“And they will be taught by God “ John 6:45

Knowledge Puffs Up But Charity Edifies

Through this scripture we see God’s heart concerning attaining more knowledge as Paul exhorts us in 1 Corinthians 8:1 that it’s love that builds the church. That is what Heaven’s School is all about where we will teach children and adults how to love Jesus, to give their hearts to Him, to remain in His presence, to seek His face and to listen to His voice. All over the world our educational instutitons whether secular or religious focus on teaching knowledge, but the Lord said wisdom comes from above and many times we miss the one thing necessary, to know Him. That is the Lord’s desire that this school may teach souls how to know him intimately. Beginning eternal life now, living heaven on earth and bring heaven’s atmosphere wherever they are sent.

Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sentJohn17:3

A School of Love

Heaven’s School will be a place where the furnace of divine charity will be ignited to burn up everything in them that is not of Christ. Where the pure gold of holiness is produced in the children and adults alike, a gold capable of reflecting the glory of God’s divinity and the splendor of His truth in a world plunged into darkness.

The beatitudes will be the core and foundation of the school. We believe strongly the Lord wants to raise up saintly men, women and children who have the heart of God, diligent in work ethic,  good character and a properly formed conscience that he can use to do anything. We will partner with Heaven as we daily invoke through prayer the help of the saints and angels to assist the teachers to lead, instruct and help them teach the classes according to the desire of the Holy Spirit and bringing the atmosphere of Heaven down.

Jesus has commissioned us to go out and make disciples of men and teach them all that he has commanded us and we will do just that by teaching these precious little souls all that the Lord has entrusted to us as Heartdwellers. Teaching them about divine intimacy, holiness, and equipping them with all the tools to be little Christ in this world.

FREE Education

Although, public schools in Ghana is free there are other related cost that are difficult for poverty stricken families. Such as food and uniforms and in rural areas, it can be a long distance to the closest secondary school. This means added transportation costs, as well as, difficult or unsafe journey to school. Many girls who live apart from their families lacked affordable, safe housing close to schools. Preschool in Ghana is on average $38 a month and public school cost with uniform and books approximately $120 a year per child. While boarding schools cost $1000 a year per child, with fees, books and registration. For families that have no stable income and on average make $3 a day to provide for their entire household that is very difficult for them.

We will provide FREE transportation to the school for the children with our From Jesus With Love Buses. Heaven’s school will provide FREE education for all the students, first for the children and then for the adults. Those who have always desired to go to school to learn their basics, but were unable to because they too had to work at a young age to help support their families. We want to give them an opportunity now to learn!

Curriculum Classes

-Virtue Where we will teach on virtue, fruits of the spirit, the beatitudes and how to grow in it.
-Intimacy with GodHow to cultivate divine intimacy with Jesus, how to hear his voice and to dwell in his heart.
-Prayer We would teach how to pray, different forms of prayer and the power of prayer
-WWJDWe would teach on brotherly love and would re-enact real practical scenarios to teach them to imitate and resemble Jesus.
-TruthWe would teach on tools of discernment that they would have an understanding of the truth and how to defend their faith. They would gain an understanding of what others have been taught to believe and answer not just by knowledge, but live out the truth by example.
-Create and Play Where they would get to cultivate their gifts, create things and have leasiure time.
– Holy Communion & The EucharistThey will be taught on the Power of Holy Communion, Jesus physical presence in the Eucharist and about Adoration.
– The Truth About MaryThis class will teach on the scriptural basis of Mary’s role to the Church and to all Christians. We will teach on the power of the rosary prayer and the communion of the saints through Bible scripture.
-Bible Study We will study scripture not to memorize or to know theology, but to BECOME the word, to imitate Christ.
-WorshipWe would teach the arts as a form of worship to God. Dance, piano, guitar and flute lessons.
Basic Curriculum
Science We would teach Science and how science leads to the evidence of a creator and more importantly confirming the Bible.
HistoryWe will teach the history of kingdoms and how nations function. Providing biblical examples and wisdom of how kingdoms rise and how they fall. To equip those who want to get involved in politics or work in some form of government that they may do it in a Godly manner
Later we would include trade and vocational studies classes

Career Day

Most impoverished families in Ghana are born in a class system that gives children no hope for a future besides what their parents have planned or to the limit that their parents reached which is not far at all. So to even have a thought of a career outside food vending, street begging, or farming is very foreign to them. Once a year we would have Career Day where the children would get to shadow with someone of the career choice they desire. We would partner the children with some of the menial jobs in the community so they would learn the value and merit of serving, as well as, partnering them with careers outside the community for them to dream with Jesus about their future. We would gather together at the end of the day for them to share experiences and be inspired!

Trips To Heaven

The children will be taught how to use their sanctified imagination to take trips to Heaven!

This is an excerise cultivated by Father Ezekiel in our Sacred Heart Refuge community in Taos, New Mexico. Jesus has taught us as Heartdwellers that He dwells in our hearts, He and the Father have made their home within us, John 14:23. So, where Jesus is all of heaven is because the Kingdom of God is within. The Lord desires to remove the veil that keeps most of us at a distance from Him. He desires to prepare His brides on earth to be accustomed to their eternal home now. This is one of the ways to do it as you come before the Lord in purity and trusting in the Holy Spirit, He will take you there! Our imagination was given to us by God to use for His glory and to see Him for the “pure in heart shall see God” Matthew 5:8. Children have the most amazing imaginations and many times they are disregarded or shut down by adults from what they sense, feel, see and hear.

We will implement this exercise every month in groups to encourage the children to use their imagination to take them to the greatest place ever created for them, Heaven! The Lord desires to reveal that Heaven is a very real place. We will also put together a “Heaven’s Trip” Book compiled with all the experiences, visions and words the children get From Jesus and those in Heaven to publish and share with everyone for FREE. So other children all over the world can be encouraged to take a trip to Heaven as well!


Help Us Build This Family!

This community will live solely off God’s providence through donations. Freely we have received so freely we will give all that we have and pour it out on the precious souls of Ghana. However, we cannot do this mission and fulfill this call on our own. We need you to come along side us as co-labors to sow into this community as you touch the lives of these many precious little ones who have been neglected, rejected, and outcast by the world. You are needed and not one seed you sow into this community will fall on the ground wasted, but will reap a harvest of thirty, sixty and even a hundred fold not only in this life, but the next. Will you help us build the City of God?

Messages From Jesus About Heaven’s School: Listen Now!

We have been blessed to receive prophetic messages from Jesus and the Blessed Mother concerning their heart and vision  for the City of God: Sacred Heart Refuge Community and Heaven’s School, which was given to us by Jesus through a prophetic vision for us to bring to fruition. His words will inspire you. I encourage everyone to listen to this message from Jesus about this community or download to read the message, click below. To hear more go to our Messages page or follow us on our Youtube channel: From Jesus With Love and our Rumble Channel: Heartdwellers Ghana.

Jesus message about “Heaven’s School”

This school will indeed be under an open heaven, it will be as on earth as it is in heaven... I am raising up this school to prepare my end times brides , to prepare souls who will infiltrate the world resembling me as little Christ 

original painting done and gifted to us by Lisa Campbell