A 24 Hour Temple Of Adoration Welcome To All!

Adoration of Jesus

in the Holy Eucharist

is the center of our community

and our lives.

We are a liturgical church and believe in transubstantiation when, during the Holy Communion the bread and wine is literally transformed into the Body and Blood of Christ. There is no other place in scripture that Jesus emphasis something seven times in one book! As he makes it clear in John 6:55-57, “For my flesh is real food and my blood is real drink.  Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me, and I in them. Just as the living Father sent me and I live because of the Father, so the one who feeds on me will live because of me.” We know and have come to experience Jesus physical presence in the Holy Eucharist where many times he is often neglected in the tabernacles of the world. Divine intimacy and union with God is perfected in adoration. Where Jesus has humbled himself under the guise of bread just to be physically present with the one he loves, you and me!

Adoration is True Friendship with God! The proof of friendship is the choice to prefer Jesus, to give Him time that could be given to other person and things. In so doing, we show Jesus our love and offer to Him the consolation of a true friendship. In adoration, you will find the gaze of the Lover of your soul gushing over you and so grateful for your presence and the time you have given to be with Him! You can meditate on holy books in adoration; sing before him in worship; paint; pray or offer your silence humbly, as you remain in the radiance of his Eucharistic Face. Supernatural things take place as graces overflow upon your soul! Healing takes place. Clarity is given. Jesus speaks to your heart! And even souls are saved by you abiding in His company in this way.

“Of all the churches in the world that the Blessed Virgin loves,

she bears the greatest love for this one.”

St. Francis referring to St. Mary of the Angels Church

As a community and Franciscan, we wanted to honor the first chapel our Father Francis dedicated to the brothers. St. Mary of the Angels was the name and we felt strongly the Lord wanted us to do the same in this community. We want to honor Jesus and what better way to do that than to honor his Mother! With her Motherly affection, solicitation, and tenderness, she will watch over this chapel to ensure its purity and that glory is brought to her Son, Jesus.

The chapel will be a sign of great humility and poverty. We will give donations every year from the proceeds of this chapel to the neighboring churches. We will pray day and night in this place and observe adoration constantly as we teach the children to do the same. By these practices in virtue, we will sanctify ourselves and this place.

“So, shall this place be
for the children, beloved,
for the many young ones who will come. And it will be a
place of preparation for them
to be taught and raised in holiness, virtue, and service
to God.”


They Will Be Child Adorers

Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament would be the focal point of our services. He will be front and center as we worship, pray and minister to Him.

The Lord has also made it clear to us to keep the children at the center of this community and in our chapel. We will have the children lead service with worship and prayer. Share their testimonies, they will be the one to open the doors, seat people and after service be available at the altar before the Blessed Sacrament to pray for people.

This will be a place for the poor, the crippled, the beggars, the lame, and the rich alike. Open to those outside the community during all of our services where they can meet with God.

“Console Me” coloring book will be published for the children to use during their Adoration time and given freely to neighboring children to help them cultivate and intimate relationship with Jesus.

This Chapel Will Be Used To Serve The People

As Heartdwellers, we are called to breach the gap in the Church and bring unity among denominations. We will do this through acts of mercy to our neighbors by deed, by word, and by prayer.

By Deed:

Providing FREE food for our neighbors and holding a weekly dinner where we invite our neighbors, the poor, crippled, and other churches to have dinner and a family night!

By Word:

We will spread the devotion of the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Holy Rosary. We will let our neighbors know they have a Mother of Mercy who is advocating for them. We will teach, provide and distribute for FREE miraculous medals, rosaries, scapulas and the divine mercy image with the prayer for all those who attend our services.

By Prayer:

This is a prayer community dedicated to intercession for one another, for our neighbors, for the lost, for the nation and for the whole world! We have laid down our lives for the salvation of these precious souls in Ghana. Praying fervently for the welfare and most importantly their salvation.

Help Us Build This Family!

This community will live solely off God’s providence through donations. Freely we have received so freely we will give all that we have and pour it out on the precious souls of Ghana. However, we cannot do this mission and fulfill this call on our own. We need you to come along side us as co-labors to sow into this community as you touch the lives of these many precious little ones who have been neglected, rejected, and outcast by the world. You are needed and not one seed you sow into this community will fall on the ground wasted, but will reap a harvest of thirty, sixty and even a hundred fold not only in this life, but the next. Will you help us build the City of God?

Messages From Jesus:
Listen Now!

We have been blessed to receive prophetic messages from Jesus and the Blessed Mother concerning their heart and vision for the City of God: Sacred Heart Refuge Community through prophetic visions given to us by Jesus for us to bring to fruition. His words will inspire you. I encourage everyone to listen to this message from Jesus about the St. Mary of Angels Chapel or download to read the message, click below. To hear more, go to our Messages page or follow us on our Youtube channel: From Jesus With Love, and our Rumble Channel: Heartdwellers Ghana.

Jesus message about St. Mary of the Angles, ” A Temple of Adoration”


“I have already given you a vision for the church St. Mary of Angels: a sanctuary of My Heart, a dwelling place for the Holy Spirit under the gaze of My Mother, where I want 24-hour adoration.

It’s from that places that graces, anointing, and mercy will flow upon the community, into the nation, and all over the world.”