Help Me To Trust (song)

January 16, 2022

Hey family, want to share with you the song I’ve been working on after my many hard falls and trials you all walked with me last year and coming into this year, I was really struggling to believe in the Lord promises and during prayer, this song came forth from my heart. May an honest song anyone can sing or listen to when you’re really struggling to believe, but you want to believe. God bless you family!

Help me to trust when I struggle to believe
Cause I’ve been broken, over and over again
Help me to trust, I want to believe

In the midst of pain
In the midst of rain
When I can’t seem to find my way

Lord I believe, but help my unbelief
I need to see your faithfulness
The lies I see, seem more real to me

Help me to trust when I can’t see
Help me to trust when I struggle to believe
Cause I’ve been broken, over and over again
Help me to trust I want to believe

I am weak and you’re my strength God
Move this mountain in front me
Return the joy of my salvation
lead me to hear your heart

Help me to trust when I can’t see
Help me to trust when I struggle to believe
Cause I’ve been broken, over and over again
Help me to trust I want to believe

Leah – A Women Remembered

January 15, 2022

Trafficked People of the Bible & God’s Response
By Susanna Thorn

These Stories are only Biblically Based and should not be read as Biblical themselves. I have only looked deep into the Biblical stories of these people and made connections that logically make sense in my mind to flush out the character and struggles of each of these people. My hope is that you will see yourself or those around you in these stories and the God that shows His love to them will become real to you and become your God.

Dedicated to Jesus for His Glory and to my daughter Gloria that she would know Him Deeper


“Now Laban had two daughters; the name of the older was Leah, and the name of the younger was Rachel. Leah had weak eyes, but Rachel had a lovely figure and was beautiful. Jacob was in love with Rachel and said….”

Genesis 29: 16-18a – The Bible, NIV

Leah prepared the meal for the men with her mother. Jacob has come from Canaan at behest of his parents. Since he had been here things had been a bit interesting to say the least. Her father Laban had insisted on Leah to be kept out of sight.

“We don’t want to scare him off. He has been a great help to us, a skilled shepherd is hard to come by. He is growing to become a son that I have never had and may be your salvation, Leah.”

Leah understood what her father was implying. She had been taught well by her mother the way to run a household. She could do anything any other women could do, yet she lacked the one thing that would attract a man to her side. Rachel had it all. She had form and face that every man was attracted to her, her younger sister. One glance at Leah from any man changed quickly to disgust or pity. They would then ignore her and give their glances to Rachel. They enjoyed her work and her service as they lounged with her father, yet none of them glanced at her, accept by accident when they called for their drink or bowl to be filled. Each of them longed to have Rachel as their wife, but tradition dictated that Leah, the firstborn, should be married first. Since no one would take her, especially with Rachel for comparison, no man would choose the sacrifice to allow Rachel to go to another man, and so they both stayed single. This seemed to not bother her younger sister that much, until now.

Since Jacob’s appearance the house of Laban has been in an uproar. Yet a silent one so not to allow any disturbance to their most honored guest. The past month Jacob had dived right in helping with the sheep, probably to spend more time with Rachel. His help had increased the strength of the flock this past month. So much so that Laban was desperate to keep Jacob with him, that he might promise anything and everything to do it. Jacob gallant treatment of Rachel the moment they met had touched her, so much that all she could talk to Leah about was Jacob. Rachel the favored one, and Leah would listen as she always did.

Since Rachel was born it was Leah’s responsibility to care for her sister. She had been her protector, comforter, and teacher when mother was too busy. When Rachel got into trouble, the wrath would reign onto Leah’s head. Rachel was the beautiful one, the baby, the one loved. Leah was the tolerated, the unwanted, the burden, and it looked like there was no way to change that.

A women’s life was not secure without a husband and sons to care for her in her old age. Yet there was no one who would touch her, for her weak eyes disturbed everyone who investigated them. She was not sure what disturbed the men, she thought her eyes were lovely, the one thing of beauty that she had. Yet she did find that her eyes had a piercing look.

Living in the tent of her father, who always searched for opportunity to benefit himself, she had learned wisdom, prudence and to be quick. Rachel the baby had learned to follow in their father in temperament, and as the beauty and baby she got away with it. Leah on the other hand had learned to pick up moods quickly, to see the needs of those before they could even voice them, and to provide what was needed before a protest. She was able to play the obedient daughter, if not for her eyes.

Her eyes gave her away every time. Their unexpected beauty would pierce through a man, and those eyes filled with wisdom and knowledge in a single glance would let a man know where he stood. All men that she knew wanted to be in control, to bend women to their will. Women were just property, servants, slaves to their father and if they were fortunate to their husband. If they were blessed, they would give birth to son’s, who would love and care for them in their old age. Her eyes unnerved men, they would pierce and blind with their beauty, not something that a man wanted. Men wanted a beautiful wife that they could mold under their own will, not a plain one with piercing eyes watching everything they did.

Except Jacob.

Jacob was the only man who had treated her with respect and honor. Not as much as Rachel of course, but he still treated her better than any man had treated her before. He had taken the time to talk to her, to even bring some wool for her use. Usually, he would sit and talk awhile while she listened.

“You remind me of my mother. You have her eyes.”

He must love his mother very much. The respect he showed her out of the love of his mother was kind and touched her heart. He spoke with longing when he talked to her about Rebecca. They must have been close.

Oh, to know what it would be like to share that relationship with a son! To hold him in her arms, to nurture him into a man. A son would love her unconditionally. Yet no son would come without a husband, and Jacob was interested in Rachel. Still Leah hoped. Maybe Jacob’s talks to her were more than they seemed. Maybe he would see her worth that no man had seen before. If he chose her, she would use all her skills to benefit his household. She would raise up sons that he would be proud of. She reminded him of his mother, maybe that would be enough.

And yet one look at Rachel would sometimes put her into despair. What was knowledge in place of beauty? What was wisdom in place of strength? Her father was right, Jacob was her only hope.

“If only he would choose me” Leah thought” If only.”

Have you ever been the odd one out? Have you ever been the unwanted one? The unfavoured one? Has one of your siblings outshone you as you grew up? Did one of your friends always get the guy you desired? Have those around you have gotten then best and you the dregs? Have you been the rejected one? The unloved one?

If so, Leah understands.

Leah was sold to Jacob by her father Laben for the seven years Jacob worked for Laben for the hand of Rachel. Jacob did not know he had married Leah until morning. Jacob then had to work seven more years for Laben so he could take Rachel to wife. It says that Jacob loved Rachel more than he loved Leah. The deception on their wedding night would not have made Jacob fond of Leah.

We do not know truly what Leah was thinking. As a woman whatever her father chose was law. We do not know if she was tricked into thinking that Jacob wanted her, or that she saw that this was the only way that she would be married. All we know is that her father had to deceive Jacob into marrying her, and that Jacob did not love her after that. What was God’s response to all of this? He remembered Leah. He opened her womb, and she gave birth to four sons. For the first three (Ruben, Simeon, and Levi) she rejoiced and hoped that her husband would show love to her after this, for she had born him three sons.

Yet at the birth of the fourth Judah all she said was “This time I will praise the Lord.” No longer does she look to her husband for love that she will never have. Instead, she has found that love in the Lord God Himself and He is her Rock, who has given her four sons. Now her son Ruben found mandrakes that in that day were believed helped with fertility, even that a barren woman could become pregnant with them. Rachel asked for some from Leah and Leah responded that Rachel had taken her husband but now she would take Ruben’s mandrakes? Rachel then proposed a trade that she would have the mandrakes and Leah would have her turn with Jacob, which produced Issachar in Leah’s womb. She then also gave birth to Zebulun and Dinah a daughter. Her final words for Zebulun are “God has presented me with a precious gift. This time my husband will treat me with honor, because I have borne him a six son.” So, through God’s remembrance Leah was taken from a place of being unloved to a place of honor. In her humbleness the Lord lifted her up. Rachel though trusted in the mandrakes, not the Lord God. It was much later after Leah had given birth to Dinah that Rachel cried out to the Lord God Almighty, and it was then that she received Joseph. Up to this point Rachel blamed her husband, looked to the mandrakes to make her fertile. Mandrakes that have a history of being used for witchcraft. It was only after Leah had given birth seven times, with six sons and a daughter that Rachel humbled herself before the Lord. Leah though was blessed generously by the Lord because of her humbleness.

But the Lord has greater plans to honor Leah. For though it was Rachel who bore Joseph who saved the whole family from starvation by bringing them to Egypt, it was Leah who had given birth to most of Israel. Because of Rachel’s pride she was unable to see the man Joseph would become, crying out for another son while he first nursed. In doing so she lost her life in giving birth to Joseph’s brother Benjamin. It was Leah who was buried with Jacob in the family grave where Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, and Rebecca had been lain, not Rachel. It was Leah who gave birth to Levi, who line became the priests who served in the presence of the Lord in the temple. It was Leah who gave birth to Judah, who descendants would be the Kings of Israel, who’s line would come the King of Kings Jesus.

Though Leah was unwanted, unloved, and unappreciated she came to know the God of Israel and He became her God. It was Him that she cried out to, and it was He who heard her, and it was He who lifted her up in her humbleness. When everyone forgot Leah, God remembered her, and placed her in a place of honor for generations to come.

So, when you are the one not picked. The unloved one, the tolerated one, the used and abused one, know that God loves you. He sees you and that He remembers you. He knows every hair on your head and that He has good plans for you. Despite all that you have gone through and all that you continue to go through He loves you, He cares about you, and He has chosen you for great things. No matter what the people in your life say or do about you, you are remembered by God. By remembering Him and humble yourself to Him in your life, He will lift you up to a place of honor as He did with Leah. He will place a table before you in front of your enemies, and they will not be able to touch it. It will be for you and for you alone. No matter what someone says about you or treats you, it is Jesus who will have the last say. Therefore, His opinion of you is all that matters, and His opinion is that you are precious and honored in His sight.

To read the story of Leah for yourself you can find it in Genesis 29-35, 46 and 49 of the Bible

Plead for Mercy For the World With My Son

January 14, 2022

The past couple of days I have realized Father God was very present. He kept giving me readings and Rhemas about his Fatherly love. The majority of the songs played in worship were about the Father again. After my fall Papa God has been so sweet to woo me back home like the prodigal child. I couldn’t help but feel a tug on my heart. So, after receiving the Lord I just knew Papa God wanted to speak.

Good morning Father wants on your heart? You have been playing so many songs of your Fatherly love and you running after me, after your little ones.

Papa God began,

“My beloved one, I will always run after you. I always run after all my wayward ones for I am the good shepherd that leaves the 99 to find that one. It’s not always souls who are lost in this world’s darkness, but many times I have to run after My chosen ones who get stuck in the thicket, in bristly bushes, and on wired fences.” (He said that smiling because I was stuck, guys, really stuck). “Like a tender shepherd, I gently handle you and lose the bonds that hold you down so that you may run freely under the safety of My protection. Come with me.”

I walked with Papa God, and we entered the garden. From a long way, I could see Jesus and realized we were in the garden of Gethsemane. He was sweating profusely, praying, looking up, begging the Father to take this cup from Him. It looked like the scene from the Passion of Christ. He was in His passion all over again, although He couldn’t see us.

I looked at Papa and He looked so sad and distressed himself. Then He turned His back and told me to come and leave Jesus.

Papa God continued,

“My Son is under tremendous distress and travail right now for the state of the world. I hear His cries and pleas for mercy, but My justice has to be satisfied.

“Mankind has been deceived to think things will go on, business as usual. So many are blind, so many have no thought of their eternity. So many are perishing and will perish. My mercy and justice go hand in hand, although so many don’t understand, but see Me as a tyrant, a harsh God, and a cruel Father. How that hurts Me, Beloved one, it hurts Me so deeply.”

Papa God started crying and I began crying. To see God cry because He is so misunderstood, — words can’t describe how my heartfelt to see Him that way. I became like a little child comforting their parent, as I came close to him and said, “Papa come, let me wipe your tears.” I wiped the tears from his face, “I am so sorry for all the pain I put you through—all the pain the world puts you through, please forgive us Papa.” I then hugged him.

“Oh, My child every hug, every comforting word, every song of praise brings much consolation to My aching heart. Only if you knew that you, My little creature could bring Me so much joy.

“The time is short, My beloved little one, some things can be mitigated by the prayers of the faithful, but in My justice, I show great mercy for I always take into account human weakness. For man is but dust and if I didn’t sustain mankind with My love all would return back to dust. In the most horrific situations and circumstances, I am in the midst, working all things out for good. You see, I hear the cries of the little ones, day and night—those who are tortured, abused, those who fight to live with barely anything to eat day and night and night and day, will I not show them mercy?

“I hear the cries of the suffering who no longer want to live and cannot bear their crosses anymore. Those being persecuted—will I not show justice? There is so much thought that goes behind every action I allow upon the earth. I take into consideration each soul—the rebellious ones, and those who suffer at their hands. They are all victims to Me — victims of the fallen world, victims of generational sin, victims of their own wayward actions, victims of the enemy of their soul who continues to twist and distort the beautiful creatures I created in My image. All men are My children, but so many reject Me; My fatherly love, My mercy, and are left to their own road of destruction, a road I didn’t choose for them.

“Pray the Divine Mercy Novena and plead for mercy for the world with My Son, (sigh) My hand cannot be held back any longer, but with your tears and your intercession some things will be delayed and even minimized. And more importantly, the Chaplet saves an innumerable amount of souls. That is what I look for, souls entering into My kingdom, coming home to Me—not being saved from death, but being liberated from an enteral lifetime in hell. Pray, my little one, pray that souls would trust in My unfathomable Divine Mercy. For in My love is justice and mercy itself.”

That was the end of Papa God’s message.

If you want to join us for the Divine Mercy Novena, as a community, we started today and will have a link to novena in the description. Let’s comfort Papa and come alongside Jesus to plead for mercy for the whole world.

God bless you, family, until the next message

The Community Must Tighten Up In Spiritual Warfare

January 13, 2022

Hello, Brothers, Sisters, and Heartdwellers Family. May you all be blessed.

The past few days I’ve been laid out with the flu. It hit one member in the community. And like a domino effect, it started touching all of us. That has never happened in the community before. On Sunday, there was only a handful of us because six of us were sick, and now more have gotten sick. To make matters worse, I was going through some intense interior anguish of the soul. This, by far was one of the lowest pits I had ever been in, as my mind was under severe attack. I was in such deep hopelessness and despair I couldn’t imagine, as the taunts of the enemy were so loud for me to give up on everything and even to leave the community. It was bad, guys.

I was told to take a certain vitamin to help me with the discouragement and depression as I was told that I had a chemical imbalance in my brain. The enemy magnified those words and twisted them, so they hurt deeply. I knew I was under attack and felt so misunderstood. I felt like I had nowhere to turn.

I came down to the Toas House to get a few things done, and I felt like this would be a time of retreat for me—and it was—because finally, after three days of this torment, the Lord broke through. As I was lying in bed feeling like I was fading, with aches and pains in my body, He played a song called, “Angels of Breakthrough” by Grace Williams. This song is so anointed, and the Lord has used it several times in my walk to minister deliverance. As she began prophetically singing, releasing the angels, I saw the mountain covered in darkness and small black demons all over the place. I then saw the angels pierce through the heavens. They were huge and bright, shooting as fast, down like lightning. The demons were terrified as they tried to scurry, but it was too late. They had black chain links connected to each heritage. The angels began to break the chains one by one and then vanquished all of the demons. Then I saw a chain wrapped around my head, and one of the angles came and broke the chain off on my head. I began to pray in tongues thanking the Lord.

When I woke up the next morning, I felt so much better. I knew something had happened which cause my faith to believe what I saw to be true. While doing the Lord’s Supper, I could hear the Lord speaking to me in my heart. So, I stopped to listen for his voice. The first question I, of course, asked was, “Lord, is my mind chemically off-balance?”

I saw Jesus in all white just staring at me intensely as He said,

“Your mind will always be chemically off-balance when you take your eyes off me” (With a cheeky smile), then He held me in His arms.

“Lord, for real.” I nudged Him gently in His side, playfully, but really wanted a serious answer. That really hurt to hear that.

Jesus held me again, but tighter, as my head was right under his arms, and He kissed my forehead.

“My beloved, nothing is wrong with your mind. You are under intense spiritual warfare battles—you, and many of my brides, and in your community as well. Remember, I have put your covering over you to love and protect you. I know that some directives from them hurt at times. But know that it all comes from My hand to humble you and to cause you to walk in greater obedience which is greater merit before My eyes. So continue to submit yourself to them when it doesn’t make sense or when it doesn’t feel good. I have put great demands on you as I have already told you because great graces and anointing have been given you, so much more is required of you. Even, at times, they may not understand that, but trust me to work through them. You just be obedient, and I will come to your defense in all things when you submit yourself, in all humility, to what is said, and what you are told to do.”

Thank you, Lord. (I closed my eyes and lingered just holding the Lord and being held by Him). I just want to stay in your arms like this forever.

“You can, Beloved. This is where you are always meant to be. It’s when you become fearful, anxious, and mistrusting of my goodness [that] you leave this place and look for comfort elsewhere and find none which leaves you more pained than when you started. That is my deliberate hand, Beloved. I will continue to remove all consolation and comfort from any creature sometimes even your covering so that you may run to Me alone and may learn great patience in carrying your cross and to wait upon Me to bring you clarity in my time. In all of these things, it stretches your hope tremendously.”

Oh Lord, but it’s so painful.

“I know beloved, but it is so glorious in My eyes to see my beloved bride hoping against hope. Although doubts assail you and the enemy of your soul wants you to quit you reason with yourself, ‘Where can I go?’ And amid your trial, in your sorrow and in your suffering—even when you tell yourself you can’t trust, you have no faith to believe, by your waiting shows your faith and your trust in Me because deep down you know I will come through and bring you deliverance. Please continue to carry these crosses a bit longer. The community is under attack. However, I have permitted it to bring about a great purging of pride, self-will, and busyness. To carry the cross of sickness is a great grace, for in sickness you see your true state before Me—so weak and vulnerable you can do nothing but to wait upon Me until I bring healing. And in that place, you have greater time to pray and listen for My voice so as to be directed by Me and not your own impulses.

“I am purifying all in the community—not only those who are sick but those who are having to take care of those who are ill. It is a great work of mercy and charity. What the enemy meant for evil; I am using this to bind you all together in brotherly love. This also will leave many with greater compassion for Father Ezekiel and the cross of sickness he carries. Many have cried out to share in his suffering and what a blessing it is to the community when you have those who are sick for they relieve a bit of the Father’s justice.

“However, in all these things it is a must, moving forward, for the community and yourself, beloved little one, to tighten up in the area of spiritual warfare. You all have enemies everywhere now. Not only locally, but in Ghana and in Mexico. Do not fear sharing the missions and expansion of this ministry. But with that comes new devils and as you are praying it forward into Ghana the servants of Satan there have gotten a whiff of what you are doing as unbeknownst to you and your group, you are causing much damage already.

“The vision I showed you of Ghana’s foundation shaken is very accurate. It is shaking in the spirit as hard ground is being broken by your prayers.”

As an aside during our intercessory prayer meeting for Ghana I saw a vision as we were praying of big fiery balls which I realized were bombs coming out of the center of Ghana then shooting up like fireworks but curving outward just to land and hit the borders of Ghana. There were multiple releases of these bombs. When they landed on the borders of the country, they went into the ground and the nation began to shake like an earthquake, as the ground began to break deep down in the foundation.

“The same goes for your meetings on Friday. As you are praying against the covens in the local areas, damage is being done and they are so terrified of what you all will do when the Mexico school is established. So now you have enemies internationally specifically in bringing down My work and slowing down My instruments. But who can be against you when I AM for you? They will not prevail, but you and this community must cover yourself more thoroughly.”

Lord, how do we do that?

Jesus responded,

“Use My blood—Plead My BLOOD over this community and all the intercessors, from the principalities and covens in Mexico, and your local area.”

As an aside, guys, in my sickness, I have had two attacks in the middle of the night by the demons with sleep paralysis. In one of my dreams, the demon hid under the form of a baby, but it was heavy like a bowling pin. I then knew it was a strong man and the baby’s eyes started glowing green. I did the sign of the cross commanding the demon to expose itself and it did—then I was attacked. The other dream was when I was praying with the intercessory group about Ghana I was feeling so tired and not up for it so I thought I would rest instead—wrong idea. I then had a dream about Ghana, then had sleep paralysis. I began to plead the blood of Jesus over and over again and then the demon left my room. I then knew I had to get on the prayer line with the intercessors to pray. I realized how much they hate us coming together to pray about this.

Jesus continued,

“Bind every form of retaliation, reinforcements, backup every time you are praying into the work and together with the intercessory group. Include these things in the binding prayer. Cover yourselves and everyone in prayer with My blood, demanding that every patrolling demon and messenger of satan who would come to retrieve information from your time of prayer would be struck deaf and dumb immediately when they trespass and breach your spaces of prayer. I know many in the community are weary and tired with the day’s work and would prefer not to attend the time of intercession, but it is so necessary. This is not just to cover Mother Clare and Father Ezekiel, but it is to cover the community and cover them as well. This community can no longer be lax in prayer and with the things of spiritual warfare. I need everyone on board, in unity and of one mind in intercession these Friday nights.

“This year all of you will be moving into new territories in your personal lives and this ministry. You are taking much back from the kingdom of darkness; do not allow the lack of fruit you see to discourage you. The intensity of the opposition and the warfare you are facing should tell you something, My beloved one. Rise up, My brides, take off your robe of mourning, as I give you supernatural strength to carry this cross, zeal to do my will in all things, and great courage to preserver and fight this good fight of faith as I subdue your enemies, and you use My authority in prayer to prepare the ground and the way for the work I will do here and in those nations.”

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

“I Am Rising Up A People of Perseverance”

January, 2022

Lana Vaswer begins,

I had a dream recently where the Lord spoke clearly “I am raising up a people of perseverance.”

God is raising up a people of perseverance. Right now God is dealing with the issues of the heart that would hinder perseverance. Those areas of the heart that continue to raise themselves up, that fear links into, that anxiety lives in, where discouragement or disappointment took root, where the weeds have gone deep into the gardens of people’s hearts. God is uprooting those things now.

God is strengthening His people. God is refreshing His people. God is healing His people. God is fortifying His people.

Many of you have been battered, many of you have been bruised by what you have walked through. Many of you struggle to hope. Many of you struggle to dream. Many of you are scared to “believe again”. Many of you are continually faced with the thoughts of it being “easier to give up” than to keep moving forward.

I prophesy over you right now in the name of Jesus that the Lord is doing a deep work in your heart and He is raising you up as one who embodies perseverance.


The Lord showed me that for those of you who have really been struggling, feeling weak, feeling sad, feeling discouraged, feeling weary, there are encounters upon you with Jesus where you are going to encounter the FIRE IN HIS EYES of LOVE for you and it will impart a deeper fire in your belly, His fire.

The enemy has tried to take many of you out. He has tried to steal from you, kill and destroy and through it all, you have continued to stand. You have continued to remain but you have not been feeling as strong as you used to be. Many of you feel the fire has gone. Many of you have been feeling the strength to continue to chase after Him and all He has for you, depleting.

Get ready to get back to your first love. Get ready for your heart to burn for Jesus like never before. Get ready to go back to that place of deep intimacy with Jesus. Your heart is about to burn for Jesus like it never has. Many of you are going to have encounters with Jesus where you will literally be mesmerised by the fire in His eyes. The healing, the revelation, the impartation that is going to be released upon you as you see His loving, burning gaze towards you. The revelation of who JESUS IS is going to be burned in you deeper than ever as you SEE HIS EYES!!!!!!!!!!

“He wore many regal crowns, and His eyes were flashing like flames of fire.” Revelation 19:12 (The Passion Translation)


Many of you have been living under confusion, many of you have been feeling like you have lost your vision in the battle, but I prophesy in the name of Jesus that in SEEING HIS EYES, being locked into His GAZE, these DEEP encounters, your vision will not only be RESTORED but you will have greater vision than before. The HAZE will clear as you SEE JESUS and His loving gaze towards you.

Many of you have been looked down upon over your life. Many of you have been looked down upon recently, and you have been living under a cloud of condemnation, fear of punishment, and lies concerning your identity. These encounters with Jesus, are going to BREAK all of that.


You are about to arise in PERSEVERANCE and the POWER of His Spirit in greater ways. Your SEEING HIM, is about to change everything WITHIN YOU.

You are going to arise with the fire in your belly that CANNOT be quenched. You will no longer know weariness, or fear like Elijah that would cause you to want to run and hide. You are coming out and coming out with FIRE. You are coming out STRONG. You are coming out EMPOWERED by His Spirit. You have been tested and tried but you are coming out now CARRYING FIRE, HIS FIRE. You will NOT be silenced. Your vision will NO LONGER be HINDERED. Giving up is no longer an option.

James 1:2-4, 12 “Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. Blessed is the man who remains steadfast (or perseveres) under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.”

Where many of you have had your faith shaken by fear and disappointment, get ready to see His goodness, miracles, and amazing testimonies all around that will RESTORE YOUR FAITH. I see you chasing after Him with greater vigorous strength and joy! Restored! Refreshed! Replenished! Rejuvenated and strengthened with a deeper fire, conviction and hearts cry of John 6:67-68:

So Jesus said to his twelve, “And you – do you also want to leave?” Peter spoke up and said, “But Lord, where would we go? No one but YOU gives us the revelation of eternal life” (The Passion Translation)

The enemy has tried to chase many of you away from your promise, your destiny, your inheritance, but NO MORE. He is raising you up in PERSEVERANCE AND POWER. Strengthening your faith, awakening you to your authority. You are crossing over and taking more ground than you have ever taken, moving into greater fruitfulness than you have known, breakthrough at the heart. Harvest time, and the STRENGTH within you to CARRY IT.

That was the end of Lana Vawser prophetic message. Amen! May you all be blessed and encouraged by that!

Your Faith Is Under Attack

January 10 , 2022

Hello, Brothers and Sisters and Heartdwellers family. May we all receive the grace of unmovable faith.

In the previous message about Kazakhstan, I received some words about Derrick that I thought were from the Lord but discerned later that they were not. And then the Lord gave me further instructions on what He really wanted me to do. So I wrote him [Derrick] a letter but all night I was so unsettled and fearful if I had done the wrong thing. Then all my readings using Bible Promises where all over the place and when I would get discernment outside of myself the person helping me to discern would get completely opposite readings which drew more confusion. The Lord gave me the Rhema a month ago, “Warning weapons are forming, there is much that needs to be done that will require much prayer and protection.”

I have felt like I was fighting through a heavy fog not knowing my left from right. I have been trying to get ahold of someone to book the venue for the event He asked me to do, and no one has picked up or returned my phone call for over two weeks now. There is so much that needs to be done—and discerned—and when no clarity comes with discernment, confusion takes over. Then there is one of our priests who is under heavy oppression and is in need of deliverance. We had a deliverance session and felt we should have more than one. One of my brothers got the go ahead to move forward with the sessions. When I went to the Lord I got “Lying”. I thought to myself, why would the Lord not want us to go ahead with deliverance? Then I asked Him about this message I am about to share with you guys and all my readings were negative. I got confirmation to delete it instead. Immediately I thought, wait a minute something is fishy here. This sounds like the Lord. And I felt something got in my readings. I began to question everything again as doubt seeped into my mind concerning the things I know He had already told me to do. I felt paralyzed with fear and confusion in moving forward in anything and feelings of wanting to give up overcame me again.

I went to Mother Clare to help me discern and the Lord wasn’t answering her either. It was so painful not knowing—and feeling as though I was in the dark. The Lord sometimes has me carry a cross like this and [to] wait on him until he brings breakthrough and light. So, finally, this evening I had Mother Elizabeth discern and confirm this message was from the Lord. I had even pulled a Rhema message from Mother Clare’s website and I got, “To agree with me is victory,” which is very similar to the message I had just received so I couldn’t understand why I got such negative readings.

Mother Clare told me to break a curse off my Bible Promises Book so the enemy couldn’t confuse me any longer. Needless to say it was a painful day until the Lord, in His mercy, brought clarity.

So here is the message:

Jesus began,

“Your faith is under attack, My beloved little one. There are many lying spirits around you to derail you off track in what I have spoken to you. Trust Me, Little one, trust Me.”

So I asked, should we move forward with the deliverance?

“Yes, Beloved, I have already spoken to you that you have My authority in this. Be as persistent as they are resisting, to not leave. But deliverance will come. And you also made the right decision with Derrick. Trust him into my hands. All will work out according to plan.”

As an aside here guys, I noticed this happen every time the Lord gives me a project. I get clear readings and confirmations outside of myself to move forward. Then in the middle of completing the task confusion will hit me, and I will get readings as though I have gone the wrong direction, or to stop, or the Lord is changing his instructions. I now realize when He tells me to do something and midway I am met with confusion and doubt I need to go back and stick to the first directives He gave me and preserver through opposition that I am getting because He hasn’t changed His mind. Rather I have allowed doubt which comes with an accompany of other demons to stop me from finishing what He has asked me to do.

Jesus continued,

“My beloved brides, an impartation of new graces, new anointings and new gifts comes with attacks against your faith to undermine what I am doing and what I have already spoken to you to do. Many of you were really excited and inspired by the last few messages— hoping again and dreaming again in what I have called you to do. However, just as quickly as that joy came so did the enemy of your soul and his demons come, to steal that seed of hope and faith in doing what I have put on your heart to do. Remember, ‘… perfect love casts out all fear’ (1 John 4:18). I need you to trust Me, my beloved brides, and preserver hedging forward in all I have prepared for you this year. Do not let doubts take you asunder or cause you to question the direction I have already clearly given you.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen (Hebrew 11:1). You see the devils first try to steal your hope. If they can take your hope you then have no faith to believe. They remind you of former disappointments, former failures to cripple you from hoping again and believing again so you just stop, give up or put an inspiration on the shelf that I have given you to do. ‘The just shall live by faith’ (Romans 1:17), and you, My beloved brides, are my just ones. Visualize Me next to you—we are doing this together. Visualize the souls that can be reached in all I have asked you to do. Visualize My glory manifested with it’s not easy and many of you feel like you are muddling through oily, thick, shark infested waters—because you are. But what the enemy fails to realize is that when he fights against you he is fighting against a whole army. For all of Heaven is behind you and he will not win unless you allow him to. I am releasing to you all new graces of faith and new anointings to move boldly, courageously, and freely in all that I have asked you to do.

“Declare your faith in Me several times throughout the day if you have to and move forward, My beloved ones. Remember, faith, hope, and love, these three chords cannot be easily broken and when you have faith in Me, hope in Me and do all your actions from a place of love you cannot falter. Ask My Mother for her graces of faith, hope and love. She never wavered in her faith, not even once. Although she was tempted severely, she continuously believed in the impossible. She always did whatever I told her even when it didn’t make sense. She was a woman of the greatest faith when she was upon this earth and now looks to shower these graces on her children here upon the earth that they may achieve the heights of their purpose and destines in which they were called. Do not listen to the lies anymore, My brides, don’t even entertain it, don’t give in to the weariness or discouragement. By faith believe and move forward. I am with you.”

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

We received an email from one of the Heartdwellers sharing Lana Vaswer’s new prophetic message and it is so on point and in line with what the Lord is saying. The title is, I Am Raising Up a People of Perseverance. I think it will be a real encouragement to many of you so I will share it in the next message.

God bless you family.

Jesus Speaks Crisis in Kazakhstan

January 8, 2022

Hello brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family.

My heart has been so grieved this morning in prayer. Two days ago I received an email that one of our translators was in dire straits with sudden rioting and protest in Kazakhstan, where she lives. She was telling us that she has no communication besides an hour of internet and electricity usage. We then had all the intercessors begin to pray for her.

This is the email one of our members sent:

“Hey, family! Please pray for the safety of Yaroslava and her family, as well as for the situation in her country Kazakhstan. Two days ago, organized mass protests and riots began there all over the country, the protesters have weapons, they blew up police cars and smashed everything in their path, there are dead victims. It looks like a coup d’état, which was in 2014 in Ukraine. Civilians urgently and with panic have withdrawn cash from ATMs and are buying food in stores. The stores already have empty shelves, everything is sold out. Mobile communications, the internet and social networks were turned off for security purposes. I had no communication with Yaroslava so far, only Skype. A crowd of protesters is looting and moving from the south of Kazakhstan to the north of Kazakhstan, where Yaroslava and her family live. They might have to run. Well-trained and armed militants and thugs appeared in the ranks of peaceful protesters and already killing several policemen and cutting off their heads.”

That was the end of the email to us which caused us to pray.

What horror the nation is going through and beyond trying times for Yaroslava. I then pulled the Rhema, Psalm 2:

Why do the nations conspire, and the peoples plot in vain?
2  The kings of the earth rise up and the rulers band together against the Lord and against his anointed, saying,
3  “Let us break their chains and throw off their shackles.”
4  The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them.

5  He rebukes them in his anger and terrifies them in his wrath, saying,
6  “I have installed my king on Zion, my holy mountain.”
7  I will proclaim the Lord’s decree: He said to me, “You are my son; today I have become your father.
8  Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession.
9  You will break them with a rod of iron; you will dash them to pieces like pottery.”
10  Therefore, you kings, be wise; be warned, you rulers of the earth.
11  Serve the Lord with fear and celebrate his rule with trembling.
12  Kiss his son, or he will be angry, and your way will lead to your destruction, for his wrath can flare up in a moment.  Blessed are all who take refuge in him.

I spent the night praying the Rosary for her and the nation. When I woke up my heart was so heavy and such a deep grief as images flashed before my eyes of the suffering of those in Kazakhstan. I began to cry interceding asking the Lord to make the nations “Kiss the son”—make the nation of Kazakhstan “Kiss the son.” That prayer alone was flowing from my heart as I was crying and praying. During the Lord’s Supper I felt Jesus begin speaking to me about this.

Jesus began,

“All that you’re suffering is for the many souls that are perishing. It is so many, My beloved little one, so many. The pain in the heart of the Father is beyond imagining. Hence that is why you felt such grief today. There is so much the media is not showing or telling lest they cause a panic and a scare to the masses. Your suffering is receiving the sorrow of many whose loved ones have been killed and murdered—who have no comfort or hope for tomorrow because their loss is so deep. You are aiding many souls in this hour and so are all My brides. Please pray for that nation the situation is very bleak even from my vantage point. Do not concern yourself with worry for your beloved one.”

Here is talking about Yaroslava.

“…and My beloved ones in that nation.”

…and here is talking about believers.

“I have sent legions of angels now to protect and cover them, but this is indeed forecast of what will soon come in your nation.

“This did not happen overnight but it a well thought out execution and plan by those who continue to undermine My sovereignty and want the New World Order in place. This is one of many nations that will have civil war and unrest this year, this is only the beginning. Please pray for the poor and innocent ones. Some of the protesters are going along because they want to see genuine change in their government not realizing there are infiltrators among them to lure them out and kill them. When the electricity goes out, that is when it’s the worse. For in darkness, darkness reigns, heinous acts and murders are done. The best thing is for people to stay in their homes and to pray.

Pray the traitors would be routed out, the militants posing as civilians would be exposed. Pray for the leadership in their government to be sensitive to My leading and all those in the new world agenda would be removed. Pray for the innocent protesters, that many would hear my voice in their conscience and flee when it gets dangerous. Pray for the murders to be convicted, repentant and turned to Me. Pray for those who are not ready and the many that have already met with an unexpected death. Pray for their salvation by crying out for mercy continuously and praying the Mother of Mercy chaplet for all of those in the nation and pray for My beloved ones, believers in that nation, to not fear. Cling to Me that all despair and paralyzing fear would be removed, and they would pray for My Will to be done in this situation and in this nation. For I am in control of all things and will use this for My good.”

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

I then asked one of our Heartdwellers Ghana family members who is in Russia and sent us the email about Yaroslava, to please find out intel of what is going on because she can communicate with her only on Skype for about an hour. This is what she told me;

The President of Kazakhstan has officially asked for help from the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization) to restore order in the country. One of the members of the CSTO is Russia and other neighboring countries. The CSTO (Russia and other neighboring countries) have sent peacekeeping troops there to resolve the situation.

This is an update on the situation as of January 6:

“The Taliban is monitoring the situation in Kazakhstan and encouraging the parties to engage in peaceful dialogue, TASS reports.

“The Taliban for a peaceful solution to the situation in Kazakhstan? This is strange,” she says. “Perhaps the trained militants involved in the robbery and assassinations in Kazakhstan are from the Taliban?”

Here Yaroslava writes:

“They turn on the Internet for an hour a day, I can’t communicate for a long time because I don’t know when it will be turned off. We will have problems with the internet until January 19.”

Update as of January 7:

“Stores and shopping centers continue to be robbed in Kazakhstan. There is a shortage of goods in many stores. People are still unable to contact their relatives since the Internet is not available in the country and cellular communication does not work. Shots, shouts, and explosions of grenades are heard all around. In Kazakhstan, a tense situation remains due to the continuing riots for several days. Earlier, a state of emergency was introduced in the country. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic, 70 round-the-clock checkpoints have been set up on the territory of Kazakhstan. During the mass protests in the Republic, more than 3 thousand people were detained, over 25 armed criminals were eliminated. At the same time, the country’s President said that the local authorities were in control of the situation. According to him, Constitutional order has basically been restored in all regions of the country.

“That was from a news clip, guys. And you definitely can’t trust the news.”

This is more intel that she provides:

“The Russian Foreign Ministry believes that the events in Kazakhstan are inspired from the outside. President of Kazakhstan said that counter-terrorism actions will continue until the complete destruction of militants.”

Wow! So, family please lets pray for this nation, pray for Yaroslava, her family and pray for those who are unprepared for death and pray for mercy, mercy, mercy!

God bless you until the next message.

Tamar: A Woman Justified

January 7, 2021

Trafficked People of the Bible & God’s Response
By Susanna Thorn

These Stories are only Biblically Based and should not be read as Biblical themselves. I have only looked deep into the Biblical stories of these people and made connections that logically make sense in my mind to flush out the character and struggles of each of these people. My hope is that you will see yourself or those around you in these stories and the God that shows His love to them will become real to you and become your God.

Dedicated to Jesus for His Glory and to my daughter Gloria that she would know Him Deeper


“Judah then said to his daughter-in-law Tamar, “Live as a widow in your father’s household until my son Shelah grows up” For he thought, “He may die too, just like his brothers.” So, Tamar went to live in her father’s household. After a long time…

Genesis 38:11-12a – The Bible, NIV

“HOW DARE HE!!!!!!”

Tamar’s thought screamed into her mind as if she has spoken it aloud. If she had let it out it could have carried though her father’s whole land. Even back to the place that was now supposed to be her home, but she did not dare. It was dangerous for her to let her voice free, thoughts or feelings out at this time of night, or at any time. If she woke the family, she would pay dearly for it, for she lost that privilege when she was given in marriage to the household of Judah. Her childhood home was now her prison, the prison Judah had sent her back to. To be grudgingly given house room and treated like a servant instead of a daughter of the house. Ever since Judah had come for her many years ago to become wife of his firstborn Er, disaster has seemed to fall upon her and all around her.

Er had been proud and cruel. She had suffered mightily under his tutelage, learned not to show her fear, and had worked hard to be a good wife despite the inability to ever please her husband. He thrived on the fear, pain and suffering of those under him. Her mother-in-law Shua was worse, belittling and scorning her every moment she could get, seeing her as a rival for her son’s affections. Not that she needed to worry, Tamar was only the plaything and punching bag for Er, she had no influence on him. Even then Judah had done nothing, and it was she that suffered. Her only hope was to have a child, hopefully a son, for maybe this would soften Er blows. Yet when the mysterious God of Judah delivered her by cutting Er down it made her life more precarious, for there was no child to carry on his name, and no child to care for her when she was old.

When Judah finally chose to follow tradition and give her to his second son Onan, she was relieved, but not for long. For Onan did not want to produce children in his brother’s name, for without children the double portion would fall to him. Therefore, Onan used her as a harlot and spilled his seed on the ground, seed that would have produced children and would have given her a place in the family.

A few days later Onan was found dead in their wedding chamber throwing the whole household into an uproar. Shua called for retribution upon Tamar, saying she was the one who killed her sons. Yet what did she have to gain with two husbands dead in less than a year? Without children she was nothing, without sons she had no future. Why would she do anything to jeopardize that? Yet this was not a household that lived on reason, but emotion.

Judah, indecisive Judah then decided to send her back to her father’s house, with the promise that when his third son Shelah was a man he would send for her. How her face burned on that day. The shame of going back to her childhood home, husbandless and childless was a great disgrace. Especially since a son still lived in Judah’s household. It was un-presentient! If another Canaanite man

had treated her this way her whole family would have been up in arms at the offence. It was only because of the fear Judah as a Hebrew and his mysterious God. The fear of what he and his brothers had done in their youth because of the rape of their only sister to a great city of Canaan that kept her father and brother in their homes. Yet what could she do? So, she submitted to this, as she had submitted to the blows of Er, the scorn of Shua, and the deceit of Onan.

Now she seethed under her widows’ garb. Her beloved sister had heard from the marketplace that Judah’s wife had died and yet none had told her or asked her to come to the burial. Now Judah was going up to Timnah for the shearing festival with his friend Hirah the Adullamite. Everyone knew what men did when they went up to Timnah. Shelah was now a man and was probably going up with them, to spread their seed among the prostitutes and temple women. Seed that was rightfully hers! Seed that would produce children. Seed that would give her a place that she had prepared for all her life, what her purpose should be, rearing up a family and bringing up the next generation.

How dare he do this!!! He promised her! Yet Judah had never defended her since he chose her as the bride of his firstborn son, even when it was to his benefit. Without children his name would die out, his land would become fallow, and another would take it. She had been grafted into this family through marriage, her responsibility was to the future, and she would not allow it to die off. This was her responsibility, her purpose. She must find a way to fulfill it.

There had only been one person who had looked out for her this whole time, one who had seen her trouble and had done something about it, and that was Judah mysterious God. It was He who had freed her from Er clutches. It was He who had disciplined Onan for his deceit and use of her. It was He who had blessed her father’s house the moment she has stepped back across the threshold. The moment Er had died she had thought, prayed, and seeked this God. Only He had shown her true power that a God would have, and yet had acted justly toward her. Only He had acted in justice while all around her great injustice was done.

Her heart once again winged its way in a prayer toward this unseen God. What to do? Timnah! how she hated that city! Timnah! Timnah….

Her mind grasped at an idea. An idea that might work, that might help fulfill her purpose, to help her find her place, and to make sure that the name of Judah did not end.

“Justice.” She prayed under her breath. “All I ask is for is Justice.”

Have you ever been treated unjustly? Have others belittled you and used you? Have they treated you like nothing? If so, Tamar understands.

She had been married to two men, two men that God deemed to be so evil that He killed them Himself. In all this no one cared for her, no one helped her, except the Lord God of Israel. We do not know her thoughts regarding all of this, for it seems that she submitted and suffered silently this whole time, until the time that Judah went to Timnah.

It is there that we see Tamar take the greatest risk, and tricks Judah to sleep with her by pretending to be a temple prostitute. In that moment she was able to take from him his seal and his staff. These things were like the signet ring of a king when he made decrees, and a king’s scepter. These things could not be duplicated and were a legitimate way of identifying someone.

We see in this moment God was with her, for a man would never give these things up willingly. It would be like giving up your pin number at the bank machine to a stranger.

In time Tamar found that she was indeed pregnant, and she had the proof of who the father was, yet she stayed silent. She could have cried out for justice long ago at the city gate, and yet she stayed silent. When it was found out that she was pregnant she sent her servant to Judah with the seal and staff asking, “The man who owns these things is the father of my child, do you recognize them?” She gave them back to Judah in secret. She waited for Judah to do what was right, in silence, and through her example Judah took responsibility over her and brought her back into his home.

Her longing was not for vengeance but justice. For her to be a blessing onto the family that she was brought into, not a curse. She knew that she had been chosen to be in a family that was special and blessed, for this unseen God showed Himself strong in this family.

So, she humbled herself. She stayed silent. She did everything that she could to bless Judah and his household, and the Lord blessed her in return. Justice is what she longed for, and she waited on the Lord to give it to her, and He did.

Through her Judah received twins, justice for the two sons that had died and were husbands to Tamar. Through her Judah went home and Tamar was brought up under the love and tutelage of her mother-in-law Leah, one who would understand her predicament more than most. Tamar might also had found a bosom friend and confidant in Dinah as well. Through her Judah was reconciled with the God of his father Israel. How do we know this? We are told right after the selling of Joseph which was Judah idea and the grief of his father Jacob over the loss of Joseph that Judah came to Canaan. Yet when the famine hits all ten brothers including Judah go get grain in Egypt. What happens between those times? The story of Tamar.

Without Tamar Judah would not have returned to his father tent. Without Tamar Judah would have not gone to Egypt for the first time to buy grain. Without Tamar Judah would not have been there to promises his father Israel that he will take care of his youngest brother Benjamin. Without Tamar Judah would not have asked Joseph to take him as a slave and let Benjamin go back home for the sake of Israel. Without Judah being there we do not know what Joseph response would have been, for since Judah was their Joseph saw the

change in his brothers and reveals himself to them, which saved the whole family from the famine by bringing them to Egypt. All this happened because Tamar followed the Lord and trusted Him to cover her when she went out on a limb, and through that the whole family was blessed.

It is the family of Judah that we see in the story of Ruth, for when she is brought to Boaz to be wed the elder blesses them saying that may the children that they have be like the twin son’s Tamar bore for Judah. Tamar is spoken first, not Judah, for they acknowledge it is because of her act that their ancestors were born. Tamar changed Judah into the man he became before Joseph, a man acting like a king sacrificing himself for those he protects. It is from this family line of Ruth and Boaz comes three generations later King David, and from his line came our Lord Jesus Christ.

Things can go badly in our lives, so that you are used, abused, and treated wrongly. Sometimes the Lord allows us to go through those times to build great character traits in us. Tamar name means date palm. A date palm sways in the wind, stays upright, and produces delicious fruit despite humid conditions or storms. Through all Tamar went through she lived up to her name. The struggles she went through made her strong and supple, exactly what the Lord needed her to be for her hour on this earth to influence the world stage.

There are times to humble yourself, but there are times when the only person you should do this is to Jesus our Lord and Savior. Following Him sometimes means to go do something drastic, something dangerous, something that puts your life on a razors edge. He is constantly asking us to get out of the boat, to go out onto the tree limb. This is what Tamar did, this is what Mary the Mother of Jesus did, this is what Joseph the adopted father of Jesus did.

Jesus has promised that whenever we are tempted that He will always give us a way out. That way out may mean to leave all you know and to take a journey that you do not know the end to, like Abraham. That may mean to stand up and speak the truth to those who will not take it well, like many prophets of old did. That may mean dressing up like a prostitute so that you can join into the line of Israel. When God shows us a way out, sometimes it is a way that is so dangerous, so out there, so obnoxious that all around you may think you are mad and crazy and have lost your mind. In those moments, its better for you to follow that still small voice. For Jesus knows what is best for you, knows what will take you into the destiny He has for you, and knows the way out for you.

If Tamar did not take that great risk all these blessings would not have fallen upon her. Without her trusting that still small voice guiding her on this dangerous path we would have never heard of the story of Tamar. She would have faded as all the other women of her day

have in history. The story of Judah could have been changed, the same for Joseph, the same for Israel, the same for the Israelites Kings, the same for the lineage of Jesus. Yet the Lord does not leave His prodigal sheep to wander. He is also the God of the impossible and the unexpected to bring His lost children home, for then He gets the Glory.

Our God is not a God who is late or early but on time. This freeing of Tamar did not happen overnight. Think about the time it took for Tamar to find out she was pregnant, and what state of mind she could have been in when she found out she was. Her greatest hope put her in the greatest predicament, one that could cost her everything. How many fears and confusion did she battle each day and night as she waited to be discovered? What was playing in her mind the whole time? The act she had done she knew could be her salvation, but also her destruction. So, she threw herself at the mercy of the God of Judah, for only He could get her out in one piece, and He did.

It is because of her boldness and trust in the Unforeseen God that she was protected, even doing this most dangerous thing. It was in this act of trust of the Unforeseen God of Judah and His Justice that led her to green pastures for her feet. She trusted in the knowledge that the God of Judah is a God of Justice, and He will repay. In her humility and surrender she lay herself at His feet and He made her way smooth. So, when the Lord calls you, obey, for that is your way out. When the choice before you causes you to throw yourself at the mercy of the Living God, you are at the right place. For as the Lord did justice for Tamar He will do justice for you, and it will be a good and fair judgement on your behalf, because you trusted in Him, and He will receive the Glory through your obedience.

To read the story of Tamar for yourself you can find it in Genesis 38 of the Bible

My Brides, There is Great Hope for Your Future

January 6, 2022

Hello, Brothers and Sisters and Heartdwellers family.

After receiving the Lord, I immediately heard him say, “There is great hope in the future for My brides”

So I came before him saying, good morning, Lord.

Jesus, what’s on your heart?

Jesus began,

“There is great hope in the future for My brides. Please, My beloved ones, stick close to me and be unmoved by what you see or all that is going on in the world. It will cause many to become hopeless, despairing, and utterly discouraged from moving forward. But, My brides, stand with Me and in Me. I am your hope and the source of it, with Me you will do valiantly with all that is given for you to do. I am raising up many Judiths in this hour who see the ruin of their nation, the ruin of the church, the ruin over families, and will not bow down to the taunts of My enemies but rise with great wisdom and great strategies to overcome and lead My people into truth and freedom.

This anointing is not just for women, but for men as well. When you read the story of Judith you see a widow who is honored and respected by her people. She was filled with wisdom from on high but carried a deep burden to see her people liberated. When the enemies of Israel came to taunt and intimidate, even the elders and religious leaders of her day buckled and gave in. However, she did not, she cried out to Me morning and night for wisdom of how to bring justice to her people. And, although the route she took was not at all kosher, she obeyed and did it, with or without someone else.

She didn’t seek man’s approval or question my counsel to her but moved on the inspiration given and I used her to subdue Israel’s enemies and bring victory through the hands of a woman. All My brides, you are my Judiths. This is the season for you to rise up in great strength, great victory, and great resilience to see the enemies of God crushed, walls broken, and strongholds destroyed that have caused My people to be imprisoned for so long.

Do not give in to the circumstances you now are in—how you feel and what you see. Continue to stay close to Me, close to my Mother, and imitating her in all virtue as she leads the way for the greatest harvest yet to be upon the earth drawing all men to me before I return. ‘Rejoice in hope, persevere in tribulation and persist in prayer’ My beloved brides, for I am with you.” [And that is from Romans 12:12]

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

If you do not know the story of Judith it is found in the All-American bible translation which is the Catholic Bible. In it, there are some amazing Apocryphal books that are not included in the Protestant Bible. The Lord used women in the most amazing ways, and very non-conventional, I might add, but to fulfill his purpose.

Judith 10:2-9

As soon as Judith had ceased her prayer to the God of Israel and finished all these words, she rose from the ground. She called her maid, and they went down into the house which she used only on sabbaths and feast days. She took off the sackcloth she had on, laid aside the garments of her widowhood, washed her body with water, and anointed herself with rich ointment. She arranged her hair, put on a diadem, and dressed in the festive attire she had worn while her husband, Manasseh, was living.

She chose sandals for her feet and put on her anklets, bracelets, rings, earrings, and all her other jewelry. Thus she made herself very beautiful, to entice the eyes of all the men who should see her.

She gave her maid a skin of wine and a jug of oil. She filled a bag with roasted grain, dried fig cakes, and pure bread. She wrapped all her dishes and gave them to the maid to carry.

Then they went out to the gate of the city of Bethulia and found Uzziah and the elders of the city, Chabris and Charmis, standing there.

When they saw Judith transformed in looks and differently dressed, they were very much astounded at her beauty and said to her, “May the God of our ancestors grant you favor and make your design successful, for the glory of the Israelites and the exaltation of Jerusalem” Judith bowed down to God.

You see, Judith was very much like Deborah. Although she wasn’t a judge of Israel she loved the nation and was highly respected. So was her husband before he died. When the Assyrians made a threat to attack Israel in five days the leaders of Israel gave in. But she wouldn’t and told them to let her seek the Lord and that the God of Israel would deliver the nation into her hands. However, they couldn’t ask her how she was going to do it, but it would be done.

They gave her their blessing and when she sought the Lord, He gave her the inspiration to entice the men. Although an older woman, she was very beautiful and had continued to wear sackcloth since the day her husband died. But that day she dressed up with makeup and ornaments to seduce the leader of the Assyrian army. When she came from the City Gate into the enemy’s camp they were all overtaken by her beauty and listened to her. She told the leader of the army that Israel had sinned against God and that is why the Lord is allowing them to take the nation over. She also asked if she could pray daily to seek the Lord to give the leader of the army instructions on where to strike and how to overtake the city of Jerusalem. She was so wise in following the Lord’s instructions that the leader of the army was not able to defile her in any way as he wanted. On the fourth day before the attack on Israel, the Assyrian leader asked Judith to join them in the celebration. She gladly did as his plan was to get her drunk and then finally take advantage of her. However, he got too drunk with excitement and, in the tent, was knocked out and left alone with Judith. There, with God’s strength, she struck two blows and severed his head and gave it to her maid. They quietly left the camp that night and enter back into the city Gates.

Judith 13:14-20

Judith urged them with a loud voice: “Praise God, give praise! Praise God, who has not withdrawn his mercy from the house of Israel but has shattered our enemies by my hand this very night!” Then she took the head out of the bag, showed it to them, and said: “Here is the head of Holofernes, the ranking general of the Assyrian forces, and here is the canopy under which he lay in his drunkenness. The Lord struck him down by the hand of a female! Yet I swear by the Lord, who has protected me in the way I have walked, that it was my face that seduced Holofernes to his ruin, and that he did not defile me with sin or shame.”

All the people were greatly astonished. They bowed down and worshiped God, saying with one accord, “Blessed are you, our God, who today have humiliated the enemies of your people.”

Then Uzziah said to her, “Blessed are you, daughter, by the Most High God, above all the women on earth; and blessed be the Lord God, the creator of heaven and earth, who guided your blow at the head of the leader of our enemies. Your deed of hope will never be forgotten by those who recall the might of God. May God make this resound to your everlasting honor, rewarding you with blessings, because you risked your life when our people were being oppressed, and you averted our disaster, walking in the straight path before our God.” And all the people answered, “Amen! Amen!”

God bless you family, until the next message.

Going in the Spirit to the Suffering 2

January 5, 2022

[Mother Clare] Lord please help us to rivet our gaze on You as we are called into new territory to minister. Amen.

Our Lady began by pointing out a brother’s prayer as we began our group intercession.

She said, “I love his sincerity. How beautiful is the soul that prays in truth from the heart. My dear ones, please when you come to pray and ask for my prayers, really be aware of what you are asking. This is a holy moment between you and I, you are actually speaking to me and I am listening with all my heart. We have a real relationship, truly God has given me a mother’s heart for all of humanity, and your sincere conversation with me, affirms that truth.

Mother and son, Mother and daughter, how beautiful is the loving relationship between them. There is no mystery as to how I can be present to you and present to those in China at the same time. Grace stretches what we think of as reality. In actuality grace is presenting the reality of life in the spirit rather than this compact and limiting dimension you are so accustomed to functioning in.

Therefore, it is no mystery that I can be in several places at once. In Heaven, depending on your state, for some there are no limitations of space, time or intellect. Why is this Because our good Lord does not want us to miss out on any opportunity to minister to those in need. Some call this the fifth dimension, I call it God’s endless mercy and provision that all may be satisfied with the sweet, nourishing drink of eternal life without limit. It is a remarkable freedom He bestows upon those who are called out to minister and comfort others.

In the recent exercises given to you by Bishop Ezekiel, you were taken, by the spirit to those you wanted to comfort. I will tell you this now, that is the noblest thing you can do next to worshipping God, and because of this, He has allowed matter, energy, space and time to serve the needs of the suffering. Is this not an unheard-of gift? That you should be like God, able to be in many places simultaneously? All that is required is love and compassion with a strong desire to comfort others. You see all that He does is because of love, love and love again.

Now you are coming into an era where extraordinary gifts are being passed out to make salvation available to the most remote souls. Your sweet sister, St. Mary Agreda, had this gift and ministered to the Native Americans right here on this very spot you have been given. Over a century ago, she sanctified this place with a prayer that it would become a holy land for the local tribes. What an outrageous request!

But her faith was sufficient that she was able to do that very thing and God heard her prayer. What motivated her? Love for the Native American people and her desire to see the faith grow in them. Everything, when you follow it back to its very roots is grounded in LOVE.

Now your hearts are becoming sensitive to the needs of a people far removed, living in terror and unprecedented loss. Because you care, you are led to them in order to be the hands and feet of Christ and minister spiritual healing to them as well as an occasional physical healing from the atrocities committed against your God. Yes, these are atrocities committed against mankind who is made in God’s image and likeness and who came forth from His Heart.

When you love them, you become like Him and He is able to be anywhere, anytime, in multiple places, and so He shares this gift with you so that you can do the works He does. As long as you keep your hearts riveted on the right motive, you will grow in the ability to reach more souls, without limit. Clutch this to your heart, bury it there mixed with faith and embrace the glorious gifts He is offering you.