Remember the good ole days as a child when you could make a game out of anything and you simply enjoyed the company of your friends. That’s how it is in Ghana, the children can make a game out of anything.

A playground is very common in the western world, but it is not common at all in Ghana and the few we have are conjoined with national parks. Majority of the handful of playgrounds are found in the capital, Accra region. For the children who leave in rural areas and far from the city they are use to playing with one another and any other objects they can find.

They make up their own games with cans, sticks, tires, shoes and anything laying around.

A Place Full of Color, Fun, Laughter & Joy

The community would not be right without a playground for the children to have fun, refresh themselves, create and play! Named after St. Philomena who is the patron saint over infants, babies and youth. We know she will take special care in watching and praying over every child that steps foot into our playground.

This playground will be available for children and parents in the surrounding areas to come and enjoy as we build a sense of family in the community! We want to add to the children’s fun and imagination by facilitating this playground to bring out their creative, imaginative and intellectual capabilities!

Children in rural Ghana support their families by working on farms or chores after school and need a place where they can play not just in the dirt fields or when it rains.

We want to provide a playground tailored to families. A playground, the adolescents, parents and children can enjoy. With a Jungle Jim, slides, swings, trampoline and even a sprinkler so on the hot days the children can cool off. A place where parents can take their infants and toddlers to play when they are needing a break from a toilsome day.

Why Physical Activity Is Important

  • Improves physical fitness
  • Develops motor skills
  • Promotes self-discipline
  • Reduces stress
  • Instills Self-worth
  • Strengthens Social Skills
  • Provides Endorphins
  • Improves Mental health
  • Grows Brain cells

Help Us Build This Family!

This community will live solely off God’s providence through donations. Freely we have received so freely we will give all that we have and pour it out on the precious souls of Ghana. However, we cannot do this mission and fulfill this call on our own. We need you to come along side us as co-labors to sow into this community as you touch the lives of these many precious little ones who have been neglected, rejected, and outcast by the world. You are needed and not one seed you sow into this community will fall on the ground wasted, but will reap a harvest of thirty, sixty and even a hundred fold not only in this life, but the next. Will you help us build the City of God?

Message From Jesus: Listen Now!

We have been blessed to receive prophetic messages from Jesus and the Blessed Mother concerning their heart and vision  for the City of God: Sacred Heart Refuge Community through prophetic visions for us to bring to fruition. His words will inspire you. I encourage everyone to listen to this message from Jesus about those who are called to come or download to read the message, click below. To hear more go to our Messages page or follow us on our Youtube channel: From Jesus With Love and our Rumble Channel: Heartdwellers Ghana.

Jesus message “To Those Who Are Called To Come”

“Yes, it will bring you much joy. Much joy to all who are apart of this community and you will bring the children much joy