Vlog #8 — Kalasa Mukoso: Healing and Deliverance!

June 24, 2022

Hello Brothers, Sisters, and Heartdwellers family.

On this day the Lord moved in the most miraculous way. Pastor Chama took me back to Glow Love Ministries Church for a Sunday service. The day before while praying the rosary, I saw a vision of us praying for people the church received healing. I then began to tell them about the power of Blessed Mother’s intercession.

I felt she reminded me of the wedding of Cana, that as I sought her intercession she then would speak to Jesus praying on the people’s behalf and God would move to bring deliverance, healing, and breakthrough. Wouldn’t you know, that is exactly what she did. Upon arriving at church and seeing it packed I was very nervous. Towards the end of the service wanted to give up on that vision altogether. As I reasoned with myself, maybe that was for another time not now. Of course, feelings of insecurity and timidity were taking over. I was so used to being hidden on the mountain, praying in secret — in my heart. But now I felt the Lord was saying it was time to step out publicly for ministry and my knees were knocking.

Finally, I couldn’t disregard the strong nudge I had from Holy Spirit, so I told Pastor Chama to tell Pastor Talanti [of] the vision I had and maybe just simply ask if anyone needed prayers for healing. He decided to tell the congregation that they were having a healing service after church service and those who wanted healing should stay. Can I say pressure? But the point is I was looking too much at myself and not looking to Jesus to do it in and through me because it’s all about Him. So in my obedience and the power of Blessed Mother’s intercession, the Lord moved in a powerful way. All who came to receive prayer were healing. There were deaf ears that were opened, and a woman who received deliverance from Pastor Talanti’s prayers. Dreams were interpreted and hope was given to the hopeless. And lastly, my faith grew [by] leaps and bounds because of what was done here. Truly miracles, signs, and wonders. We give God all the glory, and honor to Blessed Mother for her intercession that moved the heart of the Father so that miracles happened. That’s our Mama!

Pastor Talanti’s church is one of the four communities we help and serve in Zambia. Because of your generous donations we were able to help the church receive electricity where at night they would gather with just cell phone lights to fellowship. He has about 300 people congregation and there were several hundred outside his church who needed to be touched as well. That is why Jesus wants to build the Children’s Hope Community Center. Please consider partnering with us to make this mission and vision happen. Donate to GoFundMe or to PayPal. Thank you so much, family, for your support.

Love you. God bless until the next message

Vlog #7 — Meeting Little Purity!

June 23, 2022

Hello Brothers, Sisters, and Heartdwellers Family.

Thank you for sticking with us and for all your donations to The Children’s Hope Community Center mission. Every donation counts. Thank you so much for your generosity!

I finally got a chance to see Little Purity! If you all remember a few months ago I posted a video with a young girl having open wounds on her leg and on her side with bones showing. You all responded in such an amazing way, and we were able to give her family over $6,500 for her wellbeing, and her mother to start a business to help with the family’s welfare.

So I was so excited to meet her in person and also find out how they had used the money. It seems the visit to the hospital and the stay was very costly and [the] majority of the donations have already been used by the family. She was given her first wheel chair and no longer has to lie in bed in pain or be held by her mother all day. We had a remainder of $400 left to give the Mother to help her start a business for the family. We prayed over Purity using the St. Michael oil and believe for complete healing and restoration in the Lord’s timing, as I am holding on to the vision He gave me of her walking — before I arrived.

In this vlog I also take you through Pastor Chama stylish hut just so you can see how they live, and you get to see some fun pictures and videos of his family celebrating his ordination as a priest.

Please continue to support and help us establish Children’s Hope Community Center which will bring aid to those who are in dire medical need and provide free medication for all children and adults suffering from minor illness that can be treated with off-the-counter drugs. Purity’s life (and that of her family) is now filled with hope. There are so many other Purities out there — let’s partner with Jesus to bring hope to them as well.

You can donate to our pay pal or to our GoFundMe page. God bless you family until the next message!

Vlog #6 — Kantondo Community

June 22, 2022

Hello, Brothers, Sisters, and Heartdwellers family.

Children’s Hope consists of three communities, Kasanka, Musaila, and Kalasa. This community you’re about to see just came upon us. We went to run a short errand and Pastor Chama felt inspired, now I realize, by the Holy Spirit, to take a detour and show me this village. He said it would only take 20 minutes. I had not even prayed yet and had just gotten dressed to start my prayers.

This detour took about an hour. A 20-minute drive in a very dense forest area and then another 20 minutes on foot to walk. To say I was irritated and frustrated was an understatement. All I kept thinking was, I haven’t even done my prayers yet and he had to know it would take this long and I am tired of always being interrupted to do so many busy things. Well, you guys can see my heart wasn’t right at all. I wasn’t practicing what I was teaching by seeing Jesus in the delays, detours, and interruptions in our day.

Pastor Chama told me this village was the furthest and the people here were really, really poor. Their homes were made of mud with no electricity, and they had never had a vehicle or car come into their village because they were so isolated. I was just ready to go back home but even with my bad attitude the Lord surprised me and showed his faithfulness by moving in a powerful way.

Once we arrived many of the villagers came out and they were most fascinated by my phone and the photos. Many of them had never seen a camera or a video ever. We began to pray for people and everyone who received prayer was healed! Then we prayed for a lady named Mushala and she began to manifest demons, convulsing all over the ground. They had to tie her legs up. Before we prayed for her she complained of having dizzy spells, voices in her head that would cause her to blaspheme or curse all the time. The Lord delivered her that day before all. I thought the villagers would be excited but noticed this caused a cloud of fear. Many wouldn’t come close to us after that not even the children. I found out later that they thought we used witchcraft powers. So sad in Zambia witchcraft is feared more than God.

We then realized this was a divine appointment and this community needed to be added to Children’s Hope for assistance. I was so humbled by all of this. The Lord, since then, made Ms. Judith the point of contact for the community. You will see her in the video as well. Since then the children have been able to get uniforms for school. We praise God, so please continue to donate, support, and share these videos and cause. Donate to our GoFundMe campaign or via our pay pal and let’s bring faith and hope to the children in Zambia, especially in this village! God bless you, family.

Vlog #5 — The Boy With the Swollen Stomach

June 21, 2022

Hello Brothers, Sisters, and Heartdwellers Family.

In this vlog Pastor Brian and I decided to take a stroll in the area and met the most friendly and cutest little girl. I noticed in Zambia many of the children don’t regularly smile or greet strangers because they are so shy. However immediately as I walked up she waved at me and said, “Hello”. So I had to stop and take video.

We also were sought after by a man and his young 23-year-old son who had a swollen stomach. They came to Pastor Chama wanted help to go to the hospital. They had been to the clinic however the medication didn’t work. When I saw him I was taken away because his stomach was so big as if he was pregnant. He said, it just occurred six months ago. He began to feel pain in his belly then it began to swell up — just like that.

He had no prior medical issues and was not malnourished. So before making a decision I told Pastor Chama we had to seek the Lord as to His will because I could smell something wasn’t right. Sure enough as I sought the Lord he made it clear that it was witchcraft and that is why no medical treatment would help. He wanted us to do an exorcism on him for deliverance. Jesus didn’t bring me clarity as to how this curse landed but that he wanted to deliver the boy.

So on a later day Pastor Chama and I did the exorcism and deliverance. The boy reeled in pain as I could feel movement in his belly however he wasn’t completed liberated after our session. The Holy Spirit spoke to Pastor Chama that whatever was causing the bloating would come out in passing through diarrhea and the boy would be set free. His parents thanked us for the prayers.

Then we went into town and met a young boy selling vegetable, maybe around the age of ten, who had shoes that were not only talking but singing. They had holes everywhere. Unfortunately we didn’t get this on video or on camera. Sometimes when you are doing the Lord’s work you just get caught up in the moment. We decided to take him to the market to get new shoes. They were only $12 US dollars but to the people in Zambia that was so expensive. He said he had a family of seven and he worked on the streets after school to support his mother. So we asked him to take us to see his family and he did. We met his Mother and Father who said they had two other children who had no uniforms for school, so they needed the children to work on the street to sell things. I asked the Mother what she needed for her business to ensure the children could go to school and the boy could stop selling food on the street and study instead. All she needed was $120 US dollars, so we gave her that and they were so grateful. So $1 US dollar goes along way guys, it literally can change a whole families life. Please partner with us and donate to the Children’s Hope Community Center campaign on GoFundMe or send donation to our pay pal with note for Children Hope Community Center so we can establish this mission and bring relief to children who are working rather than going to school.

God bless you family until the next message.

Vlog #3 — Meeting Pastor Chama’s Family

June 20, 2022

Hello, Brothers, Sisters, and Heartdwellers family. I hope you guys are blessed by the videos and enjoying them as well.

During the first few days of my visit, Pastor Chama surprised me with many programs he had set up. He took me first to “Glow Love Ministries” where we have donated to help many members of the church receive medical attention, food, and clothes. This is [one] of the four communities we support and will be a part of the Children’s Hope Community Center.

I was greeted with singing and received such a warm welcome from them all, and everywhere that I went, for that matter. I had stayed with Pastor Brian and Leonia for a few days and now got a chance to finally meet Pastor Chama’s family.

What a beautiful family he has — a wife and 3 small children. He also had family members who lived very close by and would come to gather at his house every night. It truly was a little village — a community all on its own. In the video, I introduce his family and also a skin issue his daughter has. In Zambia, they have a name for it, and it’s very common among the children. It first starts with a mosquito bite and then ends up in a wound as the children continue to scratch. They don’t have any real medication for it and many children in that area are affected with terrible skin rashes, bumps, or infections that can easily be cured with off-the- counter medication like calamine lotion, Benadryl’s, eczema cream, and even mosquito repellent which is not available in the village and is too costly to purchase in the towns.

That is why we would like to have a pharmacy within the Children’s Hope Community Center where we can provide free medication that we would easily get off the counter here in the US and have that available in the community center where those who are in need can get the medical attention and relieve the suffering of all of the children from infections that can easily be prevented and healed with these medications.

The Lord has asked me, this morning, to begin asking for donations. I intended to show you guys all the videos, then launch the website and a GoFundMe campaign.

He is asking I do that now. So family as you watch these videos it is a little glimpse of the major impact the Lord is wanting Heartdwellers Ghana to make by helping Pastor Chama and Brian establish Children’s Hope Community Center. We already assessed building costs and materials, and all that we need to get this center running will be about $50,000 dollars, so we are raising funds for that now. I will be going back to Zambia to help with the process and phase of the building of this community as the Lord has instructed. You all have been so generous above and beyond in your giving. We are now asking you to join us in this project and mission to bring healing, hope, and God’s love to the people of Samfya Zambia and local villages.

We have four communities that Children’s Hope supports, with over 100 children. We provide finically to each community every month according to their need. Each month they can receive food, clothing, uniforms, and books for weekly activities for the children in each community. This area has no community center whatsoever and it’s quite unheard of, in that area. So it would be such a blessing to the parents and children alike. A place where they can learn, and use their time wisely by cultivating gifts, be taught how to know and love Jesus in Adoration, and a place where they can be fed spiritually and physically, all for free under the leadership of Pastor Chama and Brian — and Jesus, of course. I will continue to go into more detail with this as I share the videos.

Would you help us establish this community? Any donation given will be such a blessing. There may be some of you who would like to partner monthly to support this mission. Please donate and send me an email. Help us bring HOPE to the children of Zambia. You can give to the link below in the description to our GoFundMe account. Thank you, family. God bless you for your generosity.

Vlog #4 —The Kasanka Community

June 20, 2022

Hello Brothers, Sisters, and Heartdwellers Family.

I hope you continue to enjoy these vlogs and see how you have made an impact in these villages in Zambia because of your generosity, bringing hope and joy to many children.

This is the second group and community we support in Zambia. We have put in charge, an elderly woman named Jane who gathers the neighborhood children in that area for Pastor Chama and Pastor Brian, every month. We are told their needs, and through your donations, we are able to provide the kids with a party, shoes, clothes, or uniforms. When I went there Pastor Chama had a fixed number on each community as to how many children they could help per the donations they received. I told them to help all the children — as many as they can — that we could trust the Lord to provide if he brought more children, and he did, even on that day!

We met with Sister Jane and all the children as they greeted me with song and dance. Then we had a bit of time to talk and encourage them about Jesus’ love. Once precious boy raised his hand stating that he and his sister were both orphans. I explained to them about God’s love and that they weren’t orphans, but they have a Mother and Father in heaven they could pray to and who love them tenderly.

There was another young boy who looked so sad the whole time. Unfortunately, we didn’t film him, however, I found out he was suffering from sickle cell anemia and couldn’t play with the other children. When I was leaving the Lord told me to bring St. Michael’s oil with me, so I did. We anointed him and prayed over the boy. He began to spit up and was being delivered. Then he said he felt much better. We praise God, in His mercy he gave the boy a little relief. But he still suffers from that illness, and he is in need of medical attention, so we could use some assistance for him and his family.

I then introduced them to water balloons. Oh how that was the most fun!! They thoroughly enjoyed it and so did all the adults, myself included. We also passed out toys and had the children create their own bracelets which was a lot of fun for them. To end the day a few of the women in the They eat this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is cornmeal cooked with water, and they put it in a ball-like dough and eat it with stew, chicken, or greens. Many times the children there eat only one meal a day, just cornmeal by itself, Nshima. If they are a little more well to do they eat it with a side.

I hope you are really enjoying the fruit of your labor and prayers in this ministry as the Lord is moving in this part of the world and wants us to continue moving forward with the Children’s Hope Community Center. We are working on launching the website this month and have published the GoFundMe campaign. Will you help us establish the Children Hope Community Center in Zambia? Partner with us and Jesus to bring Hope to these children and their families.

Stay tuned for more of the vlogs coming up. Love you guys, thank you so much for your support. God bless you until the next message.

Vlog #2 — Musaila Community

June 18, 2022

Hello, brothers and sister and Heartdwellers family. I hope you’re enjoying the vlogs.

So upon arriving I was put in a very nice lodge for my two weeks stay in Zambia as you all have seen in the previous video. However, the Lord and St. Francis were

As a Franciscan sister, one of the vows I have taken is that of Holy Poverty which means to live a life of simplicity — living on the edge of need and taking less than is necessary and not stealing from the poor. As I looked around in my nice room with electricity, shower, a nice bed, and refrigerator, I knew this violated my vows because we are to live like those we serve, the poor. And yes, it’s a sacrifice, but we willingly do it to imitate that of Jesus who walked around all of Galilee, not having His own place and staying as a guest in different people’s homes and at times going away in solitude to rest on the mountain when he went to pray.

I had a strong conviction and told Pastor Chama this before arriving, but he was adamant that he felt more comfortable that I stay there rather than with them in the village, which I know was what the Lord desired and actually my heart’s desire. But I submitted to his preference since I was coming to visit him.

However, once I arrived and after posting that video I decided to take a little nap to get some rest before they came back to get me to see the children. I had a demonic attack in the form of sleep paralysis while I was sleeping. When I was released from my attack immediately I knew I couldn’t stay there. The Lord had allowed attacks like this on different occasions when I slept somewhere that violated my vow of poverty. He gave me the example first in the reading of St. Francis who went to visit a Cardinal who admired him and greatly prepared rooms for St. Francis and his companion to sleep in for a couple of days.

The first night St. Francis was viciously attacked by the demons and devils all night. He was so shaken that he asked his companion to come and sleep with him in the same room because he was terrified and couldn’t understand why the Lord would allow him to be attacked. So the second night he prayed fervently to the Lord to show him. It was revealed to him that he is called to be an example and if he comes to stay in this castle — in this nice room while his brothers elsewhere are suffering from cold, sleeping on floors, etc., how then can he encourage them to preserver in the vow of poverty. Also that the devils are God’s policeman and when we violate God in any way it’s an open door and he allows the demons to attack us to get our attention and it worked — It got my attention.

I immediately called Pastor Chama and told him my conviction and what happened — because of the vows that I took, I could not stay here. Although we had paid over $300 non-refundable US dollars for the stay, I had to do what I knew was the will of God. Now, looking back, boy am I so glad that I listened and that they submitted to what the Lord was telling me.

Living in the village enriched my joy and my zeal for my vocation as a Franciscan and the life of poverty because the way I lived was so simple, yet I was so full of contentment. I got to know Pastor Brian and Pastor Chama so personally and deeply. I would not have [had] the many stories and experiences if I [had] stayed at that lodge — with them having to drive every day for an hour to pick me up. So the Lord worked it all out for his glory.

The vlog you’re about to see is from my first day there meeting the kids in our first community, called Musaila, where Pastor Brian and his wife Leonia live and watch over the kids in that community. They meet with the children once a week and teach them Bible stories and songs. Because of your generosity, we were able to come bearing gifts as we passed out toys, to all the children, and books. I also attempted to play a local children’s game with the children — I tried at least. They were so happy, and I got to meet the young boy who was born crippled and had no wheelchair. His mother is a widow, and we were able to buy him a wheelchair a few months ago. I shared this video with you guys in Pastor Chama’s “Cry of the Poor” video. So I was so excited to see him and meet him in person. I also got a chance to meet a young boy, Peter, who has a terrible skin condition and is needing financial help to get medical treatment.

So I want to thank you all for your donations and I pray that these videos will touch your heart deeply and that you would continue to give to us so that we can be a blessing and help the many in need there and also come alongside us to build the Children’s Home Community Center in Zambia.

God bless you, family enjoy!

Vlog #1 In Zambia — My Arrival

June 13, 2022

Okay, guys, I’m finally in Zambia with Pastor Chama and Pastor Brian. I want to show you what Africa looks like. Everyone has a bad perception of Africa, and we are here, a Zambian Mall.

So, I am so exhausted — I’m tired — we’re headed now to where I will be staying which is ten hours away. So signing out until later.


At the beautiful Lodge they booked for me

But St Francis wasn’t having it…LOL You’ll find out in the next video…


So, I finally to the city of Samfya [SAM-fi-a]. Pastor Chama put me up in a lodge called Samfya Lodge right next to the beach which is probably not very Franciscan. I really, really tried to stay in the village with him, but he has a wife and children Vlog No. 1 In Zambia – My Arrival – Draft 1and so does Pastor Brian. They thought it would be best for the community, the village community, to get to know me first before I try to impose myself on some family to stay with them. So, I had to stay at a place that is about an hour away from where he stays. So it’s going to be a long haul every single day, coming here to get me and take me back to the village to do things. We’ll see how the Lord works it out.

So, it was about a twelve-hour drive, my goodness. I know they are so exhausted. The Lord gave some natural grace for us to get here but, guys, it’s beautiful. He told me the name of this lake, I just can’t remember it. He said the story is that some guy saw the lake and thought, wow, it’s beautiful. If you look at it, it says the story behind it is he saw the lake and it seemed like the lake touch the sky. So in his language it’s about the lake touching the sky — like it never ends. It looks like that too — it looks like it never ends. It is so beautiful, my goodness. Zambia is so beautiful. I just love Africa and I’m excited to see what the Lord wants to do here— and why I’m here. So, I’m not sure, I still haven’t received that annunciation yet but once I do I’ll definitely vlog it so you guys will know as to what the Lord wants to establish here. So, we’ll keep you posted.

All right, thank you guys. Love you all, bye

My Annunciation — Zambia

June 11, 2022

Brothers, Sisters, and Heartdwellers family thank you for coming alongside me to see my interior journey as I came back from Zambia and the trial I was faced with.

Now, for the fun part as I take you back to recap the amazing experience I had in Zambia and the many lives that were touched because of Pastor Chama’s and Pastor Brian’s “Yes” to Jesus — and my “Yes” to Jesus — with the Help of Blessed Mother of course.

The Lord moved in a powerful way as many were touched, healed, and delivered. I was truly humbled to be a part of what the Lord did and what he is doing in Zambia. You will get a full picture of my journey, the needs of the people, and, hopefully, catch the vision of the need for the Children’s Hope Community Center that He wants established there.

We are in the process of creating the website and will be launching it soon with a GoFundMe campaign to get the Lord’s mission going. You will see why the enemy fought this so hard — because He knows the many lives that will be touched by this work and wanted to “out” me before it started. But by God’s great mercy towards me and the prayers of you — faithful family, and friends, I am here, and this work will go forward to draw so many children, adolescents, old, young, suffering, and poor, to Jesus.

In Zambia, a majority of those who live in the villages are definitely below the poverty level. Their currency is called Kwacha. One US dollar is equivalent to approximately 15 to 17 Kwacha. Guys, people are struggling, seriously struggling to make 30 Kwacha in a week, which is equivalent to two US dollars.

You will hear me share how your donations helped so many in a tremendous way. One is Pastor Brian who was renting a place equivalent to $5 US dollars which is 75 Kwachas, but the place had no electricity. He was struggling to rent a place that had solar electricity for only $25 US dollars, and we were able to help him. We helped a widow with $900, to begin a business to make a living and another widow who lost her nose to witchcraft and had been ostracized for so long. She had a son who needed work and we were able to bless them with $700 to start a business. We are able to get a new wheelchair for $200 for a young man whose will wheelchair broke down on him on the side of the street. We were able to provide a young boy with new shoes and bless his parents with $120 US dollars so that he could go to school and no longer sell vegetables on the street. We were able to take a young man to the hospital to receive medical attention, and we met Purity.  Seeing the smile on her face despite her condition and [seeing] her wounds healing because of all those who helped, brought joy to my heart! We were able to bless so many more because of your generosity in donations.

Lastly, we had so much fun with the children. We introduced them to water balloons and games which they loved! I got a chance to really live a life of simplicity and poverty and conform my ways to the culture of village life which meant prayers from 3 am to 5 am, then getting up to shower, eat breakfast and be ready to go for ministry by 8 to 9 am every day. It was tiring at times for sure, and an adjustment, to eat the same meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, for two weeks. But truly, this is the life that I am called to, and a good look into how our lifestyle will be for those who are called to Ghana, the City of God Community. So enjoy this journey with me that you made possible by your prayers and donations. I thank the Lord and Blessed Mother for this wonderful Annunciation and adventure that you now get to see.


Hi everyone, I decided I’m going to vlog this trip and just put it on the channel at different times [laugh]. But the Lord continues to tell me that He is in the details and even in the delays.  So, I initially thought I was going to be leaving last Tuesday to go to Zambia, but I had a series of details that I missed and mistakes that caused the passport visa to be delayed — so I didn’t get it until Monday morning.  I thought for sure, I’m leaving Tuesday.  I wanted to leave Tuesday so I could come back in enough time for the event —that would have me coming back on Saturday and give me a week to prepare for the Life from Light event.  Then Mother Clare and Ruth told me, oh, why don’t you just leave on Wednesday, you know, to make sure it gets here.  I was like, NO, I want to leave Tuesday!  I didn’t want to push it back one day further because that would cause me to come back, then, on the week of the event.  I should know by now that any time Mother Clare suggests anything, it’s always Jesus.  So, sure enough, I finally get my passport visa on Monday. I was so excited — then I realized I had forgotten to take my COVID test. So I called Walgreens trying to see if I could take the COVID test at least on the same day. They wouldn’t allow me to.  I was like, Lord, NO…..  That meant that I would have to leave on Wednesday — just as they all had suggested. So I realized this is Lord’s will —so it’s His will. 

So I leave Wednesday and I am flying, by the grace of God and providence. There’s a YouTube subscriber, Vanessa (hey if you’re watching this!) who works for United Airlines, and she put me on her buddy pass about a year ago and I’m still on there. So I get to fly from the US to South Africa for free — because they don’t fly to Zambia.  God has just been so amazing in His providence. However, with that said that means I have to fly standby. For sure, I’m thinking, I’m gonna get on this flight.  I mean, I was telling Ruth — “who’s going to South Africa — I’m in Santa Fe, who’s going?” forgetting this is a connecting flight.  So when I get here in the morning I realize — they tell me I won’t be able to make the flight, you know, there’s not enough room. And I’m like, NO..

Before that, I saw several 555s as we were driving and I told Ruth, oh man, this is gonna be a very interesting adventure with the Lord it never fails, you know, it wouldn’t be the same without some type of delays or crosses. But God being so good, I got a chance to meet a mother who is the mother of three and she’s a beautiful soul, but I could tell that she was New Age. So I gave her the Rhema cards — the Lord put on my heart to finally get the Rhema cards done and I have them, let me show you guys.  This will be available to all our donors to get free Rhema cards — evangelical Rhema cards.  So this is what it looks like, it says From Jesus With Love, and inside there is a note — a prophetic word — called Love Note, with a prophet word on the back. So I have several of these and they are random Rhema cards that the Lord has called me to create.  I have several of these that I can give to the souls that I meet — just random souls.

So, when I found out my flight was delayed, I was like, oh man — so I messaged Pastor Chama and he was like, I’ll rebuke it, I’ll rebuke every demon delay! He was rebuking the enemy…. [laugh].  I said, no, no, no, wait, stop — I told him, I have to teach you right now, you’ll be inundated. As a Heartdweller, you tend to carry crosses and the Lord is in the delays.  So you don’t want to rebuke something that he’s doing.  It’s all Him. And, sure enough, you know, I’m sitting here trying to figure out now, okay, Lord, how can I get a connecting flight?  They’re able to get me to Denver, which is fine.  The problem is the flight from Denver to Newark and then to South Africa and that means that I’ll probably have to stay a night in Newark and also stay again in South Africa, so it’s two more days. I don’t know how the Lord’s going to work it out. 

But, sure enough, as I’m seeing all of the consequences of all of these things, one of the workers here, a flight attendant — not flight attendant — a worker at the counter was getting off of work and said, “Hey, do you want to eat breakfast? We can go somewhere for breakfast”. I thought, “Hmm, wow, Lord, what providence. God is so amazing. So I got a chance to talk to her — she’s a wonderful soul too.  So I prayed for her, her name is Marcie. So, the Lord is just lining things up.  And as I’m sitting out here, I decided, you know, Lord, I’m just going to pray the Rosary, pray for everyone — one thing I do when I travel anywhere I go, I always ask the Lord, as He’s told us, I always release the angels of conversion at the doorways of every location that I go — ministering angels and I pray, Lord, that every soul that comes into this airport today will receive the grace of salvation, and I’m believing that — and I believe that too, so as I’m contemplating these things and praying the Rosary, guys, all of a sudden, I see before me a bird. A couple of birds start coming right before me and I wish I could turn the camera, if I may — if not, I have it actually in my phone which I will share in the video. I kept looking at this bird and I was like, wait a  minute, is this a lark? This can’t be a lark..  And if you guys don’t know what a lark is, that is the bird for St. Francis, that is what inspired St Francis actually to wear our habits.  He called all creation and creatures sisters  or brothers.  He loved the lark and called it sister lark.  He recognized that a sister lark was so beautiful that she had no beautiful outwardly appearance.  She wore her feathers brown like that of the earth and she would fly to and fro, free as a bird (as she was).  Free from entanglements and things of this world and that’s what inspired him, guys — to get the brown sack-like habit and that has become our religious outfits, our religious uniforms. So I’m just sitting here and I’m just watching, and I thought, oh my gosh — so I Googled and sure enough, it’s a lark sparrow.  There are lark sparrows all right here before me. I’m just blown away I’m amazed at the Lord, because, once again, He’s in the details. I know that means St Francis is saying, “I got you, girl! I’m praying for you and I’m with you in this. We’re journeying together”. So this is so awesome.  I will have the picture in the video to show you “Sister Lark”, a lark sparrow, which I have never seen before. This is so awesome! So once again, I’m excited to see what more the Lord does — what else He has in store.  I’ll keep you guys posted. I’m still in Santa Fe and we’ll see what turns out, how I get to Denver —what’s going to happen in Denver — I‘ll keep vlogging and I’ll put this up hopefully it will be a wonderful story — a compilation of what the Lord did on “our” journey, guys, because you guys are a part of my story too.  Thank you for your prayers.  I love you guys, bye!


Hey family, so this is vlog 2 [laugh] and I’m tired! I flew from Newark, New Jersey to South Africa.  So I’m here. Since the first time I did the video I got stuck in Newark, New Jersey because of a delayed flight.  I had no idea one of our Heartdwellers was there actually in Newark. So I had to stay literally a whole day before I could fly. I got picked by them — this is actually one of our intercessors.  I was asking the Lord, what are you up to, you doing? Why would you have me stay there? And sure enough, the Lord said He wanted to make this intercessor of ours a priest.  I was like, Wow! He rerouted my whole schedule to have me delayed in Newark for a whole day just so I could be with one of our dear intercessors and ordain him as a priest.  So the Lord has been in the details.

So, I got my flight to South Africa.  I met a wonderful couple who is coming in for a wedding.  They’re not believers but I just shared with them — one of the girls was having a lot of panic attacks and I shared with her the peace of God and gave her the Jesus loves you Rhema cards and she said that she would leave it in her book and open it at the right time.  So I have just been praying for her. 

Then when I came out — you know, with South Africa, coming here in the evening, I realized, okay well, Lord, I’m here! I have to stay a whole night. I have met quite a few people.  Everyone is asking me why don’t I get a hotel, why am I sitting here at the airport? But, because of our vow of poverty, the Lord really wants me to live a life of simplicity and the amazing thing is, being here at the airport I have met so many people.  So, the Lord in His providence already He has sent people just to come and take care of me. 

So I met a young man who just saw me here and decided to take me to get something to eat, and we talked and come to find out he’s Muslim. He has a wife who’s Christian and he feels the pressure of having to convert to Christianity, although he doesn’t want to. I just asked him if he has any Christian friends and he said he didn’t besides his wife.  I just told him about — just simply the gospel and the love of Jesus and I prayed that the Lord would reveal  Himself to him. He allowed me to pray for him and I gave him a Rhema card and we connected as well.

So it has just been amazing, the people the Lord is having me meet here.  I just sit down, and people sit next to me, and all of a sudden we just have a conversation.  Another young lady whom I met too, is coming to South Africa. I found out that she is a midwife,  she’s about my age and she is Ghanaian. She also goes to Ghana — she’ll be going to Ghana in September and that’s been a desire of mine, especially the City of God Community.  My Grandma was actually a midwife and I always said, man, I would love the learn midwifery so we could help the women who are pregnant like young teenage mothers who don’t have access to medical care and to be able to assist them.  She said that’s what the Lord put on her heart to do because, since the pandemic teenage pregnancies have skyrocketed in  Ghana.  She wants to really equip and teach the young girls about that so that they could abstain and also teach them simple basic health care for their bodies and for their babies. And I thought, “Hush, Jesus, hush!”  So we connected too and so she’s excited that whenever we come to Ghana to connect and really to be a part of what the Lord is doing and let’s see how we can help her too.  So, the Lord has set up amazing souls whom I’ve met, who are wonderful — who I’m just connecting with. It’s amazing.

So I’m here, it’s about 11: 00 pm here — So I’m here at the South Africa Airport — this is the airport guys [panning the camera].  I’m on the third floor, nobody is really here, DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth Airport) where it’s busy, but there’s nobody here so I’m trusting the Lord to take care of me and protect me before I leave. I leave at 11:30 in the morning. So, I’m just going to sleep here on this bench and sleep here with my suitcases.  I have all of this stuff that I brought for Pastor Chama and trust the Lord that He’ll protect me or send other divine appointments and we’ll see what else happens. I will continue to vlog, and we’ll keep you guys posted on this amazing adventure with Jesus.

So, love you guys.  God Bless you guys until next time — till the next vlog video, bye.

Courage is on the way, hope is on the way!

June 10, 2022

Hello, Brothers, Sisters, and Heartdwellers family. May we all realize that in our sufferings we are going from Glory to Glory.

So once I got out of the hospital one of our sisters who lives in Albuquerque was so gracious in allowing me to stay with her because my mother was coming to see me for two days before I headed back up to the mountain to be with the community.

It was the second day that I had been there, and I brought nothing with me besides the clothes on my back. I found myself longing to hear from the Lord. Through this ordeal, I hadn’t received a word from him besides when you told me to fast which was about a week prior. All the Rhemas weren’t really as comforting as I would’ve liked since then. I was getting many corrections as well. I was feeling resentful again, hurt, and feeling My spouse, Jesus so far away.

Thank goodness our sister had some Holy books at her place and decided to get a word from Mother Clare’s book called, “Rhema” which is a book compiled with many messages from Jesus to Mother Clare under specific titles so you can get a word from the Lord. You can find this book on Amazon or even on the website and download it for free http://www.Heartdwellers.org

My first reading was “Seeds of Demons”. Uh oh, the paragraph that out to me was titled, Taken from Spiritual Warfare 19 – How Demons Work, 3 of 3. Dr. Sherry had a phone conversation with Mother Clare and shared how we can get seeds in our hearts. She got frustrated and impatient on a phone call and immediately received seeds of spirits of irritation, frustration, fear, and agitation, in her heart and how important for us to repent 5-6 times a day to keep ourselves clean.

Then another paragraph stuck out to me as a Rhema, and was, Taken from Spiritual Warfare 17.

Mother Clare begins,

So, yesterday when I had my communion service, the readings were from Colossians 3, and they truly brought home everything the Lord has been teaching us about our relationships with others and how easily we get seeds of resentment, with which the enemy builds a stronghold of unforgiveness. I’ve been monitoring myself very carefully and notice I have buttons and hots spots, places where I recoil inside and begin grudging and complaining internally. Although I don’t let it show externally, most of the time, I feel it inside and it takes the joy out of whatever I was doing.

Paul address this very thing in Colossians 3 beginning in verse 12. “Because you are God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, clothe yourselves with heartfelt mercy, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience.”

All I can say, Heartdwellers, is the very moment you offend charity or Holy Spirit, retire to a private place, kneel, and ask God to help you with repentance. I don’t dare undertake anything until I’ve checked my heart for seeds and asked Holy Spirit to please show me what’s there in

These readings cut me to the heart as I could feel pain rise up wondering where my sweet Jesus had been. I have been through such a rough ordeal, and it would be wonderful to get some words of encouragement. But Holy Spirit was right as I realized I needed to humble myself before the Lord. I decided to go to the bathroom and get on my knees before God and I just broke down crying as many flashes of frustration, fear, resentment, and unforgiveness even, towards the Lord were brought up and I just wept in repentance.

Right after getting up, I could hear Jesus begin to speak so I got a piece of paper and began writing,

First pouring out my heart before him.

Good morning Lord, thank you for bringing me to my knees, quite literally. This sickness hit me hard in so many more places and I didn’t understand why you felt so far away or why I was being admonished in many of my Rhemas which caused even more bitterness and resentment. When I got repentance for the um-teenth time I realized I had to take a hard look in your mirror and not mine and the reading you gave me from the Rhema book broke me.

You’re right, I’ve been full of seeds of bitterness. In almost everything, even during my trip to Zambia. I saw how I complained constantly in my heart about everything, put expectations on people, and was disappointed. Furthermore, this trial has even caused me to fear moving forward again in anything. I also realize how merciful you have been towards me. Lord I repent, thank you for giving me the grace of contrition and repentance I asked for. Please heal me, create in me a clean heart, and renew your spirit within me.

Jesus began,

“My beloved daughter, I do chastise those I love, and I do love you, very, very much little one. I have suffered with you.” I saw Jesus in tears I thought. Aw Lord. “Every song I played, and Rhema I gave you concerning My passion wasn’t about Me suffering outside of you, but Me suffering with you through this trial and you suffering with Me. This is by far the closest we have been. That is the beauty and gift in suffering.

“Although it is unwanted by many it’s the greatest gift I can give a soul, to be so close to Me. Yes, your enemies thought they got the best of you and have been waiting for an opportune time to attack as I reminded you. You are weakest after your greatest victory, but they fail to realize time and time again with my chosen one, the Lion of the tribe of Judah stands with you.

“I too, lie in wait, watching their move, and seeing their attack. In moments you feel forsaken, they too think you are forsaken by me so they rush in for the kill, if you will, and just at the right moment, I come running. The only roaring Lion scattering them to terror, and they fall for it every time because they have no faith in My words that I spoke to my beloved ones, that I would never leave them nor forsake them (Deuteronomy 31:6) and there is victory every time as I work all thing out for My glory for your good.

“Do not fear my brave and courageous one. That is who you are, as you take my hand and continue to climb higher. Do not fear what is ahead, what is next, or what you will encounter. Keep your eyes on Me. Keep your affection for Me alone, and you will turn back to see one day the glorious trail of fruit behind you and the many souls who follow you, following Me, who made it to the top because you didn’t give up. It is not an easy climb, yet it’s painful at times, but it will continue to be the greatest adventure of your life. You were not created for normal, not at all my dove.” He said that laughing.

As an aside when I first got sick and even when I was in the hospital I kept thinking why can’t I just have a normal Christian life? This is not the first time I have asked him this, so He is addressing that.

Jesus continued,

“How silly of you to continue to ask Me to give you a normal life. You would be completely depressed and unsatisfied because that is not how you were fashioned. You were created for glory, for destiny, for adventure, for joy eternal. You were created to think and do the impossible and that is exactly what you will do, you and all my brides. I continue to put you on display because you were also created to be an example to many. You are a pioneer and many following you will do greater exploits, being men and women of greater faith than you because they have seen what I did in and through you. It’s all about Me beloved little one not about you.” As He said that smiling.

I live in you, your life is mine now. You are not your own but belong to Me wholeheartedly and I want to live in all souls that freely and you will prepare the way for Me to do so in many souls.

My beloved brides I know for many it has not been easy it seems you step into one season of trial into another season of trial. What you don’t see is that you’re stepping into one season of glory to another season of greater glory. Many of you are shining so beautifully as you are being sanctified and the stains on your wedding garments are getting less and less and the many wrinkles you once had are being ironed out.

Oh, my brides, you are a spectacle to behold, don’t give up in your trials. And I’m afraid to say do not look forward to having trials and suffering stop in the near future rather it shall only increase from this point on. But look for me to endow you with more grace, to be clothed in more of my glory, and to use your life to reach the world and save souls.

You all have consented, you have given me everything and for that I’m grateful. I will take everything with your consent and that is what I’m doing. This world is not your home don’t look to find complete happiness or fulfillment in this life, but I can guarantee, oh my brides your joy will be uncontainable in the next!

Courage is on the way, hope is on the way, strength and respite are on the way to help you for the steep climb ahead. For I long to share my glory and you my brides, are destined to do gloriously.”

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

Thank you guys so much for your donations and generosity we have been able to support all the ministries we are committed to helping at the beginning of the month. We so appreciate your support, your prayers, your words of encouragement, and your comments. Love you guys

God bless you until the next message.