My Greatest of Miracles & Your Beauty Is Marvelous

Feeling grumpy that I seemingly had no longer time with the Lord in my mornings as I have been used to, seemingly out of the plate in my personal time with the Lord, as now the days are different and community prayers have taken precedence in the morning, as decided by the House and the Lord’s confirmations.

So I hit my limits many times, where I looked back and wished ample time with the Lord alone, doing whatever we would together. I found myself grumpy and complaining inside to the Lord, realizing also what a self-seeking mess I am. Thinking He must be displeased with me for continually falling into these traps of complaining and hard to yield about this..

The Lord took over and said to me then,

 “I am not mad at you, dear of Mine. I understand your feelings and longing. Give them to Me, and you come and rest near My shoulders and wings. It won’t take long now when I swift you back to Myself entirely and devoutly. You too have a share in this, to be more diligent with the time spent and find many such opportunities to come back to Me, even if it’s not properly in the mornings. As long as you have time throughout the daytime, come to Me, sit with Me, speak and share your trouble deeper before Me.

 “Don’t you know that I’m desirous to have you open up entirely to Me and not feel ashamed or constrained to say something due to it being faulty or sinful? I am not the One who listens to your heart? I know it, Darling; don’t restrain sharing your cries with Me openly. I won’t be offended, nor [will it] cause Me to turn a shoulder away. I will listen, I am willing to listen. And once you have shared all your burdens and heart troubles, leave them with Me, as you confided them to Me. Let Me now sort them out and do the best for you according to My will. You can trust Me in this.

 “For the rest, keep your eyes on Me. Always switch eyes back to Me. Cultivate this, practice more and more, and when it seems unbearable – ask Me, and I will move as fitting. Try your best with Me of the changes that occur. Submit to My will and yield to My advices.”

He had continued to share with me,

 “I will heal you. I am healing you. It just takes time…you know? I chose to heal you in this way because it is more profitable for you to undergo the process, than to have instant miraculous Healing. (He is speaking about the healing of the soul, the heart.) My miracles happen not only in ‘instant moves’, but within a soul, hidden healing processes, and the miracle of the soul’s patience and endurance. The miracle is the subtle growth of the soul, evolving, developing, refining shaping into My virtues and facets.

 “My miracles happen daily in souls, when they held to My will for them, despite all trouble around, despite their own wants and desires. The true miracles are My children in the shaping. Do you know how pleasing it is to Me to see them following Me still and gluing themselves to Me despite trials and wants? I am indeed the One fuelling them up with strength and needed perseverance; but the fact that the soul by it’s own free will, moves after Me always, keeps on to faith and desires Me more and more – that is My miracle! Their love and devotion. That is My greatest of miracles: They love Me.

The Lord continued,

 “And you too love Me, more than you seem to think of yourself. You love Me. You do not realize it yet, but your love truly brings peace and joy to those sent to you. The reason, among the other reasons, that I wish to heal you, is so you can further in-depth become more possessed and moved by Me. Areas in you that need purification, shaping, and mending anew – that is My card for you now, this time here. It does not involve any marriage cards, it’s you getting healed by Me.”

And when He mentioned ‘marriage cards’ – He was mentioning the struggles that I have been having at the start. But we’re past over that.

 “So in turn you too will be used to heal many others who likewise have this deficit going on within their soul and mind. I need you to be here with Me, in this time, and have a mindset of goodness before you and around you. I understand the weakness and failure, but you are trying, moving, and responding as able. So do not be downcast or discouraged. All things of great value take time to shape and refine, but the final result is gorgeously stunning to behold!

 “Many times I will take you out to fronts you have never dreamed of, standing before people you’ve never wished to step up to. But My Spirit is upon you, and wherever you are being led to go, you can be sure that My Spirit will act and interact through you, for the glory of My Father in Heaven and the souls benefit. My ways with you are slightly different than you seem to imagine, and that is good, for they are made for your shoes and footsteps. Fear not the terrors of night or day. Fear not the eyes of people, their mind, their words, and actions – you are My little lovable and great small intelligent warrior. Not a warrior like the world’s, but My warrior, My version of a lover. And in all this, My Spirit is upon you, breathing and living within you.

“You are yet to do much more for Me here on Earth before I take you Home. You are yet to meet many more and observe Me moving through your life, My life in you. Great things will you do, despite not realizing it totally. And in all this, you will remain My lover and small little one, truly intuned and tethered totally to My heart and soul. You will have this wish come true.”

His voice was ever caring with affection,

 ”But it all starts small, one day at a time. Each day I wake you up, thank Me for that, for the joy of being alive one more day, and do battle, My loved one. Do battle. Fight for your own good of soul and have dominion over yourself.

Practice and go forward in My authority. You have dominion over yourself due to My Spirit empowering you all to make the right choice over your mind, thoughts, and heart actions. Remember, A spirit of fear and dismay I have not given you, but My Spirit I have given you, empowering you in love, self-control, and power from on high to take control over the flesh and its desires and subdue them to My Spirit. (Here He made reference to 2 Timothy, Chapter 1 verse 7.)

Jesus continued,

 “When falls happen, take domain over your thoughts and emotions, and come to Me humbly, yielding to the fall that happened to refine humility in you. Be encouraged and start anew after I washed and cleansed you. You have Me by your side. You have My Angels by your side. You have My Mother, My Father, My brothers and sisters praying over you, aiding and assisting (Making reference to Matthew 12 verse 50.) You have Me beside you.

 “Fear not shortcomings and falls. As long as I am here, I will always pick you up to continue with Me, on the run. And you know – I will never leave you. That is My promise to you, and I most surely will keep it.” He was very intent on keeping His word, absolute. Take courage, (He continued), My blood washes over you and makes you new. At each fall, you have a new breath from Me to keep on! Be encouraged in Me, I am here for you.”

Thank you, my God.. for Your mercy and goodness despite my wretchedness.

 “I know the struggle, but it won’t surpass My love and affection for you, My child. It won’t surpass it…”

He assures, with a calm gentle fatherly tone.

 “Take courage and have confidence. More confidence. Your beauty is marvelous!” He finished.

And as I understood, He meant that – ‘your beauty is marvelous’ as the whole concept of a soul being beautiful.

God bless you all.

Time of Tribulation: Dream of Alien Taking Over Human Clone

I had the craziest dream, well it felt like that to me anyway. There was a group of us in a school. It was elementary and junior high school together. I saw my old friend Sister Magdalene; she passed away last year from covid and now is with the Lord in Heaven. So when she stepped into the school smiling, I was a bit in shock wondering if this was her look alike because she looked just like Sister Magdalene.

Her sister was also in the school and was taken aback by this person who looked and acted just like her sister, but her hair was a bit longer, down to her shoulders. However, everything looked the same. Her mannerisms, character, personality  – looked just like my deceased sister in Christ. I was with a group of friends when I saw her, and we all decided to go to the bathroom afterwards.

She didn’t see me, and upon reaching the bathroom, we were all concerned and knew something was up. This couldn’t be my friend because we knew as the Scripture says: it’s appointed for a man to die once then be with the Lord. Hebrew 9:27 So who was she?

In the dream in the next scene, it seemed some time had passed and she was now growing in ranks and great popularity in the school. In real life before she was a religious sister, she was a teacher. So she came to the school to teach and everyone loved her, but I knew something was amiss.

I walked past a group of school children talking with her, and praising her for long legs and long nails. Something made me shudder and I knew I had to get out of that school. She now had full control, and I knew this was not my sister in Christ, but another being who had taken on her features.

So me and a friend of mine decided to run away, leaving the school. Upon coming outside we had to go through a grassy areas and we decided to crawl as to not be seen. It was evening, and there was a huge pit that had been made arranged nicely with carved out stone seats. Almost looked like an auditorium or coliseum style pit within the ground.

I could hear a man talking very calmly, and there were many seated in that pit and many more students from the school began to arrive. There was a stone wall we could hide behind, but with the amount of people coming, it would be too late to run they would catch us, so we decided we had to blend in. They were having some type of meeting.

So I sat at the very top, and one of the children noticed me and called me by name, asking what was my number? I wasn’t sure what to say, and realized everyone had been given a number and was paired. They said they had be given the number 3. Just then the man asked for everyone’s attention, and they all began to look up. Everyone in the coliseum; their faces glowing bright pink and I began to see their real features.

They didn’t look human anymore, more like aliens wearing human suits. Everyone now had tentacles on the side of their mouth that made noise, and it seemed when they got together, they were making some type of call. I had a knowing in the dream that all in the pit received some type of injection. It was my friend who was an alien and was cloned to look like my sister Magdalene, that brought the deception. And many bought into it and received an injection for super-human powers, that began to change them into the likeness of aliens.

Then I woke up and actually went back to sleep and had a second dream, I will share later in the message.

This first dream reminded me of the movie pet cemetery, where a young family moved to this town near a native American graveyard; where they believed if you buried your pet there, it would come back to life. They ended up losing the life of their small son who was about 3 years old to a car accident. The Father was so distraught, that he decided to bury his son in this pet cemetery to bring him back.. and sure enough that evening, the son showed up. He looked just like the child, but in the days ahead, he began to act very strange and ultimately was being used to bring the destruction of the whole family, because it was now an evil spirit that inhabited the son.

That is what I sensed in the dream  – it was an alien that was inhabiting my friends body. And it also reminded me of the movie faculty, where an alien took the form of a teacher at the school and began to infect a group of the students. At the end, you couldn’t tell which one was human and which one was alien. They entered through the nose and would take over the human bodies. Finally, they found the mother alien and culprit, who was the new girl in school and had pretended to befriend everyone to get their trust, but she was an alien.

When they found out, they were able to kill her and also bring deliverance to all those who had been taken over by the aliens, simply after being injected with sugar  – the alien which looked like a parasite, fell out of them and they were human again. So weird these terrible movies, now I know they were conditioning for what they intend to do to mankind during the tribulation. Like Mother Clare would say: “The truth is stranger than fiction”.

So I came before the Lord immediately after waking up, and I heard:

The aliens will come with all manner of deceptions to lure my people into lies and ultimately the destruction of their souls.”

Lord is this dream about the mark of the beast? Considering the injection that everyone took and then became aliens.

Jesus responded,

 “No, but they will be used to push many to take the mark and work in conjunction with the antichrist. It’s still all one kingdom, Satan’s kingdom and reign on Earth. He may have different divisions, and many times they will play themselves against each other to make it seem as they are different beings, from different planets and universes that have reigned over mankind for centuries.

 “There will be a variety, but they all are demons with the same goal to bring about the destruction of mankind and take as many souls as they can with them. This is the second dream I have given you concerning the alien injections.”

And it’s true guys. Actually the Lord gave me a dream about this a while back, and maybe I’ll share it in the next video, that particular dream of the alien injections.

 “This will be a very real thing, with many mesmerized and lining up to receive this lie of immortality and super-human power, when it is purely demonic.”

Lord, how can one be injected and still, their soul will be saved?

Because guys, when I saw in the vision, the pit – when the pink light came from inside of them; it showed their real features inside their skin, and they all looked alien-like. It was so gross, no-one looked human.

Jesus responded,

 “I am the life and resurrection anyone who believes in me even though he died, will not die.” John 11:25”

And as an aside; it reminded me of the movie faculty as I explained, that many received the alien parasite and where under their influence for a time; but once the alien parasite came out of them, they were normal. Just then I saw a vision of many throwing up this yellow green slime  – they were having deliverance after taking the injection.

Jesus continued,

 There will always be hope if a soul has not taken the mark. It will be much more difficult, but there is always hope. Many children clones will be used in this way to lure the hearts of their parents and bring them to their destruction of their soul. Do not be moved my people to be forewarned is to be forearmed.”

And when He’s talking about many children, He means like, children who have passed on to Heaven. They have cloned their bodies and they will be used.

 “When you see these beings who have passed on, but now walking among you, even if it’s a  loved one  – do the sign of the cross. It is very powerful, it will cause much agitation. Do the sign of the cross with much faith and much authority commanding Satan to leave in the name of Jesus, and these beings will be gone.

 “Take your other family members through Scripture, showing them that this is a great deception and remind them of my Second Coming, and how I intend to bring life to all things dead but that these beings are not their loved ones, rather demons instead. If you stay in a home, cover the entrance-ways with holy salt and holy water, commanding the Angels to not allow any evil entity or spirit to enter.

 “Many will come like phantoms to test even the most faithful elect with the voices of the loved ones, calling out to them playing on your emotions and your longing to see them. So precise will their look be to your long-lost loved one. Not all will be tested in this way, but many will. And those who will be tested, have already been marked for this and the clone of their loved ones already made, as they wait for the appointed time.

 “I have told you once before in the Scripture, that this will be a time of trial surpassing any other time in history. The people of the Earth will have no idea what hit them. So destitute, distraught, and hopeless will many be when all these things began to happen. And this attack will be used right after the destruction of the third of the Earth and the antichrist rising into power. They will be used to play on many emotions, to bring comfort and relief and a false sense of hope that will only lead to their demise. That is why I gave you the dream my little one to share and to warn”

Lord what about the second dream? Was that witchcraft or a demon?

As an aside guys, I had a second dream right after the first dream  of a man digging out a deep pit underneath a tree. He was dressed normal but I knew it was construction work. The weird thing is, there was a big Bengali tiger right above the pit watching him, as if to oversee the work. I thought the man would scream with terror but he was working in fear. Then he climbed out of the pit and nervously began to walk. The tiger then turned into a man and began to follow his every step. The man walked into a cave-like building and the one who was once a tiger, followed him with a thirst to devour him as soon as they were out of public.

I just had a knowing in the dream as I watched all of this. I wanted to scream and warn the guy or get someone’s attention, then I saw a group of people different ages, just outside the cave entrance ready to also go to work in digging pit. They were led by a women in a long black cloak. I knew she was a witch and one of the group members began to talk to me. He was a white cowboy guy and was telling me how he had some tools and I was dumbfounded that no one was running or seeing something weird concerning this job.

 “Witches at that time will be used even as they are now, to be instruments and vessels to continuously open the portals of hell. What you saw was a demon shape shifting from a human to an animal to devour its prey. Because work and food will be scarce without taking the mark; witches will be used to lure many into jobs of labor, where they will promise a bit of comfortability, and food. They will not hide who they are, for then will be time to be exposed. And know those who have no faith in Me will give in. And many who have faith in Me will also be tempted to go to these labor camps, if you call it, for a days work and a days food. Not realizing there are run by demons looking to devour them quite literally.”

Lord, I am lost for words..

 “Pray pray pray my little one for these souls now and do not fear. I will be with you and many others who will be called to stay behind to rescue many from the cunning and manipulating devices of the devil. My people you must have faith in Me alone when these things began to happen. If you put you faith in anything else besides Me, you will indeed lose your life and can easily lose your soul. You will be tempted and tested in ways you cant even imagine.

“If it where not for My grace and My spirit. I will lead you, I will provide for you, I will protect you, but the moment you get weary and decide to go off on your own in any way  – you can be sure it will lead you down in a path of deception and death. These things and this time is not far off, but rather knocking at your door. Begin to prepare now, praying the Divine Mercy continuously for strength and courage for this time of tribulation and pray ahead for the souls that I desire to save.”

And that was the end of Jesus message.

Prayer To Overcome Negative Emotions

Lord, help me to live in Your joy and peace. Give me strength and understanding to resist anxiety, anger, unrest, envy, depression, bitterness, hopelessness, loneliness, fear and guilt.

Rescue me when “my spirit is overwhelmed within me; my heart within me is distressed” (Psalm 143:4). I refuse to let my life be brought down by negative emotions such as these. I know You have a better quality of life for me than that. When I am tempted to give in to them, show me Your truth.

You have said in Your Word that by our patience, we can possess our souls (Luke 21:19). Give me patience so that I can do that. Help me to keep my “Heart with all diligence” (Proverbs 4:23). Help me to not be insecure and self-focused, so that I miss opportunities to focus on You and extend Your love. May I be sensitive to the needs, trials and weakness of others and not oversensitive to myself.

What you accomplished on the cross is my greatest joy. Help me to consecrate on that. “The enemy pursues me, he crushes me to the ground; he makes me dwell in the darkness like those long dead, so my spirit grows faint within me; my heart within me is dismayed.,I remember the days of long ago; I meditate on all your works and consider what your hands have done.I spread out my hands to you; I thirst for you like a parched land. Answer me quickly, Lord; my spirit fails. Do not hide your face from me, or I will be like those who go down to the pit. Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life. (Psalm 143:3-8)

In my distress, I can call on You Lord and I know You will hear me. May Your joy be complete within me. With happiness and peace may I go forth in thanksgiving, rejoicing for each new day You give me.

Thank you for giving me hope Lord and delivering me from all negative emotions that seek to oppress me and rule my life.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Unanswered Prayers & Emotional Wounds

Hello brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family.

We traveled for a procedure Derrick had to do and this has been a  time of solitude for Derrick. Far from the busyness of city life and distractions; it has been both wonderful and challenging! It’s become a time where we have spent much time with the Lord and actually opened the door for wonderful communication between us, and understanding in our marriage, as we have grown much closer together. 

The Lord is slowly drawing us together to truly become one in heart and mind in all things. Derrick has been doing wonderful, spending hours before the Lord praying, listening to teachings and interceding. Having to take care of him after his procedure, I am just pooped and find myself rather enjoying sleep than prayer and ministry work.

We still have issues concerning doctrines and teachings that are not aligned with one another, which can be very frustrating at times when I want to communicate something I know, or when he wants me to abandon the path the Lord has me on to seek Him his way instead; but the Lord is bringing healing in our marriage.

A lot of old wounds are being addressed which is good, but I found myself really struggling, dealing with triggers that get me emotionally distressed and pained. I finally shared with Derrick these triggers, but was also tired of constantly being ruled by my emotions because of these wounds… when would I be healed already?

I then got readings from ‘Imitation of Mary’ and ‘The Imitation of Christ’ and both addressed many things in my heart. Having to take care of someone left me feeling so tired many days, and as I mentioned before; rather than pressing in and using the down time to catch up on ministry, I slept. And even Derrick called me out one time saying: “The Lord is going to get you on Laziness”.

I thought ‘Really?.. Just because you’re on fire..’ (laughs) But the truth is, I felt my fire was out. The reading Blessed Mother gave me was ‘Fervor in God’s service’ …ouch.

Mary begins,

 “My child, a heart that loves God neglects nothing it can do to please Him. You have little realization of how the Lord deserves your service, if you are unwilling to put yourself out for Him. Consider how much those who declare themselves followers of the world are willing to do for their master, and learn from them what you should be willing to do for the Lord.  See how concerned they are? They spare themselves neither suffering, nor weariness, in serving the world and only to please it; condemn themselves to a thousand forms of subjection. Yet you find it too heavy a burden to please God and give the Sovereign Master proofs of your love. To ask you to be attentive to His will, is to ask of you a submission that is too great.

 “Do you not find it humiliating? That I am forced to call your attention to the example of worldlings and to send you to school with them in order to learn how to serve God? Let not the children of this world outstrip you in generosity, and let the world not boast that it is better served by its followers, than the God of Christians is by those who claim to belong to Him.”

Wow, truly humbling. There was more but that alone pierced my heart with conviction. Then ‘The Imitation of Christ’ was comforting, because I began to wonder: Ok then maybe I should seek the Lord a bit more the way Derrick does. Really reading scripture, listening to teachings and praying in the spirit for hours. He had the fire, but mine was dying out. However the Lord made it clear I was called to the little way, and He had more wisdom then any teacher or knowledge of the scriptures could give me.

I got the chapter: Against vain and worldly learnings –

My son, be not moved with the fine and subtle sayings of men, for the kingdom of God is not in speech but in power. Attend to My words which inflame the heart and enlighten the mind, which excite to compunction and afford manifold consolation. Never read anything that though mayst appear more learned or more wise. Study rather to mortify thy vices, for this will avail thee more than the knowledge of many hard questions. When thou shalt have read and shalt know many things, thou must always return to one beginning. I am He Who teaches men knowledge and I give a more clear understanding to little ones that can be taught by man.”

And it went on to say:

For certain persons by loving Me entirely, learned divine things and spoke wonders

I thought wow, what great encouragement and comfort to continue hearing the Lord voice and trust what He teaches and tells me.

So after receiving the Lord, I decided to take my computer and walk to a different area to really hear the Lords heart on this.

Lord where do I start…

I’ve been lazy in seeking you and doing ministry because of not wanting to leave his side, and honestly having no feeling to do so. Thank you for the readings and lovingly correcting me and also helping me to continue to pursue my conversations with you and not to neglect that, because it’s your wisdom that continues to give me hope and help me through everything.

Lord I haven’t prayed as I should, sought you fervently as I should, loved you fervently as I should. Thank you for this time being here. Many things I feel are being dealt with, but I am still struggling and now struggling to hear your voice.

Immediately I heard,

 “Don’t let anxiety rule your heart my beloved one when you cannot hear our Lord


Oh I am so very sorry. I haven’t been faithful to pray the rosary at all as I should Mother. Nor come to you with my sorrow’s joys and concerns. I feel just so far from everything, far from Jesus and very far from you

Our Mother of Mercy responded,

 “Well little one, we dwell within your heart. The Heart of Jesus is the same as mine. Two sacred hearts resting in your heart beloved oh how humble is our God and King to lower Himself to rest in His creations heart, dwell there and make Himself vulnerable to their actions, words, and their lives. But you have given Jesus full control over your heart, so you need not worry. All will be fine my little one, all will be fine.

“You need a Mother today and every day I might add. Oh I am so ever present in your life, in every detail when you gave yourself to me years ago I didn’t take that lightly. I have taken charge over you my very little one, and I am leading and guiding you, counseling you with events that are most virtuous for you, although very painful at times, you are transforming into the beautiful holy soul we created you to be. Do not beat yourself in your failures. Rather embrace them my little one and run to the Lord’s mercy instead.

 “It has been a rough couple of days for you, but I can tell you these emotional wounds will be healed. I promised that before you got married and it is a promise that will be fulfilled in time. This journey is so very necessary so you can teach others how to walk through it as well.

 “Emotional healing can be many times the hardest and the longest to heal of all wounds. Physical wounds will hurt for a time and then heal and give a scar, but emotional wounds go deep down in the soul. Many times covered up by various emotions, sometimes also by the culture and lifestyle of the soul. The wound

lingers there throbbing, but buried under so much as to not resurface to cause harm or imbalance, but can be so easily triggered.

 “The demons know that so very well, and so they set souls up with situations, instigations, and landmines throughout the souls life to rather trigger and open up wounds in a person’s soul. You are wounded by their arrows which carry a deadly poison called lies. Every arrow of the enemy is dipped with this poison it simply is a lie. No matter how real your circumstance seems or how true it may look, whatever they present, whatever happened to you that causes an emotional wound that triggers negative emotions – is a lie.

I realize she is saying all fiery darts of the enemy are laced with lies, which is so true.. I never really thought of that. I interjected thinking: Is it like someone being raped at a young age by a family member, or being physically abused or emotional abused by the one they love; and they come to believe that they are rejected, they are damaged goods or that you can’t trust those who are supposed to love you?.. Is it something like that Mother?

 “Exactly little one. Every evil thing done to souls on this Earth is the culprit of sin and the evil one. God permits these things because he cannot usurp mans will. If He intervened in everything than He wouldn’t be a just God nor would souls have free will to choose right from wrong”

But Mother, sometimes He intervenes. Why is it sometimes He does and sometimes He doesn’t, if I may ask? What renders Gods intervention, and one situation doesn’t?

Our Mother of Mercy continued,

 “Well beloved each situation is different, Oh, so different. God is so good, sovereign and just. He takes into consideration every single detail in every situation upon His actions. When you think God is not working, He is working. When you see God working, He is” 

So Mother, He is always working?

 “Yes. He is always working everything out for each souls good. I mean everything. Only in Heaven will you come to comprehend this entirely and whole-heartedly, to see the woven thread of his goodness in every soul’s life. Even those who choose hell, how good He had been to them, how merciful He was to them, how He extended His love time and time again. They wouldn’t receive it, they rejected consciously and whole- heartily. He is a good God. So never stop praying for any soul or any situation. The problem is too many times, souls on Earth have an attachment to outcome of their prayers.

 “The church has forgot to pray just as Jesus prayed in the Garden. By making His request known to the Father, then submitting His will to His. You must always submit your will to His in every situation. That is where your peace comes from, not an answered prayer. Never seek Jesus to answer your prayer, but rather to do His Holy will. That is what makes a saint, that is what makes a soul holy, and that is what pleases God. Pray My little ones then say, nevertheless not my will, but Yours be done. Then relinquish all control, relinquish every right, every attachment, every expectation you have to that prayer request, and trust God has heard you. He answers according  to His will and His will alone.

 “How will you know His will? After praying and the outcome presents itself – however painful it may be or however delighted you may be because it is answered in the way you desired; know that it was His desire first, It was His will. Many more times souls close to Jesus will live in constant bewilderment because you have become one with God. In this union with God, He is living his life through you. He is ordering your steps and leading you as a good shepherd. Meaning you no longer have control over your life, where you should go, what you shall eat, what you shall wear and what shall happen to you. So of course you will bewildered, because it is no longer you who live, but Christ who lives in you.
(Galatians 2:20)

 “Rest, enjoy and submit to this union with much peace, detachment and abandonment trusting God to lead you beautifully to fulfill the purpose in which you were created.

 “My little ones and all My little brides, let go once and for all your attachments to the many prayers you have prayed for yourselves, and for your loved ones. God will answer your prayers, but in the best way He sees fit. Rest in His loving Fatherly care. He will answer your prayers little one, but the way in which the prayers will be answered, leave to Him. Trust Him, love Him and lean on His love for you.

And that was end of our Mother of Mercy’s message.

God bless you family, until the next message.

But Jesus, I Don’t Have My Ducks In a Row

Hello brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family,

I was in the middle of the Lord’s Supper, when a thought came to my mind, that it was time to rent a place. A transitional housing for those who will be called to Ghana and help with the City of God.

We haven’t even started on building yet, and we have so much do to ahead of us and I didn’t think bringing people here right now would even be an option, but I felt a nudge from the Lord because some of the intercessors and some on the mountain refuge, are coming to attend our African engagement ceremony, and I felt the Lord may want them stay afterwards.

However, I went to Bible Promises about a certain apartment that popped in my mind – I got ‘Money’ which means no, it’s the world. So I thought this idea was from my flesh and a sure no, but when I went again, I got ‘Joy’. I called the place I had in mind and it had been taken, so I thought maybe that is why the Lord gave me money; He didn’t want us to get that place.

Then I went again asking if those who come to the ceremony are also called to stay here in Ghana – I got ‘Holy Spirit’.

Then I asked if He wanted us to rent another place, like a transitional house for them until we actually began building on the land – I got ‘Fruitfulness’. Wow Lord, what a surprise! Not sure where to start or what to do.

Jesus immediately began speaking,

 “First, submit these things beloved to Derrick, as your covering. I will give him wisdom, anointing and favor concerning where, and the place to rent. Now is the time to move forward with things. I have told you I write straight with crooked lines. Things will continue to not happen as you plan them, or in your own time frame. There is a way I am leading you and that is by blind trust and abandonment My beloved little one. I know the land is not ready pertaining to your preference. I know that you and Derrick still have differences in views and doctrine. I know that you don’t have all the provision you need yet for all the demands and needs of building this community, but you have Me and I am always enough. And My Sweet Mother is setting up many appointed and favorable opportunities for you.”

I kept thinking Lord, I don’t have any of my ducks in a row.. absolutely nothing.

Jesus responding to my train of thought said,

 “I never work that way in a soul. It’s not about having your ducks in a row, then making moves. It’s rather by you being the duck, and I like a mother duck, leading the way into peaceful streams and waters which will lead to My will for you. Too many of My brides have it in their mind the way I should do things. So too many doubt and have little faith to step out in courage and trust My word, even if it doesn’t make sense.

 “I have told you once before and it bares repeating; I am making you a wonderful example to all of a true disciple, a bride who is given over to blind obedience, as they see My beautiful hands threading this tapestry called your life. All would be inspired to follow Me and trust Me wholeheartedly when I ask them to do the impossible or take a step that seem bewildering. They will be reminded of how I led you and your great trust and faith in Me that led you to the expected end.

 “Much is changing and more change is on the horizon. Really take your prayers for your India trip seriously. You will see a great conversion and illumination happen in Derrick. He will come back a changed and transformed man in every sense of the word. You too will also return not the same, but rather refreshed, reinvigorated, and strengthened for the work I have trusted to you two. Steps that need to be taken for the City of God community will began to happen quickly when you both return back, so be open to the inspiration of My Spirit and My instructions to you.

 “Don’t look at what you lack or lean on your own understanding, but rather trust My instruction I give you and Derrick; submitting to him in all things and I will lead you both beautifully. I have prepared a place, a transitional house for those who are called.”

And at this point I was thinking – why would He have some come so early before we have already begun anything?

Jesus responded,

 “And you need them here to back you both in prayer. The work will began slow at first, but they are still needed in Ghana at this time. Everything I do and My timing is all preparing and training. Just as you came to the mountain as they thought, possibly prematurely; you were very necessary to help set up the community, build Mother Clare and Father Ezekiel up in courage and faith, praying behind the work. Because of what I led you through, you became a strong support in the community once more people began to answer the call.

 “So will these souls be. All those who respond and stay will be a strong support that you can lean on. Every day there will be lessons to grow them in virtue and in love. Loving the work, loving Me, and loving the people of Ghana; it is very necessary beloved. For those I have called, they will feel a strong tug on their heart that it’s time. Pray for them beloved little one, to all respond. To finally let go of attachments to family, to loved ones, to their own preferences, ideas, and just jump into My deep ocean of faith, as I lead them by the hand, out of their Egypt into the promise land. Taking nothing for the journey, but trusting Me at the same time to provide everything for their journey ahead. Be excited, and faithful with all I have given you to do and trust Me, it is time.”

Thank you family so much for your support and prayers with our mission the ‘City of God Community’. Finally after 3 and a half years, the call comes for those who feel called to Ghana. For some you know who you are. Others, the call may have just come after hearing this message. If so, please go to our website and click on the home page ‘missionaries of love’. There you will find a simple application to fill out so that we can get to know you better and rightly discern if you are called to Ghana.

We are still advocating help or donation for a ministry vehicle and now with people coming, it would be greatly appreciated and definitely needed to get around. Any amount would be a blessing. Or if you feel led to actually donate a car, that’d be awesome! You can get a tax write-off for your donation since we’re a non-profit organization.

God bless you family. Derrick, Jesus and I, thank you so much for faithful support on this journey.

Prayer For Your Relationships

Lord, I lift up every one of my relationships to You, and ask You to bless them. I pray that each one would be glorifying to You. Help me to choose my friends wisely, so I won’t be led astray. Give me discernment and strength to separate myself from anyone who is not a good influence. I release all my relationships to You, and pray that Your will be done in each of them.

With the most difficult relationships, I ask that Your peace would reign in them. Specifically, I lift up to You my relationship with (name a difficult friend, or person or family member.) I know two cannot walk together unless they agree (Amos 3:3), so help us to find a place of agreement, unity and like-mindness. Where either of us need to change, I pray that You would change us. Break down any “walls of separation” (Ephesians 2:13-15) or misunderstanding. I release this person into Your hands, and ask You, that You would make our relationship what You want it to be, so that it will glorify You.

I pray for my relationship with each of my family members. Specifically, I pray for my relationship with (name the family member with whom you are most concerned.) I pray You would bring healing, reconciliation, and restoration, where it is needed. Bless our relationship and make it strong.

I pray for any relationships I have with people who don’t know You. Lord, give me words to say that will turn their hearts towards You. Help me to be Your light to them. Specifically I pray for (now name any unbeliever, or someone who has walked away from God). Soften this persons’ heart, to open his or her eyes to receive You and follow You faithfully.

I pray for godly friends, role models and mentors to come into my life. Send people who will speak the truth in love. I pray especially that there will be people in my life who are trustworthy, kind, loving and faithful. Most of all, I pray that they would be men and women of strong faith, who will add to my life, and I to theirs. May we mutually raise the standard to which we aspire. May forgiveness and love flow freely between us. Make me to be your light in all my relationships.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Greater Power Will Be Given To Those Who Love Greatly

Hello brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family. I got a reading from one of my holy books, about praying for your relationships. “Pray for healing, restoration and those who are unsaved in your life to be saved” The first people that popped in my mind were my family members who do witchcraft. We now have the date for the African wedding ceremony and I could feel the anxiety rising up in me. We did another traditional ceremony called the knocking and although it was nice, and some family members where there, I was so uncomfortable. Because I was surrounded by all the elders of my family, so I couldn’t be myself or really have any joy.

I didn’t want the African wedding ceremony to be like that. I was getting to a point that I didn’t even want to do it altogether because the attacks, the opposition and fight, has been too much. I have been very distant with my family and cold (and when I say family, I mean my family here in Ghana); and I began to feel a conviction in my heart that Jesus wasn’t pleased with my actions.

Furthermore – I found out that when Derrick’s mom went to the City of God land to demarcate it, she found an area that the villagers call ‘sacred ground’, with three idols there. Immediately the men who were with her, said she couldn’t step any further, and they began to cut off the heads of chickens and offer their blood as a sacrifice. Immediately she retracted and had them cut out 40 acres out of our land back to the chief, because she didn’t want to deal with that type of fight. I thought Lord no.. so now we’re going got have to deal with that? And I felt the Holy Spirit say that, that we’re called to deal with this fight. So I thought to myself – Lord, we’re going to have to deal with sharing a wall to neighboring deities. I was already imagining the spiritual warfare we will now have to go through, and will continue to go through, as we build the City of God.

So I came before him saying,

Good morning Lord,

I am sorry that I have been dodgy in hearing your voice, please forgive me.

Jesus began,

 “You are always forgiven beloved. Just be more diligent. It has been unbelief and laziness on your part and at that the same time, you have been going through a trial of your own taking care of Derrick. Have you seen my love notes beloved? “You are a good wife” a very good wife, to Me and to Him.

And as an aside; we had to travel for the small procedure and here in Ghana many buses have window decals with words or scriptures or images. And many times Holy Spirit uses them as a rhema word for me in that moment. I kept seeing on different busses the sticker decal that said “Good wife”. After the third time seeing it, I smiled because I felt it was from the Lord. Just a word of encouragement.

 “You see? He is starting to see more and more from My perspective and see you from the gaze of My heart. He will continuously be reminded throughout your journey here on this Earth, what a blessed man he is to have you. And you also will be continuously reminded by others, what a blessed women you are to have him. Things are changing rapidly for you so thank Me for My mercy and be ever so grateful beloved, every so grateful. I no longer want to hear the slightest complaint come from your lips or your heart”

Lord, that is such an ingrained habit and I hate it because I am so blessed. Please help me to have a heart of thankfulness, a steady one that is grateful when its good and not a murmuring one when it gets difficult, please Lord?

 “Yes these graces will be granted, but you must continue to water it by thinking of things to be thankful for every day. Your life is not easy here on this Earth, nor is the journey ahead of you, so you must always find the silver lining. And having Me as a companion spouse and friend, should be the greatest silver lining of all to always keep you in joy and contentment”

Oh Lord help me truly. I so badly want to change and be a women known and filled with Holy Joy.

 “Do you want that for yourself or for others?”

Dang!... the Lord caught me. Ok, the desire is self-seeking guys, it’s true. I want people to always say “she is so filled with joy, I want what she has”.

Because who wants to be around someone who is always depressed or discouraged? The true motive is how people see me, rather than truly wanting that grace.

Jesus continued,

 “Yes beloved, you have been through tremendous trials, and many times it’s been hard to smile through, so I already see My joy in you. If others don’t, it is because they don’t know all have you given up, sacrificed, and the pain endured to be My disciple, through the most difficult of test.  But I will make My joy complete in you (John 17) and take out any selfish  motives or desire to look good in the sight of others”

Thank you Jesus.

 “Now concerning your relationships…your enemies, you have no real enemies besides your flesh, but there are souls who have given themselves over to dark influences, motives and thinking, and become enemies of the cross. I want you to love them beloved, you haven’t done a real good job of that, but rather you have avoided them. Perfect love cast out fear remember? (John 4:18.) You see beloved, you and all your children have been given the vocation of love in My church, just as My very little one, Saint Therese.”

And here he means the Little Flower.

 “There are different members of My body given different gifts and you have been given a gift of love. Time and time again they have tried to steal that gift from you with the various trials you have undergone that has attacked your heart and your love for souls. Those are the most painful crosses, but those are the very crosses that get you to be transformed into My image the quickest. I am not into fast work, however I do like to fast-track certain souls who will respond to My graces. It can be 40 year journey or a one day trip and sometimes it does take time.”

I then began to feel uneasy and wanted to discern if this truly was Jesus. I used the Bible Promises and landed between the pages of Brotherly love and Gods love, but my eyes fell on a certain scripture which said it all.

Jesus chimed in,

It is Me speaking to you beloved, continue writing. Write down the scripture you received”

Colossians 3:12-13

“God has chosen you. You are holy and loved by Him. Because of this, your new life should be full of loving pity. You should be kind to others and have no pride. Be gentle and be willing to wait for others. Try to understand other people. Forgive each other. If you have something against someone, forgive them. That is the way the Lord forgave you.”

 “So My beloved one, I want you to truly forgive them sincerely from your heart. Try to understand why they have made these decisions and love them instead. In the spirit they know you know, just as you have seen them, they too have seen you. You have so many more enemies beloved, but I do not want you to become a women of fear and paranoia, but rather a women of love. Walking powerfully in love and operating powerfully in My love. Love is the greatest weapon and force on Earth.

 “Hear Me now as I make myself clear – you should’ve been dead a long time ago, but no weapon, I mean no weapon formed against you or My chosen ones, will prosper. No-one can snatch you out from My hands or take your life until My appointed time. Remember just as I told My disciples, and even the Pharisees that came to get Me that day in the garden – they were only given the authority to touch Me, because it was the appointed time.

I knew Jesus was referring to-

Luke 22:52-53: Then Jesus said to the chief priests, temple officers, and elders who had come for Him, “Have you come out with swords and clubs as you would against an outlaw? Every day I was with you in the temple courts, and you did not lay a hand on Me. But this hour belongs to you and to the power of darkness.”

Back to Jesus,

 “Same with your enemies, they can do nothing with out My permission. So I want you to love and accept all I allow, not in fear thinking they have the upper hand or power; rather seeing any form of retaliation as seed, sacrifice, a suffering being planted for their salvation. The more they touch you, the more you suffer, the more graces are released for their salvation. So they lose every time, the more they attack you, the closer they are to getting saved. You see?See it that way and it changes everything

 “In Africa too much affection, attention, and authority has been given over to cutting down your enemies. Praying against your enemies and fearful of what your enemies can do. Many who succumb to the consequence of witchcraft, have they themselves done witchcraft to others. Many other times its the sins of believers that causes curses to land, but even that I turn into a blessing.

 “I am turning things around in this season. Moving forward. I am empowering and equipping My brides, My chosen ones with great power. With great power, must come great love. For it’s by your love they will know you are my disciples (John 13:35) not by the power you showcase. The greater you love, the greater power will be entrusted to you for My glory to shine upon you and everywhere you tread, darkness will flee. For the kingdom of darkness has no equality or match, even in the least with Me and My Fathers kingdom.

 “We have tried before in the past with men, chosen vessels and servants in Africa. Endowing them with great power to shut down the move of darkness and to showcase the glory of God, rather than the pitiful power of Satan. However too many servants rather retain the glory for themselves, so this move of My spirit doesn’t last. Rather the men and women are glorified and put on pedestals as something.

 “The praise of man, the fame, can be so intoxicating and gets to their heads; and that grace is easily stolen after time because they too get comfortable and no longer want to follow Me, all the way to the cross. You see as a seed who falls to the ground and dies, you bare much fruit. However, all My brides have a perpetual cycle of dying, it’s dying daily. There are times where there is a season of you being buried, I kill everything around you just as My Father says in John 15:2:

“He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.”

 “He prunes so you can bare fruit, but just like with anything that grows, it must die again at some point to bare more fruit. That is the same with your soul, there will be a season where you will be on the mountain top, where everything is flourishing and you are reaping.

 “Then there will be a season of dying and pruning again. A season to be buried and then brought forth to bare much more fruit. Those who follow Me closely will resemble Me closely. So my beloved one, you cannot get comfortable, you and all My brides. This life of self-denial will be continuous, but so will be My glory and My favor continues in all of your lives.

 “My brides, many of you are dealing with witchcraft some unfortunately within your own family, which is the hardest; but you are called to be lovers not fighters. That is not what I set you apart for, I killed my enemies with My love. I loved them unto repentance and I am asking you to do the same.

 “If I have revealed to you those around you who have done witchcraft against you, who have cursed you, slandered you, even wanted your death. Love them My beloved brides.. love them. I no longer want you to fear them, fear being around them, helping them, speaking to them which causes you to avoid them all together. Than how can My love through you impact their lives?

 “Do you not see what I have done? These souls are so far gone in darkness and many of them are in constant fear and condemnation from Satan, their master. They cannot tangibly receive My love, but rather reject it, because it seems too easy to be forgiven when their master Satan barrages them day and night with fear of death, if they don’t finish their assignment. Or fear of a close one to them dying instead.

 “I need to use you to be a vessel of love unto them. Go and bless the village chiefs and say “From Jesus with love”. Go and bless your family members with a visit, and a gift, and say “From Jesus with love”. Make yourself available to them, checking up on them from time to time, rather than avoiding their phone calls or presence.

 “I need you to trust that I will protect you. Not one hair on your head will be touched My beloved brides, if you do what I ask, no harm shall come to you. You may go through sufferings because even then there will be retaliation, but don’t sweat it, keep loving, giving and praying for them.

 “No longer fear Satan and his tactics. I am with you, I am for you and fighting against all that is coming against you. You will be victorious My brides, and will take much plunder from the enemy, your real enemy, and the very ones you have been praying for will be saved

 “So My little one reach out, check up on them from time to time. Don’t fear entering their homes or even blessing them with a gift out of the abundance of pure love from your heart. I want to use you as an emissary of My love. You will look like a fool to others, but so did I.

 “Love radically in that way and it changes the world. If you knew the amount of enemies surrounding you in Ghana to stop you from your mission, you would be paralyzed in fear. They are too many to fight, and way too many to be in fear of.

Fear will suck the life out of you, but love will give you life, and give life to even those who are dead around you. 

“Your wedding will be something beautiful, truly a showcase of My love in every aspect. Begin praying into that now as well. You have nothing to worry about except falling short in love and allowing fear and paranoia to be your master, rather than My love being your guide. Go now my little one and all my beloved brides; love hard, love well and love until it hurts… and even when it hurts, still love. I will give you the grace and strength to do so.”

And that was the end of Jesus message.

Even after receiving this guys, I still doubted. Simply because I was still unsure of really opening myself up to my family in this way, I just didn’t want to pretend. Furthermore, I was getting a very strong yes using my Bible Promises. And actually, I rather was hoping God would bring them to conversion, and they would come to me to confess and apologize; and then we would be one big happy family. I should know the Lord’s way is never my way, because while we were yet sinners, He died for us (Romans 5:8).

I decided to pull a Rhema to confirm this word and got: 

“Jesus gave me to know that even the smallest thing, does not happen on Earth without His will. After having seen this, my soul entered into an unusual repose; I found myself completely at peace, as the work in its full extent. God can deal with me as He pleases and I will bless Him for everything.”

Welp.. that hits the nail on the head guys!

God Bless you, until the next message.

Creation, Heaven, Spiritual Realm & Two Types of Vision

Sometimes I think – how come the Lord is so connected to you, to me? A connection where He even reveals the little things. Such as the possibility of a mama-cat being near me somehow, then – there she comes a few days later! Appearing with her kittens, moving them to a new place – she chose one of the hidden places on the property we stay at.

A connection where He listens to the tiniest longings, such as fulfilling the little wishful desire to see a mama-bird in a nest with her little ones, upon seeing an abandoned nest under the house’s roof one day. Then a few days later, I notice there is a bird in a tree, hidden seemingly, laying on the nest with her eggs. The little new baby-birds grew up and left, but then, soon after a few days or weeks, there is another one, another bird laying on the same nest, with her eggs again! So thus, the Lord fulfilled that little longing twice, more than I seeded to dream of asking.

So I was pondering this connection, although wondering how come, one got to say, “I’m glad! Glad that He has connected me, He has connected you, to Himself. That is so fulfilling to the core of the soul. Sit and ponder it. See how beautiful it is to have a relationship with the Lord that is truly authentic, ethereal, and lasting, under His wing. Think!

You take me, Jesus, you make me Yours and bind my heart and soul to Yours. And I thank you for this amazing grace and gift. Now when I look at what we had in days past, all of that is so vague… Now, this life with you is so to the core of my soul. I sit and wonder how sweet it is to belong to You.

 “Isn’t it?” Jesus says, “And I belong to you!”

His word made a soft smile appear on my face.

Oh Lord, how is it that… (I smiled) You know.. it’s … (I smiled again) unable to finish my words.

Then being caught up in a contemplative sigh, I just said: Thank you.

Continuing to share with Him: Life with you. Every breath. Each day. Each sunrise, every star in the sky, every animal You fashion to bring us a smile, every flower you shape, every mountain you sculpt, every smile on one’s face, every blessing unseen and seen. Every soul, Lord – everything, O Lord … Not to say even those I have no idea about, that you have in Heaven, somewhere hidden beautifully in this world… Oh Lord, it is a wonder. Everything literally originates in You, and so they carry Your stamp print and glory marks.

When I think of how You create.. How is it that You made those stones so solid, heavy, and huge, yet the atom within is an extra other detailed work? When I think how the water is made and flows, how it penetrates every place and crevice, yet when it hits strong; it smashes and conquered the surface in a sweep! And when I think of the clouds, seemingly so fluffy and light that you cannot catch them in your hand, as a vapour between one’s fingers… Yet when in rain, they are so loaded with water – water that is so heavy to carry in a bucket in my hand; yet tons of tons of water the cloud contains –  these feather-light clouds, and they do not fall due to their heaviness! How intelligent is that??

And when I think of the tiny veins a rose petal has, how it sustains its life, I wonder.. wow, Lord. And to marvel now of your Angels, the unlimited realms of heaven, and every detail you created there… And even when I think of the colossal space this world under the water is, how huge must be the space of the waters above, and the vastness of the waters below, what depth to the foundations of the world… Wow, Lord… Even how the wind flows and reigns the sky at Your will…

Such intelligence and wisdom of how everything exists,

 “And I could tell you more”,  Jesus said. “But your brain could not fathom it. But many things are yet to be discovered even here while on Earth. The richness of what I created this planet to be, even now, despite its end times troubles and chaos, even now the world is filled with My glory.

 “My world is still in this realm! Everything emanating beauty, that is a glimpse of how Heaven is. Despite sin and wickedness, the Earth still holds many of My fingerprints in creation, many things bear My mark of beauty as you gaze and marvel at them. Nature itself bears My glory as she is delighted to bring cheer to My loved ones who gaze at it, and marvel at the One who made them – that is how glory flies to Me; gazing, watching, and discovering something new and fascinating!

 “Despite it all, My Heaven is still on Earth nowadays, in places, in gardens, in people, in the atmosphere. Although he (Satan) tries to destroy all beauty and creation I fashioned, he shall not succeed as he desires, for My creation is still My creation, and not a finger is lifted if the Master does not permit it to happen. I preserve it because I love it. I keep it because I love also the ones whom I made to dwell on it, to live and enjoy it. Despite all wicked things ever looming ahead, although having to pass through a severe fiery purification soon to take place –  creation will still be. I create because I love! I love what I create. And I love those who love their Maker back even more!

 “So My child, lover of My soul, delight yourself in Me and seek Me until you find Me.”

‘ me until you find me’? I questioned in myself, to which He responds,

 “There is always something more to find in Me. Always new fronts to discover! Seek! And you will find what you seek! Seek with your whole heart, for then you will be satisfied to the full and beyond. Oh you wait for it!!” He was excited.

So seeking with the Holy Spirit.. I pondered.

And Jesus continued,

 “Unlock your imagination and take Me to places, and I will introduce you to My touches as we go. Take My hand and let Me introduce you to how Creation was fashioned, how marvels in the sky were formed, how the womb is painted, how the sky is vast and open from one end to another, how it mirrors stunning light at the sun’s touch on the horizon. Take Me by that hand and fly with your soul to the realm of My mind and worlds. See, there is so much to discover, so much to find out that will blow you over in its entirety!” He laughs aloud with great delight. “This is yet nothing of what is seen on Earth! Wait until you get to Heaven! The laws of nature and gravity are not applied there, My law is Love, and with Love, nothing is impossible. As you know, I am possible in every way, even when it seems like there is no way out.

“Jump in your mind and soul, dive into your heart, and screen your desires with your imagination. That is not merely imagination. You imagine – an image is presented to you, and an image has a source given as to where it comes from. Take that and let Me shape this image in your mind that your soul will take a tour with Me into My realms. To every thought that is pure, honourable, praiseworthy, and true – hold fast to that. Start anew from the last spot of purity you had imagined, and continue, whenever something derogating intervenes into your mind-screen.

 “Recall to mind the places you love –  places you have seen that touched you greatly, and meet Me there. Find a spot where I can sit near you and enjoy that view anew, for that is being lived in My presence. From there, take a journey and tell Me what you would desire to see or experience, then you will see images and screens switching and taking shape into your mind-screen, your spiritual eyes witnessing to this screen.

 “You see, you have two types of vision: physical vision – which is composed of your physical eyes, and spiritual vision – which is composed of your spiritual eyes; your soul, your spirit seeing the spirit world. This cannot be witnessed with physical eyes, for each witnesses the realm it originated from. The spirit, in this case, witnesses both realms and is not limited. But the physical can only witness the physical creation. Unless, by divine grace, certain situations make the physical eye witness openly the spiritual realm. Soon both visions will be united and completed in Me, where both physical and spiritual realms, take vision through Me. (He spoke this as a reference to the glorified bodies.)

 “But as of now, Jesus continued, as the laws of nature and the universe are in order, take My hand and let Me introduce you to My mind and Creation, My wisdom and lasting knowledge, all fuelled by Love; My law in Heaven and on Earth. Nothing is ever impossible for Me, your God! Nothing.

 “I can intervene into the realms I have made, at will. Take courage in Me and have confidence in God, who is above all seen and unseen realms and creatures. Take reign and climb with Me! Use the eyes of your spirit and allow Me to sharpen it even more, both now as it will be in Heaven soon.”

Then I chuckled. You always seem to say ‘soon’, Lord.

 “Soon, to be approaching.” He said.

And that was the end of our conversation.

I remembered then that the Gospel in the Lord’s Supper was, “the greatest in Heaven is like the little child. No one can enter Heaven if they won’t humble themselves like this child.” And the first Reading was: “think of all that is honorable, praiseworthy, true, and hold fast to those thoughts”. (This is paraphrased from the scripture said by Paul.) So, enter Heaven; the realms of Heaven, with the eyes of a child, with simple-minded and strong faith.

You see An Inexperienced Priest, My Father sees Me Instead

Hello brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family.

This morning, I had many things on my mind but was pressing through to finish the Lords Supper. One of our bishops had been under some heavy oppression for a while and she was on my mind. In the middle of my prayers, Jesus began speaking. In the past I would’ve finished all my prayers and received him in the Lords supper, before sitting quietly to hear His voice. However, I have learned that prayer is conversation with God it’s not about how long you pray, or how many words you speak, or even how many prayers you pray. How many times do we get stuck in a routine in our prayer life? And we forget we’re seeking someone, to hear from them – and that’s God.

Because I used to be one of those who had to pray all my 10 prayers, do worship and the Lords Supper, before I avail myself to hear from Jesus. Many times when you enter His presence, He is already there waiting to speak to you, and other times He does make you wait in order to discipline you, and to ensure you seek Him until you find Him.

Father Ezekiel would always give me this funny scenario when he sees any of us getting bogged down with routine in prayer. He gives us a visual of a soul kneeling down in fervent prayer, and then Jesus comes up, taps the soul on the shoulder, but rather the soul stops, looks at Jesus and points His index finger in the air saying; wait Jesus, I’m praying. It sounds and seems foolish, but that’s what we do so many times in prayer. When we don’t allow Jesus the freedom to do what He wants when He wants, during our time with Him. Or speak to us when He wants. That’s it, simply; prayer is time with someone, with Him, not something to do. So I began –

Good morning,

I felt you began to speak to me while praying.

Jesus began,

I am here beloved and Iong to speak to you always. Thank you for stopping to listen and come. Prayer means to converse with Me. It is not a means to an end like so many see it. So they continue on daily with their list of prayers, when I am every present, first thing in the morning, waiting for them to wake up and speak to them.

 “Sometimes there is no need to say much. Just listen, and I will speak. And other times, I train a soul in dryness and in discipline to pray and wait on Me, so that they would value the words given and My presence as well. There is so much on My heart beloved to reveal and share with you. Keep coming each day and I will continue to lead and council you.

At this point I was musing over another invitation I received via email to visit another country. I thought – Lord what are you up to? Another invitation somewhere? I went to discern and got Joy! Wow, I then remembered He said there would be surprises in store for Derrick and I, and they are coming. I will share with you guys more about this as time gets close.

Jesus responded to my thoughts,

 “Surprise again!

Lord you are full of surprises! I am flabbergasted, and unsure of what you’re up to and what you have planned.

Jesus continued,

 “Leave that all to Me beloved. As the time gets closer, much more instructions will be given to you for your next mission. After India, there are many more surprises in store. Just be faithful to Me, faithful to the time of adoration, and faithful in coming before Me; and I will lead you in places and situations that will leave you in awe this year – you and all My brides for that matter.

 “You see, My blessings are not based on your faithfulness, but on Mine, and I am oh so faithful. That was Me giving you the inspiration to include Derricks healing in the novena. This procedure can be a hindrance in what I want to do, and the timing of your trip.”

As an aside; Derrick has a procedure that is a bit evasive, so I was concerned about that too.

 “I intend to heal him, and coupled with your prayers in the novena that healing will take place and the procedure will be successful and very smooth with healing rapidly. Do not fear beloved”.

And here, He was talking about another Death reading I got in the Bible Promises. I seem to get that every week. It’s kind of daunting that there continues to be death curses on us.

Jesus continued,

 “Your enemies will continue to try as they have sent many death curses your way, but My hands are upon you. You will live and not die to declare My goodness and showcase My glory. When will the servants of the dark one learn that My eyes are upon all who fear Me, and hope in My goodness.

 “Nothing befalls My children unless I allow it. Satan has no power and I will continue to deliver you time and time again, preserving you and your children from death and famine. Many of your children are also under attack, carrying the weight of various crosses. Really be there for them beloved and cover them daily; include them in this novena as well.

Here guys, He is addressing a Rhema I got the day before, to do a novena to Padre Pio. First I wasn’t sure for what exactly, but he is making it very clear here.

My beloved son Padre Pio has been given to you as Father, and has been entrusted with the steering and leading of My Heartdwellers Church. You all are truly the church of Philadelphia. Your brotherly love and your sacrifice and unity despite the enemies attempts time and time again to cause division, has brought such a delight to Heaven My beloved ones. You are truly a sight from Heavens perspective. So faithful you have been to follow Me and climb this mountain of holiness, resembling that of your beloved bridegroom and you are resembling more and more as the time goes by.

 “I now want to address My beloved priests. Many of you have been attacked in various ways by the devils and demons, trying to undermine your priesthood, the effectiveness of your prayers and your private Lords supper. My little ones, it’s not about how right you do the ceremony, but its about your heart. I called you before the creation of time to be set apart; not a physical lineage like the Levi priest, but of a spiritual one from the order of Melchizedek, who was more Angel than man.

 “You are a priest forever in that order and no-one, I mean no-one, can take it from you. No parish, no certified priest, or decorated bishop or cardinal can take that from you. You are the little no-ones and nobodies, but mighty in the Spirit. The Angles and saints flock to each of your Lords supper, even for those who stumble through it. We find It rather pleasantly amusing, because we see your heart instead, and that shines brightly and so purely before all of Heaven.

 “What you see or think of yourself, is an inexperienced priest – and My Father sees Me at the altar instead. What you see is a simple stole, compared to others who wear the intricate and detailed religious garments – but what I see is a priest wearing My crown of thorns, pierced hands, feet and side, with My glory shining forth with every suffering and sacrifice you have given. I see a victim of My love every time you do the Lord supper, and that is what matters to Me the most”

Now Jesus began to speak to the Bishop that was on my heart,

 “To My beloved dear one, you have been under a cloud of confusion condemnation and self-hatred for so long. Oh I look at you with pity and so much love. You mean the world to Me little one. Every tear, every smile during the hard days, every sting and wound of rejection you take for love of Me, is a wound of love that carries great fragrance before Me. Your voice matters, your prayers matter, your thoughts matter to me so share them and keep coming. You have been called to carry a heavy cross but a triple crown of My glory awaits you.

 “A crown of chastity because of your faithfulness admit the most difficult circumstances, and sufferings of the mind you have undertaken for love of Me, and the ministry your husband leads. Your trial has birthed those 40 churches and millions of souls, and all those you shepherd. A crown for your priesthood, you have come and been faithful time and time again. Even when the lack of feeling was there, even when he devil barraged you with thoughts. And you have shared My body and blood with the little ones, the children, and for that, I will be eternally grateful.

 “Each child that has received under your care will not lose their salvation, but rather in life, be raised up to be My spouse. That is how powerful it is when a soul receives Me. They never leave the same and My body and blood even if received once, has long lasting effects in a soul. And lastly –

the crown of martyrdom.

 “Only I can truly understand the sufferings you have endured and persevered through for so long. Thank you My beloved for saying yes. Even when I chastised you, it was because I love you and yet you didn’t leave My side. The sufferings and torments of the mind are one of the heaviest crosses to carry and you have been heavily graced to bear such a cross.’

 “I want you to know I have not rejected you, but rather I am madly in love with you and so pleased with you beloved, for you are My daughter in whom I am well pleased .I know you needed to hear these words today because you have been at a breaking point.

 “May these words strengthen and encourage you. You still have a long road ahead. I cannot guarantee these attacks and sufferings will stop, but I can guarantee more grace fortitude and courage will be given to you in all I permit for the greater glory of your soul and the salvation of many.”

That was the end of Jesus message.

This Is a Year of Divine Order and Fruitfulness

Hello, brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family.

As I mentioned before Derrick and I have been doing a 22-day fast and prayer intention with his church. We meet every evening at the park to pray together. One particular day his pastor began speaking prophetically that this is a year of divine order that the Lord was going to re-arrange things in our life to align with His will like never before, and it would be a very fruitful year.

He also said we were all given crowns, immediately I thought Lord, nooooo!! Not another fiery trial but then he said, “we received crowns of His goodness”. I thought to myself wow I have never heard of that a crown of God’s goodness on our heads, I was pleasantly surprised.

That word rang so true to me and the following morning in prayer using The power of praying women by Stormie Ormartian I landed on the chapter Lord, Plant me so I will bear the fruit of your spirit. It talked about planting and being fruitful. I thought to myself what a confirmation of what the pastor said.

So during the Lord’s Supper, I began to hear Jesus speaking the words over and over again that this, “Year is a year of divine order and fruitfulness”. I began to reason with myself or with my thoughts, Lord what about wars and rumors of wars and the darkness, how is that possible? Guys, I don’t know why I still have the audacity to keep using my mind when it comes to God, I should just give up already but I reasoned which caused me to be hesitant— to begin writing and trusting what I was hearing. Then I began to get really nauseous as well right when I made up my mind, to begin typing so had to lie down. Once I came to myself, I battled if I should go back to writing or just let it go but I decided no, I need to be faithful and write. So, I did and came before Jesus saying,

Good morning Jesus, I am here. Sorry, I had to lie down for a second.

Jesus immediately began,

But you’re back and I am ever so glad you continue to persevere. The devils will do anything to stop you hearing from My voice.”

So, it was an attack, Lord?

“The devils are always using every situation to bring about destruction and sabotage, but it was the medication you took.

As an aside, guys, I got a really bad cold. I think you guys could hear it in the messages and had to get on antibiotics and pain medication. This morning I took all of it at once. Bad idea…

 “Try not to take them all at once Beloved. That is what you are feeling, there is a chemical imbalance going on because of it, but you will be fine. Your body is just reacting to what you took, continue writing Beloved.

As I was saying earlier this indeed is a Year of divine order and fruitfulness. I will crown My brides with My goodness in very tangible noticeable and expressive way for all to see. Although times will get more difficult, do not concern yourself My brides in civilian affairs — meaning world affairs. As long as the rapture continues to delay, each year ahead of you My little ones will be more difficult than the previous, as time and eternity are coming too ahead.

However, this year will be known for the greatest display of My glory. The harvest of revival will began this year. In the most uncommon places, among most uncommon people and tribes, but all will hear about it and the world will see it.

My brides work with Me, in cooperation by planting, sowing seeds of virtue, charity and faith now more than ever. The first half of the year — I want you to plant various seeds, in abundance and the second half of the year will be given to you as a harvest of fruitfulness, more than you can imagine. Now, you can take this word to the bank (He said that smiling) the heavenly bank that is.

You see when you plant seeds for My kingdom it is accredited to you not only as righteousness but it is accredited in your account. Each soul on earth has been given an account, like in a bank. That is why each soul will be given a reward.

These rewards are coming from your account in heaven. My father is the owner of the bank, I am your personal finance manager and Holy Spirit is the teller that makes the transactions for you. Every act of kindness and mercy is a deposit made into your accounts. If you could see it, with every action done for Me out of love is a gold seed, a heavenly coin being deposited in your account”.

Another time, guys — I really saw like a gold seed.

“In your heavenly bank account, you receive interest on all that you deposit. The interest percentage for each soul is different as I said,

But the seed falling on good soil refers to someone who hears the word and understands it. This is the one who produces a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown. – Matthew 13:23

“It’s up to you My beloved brides how much you yield for in which the measure that you sow is the measure of fruit you will bear. This means there is no room for laziness on your part”.

And these scriptures came to my mind:

I went by the field of the lazy man,

And by the vineyard of the man devoid of understanding;

And there it was, all overgrown with thorns;

Its surface was covered with nettles;

Its stone wall was broken down.

When I saw it, I considered it well;

I looked on it and received instruction:

A little sleep, a little slumber,

A little folding of the hands to rest;

So shall your poverty come like a prowler,

And your need like an armed man. – Proverbs 24:30-34

Lazy farmers don’t plow when they should; they expect a harvest, but there is none – Proverbs 20:4

“You see, Beloved ones, so rather than charging you with interest, interest is rather given to you — if you are diligent. This will be the most fruitful year for all My brides who continue to walk and cooperate with Me and heaven in what My Father intends to do here on earth.

I am also bringing divine order in every area of your life. There has been much disordered desires, still among My brides and you too little one. I am purifying and re-directing motives, attitudes, and circumstances for your favour to align with My will instead.

The Father prunes those who are bearing fruit so that they may bare even more fruit [John 15]. This is the work of My father and the time for the harvest is upon you My beloved ones. Please take heed to what I am saying and not discount My words. These next 6 months there will be much sacrifice and toiling I will demand of you.

Labour faithfully, and diligently then from summer until the end of the year. You will burst forth with joy, and the fruit of your life will be more than you could even imagine. I am rearranging to bring order, so do not fear the trials or sacrifices that come your way. Just simply say with childlike faith, ‘thank you Lord you’re bringing order,’ even though things around you may look contrary to that.

 I am bringing divine order to your families, in your marriages, in your ministries, in your health and in your finances.

For those who have been called to steward a gift or project provision, will come to you in abundance to complete what I have asked you to do. Right now, you are being refined in your character — so I can trust you with much and you won’t take credit for the gifts I give, or even take the provision and resources; I will provide and use it selfishly.

All I have been allowing you to go through is to build and strengthen you for this harvest that is coming. Be very excited My brides, oh so excited! The many unanswered prayers will be fulfilled this year, fruitfulness aah! Yes, you will see it.

Virtue will abound in you with every seed sown. Simply My brides what you sow you will reap. [2 Corinthians 9:6]

Galatians 5:22-23

Sow seeds of the spirit and you will bear the fruit, The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness. goodness, faith, gentleness, and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

Galatians 6:8

Sow seeds of the flesh and you will bear the fruit of the flesh.

Galatians 5:18-21

But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not carry out the desire of the flesh.  For the desire of the flesh is against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh; for these are in opposition to one another, in order to keep you from doing whatever you want. But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the Law. Now the deeds of the flesh are evident, which are: sexual immorality impurity, indecent behaviour, idolatry, witchcraft, hostilities, strife, jealousy, outbursts of anger, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions, envy, drunkenness, carousing, and things like these, of which I forewarn you, just as I have forewarned you, that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.

“So, My brides, I have made it clear for you, if you would follow My instructions and be led by — My Spirit, in all things this will be the year of the beginning of your greatest harvest. Look forward to all I shared with great anticipation and begin planting and sowing like never before.

“You ask, ‘Lord how do I sow? What do you I plant?’

“And I tell you, you can sow seeds of tears with — every trial and suffering offering that to Me where you want to see a harvest. You can sow with your prayers and sacrifices and you can plant with your resources in helping others, with your time, with your gifts cultivating them, with service, serving others, serving my church, and by acts of virtue rather than reactions of the flesh.”

Sowing is the act of tossing seeds in a controlled manner onto the soil in order to initiate their sprouting into baby plants. Planting is the act of taking a plant already established with roots, stem, and leaves, digging a hole, placing its roots into the hole, and filling the hole back in with the soil.

“So, what have you been praying for Me to do and in what area of your life? Began to sow and plant. Sow richly and plant deeply My beloved brides and you shall see the fruit of your labour.”

That was the end of Jesus message.