“This community will be a city on a hill, and a light to the nations beloved one.

This community is an extension of Heartdwellers Sacred Heart Refuge Community in Taos, NM, now in Ghana, West Africa! As I am being sent out by Jesus through Mother Clare and Father Ezekiel of Still Small Voice Vimeo Ministry as we are called Heartddwellers.

The Lord sent me to New Mexico for two years of preparation and is now sending me out to my mission in my home country, Ghana West Africa. I am so excited to do this journey with Jesus, for Jesus and to Jesus as I see Him in under the guise of the poorest of the poor to love, honor and serve the people of Ghana. This community will be a model after the Early Church where they were one heart and one mind, selling all of their possessions and had all things in common Acts 4:32. A place of hope, freedom, encouragement and most importantly intimacy with Jesus that they can call home.

The Lord told me to seek His Mother for the needs of the people of Ghana and she said, it was the children.
That is what they need, the children are needing love and someone they can trust in and someone who can trust them. First start with those who have no one to attend to their children, the poorest of the poor. Many of these children are born in a class system that gives them no hope for a future besides what their parents have planned or to the limit that their parents reached which is not far. So, be a helping hand to mothers and fathers who have no one to care for their little ones. Be a help to the children who cannot afford to go to school so must be with their parents at work or wander about in the streets until their parents come home. First teach them in love and meet their need of clothing, food and education for free beloved. Indeed as you have freely received I want you to give freely from the abundance of your heart. Give freely of your time, resources, of your love and provision
Blessed Mother


We are a spirit filled community, modeled after the early church, that focuses on not what makes us different, but on Christ’s love which is the foundation in all that we do. As a temple of adoration, Jesus is the center of the community and His presence and friendship is our pursuit as we adore Him in the Holy Eucharist. A community of brotherly love, prayer, hope, faith and healing. Teaching all to cultivate intimacy with God daily as we provide for the children, the poor, the needy and the broken in Ghana, baptizing them in God’s Love!


To love, cloth and feed our Lord Jesus through the guise of the poor, especially the children of Ghana. Providing not just a community, but a family for them. Caring for them exceptionally, teaching them exceptionally, giving and loving them exceptionally doing it all in the name of love, From Jesus with Love.

Doris House

This will not just be any orphanage, but a family where the spirit of adoption can rest on each child. Where they will know they are not orphans, but have a Father in Heaven and can can cry out “Abba” and know they are loved, secure and known by Him who has great destinies in store for them!

Heaven’s School

A unique school where we prepare souls for heaven and to bring heaven down on earth! A place of FREE education where they will be taught by God, led by God and sent out by God (John 6:44-45). The beatitudes will be the core and foundation of the school. Where children and adults alike will learn to love, serve and grow in their gifts to be send out to build God’s kingdom!

St. Mary of The Angels Chapel

A temple of 24 hour adoration where the children will lead the services and enter us into the presence of God. Where we will have substantial prayer, worship and service to serve our neighbors from the greatest to the least of them and keep the doors of the church always open to the lame, beggars, crippled and the poor. Every year we will give donations to the neighboring churches out of all the proceeds we receive!

St. Francis Farm House & Naomi’s Garden

We will draw from the land by raising our own animals. Growing herbs, fruits, vegetables and flower gardens in order to sustain the community and to give freely to our neighbors and the poor.

From Jesus With Love Outreach

This will be a creative center where those in the community can grow in their gifts and publish their work to send it out. It is also an outreach ministry where we will help the local lame, beggars, widows, street children, adolescents and single mothers as we meet their needs of food, clothing, items, transportation and day care for FREE. Providing spiritual counsel through the published work of the community: free books, pamphlets, paintings, and music to encourage intimacy with Jesus. “Freely you have received, freely give” Matthew 10:8

St. Philomena Playground

A children’s community would not be right without a playground for the children to have fun, refresh themselves, create and play! In most the impoverished areas of Ghana there is no playground to be found.They make up their own games with cans, sticks and tires lying around. We want to provide a place full of color, fun, laughter and joy for the children and adults alike. This playground will not be exclusively for our community, but available to the people in the neighboring areas!

The House of Joy Infirmary

The Infirmary will not just be a hospital, but a place of rest for the sick and dying to enter where they can feel loved, wanted, accepted and taken care of before they are sent back into the arms of God. We call it the House of Joy because we can find joy in our sufferings when we unite them with Christ. Where the nurses, attendees will restore hope and joy to their patients in the midst of their pain as we accommodate and provide for patients for FREE.


One day out of the year is set aside solely for the children where we invite all the local children, the street children and invite other orphanages to come and share in the joy of children’s day. There will be games, food, goodie bags and activities. It will be fun filled day of festivities and education for the children and parents, truly a day to remember!

As we celebrate children being a gift to the world! We will include a moment for mothers who have lost their children and give them balloons to let go in the sky in remembrance of their children’s life. Give away free goods, clothing and food for single and teenage mothers. We will pray against abortions and teach the locals and teenagers how children are a gift from God so that abortion should never be an option. We want to lavish God’s love on each child and let them know that they are they royal son’s and daughter’s in Gods Kingdom and always welcome at His table!


James 1:27 , is the heart behind this ministry. The poor are a gift to the world. This community will provide a home filled with love, help and spiritual guide the poorest of the poor, children and impoverished families all for FREE. Our goal is to help every soul connect, permanently with the Lord in an intimate meaningful way, so that they may all be ‘taught by God’ daily. 


This community will live solely off God’s providence through donations. Freely we have received so freely we will give all that we have and pour it out on the precious souls of Ghana. However, we cannot do this mission and fulfill this call on our own. We need you to come along side us as co-labors to sow into this community, as you touch the lives of these many, precious little ones who have been neglected, rejected, and outcast by the world. You are needed, and not one seed you sow into this community will fall on the ground wasted, but will reap a harvest of thirty, sixty and even a hundred fold in this life and the next. Will you help us build the City of God?

Messages From Jesus: Listen Now!

We have been blessed to receive prophetic messages from Jesus and the Blessed Mother concerning their heart and vision for the City of God: Sacred Heart Refuge Community. The culture, the place, the children, the volunteers and even the buildings in this community have been given to us by Jesus through a prophetic vision for us to bring to fruition. His words will inspire you. I encourage everyone to listen to this message from Jesus about this community or download to read the message, click below. To hear more go to our Messages page or follow us on our Youtube channel: From Jesus With Love and our Rumble Channel: Heartdwellers Ghana.

Jesus message “Let’s Build The City of God”


“Lord Jesus, I ask thee only this: that the souls of those who are in anyway connected with this work of thine, or who will collaborate in its realization, may be delivered from all evil, preserved in holiness and peace, enjoy abundant blessings and be drawn into the radiance of the Eucharistic. Face and the fire of love that blazes in Thy Heart. Mary Mother of Mercy pray for us, in Jesus name I pray. Amen”

Many words of wisdom and knowledge will be given from the children. The children in this community will be the brightest lights emanating My love, My faith, and My power.”