The Sin of Detraction

June 12, 2021

Hello, brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers Family. May you all be blessed and receive the grace of purity of heart and soul.

Upon my embarrassing fall and not really wanting to see what the Lord was showing me in my heart, I had gone to Mother Clare to get clarity as I had mentioned in the previous messages. I confessed what I thought the Lord could be addressing but, if I can be honest, it wasn’t true repentance with contrition. My confession turned into a venting session and my emotions veered me way off as I began to talk about the pain of my past, and past offenses done towards me, and even in Derrick’s and my relationship which was brought up. Mother Clare ended up sending him a very strong letter about some of our issues and the next day I felt pain in my heart.

I kept wondering, “Uh-oh, would Derrick be upset not wanting to come anymore? Did I mess things up?” Because for the next day or so didn’t hear from him at all. Then the following day, I couldn’t help but still feel that pain in my heart of conviction. and seeing how the Lord was right in saying I had a critical and bitter spirit that I needed to overcome. I had also gotten a reading from Frances De Sales’ book called “The Devout Life”, and what did I open up to? Detraction: when one speaks against their neighbor and slanders their character in rash judgment. I realized although I said I had forgiven him I had held on to the pain of my past. And deep down, I demanded an apology for all the wrongs that had been done to me. What is so funny is that as you and I have been praying for the Lord to turn Derrick’s heart and to break him, He has broken me in the process and shown me the wickedness of my own heart. And yes, Derrick needs prayer, but I realize I actually need it more than he. So that morning I couldn’t shake the fact that I needed to call him to apologize and to confess my sins. 

I asked the Lord with a rhema as to what to do, and what did I get?

“I want you to speak boldly, gently, and lovingly about the sins you see.”

When I called him, I thought he would be upset or cold with me, but he wasn’t at all. And I began to thank God for his mercy towards me and Blessed Mother and St. Joseph for saving me yet again.

That reading was an eye-opener and so humbling. I cried, repenting, asking the Lord and the Blessed Mother to forgive me for hurting both of their hearts. I realized the pain I was feeling wasn’t Derrick’s heart, but it was Jesus’ heart that was aching. Although God uses everything, and that letter may be needed to be written to him, but my motives for speaking against him were impure, selfish, self-seeking, and displeasing to the Lord, even if it was in confession because I was looking for comfort and not willing to look at my own sins.

So I felt the Lord wanted me to share that reading with you as a message to share boldly, gently, and lovingly about the sins that I now see so clearly in me. May others who struggle with this see it in themselves that we may all repent, see how this hurts others, and the Lord, and ask for the grace to not ever speak against anyone directly or indirectly again, even if it’s true. Lord help us.

The chapter begins;

“Rash judgments lead to quiet, contempt for others, pride, and self-complacency, and a hundred other evils, among which slander stands prominent, the very pest of society. Oh, for a live coal from off God’s altar wherewith to touch the lips of men, that their iniquity high be taken away, and their sin purged, even as the seraphim purified the Prophet, Isaiah. (Isaiah 6,7).

Whoever unjustly deprives his neighbor of his good name is guilty of sin, and is further bound to make reparation, according to this slander: no man can enter heaven with another’s goods, and of all worldly goods non is equal to a good reputation. Slander is a kind of murder, for we have three lives — this spiritual life, which consists of the grace of God, the corporal life, which is in the soul, and the civil life which consists of our reputations. Sin destroys the first, death the second, and slander the third; but the slander is guilty of triple murder with his tongue. He destroys his own soul and that of his hearer by a spiritual homicide and deprives the object of his slander of civil existence. St. Bernard says that Satan has a hold both of the slander and of him who listens to slander, for that he has the tongue of one and the ears of the other. David, speaking of slandered, says: “They have sharpened their tongues like serpents (Ps. 140:3). Aristotle says that the serpent’s tongue is forked, having two points; and such is the tongue of the slanderer, who with one stroke wounds and poisons the ear of his listener and the reputation of him whom he slanders.

I beg you, therefore, never to speak ill of anyone, either directly or indirectly. Beware of falsely attributing crime and sins to your neighbor, or disclosing his secret faults, or exaggerating those which are obvious, or assigning wrong motives to good actions, or denying the good which you know to be or maliciously concealing it or lessening it, for all these things grievously offend God: above all falsely accusing another or denying the truth to his prejudice, which involves the double sin of falsehood and injury. The most refined and venomous slanders are how we present to mean well, or craftily insinuate their poison by means of a light witty joke. “I really love him very much”, one will say, “and altogether he is a good man, but in truth, he was wrong to commit that breach of trust,“ or “that woman is highly virtuous, it is a pity that she slipped once,” and so on. Do you not perceive the duplicity? 

The archer draws his arrow as near to him as possible, but his object is that it should fly the farther and while a soul seems willing to retain their slander within themselves, they really launch it but the more fiercely. Slander in the shape of a joke is worse than all, for slander which by itself would go in the ear and out of the other, remains in the mind of the listeners when it is dressed up in some clever and witty saying. “The venom of slander is under their lips,” David says.

Do not publish that such Man is a drunkard, a thief or impure because you have once known him guilty of such a thing; one act does not justify the name. The sun stood still at Joshua’s command and another time it was darkened on account of our Savior, yet no one would say that it was either dark or motionless. Noah and Lot were both drunk once, yet neither was a drunkard, neither was St. Paul bloodthirsty because he had once shed blood nor damned because he had once blasphemed. Before a man deserves the title of being dishonest, he must be advanced in or accustomed to sin. Therefore it is unfair to call a man passionate or a thief because he has once on some occasion been angry or dishonest. Even if a man has long been a liar, we run the risk of falsehood in calling him so. Simon the leper called Magdalene a sinner because she was formality one. But he told a lie, for she was no longer a sinner but a holy penitent and our Savior himself undertook her defense.

The proud Pharisee esteemed the publican as a great sinner, as unjust and adultery or extortioner; but he was strangely mistaken, for at that very time the publican was justified. Surely if God’s goodness is so great that in one instant, we can obtain pardon and grace, how can we tell that he who was a sinner yesterday is the same today? Yesterday must not judge today, nor today yesterday it is the last day which will give the final verdict.

Thus we can never pronounce a man to be wicked without danger of falsehood. If we must needs speak, we must say that he has been guilty of such an evil deed at such a time he misconducted himself or he is now doing so; but we should not condemn today because of yesterday, nor yesterday because of today, and still let tomorrow worry us.

But when you began to desire to cover your neighbor, beware of falling into opposing extremes as some do, who seek to avoid slander, and praise sin. If you come in the presence of a downright slanderer, do not define him by calling him franc and honest-spoken, do not miscall dangerous freedoms by the name of being easy-going or call disobedience zeal or arrogance self-respect, do not fly from slander into flattery and indulgence of sin, but call evil, evil without hesitation, and blame that which is blamable. By this means you will glorify God. 

I would add certain conditions;

When you blame the sins of another, consider whether it is profitable or useful to those whom you’re speaking to. Thus to dwell upon the reckless behavior of the young is dangerous; it is safer to simply condemn everything of the sort, avoiding details. Again, if by chance you have influence when certain subjects are brought up, and your silence would give you an appearance of approving sin, then you should speak; if on the contrary you have not been given influence or leadership and something is mentioned do not assume the censorship or make an opinion. Above all you must be exceeding exact in what you say, your tongue when you speak of your neighbor is a knife in the hand of the surgeon who is going to cut between the nerve and the tendons. Your stroke must be accurate, and neither deeper nor lighter than what is needed and while you blame the sin, always spare the sinner as much as possible.

We may speak freely of noxious and infamous sinners but still with charity and compassion and avoid arrogance and presumption and not rejoicing in another’s weakness or downfall, which is the sure sign of an evil cruel heart. Of the enemies of God and His Church, we must speak openly. Since in charity we are about to give the alarm whenever the wolf is found among the sheep. Everyone thinks himself at liberty to justify and censure leaders and to decry whole nations according to his inclinations. Do not indulge in their failings. It is displeasing to God and may invoke you in numberless disputes. When you hear ill of anyone, refute the accusations if you can, in justice to do; if not, apologize for the accused on account of his intentions; and if even that fails, deal compassionately with him remembering yourself and calling to the mind of the other that those who are preserved from sin owe it only to the grace of God, and thus gently check your conversation and if you can mention something else favorably of the accused then do so.”

And that was the end.

Wow, so humbling, insightful, and filled with practical instructions and applications we should all take away. God bless you family until the next message.

Give Me Your Feelings And Emotions

June 11, 2021

Hello, brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family. May you all be blessed.

Man, I had a hard fall from grace. Sunday, when we met together as a community for our time of worship, we always pull three cards from Mother Clare’s rhema file to see what the Lord has to say to us. I had been having a great week with the Lord and had been hearing his voice so I assumed my cards wouldn’t be too bad, but he gave me a doozy.

The first card said, “You are floating on the surface of life. Coins float on the surface, my Holy will is deeper”. The next said, “Learn to be selfless until the last drop.” The following card said, “Learn to overcome a critical and bitter spirit, and learn to minister in song”. The following said, “The Lord has chastised me but hasn’t delivered me unto death”. Then the last said, “You are least of all and last of all in the whole house, keep this attitude of heart and be faithful”. 

I thought, “Whaaa?” The first card I felt indicated I wasn’t in the Lord’s will so I began to panic. Then I began to think, “Where was I being selfish? as every argument and defense came in my mind of how I make myself available to whatever is asked of me in the community. The card about a critical and bitter spirit just cut my heart and hurt me the most. I thought I had tried so hard to love and forgive others despite the hurt done to me. Does he not see my efforts? I tried to be cool during the meeting because I could feel the anger rising up and resentment of those words. I just couldn’t see it and before the meeting, I was struggling with an offense from the past and was asking the Lord to help me forgive and thought, could that be it? I talked to Mother Clare later that evening to confess my sin of anger at the Lord’s words and my attitude during the meeting. I tend to always hide my emotions and feelings in the community and Mother Clare has asked me to be honest about how I am feeling. However, I want to learn how to suffer well, and I don’t always do that, and when I do share my feeling I find myself being misunderstood, judged, or admonished because I shouldn’t be too sensitive, which makes me feel worse than I did before.

So the following morning I woke up with my heart still hurting pretty bad as I cried and cried before the Lord. Resentment and bitterness showed up. I couldn’t even do the Lord’s supper because there was so much in my heart as past pains were brought up. So I decided to vent it all out and be honest, very honest with Jesus because I literally could not go on any longer this way.

I began to write… Now looking back, putting this message together, I realize I threw a tantrum like a child in my self-pity, and it went something like this.

“Lord where do I even began? I’m unable to do the Lord’s supper because I am hurting so badly inside. When I talked to Mother Clare yesterday it was nice, but I realize I didn’t get to the root of my problem or my pain. The pain I have in my heart is wondering what to do with my emotions, my feelings. When to be honest about them and when to give them to you. I realized I hold so much in my heart from all the pain I have incurred these past two years and I would like to think I have let everything go, but I haven’t. 

I feel I can’t express myself freely concerning how I feel because either I am admonished by you or others. When I shared with the group yesterday, how I was confused about my rhemas, my heart began to hurt as all these thoughts of resentment and accusation bombarded me. It left me so disengaged for the remainder of the meeting, and a comment was made that I wasn’t being honest with how I felt. I was being very honest because I was struggling and confused. Then, when I have shared my feelings of being overwhelmed with the work in the community and the demands you were making on me to also work on my ministry, I was admonished by others not to complain and by you to be least of all, and last of all, and to be selfless. Then in the past when I was hurt by things Derrick did and I expressed my feelings to him, he too would get angry, defensive and therefore cause me to shut down how I was truly feeling. Then when I shared with you the hurt I feel, by how a brother in the community continues to treat me with coldness and irritation when I have done nothing to him. I prayed for him instead. But then, I get the rhema the very next day about having a critical and bitter spirit. When I compare myself to others in the community it feels like you’re more lenient with them.

When others hurt me, you are always calling me to carry my cross, say nothing, vent to no one, but I realized I have carried all that pain in my heart, and I’m tired, I’m tired of trying to love and even fearful of being honest about how I feel because I think I am going to get admonished by you or others. So I realize, that is why I don’t share my emotions, true feelings with anyone because I fear; is it the right thing to do by you? And also, what will others think? Because I am always left misunderstood, being called out for being too sensitive, or left still hurting within. Lord, I’m tired. I’m tired of trying to walk in virtue, I’m tired of loving if I can be honest. I have nothing left Lord. Pleaseee… I need your wisdom and guidance. Show me the error of my ways and how to reconcile this attitude moving forward. Please, Lord! I feel like the actor from the Anchor Man movie. Lord help me, I am in a cage of emotions!! … I digress… Guys, I am a hot… mess… I literally told that to Jesus.

Jesus began,

“My beloved dove, I am here. Thank you for expressing yourself in all honesty about how you feel. I understand and I love and care for you deeply, and care very much for how you feel. I am growing you, My little one, in much maturity, and in brotherly love which has been the cry of your heart, has it not?”

“Yes, Lord, it has. But I’m hurting, and not sure what to do. Do I really have a critical and bitter spirit?”

“Well, you tell me beloved, are you quick to presume, to react, to judge, get angry, and resentful when others hurt you, or things don’t go your way?”

I said, “Well, Lord, yeah. I mean, there are times when I feel those things rising in me, but immediately, I do call out to you and say, “Jesus, I trust You, Jesus, I trust You, Jesus, I trust You!”

And Jesus continued…

Yes beloved, you do, but not often enough. And anytime you respond negatively to anything I allow; a bitter root takes place. A seed of resentment falls in your heart, My beloved one, and I want your heart to be pure love for Me and your brother. I want you to know that in this life, many times, many, many times you will be misunderstood even by the ones you love. Was I not misunderstood often? not only by my disciples but even by family members. It was my Mother who understood my ways and the workings of the Father that is why she submitted in resignation to everything He allowed. So that is a cross I have gifted you with, beloved, so that you can resemble Me more. I know it’s not easy, but I am with you. I want to teach you and others about transparency, honesty about feelings, and emotions, and most importantly, trusting them all to Me.

You see, beloved ones, I am God, but also a Man full of emotions. That is why I desire to be intimate with my creation. I have needs too, only each of you can fulfill. The nature of love is to humble oneself in this way, to be full of emotions, and be vulnerable. So I am very well acquainted with feelings and emotions. You all are created in My image, and without feelings and emotions, you become robots. That is not what I desire or had in mind. So I first, want to say emotions, and feelings are good. Many times they are indicators as to what is going on in your heart. However, I want to teach my people, and my brides, not to lean on your emotions and feelings. That will lead you to your flesh ruling and reigning in your life, rather than my Spirit leading you. And He desires to be master of your emotions and feelings. 

You see, My beloved ones, demons also have access to your emotions. They have electromagnetic powers that can affect your emotions. When you’re feeling fear, anxiety, irritation, impatience, sadness, depression, lust these are all valid emotions, but there is a demon behind it playing you up and setting you up for a fall or wanting to oppress you. That is why I am training you all in prayer to immediately call upon my name, binding the demons, and you will feel a release. Loose what you want to feel, peace, joy, gratitude, thanksgiving, that too has energy behind it, My spirit. So when you begin to feel the negative emotions don’t sit in it, or brood over what your feeling, but begin to bind these negative emotions, and the demons will go with them. That is why praise and worship is so powerful. Because in my presence, when you praise in the midst of your trials and your lack of feeling, the oppression lifts because the demons flee.

Now I want to address being transparent and honest about your feelings. There is a place for that, beloved one. Through Mother Clare, I have taught you the importance and even anointing transparency carries. For too long people in my church have been wearing masks covering deadly wounds with bandage scriptures and spiritual jargon that leave many souls wanting and many times more crippled than when they came. This idea of perfection has been created in my church that those walking with me shouldn’t have trials, trouble, or even struggles. So many continue on in their grave sins and vices they struggle with, but not wanting to confess it before anyone lest they are judged, feel ashamed, and worse not adequate enough as a believer. Or not spiritual enough and lacking faith. That is a lie Satan has formed, ever yet so subtle, but powerful in destroying so many souls and even ministers because of their lack of transparency. Oh, if only all would embrace their misery, see their nothingness, and love their nothingness, this trap would be avoided by many. That is what I want to teach all Heartdwellers, to see themselves in the light of My mirror which is pure truth, and not to recoil at the darkness you see standing before you. But should, in turn, cause you to love, trust, and turn to My Mercy instead. 

However, with the times thick with demons, demons of condemnation take advantage of this and jump on so many souls like yourself who desire to please me. So when a correction is given, demons of condemnation are right on your coattails to cover you with their slime of guilt and shame in the process. Don’t allow it, my beloved ones. Trust and cling to My Mercy that will always sustain you through the taunts and lies they spew on you to keep you down. When someone hurts you, Beloved, I no longer want you to react, but act in patience and love, then come to Me. I will never admonish you about telling your true feelings to Me because I know them already.” 

“But Lord, there are times when I am hurting, and I need and want a comforting word from you, and I get a rhema that hits me smack between the eyes and many times in the hurt Lord.”

Jesus responded,

“My beloved one, it is because I am calling you higher, much, much higher to not lean on how you feel, but to gain my perspective. Do I not always comfort you in worship when you come before Me?”

“Yeah, that is true, Lord, you do.”

“And the times when I remove consolation from you when you feel you are in need of my reassurance is to grow your hope even more in me and to grow your love, believe it or not. I treated many of my saints the same way, The Father treated me the same way, lest you forget my anguish in the garden and on the cross. In all of those times, although I knew I wasn’t forsaken, the Father made me experience those feelings so I would be a source of courage, example, and grace for you all when you were in moments of despair to not run from the Father’s will but to yield to it in great courage.

So, My beloved brides, many of you have been hurt by the words and actions of others, and many times you’re tempted to vent. There is a good side to venting because it gets things off your chest. But outside of venting to Me, it causes more harm than good, My dear ones. Remember, ‘Fools vent their anger, but the wise quietly hold it back.’ (Proverbs 29:11). I want you, to come to me, tell Me your worries, your fears, and your pain and allow Me to council and guide you, giving you My perspective so you don’t fall into judgment or bitterness. 

My beloved brides, there are souls like this one, I have called to mother you, and will give light to your soul and what I am demanding of you. And there are times I remove the grace and consolation from any creature to help you because I want you to wait and solely rely on Me. In these moments, however dark, and alone you may feel, you are not and it’s precisely in this cross that you grow in quiet trust and confidence in Me. So when another situation arises you then will run and cling to Me, because you know I am faithful.

I am not asking for perfection, but I know your weakness. But I am asking and looking for perfection in your good intentions and in your willingness. You must remember that I suffer with you and in you and the more you are able to keep your sufferings and sacrifices for My eyes only and for all of Heaven, the more pleasing you are to Me and the more merit that is gained for you. Simply, the more you are transformed into my likeness, for I never uttered one complaint at the will of the Father and I want my brides to do the same. I will help you in this, all you must do is ask and rely more on Me. Not on another, not on your feelings, and not on your emotions. You are called to share in my suffering, My beautiful precious brides, and giving you real emotions and feelings, give you the opportunity to choose to react or choose to act like Me. 

Trust Me and when you come to me, I will tell you the right time to share how you feel. I will prepare the hearts of those who have caused the offense to be opened to hear and understand you. There will be other times I want you to leave your feelings and pain with Me and I will act on your behalf and touch their hearts to come forward with conviction and apology. In all of these things, you must trust Me because the devils play on your emotions and your buttons, many times when you react. When both parties’ buttons are pushed it becomes a source of contentions and strife. Trust Me, wait on Me, and give me your feelings and emotions, My little doves, so you can walk in honesty and purity before men and all of Heaven.”

At the point I wanted to ask when you are suffering, and you want to offer it to the Lord, but someone asks are you okay? Do y”ou tell them the truth to be honest or you keep it to yourself because you want to suffer in silence? Because I tend to say I am always okay when sometimes I am not so I asked him,

“Lord what if someone asks me are you okay, but I am not, but I don’t want to share my sufferings with others? Because I say that a lot and truly, I am not okay.”

Jesus responded,

“Well you can say, I am struggling today but the Lord will help me through it and if it‘s someone you are struggling with. you can say to them. ‘I am struggling but let’s find some time to talk about it later. So it gives you time to seek me, wait on me, and not react.”

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

Letter To A Greiving Husband

June 10, 2021

Hello, brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family. May those who are grieving receive comfort, peace, and consolation from the Lord in this difficult time.

I got word from one of our brothers last week that our mechanic had lost his wife suddenly. He is very young, in his late thirties, and they have four children, a 14-year-old, 9, 8, and 7-year-old, whom I had met. I loved the children when I met them, and their mother was very kind. The children had asked me to be their babysitter the first day we met, and I felt a close connection, especially with the youngest who was spunky and talkative. In the short time I was with them I told them about Jesus and prayer. I always kept the children in my heart and would pray for his family from time to time. So when I found this out it hit me hard as I cried for him and the children.

After a couple of days, I still couldn’t shake off the sadness in my heart. As I was before the Lord in adoration, I kept thinking, “Why do I care so deeply, Lord, for this family? So I pulled a rhema to see what was on the Lord’s heart and he gave me;

“You do not see as I do. You cannot hear as I do. And you cannot speak as I do. May I?”

When I get that rhema it’s always confirmation that Jesus wants to speak through me to someone. So I got out my laptop and waiting on him to speak. 

Jesus began, to the husband who just lost his wife;

“My beloved son, I know this took you by surprise, but I am not at all surprised. I want you to know that I am in control and that you can trust Me. Although I am not the source of death, My beloved son, I permitted this to take place because it was her time to go and I want you to rest in the fact that she is with Me. In the last moments of her life, I sent My Angles to her bedside as she cried out wondering what would happen to you and the children. She was moved to contrition of her sins and the different ways that she lived her life for herself and not so much for Me.

I am a merciful God, and those that are mine I protect with a fierce love. And in My Mercy, they are given graces at the hour of their death. Thank the members of this community, My beloved son. It has been by their intercession and prayers for your family that you have been sustained. And your wife received the grace of salvation to be with Me for all of eternity, awaiting you and the children’s arrival at the proper time I have destined. 

I know you are hurting, confused and so burdened, My son. I never intended you to carry the burden you have been under. long before this happened. You have been walking under a heavy yoke of guilt, condemnation, and anxiety since your mother left, even at your tender age. My beloved son, I want you to give Me your fears, give Me your worries, and give Me that guilt that keeps you far away from Me, and ashamed to even approach Me. I love you with a love that you cannot imagine. The love I have for you took Me to the cross, just so I could have a relationship with you. I want that, Son, I need that, will you respond?

I want to take the grief and pain in your heart and give you My Peace and Hope instead. I want to take the guilt and condemnation and give you My Freedom and My Loving Acceptance of you. You will get through this season of your life. All is not lost, and this too shall pass. I want to do this with you, you don’t have to do it alone. Let Me carry you, rest upon My Heart and receive My Love for you. 

You have been gifted with the most beautiful souls I have entrusted to you, your children. Do not worry about their future, for each of them are beyond precious to Me and I have them in the palm of My Hands. I will heal their hearts, strengthen them and protect them. I am leaving them under the care of My Mother, for they will never be Motherless. Comfort them with these words, that their mother is with God in heaven. She has gone home and soon, very soon they will all see her again. That they can speak with her anytime when they pray to Me. She will also be right there listening intently and praying for them. I want your children to know Me, I want you to know Me and I want your family healed and restored. 

With death comes graces released upon the loved ones who are left behind and this is the time of your visitation, My beloved son. Even now, you can feel the weight of these words pierce your tender heart. I work all things out for your good and I am and will work this devastating loss for your good. Give Me your tears, give Me all your concerns and give Me your weariness. You don’t have to be strong. Allow Me to be strong through you for your children. And you come to Me and bring me your weakness and pain, My son, and allow Me to comfort, heal and strengthen you. 

You are My beloved son. Give Me your heart, give Me your life and entrust your children to Me. There is so much more I have for you to do, My son, so much more than what you have been doing. Take My hand, you don’t have to do this alone. Will you take it? I will never leave you nor forsake you, My beloved child. I too, know the sting of losing a loved one to death. But I am the resurrection and life and anyone who believes in Me, even when they die, will live. Heaven is a very real place that I have prepared for you and will one day soon come back for you and your children so that you may be with me and your wife.

Trust Me, Believe in Me, and Receive My Love son, you are not alone.”

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

And I received this scripture to confirm this message, “I have loved you with an everlasting love, I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.” Jeremiah 31:3

I shared this message with Mother Clare, and she told me to put it on the channel because it would minister to someone else. Sure enough, the next day, a Heartdweller by the name of Stephen, contacted us because his wife just died 3 weeks ago from covid, in India. He was struggling with guilt, wondering if he should have made her take the vaccine, and was asking for prayers and hurting pretty bad. So I told him about this message and that it was also a letter From Jesus to him. Please keep him and this young father in your prayers. God bless you, family, until the next message.

Our Mother of Mercy Chaplet Prayer

Sign of the Cross:

In the name of God the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Hail Mary:

HAIL MARY FULL OF GRACE, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen. (x3)


Merciful Father grant us: more time, more grace, more mercy.

More time, more grace, more mercy (x10)

Our Mother of Mercy, pray for us.

Second Decade:

Merciful Father grant us: more time, more grace, more mercy.

More time, more grace, more mercy (x10)

Our Mother of Mercy, pray for us.

Third Decade:

Merciful Father grant us: more time, more grace, more mercy.

More time, more grace, more mercy (x10)

Our Mother of Mercy, pray for us.

Fourth Decade:

Merciful Father grant us: more time, more grace, more mercy.

More time, more grace, more mercy (x10)

Our Mother of Mercy, pray for us.

Fifth Decade:

Merciful Father grant us: more time, more grace, more mercy.

More time, more grace, more mercy (x10)

Our Mother of Mercy, pray for us.

*In the name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Spirit* Amen

City Of God Community Will Be A Shrine of My Mother’s Mercy

June 8, 2021

Hello, brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family. May you all be blessed.

I had received some beautiful rhemas the day before….

The first one said,

“Now I know that it is not for the graces or gift that you love me. But because My will is dearer to you than life. That is why I am uniting Myself with you so intimately as with no other creature.” That’s from St. Faustina’s Diary.

The second rhema said,

“The City of God Community will be in God’s Church like a beehive in a magnificent garden, hidden and meek. The souls there will work like bees to feed their neighbors’ souls with honey, while the wax will flame for the glory of God. It will be the reflection of God’s greatest attribute, that is His divine mercy unceasingly, for the whole world and every act of mercy will flow from God’s love. That love with which they will be filled to overflowing. They will strive to make their own, this great attribute of God and to live by it and to bring others to know it and trust in the goodness of God.”

Wow! So I kept thinking that the City of God community was on the Lord’s mind. When I went to pray, by Blessed Mother’s tree, I couldn’t stop thinking of her. My eyes were transfixed on her and the painting I did on the tree. It almost seemed as if she was coming to life right before my eyes as I began to have an open vision of her stepping from behind the tree. She was barefoot with a white veil and robe with small pink flowers on her veil. She was so graceful as I was in awe that she was physically present before my eyes. I was transfixed upon her beauty and her countenance. I was frozen in awe as I called my brothers on the “walkie” to hurry and come, that Blessed Mother was here. My brothers ran and all fell to their knees sobbing in awe as they gazed upon her. She smiled and sat down before the tree, and we called for Mother Clare to come, and some of the guys went back to carry Father Ezekiel up to see her. All of this I saw right as the last song was ending in worship, and my eyes were open. I was just amazed as I came out of this vision thinking, “Lord was that real?” and being reminded of the message Jesus said of Blessed Mother being physically with us during the tribulation. I was blown away. So I could sense the Lord wanted to talk with me, but the flies up there were driving me crazy. We have flies here and there on the mountain. Now, since Spring is budding, all the creepy crawlies are coming out and so are the flies. When we first got up here it was so bad that they swarmed all around you, and Mother Clare knew it was demonic. She prayed and asked the Holy Angels to come help get rid of the flies on the mountain. They came and all the flies went away.

Today, however, strangely, there were a few that would not just go away. They kept flying around me and landing on Jesus at the altar, which made me so livid. So I found myself trying to swat them away. I decided to move away so I could write without distraction, to hear from the Lord.

However, when I moved to the new location the flies just followed me there. Then I got stuck trying to pull a hangnail, then started cleaning my nails, rather than typing. Then I became anxious thinking, “Forget it, maybe the Lord has nothing to say.” But something told me to press in rather than packing up and going, so I did.

I began, “Good morning, Lord.”

Jesus immediately responded, “Why are you hesitant to write and hear from me?”

“Because I am so distracted, Lord, with my mind on so many things. Forgive me.”

“Well, that has never stopped Me from talking with you.”

“Yes, and for that, I am grateful, Lord. What is on your heart?”

I had stopped writing again because I got distracted by the flies that were coming, swatting at them, and fighting thoughts of just giving up, leaving, and walking back home.

So I said, “Dear Lord help me do you see how I can easily get ensnared”.

Jesus responded, “It’s because of your unbelief and doubt. Oh, how that hurts Me, my beloved one. I desire to speak with you. and I have much to tell you.”

And here, Jesus is addressing my anxiety still, over Derrick and the promises. Sorry guys, I am struggling because last year around the same time I got messages from what I thought was Jesus, telling me a wedding would take place, and that is when I fell really hard in discernment. I never put the message on the channel, but it set me up to fall pretty hard when I found out the other messages were not from the Lord, and I would be staying for another year in the community. So, although this is exciting, there is a little voice in the back of my mind saying, “It’s a setup again”. So that is my fight, getting past my fears and unbelief.

“There is no need to be anxious about the future Beloved, you will come to see my faithfulness. Do you not now see I already have the land prepared for you, my little one? Everything will come together beautifully. You must trust Me and have faith.”

“You’re right, Lord, I was amazed when I found out how much land Derrick had purchased. Even then, you were working in and through him and he didn’t even know it.”

Well, guys, Mother Elizabeth and I have been praying fervently about the land in Ghana which we don’t have yet. The Lord promised that it would actually come from Derrick: as I have been waiting patiently, trying to figure out how everything would come together. And when I talked to him just last week, casually he told me that he had purchased land last year for farming. A hundred acres of land in Ghana to be exact. I thought “Whaaa? #hushjesushush”. However, he is still not on board with the mission or any of this, but his heart is willing to at least consider coming here. Thank you for all those who have stood next to me believing for this. I am going to trust Jesus will work things out once he gets here. So continue to keep praying for him that he would make it here.

Jesus continued, “Yes, I hold the hearts of kings in My hands, and I use souls as instruments to fulfill My purpose. Even though they may not be aware of My will, or have different plans in mind, I use it all for My outcome, for My greater glory. This community will be just like that, I will even use your enemies to fulfill My purpose. So, there is no need to worry. You are so easily distracted and irritated by the flies around you and that is how the enemy will get you every time.”

And guys, the flies were attacking me, it seemed almost intentional now. They were crawling on my laptop, on my head, hands, it was so annoying and made me realize the enemy does not want this message to come about. But I couldn’t hold still, I was trying to swat them all away. And Jesus seeing me, and being with me, said;

“Demons are like little flies swarming around you buzzing lies, distractions, and temptations. Don’t even engage them or try to squash them as you would a fly. Don’t you find you wasted energy and time chasing these little irritating things? And it takes your focus off what is most important, and the work right in front of you. Don’t even acknowledge their presence. Continue to work, pray and move forward in complete trust and confidence in Me. Now, that will squash them and put them to flight.”

The Lord is so right. He warned a fight was coming, and I was bracing for the worst. But I can now see the battle with this is me. It’s an intense interior battle as I am bombarded with pains and wounds of the past in our relationship and fear of the future, by the demons, constantly.

I said, “Okay Lord, please help me with this”.

“I will, my beloved, I will. Once Derrick comes, he will be totally on board with what I have called you both to do but give it time. Continue to be patient, my timing is perfect. Don’t pressure him, but continue to offer your suggestions, your council, and most importantly, your patient love as you are praying behind the words I have spoken, and for his heart to become completely mine. A lot of things are changing, more than you can see and know, trust Me.

Once this work is established in his heart, I want you to begin building right away. Use the money from donations to purchase building materials. First, the house for the children, then the house for the male and female priests so your volunteers and your missionaries have somewhere to stay. Then the building for the married couples.”

As I was writing that out, I had a thought in my mind if we should build all the houses at once or one by one? And Jesus answered my thought.

“I would prefer you to build the children’s house. Then finish that to build the other three houses simultaneously. There will be many laborers that will come help to build this community. That you will not lack. So this work will come forth much quicker than you think. However, in all things you must always be in prayer, so the enemy doesn’t find a way in to cause delays, traps, and snafus in your building operations. He will do everything he can to cause trouble at this stage in the community. You are right in your thinking; I want nine rooms in each building. Very simple, with a bed, desk, and a community bathroom, wash area for them all to use.”

At this time I was thinking where the kitchen would be, and he answered my thought.

“You can build a small little quarter where dining will take place and where you all will eat together as a community.”

“What about the chapel, Lord? I would think that would be built first.”

“No, Beloved, build those houses, and then the chapel will be next. People will begin to come and want to help with this work, my love, and they need a place to stay and be aquatinted with the people of this land. So you will need these buildings first. Each person can create their own little oratory within their rooms, praying until the chapel is completed.

I know many have not responded yet, Beloved, but many will, once you arrive there. I am preparing them now to respond. Some of the priests you ordained are also called there and I am speaking to their hearts about it even now, for them to respond to this call. I have created this community to be another shrine of My Mercy, and that of My Mother’s Mercy, the greatest attribute of all my characters. And that is why you and this work are so hated by the devils. You are another little St. Faustina. And because of her obedience, My Apostle of Mercy, the word of My Divine Mercy has spread far and wide. But many still do not run to it, trust in it or have confidence in My Mercy as they should. And many are unaware of My Mother’s Sacred Heart that beats in union with mine and the rays of mercy flowing from it that bring the most reprobate of souls into My Divine light. My beloved one, you have been christened as My Mother’s Apostle of Divine Mercy. It is precisely because of your weakness, your poverty, and your mere wretchedness that you were chosen for this role. Because you have come to see yourself as you truly are, pure misery without my love and mercy. You no longer desired my gifts, but my perfect will in every situation, and that is why I have made it clear to you as to why I unite myself with you so intimately.

Do not shy away from these words, my beloved one, it does nothing to puff you up, but to bring Me glory that I can take the most depraved, worldly, utterly steeped in sin, vain, selfish, and prideful soul and do an amazing transformation when you say “yes” to my will.

My beloved ones, many of you still have not responded to the call. That is the reason you were brought to this channel and to this ministry. You have been wanting to do something more for Me and this is your chance; this is your calling. There is absolutely nothing to fear. Stop wondering of the how, the when, and the means you will need to respond. Just say “yes” and I can and will transform you too, writing your story that will leave you in awe. I have been so merciful to you, and I want you in this community to devote yourselves to My Mercy, to devote yourselves to My Mother’s Mercy because you have tasted and seen it firsthand. The prayers that go forth from this place will heal not only Ghana but will touch the nations. Many will receive the devotion to My Mother, Catholics, and Protestants alike. Not at first, but with time, and by Her intercession, they will begin to see the miracles in their lives and how our hearts are one. You see, those who will not respond to my rays of love and mercy flowing from my heart will respond to My Mother’s. She is the servant in that parable who stops the cutting down of the tree pleading with the vinedresser to hoe it for another year.”

Here he is referencing the parable of the fig tree can be found in Luke13:6-9.

Jesus continued,

“I give her the most destitute of souls and she works a miracle. That is why I have entrusted this community to her and given Ghana to her because she will do just that. The City of God community will be a community where all members will live in the company of My saints and will live in the light of my sweet presence among them where there is no veil between Heaven and Earth. So great will be the faith of the children and all its members, truly it will be a piece of Heaven on Earth and a light foreshadowing of the New Jerusalem where I will dwell among my people. (Revelations 21). It will be a temple and a throne where My Mother, the Mother of Mercy, will be glorified and honored as Her rays of love and mercy emanate, bringing relief from suffering, healing, restoration, and unity even among denominations.

There is no limit to what I will do for my beloved ones who simply believe. All honor and glory will be Mine and Hers to share with the souls she bestows favor upon. You will be a city on a hill, a light to the nations where the flame of your love will never wax cold. And zeal for My Mother will be poured out to all souls in this community, as you raise other apostles of Her Divine Mercy to take this devotion far and wide, even to their native countries, to spread the light of Her fragrance and Her love, setting others on fire for Our Mother of Mercy.”

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

Increase is About to Overtake You

June 6, 2021

Hello, brothers, and sisters, and Heartdwellers Family. May you all be blessed.

Since the message about marriage and Derrick, my mind and heart have been all over the place. Ladies, I think you can understand. It’s one thing for the Lord to bring him here and another thing to think a wedding could take place. What’s funny is, after getting this message, when I was discerning the first reading in Bible Promises I that got was on “Honesty,” not lying to each other as Christians. I thought maybe this message wasn’t from the Lord, but all of the other readings confirmed it was. Then I realized that the Lord wanted me to be honest with what I have been thinking and what has happened in the past couple of days since you guys have been praying because I was debating whether I needed to share that on the channel or not.

So initially, when the Lord made it known to me that Derrick would be coming to the mountain, it was very surprising news to me. Then he began to bring up visions that I had buried long ago with him (Derrick) not only being on the mountain but of a wedding on the mountain. In conjunction with that, I had a vision two years ago, here on the mountain, of me marrying my sister as I officiated the wedding, and Derrick was in the front row. As I made it known to everyone, although I am a consecrated sister, I was married and introduced him as my husband.

Now my sister is getting married this August and all the thoughts have come into my mind, thinking, “Lord is it possible to make all this happen before August?” It all seems so surreal and such a short time frame. I have been mulling over whether to let go of this promise and not put God in a time frame because, you all know I have done that before and have been disappointed. And a part of me wants to get excited thinking, “No, Lord could this be what I’ve dreamed of for so long? You can do the impossible.”

Then during our Novena prayers to St. Joseph, the Lord began to really move Derrick’s heart and he actually began to consider, maybe coming. (Thank you, St. Joseph!!) We have been estranged for two years and have talked here and there. The Lord had me share the message with him which really moved him, but he has had a huge cloud looming over him for months that I didn’t know about. He had incurred debt from a bad business deal and a bad business partner who left him. In my pride I thought for sure the Lord was using this to break him and if I helped him, I would be an obstacle in the way of what the Lord wanted to do in him.

Boy was I was wrong; the Lord then spoke to me that he wanted me to pay off his debt fully, for him. And He said this wasn’t about me, but I was just an instrument he wanted to use to bring his Prodigal son home. I thought “Whaaat, really Lord?” I didn’t trust myself with this word so I went to Mother Clare to tell her what the Lord said, and she discerned that was his will. As thoughts of suspicion clouded my mind for a moment thinking, “How could this help him, Lord? Wouldn’t this draw him back to the world, etc., etc.?” Then the Lord humbled me further as he gave me a rhema about it when we gathered Sunday. So I had to share with everyone what I was going to keep privately to myself, of what the Lord had requested of me.

The rhema said:

“Our reason is suspicious and critical. Trust in what I am doing. Let God act and do all He wishes according to our state in life. Nothing ….is easier, yet so wonderful and dark is this road, that we need great faith to walk along it.”

Then the following rhema I pulled confirmed it even more and it said:

“When in Childlike simplicity you have just consulted your superiors, live, rest assured and in peace.”

I thought, “Wow Lord!” So I had to tell the community of the Lord’s request and of my hesitation.

If I can be honest, after that. I kept thinking, “This is a huge donation from Heartdwellers Ghana that I am giving away. What would my donors think? Would we have enough to meet our needs since the time for our departure is soon approaching?” Simply…, I wasn’t trusting the Lord. As Mother Clare told me, Derrick is a very vital part of this mission, and the Lord could drop a huge donation in one day. I shouldn’t worry.

Then the for the next couple of days I continued to get the same gospel readings for my Lord’s supper, “The Multiplication of the five loaves and two fishes” …. for two days in a row. I decided to use a different missal because I thought there might be a groove in my book. When I opened it today using a different book guess what I got, “The multiplication of five loaves and two fishes”. My roommate, Mother Elizabeth, got the same rhema two days in a row, “Jesus branched out about spreading your tent pegs and expanding.” I kept wondering, “Lord, what are you trying to tell us?” When I got it again today, I began to hear Jesus speak to me after receiving him.

I came before him as I said, “Good morning my love. It has been so hard to focus as my mind goes off into daydreams and thoughts of what if’s. Jesus, I am so sorry for the many distractions in my heart and mind, and I’m also falling asleep in prayer. My goodness, I am so sorry. I hate to have these thoughts on my mind and almost wishing and wanting they would just go away, but at the same time I am bubbling over with excitement and possibilities which I feel can be a snare for me Lord because it takes my mind off the present moment and I just daydream.

“Please help me, Lord, I have missed you and long for you dearly. Thank you for everything, Lord, and all that you’re doing. Jesus, what is on your heart?”

Jesus responded,

“Why do you hate it? I did ask you to dream with Me, didn’t I? You are not dreaming big enough.”

I said, “What, really Lord? Oh boy.”

(Smiling) “I have heard your anxiety, your thoughts, excitements, and doubts, all in the same line of reasoning beloved, but just like that reading I gave you this morning…”

As an aside here, He is talking about the commentary in the missal I got when I was doing the Lord’s Supper. It said, “Rather than being too inquisitive about details, we should hope for a happy future with the spontaneous and simple excitement of a child who sees the packages around the Christmas tree but must wait…” “The eyes of all look hopefully to you, O God…you open your hand and satisfy the desire of every livening thing.”

“Leave the details to Me; better yet, My Mother. She is very good at details and has everything worked out. You will be in awe at what she has planned and how this will unfold. I do want you in the present moment, here and now, but expectant for what is just around the corner. When your thoughts seem to veer way off, Beloved, just gently call upon My name, as you have been doing, and you will find your peace again. More importantly, you will not become anxious, but there is a summer wedding coming. Rest in that for now and don’t concern yourself any longer with how, when, and if things will come together as I have shown you.

Remember, I show you things in part to keep your hope alive and restore your faith, but the way I go about things to accomplish what I have shown you, is always quite different than what you think. So you can breathe now; believe, rest, and don’t doubt or fear anymore that you are being deceived or you will be disappointed again. I guarantee you will not be disappointed in the least. Increase will overtake you and all of my brides.

My beloved brides, many of you have fought the ‘good fight of faith’ in the arduous journey for your nation, for your family, and for love of Me. You have given Me your five loaves and two fishes, simply all that you had. Even the many of you who had nothing, you gave me your nothing and continued to cling to the hem of my garment while carrying your cross faithfully. Although stumbling many times you never gave up. And increase, multiplication will overtake you all. I am about to increase and bless my brides for I am faithful. And did I not say that a harvest was upon you? Where you have sown in tears you will reap with songs of joy, with bags of sheaves that you will not only be unable to carry but unable to contain, for it will be spilling over. With fragments left over for you to share with others and be blessing.

That is the gift of multiplication; when I multiply it is never just for you, but so you can feed all those around you. And when they receive your blessing, they too, are blessed and take what they have been given and give some to others as well. So this gift of multiplication keeps on giving and giving and giving, blessing so many. What will this increase look like? It will be an abundance of provision for all you need to advance my kingdom. Doors opening for you that no man can shut. The graces you have been praying for to launch you in your ministries, and to help you overcome the same obstacles that have hindered you for so long. The help you have been crying out to Me for is on the way. Expansion of new territory and new inroads in your gifts and your calling. The birthing of many more children who will come into my kingdom out of your obedience and some even in your own family, as the time is ripe for them to now respond to the grace of conversion and salvation.

They will come on board to be a source of help and support to you, my brides. While the world and your nation may be shaken with events that will bring many in despair, my faithful ones will shine brightly in the light of my peace, prosperity, and joy to be a testimony to others that I am their Shepherd, I am Faithful, and I am Good. Be expectant, be excited, and be at peace with what I am doing right now in your lives. Why do I keep repeating myself? Too many of you are stuck in the mire of life, still walking in discouragement, hopelessness and much unbelief. And how that pierces my heart deeply in pain to have a chosen soul who mistrusts in my goodness.

Why are you leaning so much on your feelings, my little ones, and on what they said rather than what I have spoken? Praise and thanksgiving is your weapon of choice in this season, my beloved brides. I will leave you in awe, standing amazed at what I do in your life and the promises and longings of your heart finally fulfilled. Can you not trust me and praise me even now, letting the enemy know you are walking by faith, living by faith and not by sight? And do not engage his taunting any longer.

Every one of you is being tested as I did Philip when I saw the crowd of 5,000 men who were in need, hungry. Knowing that we had nothing in plain sight to give them, I asked him to feed them. What was his response?”

John 6:2-7, A huge crowd kept following him wherever he went because they saw his miraculous signs as he healed the sick. Then Jesus climbed a hill and sat down with his disciples around him. (It was nearly time for the Jewish Passover celebration.) Jesus soon saw a huge crowd of people coming to look for him. Turning to Philip, he asked, “Where can we buy bread to feed all these people?” He was testing Philip, for he already knew what he was going to do. Philip replied, “Even if we worked for months, we wouldn’t have enough money to feed them!”

“So now I hear your cries, I see your need, your weariness and I also see what the enemy is doing as you look at your situation that seems impossible, but I still ask you, will you thank me, praise me anyway and believe me in what I am asking you to do? What will be your response? ‘But Lord nothing has changed for so long…. I can’t do that…. I’m tired…. my family wouldn’t agree…. I am just not equipped to do something like that…. no one is supporting me…. this is impossible, Lord’…. and the rebuttals go on and on and on. Or will you simply respond and say, ‘Lord if you are asking me to believe for it, I will believe and move’ …. trusting it’s my job to feed the 5,000 and it’s your job to simply respond and give me your five loaves and two fishes and watch Me Multiply what you have. Trusting the Father to supply all your needs according to His riches and glory. Increase is indeed upon you all. I bless you now with the grace to have faith, to believe, and to be in a posture of joyful praise and thanksgiving for what is already done.”

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

Satan’s Campaign Against Your Gift

June 4, 2021

(Clare) The sweet peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all, dear Heartdwellers.

This morning I just wanted to hear from the Lord. I didn’t have anything on my mind, but I wanted to know what was on His mind, so I said, “Lord, I am longing to hear your voice and know what is on your heart.”

And He began…

“You know what the first thing on My heart is…’fish on’, meaning catching a soul…or souls who are at their end and have not yet received Me.”

He’s been doing that with us a lot; when Ezekiel goes into intercession, a lot of times he will get the word “fish on” which means there is a soul dying without the Lord. So we all pray the Divine Mercy to help with his salvation because that’s one of the promises of the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

He continued…

“It is not a glorious job, being an intercessor, it is a very hidden calling. Yet the profound joy you feel when a soul is turned around…all of Heaven bursts forth in jubilation. You cannot underestimate the importance of this calling. Yet there are many ways to fish for souls. Your channel is a fish gate. Each soul who embraces their cross, I use to help to deliver the message and soften the heart of one who has never known My love. That’s why your song is so important.”

He had been reading my mind again. I never told him how feeble I felt over this song that I had been working on; like I was wasting my time, or just having fun or something. Although for me, songwriting is not an easy thing. It is daunting and challenging, and I am certainly out of practice.

Jesus continued,

“Beloved, what do you do when you really want to get closer to Me?”

“I pray over my song list and ask Holy Spirit to speak to me through the songs on shuffle.”

“And what does that do for you?”

“Oh Lord, it completely changes the atmosphere from the dregs of earth to the glory of Heaven. And soon, I am in your affirming arms, reconnecting with my destiny, feeling peace and joy.”

“And so now you see, even the most simple and modest song has the ability to do all that. What could possibly be worth more?

“Receiving You at communion?”

“Yes, but if your mind is locked up on the challenges of the day, or more likely you are mulling over the failures of the past few days…because a demon sits on your shoulder and reminds you; unless your armor is on, and your focus is on Me alone. The demons are “guilting” you, so you have no peace. No matter what you do, you feel guilty deep down inside.

Clare, you can never live up to all the things you want to do for Me. But you can sift them out of your life so only a few, the most important ones, are left. I want you to do this Beloved. Everyone who loves Me and wants to make me happy is guilt-ridden for what they failed to do. Why? The devils hate peace, they hate the empowerment of My people. They hate creativity and will use voices of the past, especially parents who called musicians and artists, seedy and losers of society.

And yet, the creativity with which I have endowed souls is one of their crowning glories, because it is through creative inspiration that I reach the world. Yes, My Word does not go forth void, but artists, writers, musicians, take My truth and express it in an unforgettable way.

There are those who insist on drilling the Bible into the heads of others. To them, it is the only form of communication that matters. And of course, the bottom line is that is true. But when a soul makes the word his own by living it, and his life illustrates the scriptures by his decisions, a powerful witness is forthcoming. It is a disturbing expression, ‘If it isn’t in the Bible, I don’t believe it.’

Children, children, is toothpaste in the Bible? Is harnessed electricity in the Bible? Are microphones and videos in the Bible? Are hot air balloons and computers in the Bible? Of course not. They are tools that have been developed by your culture, to make life better. A computer is neither evil nor good. It is simply a tool to be used to bring Me to the lost. The fact that man is filled with pride and vanity and uses it the wrong way, has no bearing on whether it is good or evil.

Everything mankind has and uses can be used for strictly holy purposes. It is man who uses it for evil because evil is in his heart, along with demons. egging him on. This is not a digression…”

I was beginning to feel, “Lord, where is this going?”

“…it is an illustration. There are those who use all these things that are not in the Bible but will turn around and attack others saying, ‘If it’s not in the Bible, I don’t believe it.’ This is utter foolishness.

Take, for instance, The Chosen series. My words are portrayed in a most unique way. Some will pick at the surface details, but I applaud what they have done by illustrating My words in an unforgettable way. Many souls have been brought to conversion by this series. They had the wrong opinion of My character, yet this series corrects their errors, and they actually experience who I am and find that I am not like their parents or like a man. Satan hates creative people, especially if they fall in love with Me. He will use every voice from the past to discourage such a one as this from using their gift. They are highly threatening to the kingdom of darkness because they know how to communicate My love and truth.

Now, do you see? Both you and Ezekiel and every musician in the world will be opposed by the kingdom of darkness. They will hurl accusations at you, they will whisper condemnations in your ear, they will blanket you with an uncomfortable feeling…like, “Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this.” While you are busy obeying me and working on a song, or just letting go and exploring your instrument.

It is all about a culture of hate. Their goal is to totally shut down your creative flow. On the other hand, they are busy encouraging the lost to put out music and films that portray hatred, violence, adultery and chaos, hopelessness.

I am telling you this, My very little Beloved, because you are both walking around with a fog of condemnation over your shoulder, stealing the deep peace and joy I have given you in your gift. It is because you Love Me that you are constantly harassed, even without your knowledge that it is demonic. I do not condemn you; I applaud you for working on your keyboard last night. You were playing some beautiful things. But the enemy tried to steal it from you by causing strife and misunderstandings. I say to you, Beloved, break on through! Do not allow them to steal from you. Take Heaven by force, My Bride. Heaven lives in you Clare, allow those living waters to flow out through your fingers.

When ugliness raises its filthy head, IGNORE IT and keep going. Don’t let the voices of condemnation stop you. Ezekiel suffers from this as well. He must learn to break through and keep his helmet and armor on. Both of you are very gifted. Both of you have much to give. Even though you are not out in the world, you still can contribute to My Kingdom by persevering in the gifts I have given you. Will you do this???”

“I am trying Lord”.

“And you are seeing some success, but there is much, much more to come. Much more, for both of you. Now those who work on the dark side will take this information and devise ways to block you. But guess what? I am waiting for them, and they will not succeed. You who delight in shutting down My prophets and artists, you have never known the love and encouragement I would have given you had you turned to Me.

Rather, you are steeped in hatred, jealousy, resentment, and bitterness, and desire with all your darkened hearts to put an end to My people. But I am waiting for you. You will not succeed. In fact, life is about to become much more complicated for you and you will not find the time to be cursing, so dire will be your circumstances”.

As an aside, John Ramirez was seeking God, he was being abused, and he wanted it to stop so badly and he was seeking the Lord. He was going to Catholic Church, he was an altar boy, but he felt like God never heard him, never answered him, never stopped the abuse. And I think there are a lot of people who feel that way, but the bottom line is, if there is not a truly Godly person there, who will intervene, then you are not going to get help. And it is very, very hard to find someone who willing to put their own lives on hold in order to help a child who is living in a family where there is abuse. It’s really hard, the Lord does not have a lot of volunteers, but I can tell you one thing if you have been in that situation, and you leave Satanism, and you become a Christian, you will be one of those people whom God uses to save the afflicted. And it’s just a shame that they weren’t there for you when you needed them, and I apologize for the Lord because He didn’t ordain this, He didn’t want it to be this way, but He just didn’t have anyone to step in and take over.

Jesus continued…speaking to Satanists:

“I have something better to give you. I have a heart that longs to call you friend. Yes, I long to share all the gifts of Heaven with you. I long to make your life joyful and exciting. But first, you must forgive those who were used to twist your thinking into evil ways. You must forgive them and let them go. Your hatred of them is poisoning you, and far from being happy in the hereafter, you are destined for the tormenting fires of Hell.

This is NOT what I want for you. This is NOT what you were born for. And by the way, Satan is not My brother, he was created an archangel to lead the choirs of Heaven in worship until his heart conceived jealousy and he sought to supplant Me. This he could not do, but he concocted lies and caused a third of My precious angels to fall in with him and become reprobate. There is no hope for Satan or those who insist on believing his lies. You have been duped. He is but a creature and, as such, has no part in My divinity. He has lied to you, set you up, and is laughing you to scorn. For the day will come when your body dies, and you will be taken to Hell forcefully, and tortured there for eternity.

Think about it, what has Satan taught you to do? To lie, destroy, steal and kill. You will know them by their fruits. Now, if you study his fruits with your intelligence, you will see that there is no way he is going to, or has the power to, bless you with rewards. He’s out for blood and his whole purpose is to steal life from you, not only now, but forever.

Contrast that to Me; to how I bless, protect, and empower My people. How I look after them and teach them, how I keep My promises to them, love them and rejoice with them. You cannot understand the difference between Heaven and Hell. You’ve been sold a phony bill of goods in return for a few gifts on earth which will not go with you when you die. Rather, they will be used for My Kingdom.

Wake up!! This is My “red pill” for you. Wake up and see that the one you have followed is a deceiver, and he hates you because you were made in My image. He is playing you, to do his dirty work until that fateful moment when his demons will surround you and drag you down to hell. Listen to some near-death experiences and you will see what exists. Now I am reaching out My hand to you. I never meant for your life to be this dark. I want you in Heaven with Me, with all My heart. Those who have misrepresented Me or hurt you in the past were acting out of ignorance and what was done to them as a child. I have no part in such things, but your Master, Satan, does. He is the one who set you up and made you want to get even. He is the one behind the abuse, behind the hurt, then he steps forward and he offers you a way to get power and then get even with those who hurt you. So now your life is tied up in vendettas and getting even.

That is no way to live. Come to Me and I will heal you. I will not let them kill you, I will protect you and provide for you. Your life will be brighter than the noon-day sun, not black as the pit.

Come and taste the Love I have for you. It is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. If you think I am lying to you, read John Ramirez, he was one of Satan’s generals. He knows that dark angel better than most. He had the power, the wealth, and everything he could ever want. So why did he leave Satan’s service? Read about it and you will understand what has been hidden from you.

I am inviting you to embrace truth before it is too late for you. Your tomorrow is not guaranteed, but death is. What awaits you is eternal torment and scorn. The more faithful you were to him, the more he laughs and devises new torments for you, mocking your faithfulness.

If I did not love you, I would not take the time to give you this message. I would let you go your own way to hell. But I do love you, I do care, I care very much, and that is why I have taken the time to tell you what has been hidden from you. Right now, America is getting her “red pill”, she is waking up to the corruption and lies this nation has been living in. She was on the brink of total chaos and totalitarianism, communism, but she woke up just in time. And so are you, you have been fed lies and I am trying to wake you up. Truth will triumph, but I do not want it to send you to the abyss.”

Use Your Gift, Compilation VIdeo

June 3, 2021

Hello, brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers Family. May you all be blessed.

I promised a compilation video of all the Heartdwellers who were not only willing to use their gifts but to share them with you all. I received a wonderful response as many of us have finally risen out of our bed of laziness and are working on the gifts God has given us. One of our priests got this rhema the other day and shared it with me which I feel is so timely for this message and it said,

“You have been given priceless gifts from Heaven. If you use them badly or not at all, you will experience great sorrow and pain on that day. Avoid this and apply yourself while there is still yet time”.

Wow, that is so on point is it not? It is important for us all to understand that one day we all will be held accountable before God with what we have been given. How did you use your time? How did you use the graces he gave you and how did you use your gifts? Everything here on earth has been given to us as a loan from God and he is wanting a return on his investment when he comes back as he has made clear in The Parable of the Talents, Matthew 25:14–30.

I hope this video encourages you that it is never about the results or finished work of your gifts that the Lord cares about, but it is about the work, patience, and time you took to do it just for him. That is what is different about the world and being a servant of God. The world is so result-oriented, competitive, and constantly comparing you to another. So many don’t pursue their gifts because you have put a standard in your mind of what success, beautiful, or good looks and sounds like. Jesus doesn’t see things that way at all. In Heaven, everything done out of love and purity for him is a sweet-smelling aroma and pours forth anointing on everyone who sees it or hears it. So for those who have always wanted to sing, but you have believed the lie that you don’t have a gift of singing because you don’t sound like so and so, cast that thought down and know your voice is unique. And like a plug to an outlet, only your unique voice can bring God consolation and joy that no one else can. So he loves to hear you sing, sing! Then there are others who say, well I can’t draw at all, I can’t paint, I can’t write like so and so. Once again, get your eyes off of others and on Jesus, who desperately needs, desires, and longs to see you create for him, to him and for him and with him. That is the most beautiful thing when using your gifts. You are in fact, ministering to Jesus first. It brings him so much joy and consolation. And in that, he anoints what you’re doing to draw other souls to him.

So I pray you’re blessed by these few who were courageous enough to be vulnerable and share a deep place in their heart with you where they create for Jesus. I also pray it inspires many of you to use your gifts. If you don’t know what they are simply ask Jesus and he will show you or give you an inspiration. God bless you all I hope you enjoy!


The first beautiful gift I want to share with you guys is a song from Alice. She emailed me and said, “Hi dear sister I have a song in my heart, and I have to sing ….is not perfect but I asked Jesus for help, so here it is.” 

The next beautiful gift I want to share with you is a beautiful rosary song from Rainbow and she was wanting to calm down a child to put him to sleep. She says, “I thought of saying the rosary to him, but he loves music, so I began to try to sing the rosary and this melody came out of me. A day before the Mother of Mercy website was to be launched, I took the courage to record it softly without waking him up. So here it is a beautiful lullaby …

This gift is from Anne, one of our priests. Here is a snippet from her first song called “Our Father” and she writes, “This song came as a result of an encounter with Father God in a dream. He was so amazing he surprised me when I least expected him to. So, as a sign of gratitude, I decided to sing him a song. I was going through a difficult time no money, no Godly friends, no home. The temptation to turn back on Jesus was strong! That’s when Abba Father showed up in my dream and said I could call on him anytime. The second song is called “I Am Yours.”

This Heartdweller, who wants to remain anonymous, has been playing music for years solely to minister to Jesus. I encouraged her to share her gift of singing with you guys and here is her wonderful video.

This is Lisa, she is an artist all around, painting and singing. Here is a song cover she did of “He is Exalted by Twila Paris.”

Lastly, is Lena who has been in music ministry for a while, and here is a snippet of a live prayer room session she did in German with her children singing worship music. You can still feel the anointing although it’s not in English, and her voice is beautiful!

The next few gifts are from different Heartdwellers who have been given the grace to draw and paint.


This is David’s who is 16 yrs. old and made this image from magazine clippings to create a collage that looks like Jesus. It is quite amazing, he is talented! 

These are drawings from Katarina who lives in Germany and wonderfully anointed by the Lord in drawing, here is some of her work.

This drawing is from Bine she writes, “Dearest Mother Mary-Elisha, in one of your last messages you said that you want to collect paintings, music and other arts and show them others to motivate them to practice their talents from God. So I attached a painting to this email maybe you can use it. On that painting is the women from the Revelation with the crown of twelve stars on her head. “

Here are the gifts of Irina from Portugal, also another talented artist who does book covers, paintings and Christian comic books. She is also the one who has edited and put all video montages together for the messages in the Daddy Speaking series and from the recent message “Return to Me America”. I cried out to the Lord asking him to bring someone who had the same vision as I had to help me, and he brought her. She is so talented and anointed!

This is a painting from Ms. Lisa whom you just heard singing the song cover and is also an artist. Here is the wonderful painting “Heaven School” she did for the City of God Sacred Heart Refuge Community which will be a mural we will put in the school!

This is a drawing from Ms. Geryl, who was also being prompted by the Lord recently to really work on her gifts. She kept asking the Lord what gifts and the Lord brought an old inspiration of drawing back. Here she says;

“My mother was an artist who was studying to become a fashion designer before taking a detour to marry my dad and have five kids. She had a set of art books when I was growing up, which I used to develop some basic techniques. When Mother Elisha said that Jesus wanted us to work on our gifts, several weeks went by with my asking, “What gifts?”. I finally decided to buy a sketching pad and attempt to draw Jesus”. 

Amazing right for the first time, It’s beautiful!

Mother Mary Elisha
I also would like to share a few paintings I have done. Having no painting skills I was inspired by Mother Clare’s painting of Jesus and asked Holy Spirit to please do it through me and I was amazed. I love to paint and draw but this season has been so busy with utilizing other gifts so maybe sometime in the future the Lord will have me pick it up again.

I would like to end with a beautiful poem from Ms. Melinda who gives us a wonderful testimony of more than 50 poems she has now written. She shares, “When my uncle passed away in March of 2017 and he was cremated, and my family had a Memorial Service for him. The Holy Spirit had written a Poem through me, and He said I should begin writing poems, so that they can minister to others. He has used me to write for a memorial service twice. I just let the Holy Spirit work and I allow Him to use me, and His work turns out marvelous. Months ago He had me buy a binder; It has over 50 poems now.

This poem is called:

“I have You”

The world doesn’t know, but I have You.
Because they don’t see or believe they have no clue,
I may not have gold, silver, diamonds, and pearls,
You are the Only person Who matters to me in the whole wide world.

Nothing else matters because I have You,
No one else can do me like You do.
Your blessings, favors, miracles, wonders, graces, and mercies.
I am thankful and grateful that I have You.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video and also were ministered to by the amazing anointing on these souls who have no talent of their own but simply said “Holy Spirit please do it through me” and got up from their bed of laziness in the process. So yield yourself, work on your gifts and ask Holy Spirit to do it through you and when you leave the results to him you will be amazed at what he does through you. God bless you, family until the next message.

Your Presence is Eternity, Song

June 1, 2021

There comes a moment in everyone’s life when you come to the end of yourself, when all that you were chasing after in this world leaves you empty and you come face to face with Him, with Love, and everything changes. You then realize, what you were created for, to be in his presence to worship, to sing…..

“Your Presence is Eternity” Lyrics

(Verse 1)

Your presence is eternity,

I know that’s where I want to be.

When your love grabs ‘hold of me,

As though I can’t breathe.

(Verse 2)

Your presence is eternity,

I know that’s where I want to be.

When your love grabs ‘hold of me,

My heart becomes clean.

The veil is torn, and I’m restored.


Your heart is, your love is home for me.

Heaven is my reality.

Your heart is, your love is home for me.

Heaven is within me.


Time stops, and I hear the Father’s love

Spoken over us, to become One.

(Verse 3)

Your presence is eternity,

I know that’s where I want to be.

When your love grabs ‘hold of me,

As though I can’t breathe.


Your heart is, your love is home for me.

Heaven is my reality.

Your heart is, your love is home for me.

Heaven is within me.


Time stops, your love becomes enough…

You heal and lift me up.

Return to Me America

May 30, 2021

Many have wanted to see your demise and have plotted your destruction, but I am your merciful God and my anger lasts, but a moment and my favor for a lifetime and I look upon you with favor, America.

Though you have followed the ways of the evil one for some time and have given your heart to foreign lovers and gods, like a mother hen over her chicks, I love you with a jealous love and I am your protector. Even when you went astray, even when you said you have no need of me, I never stopped loving, caring for, and delivering you.

For a time I hid myself so that you could see the error of your ways, but even then, that was in love, so you would rise above your complacency, your coldness, your indifference and your rebellion towards Me. Many have given their lives for you, America. Not only in blood, sweat and tears, but many of my faithful ones have laid down their lives for your sake, for your livelihood and for My children in your nation. For precious in My sight is the death of my faithful ones.

Many have died waiting to see the true restoration of this nation. These servants ofmine are the intercessors whom the world is not worthy of. They will never beacknowledged by you, America, by foreign kings and queens, with their names writtenin the history books or faces etched in stone, but it is them, they have been the backbone and foundation of your country. It is they who are the true patriots of your nation. They will never be known or mentioned here on earth, but oh, in heaven, they are known and highly exalted and share in My glory.

America, I have not forgotten you. I have called you to repentance and I see your heart turning, longing, and looking, and you will soon find Me, your first love, your lover, and your God. Return to Me America, and you will once again be a light of righteousness to the nations.


America · Kimberly and Alberto Rivera


Bright and shining one

Light to the nations

No weapon formed against you shall prosper

I am rising even now with healing in my wings

And I’m turning the weeping into joy

And as I grow on you

The fragrance shall be released to the nations

America, Your sons and daughters shall prophesy

And they shall heal the land

I am opening up the ears that have not heard

And America shall once again hear the voice of the Father

And the voice of another they will not follow

Light, covering all

Radiant light, covering all

Trauma, even now you fall (?)

Peace, like a river washing all

It’s time to stand into the light

It’s time to release the light