True Humility Has No Rights

Hello, Brothers, Sisters, and Heartdwellers family.

So, this morning, that young lady I spoke about, whom I prayed with concerning her marriage, received retaliation from our prayers. 

She got hit with a trial and called me wanting to quit it all. We both left the phone call the day before filled with courage and strength. I also got hit that morning. Lord, help us!  — as feelings of frustration were welling up in me as well. I had to talk her off the cliff, but at the same time, practice what I preached to her as I encouraged her, “Remember, the 40-day challenge — we are in this together we can’t give up or retreat.” 

I realized it came down to wanting to feel understood, and also wanting communication. We both wanted the same things, but I remembered what Jesus said — it’s pride that will be my downfall in always wanting to be understood. Sure enough, I pulled the Rhema,

“True humility has no rights…Pride makes its rights known — expects and demands them” 

Ouch, Lord, so true.

After receiving the Lord, I began to stare at the Blessed Mother’s image, asking for her help inside my heart. Recently, the biggest rift between Derrick and [me] has been my love, for Blessed Mother and the Scripture facts I gave him. He just isn’t having it and now is even fearful of our future. Please pray for him guys and us, it hasn’t been easy.

So, I came before the Lord

Good morning,  Jesus, what’s on your heart?

However, I felt Blessed Mother begin to speak to me, so I began writing.

Our Mother of Mercy began,

My beloved daughter, do not be moved or shaken — endure a bit longer. Your prayers are making strides — even with that precious soul. She is so dear to God. Please let her know that her prayers have been heard, and we have seen her endure through the most difficult of situations and the most painful of memories. 

“She is not alone in this, nor has she ever been. The Lord is doing an amazing work in her family and if she abandons the ship now, she will not see it and would rather, later on, regret it. The goodness of God is coming to reveal itself to her and her family. Encourage her to keep fighting in prayer and all will go well.”

And here I began to be bombarded with all sorts of thoughts that were distracting me and [I] felt like giving up on hearing Blessed Mothers’ voice.

She continued,

“Keep writing My beloved daughter, keep writing. Do not give in to fear and doubt. You will, one day soon, go back and read this message to find peace and will grow in confidence in all I have said.

“I want you to speak to you, beloved daughter, and to all the brides, about true humility.

“True humility is when a soul embraces all that they are and comes to the truth of who they are — and who they are not. Humility is simply the truth about something and the truth is, My brides, you are nothing without the Lord

“Why do so many find it difficult to embrace their nothingness, to die to self, and really accept their misery? Why? Because of pride. Far too many souls have expectations, demands, rights, and limitations [that] they put up where not even the Lord, can go beyond. He understands your pain, He understands your wounds and scars, but He is still calling many of you higher. It is in humility, where the greatest of graces are received and retained. That is why He so desires humility, humility, humility. The Lord desires to shower, so many graces upon so many souls —  but so much is lost because of pride.

It’s lost easily when Brotherly love is breached. When one seeks to make their opinion, desires, and will, superior to another, and indirectly superior to that of Christ. If souls would only abandon themselves and recognize every activity, however small in their lives, orchestrated by the Lord, then they wouldn’t react so much in the flesh, but humbly submit themselves, to the Lord’s moulding, and chisel — not defending themselves, not correcting another, not taking offense, and not stewing in resentment or bitterness of what has been done.

But Mother, it’s so hard,

Yes, it is Beloved, but that is where grace comes in My sweet daughter. Contemplate your Beloved Lord often in all that you do and it will become easier. When God is with you every day, and you have your heart and mind set on Him rather than your environment, it changes everything. When the devil comes with his antics you do not readily react, but rather respond with love. You are getting there, Beloved

Mother, I feel like, I am failing miserably, 

“I would rather say that you are getting up more courageously,” She said, smiling.

At last thing, You’re much too kind Mother — you are so humble.

Our Mother of Mercy continued,

Well, that is the truth, My child. Humble yourselves, My brides. Ask Me for the grace to continue to walk in ‘the little way’ in all things. Do not insist, demand, or expect your way in anything. Even if things aren’t being done to your liking and you know you can do them better, let it be. Even if you have asked something of someone, 100 times and they still do not do it — be patient.

“Even if someone oversteps their boundaries, and treats you with such malice, frustrates you, says something offensive, uses you and takes advantage of you, —rather than responding with an attitude that stays away from the person, holds grudges, and puts a wall up in your heart — forgive and Love them even more. 

“Be prudent in all your dealings, My brides. When it comes to souls, be discerning — do not entrust your heart to anyone because that sets one up for disappointment continuously. But even then, that shouldn’t stop you from loving them.

“Too many times it’s because of expectations placed on another. That is self-love which is a result of pride. Love selflessly, My beloved ones. Ask for this grace and even ask for the grace to keep it. And when you fall in the area of humility, do not beat yourself up, but rather dust yourself off and try again — even if it’s within that same day. For the Lord lays so many opportunities throughout the day for you to think of others [rather] than yourself. Now that is humility.

“That is all for now, My sweet little one. Courage and grace have been given to you, and all the brides, to walk in greater humility, and embrace the truth of your misery, which makes you walk more in lowliness than in haughtiness

 That was the end of Blessed Mother’s message.

40 Days Acts of Love Challenge

Hello, Brothers, Sisters, and Heartdwellers family.

This morning, I had just got off a prayer call with a friend of mine, and we were praying for marriages. During her discussion, she made a statement about doing acts of love towards those we love, and our family members as well.

I then remembered during the prayer, I got a Rhema from Stormie Omartian’s book ‘The Power of a Praying Woman’ – a prayer for the Lord to restore relationships. And it was so powerful, it brought me to tears because it was so on point with the family issues I was dealing with, and others that I have been praying for were dealing with.

Once I got off the phone with her, I did the Lord’s Supper and felt so encouraged, enthused, and somewhat excited. The Lord began to impress on my heart the movie, “Fireproof”, by the Kendrick brothers. Of a couple who were on the verge of separation and the husband was challenged by his Father, to do a 40-day love challenge to show love to his wife, and also to teach him how to love like Christ.

So I texted her the link to that movie as the Lord began to put it on my heart to do the same. I then pulled a Rhema and it said, “I have confirmed this path for you, move forward I am with you”. I thought, “You are speaking to me, Lord..” So I began writing.

Hello Lord, thank you for a fresh start today. And praying and talking with my sister greatly encouraged me. Lord, thank you for that time. Please give me wisdom on what to do next and how to prioritize, so that I may faithfully do your will.

Jesus began,

My Beloved one, I am here. I have always been here. Do not give in to the lies that you are all alone in your suffering and feelings. Did you not feel My presence so plainly last night when you two took a walk?

And as an aside, Derrick and I took a very long walk to and from the mall back home. Whilst walking, he tends to go ahead because he has longer legs, and mine, well –are short. I was wanting him to go at my pace because I felt I was walking alone. Then my hands got burning hot, and I knew Jesus was right next to me – in fact, holding my hands to walk alongside me… Aww, Jesus, He is so sweet!

Yes, Lord, my hands were burning hot.

Jesus responded,

Well, I was walking with you both. That was a consolation from Me so that you would have peace and know that every pain you feel, I feel too. We are in this together and will be victorious together Beloved one. I no longer want you fearful about seeing three sets of 5 anymore.”

By the way guys, I have mentioned this to you and so has Jesus through Mother Clare: that seeing three sets of the number five (like 555), is always an indication from the Holy Spirit that suffering is coming. I have seen so many here in Ghana, more than anywhere else. [The] last time I saw so many sets o  f five, was the day I was leaving Zambia, having no idea the ordeal I would have with malaria and being airlifted and admitted into the hospital.

Also, four years ago during my first trip to Ghana as Derrick’s fiancé, I left broken and brokenhearted. These were all great sufferings to me, so when I see that many, it means a really heavy trial is coming. So far, there have been trials at least every three to four days, but not major ones. I have been fearful a big trial is ahead because it’s been battle after battle.

Jesus continued,

I have shown you plenty, being here, because the time you two have in Ghana will be filled with much sacrifice and suffering. That is your lot, My dear one. So no longer allow this to get you anxious about what I permit to happen. You always think it worse than it is, which causes your cross to be much heavier.

“Just look to Me and thank Me for every time you see those numbers. Because with suffering comes grace and I promise you, Beloved, with every sacrifice, will come much consolation. Whatever I permit Derrick and you to go through, although it may be difficult and painful, know that I will always bring restoration and healing at the end.

“Remember, love deepens when purified. It may not feel like it, but I am deepening the love between you two. So thank Me for it instead and no longer believe the enemy’s lies concerning what I have promised. He will be a faithful husband. There is much opposition coming against you two because of various enemies, some within your family. But keep your eyes on Me and your heart fixed in My peace and no longer be moved by the slightest action or words spoken, or not spoken.

“When I mentioned breakthrough was coming, it was relational breakthrough that I am going to bring for all My brides. So rejoice instead! It is the darkest before the dawn and it’s coming for all My brides. The inspiration that was spoken through your sister and given to you this morning was from My Spirit. I want all My brides to do this 40-day challenge. You can call it ‘40-Day Act of Love’, for what you do to the least of these you have done unto Me (Matthew 25:40)

“My Beloved brides, as holidays come to a head, the enemy has planned many devices, situations, and circumstances to rather cause strife, division, anger, and arguments instead. Whereas I want to bring peace, joy, and hope in abundance this holiday season, which is a reflection of My Spirit. And I want to use my brides as vessels.

“There are 42 days left until the end of the year and I want you to be intentional. My brides, whom are you striving with? Who has offended you, or rather with whom are you finding it difficult to grow in your friendship and relationship? Is it your spouse, a family member, an old friend, your neighbor, a co-worker who is it? I want you to sit before me and release that person into My care.

“Choose the closest one to you that you are having difficulty with and do a 40-day Act of Love for them. Love is an action and often times you say it so loosely, not understanding the gravity of the word love. For I am love in the flesh. To say you love someone is to say you “love them like Me”.  So reveal My heart, My character, and My love this holiday season with that person chosen.

“Use your journals and each day, think of acts of love that will make them feel appreciated, loved, understood, heard, and seen. And if they dismiss your gestures, do not acknowledge it or even reject it do it anyway again the next day. Do not give up or stop, My Beloved ones, because in these 40 days I will do a miracle in your heart and theirs as well.

“You have been taught to love with condition but My love, love’s without condition. So you will be met many times with indifference and ingratitude with your acts of love, but do not let that deter you. I am growing you and training you to love as I do. Let this be a fun time for you and Me because I will work with you on this. Come up with creative ideas to show the person you care for them. Put your desires and preferences aside and do what they desire.

“Think ahead and have things ready for them, serve them, be attentive to their need. It’s the smallest gesture that will mean much something they have asked you to do or made it known that they really like, but you have disregarded doing it. And each day, add on to your act of love and see if you are not transformed by the end of this year. I am giving this challenge to all My brides.

“Each of you have that person right now in mind. Do not push, or demand your way in any way, but simply love act out this love without getting any recognition or thank you back each day if it doesn’t come. You just trust Me, continue to love, continue to give yourself, and make them loved and I will do the transformation.

“Know the enemy of your soul will want to make many of you discouraged even halfway into it because you will see no fruit or change. This challenge is not to change the person with whom you are called to love, but rather to change you. And in the process, trust Me, my Beloved ones, they will be changed as well.

“It would do you well, My little one, to go a bit deeper with this and see the areas where you have slacked off. It’s the little things that are asked of you that you disregard as nothing that mean something. So just do them.

Yes Lord, thank you for this beautiful word. Give us all the grace to preserve in love, in acts of love for this challenge.

Lord what about what I discussed with Mother Clare – is that your will?

Yes, Beloved, I give you My demands, but submitting to your covering is always best. Pull back and out from all these other projects for now and focus your attention here in Ghana. You have been waiting for the go ahead and I give that to you now. It’s time to begin making preparations to build the City of God community. Let that be priority.

“Don’t stop helping those in need but let the need for the community and the various projects needed to complete this vision, be a priority. I will help you with this. I gave you a very wise and capable husband to execute this. I know what I have shown you and given you to do, but now the two of you have become one and are together.

“Be open to his opinions and the vision I give him. I have made it clear there will be many contradictions you will face, and you will encounter some here. Do not be fearful, but submit to his leading, direction, and design. Share what I have given you to do and leave it with him.

“I will begin to deal with him in areas where he may be inserting his will rather than mine, but this will help build a level of trust in him and more so in Me. I am working Beloved, be patient, be humble and be excited. No longer allow fear to steal your joy and ingratitude to steal your praise. I love you, My little dove let’s get to work.”

And that was the end of Jesus’ message.

So family, for those who haven’t watched the Fireproof movie I encourage you to watch it. It’s a family-friendly movie and it’s so good. The focus of the movie is marriage but as Jesus said, this challenge is for all His brides. There’s someone in your life you can always love better, it doesn’t have to be a spouse. So think hard and let’s do this together!

I am going to be posting on the community tab on the channel starting Monday, a reminder of what day we are on and maybe even some tips. I would love for those who will do this challenge as Jesus requested to use the community tab on the channel as a forum for us all to communicate. Please post in the comments daily any creative ideas you come up with, so another may use that to show an act of love.

Share photos of what you do. Share even your failures or road bumps that happen, because we’re here to encourage one another when we fall, to continue to persevere in love. It makes a world of difference when you have others persevering with you. This is also a time we can also pray for one another’s relationships whomever the person you are doing this challenge for – and pray for one another.

So what do you say? Will join us in this challenge? If so, please comment on the post, Monday!

God bless you family. Can’t wait to see what the next 40 days does to us.

Journey Around the Mountain

Hello, Brothers, Sisters, and Heartdwellers family. May we be given the grace of humble obedience not only to Jesus but to our superiors. And as leaders, may we be given the grace to walk in great love toward the souls the Lord entrusts to us.

I pulled three Rhemas this morning that slightly confused me.

[The] first said, Holy Obedience to Your superiors”.  I thought to myself, hmm I am not on the mountain in the community and there isn’t anything Mother Clare or Father Ezekiel have asked me to do lately that I haven’t done. So I thought, okay, this may be a forewarning of something to come

The next said, “Do your duty at any cost” As a mother and novice mistress. I am paraphrasing but the card referenced St. Therese and how she wasn’t afraid to correct or admonish souls under her care. She knew that souls didn’t know what was best for them and judged according to what they desired, not what was most necessary to sanctify them. So she was encouraging me to not let things slip.

I thought to myself, who, Lord? Hmm, it had me thinking…

The last card said, Take care of your flock. Check on those closest to you to see how they are doing. So I began to reach out to some of the members of the group to see how they were doing and reached out to Mother Clare asking her if there was anything I had skipped over, even here in Ghana, that I was supposed to do. However, everything came to a head when I got a call in the evening from a member on the mountain and they were being asked to leave. They were hurting and angry and had a lot to say. I remember listening wondering if I should stop them from venting, but I let them continue and prayed with them after getting off the phone.

Derrick was there and heard the conversation and said you should call back and correct some things they said and shouldn’t have said. To be honest I didn’t want to because I didn’t want them to respond in anger and wanted to make it a peaceful night. But then the Rhema popped into my head, and I discerned [that] the two Rhemas I got that morning were about them and the Lord wanted me to call back. Oh boy, I sighed,— prayed, and called them back. To my surprise, they had calmed down and received all I said in correction. [I encouraged] them to follow holy obedience and that the Lord [had wanted] to crush their pride that they weren’t willing to die to, which led to this situation.

The next morning the Lord began to speak to me about this.

Good morning, Lord. What on your heart? Sorry, Lord, my health is disturbing me a Little Lord

As an aside, I was distracted that morning because I noticed I was gaining weight very rapidly. Very unusual for me and I wasn’t eating that much but kept gaining and having different types of health issues I hadn’t had in the past. Then when I went to the Lord about it asking if it was an assignment or even a curse, I got “Holy Spirit”, to my surprise. I remembered the Lord had told me to always do a 3-day fast [when] entering into a new country and I forgot, coming to Ghana. I didn’t and felt that I should.

Jesus began,

I am here, Beloved. Thanks for coming again. The thoughts that flooded your mind are from Me. It would be good to do a three-day liquid fast as I had asked you to anytime you travel leaving [from one] country into another. A lot could have been avoided, My little one. Derrick and you doing it together will help your physical and spiritual health, especially before the traditional ceremony.

“Offer the fast not just [as a] detox for bodies, but for your families as well. I am doing many things behind the scenes that you do not know of but will soon reveal [themselves] by the end of the year. Press in a bit more, Beloved, and no longer lean into you your feelings, your emotions, or lack thereof.

“The enemy will continue to steal from you and time is short my little one. Be very diligent with your time now and begin to get the things asked of you, done. Your feelings are a reflection of your flock as well.

“They need to be encouraged and inspired again concerning what I am doing here in Ghana and the many different nations, and how they are so vital to the work I have entrusted to each of them. Yes, each of them matters, each of them is important and their prayers are powerful. Remind them of that, beloved one.

Yes Lord,

And no longer concern yourself with what you don’t see — but with what I have promised. I am faithful very faithful. You, more than anyone, should know that. Be faithful to the times of adoration I have set before you and I will do wondrous works, Beloved. You are not at a standstill as you think, but rather there is much opposition coming against you.

“The vision Father Ezekiel gave you was indeed a shadow of what you’re going through. Although, it was interpreted quite literally, which is not the case. But the enemy wants you bound in your emotions, bound in your spiritual life, and bound as he abuses you with thoughts and pains of the past to stifle your future.

“This has been a grave suffering indeed, such anguish of the soul you are going through. Endure a bit longer, Beloved. So much fruit is being derived now to set many others free — and preparing the way for Me to move in your family and in your marriage to tether you two together, in sync for the work I have prepared for you.

“So you have cried out and I have heard, and I tell you, move forward, Beloved, and simply get what needs to be done, done. Do not procrastinate with the inspirations I have given you, but rather move forward in courage.”

Thank you, Lord, for your words of encouragement! Thank you, Jesus. Do you have any words on your heart for our flock?

Yes, My dove, I want to talk about brotherly love and the power of holy obedience. I know, you have been grieved about what transpired on the mountain, but I am in the midst of these turning events, Beloved. Much can be learned from this. As a leader and Mother, it is so important not to be quick to judge, speak or have conversations about others when they are not present. I have told you this more than once and you have even fallen prey to this bad habit this week — when you got frustrated with a soul.

“You see, gossip releases an abhorrent fragrance to Me and all of heaven. You don’t see it as gossip many times, but it doesn’t intend to start off that way. Rather a soul calls with a complaint about another soul immediately nip it in the bud, Beloved, do not allow them to vent. First, ask them if they have talked to that soul personally and let them share their concern under the guise of confession. Then come to Me, pray about it, and even encourage the soul to reach out to their brother and sister to talk about it and make peace before you step in.

“Many times a soul vents — thinks about it — then rather than speaking to their brother in love they let that situation die, but the resentment is not dead within them because of that offense or situation. So it will rather raise its ugly head at another time.

“This was a great lesson for you. When you begin to run your own community, that can cause scandal and so much hurt to the souls I bring you. That is very important. I am teaching you all to be like that of a heavenly church where brotherly love, transparency, gentleness, and honesty reign amongst all — especially leadership.

“However, My beloved brides, even if that falls short you can never go wrong with holy obedience — holy obedience is obedience to My will and to your covering especially in community. That is very important. The closer you get to a leader the more their humanity — their weaknesses are so much more apparent. However, I anointed them, I chose them to lead and entrusted their soul to you in spite of it.

Too often do souls see their covering rather than seeing Me. It is Me that chisel you with every blow, every instruction, every direction, and every correction. It is Me that allows and forms every lesson of humiliation, contradiction, and persecution to humble you and to teach you obedience.

“Although being Son, I learned obedience from what I suffered (Hebrews 5:8) and when I was made perfect the Father led Me to begin My ministry. Do you understand, My little ones? Although God I laid My divinity down to be a humble servant and had to be perfected in My ‘Yes’, to the Father.

I was humiliated by the parents and the children within My neighborhood, many times because of jealousy. We were mocked because of our humble and poor life. I was constantly haggled by elders who felt they were older, wiser, and knowledgeable. And who was I, but a little boy trying to teach them and the other children? But they could not deny the anointing, power, and truth that came from My words. But yet, I was obedient to the Father ­—  to His work. I was given the ultimate cup of humiliation during My passion through betrayal — the most horrific and derogatory words said to me, spat at, beat up by all the religious leaders, and then nailed naked to the cross for all to see — all in obedience to the will of God.

“I drank the cup, will you? Living a communal life, your cup will be one of sacrifice. It can be late nights when you want to go to sleep, early mornings because you have to get up to take care of your community responsibilities — being harshly corrected and admonished privately or publicly —  talked about in a negative light — rejected, treated partially while another is treated favorably — being overlooked, and thought as of one with little to no value.

 It can be [you’re] asked to do something you don’t want to do, eating something you despise or dislike, enduring through one of your brother’s and sister’s bad habits or bad attitudes, sickness, and pain in your body, receiving injurious words or being accused of something you didn’t even do. All of these and so much more will be found in a communal life especially one that seeks to grow you in holiness, That you can bank on, Beloved ones.

“That is why I have brought you there, to set you apart, to sanctify you. All the saints had to endure through these various trials and so much more forsaking themselves at the altar for love of Me and being perfected in love. That is what holy obedience does. When you obey every counsel, instruction, and directive as if it was from Me, however absurd it may be. When you begin to question, doubt, have resentment — and worse, you begin to contend with your leadership and covering, you are then headed to your own end, Beloved ones. For it’s the devil that is on a soul’s back who will not yield to obedience because obedience is your protection.

“The journey around the mountain can be [a] one day journey, or forty days around the mountain — you choose My beloved ones. When a lesson is not comprehended, but rather fought and resisted I then move you on somewhere else to learn that lesson again until you pass the test. Please cooperate with Me, My beloved ones, and know that those I put over you will be weak, full of faults in so many more ways than you can count. But it does not discount the role I have given them as your Father and Mother entrusted to be held accountable for your soul and guide you in the path of holiness.

“You see, if you obey Me through them, then I can easily correct their faults. I will bring such strong conviction and reveal their blind spots to humble them as well because all, from the least to the greatest, can always grow in more humility. But when you resist and rather contend with them, I will cause you to fall instead, for pride proceeds a fall.

Do not see holy obedience as a restriction or means of control. But it’s rather [a] means to protect and cause you to be fruitful in every area of your life. Trust Me, My beautiful brides, those who are called to live in communities, this will be a tough lesson all will have to go through. Heed my words now and it won’t be so painful later. That is all for now, My beloved one.

Be sensitive to My voice and leading throughout the day. I will use your hands and feet to touch those I love and those who are in need of comfort. Reach out in faith and I will do the rest.”

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

Prayer to Annihilate Evil Encroachment

This prayer was written by Mother Elisabeth to combat the oppression of the enemy when it gets too difficult.

You see, encroachment is intrusion on a person’s territory, or rights. The Lord allows suffering and uses the demons as his policemen to train us in warfare and even sanctify us. However, many times the demons know when souls are carrying a cross willingly for Jesus. They will take it a step further by going past the boundaries that are permitted by God and that is when we can declare the Law of Encroachment. Because the demons are dogs on a chain and if we give them room, they will take it a lot further to bring such heavy oppression that brings hopelessness. That is how you can know that you are being encroached upon.

Jesus said, (1 Corinthians 10:13), “No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.”

Prayer To Annihilate Evil  Encroachment

I take authority, in the Mighty Name of Jesus the Christ, and shut down all evil, demonic encroachment, revoking the enlistment to enlarge hell, obstructing the diabolical schemes of persuasion, disguising sin to attract. I command, decree, and declare a hedge about the soft targets of impressionable hearts of the easily persuaded, guarding against the iniquities of the works of the flesh, starving its appetite to feed. I diminish hell’s strategy to enlist souls in the name of Jesus.

I overt the lies and the deception of the evil spirits and all demonic entities exposing the tactics to undermine. I Divinely intercept, blocking the spheres of condemnation. There Is no condemnation in Christ Jesus, whom the Son set free is free indeed. I speak forth Divine reversal annulling every diabolical thought employed to divert the Voice of God, for the sheep knows the Lord’s Voice and a stranger he will not follow; in the name of Jesus.

I seize recurring thoughts of the past designed to obstruct the future. I take cover under the wings of the Almighty God shielding the righteous. I speak forth cease and desist unto the encroaching spirits. I unblock the spirit of control. I deny access, expunging manifestations. A shield constructed before us obstructing the arrows by day and countering the terror by night in the name of Jesus. I invoke the Law of Encroachment, I call upon the holy angels to remove all evil creatures and to break this operation over us. I declare in the name of Jesus those actions against us to be encroachment against our rights on earth and ask the holy warring angles to enforce this law now in the Mighty Name of Jesus the Christ!, Amen!

“Do Not be Discouraged by Your Trials, My Brides, You are Being Trained!” | Jesus

Hello, Brothers, Sisters, and Heartdwellers Family,

The past few days have been a struggle in various ways, and I have just been really missing Jesus — longing for Him, to see Him, to be with Him like I used to. He truly is the one who fulfills me and makes me whole in all things. I received a Rhema a couple of days ago about when consolations are taken that He will bring them back when it’s most useful for me. So, I now understood the dryness and was willing to persevere in it. All the songs He played this morning were encouraging to let everything go, to place my burdens at His feet, and to let go of control — simply to abandon myself again to Him.

So, after receiving the Lord this morning, I came before Him.

Hello, good morning, Lord.

I come to you laying my burdens before you and thanking you for your wholeness and healing my heart and strengthening me to preserver through many uncertainties.

Jesus began,

“I am here, beloved one.”

Oh, Jesus how I have so missed you! Seeing your face, being held by you and comforted — I miss our times so much!

“Well, I am never a far-off, Beloved, and I am still available for you. When I remove consolations, it’s not so you will be punished, but rather I am disciplining you.”

“Look up the word ‘discipline’, Beloved.”

So, I looked it up and it read, the definition of Discipline:

The practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience.

And I thought, hmm Lord, it says “punishment”. But something nudged me to go a bit deeper and there was a recommended drop-down that popped up on Google saying, What is the real meaning of Discipline:

To train or develop by instruction, and exercise especially in self-control. To bring (a group) under control discipline troops.

I thought, Oooh! I see where Jesus is going!

Jesus continued,

“You see here what the description says?? Thank you for going a bit deeper!

“Discipline is not always a form of punishment, but rather an exercise to train a soul. So that Rhema you received a few days ago, you immediately fell under condemnation — and you have been there for a while, Beloved! Anytime you are under condemnation, you know very well that demons of insecurity, fears, scrupulosity, anxiety, and discouragement follow to pull you down. If the devils can keep you down, then you can’t look up at Me or anyone else.  You have no courage to move forward, but rather paralyzed within yourself and circumstance, and it translates to everyone else around you. They condemn you so you then can condemn others.

“Hence the accusations they have been throwing at you concerning your marriage, ministry, and all My demands that I have graced you to do. Once and for all, Beloved, embrace your misery, your weakness! And when you came to Me today as you did, humble, contrite, and asking for My help — I ran to your aid — to pull you up to Myself by My grace, to restore your strength and hope once again!

I am training you, Beloved, not only in lasting perseverance, patience, endurance, [and] gratitude, but ultimately to fight the good fight of faith, and to finish — endure until the end.

“All My brides are still in training. So many of you have been weary in battle, but the battle itself is training My beloved ones!

Suffering, although painful, has a purpose. The way you respond to the trials of this life can help you grow in grace and faith or cause you to become bitter and resentful. Many times, the latter happens. But I am training My brides to take a different approach. When you trust Me, knowing that all is permitted and ordained by My hands, you can trust no matter how long the dark night is, no matter how various the trials and temptations — that I am working it out for your good!

My brides, you are gaining spiritual muscles, in places you never had them before. Trust Me!”

Then the Scripture in Joel 2 popped into my mind. So, I looked it up:  

Joel 2:7-11

At the sight of them, nations are in anguish;every face turns pale. They charge like warriors; they scale walls like soldiers!They all march in line, not swerving from their course. They do not jostle each other; each marches straight ahead.

They plunge through defenses without breaking ranks. They rush upon the city; they run along the wall. They climb into the houses; like thieves, they enter through the windows. Before them, the earth shakes. Before them the earth shakes, the heavens tremble, the sun and moon are darkened, and the stars no longer shine.

The Lord thunders at the head of His army; His forces are beyond number, and mighty is the army that obeys His command. The day of the Lord is great; it is dreadful! Who can endure it?

Jesus continued,

The army of Locust referenced in Joel can be likened to that of My brides. You are warriors, although so small in the eyes of men! And even in your own eyes, which is a good place to be. You wonder, can your life be used for anything? I tell you it is being used now! And it will continue to be used at a greater measure in the times ahead!

“I am not just looking for souls who will do great exploits — but great men, women, and children of faith! The times ahead will be so very dark that it [will] seem as though the heavens are closed because it will be the time for darkness to reign. The time when Satan and the Antichrist with his servants will be given all dominion of the entire world — and even the church! But in the end, I will prevail, ‘For the gates of hell will not prevail against My Church’. [Matt. 16:18]

“However, in those times, who will stand?”

Luke 18:7-8

And shall not God avenge His own elect, which cry day and night unto Him, though he bear long with them? I tell you that he will avenge them speedily! Nevertheless, when the Son of man cometh, shall He find faith on the earth?

“As it is written, if the time were not shortened, even the elect would be deceived. [Matt. 24:22]

So you see, beloved ones, when I come back in My Second Coming, will I find faith on the earth? That is how bad it will be. So horrific will be the events, creatures, and beings, that man’s hearts will fail them because of terror.

“Many will leave the Church in droves because they never put their faith in Me. They were never taught how to suffer, to embrace suffering, to ‘count it all joy’ and preserver, endure, and be patient in trials and tribulation. They were never taught, and because of it, many will fall away.

“But you, My beloved doves, I am preparing and training you in that now!  So it bears repeating: do not look for relief in this life, but look for My gaze, My love, My embrace that will be a source of strength and consolation for you! I am training My brides to be a mighty Warrior Army, ready for war! “You will march in perfect formation, which is perfect love, that you may be lacking in nothing. You will not swerve from the course that I will lead you on because you have come to trust Me as your Good Shepherd even when it looks impossible. You will not jostle one another, but each will proceed in their own path because you would have come to know My Spirit and know that there is One Spirit with different members, with different gifts, and that you need one another!

“There will be no competition or jealousy formed among the ranks; each will know its place, love their place, and encourage one another in the gifts because it benefits Me, My Body, My Church, and you, as well. You will burst through every defense the enemy has set up without ever breaking ranks! You will storm cities with the fire of My Spirit and the fire of My love and the outpouring of My power!

“Running, you will not grow faint; and climbing, you will not be weary because I have taught you, My brides, that when you speak to the mountain and it’s not removed, sometimes you have to climb it! And you have climbed, because you suffered, you travailed in prayer, rejoiced in hope, persisted, endured your tribulation, and have been long-suffering with the mountains before you until they were removed. And because you have loved Me and not abandoned your cross, your faith has been tried like fire in gold! Unbendable, untainted, and strong you will be to withstand every type of device, evil and diabolical intimidation that will reign in the time of darkness — because you have been trained!

“So, every interior suffering, the anguish of your soul, sickness, disappointment, attacks of your mind, and soul; every form of persecution the devils have barraged you with, is working out for your good! They are the tools and instruments I am using to form you, chisel you, and mold you into the strong warriors you will become! Although, in their pride, they don’t realize they are working for Me, and you, for My Glory.

“Don’t get discouraged by your trials, My brides! Endure, and be trained.”That was the end of Jesus’ message.

My Prayer To God, Lord Strengthen Me

Lord, I thank you for suffering and dying on the cross for me, and for rising again to defeat the devil and hell. My enemy is defeated because of what You have done. Thank you that You have given me all authority over him (Luke 10:19). By the power of Your Holy Spirit I can successfully resist the devil and he must flee from me (James 4:7). Show me when I am not recognizing the encroachment of the enemy in my life. Teach me to use the authority You have given me to see him defeated in every area.

Reveal to me any place in my life where I am walking in disobedience. If I have given the enemy a place in my protective armor through which he can secure a hook, show me so I can rectify it. Gird me with strong faith in You and Your Word. Help me to fast and pray regularly in order to break any strongholds the enemy is trying to erect in my life.

Lord, I know that in the midst of the battle I don’t have to be fainthearted. I don’t have to be afraid in the face of the enemy, (Deuteronomy 20:3) Thank You that even though the enemy tries to take me captive to do his will, You have given me the power to escape his snares completely, (2 Timothy 2:26). Thank You that You have delivered me from him, (Psalm 18:17) and You are my shield because I live Your way, (Proverbs 2:7).  Help me to “not be overcome by evil”, but instead, give me the strength to “overcome evil with good”, (Romans 12:21). Hide me in the secret place of Your presence from the plots of evil men, (Psalm 31:20). Thank you that I will never be brought down by the enemy as long as I stand strong In you.

God’s promise to You;

The Lord is faithful, who will establish you and guard you from the evil one. (2 Thessalonian 3:3)

Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. 14 Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 16 In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17 Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God, 18 And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people. (Ephesians 6:13-18)

When the tempest passes, the wicked is no more, but the righteous is established forever, (Proverbs 10:25)

Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil,  (Ephesians 6:10-11)

Friendship with God | “I Care”

Hello Brothers, Sisters, and Heartdwellers family. I had a hard fall in discernment. As you know we have been praying for Derrick to get an interview with the US Embassy to get a visa so he can come to the mountain. However, in Sierra Leone, he was denied. I was so distraught, unaware of what God had planned — and that very denial is what propelled Derrick and [me] to get married. So Jesus truly is in the denials and the delays, working it out for our good. However, the day he got denied, my cousin got a notification of another date for an interview for the US Embassy in Ghana. Derrick was adamant that he didn’t want to try again, and that we should give it time. But I discerned outside of him and was persistent that he had to go. It was the Lord, right? It wasn’t a coincidence that a date popped up the same day he was denied.

However, I didn’t submit myself to his judgments and went full steam ahead, although we had many conversations of [his] sharing with me his hesitation of going to the interview and fear of being rejected again. I received this message the day of his interview and I thought I heard the Lord say to not worry, that he would get the visa, and many other things in the message. I went with peace and full assurance that he would get it. And not only that, [but] this would also increase his Faith in my discernment and messages I get from the Lord. Boy was I wrong, I wreaked of pride, pride,  pride,  Even when I discerned this message I got Pride and immediately referred it to something else.

He got denied. The truth is I was getting warnings about suffering and humiliation, and I was afraid to be humiliated in this way. I was afraid to again to carry this cross. When we got home, we had the biggest fight ever and the Lord made it known to me He allowed this failure in discernment because of my pride. I began to question the whole message wanting to delete it and was so discouraged. This was the biggest surprise in my plans because it means I would have to stay in Ghana for maybe 1-2 years for him to apply another way. I know I am called to Ghana, and this is our mission, but I didn’t plan on it turning out this way. I didn’t even bring all my items from the mountain, and we weren’t on the same page concerning so many things about the mission. I just didn’t understand.

Can you guys see my pride and lack of faith again? I reasoned with myself, “Well the first time he was denied something amazing came out of it, something amazing is around the corner,” it has to be because I didn’t know what to do next at this point.

I removed the paragraphs there were my flesh and submitted the remaining message for others to discern because I felt some of it was from the Lord and sure enough what you are about to hear is from Jesus now that my prideful statements are removed. But it hasn’t been easy, these past few days, trying to get the courage to hear from Jesus again and that is why there has been such a lag in messages. Please forgive me. Pray for me guys, to walk in greater humility and trust in the Lord in this new season.

So I came before the Lord,

Good morning, I had a wonderful time in worship. But more things have risen to my mind, and I realize I fear humiliation, Lord. I know much suffering is coming,  so I am a bit hesitant about everything.

Jesus began,

“Well, don’t be, Beloved, we are in this together. You know, you don’t suffer alone and when humiliated, you are not humiliated alone either. I share in all your sufferings, inconveniences, and pain from the least to the greatest.”

Then Jesus began to encourage us to go and see the land for the City of God Community. It’s about an hour and half away.

Jesus continued,

“He will be greatly inspired when you go. And follow the inspiration in putting together a small pamphlet about the vision and mission of City of God, easy for anyone to read and catch the vision. This can be given to others to look over, to get inspired and want to help. I desire to show My mercy in this place, and it will begin there.

“Do not worry, all things will work out as I plan it, Beloved, not as you planned it. So detach from how I work things out and how you want things to be. But you can trust My faithfulness to get you to the expected end, Beloved.

“For now stay prayerful and at my feet to receive counsel each day. Finish the tasks that I put before you. Please be oh so very diligent, Beloved, no longer be lax or hesitant about things. I am giving Derrick the grace right now to really come on board and help you fulfill the instructions I provide you two.”

I also had some concerns about the wedding. With things ramping up I received some counsel that we shouldn’t do a wedding since we were married. Plus, my family here would really like to take control over that ceremony and many assignments can be placed on us. So I was seeking the Lord [as] whether to let go of that desire or to move forward and if it was his will.

Jesus responded to my thoughts,

That day will be one of great elation and joy beyond imagining for what My mother intends to do. Miracles upon miracles, or different little miracles…,

Ha! and I felt Jesus singing that. It’s from a song called Promise by Maverick City which Holy Spirit loves to play over me — and used that as a promise for Derrick’s and my marriage.

Jesus continued

“Miracles too numerous to the count. It will be a day when I will be truly glorified by all. Pray into that time and get your bridal group to do the same. They will see what it looks like when Heaven puts a marriage and a wedding together. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of all the details. You have no idea how much it means to Me and My mother.

 “So many think I am a God so far —  just concerned with the big things — too busy to get involved with the small things in life. But it’s the small things, rather,  that show your great trust in Me. That is why I love to work with you. Continue to seek My Mother out in every detail and every direction you take in planning this wedding event.

“She is beyond excited, and many surprises will be in store for you leading up to that time. So do not worry about anything. Whatever may present itself, whatever discouraging dreams you may have, or situations that may look like roadblocks. You pray and it will move, you adore Me, and it will be utterly destroyed. Trust Me once more and I will do what I have said.”

Thank you, Lord, you’re so amazing. You’re the best friend I could ever ask for — and more.

“Well, that is what I desire to be for all My brides. My beloved ones, why do you still keep the hidden details of your heart from Me?  I care — I care how you wear your hair, what you wear, what you like, and don’t like. I care what you prefer, I care about your struggles at work, home, or on tasks that I have given you to do.

“I care about the friendships you desire, the loneliness you feel,  your insecurities, and quirky things only I know that cause you to have low self-esteem. I care — I care about where you will work, even where you park and where you will sit when you enter a room or are flying on a plane.

“I care and desire to help you make these seemingly unimportant decisions. Do you know the most insignificant moments of your life are orchestrated by Me? I care what grocery store you choose to shop in, where your kids go to school, who your kid’s teacher is—even to the programs you love to watch that bring you joy and fun,  holy entertainment when you feel you need to get away a little. I care.

“I care about the pain you feel for your family or the wounds you have incurred by betrayals by those who were supposed to love you. I care about the heartbreak you just had or that young girl or young boy you are crushing over. I care, I am there with you and for you, and desire to do life with you.

“Come to Me about all of these things, nothing is too little or insignificant for your God.

“I am interested in what you have to say. I am interested in how you feel, I am interested to know the desires of your heart, your fears, your doubts, and what excites you. I am interested. Some say, ‘But you’re God, You know all of these things.’ But I say to you I am, but I am also a man, and I desire a relationship with you. That is what I died for, you that you may be with me where I am. There is no need to wait until we get to Heaven, let’s begin now.

“Talk to Me you as would your best friend. When you feel the need to vent, it’s okay, come to me instead. I am the best listener, and I will protect you from what gossip and detraction can do when you vent to another. Be very honest with Me, brutally honest with Me about how you feel. I can take it, trust Me.

“Don’t shy or hide your feelings of anger, resentment, and even unforgiveness you have towards Me. My merciful love is available and will not only envelope you, but embrace you wholly, washing you clean, restoring your hope, your love, and your trust in Me again.

“I love you, My brides, more than you can know, and I will do anything to have a relationship with you —personal, intimate, and monogamous. Will you do the same for Me? Seek me out until you find Me, (Jeremiah 29:13). I am always speaking — and once you’re done speaking, pull Rhemas and see if I don’t respond so clearly to your plight, — to what you have just shared and what you want to know.

“I want to talk to all souls in this personal intimate way. There is nothing special about this little one besides that she keeps coming in faith and writing and she is not afraid to be humbled in discernment, because that comes with this gift. How else will you learn?

“This gift is made available to all My beloved ones for I said in Scripture ‘My sheep hear My voice and the voice of the stranger they will not follow.’ (John 10:27) meaning all have the ability to know Me, to be taught by Me (John 6:45), to hear my voice, and to follow it. Come, My sweet dove, come to be befriended by the one who loves you the most. I wait for you.

Here I paused, thinking Jesus was finished but I got Laziness in discerning this because he had more He wanted to say.

Jesus continued,

“Continue to write, Beloved, it is all well. You see, My brides, it begins with the pureness of heart to hear My voice. You must be honest with yourself and be honest with Me. Too many of you are attached to the outcomes of things. Or,  like this little one, attached to the way I do things.  At least she comes to Me, honest about what she desires, but then submits to My will. Don’t be afraid of My will, beloved ones. Too many of you fear what I will say, what I will ask you to do or what I will ask you to give up. Don’t you know I will meet you where you are and give you the grace to do all that I ask you to do?

“Just trust Me and come to Me empty, barren, naked.  After you share your opinions and preferences, leave them at my feet, and just as I told the Father, it is my desire that the cup passes from Me, but in all this nevertheless, Father your will be done.

“Say that — do that — and every time I will make My direction clear to you. I will give you the grace to understand My instructions and to hear My voice. For a pure soul is so irresistible to Me and only desires what I desire.

“And from that very desire, they hear me much more clearly. It takes faith and time but so many are unwilling to try or even start. Please, My brides, don’t weary Me with your unbelief. You just come and I will speak to you.

“Friendship with God should be the most sought-after thing in My body. But unfortunately, so much prosperity has taken that place. So many seek Me for what they can get, what I can do for them and what they want rather than what My will is in their lives and to know My heart which aches for the consolation of My brides, the friendship of My brides the companionship of My brides. I long for you, and I need you in this way.

Dreams of Coming WW3 and Warning of Food Shortages

Hello, Brothers. Sisters, and Heartdwellers family. As I mentioned I received a message from two members who had profound dreams. One was about World War III and the other was [a] confirmation about the coming recession. Each dream was given to me the day I received the message.

This is from the first soul:

“I had a Dream I would like to share with you, about the war, [that] I dreamed it this morning. I just woke up from the dream, and in this dream, my Mom said that the war was going to happen in two days. I said to her, then we all need to start praying more. [It] seemed to me it was like 24 hours a day that Jesus wanted us to pray so He can extend Mercy to the whole world to give us more time because He didn’t want the war to start yet. And then my Mother told me that it was going to happen inevitably. And then I told her, ‘But Mom, Jesus extends Mercy, He can change the times on when the war will happen if we just pray — pray for More Time More Grace More Mercy.’ Then somewhere out of the blue, somebody talked about the war happening in two weeks. Then I said, ‘Well [I] guess we [had] better start PRAYING.’ but I felt a deep sorrow for all FAMILY MEMBERS who are NOT READY — and FRIENDS — and SORROW FOR THOSE THAT WEREN’T PRAYING ENOUGH. I don’t know what this means. I know a lot of us here at the mountain are praying as much as possible. I BELIEVE THE HOLY SPIRIT IS TELLING ME THAT ALL AROUND THE WORLD, A LOT OF PEOPLE [WHO] ARE HIS ARE NOT PRAYING ENOUGH. THEY ARE LIVING THEIR LIVES AND IN THE WORLD. When I got up and talked to my husband about it and I said I wonder if this dream is from the Lord. It was 8:33 in the morning. The Blood of Jesus on this message.”

Wow, family. I believe what she is saying is correct. We all need to pray more, unceasingly. I know many of us are so weary in praying — weary in praying because we haven’t seen what the Lord has promised, and things haven’t happened, and so we want to give up on praying.  But guys, it’s our prayers that are so effective and I’ll share with you at the end of this message, a Rhema that I got twice this week from Blessed Mother, kind of confirming that, not just for me, but for all of you. Your prayers are so effective and powerful. Please continue to pray for more time, more grace, more mercy.

This is a second dream from another soul. She had two dreams:

Dreams by Lisa

“I had a dream someone told me that everyone should write down their passwords and have a hard copy because, for whatever reason, when a blackout occurs, the passwords will not automatically save as they usually do. It was a weird thing to dream about, but I got Obedience in the Bible Promise Book”.

The second dream she had,

“Hi, I wanted to share a dream I had about [an] increase in food prices. In the dream, I was at a college campus in Europe. I was in the cafeteria, and it was lunchtime. Although there were quite a few people in the cafeteria, almost no one was in line for the food the cafeteria was serving. Then I saw one girl getting her food and checking out. She got a regular cafeteria meal on a tray, and at checkout she also grabbed a small bag of crackers. The checkout lady told her that the total came to 70 dollars, or Euros, I know they use different money in Europe. The girl was shocked and hesitant not knowing what to do. She inquired about the price and the checkout lady told her the meal was 60-something dollars and with the crackers, it came to 70-something dollars. Then she said, “I can’t afford that.” So they took her tray of food and put it at the beginning of the line at a discounted price.

“In real life, God had me make a vegetable garden this year. It was my first time gardening. I just harvested my green bell peppers. In the dream, I had three bags full of my peppers and I was going around the college offering them to people. Everyone accepted them, no one refused. That’s all. I think it would be good to make home gardens as the Lord directs.”

Wow, family, it seems that the Lord is telling us three things here; to pray for more time, more grace, and more mercy against the war starting; to forestall the war; and also to pray for those who will be lost when the war starts. The second thing is that as the recession hits, Blessed Mother made it clear that we need to give. Give to those around you, give to those in need, please, don’t be selfish — don’t hoard like many all over the world have begun to do and will do when it hits. Do not be like the world. Stockpile for others — for the sake of others. And all that you have, help everyone around you, give — give to those around you. I love, in her dream, when she said she gave her peppers, and no one refused. If you’re hungry, who would want to eat a green bell pepper? But when you’re at that state and you have no money for food, you’re going to eat whatever is given to you.

The last thing she mentioned is that we should start our own gardens at home, and I think that is very wise. When I was on the mountain we began our own garden and harvested beautifully. So I would encourage anyone who has a field or who is able to get a pot of soil at home in any manner, please, start gardens so that you will have some type of food source of vegetables, or fruit available for you when times get really rough because our food comes from the earth — from the land — we can till the land in order to receive our food. We’ve become so accustomed to going to the grocery store and eating processed foods. So if you have that availability, please do it — do it not only for your sake but for sake of others.  You can use that to help neighbors — help those who are hungry — help those who are in need — help the children who may be starving when that time comes, it would be such a blessing. So please, please do those things.

And this is the Rhema that Blessed Mother gave me, and it says here — I got this twice in a week.

“Your prayers have availed much. Never doubt the effectiveness of your prayers. God’s grace spills out upon the earth even now to bring the conversion of those souls who hang perilously at the brink of perdition. Impress upon all you meet the shortness of time”. – Blessed Mother

So family, let’s take heed to all these warnings the Lord is revealing to us and to one another’s dreams. Seek the Lord that he may guide you in how to prepare and remember do not think of yourselves but stock up for the sake of others and give freely. Also do not be afraid to share any dreams or vision Gods gives you, [with] others. We have [a] need for this gift in the body of Christ. When the Lord reveals to you something, it’s for you to pray, discern if it’s [from] the Lord and if it is his will to share it, and how to share, it with others. But never sit on a dream or vision because what the Lord shows you may be a puzzle piece to a bigger picture that the body of Christ needs.

God bless you, family. until the next message. Let’s continue to pray and prepare.

Prepare for the Coming Recession

Hello, Brothers, Sisters, and Heartdwellers family. May we all be given wisdom in these times, and the hard times to come.

This morning Derrick began sharing with me that a recession was coming to Ghana and in America — it has already started. He is very knowledgeable about the financial bank systems of the world because he does a lot of research and listening, and he does business. I was tempted to shrug him off, but he was very admitted that we had to prepare for it. The Ghana Cedi, which is the currency of Ghana, is 14.5 to one US dollar. That is historical in this nation — it has never been so high. The average was about 4 Ghana Cedis, almost equivalent to the dollar. Now, with this tremendous inflation, you would think anyone coming from America to Ghana would be rich. However, everything has gone up in price and is very expensive because of the fall of the Cedi. This is going on in Sierra Leone and of course in America as well. They want to blame it on the Russia and Ukraine war, but we know better.

Then my cousin also texted me that she was stockpiling now to prepare before things get way too high to purchase. I contemplated all that Derrick was telling me and what my cousin just texted me. Then Jesus began speaking so I began writing.

Good morning Lord, there is so much on my mind again. Steady My heart to continue to trust you in the midst of uncertainties. You are the only thing that is constant and sure.

Jesus began,

My beloved, no need to fear. I have given you a spouse who is very wise and abreast of many things that are necessary to bring to your attention.”

So, Lord, there will be a recession?

It is already here, Beloved, it is — and soon it will affect America in a public way and all other nations. I would like you to get a few bags of rice, oil, and canned food so you can help the lesser ones. People I will send you guys [from] nearby towns who have no means of purchasing food for their families — it will be a great blessing.

Well Lord how much?

About $500 worth of food stored away to help many in their hour of need. Provision is coming, tell him not to stress or worry I am making a way now —opening doors, and closing doors that were dishonest and less than integral in their dealings and motives with him.”

And here the Lord kept giving us readings about dishonesty over and over again. It was someone trying to do a business deal with Derrick. He was now warning him to have nothing to do with the person and this business deal. However, as of now, nothing has really broken, even for him so have been praying for provision.

Jesus continued,

My beloved brides, I have told you these times you will be entering will be dark. The economy will be hit first, then everything else will follow.”

“Lord and what about the War, WWIII is it inevitable at this point?

It is, Beloved it is — just a matter of time. But as my brides seriously pray, more time, more mercy, and more grace is given to those who will be lost”

Now, My brides, keep your eyes and heart fixed on Me, and do not panic like the world. You’re in the world, but not of this world John [17:14-16] and your security doesn’t come from your job or income, but from your Father who is in heaven.

Even in the most difficult times, My brides will be taken care of very lavishly I might add. For the righteous have never begged for bread and I won’t begin now. [Psalm 37:5] It would be good My brides, however, to take any savings or investment you have made to be cashed out. Don’t take all your money out of the bank because although the recession is here it will be a gradual effect and then hit. So keep some money in the bank and the majority of it, cash it out to have it on hand.

I want you My brides to be available for others, and hospitable to others, especially with the crisis coming. Please do not put the needs of your family or children first, that would rather disappoint Me. I will take care of your family and children if you would be available and continue to help those around you, giving to everyone who asks of you. [Luke 6:30]

This will be the time many of you will see supernatural multiplication in various ways. Because you have extended your hands to the poor and needy I will multiply the little you have so that you will be given even more.

Share the dreams that were shown to you because in them also instructions are provided. My beloved brides, no longer discount a word, a vision, or a dream I give to you. You are all different members of the body, and your little mother is very busy with new attentions now as a wife. So I will begin to speak and show many of you insights to bring up to her attention and that of your group, so you know what is on My heart — how to pray, and what to do.

Please, no longer walk in unbelief but know that these are gifts from heaven I want you to cultivate and take a bit more seriously. When something is revealed, discern first then share. Or better yet, bring it before the group and all of you can discern if the dream, vision, or word is from Me. I want this group doing that more and more, My beloved brides. So please don’t shy away. Many of you are sitting on different pieces of the puzzle and you have disregarded [it] as your own mind and it is not, please share.

For now, My beloved one, keep with the tasks that I have given you. Please complete them and once that is done more instructions will be given to you. Continue to stay little, small, and humble before Me, and be ever so available and full of gratitude for this beautiful man that I have given you.

Truly, you were meant for one another, and he is a blessing to you — will continue to be, and to the purpose which I created him for. That is all for now. I bless you with the grace of courage and faith to believe these words are from me. Continue to come each day and more will be given to you, My love. I love you

I love you too, Jesus, thank you so much

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

From Luxury and Lost Faith to Seclusion and Salvation!!

Dear family,

My name is Robby Sandaji Buluku.  I am turning 53 this December. I recently joined this wonderful family and, by the grace of the Lord, was admitted into the intercessory team and also as a translator of Heartdwellers Ghana messages to SWAHILI, a language spoken in nine countries in the East African Region. I come from Kenya, the same country our dear Sister Magdalene Musyoki comes from.

I am speaking to you today because I want to testify that truly our Lord Jesus Christ works in mysterious ways.  This testimony has been borne out of LETTERS TO DERRICK, from the Lord.

I was born to parents who were business owners and ministers of the Church. My parents are with the Lord. Dad died when I was nine, my mother left to be with the Lord in 2015.

In my teenage [years] a born-again classmate in High School was used by the Lord to lead me to salvation. I was baptized in a Baptist Church he attended, run by American missionaries. I thank the Lord for them, for they helped lay a strong foundation for my faith in the word. Early in my twenties, the missionaries trained me to teach Sunday school.

At the age of 22, I had two options — to either join college or seek employment.  I opted to go and live with my elder sister in the port city of Mombasa where [her] husband worked as a customs officer. He managed to secure my employment aboard a cruise ship, and I chose to travel to the world instead of joining college, to the disappointment of my mother. Fast forward — I met my first wife onboard the cruise ship. She, too, was Kenyan, working as a translator onboard. After [a] few years we got married — though [I] had to convert to be a Jehovah’s Witness. At that time I was working as an administrative assistant. Both of us were committed members of the Jehovah’s Witness organization. She was brought up as one.

At age 28 I quit employment and joined a friend in business. He had a shipping license. By the time I was 30 I established [an] international smuggling cartel with some Europeans. We had networks in America, Asia, Europe, and Africa. The port city of Mombasa was the transshipment zone for the cartel. We made tons of money. Within a short time, I invested my profits in my country. The success came at a high price because I lost my faith. I was too young to have that kind of money. [I] was making an average of USD 1 million a year. I went completely astray. But something strange happened, [an] unknown spirit manifested in me. I became very immoral. Up to that time I had never lived in immorality. I am ashamed of the life I lived. I stopped attending church, I traveled a lot,  neglecting [my] wife & kids emotionally, clubbing every night — I became not someone else but somethingelse. Now, I know I became possessed [by] every kind of evil spirit. My family, siblings, relatives, and even friends were guaranteed a good life — but at a high price for me.

In September 2001  everything started crumbling and within six months I had lost everything — without understanding the cause. At that time in Kenya, I had a beach bar & restaurant, an advertising agency, [a] small transport company, and an import & export company.

My European partners disappeared with my share of profits — to date amounting to about 2 million euros.

One of my employees whose sister was a girlfriend, attended a church service one Sunday morning and during the Holy Spirit ministration he was told, “Your boss is going to lose everything”. This was a word of knowledge given without [his] seeking it. When I was told, I ignored [it]. But after several financial crises, I went to the church. It was a small, little church and very poor. In fact, I told my girlfriend, whom later I married, that, “I hope it’s not a witch doctor”. Anyway, even though I had no experience with a church operating in gifts of the Holy Spirit when they ministered to me, my spirit had peace. For several weeks I continued praying with them. In fact [I] secretly started attending church services without my wife knowing because being a Jehovah’s Witness, it’s not allowed. Shameful to me, in every service the Holy Spirit rebuked me openly about my sexual immorality.  HEARTDWELLERS,  I dare not tell you how many women I kept as concubines!!!! Lord have mercy on me. During this time, the Lord started dealing with my wayward ways. One day I checked into a hotel with a lady.  After taking a shower I heard a voice loud as a trumpet.  “BULUKU, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” and “I HAVE FORGIVEN YOU AND CLEANSED YOU” I drove out of the hotel.

In April 2002 I  traveled to Europe to pursue my funds but all in vain. I returned to Kenya, straight from the airport to the church. The ministry at the church is led by a prophetess and she was told by the Lord,  I must leave everything and go into seclusion until further notice, and cut contact with everyone, including family. After three years, my mother and sister were allowed, by the Lord, to visit me in my now very humble abode. For seven years I was in seclusion. At that time I did not understand why the Lord ordered me to go into seclusion.  Now,  with hindsight, I know the Lord had imprisoned me to deal with my soul. In 2015, the lord revealed to me the real reason he took me into seclusion. That’s for another day…

 It [was]  while in seclusion that the  Lord manifested himself to me and started teaching & training me His true ways and shedding off my old self. Just like Father Derrick, I did not have the Full truth about the Bible and especially about the Lord Jesus Christ and his true faith. I don’t regret those years. I lost all — but I gained Christ.

 Anyway, after seven years, I returned home. After some time, my wife and I separated, and she sought [a] divorce. Even though I now was living “in the Lord”,  I married twice and failed.  Now guys, remember the Lord telling Father Derrick that his projects have failed because of his living in sin. Family, I wasted 10 years after coming out of seclusion, experiencing failure in marriages, business, and even in ministry and I never understood why until I read the LETTER WRITTEN TO DERRICK BY THE LORD THROUGH MOTHER CLAIRE. 

In the past 10 years, I started four businesses and they collapsed. When I was in exile the Lord told me to leave three things (1) My secular education and knowledge. He told me he does not need them to fulfill His purposes in me. (2) He wants me not to desire [a] luxurious lifestyle but to leave a simple life. (3)  He told me he has purposed me to live in heaven and in heaven, there is no sex so I must stop my love for women. If I do this he will bless me.

I will share another strange message He gave me. He told me, that since the time of
King Solomon, He has never truly blessed a man. He is looking for a man to bless who will use the wealth for His kingdom and not luxury. True, I have not been a womanizer since I returned from seclusion. That spirit still possessed me but was lying dormant. I was not yet delivered, it could explode anytime in the right circumstances. Whenever I would go to other servants of the Lord I would be told I have a spirit of immortality even though physically, I was not living in immorality anymore. Strangely I have helped people start businesses and they [have] prospered. But if I try I fail. My last attempt was in 2016 and within six months the dealership was shut down. This pattern was disturbing, and I became desperate. But the life of Father Derrick has given me all the answers. 

I have been in ministry since 2013 and that’s what suppressed the spirit of immorality but still I fell. One day, out of desperation, I took an indefinite fast pleading with the Lord to deliver me. I told him I won’t eat until am delivered. No one knew about this. But strangely, on my second day of the fast a dear sister was told by the Lord to come and tell me my fast is not acceptable to Him I must stop. I was shocked. I was seeking His help the wrong way. He allowed it to be a “thorn in my flesh”.

In 2019, the Lord asked me to leave [the] ministry and return to my hometown. During this period after I left some of the ministers started accusing me falsely, condemning me of all sorts of things. It [was] this betrayal that brought me to my knees. For months I battled on my knees with torments from demons but eventually, the Lord delivered me. And since then I have focused on living in His will. Even though financially I have not recovered, I now serve my lord with a clean conscience.

Living in whatever kind of disobedience shuts the doors of blessing and only shame and disappointment come. I thank Father Derrick and Mother Mary [Elisha] for sharing the life of Derrick from [the] Lord’s perspective.  Mother Mary [Elisha]encouraged me to share my story. By the way, as I was listening to the letter I was seeing [a] younger version of me in Father Derrick  The Letter was to all of us.  The young guys in our Heartdwellers family don’t compromise with sin. You’re just destroying your destiny and obstructing the purposes of God being fulfilled in your life… Ask the Lord to reveal to you the “sleeping cells of evil spirits” lying dormant in you. The Lord sees it and knows that in [the] right circumstances it can be activated. They need to be dealt with.

Like father Derrick I have broken the hearts of many ladies. Not good. May the merciful Lord forgive me and bring healing to their hearts and bless them with the perfect spouses from the Lord. 

I thank the Lord for his Epistle to  Father Derrick. That epistle has many gems in it. Read it regularly and allow the Lord to speak to you.

Now I know why I have not seen [the] fulfillment of God’s Promises.  This has brought me peace. 

GOD CAN NOT WORK IN YOUR LIFE IF YOU’RE LIVING IN DISOBEDIENCE OR NOT DOING HIS GOOD & PERFECT WILL FOR YOU.  Now I am focused on living in the will of the Lord. I am now married to a lady I was told to marry over 10 years ago but kept on resisting. But she was told to wait [as] it was pride bothering me.

We all can share in the VICTORY of Mother Mary [Elisha] and Father Derrick.  Father Derrick  was told that other lives will be saved if he makes [the] right choices. Can you imagine? If Mother Claire, Father Ezekiel, and Mother Mary [Elisha] lived in disobedience,  Heartdwellers would not exist. We would be out there with “wolves in sheep’s clothing”,  being made to drink water from “polluted fountains”. It’s Mother Claire’s message on re-marriage and divorce that helped me make decisions about my destiny. Every act of obedience and disobedience has huge temporal and eternal consequences for our souls and thousands [of] others.

With love,
Your brother, Robby