We are a loose-knit community of souls all over the world, of all ages, who live for Jesus and have found our rest in His Heart!

Welcome to Heart Dwellers Ghana
We are an extension of Still Small Voice, Heartdwellers.  In our six years of ministry, to Evangelical, Protestant Non-denominational, Catholic, and Orthodox, we have found that the common driving ethic that unites us together in active ministry, is our deep love for Jesus and the salvation of souls.
We have stepped outside denominational/non denominational walls to enter into the folds of His Heart, into a place where His love and a burning desire to do His will, have dissolved the walls that once divided us and they are clearly spelled out in the now more than 100 messages Jesus has given us over the past year available by clicking the “Blog” button and then downloading the messages. You can also hear the messages on our Youtube Channel: From Jesus With Love

Living in His Heart, where the flames of love consume all our impurities and make us burn with the loving desire, to please Him, and bring relief to other souls, brings us into a unique relationship where His love draws us beyond all natural boundaries that limited what we were capable of doing, and where we were able to go, in the past. Our purpose and passion is to give ourselves completely for the kingdom of God on earth. Our hearts burn with God’s compassion for the alienated, lost and confused who are the victims of this world’s corruption, especially in these times approaching His Second Coming.

We believe He is preparing us for these end times and its harvest, by prying our affections off passing things and onto His eternal agenda and the urgency of saving souls. As world conditions deteriorate, souls are searching for consolation and security, sometimes in the worst places disguised by an outward appearance of ‘self’ created peace. People are looking for real answers that bring tangible comfort, and if they don’t see it in the conduct of the Christian community when the world is in turmoil, they won’t want what we have. We cannot bring that comfort to them unless our relationship with God is deep, intimate and so absorbing that it utterly overshadows the world and our preoccupation with ‘what shall we eat, what shall we wear, where shall we sleep’.

To have this kind of all consuming passion we must immerse ourselves in His Heart until all that passes away and is not of His Kingdom, is no longer our day and night concern. To be in this place is to dwell in His Heart, to be a Heart Dweller, may we all be of comfort and inspiration to one another living and acting from this holy place. 

Mission Statement

To recognize Christ in every soul as we go into all the world providing for the poor, needy, and the broken, baptizing them in God’s Love to repair the breach that has divided the Church by bringing the Body of Christ together as One, even as it is One in Heaven under One Head, Jesus Our Lord.


To cloth, feed, serve, respect, honor and love our Lord Jesus through the guise of the poor. Providing, Caring, Giving exceptionally and Loving them exceptionally, doing it all from Jesus with love, and to also encourage divine intimacy, the espousal relationship between God and man.


James 1:27 , is the heart behind this ministry. The poor are a gift to the world and helps us to cultivate the virtue of mercy. As we recognize Jesus in each soul, we can then meet whatever needs they have through our creative center and ministry outreach called From Jesus with Love. Where we provide help and spiritual counsel for impoverished families, children, and the poor all for FREE. Our goal is to help every soul connect, permanently with the Lord in an intimate meaningful way, so that they may all be ‘taught by God’ daily.

We are Western Rite Russian Orthodox and we follow the teachings of the Early Church as we are led and taught by God just as the Apostles where John 6:45. Our shepherds, Archbishop Anthanasias and Mother Clare who have been in ministry over 30 years and founded Heartdwellers. An International ministry which have brought Christians from all different denominations around the world together under one common cause, the love of Jesus! The Lord wants us to bring unity in the Body of Christ, as He repairs the division that has torn His Body apart through His messages and scriptural teachings to us. Many precious souls have been ordained as presbyters through this ministry and many more will be privileged, anointed and ordained for the call of the priesthood through this ministry.

Help Us Build This Family

With that in mind, we have been commissioned by Jesus and the Blessed Mother with the mission of building the City of God: Sacred Heart Refuge Community. This will be a community of prayer, faith, hope, love and service as an extension of the Heartdwellers prayer community in Taos, New Mexico, in Ghana, West Africa. The Blessed Mother is sending us out as her representatives to help the children who are in need. When we meet the childrens’ needs, we will also meet the needs of the parents, eventually meeting the needs of the community and the people of Ghana! Find out more about the City of God Community by clicking below and if you would like to get involved or give towards this mission!

Message From Jesus: Listen Now!

We have been blessed to receive prophetic messages from Jesus and the Blessed Mother concerning their heart and vision  for the City of God: Sacred Heart Refuge Community through prophetic visions for us to bring to fruition. His words will inspire you. I encourage everyone to listen to this message from Jesus about Revival coming to Ghana or download to read the message, click below. To hear more go to our Messages page or follow us on our Youtube channel: From Jesus With Love and our Rumble Channel: Heartdwellers Ghana.

Jesus message, “Revival In Ghana & A Word To His African American Brides”

4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Would love to connect with you. I believe you are the real deal. I hope I am. I worked in missions for 20 years and I see so few believers that seem humble and in love with Jesus. You are one of them.

    1. Hello Gene,

      Wow thank you for such a gracious comment, truly all Glory to God and the Holy Spirit for shinning through me, its all His work 🙂 and would love to connect I bet you have wonderful missionary stories. My heart is definitely for missions as well just asking the Lord to lead

  2. I am amazed by you. I would like to surround myself with you. I pray a lot, I search for God, I watched hundreds of videos, but I can’t get myself to be loving, caring, and sharing, or much of anything that you have and can do. I am very alone.

  3. Hello Anthony, my apologize I thought I replied to you. I hope things have changed for you and I want you to know that your not alone, no not ever. Jesus is right their next to you and desires this intimacy more than you know. I want to live you with this link to youtube channel that changed everything in me with my walk with the Lord. Its Jesus himself speaking and he teaches on intimacy with him https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDsWe8K5jWs&index=9&list=PLJPAM4w-f9t7yzZjG7OmHI6fWudKXIRcq let me know your thoughts

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