Morning Devotional


Woke up this morning somewhat dishearten honestly not wanting to get up to do my devotional. Something kept telling me to sleep in what’s the point it’s a waste of time. Immediately I knew that was the more reason I needed to get up wasn’t sure if it was the enemy or honestly my own flesh feeling like that way. So I went on my balcony with the Lord and was honest with him telling him ” Lord what is going on with me, I feel like its a struggle to find my joy in you this morning” Help me again, I am tired of these yoyo emotions and feelings. Just last night I was praising and worshiping you before I went to bed. I made a decision then I wouldn’t allow the enemy to steal my joy despite how I felt. My shoulders and chest began to get tight again I am assuming now because of anxiety and worrying. I hate when that happens, its seems to be happening more often than not. So I began to just worship him through song, singing praise and worship to him. Of course sure enough, the pressure began to lift off as I began to sing. Man there is power in worship.  Lord, help me to rest in your joy today give me the grace not to focus on how I feel, the pain but just to look at you. Help me to rest and remain in you today in Jesus name!