Receive The Gift of Bilocation, Accompany Me

Hello, brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers Family. May you all receive the grace of supplication and prayer to touch the souls who are in need in this hour.

I have a few older messages that were meant to go up before this one however, this is an urgent message and was given to me yesterday.

Monday morning a “full-scale war” began in Israel when the Hamas militants from Palestine launched dozens of rockets, striking buildings in Gaza and killing many. There’ve been 80 deaths so far including 14 children. Father Ezekiel began hurting badly Monday evening, reeling in pain because Jesus was reeling in pain at all the suffering that was going.

Those who were not dead were dying slowly as the gas from the missiles called white phosphorus was burning the skin off many. Father Ezekiel saw all of this in the spirit. That is the same chemical Saddam Hussein released on the Kurds years ago. When he went in the spirit, he said the smell was overwhelming as death and decay were everywhere. He had to put a towel over his eyes and nose. However, he saw Jesus right next to him with his sleeves rolled up, cuts on his body, and burns on his skin, helping the souls who were still alive. He then asked the Lord what he could do, and he saw a box of talcum powder and zinc, as he was instructed to use it on the souls who were not yet dead but had been burned by this chemical.

One of our intercessors is from India and said the death toll is rising, because of Covid, now more than ever. 250,000 people, in 24 hours, have died and the second wave is hitting Venezuela hard as well. There are also genocide and massacres going on in different nations in Africa as the enemy is trying his best to throw this world into confusion and our nation into war before things in our nation get overturned. Father Ezekiel has been suffering for all of this intensely the past few days and so has Jesus.

Yesterday, we got a community call to prayer again for Israel and the war that is raging over there. We were all before the Holy Eucharist and praying several Divine Mercy Chaplets. Then I felt prompted by the Holy Spirit that he wanted us to go in the spirit and help those in need in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Father Ezekiel had told us, about two weeks ago, this was a new mandate from Jesus within our priesthood; that he wanted us now to go to souls and give them last rites, an absolution, and the Blessed Sacrament to prepare them for a happy death. Last rights are prayers and ministration given to an individual dying as a way to bring them peace before approaching death. It comes with a confession and then anointing them. Absolution is an act of forgiving someone of their sin, and it’s a sacrament of reconciliation from the scripture John 20:23, and the Blessed Sacrament is Jesus in the consecrated host. This Sacrament is so powerful, and a form of purification. When a dying soul receives these faculties before they pass, they enter heaven instead of hell, and it prepares their soul to be with Jesus. Not one soul is lost who receives this sacrament upon death.

So, I closed my eyes, with two of my other sisters, and use my sanctified imagination to go to Israel. Immediately, I found myself in an apartment ruble. Some part of the apartment was still standing, and other parts had been bombed. I was in one of the apartment rooms and I felt such urgency. Holy Spirit brought to my mind to go to the dead first, to absolve these souls of their sins so that they wouldn’t be taken to hell. They had just died. In the first room were a mother and daughter on the couch, slumped over. I did the sign of the cross over them and said the absolution prayer quickly, and immediately I saw two white lights shoot out of them and upward, upon finishing the prayer.

I knew it was their soul now taken, and I was amazed. I then went to the next room over and saw a man in ruble dead; only his head was sticking out, and I did the sign of the cross and the absolution prayer, and the same thing happened. His soul was taken immediately out and upward. I then went to another room, and this time saw a man blown to pieces, only his upper half of his body was left. I did the same thing, and his soul was taken upward. I then went to several different rooms as quickly as possible, giving absolutions to those who had just died.

Then, before I knew it, I was transported to the hospital and found myself running alongside a gurney with a young man on it who was bleeding to death. There were doctors and nurses all around him running alongside his bed, trying to get him into emergency surgery as quickly as possible. I made sure to introduce myself because he was startled to see me. No one else saw me, but He saw me. I told him that Jesus sent me, in his great mercy, to bring him salvation before he passed. He began to cry profusely, saying he was scared, as the nurses and doctors were hurriedly trying to rush him to surgery, and getting his vitals, and into an elevator. He said he never believed in God and was so scared.

I told him that Yeshua was the Messiah and what he did on the cross, and if only he would confess with Him mouth and believe Yeshua was Lord he would be saved. He began to shake his head that he believed. I then gave him last rites, and absolution and gave him the Blessed Sacrament right as we entered the elevator. When he received Jesus, he took his last breath in peace and gave up his spirit, as the doctors realized he had flatlined and was gone. But I saw him now, taken to heaven.

Then I was taken to another room with a young man surrounded with family members. His mother was holding his hand crying and he was in a coma because of his injuries. When I approached the room, he looked startled, as I introduced myself and told him of God’s great mercy towards him. In the physical he was a vegetable but, in the spirit, he was able to speak to me heart to heart without words and his eyes were open. He began to cry because he was so scared. He had lived a lewd and lascivious lifestyle in homosexuality. He began to confess all his sins in shame, as though God would never forgive him. But I gently told him to stop, because he was sincerely contrite and Holy Spirit prompted me that he knew all of his sins already and wanted to forgive him.

I told him Yeshua would forgive him of all his sins if he would confess Him as Savior and Lord. He cried and cried saying, yes that he accepted Jesus in his heart and life. I then gave him his last rites, and absolution and, although I thought he was going to die, before I gave him the Blessed Sacrament, the Lord surprised me. He prompted me to tell him that he had been given a second chance at life. That the Lord was giving him this second chance to tell the world about His great mercy towards him. As soon as He received the Blessed Sacrament, he took a deep breath and awoke from his coma, as his mother and all his family members surrounded him with tears, and medical staff rushed in astounded at the miracle. I then felt an urgency again, that there wasn’t much time for others. I then saw my guardian angel, Zeal, appear and he told me to grab onto him. And immediately when I held onto him, I was transported, in light flashing speed, to another room.

This one was a cold, low-lit room of a young boy who had just died because of third-degree burns. He was covered in the white sheet cloth and alone. However, I could see his spirit on top of his body, and he was sitting up with his knees close to his chest. Both hands were being pulled left and right by hordes of demons screeching saying, “No he is ours because of the covenant his parents made”. The young boy was crying, pleading for me to help him, and that he was so scared because he didn’t know what was going on. The room was full of demons. And now, as we arrived, it became full of angels as the Holy Spirit prompted me to use holy water which appeared immediately in my hands; and I sprinkled it all over the demons in the sign of the cross and commanded them to go, in Jesus’ name. The Angels bound them up and they vanished immediately, screeching.

The boy who was about 9 years old was sitting up, shaking violently as I came and held him in my arms telling him it would be okay, and that God in his great mercy, sent me to bring him salvation. He began to cry as I told him about Yeshua being the Son of God and dying for his sins if he would only believe. I told him to forgive all those who had hurt him and ask for forgiveness for all his sins. He consented, crying as I gave him last rites and absolution. I told him not to be afraid because he would be in heaven with Jesus and that his family would be taken care of. As soon as he received the Blessed Sacrament, I saw an angel of the Lord come and take the young boy to himself as he now glowed brilliantly and was taken to heaven smiling.

Then I heard “There is an elderly couple, go quickly!”. I found myself now approaching a room with an elderly woman in bed, dying from smoke inhalation and the gases from the missiles. She had a breather on, and her husband was holding her hands in such sadness and tears. He knew he was losing her. I immediately knew in my heart by the Holy Spirit that they had loved each other deeply and always wanted to leave the world together because neither could live without the other. When I approached them, they were startled and I introduced myself to both and told them, in Yeshua’s great mercy, he sent me to bring them salvation.

Then the man began to cry profusely, and he held his heart and said, “I knew it, I knew it, Yeshua was the Messiah”. He was a pious, religious, Jewish man and in the back of his mind, he had always wondered if they had gotten it wrong. His wife had tears rolling down her eyes. I told them about the cross and the gift of salvation if they would only believe. They both received Jesus in their hearts, and I told the husband that the wife would now go to be with the Lord, but the Lord knew his heart’s desire and, in his great mercy, had granted his wish, and he too, would soon be taken shortly, right after his wife. They both cried and asked about their children. I told them the Lord would take care of them and they too, would be with them in heaven, in time. I told the husband he was given a little more time than the wife, to testify to his children and others, that Yeshua is the Messiah before he would be taken. I then gave them both last rites, absolution, and the Blessed Sacrament.

As soon as the wife received, Jesus appeared with his arms outstretched and nail-pierced hands, glowing radiantly in the room. The elderly man was speechless and in tears. Jesus went to the wife and took her soul to himself and cradled her like you would a child. She then was transformed to a young woman in her twenties, now in all white, full of peace, joy, and the radiance of God. Jesus then placed her down and she rushed to give her husband a big hug. She held him tenderly and kissed all over his face as he was still in shock and utter amazement. She told him how much she loved him, and Jesus came close to the couple and laid his hands on both of them. He told the elderly man not to worry, but he would be coming for him very soon, that where He is, he may be also. Then He took the wife’s hand as they disappeared to Heaven.

The elderly man was still standing in awe when she flatlined. The doctors and nurses rushed into the room trying to bring the elderly woman back to life as her husband began to cry with tears of joy, praising Yeshua loudly, over and over again, as the doctors were looking at him bewildered, still trying to revive his wife. He was so lost in what he just experienced and continued to praise God. Then I was brought back to myself, as I opened my eyes, and I was before the Lord on the mountain.

I could feel Holy Spirit’s presence strongly all around me as I felt so relaxed, and a warmth I couldn’t explain. I kept thinking. “Lord was all of that real?” It felt so real as I looked around in the room and realized about 30 minutes had passed. My two sisters were just opening their eyes as well. I immediately went to the Bible Promises Book, asking the Lord if what I saw was all real, and got, “Holy Spirit”. I was dumbfounded and amazed. My two priestly sisters began to share their stories of also being in Jerusalem, and one even saw me there with some of the souls the Lord was ministering to. We were all blown away by our experiences.

I had to go to Adoration soon after, as we praised the Lord for what he did with us and through us. When I was in Adoration, I was still in awe at what just had occurred, and I began to hear Jesus speak to me. So I reached for my laptop and began writing as I said to Him, “Jesus what You had me experience was amazing! It was like I was really there!”

Jesus began,

“You were beloved, and if you think this is amazing just wait, for did I not say, greater works than this will you do. John 14:12. This is one of the many anointings I am releasing to you, Heartdwellers, as I promised, new anointings were coming. I am giving all of you now the grace to receive the anointing to bilocate. This is not a foreign term or concept but was also given to the early apostles like Philip when I used him to bring salvation to the Ethiopian eunuch.”

He is referencing Acts 8:26-40. After baptizing the eunuch, Philip was taken, by the spirit of the Lord suddenly, then ending up in another location. Interestingly enough when I read the entire passage it also says; Now an angel of the Lord said to Philip, “Go south to the road—the desert road—that goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza. – verse 26. Guys, that is the location that is being bombed right now and where Jesus sent us to minister. Amazing!

Jesus continued,

“Yes, he was transported physically, and that hour will come soon for many of my brides to experience that. But at this time, I will be using many of you in the spirit, transporting you to different locations as your body may be in one place, and simultaneously at a different location in the spirit. I just need your consent and your faith. It will be faith and charity that is your transport, my beloved ones. You only have to think it and you will be there accompanying Me, healing the sick, praying for the dying, and helping the dead pass on to be with Me.

I no longer want you to be comfortable and complacent with just praying for situations, circumstances, and people, but I want you to go there to be with the souls you hear about. If you get a notification on the news of someone dying, someone sick, or an accident that just happened call upon My Spirit, speak, in your Heavenly language and use your sanctified imagination, and go there. Do not be afraid of what you sense or feel. But if your heart’s desire it to see the soul saved, the troubled situation brought to peace in My Name, I will transport you there immediately.

Once you arrive, be sensitive to My Spirit and whom I lead you to. Many will be on their last breath of life and you will be their only hope. I first want you to introduce yourself, tell them not to fear, but that I have sent you to them. Believe Me, they can see you in the spirit. Many times demons are very close, tormenting many souls before they pass into death. So, your presence will cause many demons to flee because My Spirit dwells within you.

If you find demons surrounding the soul or your atmosphere, simply call upon my name and do the sign of the cross, they will vanish. If they don’t, you can request holy water and it will show up immediately. Use that by sprinkling the room or vicinity the soul is in, with the holy water in the form of the cross and they will vanish. When you approach the soul, depending on the time they have left, I want you to pray for My Mercy. Tell them about the gift of salvation and ask them to believe, have faith in Me, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and to forgive all those who have hurt them.

Once they respond and consent to receiving me as Lord and Savior, then bless them with the sign of the cross over their forehead, and that will be enough for Me to come and take them in My Mercy to Heaven. For my priests who have this Sacrament, you are to give them their last rites, an absolution, and the Blessed Sacrament to prepare them for a happy death. Some souls you will be used to revive back to life. Just follow My Spirit and His leading. Others, I may take you there to simply pray by their bedside and be a source of comfort and companionship in their fear and loneliness.

My brides, you will bring comfort to many souls and touch many lives in this way. But you must believe. I want you to work with Me, I need you to work with Me. For those who are suffering and confined to bed with a cross of sickness, this is your primary ministry. And to My priests, this is a faculty I am calling you now to use. As the times get darker, I will need the response of my brides to come quickly and work immediately when this call of prayer comes from a loved one, a prayer chain, or from the news. Accompany Me there quickly, with My Spirit empowering you and Angelic help, you will save a many number of souls in this way.”

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

Amazing!! I had never heard of bilocation before until I began to read and learn about the life of the saints. St. Padre Pio, St. Francis, Martin De Porres, and so many others, were known to be at two different places across the world helping a soul in need.

I have experienced this twice but if I can be honest didn’t have the faith to really believe that was what I was doing. With every gift from the Lord, we must be careful to not rise up in pride but to receive this in all humility and stay in a posture of humility. We don’t make ourselves go anywhere, it’s by Jesus’s invitation and we just get to accompany Him in what he is already doing.

My first experience was last year sometime when the Lord called me to a fast. And in the evening, he called me to pray in the spirit for a while. As I was praying, I heard “bi-location” twice, and I rebuked it thinking it was the enemy trying to puff up my pride. I know, I am a hot mess, rebuking the Lord. When I realized it was the Lord, of course, I apologized and waited to see what he meant by that. I then found myself in one of my sibling’s house blessing them, as they slept, and the children. The next morning I told her about my experience, and still very much doubting, described what the children were wearing as they slept, and the room. I was shocked to find out what I saw was exactly what they had on. Even she was shaken by it.

Then Father Ezekiel gave us another call to prayer a few weeks ago and asked me to accompany another priest in the spirit to minister to a young boy who was dying. So I simply used my sanctified imagination and went there. As I watched my brother-priest administer the priestly sacraments, I just held the boy’s hand and comforted him until he passed on. My brother priest and I were at two different locations and it wasn’t until I talked with him that I described in detail what he had done to the boy, and we realized what we experienced was very real. He didn’t see me, but I was there the whole time watching him. As he confirmed the specific things I described, is exactly what he did in the spirit. So, guys, you can go in groups or in pairs in the spirit to help these souls. Anything you need will be immediately there available for you at the first thought of it. Don’t limit your imagination or the Lord. This is very real, and what He is calling us to do, and asking us to correspond to help him in this way.

Some may say, “I don’t see in the spirit”. Just remember, all you need is a willingness, faith, and the motive of love to help these souls, and Holy Spirit will do the rest. What a great gift Jesus has just given us! Please believe and use this gift to snatch many souls out of darkness. So please, go to the suffering places; take this call to prayer seriously, and go there daily to minister to those who are still suffering. God bless you guys until the next message.

Daddy Is Speaking, To The Women With The Broken Marriage

Marriage is a bond, a covenant between a man and a woman, before God and all of Heaven, where the vow is made to love for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health and until death do you part. But what do you do when the “worse” happens — when the covenant is broken and shattered by infidelity, and you find your whole life shaken, turned upside down and a pain so inconceivable, it’s even hard to bear? What you thought to be a long life of happiness, companionship and family, has now turned into a single-parent home with children whom you have to raise without their Father readily present.

Shame wraps around you like a serpent, echoing the voices and the whispers of many who shared their opinion of what happened, and what is happening to your family. As your children go astray, become rebellious, emotionally wounded, and distant, your whole life is affected. And now, what used to be called “ours” is marginalized and separated. You find finances even taking a nosedive as it seems you are just living to survive, to help keep a roof over your head, and take care of your children.

You see, that is the greatest attack on families from Satan; to remove the covering of the Father over his children. Because it is the Father who is called to raise up and teach the children. “For I have chosen him, so that he will teach his children and his household after him to keep the way of the Lord by doing what is right and just, so that the Lord will bring about for Abraham what he has promised him.” Genesis 18:19.

This was not a promise just for Abraham, but for all men.

When you have Fatherless children, you have souls who are deeply wounded and crippled, even; affecting every area of their lives as they seek out a Father’s love, acceptance, and honor in everything else, to fill that keen void in their hearts. But you have a Father in heaven who is a father to the fatherless, and a defender of the orphans and widows. And, more importantly, a healer of the brokenhearted. (Psalm 68:5-6)

You have contemplated divorce as you think of what to do next; as regret, bitterness, resentment take a hold of your heart and you pray and pray, asking the Lord to help you to forgive. You regain your peace again, and although you both are on good terms with one another, you can never see yourself coming back together because the pain and the mistrust are too deep. As others have prayed telling you to not give up on this marriage or on this man because God still has plans for you two. You see, what God has put together no man, even you, or Satan can not separate.

Marriage is the story of the cross and in our pain, we can easily forget that we too have been unfaithful to the Lord; we too have lusted after other lovers, we too have rejected His advances and betrayed Him time and time again with our selfishness. But He never gives up. He never writes our divorce decree rather He says Love is stronger and restores, “How could I give you up or deliver you up My beloved one? How could I treat you as harlot? My heart is overwhelmed, My pity is stirred. I will not give vent to My blazing anger I will not destroy you for I am God and not a man, the Holy One present among you.” Hosea 11:8-9

And now He calls you to do the same.

God the Father begins,

“Oh, My beloved queen, truly that is who you are to Me. That name was fitting for you when your Mother called you that…because I gave it! Look at what we created together, when you said ‘Yes’ to your spouse, you said ‘Yes’ to Me! Not a single one of your prayers have fallen to the ground, no not one. Not a single one of your sacrifices have fallen to the ground, no not one. Not a single one of your tears has fallen to the ground, My beloved one – no, not one! Although it seemed you have been going in circles you are right where I want you to be; in My love and in My mercy. For I have sustained this family and will continue to do so as long as you continue to say Yes.

You have not been forgotten by Me, but the trials I allowed were for your greater good and that of your children, so they might know Me. You see, even then, I had answered your prayers from long ago that your children would live for Me. How else can they live for Me if they have not experienced My deliverance; experienced My love, and experienced My resurrection power in their lives? All your sufferings were precious gifts from Heaven.

My beloved daughter, today I come to take away the shame that has ensnared you from moving forward. Shame of what happened, shame of what others have said about you, shame of your ignorance, shame of where you live – shame, shame, shame. That has been the greatest weapon the enemy has used all your life. But I come to sever these chords and tell you; I am not ashamed of you! What I allowed is means of a greater testimony you will someday share. What others have said about you will wash away from your soul as I bring a refreshing dew from heaven to cleanse you!

You have perceived yourself as ignorant, but I call you simple and humble. You have desired a new address, but I have been transforming this home into a house of prayer. My beloved one, I am nowhere near done with you yet. Don’t fear coming close, don’t fear hearing My voice. For I yearn to talk to you as I did with Moses, face-to-face.

Today I come to say thank you; Thank you for giving Me these children; thank you for not giving up hope; thank you for teaching My children the way they should go, for as you see now, they didn’t depart from it. Thank you for every sacrifice, thank you for mothering these souls, and the many more who will come to thank you, in Heaven, you do not know of. I am proud of you; your mother is proud of you and she is with Me. However, I have never left you motherless. I now want you to receive My Mother as your mother. I say you are My beloved in whom I am well pleased, but it is time to let these precious ones into My beloved Fatherly hands and entrust their lives to Me. For I have great plans in store for you if you would let go; let them fly, and you come to Me.

A season of restoration is coming to you, My beloved, healing and increase of your faith like never before. You are not alone, and I am about to open your eyes spiritually and physically, that greater are with you than those against you. My beloved one don’t fear intimacy with Me. Come…

Your Daddy is speaking.”

M.O.M.’s Devotion, Our Mother of Mercy Chaplet

Hello, brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers Family. May you all be blessed.

This has been a rough couple of days with discernment, feeling overwhelmed with the ministry, losing my connecting with Jesus, seeking him, and being pounded by the devils, and all in that order. Hopefully, the Lord will give me a message about it as I wait for Him to get clarity and wisdom. I believe much of this onslaught, oppression, and attack is because of the work of Our Mother of Mercy Devotion a few others and myself have been working on.

The Lord spoke to me on Divine Mercy Sunday that this was a mandate to our Franciscan Oblate of Mt. Carmel community to spread the devotion of Our Mother of Mercy. This now is also a new mandate for all Heartdwellers. I knew Mother Clare has talked about this devotion before. Also, the lyrics the Holy Spirit gave me in, The Fathers Delight song is all about Our Mother of Mercy. So, when I shared this with Mother Clare, I was so surprised to find out that Blessed Mother appeared to her as Our Mother of Mercy years ago, and gave her instructions which became the book, “Hope In Winter Comes”.

I then googled online if there was a devotion at all to Our Mother Mercy, and amazingly, there wasn’t. I was in awe and humbled the Lord would choose, once again, little souls like we are to spread this devotion.

We have been working on the website;

We call it M.O.M. website because that is who she is to us; where you will find all you need to know about the Chaplet and how to pray it. Also, we have provided some prints you can print out as prayer cards for you to have and share with loved ones and friends. If you don’t have the means to print, you can email us for a prayer card. All of this is in the works and, God willing, the site will be launched today or tomorrow in honor of Mother’s Day because Blessed Mother is the Mother of all Mothers, and Our Mother of Mercy is the Mother to the end-times Church. She is the Mother for the persecuted and suffering Christians, and the Chaplet is for troubled times. How timely! She will be the one to carry the Church into the tribulation, and carry her through. The Chaplet is very powerful and is in union with the Lord’s Divine Mercy Chaplet because their hearts are one.

Please help us, Heartdwellers Family, spread this devotion far and wide. Join the Facebook Page “Our Mother of Mercy Devotion” tonight at @8pm mountain time for a live stream to pray the Mother of Mercy Chaplet with us. Print out M.O.M.’s Prayer Cards and pass them out to everyone. Tell them to run to the refuge of our Beloved Mother of Mercy, our Beloved M.O.M., in these last days.

Here is how it all started, her appearance to Mother Clare in 1994, and she begins;

During Advent of 1994, Our Lady began a special manifestation of her presence during a Rosary group meeting in the Jacksonville, Florida area. Present at these Rosaries were many very devout and faithful Filipinos who worked in the medical community. She initially appeared as Our Lady of Fatima, but after several manifestations, during the following weeks, she began to display the Divine Mercy Rays emanating from her heart.

She announced at a subsequent meeting, “I am your Mother of Mercy.” She then began to reveal, the details of her heart; three white roses with a golden crucifix superimposed, from which the Divine Mercy Rays emanate. She has said that the white roses are symbolic of the Most Holy Trinity dwelling in her heart, the source of all holiness. The image of Our Crucified Savior appears in gold emanating the Divine Mercy Rays, Our Lord Jesus’ suffering being the source and wellspring of mercy shed for us.

Her arms are opened as in Our Lady of grace welcoming, yet with a beckoning expression on her face, almost sad with the hint of tears. She looks at us so tenderly because she so profoundly sympathizes with our difficult and tortuous times. She is also deeply distressed for fallen mankind and their indifference towards the mercies shed for them through her Son. She pines for those chosen souls also who do not avail themselves of the graces available to them.

She is extending a pleading invitation of Mercy for all. She promises to help all, even the most desperate cases if only they will put their trust in her, the Mediatrix of Mercy.

The color of her dress is Royal Blue. It is the color of the Bride of Christ in the sense that it represents the royal espousal garment of the King of Heaven.

This also has been one of the main teachings of Our Mother of Mercy, to cultivate a love relationship with the Savior as portrayed in the intimate Song of Solomon Scriptures. This relationship cannot be conjured up, it is an invitation from Him, but we can certainly dispose our hearts to receive it through prayer, desire, and amendment of life.

In summary, this image is the counterpart to an image done of Our Lord, the Divine Heart. In this image, Our Lord combines the imagery of the Sacred Heart with a hint of the Divine Mercy Rays. This image unites the Orthodox tradition of devotion to the Divine Heart of God with the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It was given with the mandate to pray for unity between the two churches. In this Image, Our Lord is wearing a royal blue espousal tunic with a white wrap draped around His Body. Many of the messages given with this image are apocalyptic and looking at the image of the Divine Heart, it appears that He is coming, almost stepping out of the picture. Its origin is an explanation for another time.

Here Our Mother of Mercy began speaking to Mother Clare,

“I am your Mother of Mercy. As my Son has wished to make my Immaculate Heart known, in union with His Most Sacred Heart now in these last days are the mysteries of me, your Holy Mother, about to be revealed. For God has kept His sublime secrets hidden and veiled from mankind.

“His Eternal Wisdom is kept safe beneath the covering of humility and simplicity. The greatness of His goodness is always clothed in the little, the poor, and those things of no account which the foolishness of man overlooks.

“Such have I been, your Mother. And yet to such great heights has the Benevolent Godhead raised me. It is through this vessel that the Divine Mercy has chosen to come to you. For this reason, and to complete the mystery of this Fountain of Grace, the Heart of Christ Himself, my Son, has requested that I be known as Your Mother of Mercy.

“Under this title, I come to you as your tender Mother and most loving vessel of His Divine Mercy. Let this be known, that whoever approaches the Tribunal of Mercy, through my Merciful Heart, shall obtain:

  • All graces and merits needed in this life and at the hour of death,
  • They shall not stumble or fall through error of faith, nor be misled into false doctrine or teaching.
  • They shall obtain the grace of a happy death, and will not die without the sacraments of the church.
  • They shall have my veil for covering, and my mantle for protection during time of trial, persecution, suffering, and temptation.
  • They shall not be left unaided but will have the peaceful assurance of my very real presence, and that of my Son Jesus with them all the days of their life.
  • They shall obtain remission of all their sins, venial and mortal, and shall be expiated of all satisfaction due to the lesser offenses.
  • They shall continue under the effects and benefits of this Divine Mercy even after their death, and be granted speedily the satisfaction due their serious sins, thus entering Paradise more quickly.
  • They shall merit manifold graces for unrepentant sinners and be a source of comfort and indulgences for the soul in Purgatory.”

“I, your Merciful Mother, bless and thank you. Be immersed always in these rays of Merciful Light streaming forth from the Divine Heart of Jesus, through the Heart of your Mother.

My blessing is upon this chaplet and all that pray it. I will move in their lives in a special way, in a sanctifying way. Those things in their lives which have hindered them I will break.

Know that their intercession through this chaplet carries with it My promise to increase in their lives sanctifying grace, to bring them to holiness and purity of life and intention. I am extremely pleased with this chaplet. Extremely pleased. Go out and teach this devotion to the whole world, and I will be with you. Expect a miracle.”

That was the end of Our Mother of Mercy’s message.

[Mother Clare] At this point, the Divine Mercy Chaplet concluded and the Mother of Mercy Chaplet (three minutes of intercession and reparation for the world) began. Suddenly in the midst of the room, I saw a great light and a huge heart into which people were walking as if on an escalator. But rather than escalators they were ascending and being drawn by the Divine Mercy rays emanating from the Heart which I recognized as the Heart of Jesus.

At the same time, a felt a profound sweetness wash over my soul and I saw Blessed Faustina in her black habit standing before me smiling. She was radiant and I experienced so much sweetness from her being. She said, simply, “Thank you.” She came and stood beside me and redirected my focus to the wonderful spectacle of souls reaching salvation, the safe haven of Our Lord’s Heart, riding the escalator of Divine Mercy. [End]

Daddy Is Speaking, To the Prodigal One Who Considered Suicide

The Father never stops running, peering out, waiting for his prodigal child to come home. He tries time and time again to get our attention to show us that all we need is in Him, and the Kingdom is ours to inherit. But often, too many times, we are lured away by enticements of this life which leave us wanting.

You then become resistant to everything that is God, and good. The world takes you down a path into a lifestyle that is vain, immoral, and fleeting. Full of late nights of partying, drugs, drinking, and dancing your life away. You find your value in your looks, appearances, and the latest fashions as you’re fed by the demons of avarice and vanity.

You thirst for love, acceptance, and attention all the while being tormented by voices from your childhood, your past, and those whom you have loved who tore you down with their words. Others sexually abused you and you can’t seem to wash away the smell of shame and disgust you have for yourself.

Depression and self-hatred take hold of you because in the world you have searched and found no place to lay your head and find rest.

You have attempted to take your own life. Time and time again you have tried, and not succeeded because God had a plan for you all along that not even Satan could stop.

To the one who is considering suicide, “…this is what the LORD says – he who created you, he who formed you, ‘Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are mine.'” Isaiah 43:1

So, you see, God has never given up on you, nor will he ever, even when you give up on yourself. He sees you now coming, walking on the long road back to him and He is here to meet you today. Saving you from the pigpen of life, He is running beloved, running towards you. Not to judge you, not to condemn you, or to shame you. No, He is running full of excitement and joy that his lost one has come home. He has a feast prepared for you, and a celebration awaiting you, telling all of Heaven, “But we have to celebrate and be glad, because this child of mine was dead and has come back to life! They were lost, but now They are found!” Luke 15:32

God the Father begins,

“Do you now see what ashes I can turn into beauty? You are my prodigal, returned home, and how all of Heaven rejoiced. I left so many times to run to find you, to meet you and now I put on you, my robe of righteousness, a ring of my authority upon your finger, shoes on your feet, and say that you are mine.

When death claimed you as his own, I reminded him of the cross. When the kingdom of darkness claimed you as their own, I reminded them of my blood. When satan came to accuse you of your past, I reminded him of My mercy.

I am ever so grateful that you believed, you endured, you persevered, and you have now come to see my goodness in all that I had allowed. You need a Father, My beloved one, you always have, and I am here. Let go of the many words spoken over you and hurtful remarks made by others and even your own father. Forgive them, My beloved one, they do not know what they do. Forgive as I have forgiven you.

I bless you now as your Father in Heaven; peace, peace be upon you. Upon you, your children, and your children’s children. You are not a mistake, but a blessing. You are beautiful, you are loved, and you are a servant in whom I put my words, in your mouth. You will be a blessing to many and deliver many from the edge of darkness, just as I have delivered you.

You are my adored and My mother’s child. Every curse word spoken over you, I now turn into a blessing and I say you, will prosper, you will succeed, your child is blessed and will be a blessing.

My love for you has no bounds. I say to you come and come some more. Press in, for there are greater things in store, as I sanctify you. Every trial I allowed has stretched you to be a sharp arrow that I will use to dispel darkness.

Come My beloved one and cry no more. Your Father is here. Come, I will restore missed opportunities, and all that was stolen. Come…

Your Daddy is speaking….”

Rapture Held Back

Hello, brothers and sisters and HeartDwellers family. May you all receive the grace of new hope and faith for the times ahead.

I want to share this rhema message the Lord gave us today before our Sunday community service began. We are all aware that Jesus has told us through, Mother Clare, that the rapture was again upon us. It left many of us bewildered, unsure and even discouraged because he had given many of us promises, and promises about our nation, the return of our rightful president, and the great revival that would take place. However, we submitted to his will knowing that it’s not about us, but about the will of the Father. Others were excited about the rapture. So weary and tired from the journey, those who have carried heavy crosses of suffering and sickness have been ready to finally go home.

However, two days ago, during my prayer time, I pulled the message, “Rapture Delayed and Dealing with Disappointment”; a very old message from 2015 that Father Ezekiel and Mother Clare shared with us when Jesus delayed in June 2015. They discussed returning back to our first love in the midst of our longing for Jesus. I was pleasantly surprised and shared that with Mother Clare, wondering, was the Lord talking to me about the rapture or for me to return back my first love?

Mother Clare brought the idea up today, wondering if the Lord would delay the rapture, because she also got a reading about something similar. So, she decided to get a rhema message from the website before our meeting and she got, “This is a New Day, We Have 3 years Before the rapture”. Can you say wow?!!! She was so shell shocked! And then decided to seek the Lord to get a message from him.

Jesus did talk with her and gave her a current message that the rapture has been delayed. Although, this time he didn’t give a time frame of how much time we have. Mother Clare put up the message today. I apologize because this introduction was supposed to be on the previous message, but I uploaded the wrong video.

Either way the Lord uses everything, and I hope it brought joy to some of you, and this most recent message is wonderful. As the Lord reveals, there is so much more to look forward to since he has granted us more time, more grace, and more mercy! Here is the message.


My precious family of HeartdDwellers, may the Lord sustain us and may we look only to Him for all our needs.

Yesterday one of our core group members got a random message from our website that said the Rapture had been delayed. It troubled me very much, so I went to our web site and clicked on the random message pool…and what did I get from more than 1,400 messages? The Rapture has been delayed. It took me a while to catch my breath and consider what this could mean for us and when I came back to my senses I exclaimed, “Lord!!!”

Jesus began immediately, “I am here for you. I know the disappointment you feel, and I’ve already made provision for it.

Springtime will be a source of Joy for all. I know how you feel and how tired you are. Can I not restore you, so that you can move forward…and keep moving forward? Actually, it is a really good thing because you will truly fulfill your calling, if you are willing, and the last years of your life will be more productive than the first. That is because I am empowering you, and because of this it will not be the same.”

Lord, why the delay?

“Why the delay, you ask? Because you prayed for your president and had his back. You did not slack off, you did not cave in to oppression, rather you continued to offer your prayers and yourself for him. Now comes the reward. You are not alone in this deep bone fatigue. My whole Body is feeling it and that is why a supernatural empowering from My Spirit is coming.

I could not have told you this much sooner, because this just came from the Father. It is His prerogative to delay or go forward with the Rapture. It is His decision, and I am telling you now. I knew that when you got wind of this you wouldn’t want to believe it. I know the depth of your fatigue, in all areas, but I have a gift for you, a gift the enemy cannot thwart.

I will ask you to continue in spiritual warfare and put aside your sloth in this area and your aversion. As your enemies read this, they will think they have a golden opportunity to bring you totally down. But this I will not allow and what they sow against you, they shall reap, not you. So be warned those of you who hate this vessel, what you speak against her shall be your own undoing.

I am reversing the tide of suffering you have been swimming against, Clare Rather you shall swim in the current of My grace and empowering. Your destiny shall not be thwarted, it shall come forth shining like the dawn. This message is for all heart dwellers who have been giving the substance of their lives for the good change that is soon to overtake the world.

Many of you have had time to reflect on the things you didn’t get done, on the vices you still have, on the things you avoided. This is your chance to correct these faults and grow in holiness. The world is about to change, the atmosphere is about to change, and all I can tell you is that things will not be so very difficult, for the veil of oppression will lift and you will feel it. You will be walking in the graces your laboring prayers have released. You will feel it.

The possibilities are endless for those who correspond to the graces which are coming. To those who don’t you might as well roll over, pull the covers over your head and go back to sleep. This season is not for sleeping, it is for completing My will on earth. Yes, you are still in the season of the Rapture. Those of you born in 1948 are the generation that will see the completion of prophecies that have been written in the ancient past about Israel.”

So that means 80 to 120 years from 1948?

“No, I do not count 120 as a generation, that was not the case in the day when I spoke this to prophecy. Many now, live to be in their 90’s. Please do not stress over this, I am going to take very good care of you, My Brides. Empowerment is coming, joy is coming, new life is coming. Please trust Me in this, it is a release of grace that will change everything that is willing to be changed.”

And this is interesting because I’ve been getting rhema cards from my rhema card box, that say, “I’m going to give you new life” ; “I’m bringing you new life”. They have been fairly consistent for a few days, almost a week. And it made me wonder if possibly the rapture might, for some reason, be delayed. As far as the time frames, He’s not spoken to me about it, but one of the core-group here who was more familiar with the prophecies the Lord gave me in 2016 and 2017, called my attention to the fact that the Lord had told me that we have five years. And, when things started getting really bad, and He was telling us that the rapture was on the horizon, and that we had to pray to save our country. It really interrupted that five years. It really concerned me because that moved the rapture closer to now. There was a reason for it and I will go into that here as I continue to tell you what He had to say.

“You have labored for Me, now comes a reward so you can continue laboring but even on a higher level than before. Take heart precious ones, grace is coming and will overtake you.

“You are My Beloved. I truly want you to go forward now. Don’t waste any time. Help Me to bring My Kingdom in. You have an integral part in what I want to do. But you have been heavily oppressed and downtrodden. Now I am lifting the curse so that you can receive the new life I am giving you.”

Here he’s speaking to the tired body of Christ…

“I’m not done with you yet, contrary to what the enemy has been planting in your mind. This change in plans brings with it a whole lot of new hope, empowerment and action.”

Lord, forgive me for questioning, but I do not understand …or do I…why others in the Body have been saying a wonderful time is coming,…and now it seems that it will be so.

“Dearest, have I not explained this to you before? If everyone thought that it was wonderful, who would be praying? I have used My messages to light a fire in the hearts of those who care, and they have prayed. I have told all in My Body that success depended upon prayer, I have said, ‘Your country is in your praying hands.’ and if there is enough prayer, things will go well, if not, the end approaches.’ This statement of Mine has brought home to My people that truly, your nation was on the precipice and only your prayers and fasting could reverse the direction.

I have stated this over and over and over again, and all of you have responded over and over and over again. Thus, your country stands, and so does the world, by the way. The horrors of an adrenochrome society go beyond insanity. Satan himself has embodied this practice and seared men’s consciences shut as they consented in order to gain promotion and power. Truly, it is not to be believed without very hard evidence and such evidence abounds.

Do you know that the suffering and blood of these victims has been a vicious martyrdom that the Father has received on behalf of fallen and degenerate mankind? This is very much like the slaughter of the innocent that Herod ordered. The death of those innocent children was received in Heaven as the blood of the martyrs. All things have a purpose, Clare, and in Heaven you will rejoice to see these little ones restored and joyful, without any remembrance of the horrors of their death.

I miss nothing of your sacrifices, be they ever so tiny, they are noted and appreciated. Contend for the faith, My dear ones, contend to move forward in greater and greater faith. Do not let the doom and gloom cast over you, have a resting place. Let My sunshine joyously melt it all away. I am excited about Our future, there is much for Us to do together.”

Repost “This Is A New Day, We Have 3 Years Before the Rapture”

Hello brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family. May you all receive the grace of new hope and faith for the times ahead.

I want to share this rhema message the Lord gave us today before our Sunday community service began. We are all aware that Jesus has told us through Mother Clare that the Rapture was again upon us. It left many of us bewildered, unsure and even discouraged because He had given many of us promises and promises about our nation, the return of our rightful president and the great revival that would take place.

However, we submitted to His will knowing that, it’s not about us, but about the will of the Father. Others where excited about the Rapture, so weary and tired from the journey those who have carried heavy crosses of suffering and sickness have been ready to finally go home. However, two days ago during my prayer time I pulled the message, “Rapture Delayed and Dealing with Disappointment” a very old message from 2015 that Father Ezekiel and Mother Clare shared with us when Jesus delayed in June 2015. They discussed returning back to our first love in the midst of our longing for Jesus. I was pleasantly surprised and shared that with Mother Clare wondering was the Lord talking to me about the Rapture or for me to return back my first love. Mother Clare brought the idea up today, wondering if the Lord would delay the Rapture because she also got a reading about something similar. So she decided to get a rhema message from the website before our meeting and she got, “This is a New Day, We Have 3 years Before the rapture”. Can you say wow!!! She was so shell shocked and then decided to seek the Lord to get a message from Him. Jesus did talk with her and gave her a current message that the Rapture has been delayed although this time He didn’t give a time frame of how much time we have. Mother Clare will be putting up the message today or tomorrow which I will share with you guys.

I still wanted to share with you the rhema message we pulled because He has some really comforting words for those who may feel disappointed. Here is the message…

Repost: This Is A New Day, We Have 3 Years Before the Rapture

August 8, 2016

[Mother Clare] My dear family of Heartdwellers, I’m still wrapping my head around the Lord’s last message. I know you are, too. Three years?!!

Someone remarked that I was not very thoughtful in my presentation of the Lord’s message; in how much grief it might cause. Well, looking back, I have to agree with you. So, please forgive me. My problem is that I don’t want to throw anyone off kilter by my bad reaction and I really needed to work through all my feelings before I addressed you.

I, too, was very disappointed…although I suspected Mercy might be the victor and He might give us more time. But yes, I really don’t want to deal with this almost worn-out body. And I’ve been very lazy, sloppy and irresponsible in taking care of it, because I figured we’d be gone from here so soon, it doesn’t make a difference. You know, putting the dentist off and that kind of thing?

I, too, was very disappointed…although I suspected Mercy might be the victor and He might give us more time. But yes, I really don’t want to deal with this almost worn-out body. And I’ve been very lazy, sloppy and irresponsible in taking care of it, because I figured we’d be gone from here so soon, it doesn’t make a difference. You know, putting the dentist off and that kind of thing?

As a result, I am more out of shape now than I have ever been and I’m having to work really hard to keep this temple going, so I can serve you. The LAST thing in the world I wanted to do was take time out of my day to exercise. But I don’t have a choice now. I have to. Jesus gave me a personal message yesterday that I need to exercise, along with some major diet changes.

Carol, too, is feeling deep disappointment, because of her health. She was really looking forward to being free from her severe pain.

Many of you are living in painful bodies and circumstances and wondering how you are going to cope with another day – let alone three years? You are not alone. I took all day yesterday off from the messages just to deal with that very issue. The only answer I could find peace in, was that God would supply the grace we all need, to again our joy in His will for us.

There is much I want to do for the Lord, and this gives me more time to accomplish it…even if it is in this old body. Somehow, He will have the victory over my emotions and fear of suffering.

Also, I’ve been arguing with God for a long time and have found out from experience…it doesn’t do any good. Trying to change what I cannot control, fighting against it – just wears me out. So, really, I have no other choice than to accept it with the plea, “God Help Us!!!”

And I can see, He is getting us ready for another climb up the mountain. He is teaching me spiritual warfare on a level I never even knew existed. I knew there was so much more, but what it was? I couldn’t even guess. But as I learn more, I will share with you and we are going from glory to glory.

As to the condition of our wedding gowns, didn’t we all suspect it? Didn’t we all suspect we still had a few stains? I know I did. And He is revealing to me how glaringly obvious they are to the Courts of Heaven. When He began to bring up spiritual warfare and how open doors allow the demons to rush in, I realized: the only protection against them is Virtue. And I have a long way to go! Just how far I didn’t know and to be honest? I think He’s still hiding the whole truth from me, lest I throw my hands up in the air and give up. Not that that’s an option…lol.

But His Grace and Mercy are ALWAYS equal to the task, always. And in truth, if we trust Him, we will all get through this in flying colors, and be happy, in the end, that He gave us a little more time. Let’s pray for each other. This is a rough one. Your feedback on these pages really helps us all to see that we are not alone. Although, if you get an ugly personal message from a troll, please ignore it.

At that point, Jesus began to speak, “My Brides, this is indeed a suffering, but we must not make light of it. What you are doing most literally is pulling fish out of the water every time you cast your rod. There are scores and scores of fish on the bank already, but you are continuing to catch them, one after the other.”

And here, what I’d like to add – probably many of us are saying, “Well, HOW am I catching fish?” By living an obedient life. There is so much grace in your lives when you are obedient to the Lord – SO much grace. Even the littlest thing, like doing dishes, has virtue to it, and is used by the Lord. Every little act done in love and obedience has Virtue. And He will use it. And the more unpleasant it is to do, the greater the graces. And of course, add your prayers to that, and this all makes sense.

And when He said that I saw a very deep pond with people all around the edge fishing and pulling up a fish with every cast. But beyond the pond were oceans of water, and the fish from that ocean were being herded under the land into the pond. I can’t help but think of ISIS driving them into the place where they could be saved.

Jesus continued,

“ISIS never could have imagined the affect they would have on their own people. But I take what was meant for harm and turn it to My advantage. Instead of Hell filling up, Heaven is filling up – and those meant to stand for Sharia Law in the rest of the world, are turning instead to Me and abandoning that culture of death. Those involved could never have calculated the number of conversions that would result from their brutality. But it is true that ‘the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church.’ And I have ignored not even one human cry coming from this cesspool of evil.

“Nor is My arm short, for I am bringing a radical conversion out of this deadly sorrow. And you, My Brides, are bringing forth copious fruit by your cooperation with Me. ‘Who has known the mind of the Lord that he could counsel Him?’ (Rom. 11:34)

“Do not kick against the goad, do not take it out on the messengers, do not turn your backs on Me. This is My hour of Triumph and I long to share it with you who have been so faithful to pray and to live for Me and not just yourselves and your families.

“In Heaven, you will have much fruit because you, once again, shouldered your cross and followed Me all the way to Calvary. If you live to please your flesh, what have you in Heaven to look forward to? But if you die to yourself and follow Me, surely your resurrection will be glorious.

“In the meantime, I will take you from glory to glory as you learn the ways of darkness and respond by growing in virtue.

“Yes, I have told you many times about your sins. Some of you have even been guilt-ridden when you should have abandoned yourselves to My Mercy and forgiveness.

“But in this next season, we will truly see the fruits of discernment. And not so much discernment of the enemy’s tactics, but discernment in what makes for true holiness, acceptable to Me and to Heaven. And to the Heavenly Citizens cheering you on.

“Out of the veil that separates us shall emerge the very substance of Heaven, as you are conditioned in grace and respond by growing in holiness. This is not for the faint hearted or those who want to hear the daily news and the latest prophetic utterance. This is for the Lovers who have laid down their lives for Me.

“I am calling you, My sweet Brides, because I want to promote you. I want to enlarge your territories and garland you ’round with spiritual gifts. But first, I must remove the wreckage of this life, the worn and battered vehicles of religion and man’s concept of Who I Am.”

At that moment I saw an auto junkyard filled with rusty, old, dilapidated remains of what was once shiny new cars.

“Many of you on this channel have longed for more and to go deeper – and that is precisely where I am taking you. And in the process, you will take your mind off yourselves and focus on the bigger picture: the millions who yet have a chance to gain entry into Heaven. Many of these Muslims are devout souls, very devout and sensitive about offending their god. When I make them My own, they will become vessels unto honor, because they will honor Me with greater reverence than those in the Western Cultures.

“They will be eternally grateful for being delivered from evil and added to the Kingdom of Righteousness. Eternally grateful for being saved from a certain Hell. And many great evangelists will emerge from among them.

“So, I am calling you now to run the Race without faltering. You are needed for the building up of My kingdom on Earth. Whoever serves, serve as unto the Lord. Whoever preaches, prepare your minds for action. Whoever comforts, do not grow lax in lavishing love on others.

“Whoever supports, be faithful in supporting. Whoever among you who cares to serve Me, but still has not discerned their purpose in life – do everything out of a motive of love and absolutely nothing out of selfish ambition, and you will discover your mission.

“Soon enough, you will be adept at curtailing the works of darkness in your own lives and helping others to comprehend that their battle is not against flesh and blood. Soon, you will approach the altar of sacrifice with holy and pure hearts, finding great consolation in Me, everyday – whether it be a day of rejoicing or a day of mourning.

“If you obey and put your hand to the plough without turning back, you will be swimming at greater depths and the superficial storms will no longer toss you to and fro. You will love and forgive in even the most difficult circumstances. You will live in Me and I will live in you. (John 14)

“Come now to My bosom and rest your head here, for I wish to reward you for your faithfulness. We are moving forward into a new Day with a bright and glorious future! Prepare your hearts for action, leave the regrets and failures of the past. Even those, I have used to prepare you for this hour. Draw close to Me and drink from the Living Waters of My Heart.

“I am well pleased with you for loving Me enough to resolve to forsake yourself and live only for Me.”

Daddy Is Speaking, To The One Who Is Troubled By The Cares of Life

“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? Look at the birds of the air. They do not sow or reap or gather into barns—and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?

And why do you worry about clothes? Consider how the lilies of the field grow: they do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his glory was adorned like one of these. If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the furnace, will He not much more clothe you, O you of little faith?

Therefore, do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the Gentiles strive after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.

Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Today has enough trouble of its own.”

Matthew 6: 25- 34.

Worry has a way of stealing our day and our tomorrow with distractions, fear, and doubt of God’s goodness. When you come in relationship with worry, He will lead you at every corner to turn all your blessings into heavy bags of burdens.

You worry about your day, rather than rejoicing in what God has made. You worry about finances, rather than trusting God to supply all your needs. You worry about your children, rather than trusting God to show mercy because he visits the parents, and the children of those who love Him and keep his commandments, down to the thousandth generation. You worry about your marriage, and that you’re not good enough, rather than cultivating virtue, and fearing the Lord which is much more worthy to be praised. You worry about tomorrow, rather than seeing the joy and miracles of the moment that are bursting forth all around you.

Cast your cares on your Father, my beloved one. Come and lay your weary head upon his shoulder and give him your heart and find rest in Him because He is in control and holds you in the palm of his hands. Do not let “the worries of this life, and the deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of other things entering in, choke the word, and it becomes unfruitful.” Mark 4:19

Break up with worry today. Give him eviction papers and tell him he has to go! That you have found a new home in your Father’s heart where he will never be welcome. And be free from his chokehold upon your life as you now find your confidence in the words of your Father, that you “are a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season, and whose leaf does not wither – and whatever you do will prosper.” Psalm 1:3

God the Father begins,

“My beloved one, I am your help in trouble, your redeemer, and your deliverer. Yet, you don’t run to me as much as you should, and sometimes you don’t run to me at all. I stand beside you and My Angles are hedged all around you. Do not fear for I am with you and you are greatly loved by Me. Seek Me, my beloved one, until you find Me. Seek Me above all else and you will find the greatest treasure you have been looking for your whole life.

I long to be a part of every detail of your life, if you would have Me. I feel so lonely without your companionship as if I’m just a means to run to when you are in need of something. My beloved one, I am your Father, do you realize what that means? It’s that I have your best interest in mind. I know everything about everything in your life, and that of your family. Let’s do this life together.

Thank me for this marriage I have ordained for you and thank Me for answering the cry of your heart to be a mother. But you’re more than that, my beloved one. You will be a mother of souls to so many others. This union is only the beginning for you, and you must come to feed on Me alone. Come and remain in My love by being obedient to My will that you may bear much fruit. You have been steadfast in the midst of much opposition that came against you in this union, but you now know they are my perfect will for you, and together in Me, you both will do great things.

I long to show you how present I am to you. I long to grow your confidence in Me in the midst of all your frailties and weakness. I am not looking for perfection, I never was, and I never will. All I am looking for is a willingness beloved, and your heart. I want your heart, My love. I need your love. Yes, your God needs you. There is no striving in My love, I have given you free access through my Son to come and sit on your Father’s lap, lay your head on my heart, speak to me about your burdens, and find your peace and assurance there like the child you are. Come…

Your Daddy is speaking.”

I Will Confound Your Naysayers

Hello brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family. May you all receive grace for perseverance and faith as we praise the Lord for the things He is doing that we cannot see.

I hope you all are enjoying the messages from Daddy Speaking Series, I know it has even blessed me, as I have been able to revisit those words and found myself identifying with each soul He was talking too. Since I have been working on this series amongst other things these past couple of days, I had not really sought the Lord for a message.

We have also been preparing for the ordination for our first Heartdwellers Ghana priest which has been exciting. The Lord put it on my heart for us to do a novena to Our Lady of Africa for the intentions and preparation of our priest. With a novena, comes novena weather, which is suffering and sacrifice to back up our prayers for the nine days and I was feeling it on the 5th day.

Father Ezekiel had been suffering all this week which is leading up to May 1st, the Feast of Beltane, the second highest Satanic feast day. That night he was feeling so weary and had no strength to suffer any more or go on. So we were praying for him fervently, and that evening I had a dream where I was talking to Mother Clare, I was sharing with her some rhemas I received which I thought meant one thing but she then turned to me and said, “These rhemas are about attacks against the faith”.

Then, when I woke up the following morning I was feeling so empty and thoughts from the enemy were bombarding me “that nothing hasn’t changed” and “nothing will ever change”. I was having deep feelings of loneliness, rejection, doubts and feelings of wanting to give up. I realized these feelings had been building up for days as I was being reminded of past wounds.

I was struggling to have hope and faith in anything the Lord had promised. I ran to Him during prayer, hoping He would pull me out of my pit and after holy communion I felt strengthened but still had feelings of melancholy so I offered it up to the Lord and asked Blessed Mother to please help me have a heart and a spirit of gratitude instead of complaining.

After prayer I got some rhemas and the first one read, “In a pillar of cloud I speak to you and you hear My commandments, for I am gracious to you.”

The second said, “I chose you, the most broken and sin-sick priest, in order to fill your poverty with My gifts and to display My power in your weakness.” Interesting, and a little bit of an ouch!

And the last rhema said, “What does it matter to me what people say about me? I have long ago given up everything that concerns my person. My name is host or sacrifice, not in words, but in deeds, in emptying of myself and becoming like You on the cross, O Good Jesus my master!” And that is from St. Faustina.

I immediately thought, that maybe the reason I am feeling arrows of rejection is because am being talked about again, and this time I felt it wasn’t the demons, but it could be my loved ones or friends from my past. I had received Psalm 55 as a rhema a couple days earlier and that is about David being betrayed by a close friend. I realized maybe Jesus wanted to talk with me so I sat down to hear from Him and get a message.

When I sat back down before Him the Eucharist I heard, “I will confound your naysayers.”

I said, “I am here Lord.”

Jesus began,

“I will confound your naysayers My beloved one. I know this has been a tough journey for you and many of My brides. You all are weary in the battle field with various temptations to give up and no longer believe in My promises, or the words I spoken to you. You are not the only one feeling hopeless and weary from this battle. Many arrows and assignments have been released on My Body in this hour with strong temptations to give up. Why are they attacking so hard? Because it is always the darkest before the dawn. Breakthrough is coming, and I know many of you have heard that time and time again, and waited to see things not move as fast as you desired, but breakthrough is indeed coming and right around the corner. Mark my words beloved one, this summer will be one of celebration and dancing as I confound your naysayers.

Many of you have been scorned by loved one concerning the vaccine and of truth in what really happened during the election. As they mocked you and all My prophets, spewing lies and defaming My character on top of it.

To turn this country back into the hands of the rightful president will take time My beloved ones, but a big event is coming where truth will be revealed to the masses. As the present administrations motives and secret operations began to be uncovered slowly, but surely, for the mess that it is.”

As an aside here, I wanted to share a dream one of our intercessors had. She saw a house with a huge tarp covering it. On the outside it seemed massive and very nicely architected, however, the tarp all of sudden began to slip off slowly and uncovered what a mess it was. Unfinished, with rubble amongst other things. After the dream she immediately felt a quickening from the Holy Spirit that it was about Biden’s administration. That on the outside it seemed nice, but it would be soon uncovered for what it really is.

Jesus continued,

“So be patient with Me, My beloved ones. My timing is always perfect and there are so many factors that play into an overturn of your government. So many will be affected as I mentioned, there will be casualties. These souls are My children too and I grieve over their decisions and greive over every loss that will take place. That is why many of you continue to carry heavy crosses, it is for your nation as it continues to hang in the balance. Your prayers are the deciding factors for many souls awakening to the truth and souls perishing. Please fight with Me a little longer on the battlefield. You cannot see from your vantage point, but we are winning and we will be victorious.

To you My little one, please trust Me with ever promise, even with this community. It is My work and I will bring it to fruition despite the scoffers and the criticism. Many times I close your ears to knowing of what others say about you, and at times I permit the fiery arrows to hit you and you feel it so keenly. So, when you feel a sense of hopelessness, discouragement and rejection from no where, many times you are under attack by the words of man whom you do not know of.

That is the safest place to be so you don’t cast judgment. Forgive them, beloved, they know not what they do or say. They don’t realize how it is impacting you and how I will use it all for My glory. The rhema I gave you today was rightly so. You are my most sin-sick priest and broken one, but it is because of your poverty and trust in Me that I will use you to do great things and confound the wise. Continue to stay faithful, praise Me, trust Me and be expectant for what I am about to do.

I love you, I love you, I love, you. I love you all My brides! Preserver with Me on this battlefield and I will confound all your naysayers.”

That was the end of Jesus message.

Thank you for all who continue to donate toward the City of God, Sacred Heart Refuge Community in Ghana! Every one of your donations and prayers are so very much appreciated. You make it possible for us to even help people now. Thank you!

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Thank you, guys! God bless you family. Until the next message.

Your Daddy Is Speaking, To the One With A Broken Heart

We all long for love; we all look for love because God created us for fellowship. He created us to be loved and to love. As he made it clear to Adam, “It is not good for man to be alone;” Genesis 2:18

In this fallen world all of us have been broken by sin, which has wounded and crippled our capacity to love. It is only until you meet the Man of Love that you are transformed, changed, and healed.

You see, hurt people, hurt people; and no one can give you what they don’t have. True, pure love comes from God; and if they don’t know Him, they do not really have love. So, you go through a string of relationships of hurt people hurting you; and you, a hurt person, hurting others. It is the vicious cycle of brokenness and sin, yet again.

Every time you gave yourself to another person intimately and the relationship was broken, you were left with more pain than you began.

You were left with more empty promises, lies about your identity, lies about your appearance, and lies about your worth. You gave them your heart and they gave you another pit to yet bury all your pain, your wounds from the past, and your insecurities; creating a graveyard upon your heart where tombstones of love are now dead, where life once use to be.

Beloved one, you have been looking for the perfect companion, the perfect friend, the perfect soul mate. One who will never betray your trust, never reject you, who will always be faithful, who will respect your boundaries and protect your purity until marriage. One who you can lean on, trust their every word, and show you how to love again, hope again, and believe again. One who you can entrust your heart to, your deepest secrets, insecurities, and pains of the past without fear of judgment or rejection. One who you need not be ashamed, as He stands before your accusers drawing the line in the sand saying, “Is there no one to condemn you? Neither do I condemn you: get up and sin no more.” John 8:11

He will turn your ashes into beauty, pick you up, clothe you with His righteousness, and wed you to Himself; hide you under the bridal veil until the spouse He has chosen for you comes to Him asking for your hand in marriage. And He gives you away as a loving Father, to another who also has been healed and hidden in Him.

God the Father begins,

“My beloved child, my arms are wrapped around you as your tender Father. You are my most tender one for I created you that way so you would have my heart. You have been broken by the world, you have been broken by friends and you have been broken by relationships. As you continue to see in a mirror that is all cracked, in pieces. What you see as fragments I see as beautiful shards that have cut you so deeply and wounded you but will turn into beautiful scars that will tell a story. The story of my mercy in your life. Be not ashamed my beloved one, I am calling you to hide yourself in my love. Allow my love to envelop you and clothe you into the confident, courageous, and bold child I have called you to be. What you need is a Father’s love, and I am here now. No longer look to anyone else to sustain the love you seek. For the ones who come are broken too and you cannot give what you don’t have. Allow my Son to be your spouse, your friend, and the lover of your soul in the most purest way. You see broken, and I call you beautiful. You are Mine and I am calling you out into the desert so that I may speak to my beloved’s heart. These next few months I will begin to set you apart.

Do not be alarmed by this but count every loss as gain. As I am bringing you into a season of hiddenness in me. That is where I do my greatest work as you will be hidden from the eyes of men but shining brightly before me. Trust me my beloved one, in this time. For it’s in the wilderness that I do my greatest work on souls as you find your love in me alone and fall back in love with me and who I called you to be. I want to heal your heart, restore to you the joy of your salvation, and endow you with much wisdom and discernment from above. For you will need that in the time ahead and what I have called you to do. Trust your beloved child to me, even now I am doing a great work in his heart and that of your ex. I am good, very good. I will restore to you all the broken places in your soul, and those who have hurt you will come with reconciliation to amend their hurtful ways towards you. Let go and trust me in this new season. Come my beloved one and let me wipe away all your tears, all your fears, and all the insecurities that burden you. You are my delight, my Heaven on earth, come…

Your Daddy is Speaking”.

Daddy Is Speaking, To The One Anxious About The Future

The world has framed our minds, our way of thinking, and our measure of success. As believers, we are called to be in this world, but not of this world because we belong to Him. As Jesus spoke to His Father, “I’m not asking you to take them out of the world, but to keep them safe from the evil one,” John 17:5.

What does that look like? It means not to follow the norm, not to get caught up in the culture and what is the popular thing to do, and not to live and pursue the things of the world because they are all passing away.

You are taught to go to school, then go to college, find a good job then get married with a house, white picket fence, children, and a dog. So, you hurriedly pursue these goals and measure yourself to them, and to others all around you. Trying to keep up with the “Jones” only to find yourself full of anxiety, restlessness, and discontentment.

You put your relationship with Jesus on the back burner because you have other priorities that are at the top of your list, that you must accomplish, and plus, He doesn’t seem to answer you quick enough anyway. So, you continue on with your late nights of studying, pursuing success and happiness found in your degrees, in your circle of friends, and in your status, which is all a mirage to the truth of your real worth which is only found in Him.

You find yourself frustrated when friendships continue to diminish because they were founded on superficialism and not virtue. You long for companionship and love and become easily disheartened when you realize no one rarely approaches you and any hope for a relationship doesn’t last long. Why? It is not because you’re not attractive, or that something is wrong with you. It is because He is hiding you, beloved one. You are His and he will never give you to another who will not take care of your heart and draw you closer to Him.

You see, you don’t belong to the world, and He has set you apart to bear fruit that will last. You are a friend of Jesus and He has called you, as he says in John 15:16, “…for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you. You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit…fruit that will last.”

He is leading you, beloved one, and His ways are not our ways. God loves to write straight with crooked lines…., only if you would trust him. He is your good shepherd and will never lead you astray. Remember, Martha was concerned with so many things, but Mary chose the better half, Luke 10:41.

So, choose Jesus over everything. Choose Jesus over all. Waste your life completely on Him, for His Kingdom and with Him, for His Glory. Sit and stay at his feet. There you will find true peace, purpose, and vision of the future because no future without Jesus is a future at all.

God The Father began,

“My beloved one, your purity stands before me like a royal diadem. You are royalty, my beloved one, heavenly royalty and that is why you have found it difficult in different areas of your life to fit in. You are unique and I guard you with a jealous love from friendships and from relationships that I know will lead you astray from what I have created you to be.

I want to be your best friend, I want to be your Father, I want to be your all in all. I wait for my little one. Although you come to me many times, it’s in haste and how I long to calm your anxious heart, give you wisdom and my perspective. Give me your heart, my beloved one, and every desire of yours will be fulfilled. For true contentment, and joy are found in me alone. The world will leave you wanting and empty.

You are like a puzzle piece and shaped uniquely to fit in the bigger picture. When you put that piece in any other area in the frame of the puzzle beside where it’s meant to be, it won’t fit, and it finds no room among many of the other pieces, bedsides where it’s supposed to be. My beloved one, that is you in my heart. There is a unique shape only you can fit. No one else in all the world, in Heaven or upon Earth can fit that peice in My Heart and when you are not there I am grieved. I am hurting and I too long for you.

Yes, I long for you. So come my child, come and enter into that unique place shaped perfectly for you. Snuggle yourself into Me where you will find comfort; rest from the toils of this life, peace, and a hope for the future I have for you. I miss you and long to bask in your presence when you spend time with Me. There I wait as a longing Father to hear my daughter’s concerns, to pick up your chin, to hold you tenderly in my arms and say, “Rest: rest here my love a little while longer and receive my immense love for you. Come…

Your Daddy is speaking.”