again. I went asking him if we were meant to still go to Sierra Leone and Ghana I got “Jealousy” on both and that always means a no, disordered desires. I was crushed and crestfallen.

As thoughts of another humiliation ran through my head. I decided to submit this to Mother Clare for further discernment. Was this all a lying spirit? I thought.

When I spoke to Mother Clare she discerned it was the Lord’s will and the devils were just messing with me. She said it was time to storm heaven for this trip and for the Lord to make a way for the interview to get Derrick here — that it wasn’t about our relationship, but the mission God has destined for us.

I know many of you are praying and many more might be weary of always hearing about Derrick and this trip and of the Lord working to put us together. But I want you to all understand this is so much bigger than us. This is the purpose and mission of God at stake and the precious children who will never get the help, comfort, love, and salvation they need if he doesn’t come. Everything hinges on that.

The witches are not wanting to see the African people liberated. There are the little kids in Ghana who are crying out for help, comfort, and love. The children in Zambia who are in desperate need of care and medication for their diseases and those in Sierra Leone whom the Lord wants to deliver from witchcraft and touch with His love! There are so many children who are put into slavery, sex trafficking, mutilated, and tortured for body parts in Africa and in these nations who will stay in bondage, in a prison of fear if he doesn’t come. The Lord has called us to build two communities, one with a school, hospital, and airplane landing strip so we can take food, medication, and resources to nearby countries and that won’t happen if he doesn’t come. I don’t know fully what the Lord is up to but the devils and witches are hell-bent on stopping this by any means so that many more nations in Africa that the Lord wants to give us won’t be touched because Derrick is a very vital part of this mission and God’s plan.

We need to bombard heaven calling forth the Lord’s justice and for him to come to our defense on this one because the powers of darkness and their servants are no match for our God.

Mother Clare mentioned I should no longer sharethe details of my trip on the channel because of the attacks so I won’t any longer, but I am sharing this message as a plea asking you to join me in fasting and prayer this last week for this trip. WE NEED A MIRACLE for real, guys. I have asked all priests to lift up this interview intention in their Lord’s Supper. And if you could do a simple Communion Service to help us with this intention daily until we leave and get his interview date restored.  The Lord must get the glory and this battle has been intense.  I know the powers of hell are no match for the Lord. Please join me in prayer, fasting, and any fast offering you want to give up for this intention would be appreciated. And lift up this specific intention this week for the Children guys, for the children!

Thank you, family.  God bless you!

Fear of Suffering Weakens Your Love for Me

Hello, Brothers, Sisters, and Heartdwellers family.  May we all be given the grace to accept our suffering for the love of Jesus.

There was a soul who came here for a visit, and she was struggling with many things. Her family was going through tremendous suffering with a brother who has a drug addiction, and her father just died a few months ago. She was struggling to understand — being so young — but knowing the fullness of suffering. She was so tired and weary from the battle and really [had] trouble connecting with the Lord or [having] any hope for the future. I took her to Blessed Mother’s tree with me and we were both in worship, prayer, and contemplation. 

Then another soul had been struggling for a while since coming here. He lost his entire family after saying “Yes” to Jesus. The pain of that still lingered deeply in his heart affecting his ability to receive any understanding outside the perspective of his pain because it hurts too much.

These two souls are beautiful, and the Lord has entrusted them to me. So, during prayer, I was contemplating them both, realizing they are both struggling and in the same situation with their attitude towards God because they can’t understand why He continues to allow all this suffering.

I went to St. Faustina to get a reading and was very surprised when the first paragraph I read [was] about them. It said,

“Once I was having a long talk with Jesus about our students. Encouraged by his kindness I asked Him, ‘Do you have, among our students, any who are a comfort to your heart?’ The Lord answered that He has, ’…but their love is weak, and I put them in your special care — pray for them’”.

Then the following paragraph read about how she saw a certain soul about to commit mortal sin. She then asked Jesus to send her the greatest of torment so that the soul could be saved. She suddenly felt pain and a crown of thorns on her head, but that person remained in the Lord’s grace. 

Immediately I knew it was a Rhema for a soul I knew, and I needed to pray for them at that moment and offer myself for their salvation so they could stay in grace. I hesitated because I was fearful of what torments and suffering the Lord was going to allow. So, I said it very softly, slowly, and quietly under my breath still fearful of the suffering — wondering, do I really want to offer myself?”

Then the next paragraph made me laugh as the Lord read my thoughts. It said,

When a soul loves God sincerely, it ought not fear anything in the spiritual life. Let it subject itself to the action of grace and let it not impose any restraints on itself in communing with the Lord.

I thought Lord, you got me, uncle! Sorry, Lord. 

And immediately I heard Him begin to speak to me. 

Fear of suffering weakens your love for Me.You are their Mother — pray for them. These two, and all our children are a comfort to My heart. They have no idea, Beloved One. It is with these souls that I can move freely without restraint and that is where we are headed.” 

I then recognized it was Holy Spirit speaking!

Holy Spirit, my beloved friend. The readings and all the songs You have given me are in anticipation for something wonderful!

As an aside guys, all the worship songs were about the Holy Spirit — coming, moving, consuming — about miracles, signs, and wonders. Then I got a reading from Mother Angelica’s book, “Little Book of Life Lessons”. It read,

The consuming Spirit — “Faith should be like fire to a piece of paper. The fire does not leave the paper untouched. It transforms it into ashes. The Holy Spirit is very much the same. It transforms and it consumes, it should.”

I meditated on that as I envisioned a piece of paper being held by someone over a campfire. Once the fire touched the paper it spread rapidly consuming it. But what hit me was that, if I am to be that piece of paper, I have to go through the fire to be consumed by the Holy Spirit. But many of us tremble at the thought of being burned — about being taken through the fire — about suffering.

Holy Spirit continued,

“Yes, Little One, although unworthy you are — and the others — please respond and receive the Lord’s grace that we wish to bestow on you all for the purpose of the glory of the Father. You will be souls consumed whole heartily, powerfully with the radical love and power of My Spirit. I will use all of you to turn this world upside down as I did with the first apostles. But you must see, it was in the greatest persecution that they were raised up to be bold, courageous, brave, and rejoiced in their sufferings.

Acts 17:2-7

Then Paul, as his custom was, went into them, and for three Sabbaths reasoned with them from the Scriptures, explaining and demonstrating that Christ had to suffer and rise again from the dead, and saying, “This Jesus whom I preach to you is the Christ.” And some of them were persuaded; and a great multitude of the devout Greeks, and of the leading women, not a few, joined Paul and Silas. But the Jews who were not persuaded —  becoming envious, took some of the evil men from the marketplace, and gathering a mob, set all the city in an uproar and attacked the house of Jason, and sought to bring them out to the people.  But when they did not find them, they dragged Jason and some brethren, to the rulers of the city, crying out, “These who have turned the world upside down have come here too. 

“All of you are under heavy persecution. Many enemies do you have, and many assignments have been sent against you. You are being persecuted on all sides — although not so physical — that time is soon approaching — but it is in these moments that you are better strengthened, and your character is formed so that you can withstand all the wiles of the devil, his diabolical instigations, and attacks against your mind. Play the song over them both and pray in the spirit and breakthrough will come for both of them.

As an aside, He is speaking about the Grace Williams song, “Angels of Breakthrough”. It’s a powerful, anointed song that He played over me and brought me great deliverance.

“As I am sending them both back into the world, it will not be easy. I never said it would, but I will be with them in a greater measure to withstand the storms, the strong winds that will come and give them great consolation, a sweetness of My presence, and My peace they have never experienced before.

“My beloved ones, and all the brides, you have nothing to fear. You were called and [were] destined to this high calling before the foundation of the earth and a throne in heaven awaits you both and all the brides of Christ. You will finish well, I will ensure that. I am your Comforter, Consoler, and best friend. You are never alone — do not give in to the lies of the enemy that [have] bombard you both and all the brides of Christ. Do not give in to the pain of your suffering that has consumed your thinking and stopped any forwarding movement of giving Me more. 

You can never outgive Me, I am the God of power, and all that you have is mine already. I have just entrusted it to you, and more will be given to you until overflow. I know your families have been torn apart with suffering. You both can relate to that, and you both can relate to fighting the good fight of faith in prayer, by rejoicing in hope, enduring through tribulation, and persevering in prayer. [Romans 12:12].

“Although you feel your hope is gone, you are dry without love and feeling — because you are still here — because you are still waiting — because you keep coming back to Me despite the trials of this life,  you are a comfort to My heart, truly you are. Although your love is weak, I am coming to strengthen it. You see, you must pass through the fire to be set on fire — the fire of My love, the fire of My power, the fire of My faith, and the fire of My Spirit.

“It’s like a paper to the flame — in order for the paper to be set on fire, it must be consumed. I am going to consume you both, and all the brides of Christ, if you would not resist Me. The fire is the flame of suffering. Every trial, every test, every inconvenience, every pain, every irritation, every sickness — all that is used to cause uncomfortably, pressures, loss, and pain — in a nutshell, is the flame of my suffering — coming to consume every part within you that is hard, rough, impure, and selfish. 

“Of course, it hurts at first — it burns, it stings and many times it feels excruciating. But My beloved ones, if you would but trust Me, I am shaping you oh so beautifully — shining for all to see, a tool of salvation and sanctification you both will be for your families and that is why it’s so difficult right now. But I am coming to strengthen the weary and the weak places of your soul and of your love for Me.”

Holy Spirit now begins to speak to the two souls,

My beloved daughter, I have seen you tarry — confused and wandering in this maze called life — in a world that I have called you out of. That is why nothing satisfies you; nothing makes sense to you because I have been drawing you to Myself little by little. I forgive you for all the murmurs and complaints you have made in your heart against Me. Forget them and no longer walk in condemnation. I have come to lift up your head today and tell you how much I love you — and thank you for giving me your heart and life at such a tender age. With all the gifts and your beauty, you could have been something big in this world, and ended separated from Me. But I have hidden you, I have kept you as a treasurer for Myself and that of your family. 

“There are so many assignments against them, but no weapons formed against them have prospered. Although it looks like you all are sinking deep and going nowhere, do not believe the lies there is hope just around the corner. Hug your mom, kiss her, rest your head on her shoulder daily and tell her how much you appreciate her. She is a treasure in My eyes because she ensured she raised our children the way they should go, and you all have not and will not depart from it. She has been a faithful servant in whom I am well pleased. Let her know her prayers have not been in vain nor wasted. And your beloved father, her beloved husband, is with me because of her faithfulness. So damned was he if he had not united himself with her. 

Let her know she did not make a mistake with him, he was My perfect will for her because he has been a tool of sanctification for her holiness and dotes over the entire family even now in Heaven, praying fervently for you all in anticipation when you will meet again. The chains in your family will be broken but I need you to endure a bit longer and, do not run from the fight [in] this is a season. I am equipping you to know Me, to love Me, and to fight alongside Me in strength, not in weariness or hopelessness. You will do valiantly. Take in all this little one has taught you. Seek Me out every day using the books, and contemplate much of what I show you and what you get in the readings. It all begins in your thinking. When you meditate on My words to you, My voice will begin to get clearer.

“My beloved son, I want you to relinquish your “Why?”. That is the Last thing you must let go [of] and humbly accept the cross set before you. I will help you in this when you lay prostrate at my feet saying, ‘Nevertheless, not my will, but Your will be done’. I am the Father of all fathers and I know very well the pain of loss, very well the pain of accusation, and very well the pain of loneliness. The loss I felt was in My Son, whom I gave to the world for a ransom that all may be saved. Although God, I didn’t allow Myself to be removed from His suffering. How do you think I felt hearing His heart-felt cries, even as a child, adolescent, and as an adult when He would go alone to pray? We were always together in our glory in heaven. And although in Him and He in Me, this world separated us physically.

“His cries for the souls and all creatures on earth never escaped Me and His longing for my presence and My comfort in His suffering tore My heart — because what Father doesn’t want to come to the aid of their child when they cry or are in pain? But we both understood it must be done for the sake of souls. And I want you to understand — all that you are going through must be done for the sake of souls, Beloved One. I also know the pain of accusations, even now. Many shake their fist at Me exclaiming what kind of Father am I to abandon My son on the cross, what kind of God I am to allow suffering? But you see, small minds of this world and confused souls do not understand the mystery — I suffered just as He suffered — we were one and I [have] never forsaken Him, but for a moment, removed the feeling of My presence so that grace can be given to those who experience dryness and desolation just as you are going through now. 

“I did that to obtain grace for you, but I was accused wrongly by men who do not understand the ways of God nor does your family or friends understand the ways of God. So do not take personal what is said. I understood the pain of loneliness, I allowed Myself to be needed by My creatures. That is why you were created, and all mankind — do you believe that? I longed for a family — relationship — and so you were created to fulfill that desire within Me. That is what love does, it makes itself vulnerable. So, My beloved one, let go of all your questions and reasoning and judgments, to My will and what I have allowed.

“I am making you both into a flame — and all the Brides of Christ into radical, bright, hot, and consuming flames shall you be to turn many souls back to Me. The fire is coming, stay close to your little Mother she has suffered very much more than many know and can perceive. But heaven knows and that is why she has been entrusted with so much. She was made in the fire; she is dancing in the fire now and will teach you and all My brides how to do so for that is what you were created for. Fire starters shall you be to set the world on fire for all to see Me and be consumed by the fires of My love.”

That was the end of the message.

I Am Using Your Enemies to Bring Me Great Glory

Hello, Brothers, Sisters, and Heartdwellers family. Preparation for this trip has been wonderful. Emotionally, preparing has been something else. The majority of it has been good, but there are some times that things are said unknowingly that pierce my heart and today was one of those days.

Derrick and I had a conversation and I found out he has to go to Sierra Leone on his own now, for a few days, and come back to Ghana before he meets us there for our trip. I went to the Lord [to see] if that was his will and got confirmation. I could feel fear and insecurity rise up in me. I could see he [Derrick] was beginning to get confused again and I knew he was being toyed with by the devils. Some of the statements he made were in the opposite direction of where he had been going and feeling lately. Rather than me seeing that it was the enemy I took it personally and feelings of wanting to give up came over me all over again.

So in the morning the Lord, being so gracious even before I started praying, began to speak to me because the feelings of discouragement were overwhelming.

Jesus began,

“My beloved, don’t cry, both of you are being buffeted right now. You should know and be smarter than the devils. Don’t allow them to steal your joy or the promise in which I have spoken and has been confirmed by more than one and two witnesses.”

It’s true, the Lord knows how hard and painful the assignments have been, making me want to give up before this trip. So He has been confirming, not only with what He has shared in the messages, but one brother who doesn’t follow the channel closely had a dream. He is very prophetic, and his words are on point. He texted me just the day before [to ask] if was struggling to believe God concerning the trip. At that time Derrick and I were good, but he continued to share that, in the dream, he was encouraging me.

He said, he came to me and knew it was Holy Spirit that had given him a word for me concerning the Sierra Leone trip. “Fasten your hands to your cup.” It wasn’t the cup of suffering, but the cup of God’s goodness. He never listened to the message the Lord gave us called, “Brace Yourself for My Goodness”, and he continued to say, “The Lord is going to shock you with His goodness!!” I told him about the message, and he was pleasantly surprised that the Lord’s word was confirmed, and I was taken aback that Jesus was serious about this trip and giving everyone around me words concerning it because he knows how weak I am.

Jesus continued,

“You’re so close, Beloved. Do not have any disparaging thoughts towards him and give in to how you feel, how he feels, or what is said. I have told you once before, and as you have seen, his heart is changing more and more, Beloved. These, seemingly, setbacks are assignments from the enemy and the devices of his own flesh and reasoning. You are a source of conviction for him, of truth, and of My love. Do not give up.”

What about his new trip to Sierra Leone, Lord?

Don’t worry, pray for him and all will be well. Your prayers are working.

I’m sorry, Lord, I keep thinking — is there anything you want to talk about? Sorry I have been so consumed with myself.

And family, I wanted to hear from the Lord concerning my issues but [I] really wanted to get a message for all of you that is not about this trip. But Jesus, knowing my thoughts and being so sweet, said,

Beloved our hearts are one and the same so what’s on your heart is on mine as well.

I do want to give you more counsel concerning this trip, Beloved. I assure you it is Me. It would be good for you and Brother Juniper to get together three times a week praying a Rosary for this trip and what I intend to do there. Be very expectant, Beloved One. [On] the days you pray together consecrate yourself to Me, offering every sacrifice, and intention for the mission there. Heartdwellers is growing and I am using you to do it, Beloved Little One. There will be many divine appointments and I will have you meet a soul there who will be your point of contact to reach many of the poor and suffering — those who do not have a voice and are helpless in their situation, which I am bringing you to help. This soul will be one of integrity, someone you can trust and can work alongside to bring relief to the people in this country.”

Lord do you intend to establish another community?

“I intend to establish My presence strongly there first. All else will be made clear to you upon your arrival and the time spend there. You asked what is the language of the people there, Beloved. It is love”

As an aside, I got three Rhemas a few days before, that said,

Cloud of Witnesses, St. There of Little Flower

“When her fervent prayers to God and the saints were left unanswered, she thanked them all the same, saying I believe they want to see how far I will push my hope

The second said, “She spoke the language of the people. -Blessed Mother (Be like your Mother dear, speak the language of the people)

The last said, “Success!

I immediately knew it was about my present situation, waiting on the promise, and the last two were about the trip. I kept asking Lord what is the language of the people in Sierra Leone. Blessed Mother had made known [that] the needs of the people in Ghana were help and love for the children, but I was unclear about Sierra Leone. So I pondered that for a while hoping the Lord would tell me.

Jesus continued,

“That is the language that transcends all cultures, all people, and all religions. There are many Muslims there who live very amicably with their fellow Christian brothers and sisters, and I want them to know Me, that I am the Truth, the Way, and the Life — that I love them and that I am their God. I will use you and your brother to convey that. Go with the tenderness of My Mother and the heart of a lioness knowing that this nation has already been given to you.

“Do not fear anything. You will mother these souls and they will come to see your sincerity and love which will cause them further to trust you, even those of a different religion. Do not push religion at all on them but show My love. You are not going to convert, but to love these little ones. And by My grace and My power, conversion will come. Ask for the gifts you want to see displayed and it will be given to you — all to bring many souls to Me. Pray for Derrick as well, he too will be endowed with power from on high to bring healing to many through his hands and in prayer.

“Souls there have been longing for something real, something tangible, and wanting to truly experience Me and it is coming. The readings from your Lord’s Supper today were to encourage you, Beloved One, and that of all My brides, to lift up your heads in the midst of the storm and of your enemies.

I received the Easter Vigil reading today and all the readings were about the goodness of God, His faithfulness, and how He delivers. The first Psalm that caught my eye was Psalm 33. It said,

Upright is the word of the Lord, and all his works are trustworthy. He loves justice and righteousness; of the kindness of the Lord the earth is full.

By the word of the Lord the heavens were made by the breath of his mouth all their host, He gathers the waters of the sea as in a flask; in cellars, he confesses the deep.

Blessed the nations whose God is the Lord, the people he has chosen for his own inheritance from heaven, the Lord looks down he sees all mankind. Our soul waits for the Lord who is our help, and our shield. May your kindness O Lord be upon us who have put our hope in you.

Jesus continued,

I am using your enemies to bring Me great glory just as I did with the Israelites. Their obstinance, their hardened hearts, and every curse thrown at you, I am turning around to bring Me great glory. For it’s in the battles when all seems lost, is when I am able to show up in the most powerful way and I am about to do that. So confounded will all your enemies be, My beloved brides. You have inherited the promise of Abraham.”

The second reading was about the sacrifice of Abraham, our father in faith. Genesis 22, the last paragraph said,

Again, the Lord’s messenger called to Abraham from Heaven and said, I swear by myself, declares the Lord, that because you acted as you did in not withholding from me your beloved son, I will bless you abundantly and make your descendants as countless as the stars of the sky and the sands of the seashore; your descendants shall take possession on the gates of their enemies and in your descendants, all the nations of the earth shall find a blessing-all of this because you obeyed my command. The word of the Lord.

And I had been getting the Abraham Test readings (a couple of times) this past week.

Jesus continued;

What is his, is now yours because you have obeyed My command — giving Me all that I have asked you for, tested over and over again without turning back or retreating. You will be rewarded.

And here I knew the Lord was talking about the promise of marriage, Derrick, the City of God Community in Ghana, and many things I have given up. I have had many painful Abraham tests in my walk with the Lord.

Your children and your children’s, children will live in peace and inherit all that I have given you and so much more. You see, the blessing of Abraham has been passed down from generation to generation and was fulfilled in the birth of My Mother, the Virgin from whom the Messiah would come. After My death and resurrection, all who would believe have been grafted into this Abrahamic Covenant — a covenant that is eternal and will stand for all time. This generation, especially, will come to see the fulfillment of this covenant.

“I am not at all done with My church or with you, My brides, this is only the beginning. Do not concern yourself with the times, wars, and rumors of wars or my imminent coming, from stopping you from dreaming with Me and receiving this blessing, expansion and increase that is coming your way. Do not resist, cower or worse — reject My inspirations, My promptings, and the blessing I desire to pour out upon you, because of how dark it looks and gets.

That is the more reason, My brides, you much shine brighter. When those around you are stripped, you will be fruitful. When those around you are at a loss, you will gain. When those around you valuables decrease, you will increase in My joy, in My peace, in provision, in abundance and in My blessing.

Many are at their Red Sea, and you have prayed and tarried for a long time and have come head-to-head with the end of yourself and what looks like the end of the road.”

 I just want to say, the third reading referred to that. It was Exodus 14. The first part said,

The Lord said to Moses, Why are you crying out to me? Tell the Israelites to go forward. And you lift up your staff and with hands outstretched over the sea split the sea in two and that the Israelites may pass through it on dry land. But I will make the Egyptians so obstinate they will go in after them. Then I will receive glory brought by the Pharaoh and all his army, his chariots, and charioteers. The Egyptians shall know that I am the Lord when I receive glory through Pharaoh and his chariots and charioteers.

Jesus continued,

“Raise your staffs in praise, raise your staffs in gratitude, raise your staffs declaring My victory as the waters part before you making a way when it seems like no way. Walk boldly and confidently through this open door that I have created for you. This Red Sea has now been split and watch Me consume your enemies in My fury leaving not one standing — but bringing the fear of God upon all those who are against you and those who will witness even what I do.

”Sierra Leone is mine and now will be given to you, Heartdwellers.

That was the end of Jesus’ message. Wow!! And I would like to end with the last two readings which tie it all in as the Lord speaking to us his weary brides;

Isaiah 54:5-14

5 For your Maker is your husband—
the LORD Almighty is his name—
the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer;
he is called the God of all the earth.
6 The LORD will call you back
as if you were a wife deserted and distressed in spirit—
a wife who married young,
only to be rejected,” says your God.
7 “For a brief moment I abandoned you,
but with deep compassion I will bring you back.
8 In a surge of anger
I hid my face from you for a moment,
but with everlasting kindness
I will have compassion on you,”
says the LORD your Redeemer.

9 “To me this is like the days of Noah,
when I swore that the waters of Noah would never
again cover the earth.
So now I have sworn not to be angry with you,
never to rebuke you again.
10 Though the mountains be shaken
and the hills be removed,
yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken
nor my covenant of peace be removed,”
says the LORD, who has compassion on you.

11 “Afflicted city, lashed by storms and not comforted,
I will rebuild you with stones of turquoise, a
your foundations with lapis lazuli.
12 I will make your battlements of rubies,
your gates of sparkling jewels,
and all your walls of precious stones.
13All your children will be taught by the LORD,
And great will be their peace.
14 In righteousness you will be established:
Tyranny will be far from you;
you will have nothing to fear.
Terror will be far removed;
it will not come near you.

And the last Psalm is:

Psalm 30

I will exalt you, O Lord, for you drew me near
and did not let my enemies rejoice over me.
O Lord, you brought me up from the netherworld;
you preserved me from among those going down into the pit

Sing praise to the Lord, you his faithful ones, and give thanks to his holy name.
For his anger lasts but a moment a lifetime his goodwill
At nightfall, weeping enters in but with the dawn rejoicing
Hear O Lord and have pity on me O Lord be my helper
You changed my mourning into dancing.
O Lord my God forever will I give you thanks.

Wow, family! I hope you ALL are VERY encouraged by this message. The Lord will use our enemies to bring Glory.  Persevere, endure, and do not give up!

God bless till the next message.

Adore Me And I Will Remove Every Obstacle Before You

Original September 1, 2022 — Repost September 8, 2022

Hello, Brothers and Sisters and Heartdwellers family.  

May we all be given the grace to love Jesus through Adoration in the Blessed Sacrament, and receive all that He wants to give us.

I woke up this morning and I was rushing to get out of the door into prayer. I found myself feeling impatience and anxious. I live in the community commons now where everything is so busy and loud with people coming and going. So I always find myself trying to get away before I get snagged by someone. I know, it’s not right. Then I met a brother as I was about to leave, and questioned him [about] fixing up his hermitage for his family.

To be honest, I had already judged and criticized in my heart this act and thought a better Franciscan way would be to accept the hermitage for how it was, to show our faithfulness to Lady Poverty. Either way, I was wrong to have that in my heart, and as we had the conversation, I could feel pride rise up in me. I left afterward to prayer, feeling terrible for my attitude. So I was asking the Lord to forgive me the whole morning and called the brother asking him to forgive me for my attitude.

Then I began to meditate on the Rhemas He had given me this morning, I picked up from my deck before stepping out the door. And I knew it all had to do with the trip and what I was suffering, and would suffer in preparation.

The rhemas read,

“I have prepared the way before you, and I will remove the obstacles that will arise as easily as a child removes a leaf from the ground, before him, while he plays. Adore Me, and keep Me company, for this is what I ask of you and I will do the rest.”

I thought, Wow, Lord! Thank you!

The second said,

“Give me Your Love, that it may give me strength to suffer all for the love of Thee.”

The [third] said,

“Tell Him simply: My Jesus why have you put me to such a hard test? You know how I suffer from your absence.”

And lastly the prayer of Judith:

It is a prayer for one facing obstacles, persecutions & adversities….

Oh my God, hear me. It is You who was the author of past events and of what preceded and followed them. The present and the future, You planned! Whatever You devise, comes into being. The things You decide upon, come forward and say, “Here we are!”  All Your ways are in readiness, and Your judgments are made with foreknowledge. Here is a vast force, filled with pride and boasting of their power, trusting in themselves. They do not know that, You, the Lord, crush warfare! LORD is Your name. Shutter their strength in Your might and crush their force in Your wrath; for they have resolved to profane Your work, to defile the Church where Your glorious Name resides to overthrow Your altar. See their pride and send forth Your wrath upon their heads. Strengthen me, O God! Crush their pride with Your hands. Your strength is not in numbers, nor does Your power depend upon men, but YOU are God of the lowly, the Helper of the oppressed, the Supporter of the weak.

Wow! And all my songs in worship were about the power of prayer! And just then I received a text from one of our priests, in another part of the world, who said she got a reading from a St. Faustina book, to “tell the Mother superior to do Adoration in the community to implore mercy for the whole world.”

I thought, “Hmm, Lord, this is really important to you! And maybe you don’t want just the community doing it, but all the priests to do it as well.

So after receiving the Lord, I knew he wanted to speak to me. 

So I began:

Good morning, Lord. I’m sorry for my failures this morning. Thank you so much for your grace and patience with me. Jesus, what is on your heart?

Jesus began,

My beloved you are forgiven, but it’s important for you to put on your armor right before you get out of bed. Ask your guardian angel to remind you, and always know where there is a lack of patience in anything, there are all the other sister-sins there and demons ready to set you up for a trap. I have told you with these souls; your job is not to correct unless I bring it up for you to do so. Nor is it your job to criticize or judge. But rather to love, and you teach by example, Beloved. I am leading each one of them and as you pray, I will bring conviction to their hearts with things that are disordered. So trust Me, and leave it all in My hands, beloved little one.

I want your heart to be in a place of gratitude these next couple of days. Gratitude and strong praise, that will give you such fortitude to withstand any winds that may come, and be very excited and expectant to what I am going to do! I gave you My sentiments this morning concerning Adoration. That is the secret, Beloved, to your peace, to your love for Me, and to the work that I have prepared for you and all My beloved brides.

You cannot fathom the power of My real presence in the Blessed Sacrament and the protection that it carries when a soul devotes themselves to be with Me, stay with Me and adore Me! This is one thing missing in the community that I want to be established. So please, let that be a priority today, Beloved. I also want that established with all our priests, an Adoration schedule.

There are many around the world, so you can work out a time that I will be continuously adored 24/7. This is all in preparation for the work I have destined for you all, and to prepare the way for the work you will be doing in Sierra Leone and the other nations as well.

Beloved ones, in Adoration your enemies are scattered! Their plans, their whims, their assignments against you and those you love, are utterly destroyed. Deliverance takes place not only in yourself, but in others, those whom you are praying for. What is troubling you? What is ailing you, what hasn’t bowed down to prayer? Come and sit before Me in Adoration My beloved brides, and I will give you the necessary grace to persevere in your trials, and at My appointed time to cause these giants to fall and mountains to be cast into the sea.”

A thought came to my mind: If you have troubled marriages – adore Jesus! Spend time with Him in Adoration and He will bring such healing, reconciliation, and restoration! Putting the demons to flight!

Jesus continued,

“You all are called to be My adoring brides, and your life will be a testimony of My very real presence, because you cannot leave the glory of My divine face in the Blessed Sacrament and not be changed. Impossible! Every time you adore Me, you are transforming into the One you spend the most time with. You will begin to look like Me, act like Me, and think like Me.

All the gifts and work I have put in your hands to do will come effortlessly when you make time in your day to adore Me. If you are called to preach or teach, there is no need to become learned, full of knowledge and scripture, but rather if you adore Me, you will obtain the grace of infusion! You will have My mind and the presence of My Holy Spirit will be so one with you that when you speak and teach, it will be as though they hear God speaking, teaching, and preaching. So great will be your anointing!

If you must create, do art, music or serve – after Adoration would be the best time! For you will be in Me, and I in you. We will move seamlessly and beautifully, creating together from one thing to another.

If I have called out to missions, or out into the byways, the highways to touch the lives of the poor, helpless little one or to those with hardened hearts – you need not fear your enemies or the opposition in that land. Rather, adore Me in the Sacrament of My love! Obstacles will be obliterated, doors will swing wide open, and favor and the heart of the people will be given to you, because you have chosen the better portion to adore Me instead.

That is the secret to the success of true ministry that impacts eternity: it’s Adoration. Many will come to you and ask, ‘what did you do? What did you pray for? Who did you know?’ And your answer My brides will be, ‘I know only one in whom My help comes from, and I adored Him day and night, night and day in the Blessed Sacrament. All I did was sit still and give my time to Him and He gave Me the inspiration, He gave me the favor, He divinely connected me and He made a way.’ So that souls all cross My Body will come to know My presence in the Eucharist.

You have been praying for a Eucharistic revival, My beloved little one, and it starts with you. This is the start of it!  If you would obey Me, be diligent, faithful in this daily, and teach others the same, I will pour out My blessing upon you all in such a great measure that you will not be able to contain it.

My beloved brides, give Me just an hour of your time! Start there, and I will give all you have ever asked for, for the kingdom of this earth is Mine and all that is in it. And what is Mine, is yours.

 So come! Stay with Me! Love on Me and be with Me. Come receive all that I have for you and have prepared for you before the foundation of the earth.”

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

It’s beautiful!

And I can testify to this!

Just in a week’s time when the Lord gave me the Rhema concerning being really serious about Adoration and leaving my worries there, that he would remove the obstacles – He did! Now Derrick is excited about me coming to the trip and the intense warfare around us and tension has diminished greatly. I am believing the Lord to really prepare the way for us and the mission he has there for us. I also have been praying that he would open his eyes with visions and dreams concerning God’s will, and he had a dream about Heartdwellers doing an event in one of the nations of Africa. He was there with me, and we were giving free bikes away. He hasn’t dreamed in forever, but is very prophetic.

I just whispered in my heart as he told me these things, “Thank you, Jesus! Thank you for what you’re doing and [for] answering my prayers as I just sit before you and trust you to take care of things!” And He is doing it! He will do it for you also.

You can do Adoration online. There are so many YouTube channels that are chapels that provide 24-hour Adoration, and Jesus has made it clear He is just as present there, as He would be if you had the Blessed Sacrament in front of you.

For those who are new to the channel and don’t know what the Blessed Sacrament is, we have a playlist where Jesus teaches on that, and adoration as well. So join us, family! Pick an hour out of your day to give Jesus your time in Adoration and your whole life will change!

God bless you, family! Until the next message.

Letter To My Son—You Are My Child In Whom I Take Delight

Hello, Brothers and Sisters and Heartdwellers family. 

Thank you for coming alongside this journey with me, and thank you so much for your prayers for Derrick. They are moving mountains!

Derrick let me know that he had another Visa interview for a country in Europe that was set up for him. He completely forgot about this and wanted me to discern if it was in the Lord’s will to move forward with this interview because they may keep his passport for a week or so and he didn’t want to miss the trip to Sierra Leone.

He usually is very reticent [about] hearing my messages from the Lord, or getting Rhemas because he truly desires to hear from God on his own and feels that causes him to be backed in a corner anytime I say, “Well the Lord said…” So, I have been quiet and keeping many things to myself. However, I was very surprised that on this day he texted me asking, “What did the Lord say today?” I thought to myself, “Am I dreaming?” lol. “Is he serious about this?” So, I asked him did he really want to know and he said, yes. 

I was delighted!

I was still in prayer and had not sat with the Lord to receive a message just yet and was interested in what the Lord had to share with me today so I could tell him.

After prayer, I came before the Lord saying;

Good morning, Lord! I’m sorry, I am so tired, so exhausted, not sure why?

Guys, for the past three days I could not keep my eyes open in the evening to work on any ministry. It was really bad. After the second day, I began to wonder if this was warfare instead because I had never felt this way. The Lord always gives me the grace to stay up and get things done. Plus, I was feeling exhaustion I couldn’t explain.

Jesus began,

It’s an assignment, Beloved. Cover yourself now more and more with My blood when you wake, and especially when you come into prayer and you began working on projects. I do want you to use your time wisely, Beloved, and get as much done as you can before you leave. As My Mother said, you are coming into a new season of busyness, a different type of busyness, and you will have to be much more conscience of how you use your time and much more diligent and intentional with tasks given to you to do so it doesn’t slip between the cracks.

Yes, Lord. Thank you so much for your goodness and faithfulness.

Do not worry, Beloved. Again [sighed], I am working a miracle before your eyes. I hope you can see that now. Do not be detoured by the things he shares with you or even what he says. He is trying to make sense of his thoughts and feelings right now. It is overwhelming for him, and your prayers are helping him sift through the enemies’ lies as more and more veils will be removed. The last veil will be the state of his soul and the dark forces that have influenced his life. How unravelled he will become; with profound humility he will fall to his knees begging Me for My mercy and thanking Me for My patience and love. Do not worry, it is so exciting to see all of this unfold, Beloved!

You’re excited, Lord?

Of course, I am Beloved! Every fulfillment of promises I give brings Me much joy and excitement to My heart. I am the Word made flesh and so when I speak a word, I know it is done! But to see the process of it being done from My vantage point is quite amazing! I relish in the goodness of My Father and His wisdom, even bring Me to awe. That is why it was written on the 7th day God rested and looked at all He created and said, ‘that it was good!’ (Genesis 2:2-3). 

We take pleasure in Our work of creating something out of nothing and making all things beautiful. And wow! This is going to be good, it is good, and will continue to be good.

Wow, that is amazing, Lord! You are something else.

What is on your heart, Lord, what would you like to talk about?

“I want to give a word to your beloved and My beloved son. He is waiting to hear what I have to say, is he not?

Yes, Lord. He asked this morning and I am very surprised.

And I am delighted! More will be given to him and soon he will begin to hear from Me more clearly and readily.”

Jesus began,

My beloved son, I don’t fault you at all for your weakness and your struggles. I am so in love with you. I want you to know I am for you, with you, and constantly all around you. I dwell and live within you, My child. And I am doing something that I have never done before with you that cannot be done with anyone else.

Thank you for responding this time around. It’s Me that continues to bring you the nudges of convictions. Things you have done for so long that never touched your conscience, but now it is being pricked in various places. I am giving you My heart more and more until you are totally Mine. Until you are consumed with My Spirit and I possess you entirely. I know many things weigh upon your heart heavily but trust Me! I bring the same seed to the sower and rain for the harvest and I am doing that now. Your financial woes will soon be a thing of the past because abundance and overflow are coming to you like never before, because of your ‘yes’ to My will, I can do that. I know now any provision given to you will be used for others in need and those I bring to you, and because of that, I can trust you with much. 

I know you’re also dealing with various thoughts and scenarios in your mind concerning the future and what direction to go in, but the only future you will have My son, is in Me and in Me alone. Nothing else will do, and you have seen for yourself, [that] these past years have shown you that. All else is fleeting and only last but a moment. These temporal satisfactions and pleasures will not sustain you, beloved one, because you were not created for the temporary, you were created for the eternal. 

I put that in you before you were born, to long, to desire, to want something more, something supernatural [that] no women, work, amount of money can touch. You are called to heavenly places, My child. That is where you sit with Me.

For the longest time, you have been My prodigal, eating and drinking from the pig pens of life, completely unsatisfied because you were called to drink from the pristine waters of Heaven. 

You have clothed yourself with doubt, shame, and struggles of mistrust and unbelief when I have clothed you with My righteousness, My love, and My hope. You have put on the shoes of rebellion, confusion, and distraction that have led you into many broad roads of the world’s fleeting pleasures and temporal goods, into places and people, I never called you to be with or even befriend. But now I will begin to order your steps righteously, giving you authority, that wherever your feet may tread, darkness will shriek because they will no longer see you but Me instead. 

I am giving you My signet ring of authority, for the one you wore was of manipulation and cowardice. No. You will be like that of a lion, of [a] man of courage, of valour, strong noble character, and demeanour you always have been because that is who you truly are. When you speak, My son, people will listen. When you speak to Me, into any situation, over people and things – I will do what you say because not one word from your mouth will return void.

Be expectant for what I will do, My beloved son, in Sierra Leone! It will be a turning point for you. So good will My goodness be that it will overshadow all your insecurities, pain from the past, and fears that have dictated your decision. I am coming to multiply My grace! That which has been implanted in you long ago. It is time for this seed to germinate and bloom, breaking through hard ground that has now been softened by My love through this vessel and leading you into the divine destiny that I have prepared for you before the foundation of the earth!  

Fear nothing! Hold fast to what you know and surrender to all I am doing now. Much help is on the way for you, even as I speak these words. My light has come and it will arise and shine upon you for all to see. Your prayer life will increase and a sweet consolation will I give you, to know Me and experience My love like you have never experienced before. I am giving you grace even now to respond to this message and take these words to heart.

These are My words to you, and I will help you let go of all that displeases Me and all who are around who are meant to do you harm. This is not the intention of each young lady, but I know the beginning to the end, beloved son, and just as Delilah was sent to Samson to be his downfall, so have many been sent to be your downfall. You know better, My beloved son. Do not fall for it again and do not trust your feelings, for a man’s heart is desperately wicked. Who can perceive it? (Jeremiah 17:9)

I can, beloved one. Rather seek Me out to make the way clear for you. I will begin to reveal things to you in dreams and visions. Please, do not discount this gift for this is one of the ways I have purposed to talk to you. For you will know Me and fully know, just as you have been fully known. (1 Corinthians 13:12).

There are many landmines for you to step on these next few weeks leading up to this trip. I am speaking to you now because to be forewarned is to be forearmed, so that you may guard yourself, and mind from the various temptations that will come. I will give you strength to overcome and even in your failures I have made provision for that. 

But I no longer want you to take some of the friendship you have for face value, My beloved one. Many, if not all, will be your demise. Truly it will. If you go in any other direction from what I will show you, you will end your days languishing in sorrow, confusion, broken heartiness, frustration, unsatisfaction, stifled, hindered, and poor in every sense of the word. Poor in virtue, poor in love, lonely, and hard. A sad case you will become from the glory that I have destined for you. 

When these temptations come, it would be good for you to call upon Me. Sincerely praying with this Little One helps, but most importantly making a valiant effort to recognize the source and rebuking it immediately. Exercise and some leisure activity will also be helpful so that your mind is not idle because the vibrations can be overpowering. I know because I was tempted in the same way, but did not sin. (Hebrew 4:15).

Soon enough these sensual feelings and desires will be quelled and tempered until you get married. Where there will be no shame and freely you can give yourself to your wife under My protection and boundaries, which will be a sweet time of union where the two will become one, and in your union, become one with Me as well. Savour these words, My beloved son, for this all will unfold shortly and you will come back to marvel at the accuracy of what I am telling you. The gates of Heaven are about to open upon you, for you are My beloved child in whom I take delight in.

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

I read the message to him. I was a little nervous and he was profoundly grateful and really took in this message. I thought to myself, “Wow, Lord. He is really changing! Thank you, Jesus.”

Thank you, guys, for your continuous prayers for us and for allowing me to be open, vulnerable, and candid with my failures and his because I know the Lord will get all the glory when this is all said and done and give many great hope and encouragement in their situations and in the promises of God. That truly nothing is impossible for Him.

God bless you, Family, until the next message!

Let Go I Have Something Better, Letter To A Weary Soul

Hello, Brothers, Sisters, and Heartdwellers family.

May we all be given the grace to let go — and when we must — trusting the Lord that he has something better in store.

The first song the Lord played in the morning was from Laura Hackett called “Lift up your head”.  The lyrics go,

Breathe, darling, breathe
It’s not yet time for you to leave
Don’t lose hope
Let your heart believe and hold out faith (oh, oh)
Sunrise rays
Shining down upon your face
An appointed end to suffering

Love will have its day
Keep on in the way
Yeah, love will have its day
Keep on in the way

Lift up your head, lift up your head
Your sorrow, you’ll forget when the joy comes quickly
Crying will end, wounds He will mend
And stories be penned of the faithful

My heart dropped because I always take this song seriously. He has used this song every time I thought I was called to Ghana and then found out it was a lying spirit, or some delay would happen. Then the following song was called “Well of Tears”. I thought, no Lord, not again. I received so many confirmations, not another humiliation or delay. So I went to the Bible Promises, bracing myself for the truth and I asked the Lord, am I still called to go on this trip? I got “Joy”. I was relieved and confused wondering, are the demons getting into my playlist? They can’t do that — or what’s going on?

I then pulled three Rhemas to get more clarity from my card file and the three I received were…

Pray for Nak & Rashad

[Who] is a soul I know, and her boyfriend. They have three children together.

The second Rhema said;

My Perfect will, you are doing. Thank you.”

“He told me that the most perfect and holy soul is not the one that does the will of My Father, but there are not many such and that He looks with special love upon the soul who lives HIs will. And Jesus told me that I was doing the will of God perfectly and for this reason. I am uniting Myself with you and communing with you in a special and intimate way.”

I thought, wow! That was encouraging.

The last Rhema said; Lust

 Galatians 5:16-17, “I say this to you: Let the Holy Spirit lead you in each step. Then you will not please your sinful old selves. The things our old selves want to do are against what the Holy Spirit wants. The Holy Spirit does not agree with what our sinful old selves want. These two are against each other. So you can’t do what you want to do!”

I thought to myself, very interesting, Lord. Okay, if I am in your perfect will — then what were those songs about? And “Lust”, am I in my flesh in anything?

After prayer, I came before the Lord.

Good morning, Lord, there is so much confusion this morning please help me to sift through the truth.  I took a deep breath and said, Jesus, I trust you, Jesus I trust you, Jesus I trust you.

And I heard,“I am right here,  Beloved, you are being buffeted.”

As I pondered more, Holy Spirit gave me more insight and referred the last Rhema to this soul and her situation — that it was about her boyfriend.  I discerned that from the Lord and got confirmation.

Lord, so these songs you played — it’s about this soul?

Jesus began, “Yes, Beloved, and sometimes songs are not directed at you, but for those around you. I speak to you in so many ways, Beloved. Those songs were for this soul

Oh wow Lord,

All I have said concerning you (meaning the trip) is true, Beloved. Please don’t doubt again — continue to move forward. The devils will try to bring much confusion, overthinking, and doubt in the things I am telling you to do in preparation for this trip. Seal My words in your heart once and for all. It has been confirmed by your covering, and you are in My perfect will, Beloved, do not fear.

Now concerning this soul,she has been in a dark valley for a while. How I love her so, she has no idea the consolation and joy she brings Me, and I can’t wait for that moment that she truly recognizes My conceivable presence in her life daily— and she communes with Me daily as My bride. That time is soon approaching. Although she smiles on the surface she is desperately trying to hold it all together on the inside. A well of tears she has cried because of her situation and this love that is now lost. Encourage her with these words:

Now Jesus begins speaking to the soul,

“My beloved daughter, you are everything to Me — absolutely everything to Me. I am in this darkness with you. In the chambers of your heart is where I rest with you, console you, and comfort you. I am right here, Beloved, right here. I know in your situation you want to leave, and you have every right to, but stay a little while longer for the sake of your little ones.

Stay, they are in need of you and their father in the days and weeks ahead. Do not worry yourself with where you will go or what you will be doing. I have already prepared the way for you if you would but trust Me.

“At the appointed time I will make a way — and your walking away will be filled with much peace leading you right to the place that I have prepared for you. Leaving now would be premature, don’t allow your feelings to rule. What you’re dealing with in him is a spirit of lust and perversion. Pray for him, Beloved One, that is why I have you here.

“Pray for him fervently, daily, against this spirit that has consumed and seeks to ruin his life and the destiny that I have for him. Remove your personal feelings —although very hard — and pray for him as a soul who is in desperate need of My salvation and grace. I am using you as a tool of salvation for him.

When all is said and put behind you, you will be dear friends to one another, raising your children up in My ways. But now you are expecting so much from a man who is broken, riddled with sin, and shame, and a man that I have not appointed for you as your husband. I know the word given to you was a very hard pill to swallow as you have dismissed them and forged ahead to make this work. But My beloved beauty, I have something so much better in store for you.

As an aside, guys,  I received a message from the Lord for her before, concerning her situation and boyfriend, and the Lord exposed he was living a double life and struggling with hidden sexual identity issues. That is the reason he was distant, and she had been hurting because of that. The Lord told her to move on —  that he was now giving the grace to another to be a husband and father to her children. But the letter was too hard to take in as the truth, and she defended him instead and continued to stay.  And now, just as Jesus said, everything is unraveling.

Jesus continued,

“In My will, you will find peace, contentment, and joy. I have all that waiting for you, do not worry. There is one that I have destined for you who will see you truly as you are and take these children as their own. Do not worry, Beloved One, for now, wait on Me. Don’t make any hasty decisions because of feelings or lack thereof.

“Your redemption is drawing nigh — you don’t have much longer, Beloved. Wait on Me, I have something beautiful right around the corner. Don’t put your hope in him — in the relationship any longer but put it in Me. I will not disappoint you, My beloved one. I am here to wipe every tear and give you joy for your mourning. I love you — trust in me I will not fail you.

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

What a beautiful, comforting message. You see Jesus cares about every detail of your life — nothing escapes him I mean nothing. I had no idea what this soul was going through I immediately texted her asking if everything was okay and she mentioned that their lease was up, and the boyfriend was struggling with smoking — and because of that,  got in trouble with the apartment complex. They had a week to find a new place and they were being denied for everything. I thought, hmm, maybe the Lord is talking about her not leaving the apartment. She texted later and “Oh, I was going to leave him as well.”

Then I was amazed at the accuracy of the message and the Lord’s words to her. We talked on the phone, and I read to her the message, and she was profoundly grateful this time and received it all. She was a bit disappointed because she had invested so much thinking things would change — but she was at peace now because she was very weary in the relationship and was okay with the Lord’s instructions trusting He had someone else in mind at the right time.

So, family, please keep this soul and her situation in prayer. Help me to pray for this young man for deliverance and freedom from this spirit and for their precious three girls who are such a joy.

God bless you, family, thank you for your support and generosity. Until the next message.

Finally Leaving…For Real This Time

Hello, brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family.

The Lord began to bring much clarity concerning my trip to Ghana. He made it clear to me that I wasn’t to tell my family or even wear my habit there. I was a bit taken aback because just recently, as you all heard in the messages, I was called to strip down and give many things away. Now He was telling me to buy clothes for the trip? — and I was stressing. I talked to my cousin because the Lord made it clear I was to stay with her — and she is the same one having many issues with her husband and is now separated.

She stated she wanted to have a heart-to-heart talk with me and told me that I needed to dress up—make my appearance suitable for Derrick in order for him to desire me in that way. She went on and on because her husband had complained about how she dressed and had let herself go. And when she began to dress nicely during their separation, he was drawn to her. Guys that had me stressing, even more. I didn’t realize how sick of the world I had become.

I used to be a fashion designer and the Lord had to do “a work” to get me in a habit. And now I looooove my habit. Insecurities and fears came rushing upon my heart — and honestly, I didn’t want to compete for Derrick’s attention in this way. After getting off the phone with her I was full of anxiety as tears streamed down my face as I told the Lord I would do what he wanted (wearing secular clothes), but it couldn’t be because of Derrick, it just couldn’t be. The Lord couldn’t bring me this far just to have me dress up to get a man’s attention. I was perplexed.

The Next morning, [upon] waking up, I was still full of anxiety and immediately heard Jesus speaking to me, so I began writing.

Jesus, I come to you with my stomach tied in knots. I am so sorry that I am so weak. If it’s your will Lord, please bring peace to my heart and mind concerning Ghana.

Jesus began,

“My beloved one, you are being pelted with fears and doubts again My love. Remember? I have gone before you to remove all obstacles and hindrances. [I’m] not saying this trip will be without suffering because it is in suffering that you draw nearer to Me and closer to My heart, resembling Me, Beloved.

“This trip is necessary, My beloved one, and provision will be made for you concerning the Land that is already yours. Put your fears to rest, Beloved, concerning Derrick. That will be a different matter. I have already told you what is in store before he comes to the mountain. Be very gracious with him even in his weaknesses. However, after the Sierra Leone trip, his spirit will have changed very much. After seeing how My Spirit moves through you, your brother, and even him, he will hunger and thirst for me again like never before. I will be the sole object of his desire— and because of it, that will change his feelings towards you, towards the mission and the work you both are called to. He will be on board, Beloved, and focused for that one intent.

“Your cousin meant well, but her thoughts are not my sentiments, Beloved. Rather I am calling you to be a woman of virtue not consumed or concerned with the vanities of life, especially after you get married. Derrick will be quite different, and those things will no longer concern him. However, on this trip, it is important that you humble yourself. I know you feel you have given so much, and I am asking you to give more. This doesn’t take away from who you are, Beloved, nor do I want you walking around in insecurity concerned with your looks. NO, Beloved, this is for your protection for now.

“It would be wise for you to go there living the hidden life in Me. That is why that Rhema was given.”

And the Rhema he gave paraphrasing said, “to live the hidden life is to not make know your virtues before men.”

Jesus continued,

“Wearing your habit there will make you a target and I want your hidden life to be interior this time, not exterior. You are going to lay the groundwork for the City of God Community.

But Lord, how, what is that you want me to do?

“[The] majority of it will consist of much prayer, — praying over the land once you arrive, getting the practical side of things in order, Beloved one, and going to love and serve the people there. I will send you out in the streets to love on the children, get to know the sighs and prayers of the suffering.

“Be a blessing in this way, and of course, drawing you and Derrick together deeply for this work. That is why Sierra Leone is so very necessary — that will be the turning point to have his whole heart into the City of God vision. He will accompany you in many of your outings and so will your cousin. Do not concern yourself with the former frictions between you three. You know, more than anyone, prayer changes everything.

“So begin praying for her and you, now. You both praying together will be so powerful. I will also begin to do an amazing work in her husband while you are there. I am bringing restoration to you both, but you both must trust me — be gracious to these men in their weaknesses and pray fervently as you have never before. Strongholds will be broken, and walls will be torn down never to rise again.

“When you go, listen and honor Derrick’s requests, Beloved Little One. Let him see a side that is vulnerable, and submissive, really take to heart his instructions, and the wisdom he gives you concerning how to set things up and what he thinks is best for you both to do.

“If there is anything contrary, gently suggest it and bring it before Me in prayer. I am teaching you the dynamics of a holy relationship where your whole trust is in Me. You will continue to see breakthrough, for I am turning your mourning into dancing and your sorrow into joy.

“Continue to pray, in this time, that he will let go of the world completely. Many changes will take place as you are there, and I will have him join you as you return back. Don’t push and don’t insist on your way in anything, Beloved, especially concerning him. Just be gentle, understanding, humble, and meek of heart and I will do the rest.”

Lord, [are] there any ministry items I should purchase for Ghana? [Because, as you guys know, we have a love of ministry items ­— packages of food, clothing, and shoes for Sierra Leone.]

Jesus responded,

No, Beloved, just bring what you will have. It will be your love, your compassion, your tenderness, and the time you give these children and the people I will have you encounter is what will matter most.   Pray for your aunt fervently while you are there, and your family.

 “I have My warring angels surrounding you. Arch Angels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael will accompany you. You have nothing to fear, you will be protected and cloaked from the principalities, demons, and witches there.

“When you return to Ghana at My appointed time, you will come with boldness and strength because there will not be just one of you but two. You and Derrick will be a fortress united in My indwelling presence for all to see—your enemies and advocates alike.

“For now, trust Me, receive My peace. Do not let anxiety rule and let gratitude, praise, and prayer be your posture no matter how hard the winds come. You will not be disappointed on this trip, Beloved, and seek Me out alone in all things. Only let My opinion matter above all, and no one else’s. I am with you in these things. I love you and thank Me for him and what I am doing. You will overcome.”

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

We had our intercessory meeting and I shared this with the group and got some great sound advice as I had them all discern if this was the Lord’s will and got strong confirmation. One of my married priests who is a pastor’s wife gave me some great advice. That I should be excited and know the Lord is transitioning me from a minister to a wife and I am thinking like a minister. Oh boy, I never saw it that way.  She continued [to say that] I need to let go abandon myself and enjoy what the Lord is doing —and that my habit being off doesn’t take away my identity but rather makes Derrick comfortable enough to relate to me until the Lord really turns his heart to this way of life. And to always remember that yes, I have given much, but I am giving to the Lord, not to Derrick. And we can never outgive God because He will return to me pressed down, shaken, and pouring over as I surrender all and give Him all He asks for.

I thought, wow, thank you for such wisdom. She is right. I don’t know how not to be a minister and really need prayer to be a gentle, submissive, yielding wife. Lord, help me. Please pray for me, family—I realize more and more it’s not Derrick that needs the prayers, but me. So please pray for me.

So, one of the newest members of the community and I went shopping at a nearby thrift store. The Lord was so gracious to tell me how many items of clothing to get, to the letter. Would you know I was able to get a month and a half worth of clothes for just under $86!  #hushmaryandJesushush! I had asked them both to help me to pick out items and keep them as much in line with poverty as possible, and it was! I did have to reel in my inner fashionista, though, lol.

Thank you again for following me on this journey. I hope you are enjoying my failures, my ups, and downs, and the soon fulfillment of this promise — to give you hope as well. The Lord has made it clear to give $5,000 for the land to Derrick’s mother, we just received $2,000 and are needing $3,000. Our donations are so low, guys, so whatever you can give to finally sow into the City of God Community will be greatly appreciated. I will have lots of pictures and videos for you guys once I arrive. Thank you all for supporting our Heartdwellers Ghana group on this journey as well! God bless you, family, until the next message!

You Are A Mother of The Poor

Hello, Brothers and Sisters and Heartdwellers family.

Shortly after finding out the Lord was calling brother Juniper and [me] to leave for Sierra Leone, He began to make it clear to me that I was also called to go to Ghana! Again, I thought for sure, “this was not the Lord!” because I have been here before and been deceived because of my attachments. However, Derrick was already working things out to make way for me to enter the country despite the vaccine mandate. Everything was falling into place. 

I pulled a Rhema that said, “Mother of the Poor”, and have received twice this week, “Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Pray for us!”

So I came before the Lord after prayer:

Good morning, Lord, I am in awe and amazed at what you’re doing and where you are leading us. Have I discerned rightly, Lord? Is it now time for me to go to Ghana?

Our Mother of Mercy responded instead,

“My beloved little one, it is I, dear daughter. Do not fear, you have discerned rightly. Continue to respond to the Lord’s will and more favor and grace will be given to you.”

Mother, I was just a bit concerned because the songs that were playing over to me signified a trial, darkness coming and hiding in the Lord.

An aside here guys, all my songs were about someone who was depressed, in deep sorrow, discouragement, and trials coming upon them. I wasn’t feeling any of those emotions, at least not yet, and began to wonder if it was telling concerning the trip, or a trial coming. It got to the point I didn’t want to listen to worship anymore, because the songs seemed to be way off and caused fear.

Our Mother of Mercy continued,

My beloved, the demons and Satan are relentless in their pursuits towards you and those called to you, to do the Lord’s will. Do not worry. Keep your eyes fixed on Him and keep trudging ahead, you are gaining ground – and rest in His peace. This will be a wonderful season of fruit and busyness, but in a different way. We are sending you out into the fields of the earth in these two nations to touch the lives and the hearts of the people. Mother Teresa has been made your guardian over this work. It will be your life’s work, and she has obtained for you many graces and favors to endure, to persevere, and to love so greatly from the heart the poor, the suffering, the outcast and the forgotten. Continue to pray for these little ones, Beloved, treasure them in your heart because you are their Mother.

The Mother of the Poor, that is what you will be known as, Beloved, and poor shall you be. So poor in spirit that you will lack nothing, because God Himself will be your treasure, your reward and the food you will feed on to fill your spirit and that of many others to overflow.

The best way to prepare for your soon voyage, is by prayer and adoration before the Lord. Do not concern yourself with anything else, all things are being made ready and the way is being prepared for you now, even as we speak.”

So, Mother, am I to leave from Sierra Leone to Ghana?

Because, guys, I kept getting Hospitality over and over again! I got that reading with scriptures 6 times in a row using Bible Promises when I discerned if I was to leave from Sierra Leone! But when I ask the Lord if I was to come back to the mountain and then leave again, I got a No. So I was confused trying to discern what the Lord was telling me, and Our Mother of Mercy answered me.

She continued,

Yes, Beloved, but do not concern yourself with changing anything now. You will be asked to stay longer on this trip because great will be the gratitude of the lives you will touch. Be hospitable! That is why we have given you hospitality over and over again. Let go of an agenda you have, Beloved, and allow the Lord to lead your days and the timing of everything. Eat what is set before you and leave your peace with everyone. Do the sign of the cross over everything, for that will indeed dispel and nullify any curses, sorcery, or witchcraft to hinder you or cause sickness. Do not fear, we are all with you and cheering you on.

In Ghana, begin to prepare the ground by setting up the organization properly. The dream given to Derrick was indeed of foreshadowing of many things to come!”

As an aside, I have been praying the Lord would open Derrick’s mind and eyes of his heart to dream and have visions again. He was very prophetic when we were together, but now no longer values these things and so has been shut off. I have been praying the Lord would give him dreams, specifically concerning the will of God and concerting us! So, the very day I got this message, Derrick called me and said he had a dream! That we were somewhere in Africa at a conference that we put together. He said he walked it and there were many Heartdwellers there. I was in the corner talking to people and he wanted to surprise me but decided to wait. He was speaking to one of the members, who is in our Intercessory Group, but called to Ghana. He greeted him with joy and mentioned that he knew someone who sponsored all the bikes for this event to give away to people. Then he excitedly led Derrick to come and see me — and he woke up.

I thought, “Wow, a Heartdweller event for the poor in Africa, that he was a part of?! And that many Heartdwellers were there?!” That was amazing to me as I tried to reassure him that the Lord is doing something amazing within Heartdwellers, and he was a part of it!

Our Mother Mercy continued,

We are stretching the tent pegs of Heartdwellers far and wide. This is the beginning of many things! Stay close to your beloved Jesus, especially in the sacrament of His love in Adoration. There you will find your strength, and there you will find the only work necessary to your success and that of the others.

Be at peace. Do not concern yourself with the details of things, but just be obedient to the promptings of the Holy Spirit in all things. Much will take place in Ghana! Many seeds will be planted which will be ready for harvest and prepare the ground once you are sent out for good to begin this community. You see, your prayers have not been in vain, and God has been very faithful to you and will continue to, Beloved.

Derrick’s heart is changing. As more transformation takes place, stay in a posture of gratitude and thanksgiving, and do not allow yourself to get discouraged by any setback the Lord allows in all of this, because He is even in that! Persevere now in steadiness [and] diligence with the things that need to be done and get done before your departure. Your children and this little flock are growing leaps and bounds in graces and favor! They too will have great hope and joy in seeing the fulfillment of all the Lord’s promises which they have prayed for, waited for, and anticipated. You are all in this together!

Thank you, Mother, for your words of encouragement, direction, and counsel! Thank you for giving me your faith, your hope and love to believe. Thank you, Mother, so much!

My child, God is with you! You have nothing to fear.

That was the end of our Mother of Mercy’s message.

Tactics and Tricks of the Enemy

Hello, dear Heartdwellers! This is Anastasia, the translator of Mother Clare’s messages into Russian.

Today I would like to tell you about a situation that recently happened to me and to Yaroslava, the translator of Mother Mary Elisha’s messages into Russian. Therefore, part of this message will be on my behalf, and the other part, on behalf of Yaroslava.

We would like to tell you about a recent experience that both Yaroslava and I had that we hope will benefit you, so that you can see from our example one of the enemy’s tactics that he can use against you, against your family, friends, Christian group, community, and so on. So that you can be ready for this by putting on the full armor of God, and most importantly – by brotherly love, mercy, humility, patience, and trust in God, His choice, His timing, and His ways.

I will begin by telling you about my experience, followed by a similar experience that Yaroslava had.

So, a small introduction.

Yaroslava and I are not only part of the Heartdwellers team, but we are also part of the Heartdwellers Ghana team, led by Mother Mary Elisha. She is a priest and our bishop in apostolic succession (that is, she was ordained in apostolic succession and maintains it). Thus, there are: bishop and leader Mother Elisha; then priests, intercessors, translators, and other helpers in the Heartdwellers Ghana team. But not all members of the team are priests.

And here, guys, as an aside, I want to add right away that bishops differ from priests, in that they can ordain other people as priests, while priests themselves do not have such a privilege. Also, the bishop is responsible to the Lord for all the priests he/she has ordained, and the priests, in turn, make a vow of obedience to their bishop in the Lord Jesus through the Holy Spirit; this is the establishment of the Church – that those who are older in rank, are responsible for those who are younger in rank.

Recently, Mother Elisha told all of us that the Lord was calling many of us to a higher ministry, which is more complex and responsible, namely, to the priestly and/or episcopal ministry. That is, priests, to the episcopal ministry, and those who were not priests, to the priestly ministry. I knew in advance that many of our priests would soon become bishops and that I could become one of them too, since I am also a priest. And in the depths of my soul, on the one hand, I was waiting for this “promotion”, and on the other hand, I didn’t want to be a bishop, since I was well aware that, as Father Ezekiel says, “new levels – new devils”. The pressure and temptations will SIGNIFICANTLY increase, and I wasn’t sure if I was ready for it, and if I would be able to cope with the duties that I already had as a translator and priest, not to mention new duties. Therefore, on the one hand, I had expectations and anticipation, and on the other, uncertainty and doubts. Plus, Mother Elisha was very careful to discern each member of our team as to whether or not the Lord was calling them to a new ministry.

About two months ago, one day I got up in the morning, looked in the mail as usual and saw an email from Mother Elisha informing our entire group about the ordination of new priests and bishops and asking that we all congratulate them on their new calling, which the Lord had determined for them. However, when the list of those selected to become bishops was revealed, my name was not among the “chosen”, which meant the Lord didn’t choose me. At that moment, I felt a pang of rejection by the Lord and disappointment in my heart, but I was ready to accept it and come to terms with it.

Then the most interesting began.

As you know, the enemy is an opportunist and uses ANY situation against us to finish us off, break and knock us down spiritually so that we either become disappointed in the Lord, in ministry, in life, and so on – or fall into a pit of self-pity, envy, bitterness, and the like, and generally turned away from the Lord. All this happens in the spirit, the enemy comes only to steal, deceive, kill and destroy, and also to divide us, set us against each other and completely destroy our life, purpose and mission. This is his plan.

So, IMMEDIATELY after I received the disappointing news from Mother Elisha and felt a sting of rejection by the Lord in my heart, my mom and I had a small misunderstanding, to which she had an overreaction (it was obvious that the enemy cleverly used my mom and had a hand in her overreaction), and she said to me in a harsh tone, “EVERYONE REJECTS YOU, NO ONE NEEDS YOU, NO ONE LOVES YOU, YOU ARE A USELESS PERSON”, and then she began to list all my mistakes in life, starting almost from my childhood. And when she said the words, “Everyone rejects you…”, the enemy’s thoughts clearly sounded in my head, “And God rejects you too”, the voice of my mom out loud, “No one needs you…”, the voice of the enemy in my head, “And God doesn’t need you too”, the voice of my mom out loud, “No one loves you”, the voice of the enemy in my head, “AND GOD DOESN’T LOVE YOU TOO!!!” My mom, “You are a useless person”, the enemy, “She is absolutely right”.

Guys, all I can tell you is that I was doubly hurt at that moment: firstly, by my mom’s words, and secondly, from such a real “rejection” by God, which was “confirmed” like clockwork in the words of my mom. And mind you – not earlier and not later, but immediately after the message from Mother Elisha. Of course, inwardly I understood that this whole situation with my mom was set up by the enemy, that God still loved me, and that I should trust Him in everything – in His will, His choice, His timing. But the wounds of my past made themselves felt.

This is when the hardest part began.

The fight against the enemy in the spirit of almost hand-to-hand combat, which lasted day and night for two days – especially at night, so I could not even fall asleep, but simply tossed and turned in bed from side to side – the enemy started bombarding me, with great force, with all sorts of lies about God, about Mother Elisha, about my brothers and sisters in our Heartdwellers Ghana group who were ordained, and even about Yaroslava.

He told me these words, “God does not love you, He betrayed you, He did not want to make you a bishop. You’ve served Him for so long, and look how He has repaid you. Mother Elisha and the whole group conspired against you in order to specifically promote everyone, and leave you behind and laugh at you, they are already laughing at you, look at Yaroslava, even to her God gave such powerful prophetic gifts, but not to you…”. And so on and on in the same vein. It was like a powerful shelling from volley fire systems in the spirit, only lies, deceit, slander, rejection, oppression, envy, pride, hurt ego served as projectiles.

On one hand, I was not agreeing with the enemy – I was rejecting all his vile, lying words. However, something inside me wanted very much to agree with them – my flesh and the wounds of the past made themselves felt and came to the surface. I told him, “Shut up, I don’t want to listen to you! I love God and my brothers and sisters! I trust God and stand on His word…”.

During the day it was somehow easier because it was possible to switch attention and do something, but at night there is no such possibility, the mind is awake, although the consciousness is in a half-asleep state.

The fight is in the mind, the battlefield is our mind.

I began to pray! It was difficult to pray! I called the Archangel Michael and the Blessed Mother for help, I prayed, “Hail, Mary …” and only after that I managed to fall asleep at least a little in the morning.

During the day, these disgusting thoughts continued to bombard me with renewed strength, but at the same time, I also heard the voice of God. He told me, “I am near, I am with you, I have not left you, do not listen to the enemy, trust Me, together we will overcome everything…”.

Guys, it was very hard, something was aching and hurting inside me, in my spirit, but at the same time, I felt the presence of God in my heart, the warmth and fire of His presence. And I decided to talk to Yaroslava and openly told her everything that was happening to me. She also openly told me what was going on with her. It turned out that she was under exactly the same attack by the enemy on the same topic of ordination. She and I decided to seek help from our group of intercessors. I wrote to them and asked for their prayer support. After that, Yaroslava and I immediately felt better, the attack and bombardment of the enemy were over. Praise and thanks be to God!

However, I have to be honest with you, guys. This situation allowed me to look deeper into my heart and see what was there. I saw that in my heart there was a desire for advancement “on the career ladder” so to speak. And I thought, “Lord, do I want You or honor and promotion?” I also saw envy in my heart, the desire to be revered, praised, extolled, preferred over others, and further down the list, as it is written in the litany of humility [a link to the text of the litany of humility will be given below].

Guys, I definitely have something to work on!!! Of course, I repented of this at confession and renounced these sins and vicious desires. And I realized that God did not allow this situation for nothing. He allowed it so that the dross that was in my heart would come to the surface, and that I would see it in myself with my own eyes. In other words, God allowed this to humble and purify me. And I am very grateful to Him for this! He continues to purify, change, and shape me.

Lord, I love You!
And now I give the floor to Yaroslava.

[Yaroslava began]

Hello, dear brothers and sisters in Christ! Here is Yaroslava, the translator of Mary Elisha’s messages.

What Anastasia told above is the tactic of the enemy, it pursued me for two days in a row. I even cried from the onslaught of the enemy. Anastasia and I had to ask for prayers from our group of intercessors.

Here is how it was:

I saw an email saying that Mary Elisha was choosing new priests and bishops. I didn’t want to be a priest or a bishop, it was too big of a burden. But the enemy did not wait long, and my good day turned into real spiritual warfare, full of tears and disappointment.

After reading this email, I began to hear such words from the enemy, “You see, God does not love you, He has left you. Look, He entrusted you with the dirty work of being just a translator, you are just an errand girl for Mary Elisha. Look at Anastasia, God loves her more than you, He made her a priest, why are you worse than her?” These words hurt me deeply, and I felt so bad spiritually, at that moment I did not feel the presence of God, although I heard His voice telling me many times, “Do not listen to the enemy, he is torturing you. Trust Me, I am near! I didn’t leave you alone”. I understood that it was the Lord speaking to me, but I could not concentrate at that moment on His soft and tender words, with which He tried to calm me. I rejected these thoughts – thoughts of both the Lord and the enemy, as best I could.

At night, the voice of the enemy was getting stronger and stronger, I could hardly sleep peacefully. I got up in the middle of the night, but I did not even hear the Lord, but only the voice of the enemy condemning me. I started crying and got scared because I didn’t feel the Lord beside me, I thought that the Lord had really left me. Although I knew in my heart that the Lord sometimes allows such suffering to happen for a while in order to save souls. But that terrible night, I could not think about what the Lord had done for me. I saw dark figures walking around my room, I was even more frightened. They began to say these words to me, “Look, where is your God? He left you! All the work that you did for people on YouTube was just a waste of time for you, your God used you, you will do this work, so what? What will He give you in return? He will not give you anything, He will send you to hell, look how many shortcomings and sins you have! Do you think He needs you so dirty? Look, Anastasia is many times more perfect than you, look how He loves her more, even Mary Elisha uses you”.

I heard these taunts every second, they laughed at me.

I was hurt to the core.

Later, I wrote to Anastasia and told her what had happened to me during those two days. She wrote that the enemy tempted her in the same way, but only the enemy described me to her in a better light in order to condemn her. And in my presence, the enemy praised Anastasia in order to humiliate me… Anastasia and I were at the same time in a misunderstanding. When we told everything to each other, we saw this as a vile tactic of the enemy. Honestly, after the whole thing, it made me laugh.

Later, the Lord began to calm me down, [and] gave me the grace to recover from these difficult days of demonic attacks. I went for a Rhema, and the Lord gave me a passage about spiritual warfare. I wrote to some Heartdwellers in Mother Clare’s group of intercessors [and learned that] most of the intercessors there were being attacked. Later, Grace wrote to me [Grace is one of the Heartdwellers in Mother Clare’s intercessory group] that soon this spiritual warfare would end, and I needed to endure a little. And so it was after two days had passed. I did not hear the enemy, but only the Lord, Who spoke to me that I should no longer listen to the enemy, who is trying to tear me away from my ministry.

The Lord understood how hard it was to deal with this, and He said that He wept with me when I wept in these sufferings.

Guys, this will be a good lesson for all of us!

Blessings to you all, dear Heartdwellers, we love you all! Please pray for us as we pray for you.

Link to the text of the litany of humility:

Image: The Adversary by Steve Goad
Link to the artist’s website:

Fight On, My Beautiful Fighter!

Hello, Brothers and Sisters and Heartdwellers family.

May we all be given the grace to fight and preserver in the battle.

So I have been preparing for this trip and many things are unfolding. The Lord has given some beautiful promises and words as to what is to be expected on this mission. However, I found myself waking up with many thoughts on my mind and doubts. I went to use Bible Promises to discern if what I was hearing was from the

Lord and I got affirming reading in Bible Promises to all the fears I had. I was utterly despondent, insecure now, and unsure of what the Lord had spoken to me. The readings send me down a spiral of sadness and sorrow with uncertainty.

The following morning, I woke up full of anxiety again and I just couldn’t find my peace. This trial was so intense, and I just needed to be with the Lord somewhere in the woods to cry it out and I wasn’t sure what else to do. I didn’t know what to believe or where to turn. When my discernment is off it can be difficult, so I wasn’t sure if the readings were off, or if something entered into the messages because I was too attached.

I then pulled Rhemas.

The first said,
“When the soul does the will of the Most High God, even admit constant pain, torments. Having pressed its lips to the chalice. It becomes mighty and nothing will daunt it. Though tortured, it repeats Your will be done…for though, in the deepest darkness, it hears the voice of Jesus “You are Mine.”

Oh, how I felt that Rhema, to the T.

The second said,
Praise, Praise, Praise, and on the back, Praise loud enough to drown out the enemy’s lies!”

So that gave me some light that maybe my readings and confirmation of my fears were from the enemy and not from the Lord.

The other said,
Focus! If we do not choose to mortify our passions. We may live in fear and doubt everything. Focus, deny yourself what is not necessary.”

So, I went into the woods to pray, worship, and cry it out before the Lord. Weariness was hitting me again and all the songs the Lord played were so encouraging and all about fighting, standing on Him and not giving up. One of the title of the songs He played was Fight on Fighter.

After an amazing time in worship which lifted me up and gave me courage to believe. Maybe I had a sucker punch! This was a real good hard one and Jesus has taught us a sucker punch is from the enemy. When we get an off reading, Rhema or thought and sends us into a downward spiral of depression, confusion, and condemnation, we can be rest assured that is the fingerprints of the enemy, and I didn’t even catch it, until now.

I began to hear Jesus speak to my heart, so I began writing, having confidence that I was hearing from Him and not a lying spirit.

So I began:

I am so sorry for allowing my doubts and fears to consume me. Lord, it’s been a tremendous suffering in my heart I think only you can truly understand. Please, give me the grace to fight this, overcome it, and trust you, Lord.

Jesus began,

“My beloved, breathe! Everything will be alright. You have consented to the cup, the chalice that has been handed to you and you indeed are Mine. Your every, yes, your every trial and sufferings draw you nearer to Me, Beloved. Thank you for saying yes amidts the pain and suffering, the confusion and heaviness you are under. It is all being used for the greater good beloved. Indeed, I stand not a far off and laugh at your enemies wondering ‘will they ever get it?’ That the more they attack My servants, My chosen ones, the greater the grace and anointed they receive to not only combat the darkness, but they triumph over them, over and over again. But they will never learn because they are blinded by pride, just like their father whom they serve.

Pray My beloved one, you have lost sight of what I had asked you in the beginning of all of this. I am allowing this suffering for your purification, and the salvation and conversion of your enemies. Do not be moved, Beloved! cling to My words that I have given you. No longer put your expectations on Derrick or even on this trip, but on Me, Beloved, on Me! and the words I have given to you.

You will not be disappointed, but they will try their best to cause you to fear and doubt what I have said which causes you greater anxiety, thereby losing your faith and being distracted by the pain in your heart and the pains of the past and future scenarios of pain that is presented to you. They are all lies! You can trust My words to you!”

But Lord when I went to the Bible Promises it confirmed all my fears. Jesus continued,

“My beloved one, when you have high anxiety like you did yesterday and you are in a panic, you can be rest assured any discernment you seek in that state you cannot trust. Trust My words to you. Period. Declare those things given to you by Me and My Mother by faith. It will be quite glorious what will take place there, and that I why the fight will continue to be so intense. Your best weapon is praise and prayer. Stay in that posture, beloved one, and I will do what I have spoken and every word spoken from your mouth will not return void. Trust Me! I am fighting with you, for you, and alongside you! You are not alone in this.

“It’s time to break down the walls of fear, unbelief, and doubt once and for all beloved little one, and say, no more!”

Okay, Jesus thank you. Now, Lord… is it your will for brother to come with me? I am beyond surprised and perplexed.

So as an aside guys, the Lord is full of surprises and threw a big one this time. One of the brothers in the community—after finding out about the trip and the dynamic of Derrick and I— thought that I needed a lot of protection in my going there. So, he wanted to carry this trip in his heart and just cover us. However, in Adoration the Lord spoke to him that he wanted him to accompany me on this trip. When he told me I laughed it off thinking, “No way, this can’t be the Lord!” as I was thinking this trip would be more of bonding for Derrick and I and didn’t see how that could fit in. However, as the Lord and Blessed Mother began to reveal more about this trip, I see now it’s a mission! So, I never discerned what he felt was from the Lord until three days later in prayer, the Lord brought him up and I discerned and got good reading. I was flabbergasted! I then told him about it and we both decided to submit this to Mother Clare and I told him I would seek the Lord about this possibility, so I asked the Lord.

Jesus responded,

“Yes, Beloved, I am full of surprises! Good ones! Trust Me! He will be needed, a great consolation will he be to you and more so to Derrick. There is something I have placed within your bother that Derrick will need. At first, his coming won’t be received with such acceptance, but do not worry I am making a way now and even room now for him to fit in the purpose and mission I have for you both as you are going.

There is always a bigger picture, Beloved, always. I am just using little weak ones such as you and Derrick to do it. This trip will establish a seed not only generationally, but eternally in Sierra Leone and what I want to do there and I will use you all to do it. More vision will be given to you at a later time. For now, prepare your heart with gratitude for what I am about to do there. I will leave you three in wonder and awe!

Derrick will find a companion and a true friend in your brother in a way that hasn’t been able to go deep with someone before. It will actually put his mind at ease to come to the mountain and being a part of the community. All of these details I am working and rearranging. There will be a sense of responsibility and accountability having your brother there. You will see. Do not worry!

It’s good for you to have all priests offer the Lord’s Supper daily for these intentions, this trip, and this nation that has been riddled with so much enslavement of many kinds. They are a beautiful group of people oppressed with darkness, corruption, and the pain of inferiority. Many there feel like they don’t matter, that I don’t see them, that I have abandoned them long ago, so they resort to witchcraft or pleasures that pass their time. But I want them to know Me, see Me and experience My Love and they will through you all by every smile, tender touch, show of compassion, your generosity, and by your prayers. Not coming as missionaries who ‘know’, have the answers, or to teach them about God. No, beloved one! But to serve, to love, and come down to their level of suffering and pain which you can so relate in various ways, that is how they will be moved and healed.

Continuously pray for Derrick’s heart and mind. What you don’t realize, the same attacks and assignments you are under, are also given to him. There is much confusion, fear, and insecurity swarming all around him. You both are under attack, and just as he mentioned he is finding it difficult to rise up to pray, so you must cover him. That is why I cannot have you wallowing in self-pity, under such duress of doubt that you no longer pray.

Beloved, once and for all your prayers are working! Your prayers are powerful, and it is changing things! Do not believe Satan’s lies anymore. They are terrified when you and the others pray, that is why they are so adamant to bring assignment of doubts and insecurities which undermine your faith and stop you from praying. Keep praying anyway, don’t give up! I am here to cheer you on, you are doing so well!”

Lord, but I feel like I am walking under a cloud of molasses so deep the sighing and longing of my heart for You and the heaviness of this suffering,

“And I have come to you, Beloved. I am here to encourage you and the others. Everyone is getting hit right now because of where I am taking this group, our beloved children. My brides, don’t give up! I know you are tired, and I know it feels like your prayer are bouncing off the walls into nothingness. Do not believe the enemy’s lies! Praise will be your antidote to pull you back in the fight and cause the enemy to flee. I sit enthroned above the circle of the earth laughing at all your enemies.

They have no idea they are helping Me to mold you into the fortress you will become unswayed by instigations, suggestions, and lies from the darkness, but rather you pierce it with your light of love for Me, the light of great trust in My faithfulness, the light of resilience and courageous perseverance standing for My honor and standing on My word. My Bride is so very beautiful on the battlefield! And although it seems like the enemy is advancing and the onslaught of attacks are relentless, you are growing in great faith and fortitude in Me. Do not be moved My brides, do not give up! Fight on, My beautiful fighter! You will have the victory!

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

Thank you so much family for your prayers for us! We so desperately need it! I’m excited to be alongside you on this journey to see what the Lord does in Sierra Leone!

God bless you until the next message!