The purpose of our community is to be the legs, hands, feet, and mouth of Jesus, to be Jesus to our neighbors. All that we do is “From Jesus with love”. This will be a center in the community that will cultivate the gifts and the ministries of the members of the community to share freely with our neighbors and everyone to draw them into a deeper, intimate, relationship with Jesus. In Ghana there are not that many homeless however, many have made the street a stationary home. The ladies and men who work tirelesly as vendors from sun up to sun down get tired during the miday and just rest in the street with their children. It’s so normal that many walk over them and around them. Then you have the street children and adolsecents who have made the street their home to make a living. Due to lack of support and love from their parental homes, they find themselves meeting various hardships on the street. We see Jesus in the eyes of every soul especially on the street and he continues to say to us “I thirst”. With this center and outreach, we will quench the thirst of Jesus who desires to be loved, held, understood and accepted under the guise of the poor.


We have some exciting outreaches planned to touch the hearts and the lives of the precious souls in Ghana all from Jesus with Love! We will meet the needs of transportation, clothing, food, education and meet their spiritual needs by setting up a table for them to meet with their beloved with our “Date Night With Jesus” outreach.

  • Free transportation with our “From Jesus with love buses”. We will have four white buses with the words written on it. We will use these buses as means of free transportation for the poor. We will pick the street children with these buses and take them to our community. Take the poor to our church services and public events we hold in the community. Transportation for the day care to help Mothers and Fathers who are unable to watch their children as they work. Each bus and its seats would be prayed over daily as worship music will set the atmosphere for the passengers of the day. We would also give out free “Love notes” from Jesus to each passenger so they would receive a rhema word that day.
  • Weekly feeding program for the homeless and street children
  • Providing free education and clothing for the poor
  • Helping the crippled street beggars receive alms and hope for a brighter future by raising funds for walking aids such as crutches, wheel chairs, sign language lessons and medical surgeries needed for the most helpless of them.
  • Providing spiritual counsel for families
  • Providing Free spiritual books, music, and art to the poor
  • Holy Movie Night: where we would take some of the best holy christian and gospel movies to the poorest areas and show the film. We would provide popcorn as we watch the movies on projection and share Gods love with people
  • Date Night With Jesus: a night of worship, food and intimacy where all who come get to meet Jesus!
  • Barrels of Love: We will ship 55 gallon barrels every month, filled with supplies and goods to Ghana to give to different neighboring missionaries or churches chosen every month for FREE. The cost for a barrel is $240 to ship.
  • We will pass out Free Mp3’s with a compilation of prophetic messages from Jesus and music to the poor and the street children. Not only in English, but in Twi.
  • We will translate the many prophetic books from Heartdwellers into Twi which is the most prominent native language in Ghana. So those who don’t understand english can hear Jesus words.

TV Series The Chosen Translated In Twi!

This widely popular and first ever multi series show based on the true stories of the gospel is the most wonderful series of Jesus we have seen. It has transformed our relationship with the Lord. Jesus said this show is “straight from heaven” and we want to be able to share this in Ghana. We reached out to the representatives of the show asking about translations in different languages specifically in twi and were offered a volunteer role to translate the episodes for them in Twi #hushjesushush! We would like to take this series to Ghana and show it in the most rural and poorest areas during our movie night. Theaters are not common at all in the rural areas and would be a great opportunity to share the gospel in a new way while drawing people to intimacy with Jesus, to see him through the eyes of this show. Check out the episodes here The Chosen. We are now looking for any volunteers who can translate in Twi please email us at!

We will beg for Alms
for the poor.

That is our charisim and just as St. Francis and his brothers begged for alms for the poor and preached the gospel by their example, we will do the same. Many of the crippled in the nation are confined at home and those who are able to get out have no way to make a leaving for themselves so they have to beg. However, even that becomes a business when those who are unable to push themselves or the blind have people accompany them, and they do it for for a price of what the disabled person receives that day. We want to help them by asking people to “give for the Love of God” and give all the proceeds to those who are crippled and unable to support themselves. This is a way we too can be humbled to live like those we serve.

Date Night With Jesus

Date night with Jesus is an “Invitation”. Jesus asked that we set the table, serve the food and they will meet with Him! This began 5 years ago when we turned Valentine’s Day around and made it an intimate time with Jesus instead. It then became a monthly homeless outreach in Texas for two years and now will began again in Ghana. The Bride of Christ is not based on her status or class, but on her heart. Many brides go through difficult times and find themselves on the street and many have never known the sweet love of Jesus. 

This will be a monthly outreach where we will give them a night to encounter His love not just to be fed. We will go to the streets, set up an atmosphere of intimacy with tables, a three course meal under candlelight. We give them our best and dress in our best as each guest is greeted with a rose and is seated to be served by us. As we lead them into worship through out the night so they may meet with him! We always envisioned this outreach touching the world and now it will starting in Ghana!

Creative Center

Our creative center will provide the opportunity for members in the community to cultivate and perfect their gifts and birth their ministries. Everything birthed out of this creative center will be used for ministry outreach. Every book published, music created, art and crafts from the children and community will be given out freely not only in Ghana, but all over the world. Where people groups who have not known and heard the sweetness of Jesus’s tender voice or known intimacy with God will be able to be touched and reached.

Free Resources

As Heartdwellers we are so aware of our poverty, our weakness and our nothingness that it’s Jesus who does everything in us and through us. No gift, no work and even ministry is not to personally build up our names, but its for the benefit of the church. So we give freely all we have with no charge, especially to the poor and those unable to afford such treasures from heaven which are our gifts to the body. As we continue to grow we will have more resources available for you and those in Ghana. Here are some Heartdwellers books written by Mother Clare’s, Father Ezekiel and Carol Jennings and painting of “Joy Comes In The Morning” for you below. You can purchase a hard copy of the books either on Amazon or on Kindle, but what you are paying for is the fees for the host site. We receive no income from the purchases of the books on those sites. You can have a free copy of some of the books through Smashwords and free PDF download for all the books available below.

Healing book back cover Healing is a marvelous gift from the Lord! And He is using more and more of His People to learn and use the Gift of Healing for the sake of His Children. And for these—we rejoice! But… Have you prayed, trusted, gone to ‘healers’ —and still nothing seems to happen? Have you ever been told you don’t have the faith to be healed? That you have hidden sin and this is why? Or, there is something wrong with you, When God Heals …and When He Doesn’t presents the journey of how Jesus has led us at Still Small Voice, and answered those issues in our lives.
God speaks to His Children all day long, in many different ways. He touches our hearts through a beautiful sight, a lovely song, an endearing look on a child or pet’s face. He also speaks to us in more specific, personal ways. One of those ways is through a rhema – an individualized, “chosen just for you” passage of text that Holy Spirit has drawn your attention to, because there is a message from Him to you in that passage. This book has been compiled from over 600 messages given to Clare duBois of Still Small Voice, from Jesus, on dozens of topics. It is our hope that Holy Spirit will direct you to His rhema, His chosen words for you, in the midst of these writings as you prayerfully seek His Wisdom.
We have compiled both a book and an album of audio messages and
 music that are most valuable to the left behind for both Hope and Instruction! 
Click the Button under the picture to Download the 4 Disc, HD Mp3 Album, or the 8 1/2″ x 11″ version of this Amazing Book! This resource is NOW also available as a printed book from 
We have compiled a book of the most important messages and instructions for the Left Behind. This book is available for Free Download here (click on the button above) on the Book Page, and also from these three sources above to the right.  ​
My heart in writing this book is to introduce the reader to who Jesus, Holy Spirit and Father God REALLY are—as I and many thousands have found them to be. Not somewhere ‘up there’, disconnected from us and unreachable. But HERE. Calling to their Children, wanting to draw each soul back to their Creator’s Heart.  Ever loving. Ever teaching and helping us with even the smallest of worries and details in our lives. Wanting to be intimately connected to our lives. Wanting to be fully engaged with our lives. -Author Carol Jennings
The following pages contain a wealth of instruction on how to live the Christian Life. These words of Our Holy Mother and Lord contain some of the richest counsel I have yet to read. Mary takes us step by step through her own very special way of preparing the faithful believer for a mature and grounded relationship with her son, Jesus. As the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, and chosen daughter of the Father, she is well familiar with the way of God, and of pleasing His Omnipotent Heart. May you meditate prayerfully upon these sublime teachings, and I pray that they will bring you into a profoundly intimate union with the Bridegroom of your soul.
Joy comes in the Morning painting Jesus final 4-9-17 1100px Full.jpg.
To Download: Right click the image with your mouse, and select “save image as”,
then type in the name you wish to save it as, such as “Jesus.jpg” and click “save”

Help Us Build This Family!

This community will live solely off God’s providence through donations. Freely we have received so freely we will give all that we have and pour it out on the precious souls of Ghana. However, we cannot do this mission and fulfill this call on our own. We need you to come along side us as co-labors to sow into this community as you touch the lives of these many precious little ones who have been neglected, rejected, and outcast by the world. Support this community with a donation or Get Involved! You are needed and not one seed you sow or time you give to this community will fall on the ground wasted, but will reap a harvest of thirty, sixty and even a hundred fold not only in this life, but the next. Will you help us build the City of God?

Message From Jesus: Listen Now!

We have been blessed to receive prophetic messages from Jesus and the Blessed Mother concerning their heart and vision  for the City of God: Sacred Heart Refuge Community mission for us to bring to fruition. His words will inspire you. I encourage everyone to listen to this message from Jesus about this mission or download to read the message, click below. To hear more go to our Messages page or follow us on our Youtube channel: From Jesus With Love and our Rumble Channel: Heartdwellers Ghana.

Blessed Mother’s message “Share the Mission To Ghana”

There will be a creative center where those who come can grow in their gifts and publish my work to send out, reaching people groups who haven’t ever heard the sweetness of my still small voice.”