The Field, Sow with Seeds of My Love | Love, Recognizes Love

 A Message from The Lord To Sister Therese.

Days passed, and I had to come and sit down a little bit to listen to His

heart. Thanking Him for His goodness, a reply is heard, given to my soul,

saying, “You worry a lot about how to draw them to Me.”

(Oh boy..)  Do I?

 “Let’s be honest,” the Lord continued, “You are a bit worried about how to approach them to Me. But you have indeed noticed Me inspire you My way – love. Bring them the joy I fill you with, embrace them, play, and speak to them – your kindness and cheer draws hearts to Me.

 “At the moment, they might not know much of Me and how greatly I desire to be with them, but by the way you interact with them – as you bear My stamp cross (the necklace), they can see what a true Christian in love with her Beloved One is like.

 “You know, they experience the Love I desire so much to endow and overwhelm them with. I wish they will be shown very much love, for like that; their soul is tilled, the stones in their hearts removed, dissolved, and set apart from the fertile field. The harvest is ripe, and love is making it ripe for the pick.

 “You can use this weapon (of love) to the utmost – THAT is the above all and most powerful weapon to bring Me to souls! In time then, they will taste of Me as I lead them in life. But in the now, they are being sown seeds of compassionate love, affection, respect – they are being shown what Christ is all about. And in time, the fruits will be ripe for the picking.

 “So, for the moment, love, love and laugh and learn to pronounce My name without fear or concern. This is yet another ground that I wish to till inside of you. You are not here to act perfect, to have it all figured out and know the exact words and step ahead. As you saw, when you are yourself and bring My joy around – I surprise you, oh so beautifully!”

Sister Therese explains,

And here, He was referring to one event that happened previously. We met a group of children who met us before, and they, coming back from school, as we were walking down the valley from their home –  they rushed in and hugged us, so tightly! Which kind of caught us off guard, and surprised us joyfully.

Jesus continued,

 “Oh, they love you.”


 “ ’They barely know me’, you say?” Jesus said, “Well, they love the love you have, the smile and the cheer you have around yourself. They love, ‘love’. And those with love, recognize love. And in turn, give love themselves, as you all experienced. It is all an exchange of love.” Jesus said.

 “Your field is to sow with seeds of contagious joy and love. That is the field I wish you work on. It will also melt you and any fear holds within. You will also experience Me in this time. ALL has its purpose, and true it is: “My plans for you are good and prosperous, wishing you well, not harm” (Jeremiah 29:11)

And here He’s recalling – there was one day we were driving with a kekeh, you know the little cars that you drive around here? And there was another kekeh up in front of us, with a scripture written on its back. It was from Jeremiah, and interestingly, I looked it up, and the scripture was: “My plans for you are good and prosperous. Wishing you well, not harm.” And this was around the time you know, the struggles were coming. So the Lord left His images on the road.

Jesus continued,

 “You see, there is SO MUCH that has been coming your ways these couple of days. And each day has a growth to it! So beautifully orchestrated by Me!” He was marveling with joy.

 “So, My lovely little daughter and spouse of Mine; learn of Me, for I am meek and humble of heart. Compassionate and full of mercy for all. Sow with seeds of My love, silent love, affectionate love, smiling love, laughable love. Walk with them, and you will walk My paths. Be ‘one among them’, keep yourself ‘barefoot’ and leveled to them. Show them the kindness I show you, and do not try too much – be yourself, for I am in you. Be in Me, and together the fruit will increase. Conquer Me, conquer them, conquer over fear and troubles of heart, for all is well in My sight when you walk in meekness and love.

 “You are also here to learn. So be open, watch and see, and take in the wisdom I bring to you. In all this, take Me by the hand and walk with ME wherever you go. Keep on praying and shine with My light! Approach Me more for all your needs, as you have been asking lately, and you too will experience more of Me, carry more of Me, and give more of Us (the Holy Trinity) to them. Do not be desperate over faults or shortcomings – as We said, you are also here to learn and be free. You are in good grounds, and there will be fruit not only around you, but within you too. As long as you keep Me as the Apple of your eyes, heart, and mind – you are with Me. And oh, great is My mercy amongst you two, and all you come in contact with.

“So, be My shining light in this uphill valley, and allow Me to do the rest. Carry Me, and release My burning heart on all you meet, especially the little ones. Let them love you, embrace and touch you. You are to learn of them too. Be flexible and enjoy the moment I bring to you.”

“It is good that you persevere about your faults. Let your confidence in Me, trust in My mercy, grow and increase in you. Let it grow! Let it grow! Let it grow! 

Oh Lord!….

 “I love you immensely! Thank you for yielding to My calling. You bring Me billions of roses each day of My breath.”

Jesus said, which made me wonder.. and wondering about this, I just said within me, “Um, okay…” [chuckle], “interesting words.” He seems amused at my wonderment of “How?”

“You will find out soon!” He replied, amused.

Billion is a BIG number, Lord, but well, not to reason with You… (chuckle)  You know what You’re saying.  

“How I’ve missed you!…”  He said.

Thank you, Lord, for your goodness up here. It’s been an amazing ride until now!

“My joy to hear you say that!”

“Yield all areas of fear and struggles to Me and allow Me to cultivate them in you. I will take the weak and make it strong in Me, and it will bear much fruit! Keep on! My sweet beloved Mother is accompanying you and helping you develop. Trust her as you would trust Me, for I trusted her with all of Myself and entrust to her My beloved little children, to nurture and care for them, as she did with Me while on Earth – and still comforts Me greatly even now, as she remains by My side always.

“So, call and involve your family in this walk and journey, and SHINE with My contagious joy. This I will fill you in as you come to be with Me and step out with Me. Do not try to grow yourself up – allow ME that. And you, watch and see what I do with, and through you. You are also MY witness, witnessing too, like the others, what I do with your life. Now, My life.”

A New Home for a Family of Eight

Hello, brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family. We want to introduce this beautiful family to you, and how your donations to Heartdwellers Africa has made such an impact already here in Ghana.

In our previous videos, I shared some photos of families we have helped by paying their children’s school fees. This is the biggest family – Ms. Attah Mame and her six children. I found out the weekend before school was to start, that she was asked to move back to her town because had been given a free space to stay at a nearby church temporarily. However, because of the amount of kids she had, they could no longer accommodate them.

The problem is, she lived an hour away so she would have to pay for a taxi every day to have the kids go to and from school, which would cost a fortune here. Ella, one of the young ladies helping with the children’s ministry, said she found a place for rental for her, but it would cost $1,000 payment upfront for rent for a year. Immediately I knew the Lord wanted us to help her. So we surprised her by making the purchase for rent and showed her and the kids their new place. They were so excited because their former home was only brick and clay and one room. All the children slept on the floor, and we are now wanting to raise funds to get them furniture, blankets, mattresses, and bedsheets.

The Lord also moved on Derricks’ heart – since we’ve been doing a 22-day prayer commitment with his church, he is really desiring more ministry. He felt led to start a fellowship group with the ladies on Saturday. So we all went to pray over the home. The Lord used Derrick in a powerful way, to give prophetic words of knowledge to the family it was wonderful!

Watch and enjoy how your kindness in giving, has changed this family’s life for the better.


Family, please keep them in prayer; today I got a call from Atta Mame that her husband packed his stuff and just left her and the kids, taking all the money as

well. They have been married for 15 years and this is the second time he has done this. We prayed over the phone, believing the Lord would have her husband return. In the meantime, she has no money for her and her children, as she was crying.

We gave her another donation, but she is in need of more funds to start a business. So family, if anyone is willing to donate a hundred, even three hundred dollars – any amount you can do for us, to help her; that would be so greatly appreciated. Three hundred dollars would go a long way here. In order to help her start a business and take care of the kids, even just for a month, until the husband comes back.

So please help us, family, so we can help her. And please keep her in prayer. And we’re believing that her husband will be convicted and just return back, to be a father and help take care of the children.

All right, God bless you, family. Until the next message.

Anointing Will Cost You. What Is Your Price?


Hello brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family.

This morning, I got the Palm Sunday reading which is the Lord’s passion in my Lord supper readings. I just came out of a trial the week before and got this reading 4 days ago and when I get this, it means there is an upcoming trial to prepare myself to be on the cross with Jesus. If I can be honest tears flooded my eyes as I whisper, Lord this is just too much it’s too much. There is only so much that I can take as I thought to myself when will I have a respite…

Then after words the Holy Spirit played the song by Pennell a worship group which I have played on the channel called, “Yes to the cost” usually that is my jam because the beat is so nice. This morning I wasn’t having it, immediately fast forwarded the song saying— Lord it’s just too much. Not sure I said “yes”, to this, I said “yes” because of a promise— but now all I have is contradictions and everything I feared, coming to pass not sure, if I can continue to handle anymore.

But every time after I let my emotions run, I sit still knowing that His will be done in me anyway.

I had received a Rhema card that said “Anointing with fire all around it” and as you empty, I fill you up a couple days earlier and I couldn’t help being reminded that these trials are storing up for me a greater level of anointing, but in the moment and anticipating the pain of the cross I wasn’t at all excited for the anointing. I just wanted a break from this battle.

Jesus began speaking,

Salvation is free, but anointing will cost you. It will cost you everything My Beloved brides.

That is the work that I am doing in you and all My brides if you would but trust Me. It is when the grapes are pressed you get the sweetest of wine. The more that you are pressed, to absolutely nothingness, the more I am able to pour out everything non-stop in a greater measure.

You see, when I press a soul, I start from within, cleaning up the dross, wrong desires, thinking, selfish motives and ambitions within their heart that have to go or once the anointing comes, they will retain it to glorify themselves and not Me, but if I am able to clean the house completely there, I can easily have My way. I then began with external pressures pushing, squeezing and flattening you, if you would say so that you— react more and more in virtue rather more and more in the flesh. Simply you are dying that I may live fully in you.

I am looking and now forming vessels to retain a greater level of the outpouring of My anointing that is coming, but it comes with a price. Too many Christians have lived in a place of comfortability. Comfortable with their salvation, just to make it to heaven, but I didn’t die for you to make it to heaven I died that I may live here on earth through you and bring heaven down.

So many will weep with gnashing of their teeth when they stand before Me bare naked barley making it to heaven, but making it nonetheless, however having nothing to show for a life lived for Me. I didn’t die on the cross for you to have a life of happiness, joy, comfortability, and indulgence here in this world not without any sacrifice, suffering, or hard troubles.

 No, no, no, the gospel has been lost. I died, and resurrected to showcase My glory and the glory I wish to give to all who would live for Me, who would be in this world, but not of this world. Who would do greater works than even I did and who would love as I loved. Laying down their lives for all for love so all would know that they are My disciples. Do we see that now?

No, from heaven My church has lost it the pursuit of My glory and looks very lack lustre, from My vantage point but that is all soon to change. There are many of you My brides, I have been refining in that secret place, that hidden place only known by you, by Me, the Father and My Spirit, your sacrifices have not gone unnoticed nor have your prayers or your tears.

My anointing is coming, because you have counted the cost and said “yes”. For those who are still on the fence not sure or scared to live fully for Me, some are just consumed with the world and would hate to let go of the status quo, what culture and tradition demands, or even your church status and cliques.

My beloved brides that will get you nowhere, but standing before Me naked of any real good work and sacrifice. I am asking for everything. I have always asked for everything —not just your Sundays, or early morning devotions, or fasting only when lent comes around. I want it all, your entire self, your life, your heart, your time, your resources I want it all Beloved brides And I will give you so much more than you deserve at a greater measure, you won’t regret it.

It will surely cost you many tears of suffering in various ways. All My apostles had to come face to face with the cost in their time. Some, it cost them their families, their friends, their jobs, their honourable and respected names at religious counsels, but they knew I had the words to Eternal life and that meant more to them than anything.

A time is coming and very soon where the exploits, miracles of the Bible will become the norm for those who will carry this anointing.

 I will use you to bring a harvest of souls into My kingdom, to shut down the powers of darkness that they are in no way, in any shape or form, equivalent to the power of the One true and Living God.

Now is the time, because Satan’s time is short, he has increased in demonic manifestation, sorcery and show of false power that has lured many astray because they look at Christians who are comfortable who just talk but show no display of my power. Did the Paul not say

1 Corinthians 2:4

And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power:

So, My beloved ones prepare for the move of My spirit and the show of My power to all those who have responded with an “yes” and give Me all that I ask of them.

I am the pearl of great price, sell all you have My beloved ones, sell your attachments, your opinions, your thoughts and the way you would like things done, your comfortability, your indulgences and pleasures of this world to have Me. Be your all in all, and I will give you anointing that will change the world around you for My glory.

That was the end of Jesus message

God bless you family, please continue to pray for me and pray for the ministry and pray for father derrick as well.

Your Persecution Makes You A Minister Of The Gospel

Hello, brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family. May we all gain strength, that we are ministers of the gospel, in our persecutions.

I really didn’t want every message centered around Derrick and I, but man guys… the fire has been hot, and every day there is always a test of virtue that I just seem to fail. I found myself full of so much frustration and anger this morning, because of something that was said and how I was treated.

I was in self-pity and so weary from my unfair treatment and me always having to be the way to lay myself down. I was over it, and was contentious in the morning. Lord help me. When I came into prayer, the Lord soothed me with songs of encouragement to keep going and that everything would be ok. Then he got me with the Rhemas, they said:

“Pray Self-Deliverance Prayer”

In my pride I thought, who me? Wait.. I’m the one who needs deliverance? Come on Lord! But I knew there was so much bitterness, anger in my heart. When things would happen, I would be silent but my heart would be screaming “Lord help me” Then the second Rhema summed it up:

“I know you’re a hot-mess but you’re My hot-mess” – Jesus

Yup, truly that is who I am. Well said Lord.

The third said:

“Bind Demons of Sabotage”

And I heard in my spirit immediately, that I was being used to be an obstacle in what the Lord was doing.

So I sucked in my lower lip, repented, and prayed the self-deliverance prayer. Will actually repost that on the channel after this message. It’s a very good prayer and the first time I did the video on the channel, I threw up. So embarrassing, but I didn’t record that part.

Sometimes, or many times as a Christian, we get strongholds from demons because of wrong attitudes, and thinking; and we need deliverance every day as Jesus has taught us, and that is why we pray the binding prayer every day. It’s very important you pray that prayer. (If you don’t have the binding prayer, let us know – email us and we’ll send you out one.) Other times, we need deep deliverance, and that is what I needed this morning.

After receiving the Lord I came before him saying:

Jesus what’s on your heart?

Lord, when will things change? It seems every morning I am burdened by this union one way or another, and my emotions get the best of me.

I realized guys, I’m the one who needs to change.

Jesus began,

You have been assigned demons of sabotage beloved. They want to use you to obstruct all that I am doing. It may seem like nothing is happening, but a lot is happening beloved that is why I have encouraged you for the past few days that it won’t be much longer. Be patient with Me and with Derrick. No longer allow your emotions to rule.

“I know it’s hard, but a day of redemption is just around the corner beloved. Where all your ills, wounds, deep hurts; will not only be healed, but understood by him as well. He will suture you with his love and faithfulness. For now, I need every sacrifice.. please?

“Now that you have bound the demons, do not open the door for them to come again. You will be tested this week in various ways, to rather respond with frustration, impatience, and anger; or respond in love, understanding, and sometimes quietness. I know you think you look like a fool, but you are – you’re a fool for Me.”

And this scripture came to my mind:

1 Corinthians 4: 10-13:

“We are fools for Christ, but you are so wise in Christ! We are weak, but you are strong! You are honored, we are dishonored! To this very hour we go hungry and thirsty, we are in rags, we are brutally treated, we are homeless. We work hard with our own hands. When we are cursed, we bless; when we are persecuted, we endure it; when we are slandered, we answer kindly. We have become the scum of the Earth, the garbage of the world, right up to this moment.”

And I was like – wow, how on point that is for many of us believers. Many times we may not see our sufferings or humiliations being effective persecutions. Or having offensive words said to us, or looked down on or rejected, or being ostracized by your loved ones because of your faith – but all of that makes you a fool for Christ. Wow, Amen. May some of you draw some strength to endure further, rather than clam in self pity and bitterness as I have done. But not anymore, by Gods grace.

Jesus continued,

You and all My brides are being persecuted in various ways for the sake of the gospel, for the sake of souls. That’s what I want to talk to My brides about today –persecution. Many times, you were taught to think persecution was only from external factors; people coming against the church, people coming against Christian groups, people coming against you because of your faith. But so many of My brides are suffering spiritual persecution because the persecution is coming from people you do not see. Sending assignments, curses upon My body to cause frustration, discouragement, and despair; to cause you to doubt in My goodness and who I am. My brides, all of you are under persecution one way or another. Even the sickness I permit.”

And just as an aside here guys – Jesus is talking about a Simons cross of sickness. He is not the source of sickness, but he does allow it as a cross. If you pray and it doesn’t go away, the Lord is using it to humble you, and also to release many graces on souls to be saved because of your suffering.

Back to what Jesus was saying,

“Even the sickness I permit, devils are sent by Satan to torment you day and night with increased pain and lies that you have sinned to deserve this sickness, that you are cursed; to cause you to be hindered in what I have asked you to do, or even to debilitate you. But My brides, I have taught you well that no suffering is wasted. Even the worst of torment I allow you to go through under persecution, nothing is wasted.

The greater your persecution, the greater the grace, the greater glory you will be given when it’s all said and done, because you have shared in My suffering, so now, you will share in My glory.” (1 Peter 4:13)

“Some of you face persecution through your children, who constantly are targeted, going through various sufferings. Do not disregard that I don’t see how difficult it is for you to mother children who are rebellious, or carry sorrow in your heart for a wayward child, or a prodigal son who is enticed with the world, or a child with addiction, or a child who doesn’t listen to you. All of that are demons of persecution sent to you and your family, to cause you to be dejected and discouraged.

“Yes, war has broken out upon My saints, My brides, but I will ensure you all will prevail. You are My ministers of the gospel. Yes, even as a mother and father, as a believer who suffers for their faith one way or the other – you are a minister of the gospel and don’t let anyone tell you different. That is something the entire Church doesn’t understand quite yet. However, your white martyrdom pleases Me, and all your sacrifice and tears comes up before Me like a sweet fragrance, so pleasing to the Father.

“My brides, you have transformed cities, communities, and nations for the sake of the gospel. Your sufferings have backed up many ministers on the ground and those in the field, to yield a wonderful harvest, in which you are responsible for. Unreached people groups are being touched by My grace, in visions and in dreams because of the persecution you have endured for love of Me. Souls are being saved in their numbers and hardened hearts turning back to Me, because of you are enduring your persecution. Nothing is wasted My brides, and as you have been praying for loved ones, trust that as you have believed, your household will be saved (Acts 16:31). So no longer worry about that. I will save each and every single one of your family members.

“Some you will get to see the joy of their salvation here on Earth, and others, you will see their radiating smiles of redemption when they make it to Heaven. So I want to encourage you My brides to continue to tarry. Don’t lose hope or be caught off guard by these persecutions. Continue to hope all things, endure all things, and believe in Me.

And that was the end of Jesus message.

You Are Unstoppable

Hello brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family. May the Lord give us all the grace to be unmovable. Today was a difficult morning. Derrick shared with me some things, and for the first time, was so full of remorse and contrition. We praise God for that, because that has been my prayer.

However, I was overwhelmed and wondering if I would be able to continue to carry this cross and be patient, with all the opposition and assignment against us. All the songs Holy Spirit played, were so encouraging to me, to be steadfast. This trial has easily been the most distracting thing.. I began to have so much resentment in my heart towards my family members doing witchcraft against us, because I was so weary of the fight.

Then during worship, the Lord played a song called “Unstoppable” by [Koryn] Hawthorne. The lyrics were so on point and very encouraging.

Some of the lyrics say:

Been through trials and tribulations

Yeah, he got me I can take it

I know it ain’t gone kill me, if you with me, I know I can face it

Oh no I can’t stop my races, born tough in my nature

Hey, I’m getting it out

Get on my knees tryin’ to figure it out

I gotta find out a different route

Stay to the plan and then finish ’em out

Yeah, I cannot go no penitentiary route

So done praying, I’ll be sending them out

After war wound, I’ll be sending about

They told you that you couldn’t do it ’cause you’re washed up

Ain’t like them bad girls, said you should get your sauce up

But I got this plan and you might not understand

I’mma go hard as I can, and I’m gon’ be the boss of it

     Just watch me do this, put no limits only swagger on it

Walk right up to the front where I belong and brag on it

     Go to the top, I’mma give it all I got

Might take a lot but we ain’t gon’ ever stop

I do believe I’m something special

Can’t take that from me

So you can say what you want and I go harder, stronger

Be who I’m supposed to be

‘Cause I’m unstoppable, I get all the way in

That’s the way I was made and I’m up on my business

‘Cause I’m unstoppable, ain’t no hoping and wishing

Say a prayer, catch a wave, then I go out and get it

‘Cause I can be what I want, try it if I want

I’m powered by the King and He won’t let me fall

‘Cause I’m unstoppable, nah, nah, nah, He won’t let me fall, ’cause I’m unstoppable.

So the lyrics have a little bit of slang.. but you get the point!

So immediately afterwards, I came before the Lord:

Jesus, what’s on your heart? Or should I say rather – speak, your servant is listening.

Jesus began,

“Lean on the one who loves you beloved. I am the rock, I am the foundation that is firm, in which you can trust. Your suffering and this trial won’t last always. Stand on My word, I am faithful to fulfill it. Yes, breakthrough came, which released a torrent of graces upon you both, to continue to endure further. It won’t be but a little while longer and once the chalice is filled to the brim of your sufferings, it will be poured out upon Derrick, and fully transform him inside and out, body soul and spirit; so have courage. Have great courage and great peace that I am in control, and don’t give into despair or hopelessness. Rather, focus on the joys ahead. I have a few pleasant surprises in store for you beloved, to strengthen you and to bring new life into you, and all the promises I have given you. You are not alone in this at all.”

And just as an aside guys; I found out today, one of the wonderful, major surprises the Lord has in store for Derrick and I – I’ll share soon! Yay, Jesus! He was faithful to this promise. So I’m excited to see what else He has in store!

And then I began:

Jesus, do you have a word for the flock?

“Yes I do, but I want to speak to you, about the land. Begin fervently praying into the land in that area.”

And just as aside guys here; we’re gonna see the land next week, for the first time. So I’ll have pictures and videos – please pray behind us.

“Let that be one of your prayer points daily. When you go, consecrate the land to Me and pray over it beloved. I will have Saint Elisha and Saint Michael escort you both there. This will be the pearl of My works of mercy on this Earth. You have no idea, and that is why the opposition is so intense beloved, but I’m making you unmovable and unstoppable. That is who you are, and all My brides.

“My beloved ones, I want to speak to you about perseverance and endurance. These two virtues not only grow your faith and form your character, but they make you unstoppable. You have no idea My brides, how many of you are so hated by the kingdom of darkness; especially this little one. They have tried to throw all manner of assignments, curses, landmines, traps and snafus to cause her to give up long ago. To cause you,to give up long ago and turn back, leaving My side. But My love has held you all together My brides, to be steadfast. Even when you didn’t understand, even when you couldn’t go any further, I carried you and now look how far you have come, how far you’ve climbed. You are unstoppable! That is what they say about My brides; for the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church, no matter how difficult it gets. Demons cannot understand faith, and don’t realize the faith My brides carry, which keep you coming and coming, time and time again, never leaving My side; because you are not only walking by faith, but you are living by faith. You have now become the house spoken of in Matthew:

Matthew 7:24-29

Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock: the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.

“For your bodies are My living temples, a house where I have tried your faith My beloved brides, in the fiery furnace of My love. You have been tested with rain, sorrows of every kind, floods of suggestions, doubts and insecurity. You have been tested with wind. The wind of persecution by your own family, your own spouses, friends and church members – yet you did not crumble.

“You have been tested with fire in the trials that were given to you, to purify and sanctify you. When the enemy of your soul, and human enemies wanted to see you destroyed; rather it hardened you off in My strength, to further withstand more opposition that would come against you. Although you are so weak, so very weak My brides; My strength stands so strong in you, and that is why you are unstoppable. Although you don’t see it, you made it through, and will continue to make it through, despite the best of attacks and assignments against you.

“So don’t get weary My beloved brides. Find strength in my passion to receive all the graces you need to persevere. March onward and forward My beautiful doves. Nothing, by no means, will harm you or stop you. Mark My words, it is the Lord your God who surrounds you, like a cloud by day and fire by night. You are My unstoppable ones, whom I will raise to do great exploits in the coming days, for My glory. That all may come to worship My mercy, and put their faith in Me.”

And that was the end of Jesus’ message.

Thank you so much family for your support, for your prayers, for your donations.

The is the last call, if you have any donations you wanna send to Texas, for the children here, for the barrels we’re gonna send to Ghana – please go ahead and

do so, by this weekend. We could use; backpacks, clothes, shoes, pencils, and any type of school supplies, or even toys. That’d be such a blessing. So thank you family, so much. Just remember to send the package to:

2402 Overbrook Drive

Arlington, Texas


And I’ll have the address in the comments, if you guys wanna go ahead and send packages then. All right, God bless you until the next time family.

Let’s Sail Off Into Your Destiny

Hello, brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family.

Thank you, guys, for your prayers and support concerting Derrick and I. We came out of this fire! However, I know there are many more trials ahead.

God was faithful concerning breakthrough and after Nigeria, much of the oppression lifted, and the confusion from his heart and mind returned back to peace and desirous of what the Lord had started with us. So, we praise God! Another heartdweller also received a major breakthrough in his marriage. The Lord said there would be many breakthroughs in our relationships whether spousal or family, so comment below if the Lord moved for you as well!

Now, although Derrick and I working on our relationship, there are still many differences concerning the City of God community and I just wasn’t sure how to move forward with that. I received a Rhema that said, “St. Raphael” on the back, and on the front, it said, “Be steadfast and work without fear”. As I wondered how can we move forward Lord, if we were not in agreement. I just wasn’t sure. So, I came before the Lord with many anxious thoughts in my mind.

Good morning, Lord—what’s on your heart?

Jesus began,

Stay with Me, Beloved, stay with Me in your heart! There you will find consolation. I have been here all along enduring with you. Thank Me for what I am doing although you do not understand. Thank Me and praise Me! Your thanksgiving should always be continuous. The readings of Pentecost should tell you I have great plans ahead of you that will leave you and so many others in awe!

“Beloved, I am able to take the deadest of bones, situations, and circumstances and bring them to life to become a vast show of My glory—and that is what I am doing!

As an aside, my second reading was about Ezekiel, the dry bones in the scripture. Jesus was talking about the nation of Israel, but as a Rhema word for me by the Holy Spirit, He was speaking to me about this marriage and the promise of the City of God community.

Ezekiel 37:3-14 ERV

Then the Lord said to me, “Son of man, can these bones come to life?” I answered, “Lord GOD, only you know the answer to that question.” Then he said to me, “Speak to these bones for me. Tell them, ‘Dry bones, listen to the word of the LORD! This is what the Lord GOD says to you: I will cause breath to come into you, and you will come to life! I will put sinew and muscles on you, and I will cover you with skin. Then I will put breath in you, and you will come back to life! Then you will know that I am the LORD.’” So, I spoke to the bones for the LORD, as He said. I was still speaking, when I heard the loud noise.

The bones began to rattle, and bone joined together with bone! There before my eyes, I saw sinew and muscles begin to cover the bones. Skin began to cover them, but there was no breath in them. Then the Lord said to me, “Speak to the wind for me. Son of man, speak to the wind for me. Tell the wind that this is what the Lord GOD says: ‘Wind, come from every direction and breathe air into these dead bodies! Breathe into them and they will come to life again!’” So, I spoke to the wind for the LORD, as he said, and the breath came into the dead bodies. They came to life and stood up.

There were many men—a very large army! Then he said to me, “Son of man, these bones are like the whole family of Israel. The people of Israel say, ‘Our bones have dried up; our hope is gone. We have been completely destroyed!’ So speak to them for me. Tell them this is what the Lord GOD says: ‘My people, I will open your graves and bring you up out of them! Then I will bring you to the land of Israel. My people, I will open your graves and bring you up out of your graves, and then you will know that I am the LORD. I will put my Spirit in you, and you will come to life again. Then I will lead you back to your own land. Then you will know that I am the Lord,  You will know that I said this and that I made it happen.’” This is what the LORD said.

Jesus continued,

All you are suffering and will suffer is to back up what I intend to do. Not only in Ghana, but within the nations of Africa. My Spirit is going to be poured out in a powerful way! You and so many others will be fully possessed with My Spirit and that is why this is a season of you decreasing, becoming smaller and smaller, littler, littler and littler. You are learning, but it has been a fight. Fight no more, and stop resisting Me, as well through Derrick.

“You were right to think this is his time, where I am building him up in leadership. I am answering your prayer, just not the way you desired it. So, step back and play a supportive role. Really encourage him in the gifts and anointing I have given him, and continue to see him in My light, truly, a mighty man of Godthat is who he is.

“I will make him very meek and humble of heart once I am done, but all transformations take time. So, give Me everything, all your suffering to back up what I am doing in him, and with this mission and on this continent, beloved. Do not give up or ever settle into despair or discouragement. I am working all things out for your good.

“It is also good to submit to his vision for the City of God for now. As you go, pray ahead into that day, when you both see the land much inspiration, excitement, and anticipation will come through him. I will let you know what needs to be done first. What you must focus on and raise funds for. Do not worry because provision will come rather quickly once it is made clear to you what to do. Hence, the Rhema, I gave you, “Provision from heaven coming to you to fulfill heaven’s purpose, so do not worry”.

“Concerning all else—please move forward and no longer fear retaliation or opposition in ministry here! You have been in a fight of your life, and look just as I promised you have overcame and will end the year in joy and gratitude for the turning around that has happened—and you will continue to overcome Beloved. Do not fear suffering, because ahead, you have much sacrifices that will be required of you. My little one, I will give you the grace for each one!

“Take it all one day at a time and continue to trust Me with each step. Even if you’re shaking, crying, or unsure doing it. Just take the step and I will lead you to the finish line. At the end of our journey, you will not only see My faithfulness, but you will see My goodness in the winding roads and trials I allowed that got you to the expected end.

“It would be good to go back and revisit some of the messages, Beloved. There were many instructions given to you as to what to do. Do not fear, Beloved! Do not fear! The devils have been oh so clever, in their attacks and assignment, but I am giving you My peace now so that all anxiety may be gone and you may be rest assured confidently in My merciful love, trusting My faithful hands with what I have given you to do.

“Continue to pray for Derrick daily and intently that he will do My will, and support him in any effort he gives to serve Me, to learn My word and to teach it. Really be very supportive, Little One, and you will see his heart enlarged more and more by My love through you.

“Set your sails off, Beloved, and let’s get moving now! This work is in My hands and I will finish what I have started.

“My beloved brides, set your sails and come ride on the slivery seas of hope with Me. My breath will be your guide in directing your boat where it needs to go. However, you must step in. Too many of you feel disappointed and let down and [are] now fearful of the inspiration, the instructions, and the directives I have given you. Please, don’t let the gifts, the graces, and the inspiration slip from your hand!

Go deep with Me! Trust Me! And leave the shore behind. That is where your faith will be found and strengthened. Yes, it may be scary at first and the opposition will be tremendous so that you can turn back around, question, or give up—but don’t! I am with you in the boat, your Captain at the helm leading the way. Don’t look at the waves—you just keep your eyes and your heart fixed on Me. With love and in love before you, you will arrive at your destination. And because you have obeyed, you will enjoy prosperity and contentment when all others are abased in discouragement and hopelessness, you will rest peacefully in My care.

“Remember, it’s not about you, but for souls. I need your cooperation for souls. I need you to move forward and do what I have instructed you to do for souls. I need you because there is no one quite like you and you have been destined and created for a unique group of people only you can reach. I have now given you all the graces and gifts to do that—but you must move forward!

“My beloved brides, I pray you will yield yourself to My loving plea. I wait for you to do this together.

“Let sail off into your destiny!”

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

Our Trip to Nigeria

Hello, brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family. 

May the Lord give all who are in marriages great perseverance and endurance.

 I encouraged Derrick to attend this church conference which is held in Nigeria. After his dream, I knew how important it was for us to attend this conference, although I wasn’t really keen on going. Coming from a Pentecostal charismatic background and then having Jesus lead me into a more contemplative prayer life in silence and solitude, it felt that maybe I was going backwards a bit. 

This was a prayer boot camp. Not for the faint of heart! You had to pray for 24 hours, fasting and not sitting down. Then the following two days—15 hours a day of prayer, praying in tongues. Then you had two days of 12-hour teachings and then prayer again. 

Around the third day, I was asking the Lord “why am I here?” It was difficult but where I ended, the Lord’s grace then carried me the rest of the way, and I was strengthened for sure by the end of the conference. We even received a prophetic word from a pastor about our marriage, which was really cool and brought Derrick to tears! However, during the first few days, it was really distracting, because out of hundreds of people, the Lord, somehow, put Derrick and I in the same group. I was hoping to have some time with the Lord but my emotions were getting the best of me. With all that we were going through that I felt we needed to talk about. 

I questioned and doubted so many things, and the first day Jesus spoke to me during the conference as everyone was yelling, praying in tongues. The place was a huge open stadium with a stage, and immediately I went into a vision of me speaking at an event, speaking to ladies and married women encouraging them and having them pray for one another as tears filled my eyes. Then I came back to myself. I heard His still small voice speak to my heart. So I began writing.

Jesus began,

My beloved, hold on, hold on even for dear life if you have to. You are being buffeted enormously, to obstruct what I have planned. Please, these next few days until the end of the year, stay in prayer and worship. That is your weapon Beloved, you will find so much strength when you worship! I know it’s so hard. I am asking you for blind trust, Beloved. I promise I am so good, and this will work out for your good, when all is said and done you will not regret this union. I permitted this to happen to purify your love and let go of this fear once and for all because of how I will restore this, I will leave you in awe of My goodness, which will cause a greater level of trust in Me you haven’t had before. 

“The vision I gave you is a foretaste of what you both will be doing. That is why the enemy is attacking this marriage so fiercely, intensely and viciously because you both will be used to bring healing, restoration, and hope to so many marriages! That is his final attack on marriages, in these last days, and he is working overtime. Derrick and you will be a formidable, strong, and iron force against his advances to destroy so many lives and children from broken homes.

“Hang in there, Beloved, stop being moved by what you see. If you see anything begin to praise, come to Me in worship to bring hope and strength. It’s good to take it day by day. Your overthinking is causing Satan and his demons to overload and overwhelm you. Okay, Beloved?”

Yes, Lord.

Don’t discount the time you have here. Yes! You had different motives but much is being done on your behalf and Derrick’s during this prayer conference. There are legions of Angels stationed, taking up all the prayers and graces and blessing are coming down.

“You have sown with tears; you have sown with sweat, and you have sown with prayeryou will reap much fruit from this time. Just trust Me, and obedience is your protection. Please, let go. Don’t seek to know what is going on. It has rather caused much anxiety, fear and distrust. Yes, We know there is a lack of honesty about a lot of thingsNow leave it to Me. All that is hidden will be brought to the light in humility and with contrition. Trust Me. Wait on My timing rather than trying to formulate or push him into situations to speak or confess, rather you are pushing him further in rebellion. No one gets away with anything. Pray against this spirit of rebellion, which is as witchcraft. 

“This is witchcraft you are dealing with, Beloved, not Derrick, so fight from the high place you are seated. Fight that spirit with your weapon of praise, and watch what I will do! Know this trial will not overcome you, it will not take you under or bring this marriage to ruin. I won’t allow it. Rather it will strengthen it, equip it, and draw you both closer to Me and one another. But I really need your trust, Beloved. Cooperate with Me and you won’t be disappointed.”

Lord, may I have Your faith?

Yes, Beloved, it is all yours for the taking. Myself, I give to you entirely. Now give Me yourself entirely. Will you?

With your help and grace Lord—yes.

“Okay, that consent I will take. We are in this together! Sit back, and watch as I bring shame to your enemies and destroy their wicked schemes as I sent them scattering in different directions in terror, as I laugh of what they thought they had won.”

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

Thank you, family, for your continuous prayers. It has been definitely hard but God has been faithful. We both received many graces coming back from Nigeria, and Derrick really is turning around as well, as the curse was broken and he now wants to really serve the Lord with his whole heart. I can’t imagine this will be the last time because there are so many enemies and witchcraft here in Ghana. So, continue to keep us in prayer as we pray for you as well.

God bless you. Until the next message.

Endure a Bit Longer

Hello brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family. This is by far the hardest trial and test of faith I have had to go through. The attack on Derrick’s and I’s marriage had been weighing me down tremendously, as my sisters and I have gathered to fast and pray with you guys, from the 3rd-15th as Jesus requested.

He mentioned the trial would only intensify until the end of the year and boy has it been fiery. This was the first time where I found myself losing faith in the Lord and to make matters worse, He was admonishing me and correcting me for my pride.

I pulled the card, “Bind a strongman of pride and haughtiness”. I thought –

was that for me Lord? Immediately I went into a tail-spin of resentment and anger.

The rest of the Rhemas read –

“So many automatic judgments. Violently thrust them away replace them immediately with charitable thoughts and pray blessing and good for each person. These too are precious souls”

The next said:

“Lift up your heart for you have found favor with God”

The following said:

“Have faith

He is asking you to fellowship with him and join him in what He is doing. We should be filled with faith and anticipation, remembering what he did at the Red Sea and empty tomb” -Francis Chan.

Then I got:


Forgive them I want to redeem them”


“You have been given a gift of Love. Don’t let them take it from you”

And the last card read:

“You are anointed to set the captives free, but you must be set free first. Trust Me in this journey. I only tell you now that you have a great journey you must complete first. At the end of your journey you will find a door leading you back to this prison, just as I found. When you return, your vision will be so great, that they will never be able to trap you here again. Your visit will so be great, enough to see the treasure here” – From the Rick Joyner book, ‘The Call’.

As you can see, I took so many Rhemas – some where from days before, but I was brooding and hurting with all that the Lord had allowed. I finally came to him very honest, hiding nothing.

Lord I come before so angry.. so angry Lord, because I feel like Jeremiah, as if you have duped me. I struggle with the contradictions you allow, because it makes me feel like I can’t trust your word Lord, and I am struggling with the correction of having the strongman of pride and haughtiness. I can feel it on me, because I am so resistant to your admonishment this morning, and so angry.

Please Lord, help me and deliver me.

And I don’t see how I can be judging someone, when I perceive what is happening reveals itself to be true – how is that judgment? I am so weary Lord and honestly desire to be released from this cross. I am scared to go on, and I’m scared to trust again. That’s honestly how I feel Lord.

But when I come to myself I realize, where can I go? It’s like – even if I wanted to

run, there is something that You have done in me, that makes me second guess and always do Your will, although I am angry and I don’t want to.. I just need your help and understanding.

Jesus began,

 “There is indeed a strongman of pride and haughtiness, that continues to rear its ugly head within you from time to time. There is always pride beloved, always, and I allow these trials to cauterize it. Like leaven when the dough rises and it’s too much; you simply cut some off, and that is what I am doing. Little by little, so once I am one with you, you will become humility itself, resembling much of your beloved spouse and Heavenly Mother.

 “Beloved, I know this trial has been more than you can bare, but look how far you have come. You didn’t even think you would be here, but you’re here – why? Because I have your heart, we are one. And when your flesh and soul desires not to do the will of God, but rather is repugnant and rebellious against it; your Spirit takes over, because you have given Me your consent, that you are entirely Mine and I am entirely yours. Where you end, I then take control. And that is why scripture says: “It is not I who live, but Christ who lives in me.”

 “I have been living for you these past two weeks, uploading you with My grace. Literally carrying you through this fire. You are here, because I am here and willing to endure through you, because of the love of the Father and for His glory. I will continue to strengthen you. The thoughts previously given to you beloved, are inspired by My spirit.

 “You asked about judgment. How can you judge someone when the negative thought you had turns out to be true? How can it be judgment? It is judgment, because you have judged the person by their actions. I didn’t say the actions were a lie, but you have made and framed an idea in your mind about the persons, because of their actions; having no idea the influence, their motives, and that is why it’s judgment. I see from the beginning until the end, and only I can judge

justly. You only judge from what you perceive, what you see, and what is shown to you. Even if true, you will never be able to judge rightly, and that is why I am asking you to leave the judgment to Me, and Me alone beloved.

 Do you love him?

Yes Lord, I do.

 “Then endure a bit longer. He is someone who is bound in a prison, held captive by lies, allurements and curses. He does not see, but you do. I have brought him into your life to cooperate with Me, working with me hand-in-hand, to bring liberation; and it will take love and patience beloved, and it’s right around the corner. Can you not endure just a wee bit longer? The end of the year is almost here – I told you the devils would be clever to intensify things, so you can abandon ship right before breakthrough. No longer reason with yourself what you don’t understand, or how I will do it, or what will change. Just know that by the end of this trial beloved, he will be that faithful husband I spoke of. My words are faithful and true, you can trust them and trust My goodness. I had asked you to give him your trust wholeheartedly and you haven’t; which has caused you much anxiety and curiosity to know what is going on.

 “Moving forward, trust Me. They say ignorance is bliss and it’s true to a point; you are not ignorant of the enemy’s devices, but your curiosity and what you find, leads you to stop loving him, but rather judging him instead, which opens the door for anger, bitterness and pride – which is the strongman that has a hold of you now. Renounce it right now before Me. Let go and I will bring all things to the light, just as you have been praying. I really need you to trust Me beloved, or you will continue to be miserable in this trial, and miss what it is I am doing and teaching you as well.

 “I know you feel disappointed, and even betrayed by Me, but don’t believe the devils lies. I am faithful and I am good, I know you can’t fully understand what I am doing, but I need you again to trust My goodness and love him, and love Me, beloved. Get busy with ministry and the direction I have given you. The enemy wants to use this trial to lose your circle of focus, and you have to an extent. These next few days, make it count. Get your eyes off your situation, this marriage and him, and get busy with all that I have inspired you to do. As you continue to make yourself available to him, loving him and being there for him, while serving Me.

 “Your joy is coming, your praise is coming, and your testimony and breakthrough is underway, for you and all My brides in the heat of the fire. It has only gotten worse because of the wind of breakthrough coming, and what I intend to do. Know that this is not the end of trials in this life, but the trial you have been facing My brides; is about to receive new hope, new direction, and restoration.

 “So repent My beloved bride, humble yourself before Me and just like Mary – although she lacked understanding, she said “Nevertheless not my will be done, but yours.” Because she found favor in My sight, she became a source of faith and grace for all. You too have also found favour in My sight, and will be a testimony of faith and of My grace for all. Endure a bit longer and continue to respond, react, and walk, in love.”

And that was the end of Jesus’ message.

Spirit of Sexual Immorality, No Sex in Heaven

For He is our God, and we are the people of His pasture, and the sheep of His hand. Today, if you will hear His voice: ‘Do not harden your hearts, as in the rebellion, as in the day of trial in the wilderness’.” Psalm 95:7-8

Dear family, during my morning devotions, the Holy Spirit took me back to the years I was living in disobedience while confessing to be in fellowship with the Lord. I use the book of Psalms for my early morning devotion, I try to read 5 psalms each morning meditatively praying over the verses.

In my initial testimony in this channel titled, “From Luxury And Lost Faith, To Seclusion And Salvation”, I promised to share my other experiences in my fallen state, in my seclusion and new walk in the Lord.

When the Lord directed me to go into seclusion and cut contact with the whole world – except about 3 souls – I had no idea I would stay in seclusion for 7 years! No phone, no radio, no television – really no access to the world. Occasionally when I must meet someone because of a situation in the world that involved me and needed my attention, I had to move at night and sleep at my former brother-in-law’s house where I would do my meeting the next day. At that time in the outside world, only my kid brother and a dear friend knew my true whereabouts, though the Lord initially didn’t allow them to know my specific “hideout”. My hideout became a sacred place because all I did in that room was pray, read the Bible, sing hymns, and look at the ceiling. One day the Lord told me my room has become like the “Garden of Gethsemane”. It was not easy, there were very difficult days, but Lord’s grace was truly sufficient. Each day I lived with the expectation to be told by the Lord it was time to go back to the world. Everyone else in the world thought I was in Europe.

In my first year in seclusion, as I indicated in my initial testimony, I shared with you a message given by the Lord Jesus to my spiritual mother for me.

The message was in three parts. Part one of the message the Lord told her to tell me He had chosen me to live with Him in heaven, and therefore, I must stop my sexual immorality, for in heaven there is no sex.

Guys, I am in seclusion; no chance to sexually sin, and I was in repentance, so I really did not understand this message. In my mind, I had no plans to return to that lifestyle.

Let me share something here: a few months in seclusion, the Lord told me to write down all women I had fornicated with and confess asking Him to forgive me and each lady and ask Him to cleanse both of us and the place we defiled. I was shocked with the number of ladies and I had to pray for 7 days. So in my mind, sexual immorality was the last thing on my mind. Definitely, I knew from Bible there will be no marriage (sex) in heaven so I didn’t understand where it was coming from Lord.

But now I know.

Sex was an idol in my heart and the Lord could see it sabotaging His will in my life, even after I return to the world. Anyone immoral is under [the] control of the Spirit of Immorality. Yes, when I got back to the world, I was sincerely immersed in the Lord, but I was not yet delivered from that spirit. By the way, all that time in the world with the many women, I just thought it was a lifestyle, but I didn’t realize that a Spirit of Immorality was in me! Brothers and sisters, because of our faith and being active in Christian fellowship and ministry, we can seem to “manage”  the spirit and seem to walk in victory… But be warned, my dear ones, one day the devil will create the right circumstances to trigger your fall, and it will not only surprise you, but devastate you. Some might even have this spirit but it has still not manifested. Don’t trust yourself.

I shared how I tried to take an indefinite dry fast to be delivered from it but the Lord rebuked me. I always think because He wanted me to hate the sin and not seek a supernatural deliverance. This sin has brought me a lot of pain, lost many graces and time which no one can redeem. I really believe the two broken marriages I have had after my first wife divorced me, was because the Spirit of Lust manipulated me to enter into marriages that were not of the Lord. I strongly believe the Lord allowed a Familiar Spirit to lead me into marriages that were not of the Lord. The sisters are good people but the unions were not of the Lord. When we have an area in our life that is not pleasing to the Lord and we are stubborn about it, the Lord allows a Familiar Spirit in our life because of open doors. So, family, I was an idolator and I didn’t even know it. Yes, born-again, in ministry, but an idolator. And the idol was sex.

So reading the above scripture convicted me and wondered what idol still holds sway in my heart. Let’s not deceive ourselves without doing violence to idols in our hearts seeking the Lord for deliverance. We will not only bring disgrace to the Lord and His people, but we can give Satan access to our lives, families, ministries, and the Christian community you belong to and cause a lot of chaos.

My humble advice:

(1) acknowledge your idol (weakness) & repent

(2) Read verses in Bible about the idol (sin)

(3) Talk to the Lord about it & seek-deliverance

(4) Confide in your spiritual Father or Mother or mature Christian.

This last one is important because the sin will not be your secret anymore, you will have someone watching over you and covering you with prayers. Remember, it’s warfare! Satan won’t let you go easy but at the end you will enjoy the sweetness of clean conscience after the victory! When we indulge this spirit by feeding it by our immorality, it builds a stronghold.

Young people, flee from sexual immorality! If you don’t, it will bring you a lot of pain. Masturbation, pornography, flirting – all these, flee from them! Remember the Bible verse at the beginning, I quote part of it now: Today, if you will hear His voice; ‘Do not harden your hearts, as in the rebellion.’” [Psalm 95:7]

When the Lord gives direction, just obey, He always knows better.

Soon, Lord willing, I will share more about the other two messages the Lord gave my spiritual Mother while I was in seclusion. May the Lord sanctify our bodies, souls, and spirits. Be blessed.

Only One Heart… Who Will You Give It To This Year?

Message from the Lord

to Sister Felicitas

Lord, do you have anything else on Your mind? We don’t always have to talk about me. I’m not important.

Jesus began,

 “Well, My daughter, at Christmas time there are always many topics that concern Me. One of the smallest is actually Myself. One must expect Me to think a lot during this time, about what it was like to come on Earth and to show Myself to you so clearly for the first time – but no. The quarrels of families, the food, the tolerable churchgoers, the slippery ice and accidents; it’s almost as if all of the stuff you get exaggerated in your TV programs, is what bothers Me the most.

 “Why? Why does an almighty God concern Himself with such small things?

“Now because you are My beloved children, and that is how I see your stress. And you know, I wish you all would slow down and just stop for a moment. Is it really not possible without gifts? Does it have to be the biggest goose, the brightest light and the most beautiful church? Can’t it just be an evening of contemplation, a walk, or a round of prayer with the family? Do they all have to waste their precious energy, which I gave them, on such perishable things? Now that concerns me a lot.

 “Every year, I knock at the window of the souls and look in to see if anyone is paying attention to Me. And every year I realize with horror, that most people forget Me at Christmas. Especially those who are believers, try so hard to prepare a good festival according to the standards of the world, that they no longer recognize Jesus in their midst; because of all the ‘Martha’ in them. So I go from house to house, year after year, only to end up alone again, abandoned in a stable somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Because the poor, who don’t have anything – they think about what they have, and they have Me because I don’t cost anything. I don’t ask for anything; no gifts, no suits or candles. I just want hearts, and each of you has one of those. Only one. So that you can only give it to one. Who will you give it to this year? Can it be Me?”

Wow, Lord, that’s so touching (Sister Felicitas said to Him.)  Can I share this with the others?

“For sure.” Jesus answered,“Maybe they will understand.

Then Sister concludes:

Thank you, Darling, and… my heart is Yours, and I will try to the best of my ability to make this heart all Yours. For Christmas and forever! I love You! Come into the dwelling place of my heart.