Revival In Ghana & Slavery

Hello family, thank you so much to those who have responded with words of encouragement, prayer and donations for the city of God. I appreciate it so much may the Lord bless and increase what you have given.

So the Lord is amazing and continues to give insight as to why he is building the community and in Ghana. One of my brothers in the community said they heard a prophesy on youtube of how the Lord was sending many missionaries to Ghana because he is going do an amazing work there and was so excited when he heard what the Lord is sending me out to do.

I remember when I went to visit Ghana about 2 years ago the day I was leaving the Lord had me put my hand to the ground and pray in tongues as I declared that Ghana will be the Lords, a nation of righteousness. I then immediately saw a light shaped in a small seed. Enter the ground where I had placed my hand and that light exploded like lightning shooting forth in every direction under the ground in the earth. I didn’t understand the vision then but I am coming to make sense of it now. That even what I did then by the prompting of the Holy spirit was in preparation for what the Lord intends to do in the nation of Ghana and I believe all of Africa!

The nation of Ghana is made up of 71% Christians of different denominations, 17% muslin religion that is growing rapidly and 5% traditional belief. You would think oh wow that is good but how many believe really know Jesus and not only that they just built “the great Mosque of Accra financed by Istanbul and is a huge Muslim temple built right in the capital of our country.  As I began to think what is happening to our nation. Once Holy Spirit said to me “It is by the rosary that Islam will be annihilated”. So as the Lord is sending me out so is blessed Mother sending me out as her representative to prepare the way for the One true God, Jesus Christ and too turn the hearts of African sons and daughters back to him alone with his love.

So family all of this was in my heart as I kept musing over what my brother said about the prophecy and in awe at what the Lord is doing. As I sat before him in adoration with these thoughts he began to speak to me.

Jesus began,

Ghana is on the heart of the Father and has been for a while my beloved one. Many wonderful servants and disciples have come and will come from that nation An outpouring is coming and has already began that will surge through the whole country and pour out on the neighboring countries. No longer will Africa be the laughing stock of many nations but, will be a light where revival will burst forth at the seams. Many of my people have shed their blood for this, and their blood cries out even now. I have heard and the father has heard it is time. There has been much corruption and great grave injustice and travesties that have gone unnoticed, unsaid or not written in the history books but we saw and have seen and are now answering their call. My glory is coming to this nation and this continent to relive many from their suffering and to set many captives free. Where witchcraft has taken deep precedence over my people and the land it now will cower and flee under the weight of my gory. 

Many servants of Satan will turn back to me, many will let go of traditionalism and seeking the Gods of their ancestors and turn to me, many will let go of their idols of wealth and turn to me. did I not say the poor where a gift to the world? So my African bride you have been a gift to the world, you have been scoffed out for so long but now you will be a bride adorned with the finest gems and entrusted with the greatest treasure my love and presence as you rise to be a people rich in great faith and love. Many of my African brides are Jewish as I have told you, you too have Jewish in your blood line, the tribe of Judah was scattered and has been for long but, I am assembling my people once again from the four corners of the earth in preparation for my coming. You were right to think the slave trade had everything to do with not only causing a cast system among the races and nations but killing of my people. 

Many African American are Jewish and come from that part in Africa they suffered as I suffered, with floggings on their back, nailed to trees and killed for who they were . The devils thought that was a clever victory one hidden under the guise of slavery. However, I always have a remedy. For it was by that blood that was shed that the Christian faith flourished in America. It was by the prayers, songs and cries of my African American brides who were persecuted so heavily during slavery and during the time of segregation that my spirit moved on the American people.”

as an aside here what (what comes to mind is the saying the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church)

Jesus continued ,

My church wouldn’t be what it is today in America if it wasn’t for them. So my dear ones you have me all wrong, the enemy has once again deceived many of my African American brides to turn from me and go back to the ways of their ancestors, they have used demons of division, resentment and bitterness to cause many to distrust their brother, hate their brother and eventually fall into captivity. 

My beloved ones, I have seen the rejection you have faced, I have heard your sighs and cries of injustice but you cannot fight the enemy on his grounds which is the grounds of hatred, anger and revenge. I am calling you much higher to understand, to forgive, to let go and trust in my ways of justice. All things that are hidden will be revealed but I am calling you to love, love those who hate you, love those who curse you and do evil to you bless them even then you will resemble your father in heaven, I am not a white man’s religion as some have come to think. I am not white at all, but I am Jewish and many of you are too. You are people who belong to me and me alone. 

Come let us reason together, let me heal the wounds of indifference you face, let me heal the neglect you have felt, let me be the father to you that was never there, let me be the love that you have been looking for and can only satisfy. Let me be all that and so much more as you find your identity in my blood and in my love. Come”

That was the end of Jesus message

The scripture that came to my mind that the Holy spirit gave me
Isaiah 11:12
He will raise a flag for the nations gather the exiles of Israel; he will assemble the scattered people of Judah from the four quarters of the earth

I am amazed because the community will be located in the central region of Ghana which is the same area as the Elimina castle. It’s the oldest and most famous European building in existence south of the Sahara and was the first trading post during slavery. The most important stop on the route of the Atlantic slave trade. Presidents have visited that place, Melania Trump went there last year and many people from all over the world come to visit that place as it’s a somber reminder of what happened 400 years ago. Its very well kept with plaques, writing, images and even the dungeons where they kept slaves before they send them all over the world. So this message is dear to my heart as I believe this community will bring much healing to the wounds of the past and reconciliation to Jesus’s African American bride.

This message had me crying as I re-read it over and over again. Words that brought healing even to my soul as I too have seen and experienced in my life the plight of my African American brothers and sisters. How I have cried as many have gone astray in this generation following the religions of their ancestors which is witchcraft and paganisim. The Lord has been faithful to deliver me and my family from that in this generation. Many others are following the doctrines made up by men to sooth their anger and pain of injustice that leads so many further away from Jesus.  It wasn’t until last year I really began to ponder on slavery after finding out about suffering. How the Lord mentioned that those who suffer with him will be glorified with him. As it says in Romans 8:17 Now if we are children, then we are heirs-heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory
 I couldn’t help but think Lord my African American brothers and sisters suffered greatly and not only that they suffered as you did. No other race has been flogged with marks on their back as Jesus did, no other race had be hanged on a tree as they did. Thinking for so long, if He allowed it that their had to be a reason and much fruit behind it. 

As I have cried seeing young African American brothers and sisters in our generation lost in the system, rejected by society, lost in this world, lost in their identity. Thinking only if they knew who they were, only if they knew they were loved, desired, needed by God. Only if they knew, but now they will know. Thank you Jesus for these profound words, thank you for brining healing, thank you for bring understanding and thank you for revealing truth. Thank you

I would like to end with the scripture the Holy Spirit gave me
Isaiah 11:12
He will raise a flag for the nations gather the exiles of Israel; he will assemble the scattered people of Judah from the four quarters of the earth

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