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I would love to share with you bible study & prayer points from our daily fellowship so if you cant get on the line you can follow along with us.  I pray that the Lord would began to stir in you an insatiable appetite for his word in Jesus name!


Chapter 1 Points of Truth

  • 1:1-2 The Word is Jesus and Jesus was in the beginning, Jesus was with God and Jesus is God
  • 1:3 All things are made through Jesus-So we are made through Jesus
  • 1:4 In Jesus their is life and his life gives light to all men who receive him- when we come to Jesus our lives become his life and his light shines through us to those around us
  • 1:5 Light is truth which always shines in darkness but darkness cannot understand- So we should know as a believer our light will not  be understood by those in darkness
  • 1:6 As John was so should we be. You were sent from God with a chosen name to be a witness to testify of Jesus that through your life many will come to believe in Jesus
  • 1:8 John was not the light but came as a witness to the light-which means we should never think of ourselves as God but because of the new covenant and what was done on the cross we now bear his light, the Holy spirit. Who dwells within us not to draw man to ourselves but always to Jesus
  • 1:9 Jesus is the “True Light”
  • 1:10-11 Jesus was rejected by the world and the Jews -So as a believer we should know that we too will be rejected by the world
  • 1:12-13 For those that come to believe and receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior they now become children of God. You are born again spiritually when you accept Jesus
  • 1:14 “The Word”, Jesus became flesh and dwelt among man Gods glory was on and still is on the One and Only. -Jesus was fully man when he came on this earth he testified of the glory of God and grace and truth
  • Jesus is the “One and Only” there is no other way to God
  • 1:15 John testified of Jesus that he was the messiah- So as a believer we should always testify to those around us that Jesus is Lord
  • 1:17 No one has ever seen God but only through the “One and Only” who is at the Fathers right side on the throne.- So we know that all other “religions” claim to have ways to God, attain to be God or have seen God through “their” Self proclaimed prophets we not that is not true. That no one has ever seen God but only through Jesus have people seen him and can people come to know God!

So are is your life testifying of Jesus ? Do you have the light of Christ in you? Are their some areas in your life that is still full of darkness? Pray and ask the Lord to help you be  witness for him!

Father I thank you for sending Jesus and as we study your word we come to know Jesus because he is the word. Thank you for making me born again, I thank you for the Holy spirit that dwells in me may your light in me shine brightly for others to see. I thank you that I am sent by God to testify of his light to all those around me so many will give their lives to Jesus, please help me to do that by your spirit in Jesus name I pray Amen!

John the Baptist Denies Being the Christ

  •  1:19 John was always willing to share his testimony we should do the same
  • 1:20 John confessed freely he wasn’t the Christ- I love that he desired for people not to worship him but pointed to Jesus. We too should have that same confession when God works through us not to get the glory but to point to Jesus
  • 1:21-22 John knew who He was and why he was sent, he wasn’t moved my labels, titles or opinions of others- so as a believer we should also know who we are in Christ and not seek for titles or labels through man
  • 1:23 When John was asked finally who are you I love his response with such authority and conviction he said he was the voice of the one calling in the desert make straight the way for the Lord.- So that is who we are as believes God sent us here to be a voice in our generation to make the way straight for he second coming of the Lord!
  • 1:24-28 So as John baptized with water not having partaking in the new covenant because Jesus wasn’t glorified we now have the commission because of Christ death and resurrection to baptize people in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Were called to make disciples of Jesus Christ as John did

Jesus the Lamb of God

  • 1:29-31 Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world-only thought Jesus do you have true salvation
  • 1:32 John gives a testimony again- so we should also in turn always testify of what God is doing in our lives.
  • The Holy Spirit is not a dove but came in the form of a dove and remained on him- So we know when we believe and our baptized by the Holy spirit he comes and remains inside of us.
  • John heard Gods voice when the Holy Spirit came upon Jesus so we too have the same grace when the Holy Spirit comes upon us it gives us the ability to now hear he voice of God as his children
  • Jesus came and gave us the gift of being baptized with the Holy Spirit he is now God in us!
  • John testified once again that Jesus is the Son of God-so should we always anyone who is unable to confess this is not a true child of God

Jesus First Disciples

  • 1:35-36  John’s disciples immediately recognized Jesus when he walked a stopped following John and followed Jesus-Such a powerful truth that were called to make disciples who will then stop coming to us and have their own personal relationship. That’s how you know if you are raising disciples in a healthy way. We are called to teach to draw men to Jesus not ourselves. Disciples desire Jesus, recognize him and follow him!
  • 1:37 When Jesus heard the disciples he turned around immediately asked what do you want?- So Jesus asked the same question with every person who desires to know him what do you want, why are you coming to Jesus just for a blessing just to get or do you really want to follow him at all cost….because it will cost you
  • They ask Jesus where he was staying and Jesus answered “Come and See”- I love that because Jesus always has his table available for you to come and fellowship and communion with him. When he you follow Jesus he never shows you the bigger picture of even tells you why he called but simply says
    “come and see”. So that means it takes faith to believe that Jesus is who he says He is, trust him and follow him!
  • 1:40-42 I love that Andrew was on the disciples that heard and immediately followed Jesus. So he was one of the two disciples who had dinner with Jesus and the first thing he did was go to his brother testify that Jesus is the Messiah  and bring him to Jesus- WOW, as disciples of Christ when we have encounter with Jesus its impossible to stay quiet. You should want to tell everyone so much so that they see the light and desire to know Jesus. So how many people have you told about Jesus and are you bringing people to Jesus?
  • Jesus looked at Simon and said You will be called Cephas which means Peter “the Rock”-When you come to Jesus always speaks words of life to you he calls you higher and gives you an identity and new name declaring who He has called you to be not who you are. So we should do the same thing when we bring lost people to Christ we should also speak life and declare who God has called them to be not who they are

Jesus Calls Philip and Nathaniel

  • 1:43 Jesus found Philip and said Follow me- Many times we believe that we “Find God” but that’s is never true he pursues us, comes exactly where we are at and calls us to follow him and Philip was obedient. So should we be when God calls us to follow him immediately
  • 1:44 You see the same pattern with all the disciples of Jesus who were called. After having an encounter with Jesus they ran to tell those around them what they have found and to encourage them to follow Jesus too. Our lives should model that same pattern tell everyone what you have found in Christ and encourage them to follow him too
  • 1:46-47 As National made the comment “Can anything good from Nazarene”? Tells us that  your birth place never defines who you are and where your going. Even the savior of the world was looked down on because of his lowly birth but grew in stature with God and man so shall we too
  • 1:47 When Jesus always declares our identity and truly who we are
  • 1:48-49 Nathaniel asked Jesus how do you know me and Jesus explains how he saw him- As a believer we should know we serve a God who sees and knows everything about us!
  • As a Christian filled with the Holy spirt we too can walk in that grace and have the  gift of word of knowledge which by spirit reveals things to us about people around us that only God knows!
  • Immediately Nathaniel knew that he was the Son of God after Jesus revealing his heart. So as when we operate in the gift of word of knowledge peoples response will always be in amazement as to how you know certain things which gives us an opportunity to testify of who is inside of us, Jesus!
  • 1:50-51 Jesus mentioned to Nathaniel believed because Jesus revealed his heart but Jesus says blessed are those who don’t see and still believe. So you can know we are a blessed generation to not see Jesus but still have faith in him!
  • Jesus tells Nathaniel greater things you will see, that you will see heaven open and angels of God ascending and descending on the son of Man- So as a believer we too will see greater works of God and we now have the opportunity to live under an open heaven 24/7 because of the Holy Spirit in us who has fellowship with God the Father

Heavenly Father  I pray that my life would be a testimony to others to draw them too you. I pray you would give me courage to share my faith and testimony any chance I get. Help me to know my identity and not be moved by the opinions of man or not seek for labels or titles. I pray for the grace to use my voice in this generation to call people to you and prepare hearts for the second coming of Jesus Christ. Give me the grace to be obedient to your voice. If there is any place in my life I haven’t surrendered God I give that too you and make a decision to follow you Add to whole heartedly today in Jesus name Amen!

Chapter 2 Points of Truth

Jesus Changes Water To Wine

  • 2:1-3 Mary immediately took her needs to Jesus because she knew that he could do something about that-Do we come to Jesus with every need however small?
  • 2:4-5 Jesus response to many seem rude but you have to remember Jesus was Mary’s Lord, He was declaring he was no longer her son but her Lord and Savior- We too have to come in the presence of our God with prayer request in reverence and respect, He is God and not to worship Mary
  • 2:4 Jesus told Mary his time had not come yet it shows how Jesus was so obedient to God that if it means disregarding the will of his mother to submit to God. We than have to be obedient to the will of God in our lives even when close friends or family are telling us otherwise. (Reference Luke 1:16)
  • 2:5 Mary immediately submits her will to God and tell the servants to do what Jesus says. It let me know that Mary knew Jesus would do something about she had faith in him. -We should have the same faith that when we come to Jesus with request know that he hears us and believe by faith he will do something about it
  • 2:6-8 Jesus was moved by Mary’s compassion to not have the bride and groom embarrassed so he was moved by compassion and answered Mary’s prayer-So we should know that no matter the request the Lord is always moved by our compassion for others. (Mary was not only the first Christian but intercessor in the new testament!) Do you intercede for others when you see people in need?
  • 2:7-8 Jesus spoke and the servants obeyed immediately and witnessed a miracle.  The wine is the new covenant through the blood sacrifice of Jesus. Our lives are jars of clay filled with water from this world which never satisfies and is never enough. However when we surrender to Jesus he fills us with living water covers us with His blood (the new wine) which gives us new life! When Jesus fills us He completely consumes us!
  • 2:9 The master of the banquet not knowing where the wine came from tasted and immediately when to the bridegroom about it- Psalm 34:8 says to taste and see the Lord is good, that’s what it means to be dead in the world and come to know the Lord and covered by his blood (the new wine) we taste and see he is good and we tell others about it!
  • 2:10The Master of the Banquet tells how everyone gives their best wine for last but the bridegroom saved his best wine for last.- Jesus is known as our bridegroom and all through scripture he states how he has saved his best wine for last. We indeed are the last generation (the new wine) and we were born for such a time as this to see the best move of God that the world has ever seen as we prepare the way for the second coming of the Lord! (reference Mark 2:21-22)
  • 2:11 This was the first miracle Jesus performed and it reveled his glory and his disciples put their faith in him- We also can perform miracles that Jesus did which reveal the glory of God in us may that be our prayer. Also the disciples immediately put their faith in Jesus not in his name (reference John 2:18)

Prayer: Heavenly Father thank you for sending your son Jesus my sweet bridegroom. May I come before him with every single need and trusting whatever answer you give me trusting that you always do what is best. I pray that you would reveal opportunities where I could intercede for the needs of those around me. Give me the grace to obey you immediately when you give instructions. I pray that you would fill me with your Holy Spirit to overflow that I may share with others how good you are. May you stretch your hands through me to perform miracles so that your glory would be revealed in Jesus name!

Jesus Clears The Temple

  • 2:12-13  They had turned Gods house into a market place, during the Jewish Passover feast many people had to travel to  Jerusalem to offer their sacrifices to the Lord. However, they had turned the outer court of Gods temple in to a noisy market place offering convenience instead of worship (LEVITICUS23:4-9, 33-44) –Are there things of this world that have taken up the throne room of your heart rather than Jesus?
  • 2:15-17 This is where we see Jesus rise up in righteous anger, he gets a whip and drives out all the sellers, buyers, money changers and even the animals-So we see here that that its okay to have an emotion of anger there is a right way and a wrong way to allow it to manifest. Righteous anger is from the Lord. That’s when you see an injustice in the Kingdom of God but anger that causes pain and harm to others is a sin (Reference Ephesians 4:26)
  • 2:18 The Jewish people must’ve have been shocked to see Jesus act in such a manner their thought was who does he think he is to break up tradition and religious practices- That’s what Jesus does in our lives by his spirit he comes to break tradition and religious practices that so burden us and desires relationship. Sometimes it can be painful because that’s all you have known but Jesus cleans out our (hearts, lives, churches) so that he can come in. You see the Jewish people were worshiping “tradition” rather then their Savior who was right in front of them. So are you worshiping religious tradition or Jesus do you have a personal relationship with him?
  • 2:19 Jesus said destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days- Jesus was prophesying about his death and resurrection. So as believers we know that the truth is that our bodies are temples. (Reference 1 Corinthians 6:19-20) and even though it are bodies die we will be raised up with Christ when he returns. So we cannot be destroyed!
  • 2:20-22- The Jewish people didn’t understand Jesus’s word and think how many people still don’t understand what the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ really offers. Eternal life that religion cant offer you, only believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ!
  • 2:23-24  I love this passage if you can go back to John 2:11 the disciples put their faith in HIM where in this verse the people put their faith in His NAME. There is a big difference Jesus didn’t put his trust in man because He knows were fickle. A true disciple of Jesus trust not only in His name but in who He says that he is, they have FAITH in Jesus (Reference Hebrew 11:6) but their are many who believe in the name of Jesus but their hearts are far from him. They don’t believe completely in his word, the Bible or walk in his ways. Jesus put his trust in God the Father and we should do the same thing too and not in man. Man will always disappoint you but Jesus never will!

Heavenly Father thank you so much for your word which gives me life. Please forgive me if there any areas of my life or heart that I have not turned over to you. I remove the things that I have allowed to sit in the throne room of my heart and I ask you to fill that place. Forgive me if I have sinned in anger and give me the grace to only have righteous anger . I pray that you would tare down any religious practices, routines or traditions that keep me from intimacy with you. Thank you my body is your temple and because of the gift of salvation I have eternal life. Help me to keep my temple holy before you. Give me the grace to grow in my faith not only trusting in your name which is the name above all names but also in the truth of who you really are, My Savior and Lord in Jesus name Amen!

Chapter 3 Points of Truth

Jesus Teaches Nicodemus

  • 3:1 Nicodemus was a member of the Jewish ruling council. Highly respected man, well versed in the scriptures and a teacher of Gods word. He came to Jesus at night.- Hmm could it be he was trying to hide from the scorn and contempt from other Jewish teachers who hated Jesus. Could he have been ashamed to be seen with Jesus and afraid to lose his title or status? How many of us are like that, “closet believers” we dare not let others know we are Christians or show a desire to know God more.
  • 3:2 Nicodemus knew that Jesus came from God because he performed miraculous signs- As a believer of Jesus Christ now empowered by the Holy Spirit we an do the same thing, preforming miracles and signs for Gods glory.
  • 3:3 Powerful statement and truth of the Gospel. You have to be born again to enter into the Kingdom of God. Are you sure you are born again?
  • 3:4 Jesus answers Nicodemus who is very confused at the idea of being born again. Which continues to confuse many even in our times. You can be a believer who confesses that Jesus is Lord but lives like the world or a believer who confesses Jesus is Lord, has faith in him and is filled with the Holy Spirit-That is a true child of God  (Reference Romans 8:16) You can only be born again when your baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit.- If your not sure your born again pray and ask by faith to be baptized with the Holy Spirit
  • 3:6-7 Nicodemus was still confused  Jesus explained Flesh gives birth to flesh but spirit gives birth to spirit. We are all born in the flesh from our mothers and fathers but children of God are born from the Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit is what comes inside of us and seals us up as a child of God. (Reference 2 Corinthians 1:22)
  • 3:8 Jesus speaks of living in the spirit. As the Holy Spirit leads you in all things you go wherever he pleases. That means at times you wont be able to tell where your coming or going because your being solely led by the Holy Spirit ( I can attest to that lol, when I came to Jesus he told me to follow him that he couldn’t show me but has to lead me. So my life may not make sense to many and sometimes myself but I trust in the Lord where he is taking me and you should too!)
  • 3:10-12 Nicodemus what a Israel teacher of Gods word but didn’t understand the things of God, hmm that’s odd- Aren’t their many people today who know scripture whether Jewish, Christian or Non religious who may truly know the bible from cover to cover but have no understanding of spiritual things or better yet they don’t even know Jesus. So it matters not how much knowledge you have but if you are born again by the Spirit of God and walking in relationship with him!
  • 3:13 Jesus once again testify that he is the Son of God and only Him and Him alone came from heaven- That debunks many religions that proclaim their prophets have gone to heaven or are from heaven. That is a lie, only Jesus came from heaven!
  • 3:14-15 Jesus referred to this scripture (Numbers 2:8-10) You see the Lord told Moses to make an image of a snake erected up for those who had sin and had been bitten. They if they had faith and believed when they looked at the image they would live. That was a foreshadowing of Jesus being lifted up but he took all of our sins and when we believe in him and the power of the cross we not only live but have eternal life
  • 3:16*** For God So LOVED the WORLD that he GAVE his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.-So as a believer as God gave to us were called to a life of giving too, give to others and give to God our lives that he may live (Reference Galatians 2:19-20)
  •  We give out of love always and where called to not only give to him everything  but to love the world that he died for.  That means to love ALL people, so much that you tell people about him so that they too can be saved.
  • We are called to love the world but not be apart of it .(Reference Romans 12:2)
  • 3:17 God did not send his son to condemn the world but to save the world through him- So God desires to save the world and he did through Jesus Christ. Our heart should be the same to share the gift of salvation with this dying world
  • We should never condemn those who are in sin or in darkness for Jesus never did that we should offer them life through Gods word and Love for that what leads people to repentance (Reference Romans 2:4)
  • 3:18 There is no need to condemn those in sin or darkness because their life testifies against them and condemns them
  • 3:19-20 Jesus is the “true light” (reference John 1:9) now as believers filled with the Holy Spirit we are now the “Light” (Reference Matthew 5:14) that has come into the world as well. Those in darkness love its because the Love their evil deeds and don’t want it to be exposed or surrender their sins. The hate light, so don’t be surprised if people hate you because of the “light” you carry, the Holy Spirit
  • 3:21 Do you live by the truth? Those who live by Gods truth love to expose their own sin, live a repentant life before God because they know true freedom is in repentance and turning away from darkness and coming into the light!

Heavenly Father, May I be strong and courageous not fearing what others think or having a fear of man. May I be a witness for you and led by the Holy Spirit in all that I do. I thank you for filling me with your spirit that I am born again. I pray that you would give me your heart for the world, that I would not walk in judgment or condemnation but be a vessel of your Love which leads people to the cross. Help me not to get discouraged when I am mocked, made fun of or even rejected because I believe in you but understand you went through also. Give me the grace to continue pressing in, letting others see my light that they may glorify you and may I live and walk in your truth in Jesus name Amen!

John The Baptist Testimony About Jesus

  • 3:22 Jesus loves to spend time with us even now. He is so ever present in our lives in every detail in all aspects. As you spend time with Jesus he baptizes you with his Holy Spirit.
  • 3:23 The Scripture says John was also baptizing and there was plenty of water- Body of water signifies people, so even as John finally saw the Messiah  the one he had been preparing the way for he didn’t stop working. As a believer when we come to Jesus we shouldn’t be only satires with our salvation but there are so many people around us (body of water) that need to be touched and saved by Jesus. So may we never stop working for the kingdom until God takes us home
  • the scripture specifies this was before John was taken to prison- as a believer the Lord states that many of us will be persecuted, imprisoned all because of his name. (Reference Mark 13:9)  Are you committed to the Lord wholeheartedly so that if this happens will you still have faith and serve him? 
  • 3:25-26  Johns disciples were envious of Jesus ministry growing so much larger then their faith teacher they had been following. Everyone was leaving John to follow Jesus and to be baptized by him. John could’ve easily agreed with them and fell into discouragement and complaint as well but he didn’t- So as a believer do you compare yourselves to others? Do you allow the opinion’s of those around you to sin by grumbling, complaining and even gossiping? John could’ve but he didn’t we should respond in the same way
  • 3:27-28 John response should be our response, He knew who he was in Christ. He knew that all he had done and received to do was from God. So how than can he be jealous of God. He knew that he was called to testify of who Jesus was that he was God and to prepare peoples hearts to receive Jesus as Lord and that’s exactly what was taking place. Peoples hearts had been ready and now were running to the Savior Jesus to follow him. John work was complete.- We too should know who we are in Christ and not to compare ourselves to anyone knowing you have a specific assignment keep your eyes focused on Jesus until your assignment is complete so you don’t fall into envy ( I know this too well lol)
  • 3:29 Jesus is our bridegroom and we are his bride (Reference Revelation 19:7) So just as a best man would get so excited to see his bestfriend marrying the girl of his dreams that is the same feeling John had. He unfortunately was not apart of the new covenant so he wasn’t the bride but he was sent to make the way to prepare the bridegroom Jesus. So that we (the church), His bride can be now married to him when he returns. John was beyond excited!
  • 3:30 As he states that Jesus should become greater and he should become less-How many of us desire to be great in the eyes of man or sometimes even desire to be glorified for all that we do. John shows a good example as a believer its not about us but Jesus may our lives testify of Him not us. Furthermore, when we see others being used by God in a mighty way we should desire for them to be great that Jesus would be known even if it means being last place or even disregarded. God will indeed reward you
  • 3:31 John was once again giving a testimony of who Jesus was
  • Jesus is “The One”
  • He comes from above
  • He is above all things
  • He comes from Heaven
  • John was from the earth he only knew earthly things- so as a believer now filled with the Holy Spirit which came from heaven and comes from above we to can rise to be above all things. The Lord gives all his children that grace to share in his glory (Reference Romans 8:17). So what situation are you not rising above? don’t think like those of the earth because you are now a citizen of heaven and the kingdom of God is available to you!
  • 3:32 John explained Jesus testified of what he seen and heard but no one accepted his testimony- Do you know we can now testify of what we have seen and heard as well. The Lord said in the last days he would pour out his spirit, so now we have the grace to know of heavenly things, through visitation, dreams and visions (Reference 1 Corinthians 2:9-10). Don’t be discouraged if people don’t accept your testimony because they are of flesh and don’t understand spiritual things just as many didn’t accepts Jesus’s testimony
  • 3:33 When we accept Jesus testimony as the Son of God we certify that God is truth (Reference Numbers 23:19)
  • 3:34 God has sent not only Jesus but he has now sent you to also speak the word of God and overflow in the Spirit without limit
  • 3:35-36 God placed everything in his Son Jesus. That’s why he is the only way to God the Father, no other way or “religion” will save you. Its Jesus Christ alone and unfortunately if you reject that then you will remain in Gods wrath.

Heavenly Father help me to testify of you as you truly are. Draw me in a deeper relationship with you and give me the grace to finish the work you have given me to do. Help me not to be comfortable or complacent but see the need of those around me and draw them to you. Help me to be strong if persecution comes let my faith not waiver. I pray you would search my heart for any jealousy, envy, complaining or comparison to others. Help me to be content with who you created me to be, keeping my eyes fixed on you. May I praise you in others. Give me the grace to rise above things of this earth and to testify that you are the son of God, speak your word and flow in the spirit in Jesus name Amen!

Chapter 4 Points of Truth

Jesus Talks With A Samaritan Woman

  • 4:1 Jesus ministry was gaining a large following, larger than Johns and caused the Pharisees to plot against him. However Jesus wasn’t baptizing his disciples were.- I love this because it shows the impact of healthy discipleship which we are called too (Reference Matthew 28:19) As we learn more about Jesus those who follow us, in turn rise up and disciple others as well. Disciples multiply what they have been taught
  • 4:4-5 Jesus was lead through Samaria at that time Jewish people didn’t associate with Samarians. Samaritans rejected most of the Old Testament and most travelers would cross the Jordan River to avoid going there but Jesus was lead there
  • So its important we are lead by the Holy Spirit he will take us to unknown, uncharted territory sometimes but he always leads for diving appointments
  • 4:6 Jesus was tired from the Journey and sat at the well- Although he was tried it didn’t stop him from coming to meet this divine appointment that he has. So we should also learn we are not how we feel. If the opportunity presents itself don’t allow how you feel stop you from impacting someone’s life or doing the work of the Lord
  • However, we should also keep in mind to not allow ourselves to be burn out but when you feel weary rest in Jesus his is our well
  • 4:7-8 God always intimates the conversation, he is the one who draws us. He asked for something he knew only he could provide the answer too
  • Jesus knew a way to win a person confidence is to ask for service so we should do the same-How to witness: Initiate the conversation, ask how we can be of service, or even just ask their name, ask questions get to know the person
  • 4:9 Jews didn’t associate with Samaritans so the woman was surprised and didn’t know she was in need of what Jesus asked. -As a believer we shouldn’t be afraid to initiate conversations with those of a different belief, class, and race. They too might be surprised because most Christians in our generation seem to be comfortable congregating around other believes which is fine but the Lord desires that we go out into the world. We might just be the only Christians they have every talked too…believe it or not!
  • 4:10-11 The Gift of God is the Holy Spirit,
  • Holy Spirit is living water.
  • Jesus is the Source of all things living
  • Which God now freely gives to all who believe in Jesus
  • 4:13 When we drink of the world water it will always leave us thirst, it can be thirst for love, affirmation, popularity, money, what are you thirsting for?
  • 4:15 Jesus is the source of living water, of Life itself and he fully satisfy every desire and thirst we could have.  (Reference John 7:38) So will you come to him and allow him to fill you with his living waters
  • As a believer we are now carriers of that living water sent by God to bring it to a dying world. Look around and you will notice people around you who are spiritual dry and empty will you allow the Lord to use you to bring them life?
  • 4:15 The woman response revealed she recognized her need for what Jesus had but was her mind was fixed on her task of drawing water from the well which when down 100 feet- Many unbelievers desire happiness, life and joy but they too are also focused on the task of ” life” finding purpose, attaining success, status or even higher spiritual enlightenment. They are focused on the wrong and not eternal life
  • 4:16  Jesus immediately revealed her need. He wanted to be her husband and your husband as well. Jesus is our bridegroom and we are the bride of Christ. (Reference Isaiah 54:5) How many people are looking for love in all the wrong places and the Lover of our soul is right with us waiting, pursuing and knocking on the doors of our hearts to fulfill our deepest need which only he can fill.
  • 4:17 This Samaritan gave a partial confession, she was most likely surprised at his question, and embarrassed as well. How may times does the enemy want us to walk in shame, guilt and condemnation thinking God will be mad when we sin. Rather than running to Jesus to confess it. So have you partially confessed to a sin you are struggling with? Tell Jesus, He knows it all already and he freely forgives once you confess (Reference 1 John 1:9)
  • 4:18 Jesus used strong words not to condemn her but to cause her to see her sin and her true state of her soul from Gods perspective.
  • This woman had no room for her “true husband” Jesus. She had been through many man to fulfill that need. Are there things in your life that you are continuously filling your life with instead of Jesus?
  • 4:19 The Samaritan woman response was that of shock. How could a stranger know that about me, she didn’t realize she was talking to God. Jesus was operating in the gift of word of knowledge which is one of the spiritual gifts available to all believers. (reference 1 Corinthians 12:8) When used under the wisdom of God can bring many people to Jesus. They will realize how ever present and all knowing He is.That He lives inside of you and can live inside of them too if they believe!
  • 4:20-21 Jesus was prophesying of what would take place after his resurrection. as a believer we no longer have to go to Jerusalem or on mountains to worship God because He lives inside of us by the Holy spirit!! You are the body is temple of God now  that means you can worship God anywhere, everywhere and whenever. Isn’t that such wonderful gift from the Lord! (Reference 1 Corinthians 3:16)
  • 4:22 The Samaritan woman was “religious” after hearing Jesus speak she referenced to scripture and him being a prophet but she had no relationship with the God she worship. How many ‘religions” worship a god that they don’t know….ALL OF THEM!
  • Jesus is the only way. So as a Christian we have  the best gift offered to us through Jesus to have a relationship with God. We worship a personal, relatable, ever present, loving, God who loves to speak to us. So that’s one of the truths you can use to share your faith, no other “religion” can have a personal relationship with God.
  • 4:23 What does it mean to worship God in spirit and in truth? It means to worship God despite your circumstances, situation, trials, and suffering. So you worship God in the truth of who he is Good, Just, Righteous, Faithful, In Control even if it doesn’t seem like it and you worship him in Spirit. By worshiping him through the Holy spirit in Songs, Praise and Worship. It brings God the Father no other joy than to see his children suffering or going through difficulty but still praising him despite of it because they know the Truth. Then he becomes filled with Joy and which than flows into our hearts and that’s how the Joy of the Lord becomes our strength! (Reference Psalm 28:7) PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO A VISION OF HEAVEN WHEN BELIEVERS WORSHIP IN SPIRIT & TRUTH BY PASTOR RICK JOYER:
  • 4:24 God is a spirit and so are we but its only by the Holy Spirit who has fellowship with God the Father that we are able to worship God in spirit.
  • 4:25-26 Many unbelievers are still looking for a savior and as a Christian we have the privilege to let them know that what they have been searching for is right here inside of you……I was driving one day saw a homeless man who looked hopeless and I looked at those in the car around me and in my heart I sighed and said “I wish I could save the world” and the Holy Spirit immideatly intereuppted me and said ” I already did Nana” Just tell them…I was in shock and realized of course that is right. Jesus is the Messiah and Saviour who has offered THE way to life to a dying world. Will you tell them?
  • Jesus met this woman exactly where she was in, still in her sin didn’t condem her but offered her eternal life. He redirected his whole plans that day so he didn’t miss this divine appointment that’s how much he loves “the One”
  • Are we in condemning or judging those who are in sin or are you encouraging them to come to Jesus, speaking life and calling them higher? Are you sharing your faith with the daily opportunities God gives you? Are you going out of your way and inconveniencing yourself for the sake of the Gospel? Are you concerned with having many followers or having a full audience or do you see the value in just that one? Do you see the value in that one like, that one follower, that one person who shows up, that one person God highlights to you to start a conversation? May we witness to people as Jesus did!
  • Jesus is the ONLY answer to the deepest human need

Heavenly Father, I thank you for your word I pray for the grace to be a disciple that makes disciples of man. Please give me the grace to be sensitive and obedient to the Holy Spirit wherever he leads me. Forgive me for the opportunities I have passed up to share you with others. I pray for the boldness and courage to share my faith with others that I would tell others about the living waters you offer to all who believe. I pray if there are any areas in my life that I thirst for anything else than you please reveal it to me Lord and May my hunger and thirst only be for your righteousness. I pray that you would be prepare me as your bride and I would walk in intimacy with you as my bridegroom. I pray for the grace to worship you in spirit and in truth even when things get difficult. Help me to be a witness for you. Please give me the grace to bless someone today by drawing them closer to you in Jesus name amen!

The Disciples Rejoin Jesus

  • 4:27 Just as his disciples where were surprised to find him talking to a woman because in that culture Jews didn’t talk to Samaritans and mostly Rabbi’s or man of respect didn’t talk with woman. However, Jesus never went with the “tradition’, “status quo” or “what was the popular opinion” he only did what his father asked. Can that be said about you? Does the Lord want you to reach out too or talk to someone that most people would not talk too or be around? If so listen to God not to men’s opinion
  • 4:28 The woman left the water jar (reference John 2:6-8) The water Jar signifies so many things, her old life, her worldly desires, her burdens. – When you encounter Jesus his love makes you leave everything behind to follow him. Are you still holding on to your old Jar? if so let it go
  • She went back in to town and “said to people”….-This woman went back to where she came from to testify of what God had done. And she didn’t keep quiet about it she spoke up! So the Lord desires for you to also go back to your family, friends, where you were from to tell them what Jesus has done. Your testimony is the greatest to those who knew who you were like before you met Jesus and can testify of the change in you! Don’t be quiet about tell everyone!
  • The Samaritan woman was the first evangelist in the gospel- woman can preach Gods word!
  • 4:29 She proclaimed how Jesus knew her intimately- Jesus knows everything we have ever done, what we are going to do, and what we will do. He is the God that knows and sees everything yes still loves us. So tell people Jesus is not a harsh God but a loving God that desires his children to come to him exactly where they are!
  • When Jesus comes into our lives , we began to look like him and people began to see Christ in us and will be drawn to what we say! (Reference Ephesians 5:12)
  • 4:30 They all came out of the town to see Jesus for themselves- That means we have the ability to change our families, friends and cities for Jesus. Tell everyone what Jesus has done and see if they are not drawn to him. How are you impacting your city for Jesus?
  • Our Testimonies will draw many people to Jesus. Our testimonies our so powerful! (Reference Revelation 12:11) So share your testimony!!?
  • 4:31-32 What is Food for us? (John 6:35-36) Our Food is the word of God, it is our daily bread. However there is a bread that is directly from God the Father not only do we have Gods word but we can hear his voice. You see Jesus was the walking word so his food was to listen to God and obey him. We also have that grace to hear the voice of God in our hearts and obey everything he ask us to do4
  • 4:33 Just as Satan temps Jesus so shall we be tempted (Reference Matthew 4:3) When were practicing spiritual discipline of fasting, we will be tempted to eat or when the Lord ask us to do something. We might have family or friends who don’t understand but we have to trust God and be unwavering to his direction and his direction alone in obedience when he asked us to do something despite what people think
  • 4:34 May this be our prayer to do the will of God who sent us and to finish his work!
    Part of every believers purpose is too:
    -testify of the light in us
    -witness for Jesus
    -to draw men that people would believe in Jesus
    -to be a voice of our generation
    -to prepare the way (by telling people) of the second coming of the Lord
  • 4:35 What is the Harvest, Field, wages, who is the reaper sower
  • Harvest =Lost souls
  • Fields= are places, cities, regions, location where people come together
  • wage=reward
  • Reaper= a person that walks a lost soul through a salvation prayer
  • Sower= a person that plants a seed in a lost soul, through prayer , kind deed etc
  • As a believer we are called to be a sower and reaper both are one in the same. You don’t choose who you are but the Holy Spirit does. You can be either one at any time all you have to be is obedient to he leading of the Holy Spirit. You can plant seeds this holiday by doing kind gestures for people, by giving, praying for people that they would see Jesus in you. If their hearts are ready the Lord will open conversation to share the gospel and for them to give their hearts to the Lord so you reap the harvest. Either way the Lord desires us to be ready every day to reap or sow seeds of his love that people all around you will be saved! ( Reference Matthew 9:37-38)

Heavenly Father, May my daily food be to do your will and to finish the work you sent me by your grace. I pray for the grace to impact the sphere of influence you give me.  I thank you that you created me to sow and reap a harvest for your kingdom so I pray for more opportunities daily to share my faith with boldness and courage in Jesus name Amen!

Many Samaritans Believed

  • 4:39 Many people will come to know Jesus because of your testimony
  • If we allow God to move through us, others will rise up and began to evangelize about Jesus on our behalf because of our testimony!
  • 4:40 The Samaritans came to Jesus and urged him to stay. The Spirit of  God is polarizing, when you have an encounter with the Holy Spirit he comes to stay!
  • 4:41 this verse shows us the power in Gods word- As believers we now have the word of God; the bible so we need to know the word and only speak Gods words. Our own words will fall flat every time when you speak to someone but when you speak Gods word its ALIVE and causes people to believe in the one who sent you, Jesus. (reference Hebrew 4:12)
  • Gods words should now be written in our hearts, so when we speak its only his words that come out (Reference Psalm 119:11)
  •  Gods word will always cause people to believe!
  • 4:42 The people were so moved by this woman testimony that they wanted to hear from God themselves and when they did they knew he was the Messiah
  • As a disciple its important not to draw man to ourselves but to Jesus. Our lives should become should so testify of God that people want to know him for themselves
  • Now with God in us, its easy for many men to take Gods glory when they walk in his wisdom, power and authority. Many people are drawn to certain teachers, pastors, preachers and evangelist but that’s it they are comfortable hearing about God. So do you know God or do you just know about him?
  • As God calls you to lead its important that you teach people how to know, serve, and love God in their own intimate relationship

Jesus Heals The Officials Son

  • 4:43-44 When Jesus points out a prophet is has no honor in his own country- go to (Reference Mark 6:35) You see people who know you, family, friends, those in your neighborhood may not appreciate your gift or value what God is doing in you.  Many people thought “who does Jesus think he is, he is josephs son, a carpenter” they didn’t have faith that he was the greatest prophet, the Son of God.
  • “prophets reward” (Reference Matthew 10:40-42) The same reward is given to the prophet as is given to the one who receives the prophet. The prophet is not greater than the one who receives him even though the one receiving him may not be a prophet himself. Those who minister are not greater than those who receive, they both receive the same reward from God
  • 4:46 (reference John 2 Jesus changes the Water into Wine) Jesus went back to the place he performed his first miracle and you would think people would have more faith now but they didn’t
  • 4:45-49 Compare this Mans response to the Centurion Soldier in  (Reference Matthew 8:6-13)
  • Both Man came to Jesus, Both highly respected
  • The Centurion humbled himself and said that he wasn’t worthy to have Jesus come in his home
  • The Royal official begged Jesus to come
  • The Centurion urged Jesus not to come to his house but just to speak a word of life
  • The Royal official wanted Jesus to come and perform a miraculous sign on his son
  • The Centurion had immediate faith and understood the authority in Jesus’s words
  • The Royal official showed a lack of faith in Jesus words
  • They both departed however the Centurion departed with expectation and gratefulness knowing that it was done. Where the Royal official departed with a little faith then believed it was done after his servant ran and told him
  • So which man are you most like? One man believed in the name of Jesus and the other man put all his faith in him. Jesus desires that we put ALL of our faith in him and watch him do the impossible!
  • 4:50-52 As believers God has given us now the same authority to speak life into dead things and see them resurrect! We can speak to dead minds, hearts, situations, and even bodies and by the power of God in the name of Jesus they will be brought to life.
  • We have power in our words, we have power in our tongue and we will be held accountable for every word we speak (Proverb 18:21) So are you speaking life or death over yourself, over your situation, over your family?
  • 4:53-54 I love this verse because it gave me so much freedom!!! It should give you freedom too. How many of us have cried, been stressed and worried of the salvation of our families. We worry about our siblings, aunties, cousins, uncles, parents, nieces and nephews but what does the word of God say. If you believe you and your household will be saved (reference Acts 16:30-31) That is a promise from the Lord!! So now focus on your relationship with him rather than being the Holy Spirit in peoples lives lol you know what I mean, when your trying to convict everyone else of what is wrong and how the Lord doesn’t like that….that draws them away form you lol. If you trust in that promise and focus going deeper in intimacy with Jesus than your life becomes a witness and speaks for itself and through you the Lord will draw them to himself at the appointed time and they will be saved!! Whooo hooo freedom lol

Heavenly Father, Thank you Lord for giving me the courage and faith to be a witness for you. Thank you for reminding me that when family members or friends don’t receive me or accept wheat your doing in me its okay because you went through the same thing so I wont allow my faith to be waivered. Give me the grace to be a person of integrity committing to what I say. Forgive me for the times I used my words to cut down, discourage or hurt someone. May my tongue  be used now to speak life into dead things and but your grace watch them resurrect. I pray to walk in your authority and power flowing in the gift of spirit that people would see Christ in me. I thank you most of all in your promise that I rest in today since I believe in you Jesus Christ that my whole family will be saved. Thank you Jesus Amen!

Chapter 5 Points of Truth

The Healing At The Pool

  • 5:1-3 The Pool Of Bethesda was a set up for many to have a divine encounter with God. Sick people would wait at that water from time to time an angle of the Lord would come down and stir up waters. The first one into the pool after each such disturbance would be cured of whatever disease he had.- God is so merciful that he always reaches out to touch his sick, hurting children even though they may not believe in him God is always willing to touch his children with his mercy
  • 5:3-6 There was a man who had been lying there for 38 years. When Jesus saw the man he knew his condition and immediately asked him a question “Do you want to get well”
  • This man was in bondage for 38 years yet had the opportunity to be healed in the pool- How many people are in bondage to sin, strong holds, addiction or sickness for so long that they accept it.
  • Jesus immediately knew of this mans condition- I love that because Jesus always knows the condition of our lives, our bodies and our hearts.
  • Jesus always desires for us to confess to him our needs, confess our weakness Jesus always asked a question that he knew that only He was the answer too.- So what has Jesus been asking you? have you been dealing with pain, unforgivness, bitterness, jealousy, discouragement, resentment, confusion and has Jesus been asking you to give that all to him, have you?  “Do you want to get well” Jesus is the answer!
  • 5:7 You would think the man would answer with an exciting, desperate yes! But he immediate went into excuses. The 2 excuses he gave were:

-He had no one to help him- How many times can we blame others for our situation?
-Other people go ahead of him- How many times can our jealousy or envious of others and where they are come from our laziness, passivity and slothfulness? What areas in your spiritual walk are you making excuse?

  • 5:8 Jesus replied to the man ” Get up! Pick up your mat and walk”- What did Jesus tell the man to do first to experience His healing? It took faith for the man to believe Jesus words and get up and walk
  • It testifies to the power and authority as a believer has that we can now speak Gods word and have people healed by our faith and what we say. So are you speaking life or death? Are walking by faith declaring healing for those who are sick and if your faith is not there what can you do about it increase that? One thing the Holy Spirit told me as I was praying for more faith he simply said take more risk! lol So are you willing to take more risk and simply believe in what God says rather than what you see.
  • Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (Reference Hebrew 11:1)
  • 5:9 At one the man was cured!- Gods word is power to heal, restore, and bring life to dead things-So now we are a carrier of Gods word by the Holy Spirit in dwelling in us we have the same grace as Jesus did to heal the sick. So go out and just do that, walk by faith and declare healing in Jesus name!
  • 5:10-11 The Jewish Pharisees were still stuck on religious acts rather than walking in fellowship with God-The Sabbath day was meant for resting in the Lord on that day  ( Reference Mark 2:27, Exodus 20:8-11) Jesus is now are Sabbath it means to take a day and honor he Lord whatever he desires rather than yours. So we can see that God always desires to heal the sick and bring freedom to his children despite what day it is and we should be willing to do the same!
  • 5:11-13 I find this funny because several times in the gospel Jesus would heal someone than slip a way just so the Pharisees would have enough time to ask the healed person questions than Jesus would come back to reveal that it was Him who healed them. I believe that Jesus knew that Pharisees were building a case against him
  • 5:14 Jesus found the man and told him it was He who healed him and to stop sinning or something worse could happen-
  • Jesus always finds us as he did the man.
  • When Jesus heals or delivers us he always gives us instruction when he forgives or delivers us how to stay clean and not to sin again (Reference Matthew 12:43)
  • Sin=Consequences , Sin always has a consequence come might be death and many manifest through an infirmity or sickness. In the passage the Lord lets us know it was because of this man sin that he was bound with the sickness. (Reference Numbers 14:18) The Lord talks about visiting the sins of a generation 4 times do you know we can pay for our grandparents, parents and for fathers sin. Is there a heredity sickness in your family? If so spiritually there is no such thing as the Lord to reveal to you that sin so you may ask for repentance and set your generation free from that sickness!
  • 5:15 The man went tell the Jews it was Jesus that healed him- This confirms the Jewish leaders building up a case against Jesus
  • When Jesus heals you tell everyone, don’t allow the enemy to keep quiet about your testimony!

Heavenly Father I humbly come before you asking for forgiveness, please forgive me of sins and offences I have committed against you. Holy Spirit please reveal any generational inequities in my family that have affected me and my generation that I may repent of them. Please forgive me Lord of any slothfulness or laziness that has allowed me to be stagnant in my walk with you. Heal my heart, soul, body and spirit and restore all the places the enemy and my own flesh has defiled. Lord please build my faith, give me opportunities to take more risk to see the impossible happen. I thank you for the gift of healing I have may I speak life, lay hands on the sick and may they recover in Jesus name I pray amen!

 Life Through The Son

  • 5:16 So the Jews persecuted Jesus because he performed a miracle on the Sabbath- The Jews were religious and had no true relationship with Go. They lacked compassion for their own brethren, they were so focused on living by the law instead of knowing the God of the law that they were even breaking the first two commandments  (Reference Matthew 22:37-40)
  • As Jesus himself was persecuted  so shall we be when we follow him. However the word of God says we are blessed when we are persecuted for Christ sake (Reference Matthew 5:10-12)
  • 5:17 I love how Jesus explains that God the Father is always working and which in turns means that he never stops working- God has work for each of us to do. Are you doing the work of God in your life?
  • As a follower of Jesus we should also know to never stop working. The Holy Spirit always desires to move through us, every single day, every single moment and with every single person we meet. So may we pray to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and the work he desires to do through us
  • 5:18 As Satan twisted the Pharisees mind into deception he does the same thing in our generation. Many people have now twisted the scripture to believe if we were created in Gods image (Reference Genesis 1:26-28)we have now become like God, that’s a lie from Satan himself. He is the first one who wanted to exalt himself and be like God ( Reference Ezekiel 28:2). So in fact the Pharisees were blaspheming God and by rejecting Jesus acting just like their father Satan
  • The Truth and the Only Truth: Jesus is God!
  • 5:19 Jesus showed how he was in perfect fellowship and obedience to God the Father. Even though he was God in the flesh he subjected and submitted himself whole heartily to the will of God. Can you say you have done that? May that be our prayer that we walk in such perfect union and fellowship with God that we do only what he is doing!
  • Just like Jesus we cannot do anything within ourselves. Whatever work we do in our own strength, own desires, own resources will always be fruitless!
  • Its important that we obey God in whatever he ask us to do that is one of the ways to walk in perfect union with God is obedience
  • 5:20 Just as the God the Father Loves his son Jesus  and shows him all He does, He now offers that same grace to all his children. God loves you and will show you all that He does if you will open your heart to hear from him!
  • Now Jesus  tells us even greater worsk will we do!!  (Reference John 14:12) Haha amazing
  • Do you know that God the Father doesn’t love Jesus more than he loves us, did you know that? God loves you with the same passion, love, and burning desire He has for Jesus and its (referenced  John 7:20-23)
  • 5:21 All of these scriptures shows a beautiful relationship between God the Father and Jesus which in turns shows what a beautiful we relationship we can now have with God through Jesus!
  • God The Father gave all authority to his Son Jesus Christ to raise people from dead to life, spiritually and physical.- Now as a believe with Jesus Christ living inside of you by the Holy Spirit we have the same authority to raise the dead to life and bring life to those who are spiritually dead! (Reference Luke 10:19, Matthew 9:6-8)
  • 5:22 That is a wonderful thing to know that God the Father doesn’t judge us but he has given judgment to his Son Jesus Christ and the great part about that is that Jesus doesn’t judge us either (Romans 8:34) but he prays for us continuously! Isn’t that great to know that Jesus is truly on your side so if your feeling condemnation, shame, guilt or judgment know that its not from the Lord but from the enemy don’t receive it
  • Jesus will only judge us for the all he work we did in the body of Christ here on this earth in order for each of us to get our due reward (Reference 2 Corinthians 5:10)
  • Jesus however, will judge the wicked and unrighteous. Jesus is the one that sits on the Judgment seat-(Reference Revelations 20:11-13)
  • 5:23 This scripture shows again how Jesus and God the Father are One. Even God honors Jesus and Jesus honors God. In order to God we have to honor Jesus Christ as his son. If we don’t not honor Jesus than we cannot say we honor God its impossible
  • 5:24 Jesus does not condemn ( references Romans 8:1) us as we believe in his words we are saved from eternal hell into everlasting eternal life. That goes for those who will hear Gods words from our mouth, for those who believe the gospel when is preached will pass from death to life
  • Whoever believes in Jesus Christ crosses over from death to life- Hence because of his “Cross” we are able to now “cross” over and have relationship with God.
    Jesus Cross is the bridge for believers to God!
  • Gods words has the power to raise dead things and to bring life to the dead!
  • 5:25 Jesus was speaking eternally. For this stamen was relevant then and is right now. For we all now have the ability to hear Gods voice through his word and by his spirit and if you harken to the voice of God in your heart you will live and not die! ( Reference John 6:63)
  • We have the ability to hear Gods voice (Reference Hebrew 4:7)
  • 5:26 God the Father abides in Jesus and Jesus abides in God the Father. They are One so goes for us as believers we only have life In Jesus because he abides in us and we abide in him. The word abide means: to accept or act in accordance with… to obey
  • 5:27 Jesus has been given all authority to judge because he is the son of Man- Jesus is the Judge of this earth
  • As believers we are called not to Judge by the flesh but to Judge by the spirit as well- (Reference John 7:24) it tells us not to judge by mere appearance but judge justly. Jesus is the righteous judge so as we abide in him he gives us the grace to judge justly and that’s judging by the fruits of the spirit (Reference Galatians 5:22-23)
  • 5:28-29 Jesus was talking about the Great White Throne Judgment (Reference Revelations 20:11-13)
  • 5:30 Just as Jesus sought to judge justly we should also seek to do the same. With the Holy Spirit indwelling within us we now have the grace to judge by the spirit of God however we should be mindful to not judge to please ourselves but only God. That’s where we should ask for discernment so we can judge correctly – (Reference 1 Kings 3:9) may that be our prayer to have wisdom so that we might discern Good from evil Amen!
  • Judge not only our brethren spiritually but to Judge or discern Gods perfect will and we can only do that by continuously renewing our mind with the word of God (Reference Romans 12:2)

Heavenly Father, we thank you for your word that is Spirit and life give me the grace to walk in perfect union, fellowship and obedience to your will in my life. I thank you because of the cross I now have eternal life and you have given me authority to by your Spirit indwelling in me to bring life to others. I thank you for the grace to raise the dead and resurrect those who are spiritual dead in your name. I pray that my mind would be renewed daily with your word and I ask for more wisdom that I may discern your good from evil, to discern your perfect will in my life and that I may judge justly and righteously in Jesus mighty name Amen! 

Testimonies about Jesus

  • 5:31-30 Jesus submitted himself completely to God the Father. Even though he was God he made it clear the Pharisees that he wasn’t testifying of who he is but God the Fathers testimony of his was valid
  • 5:33 As John testified of the truth so should we as believers
  • 5:34 Jesus made it clear that he doesn’t accept human testimony the only testimony he accepts if of God the Father who testified of Jesus
  • 5:35 John was a lamp that burned and gave light-As a believer were suppose to be lamps that burn that give off light as well. Can you life testify of the light of Christ in you are you burning bright for Jesus? If not ask the Holy Spirt to give you more courage and boldness to be a light for him!
  • Our light brings to Joy to people around us!
  • 5:36 Jesus testimonies is more powerful than John the Baptist testimony or anyone else
  • Jesus came to finish the Fathers work which testified that God the Father sent him- As a believer are you finishing Gods work on this earth? Which is to testify of Jesus so that people will be saved and to use your voice to declare eternal life and the seconding coming of God!
  • Jesus testimony  is about death and resurrection as a believer we now share the same testimony that he saved us from death to life!
  • 5:37 God the Father testifies of Jesus Christ they are one in the same- You cant say you know God or have a relationship without knowing Jesus
  • As a believer we now have the ability to hear the voice of God by the Holy Spirit (Reference John 10:27)
  • 5:38 Jesus was stating the Pharisees didn’t have the scriptures they knew so well in their hearts. That’s why they didn’t recognize Jesus was the living scriptures right in front of them- As a believer its important that Jesus desires for us not just to know his word but to become his word by allowing it to be in our hearts  (Reference Psalm 119-11)
  • 5:39 Powerful statement Jesus chastised the “religious teachers” for equating knowing the scripture =having eternal life- There are many people who might know the bible cover to cover or well versed in scripture but all they have is “religion” and no relationship but eternal life is found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Reading the bible or knowing scriptures wont give you eternal life its having a relationship Jesus that will
  • Jesus is the Only way to eternal life
  • No one can say you know God but don’t believe in Jesus
  • Nor can anyone say you believe in Jesus but, don’t believe in the Bible for they are one in the same
  • All scriptures from Old to New Testament point to Jesus Christ!
  • 5:40 The Pharisees refused to come to Jesus to have life-He is the only way to eternal life, Jesus is the living word. There so many people who desire life but refuse to come to give their lives to Jesus Christ. He is the only way
  • .5:41 Wow, this scripture is powerful God doesn’t accept praise from man and we shouldn’t either. When we accept praise from man more than desiring praise from God it testifies that we don’t have the love of God in our hearts (Reference John 12:43)
  • 5:43 Jesus came in the name of God the Father once again submitting himself completely to his will, his testimony and his validation- So as a believer we should do the same submit our lives wholeheartedly to God, his will, his testimony and only his validation.
  • 5:43 So search your heart are you seeking the praise from man rather than praise from God? Or are you seeking for fame, popular, a following, likes to validate what you do for God?
  • Gods praise is not for the world to see its the hidden victories between you and him are you content with that?
  • 5:45 Jesus doesn’t accuse us or condemn us, Satan does (Reference Revelation 12:10)
  • 5:46- The very scriptures the Pharisees knew so well condemned them because all the scriptures of Moses and the Law pointed to Jesus.
  • Moses writing , majority of the books in the old testament were all  about Jesus
  • 5:47 The Pharisees who were “religious man” didn’t believe in the word of God and they couldn’t comprehend the living word made flesh (Reference John 1-3) that stood right in front of them, Jesus Christ!

Heavenly Father,  thank you for your word please give me the grace to know you more through your word. Holy Spirit enlighten scriptures to me, give me rhema revelation, understanding and application of the word of God. As I grow in my walk with you search my heart Lord help me to be content with only your praise and the praise of men. Help me not to seek after popularity or to win over the masses but help me to seek after the praise of the heavenly courts in Jesus name Amen!

Chapter 6 Points of Truth

Jesus Feeds The Five Thousand

  • 6:1-2 The crowd continued to follow Jesus because of the signs and miracles he performed. There weren’t following him because they believed or had faith in him. They were spectators. Are you a spectator? God desires that you are  follower this faith and relationship with Jesus is engaging and interactive!
  • 6:3-4 (Reference the to the Jewish Passover Exodus 12:12)
  • 6:5 Have you ever had that question in your mind, looking at those who are in need and who need help…and you wonder Lord bless them bring someone to help…but the Lord ask you what will you do? Its easy for us to look to others to help but what will you do with those hurting and in need around you?
  • 6:6 I love this, Jesus ask Philip to test him. Its says he already had in mind what he will do. -So as a believer when Gods ask us a question or gives us a task to do he ask us to test our hearts
  • Jesus already has provision for the answer he ask you- So has the Lord ask you to do something that seems beyond your means? Will you trust him to provide?
  • 6:6-9 So the Lord ask both Philip and Andrew look at both of their responses the Lord was testing them.
  • Philip responded with no faith and was more concerned with the lack of  his finances rather than faith in Jesus. Jesus performed amazing miracles and signs but yet he still didn’t believe that he could feed those that were hungry. He was worried and looked to his finances as the only means of provision
  • Andrew responded with  a little bit of faith by giving to Jesus the little that he found from this young boy. He seemed to have an idea if he gave the little that he had to Jesus that he could do something about it however he also doubted what exactly God could do. Which disciple do you see yourself most likely responding as when you need a miracle from God?
  • 6:10 I love this scripture because its shows how Jesus is indeed the GOOD SHEPERAD (Reference Psalm 23) he always makes us to lie down in a green pasture for rest so he can feed us and that’s what he did here to the crowd
  • 6:11 expression of giving thanks and breaking his body and this fish was symbolic for Jesus breaking his body (bread) and giving to us now to eat (his word which is our food) and the fish (are for lost souls)
  • Jesus gives us as much of himself as we want- How much of Jesus do you want? He is available to you now!
  • The word of God (bread) is given to us to be multiplied- How are you sharing  Jesus’s word with others?
  • How are you trusting Jesus with your bread (which in the physical we use this for money) If Jesus is asking to give all you have so he can multiply your provision are you trusting him?
  • Jesus multiplies everything we give him!
  • 6:12 Jesus doesn’t waste anything (Reference Romans 8:28)-So as a believer we shouldn’t also waste anything, we shouldn’t waste our experiences, time, food, money
  • 6:13 Jesus filled 12 baskets- When God uses the number 12 its to reference the 12 tribes of Israel, so Jesus was giving us an example of that. The 12 baskets symbolizes the 12 tribes of Israel (Reference Genesis 49:28, Revelation 21:12) and the 5 loves of bread is Gods grace which is given through his body (the bread)
  • 6:14 The Miraculous signs that Jesus testified that he was sent from God and we now know Jesus is the greatest prophet for his is the Son of God!
  • 6:15 I love this, Jesus was never moved by mens praise but only the will of God. He knew that he was rightful not only the King of Israel but the King of the World but he knew his time had not yet come (Reference John 2:4) So he ran from them making him king- How many man have made empires and kingdoms using the name of Jesus? Do you allow people to praise you and get the glory that God does through you or do you direct their praise to Jesus?
  • Jesus withdrew himself I believe was to pray-Jesus always withdrew himself from the crowd after ministering. He knew his source was God the Father and him alone and to continue minister he had to seek the Fathers face and fellowship with him- How many of us want to walk in the power of God but don’t want to spend time with God.
  • The more you spend time with Jesus the more his presence will be with you to do the miraculous

Heavenly Father give us the grace to trust you with all that we have. I pray that when you ask anything of me I wouldn’t hesitate or doubt to give it to you but I would trust that you multiply even the little that I have. I pray that as I have been given the bread of life through your word that I will freely share with others all that you have given me. May I not withhold anything selfishly. I pray for the grace to have a greater compassion  to help those you put around me with their needs knowing that all I give to them you will restore back. May I remember that you waste nothing in my life that you use it all for your glory in Jesus name!

Jesus Walks On The Water

  • 6:16 The disciple got into the boat without Jesus and it was dark-As a believer the boat signifies our life or a vehicle that can be used to get to our destination. When you go anywhere with out Jesus you are in darkness
  • 6:18 Strong winds which can come in the form of a situation, storm, tiral or suffering will always come against us when were on our journey to cause us not to get ot our intended destination
  • 6:19 Scripture says they went only 3 1/2 miles then they saw Jesus- Without Jesus you cannot go far! (aint that the truth lol)
  • It says the disciples saw Jesus so they knew it was him so asked yourself why were they terrified? I believe because they have never seen any man walk on the water it shows a like of faith and doubt in their hearts. Jesus had performed miraculous signs now over 3 times so why would they think the Son Of God couldn’t walk on the water. So where are you lacking in faith, is their an area in your life where your terrified? invite Jesus  in your circumstance!
  • As Jesus walks on the water it shows how even creation submit to Jesus because he is God in the flesh (Reference John 1:3) As a believer we now been given back that grace that Adam and Eve lost. Creation now submits to us well because of Jesus in us!
  • 6:20 When we invite Jesus to join us in every area of our lives he gives us peace for the Journey!
  • When we do live with Jesus he calms all of our fears!
  • 6:21 When the took Jesus in the boat the immediately  got to their destination- When we invite Jesus into our lives, our circumstances, situation, we get to our destination a lot quicker because Jesus (Reference Proverbs 3:5-6)
  • 6:22-24 In these passages the Lord showed revelation about the difference between the crowd and Jesus disciples
    The crowd was always a step behind where Jesus went-The crowd can be many believers today those who just go to church or always chasing after the next move of God but not really following Jesus
  • The disciples where always with Jesus. When Jesus moved, they moved they followed him wherever he told them to go. Jesus joined in with them in their everyday life they had a relationship with him. These were his true disciples

Heavenly Father, If there is any area in my life that I have not invited you to join me please forgive me. I ask you to join me on this life adventure and give me the grace to be led by you safely and quickly to each destination or marker in my life. I pray that I wouldn’t be terrified of the storms of this life but I would trust that you are with me and you will never leave me. I invite you Jesus in this boat called life steer me and teach me the way I should go in Jesus name!

 Jesus The Bread of Life

  • 6:25 The crowd were even unaware of Jesus whereabouts or movements. -As a believer its important that we are led by the Holy Spirit so we are aware of when Jesus is moving and where he is leading us (Reference John 3:7-8)
  • 6:26 The crowd was looking for Jesus not even because of the miracles because they were hungry again- Wow most of the time Jesus chastised people for following him because of the signs and wonders but I believe he desires them to pursue him because of that which would testify that he is the son of God rather than just following him for food
  • Are you following Jesus just for what you can get
  • The crowd was looking for physical food again because Jesus fed them the day before. They were coming to Jesus looking just for another meal- What are you coming to Jesus for
  • 6:27 Jesus was stating they should work for food that spoils- Physical food always has an expiration date but the word of God is eternal it is forever!
  • Reminder as the Lord mentioned what his food is, should be the same for our food which is to do the will of God, Him who sent us and to finish His work that’s is our food (Reference John 4:34)
  • How can we know Gods will by knowing his word which is our food!
  • God the Father placed his seal of approval upon Jesus which is the Holy Sprit.- As a believer we too get this seal of approval when the Holy Spirit comes to live within us (Reference 2 Corinthians 1:22)
  • 6:28-29 The crowd ask him a question what must we do to do the works God Requires and Jesus answered just to believe in me.- As a believer what God requires is faith In Jesus Christ but we stop there most of the time. However if you have faith in Jesus you will then listen to this word, Believe, and Obey it- So with faith comes action are you living out your faith?  Faith without works is dead (Reference  James 2:14-26)
  • 6:30 The crowd still had no faith in Jesus even after already witnessing the miracle of Jesus feeding 5,000 people out of  5 loves and two fish-they did not believe
  • 6:32 The crowd didn’t realize that Jesus was the manna from heaven now made flesh before them (Reference Exodus 16)
  • 6:33 Truths:
  • Jesus (word of God-The Bible)  is the Bread Of God
  • Jesus (word of God-The Bible) came from heaven
  • Jesus (word of God-The Bible) gives Life to the World
  • 6:34 I love crowds response they felt the weight and the conviction of his words that they immediately desired to want what Jesus was offering- Is that your response to Jesus word when you read the bible, do you ask the Lord give me more of you?
  • 6:35 This is such a powerful statement when we come to Jesus we lack nothing, our desires become his desires and he completely satisfies us in everyway.
  • He satisfies our hunger for righteousness-(Reference Matthew 5:6)
  • He satisfies our need for provision clothes, food, etc- (Matthew 6:25-34)
  • He satisfies our need for riches because he gives us his riches-(Reference Philippians 4:19)
  • We no longer will thirst for things of the world but we will thirst for him- Is there anything you still have an appetite for or are thirsting after that you need to surrender to the Lord?
  • 6:36 Jesus gives us a new promise blessed are those who don’t see yet still believe! (Reference John 20:29)
  • 6:37 As a believer we all had already been given to Jesus by God the Father- So the gift of salvation is not by our won works or we never find God he finds us and draws us to his son- ( Reference Ephesians 1:4)
  • Jesus will never turn anyone away that comes to him- So come to him exactly where you are at he loves you and wants you more than anything!
  • 6:38 Jesus continually testified that he came from heaven and was here on this earth to do his fathers will-As a believer we now have the same mandate we to have come from heaven and God sent us here to do his will may we remember were just pilgrim here this is not our home.- Is your life living out Gods will for you?
  • 6:39 We can be rest assured when we come to Jesus he will never lose us or forget us even if we backslide and forget him. We our his and he is ours! (Reference  Isaiah 49:13-18)
  • We all will be raise up with Christ when the trumpet sounds (Reference 1 Corinthians 15:52) and even now because we are in the last days he is raising many in his body tell the world that Jesus is soon returning!
  • 6:40-Anyoone who believe in Jesus has eternal life
  • Jesus is the source of life
  • If you reject Jesus you reject life
  • 6:41 The Jews began to grumble…hmm sounds like what the Israelites did after they too received the manna from heaven and because of their complain God killed them.
  • Because the Jews complained about the living bread instead of receiving him they too died spiritually and will die physically if they don’t accept Jesus
  • 6:42 The Jews immediately disregarding and began to questioning his deity and identity. They only saw Jesus based on the physical when he had shown them through miraculous signs, wonders, his authority in speaking that he was the son of God
  • As a believer there might be a time in your walk where people want to remind you of who you used to be, where you came from and how you were born but now in Christ we are all new creations so don’t allow that to discourage you!
  • 6:43 God hates when we grumble and complaining (Reference Philippians 2:14)
  • 6:44 No one can come to Jesus unless God the father draws them, that even goes for you! You came to Jesus only by the grace given to you by God to know his son- So that should be your prayer when you know someone is lost ask the Father to draw them to Jesus!
  • I love this scripture! This is the verse the Holy Spirit gave me to remind me that we are in the last days and the only teacher I need is him.  To stop running to “man” or possibly school to get understanding. (Reference 1 John 2:27)
  • That means all that we learn is from God the Father who then draws us to Jesus so as we come to know Jesus , we know God more!
  • 6:46 Jesus was the only person who has seen God  because he comes from God and is God. So as we see Jesus know his ways, his words, his teachings we know God
  • Beautiful thing as a believer this scripture is not figurative, now we have the ability to see God as well by the Holy Spirit. (Reference Matthew 5:8)  We too come from God!
  • 6:46 If you believe in Jesus you believe in eternal life
  • If you believe in Jesus you have eternal life
  • 6:48 Jesus is the bread of life
  • Jesus is the word of God, so Gods word the Bible is the bread of life- what are you eating on daily?
  • 6:49 Jesus was the manna from heaven that the Israelites where given to live off but because they complained (rejected the manna they died) Exodus 12
  • 6:50-51  Jesus is now the living bread made flesh and anyone who eats of his word (the Bible) and receives Jesus will not die but live!
  • Jesus is the key to immortality. We live forever!
  • Jesus gave his life for the whole world not just a select group of people.
  • We are now the “body of Christ” so as a believer we should also give our lives for the whole world . (reference 1 Corinthians 12:27) Not giving or being nice to believers but our lives should be a sacrifice for God to use for the world around you
  • The Church (which is now Gods body) is called to give life to the whole world
  • 6:52 The Jews still didn’t understand what Jesus was saying.- As a believer be reminded that a person living in the flesh wont understand things of the spirit (Reference John 3:12)
  • Instead of the Jews asking humbling themselves and asking for more understanding they just argued among themselves.-Has there been some things in Gods word you didn’t understand? I encourage ask Jesus don’t allow pride to overtake you and get caught up in foolish arguments about the scriptures(Reference 2 Timothy 2:23)

I encourage you to use these scriptures below in communion. Communion is not just a religious thing only for Catholics lol. However, the Lord would desire for us all to take communion daily. For we are all now priest and  its not only a memoriam for his death and resurrection but, as he states below his body and blood are real food and drink. So as you do communion each day by faith you are partaking in the living body of Christ to strengthen you and drinking of his blood daily to cleanse you from all sin and unrighteousness that day. I believe supernatural healing can and will take place as you do communion service with Jesus everyday it has for me!

Items you need:
Worship music
Confess your sins that day
Grape Juice any kind
Bread (crackers, actually bread)

  • 6:53 Jesus was explaining that unless we read, believe and obey his word (the Bible which is the bread and body of Christ) and unless we receive forgiveness through his blood that we have no life in God  (Reference Ephesians 1:7)
  • You have no life unless you have it in Jesus
  • 6:54 Whoever receives Jesus has eternal life and will be raised up!- Raised up means three things: You will be raised from dead to life (Reference Ephesians 2:4-5), you will be raised up in a glorified body during the rapture (Reference 1 Corinthians 15:52), and you will be raised up now in the last days to be a light to the world (Matthew 5:14-16)!
  • 6:55 Jesus flesh is real food: The Word of God is “real” food!
  • Jesus blood is real drink poured out over us that we may have life because of his shed blood on the cross- These scriptures
  • 6:56 When you  eat of his flesh (Gods word the Holy Bible) and receive Jesus blood to cover your sins you  remain in him, which means to abide and the definition: to obey, to rule. That means he rules over you!- Can you be honest with yourself does Jesus rule over you?
  • 6:57 Jesus was sent from God the Father and he lived because of God for they are one in the same- As a believer we too are sent from God and live now in Jesus Christ!
  • 6:58 Jesus was letting the Jewish people know that they held the Law of Moses in such high esteem over him not realizing that Jesus was the Law of Moses and even as the forefathers feasted on him (the fresh manna from heaven) they still dies but now Jesus had come in the flesh was giving them eternal life through his body and anyone who believed would have eternal life

 Prayer for Communion
Heavenly Father thank you for sending your son Jesus. Thank you Jesus for dying in the cross, Thank you for your body and blood because of it I have life.  Thank you for your provision and for fully satisfying me. Thank you for your body, your flesh that gives life to the whole world. Thank you for raising me up in these last days that I might be taught by you. Jesus I receive your body and your blood thank you as I eat I will live and not die. Thank you that I will abide in you and you will abide in me forever. in Jesus Amen!

Many Disciples Desert Jesus

  • 6:60 wow many of the disciples rejected Jesus words because they couldn’t understand or did they not want to understand? hmm There is a scripture reference when Jesus was speaking in parables and the crowd couldn’t understand neither could the 12 disciples but the crowd complained but it was only the “true disciples” they came back to Jesus to seek understanding ( Reference Matthew 13:10-11)
  • Has there been a correction from Gods word that is hard to understand and are you seeking God for understanding or immediately rejecting it?
  • 6:61 Gods word will always offend those who reject his word. His word is a double edge sword (Reference Hebrew 4:12)- In our generation many people are scared to sand up for their faith because it offenders others. Jesus was unafraid and we should be too Gods word will always draw those that are his so speak and speak boldly!
  • 6:62 Jesus was not asking them a hypothetically question but was foreshadowing what would indeed take place after he was resurrected. Jesus did ascend and their were about 500 accounts and witnesses (Reference Acts 1:9-12)
  • 6:63 Its only the Holy Spirit that gives true life (Reference John 3:5-6)
  • The Flesh counts for nothing- Anything done from the flesh, created from the flesh is nothing. The Flesh=death (Reference Romans 8:5-14)
  •  Gods words are Spirit and Life, Gods word are alive! (Hebrew 4:12)
  • 6:64-65 As we read in scriptures the only way we can come to Jesus is by God the Father first drawing us. So Jesus knows if you are his or not. He knows the hearts of everyman and knows before the foundation of the earth who will come to him and who wont (Romans 8:30).
  • Jesus chooses us we don’t choose him!
  • 6:66 Jesus lost many followers because their hearts where never truly with him in the first place. They followed Jesus for their own selfish purposes and when it got difficult to understand they left- We should take a lesson in this not to live or find our worth in how many followers or likes we have.
  • Following Jesus is difficult (Reference Matthew 7:13-14)
  • Gods word will always challenge us, make us uncomfortable and sometimes offend people are you willing to still follow him?
  • 6:67 Awww, I love this statement because I could just hear Jesus tender voice saying this and how he probably says this to us all at some  point in our walk with him.- Have you ever gone through difficult times as a believer and almost been at the point where you feel like turning back? Think about Jesus words
  • Jesus understands rejection because he too was rejection but did not sin
  • 6:68 I looooove Peter statement for the Lord has asked me that question and my response in my heart has been this. Honestly when you get a taste of God he is so good nothing else compares (Reference Proverbs 16:24). Doesn’t matter how difficult it is, his words are indeed LIFE and I am dead without them!
  • Do you desire to be a true disciple of Christ to  stay with him no matter what? Because a time is coming when many will be deceived and fall away from the faith (Reference 2 Thessalonians 2:1-3)
  • Jesus has the words of Eternal Life!
  • The Bible is the words of Eternal Life!
  • True disciples of Christ believe and know that he is the Holy One Of God
  • 6:70 Jesus makes it clear again that He chose them the 12 disciples-So as a believer  you are chosen by God to know him and become his disciple
  • 6:71 Jesus was forshadowing Judas the betrayer
  • Even amongst believers their might be a betrayer but know that God will use even them for his glory!

Heavenly Father, Thank you for your word please give me the grace to come to you if there is anything in your word I don’t understand. May I not reject any part of your word. Give me the courage to proclaim your word even if it offends others. Help me to be led by the Holy Spirit in all I do and  crucify my flesh. Strengthen my heart  and give me the grace that when things get difficult Lord that I don’t walk away from you. Teach me to be a true disciple for you have the words to eternal life in Jesus name Amen!

Chapter 7 Points of Truth

  • 7:1 The Pharisees were always looking to take Jesus’s life
  • 7:2 It was interesting that the first miracle Jesus did was during the Passover Feast which was given to Moses for the people of Israel. Now they had “The Lamb of God” sitting  among them. During the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles was a 8 day celebration to thank God for his provision for  bringing the Israelites out of Egypt but  now they had Gods ultimate “Provision-Jesus” among them.
  • Both The Passover Feast and Jewish Feast of Tabernacles are celebrating Jesus.  It  points to Jesus
  • 7:3-4 Jesus own brothers were mocking him asking to show himself publicly one translation says “since you want to be famous”. They were actually testing God the same thing Satan did when he tempted Christ asking him to jump down if he is the Son of God- (Reference Luke 4:9-12)
  • 7:5 Even Jesus own brothers didn’t believe he was the Son of God- As a believe do you have family and friends close to you mocking you for following Christ or not believing in what God called you to be? Don’t be discouraged Jesus went through that too!
  • Jesus also make it very clear who he calls Family in Matthew 12:49 Mary and his siblings come looking for him and he says “For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother, sister and mother. So that’s why we are all a family in Christ!
  • 7:6 Jesus made it clear to his brothers he wasn’t going to be moved by their request for him to show himself but he knew it wasn’t his time.- Jesus was always obedient to the will of the Father at all cost
  • Jesus knew his time to die was not yet
  • Jesus always trusted and submitted to God the Fathers timing in all things
  • Can you trust Jesus in his timing are you not willing to be moved by the opinions of others?
  • 7:6 Jesus was reminding his brothers that he is the  true light of the world and evil hates the light (John 3:19-20)- As a believer we should know that the world will hate us because of the light within us but were still called to love the world!
  • 7:8-9 Jesus again was obedient to the Holy Spirit and knew that it wasn’t his time to be seen publicly and told his brothers to go ahead- Has there been a time all your friends are pressuring you to go somewhere or do something will you seek and listen to the Holy Spirit instead of following others?
  • 7:10-13 Jesus went in secret to hear what the Jesus were saying who he was. Some said he was a good man, some said he is a deceiver- Who do you say Jesus is?
  • As a believer we also need to be reminded Jesus now lives inside of us so he is aware of every secret conversation we have, ever words we say. Nothing is hidden from him. You will be held accountable for every word you speak (Reference Matthew 12:36-37) – So what are you saying about Jesus when you feel no one is watching or do you stand up for Jesus when others around you talk negatively about him?
  • 7:13 It says no one said anything favorably because the were afraid of the Jews- How many people have a fear of man that stops them for speaking up about Jesus. The word of God tells us to Fear only God (Reference Matthew 10:28)

Heavenly Father, Thank you for your word and your provision through Jesus Christ. I pray for the grace to trust you and your timing. May I not be moved by my family, friends and peoples opinion on things but only seek your wisdom and to be led by the holy spirit. May I remember as the world hated you they will hate me too so I ask for more courage Lord to continue standing for my faith. Lord please forgive me for the idle words I spoke in the past may I remember that you are with me now and hear every word I speak. So may my words be pleasing to you and give me the courage to stand up for you when people talk negatively about you. Remove any fear of man I may have and may I live to only fear you in Jesus name!

  • 7:14-15 Jesus spoke and taught with authority. Authority is : the power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience. Authority can be only given to you by God and as a believe it has been given to you! (Reference Matthew 2:18-19)
  • Just as the disciples were given authority by the Holy Spirit. As they spoke many new they were unlearned or uneducated but when they spoke people listened (Reference Acts 4:13)
  • 7:16 Jesus only spoke the word of God and even as the son of God he submitted himself not to take the glory but give it too God the father.-As a believer when people are awed or moved by the wisdom you speak do you take the glory or do you give it to God?
  • 7:17  If you want to do the will of God you have to know the word of God
  • You have to know the word of God to discern if someone is speaking truth or on their own
  • 7:18 Speaking “Truth” which is the word of God brings Glory to God
  • when you speak lies you bring glory to yourself
  • Do you speak for yourself or do you seek to honor God when you speak? You will be testes in this area (Proverbs 27:21)
  • 7:19The Pharisees were hypocrites for they themselves didn’t keep the 10 commands but were trying to kill Jesus- As a believer we shouldn’t be self righteous for we have all fallen short of Gods glory.
  • 7:20 As Jesus revealed the truth in the hearts of the Pharisees they immediately came to their own defense by calling Jesus demon possessed. For in that statement they condemned themselves for they were the ones possessed
  • 7:21-23 Jesus was making it clear that there is a “work on the Sabbath” that is pleasing in Gods eyes. To heal the sick and to do circumcision which is required in the commands (Reference Genesis 17:10-14) so there should be no reason why they would be angry with him
  • 7:24 Jesus asked the to judge righteously  – As a believer were called not to judge by appearance for that will always be wrong but to judge righteously.
  • Righteous judgement is to judgment by the fruit (Reference Matthew 7:16-17

Is Jesus The Messiah?

  • 7:25-26 The Jews didn’t understand that if indeed the religious leaders felt Jesus was not the Messiah why was he still walking about unharmed and preaching. I believe a seed of faith was beginning to stir in the hearts of the people as could this be the Messiah
  • 7:27 The Jews were once again focusing on who they saw Jesus as, the Son of Joseph & Mary a carpenter from Nazareth. However they were so many prophecies about the Messiah which Jesus fulfilled. Even his unique birth alone should’ve showed them he wasn’t just any “man”. For he was born by the spirit of God! (Isaiah 7:14)
  • When you give your life to the Lord there will always be people around you to remind you of your past or where you came from, who your parents are or upbringing but remember you are in fact a new creation in Christ! (Reference 2 Corinthians 5:17)
  • 7:28 This scripture Jesus declared he was not a meer man, they may know of him but they don’t know him nor do they know God.
  • God is true, you have to know Jesus believe in who he says he is in order to know God
  • 7:29 Jesus knows God the Father because he comes from Him and is sent by him. He and the Father are one ( Reference John 10:30)
  • 7:30 I love this! lol because the Pharisee’s always tried to lay hands on Jesus but no one could touch him until it was time.
  • Only God knows the beginning and end of our lives. We can trust that no one can lay a hand on to harm us until our God given appointed time. (Reference Job 14:5)
  • 7:31 Many believed in Jesus because of the miraculous signs and wonders that he was the messiah ( 1 Corinthians 1:22)
  • 7:32-33 To non believes they cannot go where Jesus has gone nor be with him as he was saying to the Pharisees but not in Christ.
  • For we know where Jesus went and is today….Heaven! (Reference John 1 4:4)
  • Because of salvation through the cross we can now not only go where Jesus is but he will come back for us and has prepared a place for each of us! (  Reference John 14:2-3).
  • 7:35-36 The Pharisees where puzzled by Jesus statement they were man of flesh and not born by the Spirit of God. Remember that man of the flesh cannot understand spiritual things you have to born again to understand the word of God- (Reference 1 Corinthians 2:14)
  • How would you explain to someone that Jesus is the Messiah after reading this passage?

Jesus Promises Living Water

  • 7:37 Jesus is giver of living water
  • Living water =holy spirit
  • Jesus is the giver of the Holy spirit
  • You can have as much (drink) of the Holy Spirit as you want too- Do you thirst for more of him?
  • If you believe in Jesus and come to him he will give you the Holy Spirit
  • The Holy Spirit flows from our hearts and bellies! (Reference Luke 6:45)
  • 7:39 The Holy Spirit was given only after Jesus left and he is given to every believer!
  • The Holy Spirit is a gift from Jesus to us! (Reference John 14:16)
  • When we are given the Holy Spirit to indwell within us, we too our glorified!

Division & Unbelief

  • 7:40 The crowd sill continued to murmur in disbelief wondering is Jesus a prophet or the Messiah. Some said he is the one we have been expecting (Reference  Deuteronomy 18:15,  Malachi 4:5-6)
  • So who do you say that Jesus is?
  • He asked the disciples this same question who do you say that I am and Peter answered ” The Holy One of God” Jesus explained that it was God the Father that revealed it to peter (Reference  Mark 8:29)- True revelation of who Jesus Christ really is comes from the Father
  • 7:41 The Pharisees were suppose to be men well versed in scripture yet they said no prophet comes from Galilee however in Isiah a scripture foreshadowed Jesus being a light in Galilee (Reference Isaiah 9:1-2)
  • 7:42 There was prophecy as well in Micah 5:2 that Jesus had fulfilled
  • 7:43-44 Once again the crowd was divided wanted to lay a hand on him but they couldn’t why?- his time had not yet come!
  • 7:45-46 Even the Guards were moved by the words of Jesus for he spoke with authority and all that authority has now been given to us (Reference Matthew 2:18)
  • 7:47 The Pharisees mocked the guard saying he had been led astray- As a believer you will be mocked and even declared crazy , led astray for following Jesus (Reference  2 Peter 3:3)
  • 7:48 the Pharisees believed there works; self righteousness was the measure of truth so anyone who was against them was foolish- but the Lord says he uses the foolish to confound the wise ( 1 Corinthians 1:27) will you be a fool for Christ?
  • 7:50-51 Nicodemus stood up and came to Jesus’s defense. So we can see from chapter 4 there was a seed of faith that was planted after speaking with Jesus. That he began to believe Jesus could be the Messiah
  • When hear people speaking against Jesus do you come to his defense immediately?
  • 7:52 Once again if the Pharisees had truly searched the scripture they would had seen the prophecy about prophets coming from Galilee (Isaiah 9:12)

Heavenly Father we thank you for your word, I declare that Jesus you are the messiah savior of the world.  Thank you for the gift of the Holy Spirit I pray that I would thirst for you more. Give me courage to stand up for you when others cower in fear. I pray for the grace to speak in the same authority that you do. May I speak only the word of God and not for my glory but for yours. I pray that I would be a fool for you Lord that you would use me to confound the wise in Jesus name I pray Amen!

Chapter 8 Points of Truth

A Woman Caught In Adultery
I love this teaching on the woman in adultery here we will break down the notes to show from three different perspectives the Woman, The Crowd/Religious Leaders & Jesus. This story is a beautiful message of our redemption through the cross and the grace and mercy of God

  • 8:1-11- The Crowd/ Pharisees/ Accusers/ Satan
  • It says the Pharisees caught the woman which lets me know they were seeking and waiting for her to catch her in sin
  • Satan does the same think he prowls around, seeking, waiting, stalking whom he may devour( Reference 1 Peter 5:8)
  • 8:4 The Pharisees put this woman in front of the crowd , they brought her to Jesus
  • Satan does the same thing, comes before the throne room of God bringing up our  sins to accuse us (Reference Job 1:6)
  • As the Pharisees accused so does Satan accusing us day and night-(Reference Revelation 12:10)
  • 8:6 The Pharisees were testing Jesus- Gods word says no one should test God (Reference Deuteronomy 6:16)
  • The Pharisees were self righteous, prideful and wanted to exalt themselves above God-(Reference 1 Samuel 15:3)
  • However the Pharisees were guilty as well, they too were sinners-Have you ever judged or condemned someone for sinning when you have fallen short too?
  • 8:7 The Pharisees were judging yet they  had fallen short of righteousness too.- In Matthew God says with the same measure we judge is the same measure we will be given judgment (Reference Matthew 7:2)
  • The Pharisees were hypocrites, as they wanted to kill this woman for this act of sin when they deserved death too.- As a believer its important we are not quick to point out other peoples sin when we ourselves have sinned as well – (Reference Matthew 7:3-5)
  •  We have ALL been at some point the Pharisees. Deserving of death as well but God showed Mercy. He too exposed their self righteousness and allowed them to go
  • 8:1-11 The WomanCaught in The ACT of adultery
  • she was caught in the act of her sin. Probably, beaten up, bruised- Sin beats you up in life when you allow it in your life
  • She probably stood naked before the Lord-as we all do in life
  • 8:4We know that the wages of sin are death (Reference Romans 6:23)
  • she deserves death (Reference  Exodus 20:14)
  • 8:4-9 She was already condemned by her accusers
  • Adultery in the eyes of God means: unlawful sexual relation between a married and unmarried person; symbolic of idolatry
  • You are a fool and it will destroy when you commit adultery (Proverbs 6:32)
  • Divorce is the same as adultery (Reference Mark 10:11)
  • Lust, looking at a man or woman lustfully is the same as adultery (Reference Matthew 5:27-28)
  • Idolatry is the same as adultery-To have any other desires, addiction or loves above Jesus. Could be marriage, football, clothes, money etc. Do you have any idols in your heart?
  • We are the Bride of Christ, so in essence we are all his wife and he is our husband (Reference Isaiah 54:5) (1 Corinthians 11:2)’
  • She confessed him as her “Lord”-if we believe and confess Jesus is Lord we will be saved! (Reference Romans 10:9)
  • Only Christ was fit to judge and condemn any sinner; this woman- Only Christ is fit to judges and condemn us but he doesn’t instead shows mercy (John 3:16, Romans 8:34) (Romans 8:1)
  • 8:11 Jesus is the only Righteous Judge and he chooses to give us Grace, Mercy and Life when we choose him and not sin! ( 1 John 1:7)
  • So we are ALL the Harlot Woman at some point in our lives we had other lovers besides Jesus Christ and we too were caught in our sin and deserved death…..but Gods Grace and Mercy
  • 8:1-11 Jesus The Righteous & Merciful Judge

Jesus The Light Of The World

  • 8:12 Jesus is the “true light” that comes from heaven
  • We were all born in darkness until we surrender our lives to Jesus
  • The word of God; the bible also becomes a light onto our path (Reference Psalm 119:105
  • Jesus is the light that leads to life!
  • 8:13 The Pharisees didn’t believe in the testimony of Jesus however it tells us in Revelation 12:11 in the last days we overcome Satan by the blood and our testimony!
  • Jesus testimony is powerful and in Christ our testimonies become powerful too!
  • Satan has blinded unbelievers not to believe in the testimony of Jesus just like the Pharisees (Reference 2 Corinthians 4:41)
  • 8:14 Jesus came from God and knew he was going back to God in heaven but we know that anyone who is not born again cannot understand spiritual things just like the Pharisees (Reference 1 Corinthians 2:14)
  • 8:15 The judged Jesus by human standards….by appearance. Christ ask us to judge righteously- which is by the fruit  (Reference  John 7:24)
  • Jesus doesn’t judge us believers but he lives to pray for us! (Reference  Hebrew 7:25)
  • 8:16  Jesus judgment is correct  because he is the Righteous judge  (Reference Psalm 89:14)
  • 8:17  Jesus reminds us two or three people agreeing on something becomes a witness . (Reference Matthew 18:20)
  • As believer we are now called to be witnesses for God!
  • 8:18-19 If you know Jesus then you know God. If you don’t know Jesus you don’t know God
  • Jesus is the only way to knowing God (Reference John 14:6)
  • 8:20 This is really cool because I wondered the significance of the “Temple known as the treasury”. As I researched that was the area in the temple called the “Woman” because that was the area where woman were allowed to worship. So everyone was always there and many times this is where Jesus preached. The story with the widow giving all that she had was in the temple treasury as well ( Luke 2:37-38)
  • Jesus always desired and still does want to reach all people, all backgrounds and both genders!

The Unbelieving People Warned

  • 8:21 The Pharisees couldn’t go to heaven because they didn’t accept Jesus testimony nor believe that he was the Messiah
  • When you reject Jesus you die in your sin and you cannot get to heaven
  • Jesus was also foreshadowing a dark time in the future where many will seek for truth but will be unable to find him (Reference Proverbs 1:28-29)
  • 8:22 Once again the Pharisees where men of the flesh not born again and were unable to understand spiritual things. (Reference 1 Corinthians 2:14)
  • 8:23 the Good News is because we belong to Jesus we can go where he is, because he has gone to prepare a place for us all!!! (Reference John 14:3)
  • As a believer you are also from above and do not belong to this world! (Reference John 17:14-15)
  • 8:24 You have to believe Jesus is who he says  or you will die in your sin
  • Jesus is the I AM (Reference Exodus 3:14)
  • 8:25 Who do you say that Jesus is?
  • Jesus always claimed to be the Messiah, He is the Messiah!
  • 8:26 Jesus doesn’t condemn , for there is no condemnation for those in Christ (Reference Romans 8:1)
  • 8:27 The Pharisees lacked understanding that Jesus was talking about God the Father.
  • As a believer God is our Father as well. We get to have that son/daughter relationship with him
  • 8:28 Jesus was speaking foreshadowing the event of the Cross
  • When Jesus is lifted up  he draws all man to himself (Reference John 12:32)
  • We should also desire to do nothing on our own but only do what God has taught us
  • 8:29 Who has sent us (God) will also never leave or forsake us! (Reference Hebrew 13:5)
  • We should always do what God pleases (Reference Mark 12:33)
  • When we do what pleases God many will began to believe in him through us ( Reference Matthew 5:16)

Jesus And Abraham

  • 8:31 True disciples remain faithful to Christ teachings…to the bible
  • 8:32 The Truth will set you Free!
  • Jesus is the truth and he sets you Free
  • The bible is the truth and it sets you free!
  • Those who don’t believe in Jesus or he bible are in captivity
  • 8:33 The Pharisees were deceived because even their Fathers ,Abraham, Isaac, Jacob all Followed Jesus
  • 8:34 Anyone who is not in Christ is a slave to sin
  • We were all born slaves to sin until Christ sets you free
  • 8:35 What is a different between a servant and a son? Are you a servant or a song of God?….
  • As a believer we are sons and daughters of God! (Reference 1 John 3:1)
  • We are part of Gods family forever!
  • 8:36 Jesus is the only one that can truly set us free1
  • We than becomes slaves to righteousness (Reference Romans 6:15-23)
  • 8:37 It matters not your background but about your heart. If there is evil and wickedness in your heart there can be no room for Gods message
  • 8:38 anyone who doesn’t follow Jesus is following the advice of their Father…Satan
  • 8:39 The Pharisees followed tradition and religion which is not the same as following Jesus- How many people in our generation follow religion and tradition who have believed that lie that alone gives the eternal life?
  • 8:39 So who ever we follow the example of is our Father- Who are you following the example of?
  • 8:40-41 If God is indeed our father we would follow his example- Which is of love, peace, joy, gentleness, kindness, meekness, patience, long suffering and self control
  • Anyone who is not in Christ is an illegitimate Child
  • 8:42 If you love and receive Jesus, you love God
  • If the One True God was your Father you would love Jesus and know that he was sent by God
  • 8:43 Those who don’t believe Jesus cannot understand nor hear Him
  • as a child of God we can understand him through the Holy spirit and we can hear him for we are his sheep (Reference John 10:27)
  • 8:44 We Learn Satan identity and those of his children
  • Satan is the devil
  • Satan is a murder since the beginning
  • Satan hates truth, there is no truth in him
  • He is a Liar and the Father of Lies
  • The character of Satan is too always lie, He is a lie!
  • Satan has children too
  • His children love to do evil things
  • His children have murder in their hearts
  • His children  don’t believe the word of God
  • His children hate truth and love lies
  • Slave to sin
  • Definition of a murder: the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another but in Gods eyes murder is anger, hating your brother and cursing someone (Reference 1 John 3:15)
  • So have you ever hated anyone or resented deeply? …in Gods eyes you have murdered because as you hate a fellow brethren you hate Jesus and kill him all over again for he too is in the other person
  • We were all once children of Satan until the Lord took us out of darkness into his light!! Thank you Jesus!! lol
  • vs Children of God
  • We Love Jesus and believe in him
  • We love and seek truth
  • We remain faithful to Jesus teaching (John 8:31)
  • Not slaves to sin but now slaves to righteousness (Romans 6:15-23)
  • Obey the Lords commands
  • 8:46 No once can accuse Jesus of sin then or now. He is the perfect lamb of God, sinless in all that he did (Reference 1 Peter  2:22)
  • 8:47 If you belong to God you will listen to his word; the Bible
  • If you belong to God you will obey his words (Reference Proverbs 2:1-5)
  • Being a child of God requires obedience to Gods words – Many people confess to believe in Jesus but don’t follow his ways or do anything he says. That is not a child of God and they are deceived (Reference James 1:22)
  • 8:48 They accused Jesus of being demonic, that was blasphemy of who God is and the Holy Spirit (Reference Mark 3:29)
  • Sometimes as a believer you might be accused of being evil or a move of God being demonic which is so sad. We know that a devil cant cast out another devil. A kingdom against itself cannot stand the Pharisees should’ve known that (Reference Mark 3:24-26)
  • 8:49 When we honor Jesus we honor God the Father
  • When we dishonor Jesus we dishonor the Father
  • 8:50 Jesus was so humble that he didn’t wish to glorify himself but God the Father desired to glorify him
  • So do you desire to get any type of glory or honor? Believe me I have been there but the word of God says that humble yourself before the mighty hand of God and in due time he will lift you up in honor ! (Reference James 4:10)
  • God only honors those who lay down their lives
  • God is the true Judge
  • 8:51  Anyone who obeys Jesus will never die!
  • 8:52-53 The Pharisees were equating Jesus to being a mere men. Other “religions” like Islam state Jesus is a mere prophet and he is dead today but that is not true.
  • Jesus was the Greatest prophet ever to live and is living for He was God himself
  • Jesus is no longer dead but is alive therefore he is greater than any prophet or man that ever lived!
  • So who do you say that Jesus is? A Man, Great teacher, mere prophet or the Son Og God!
  • 8:54 If we ever want or gain glory for yourself its is worthless
  • Don’t look to get glory for yourself but only the one who sent you, God!
  • Once again Jesus reminds us you cannot know God without first knowing me. He is the way to God!
  • If you don’t know Jesus you don’t know God
  • Those who say they know God outside of Jesus are liars
  • As we know Jesus we too must also obey him
  • 8:56 Jesus was before Abraham was
  •  We learned in John 1 that everything was created through Jesus, so Abraham was created through Jesus!
  • Abraham was shown revelation of what Jesus would do for the whole world!
  • 8:57 Once again the Pharisees where seeing from their flesh , with their physical eyes and not understanding or believing who Jesus said he was
  • 8:58 If the Pharisees knew the scripture immediately Jesus declared that he is God
  • Jesus declared he is the I AM which was told too Moses in Exodus 3:14
  • Jesus is the  I AM
  • Jesus is the Truth
  • Jesus was before Abraham was even born!
  • 8:59 God will always protect us from our enemies he hides us in the shadow of his wings (reference Psalm 91)

Jesus Heals A Man Born Blind

Chapter 9 Points of Truth

  • 9:1 Jesus saw the man, which should let you know as believes Jesus always sees, never forgets and is well aware of our present situation (Reference Genesis 6:7-16)
  • 9:2 Immediately the disciples render judgment upon the man being blind that it had to be a generational curse or sin ( Reference Numbers 14:18)
  • Have you every  judged someone disability, circumstance, or even how they looked believing it was a sin that caused them to get there?
  • 9:3 Wow this is a powerful statement which tells us that not all sickness are the cause of sin but some are a set up for Gods power and glory to be known. Amen!!
  • Indeed God works all things in our life for his good! (Reference Romans 8:28)
  • So have you been waiting for healing or believing someone to be healed from a sickness? Or do you know someone who has been disabled since birth? Began to believe that what God did for the blind man he can do for you or them too!
  • 9:4 This is a very significant statement that we can now apply to our lives as believers. We know that Gods will is for us to quickly carry out the task in which he assigned us too do. Do you seek God for his daily assignment for you?
  • Jesus was speaking of two things, first his death which was soon coming upon the disciples. He would no longer be with them
  • He also was relating a message to us now that is relevant. For a time will come when we will be persecuting, and taken to prison when we do ministry for Jesus. (Reference  John 16:1-4). So now that we have the freedom to minister to others in his name WORK!
  • 9:5The beautiful truth is that Jesus is still here in the world, but now He is in us! As he is the “True light” that has made his home within us we now become the Light of the world! (Reference Matthew 5:14)
  • 9:6 Some theologians believe Jesus used the mud because we were created from the dust of the ground. So he used the very thing we were created from to give the man sight
  • 9:7 Jesus always gave clear instructions in order that this man might be healed.
  • I love the man listened …so he went, he obeyed… so he washed and he praised God…by coming back!
  • This reminds me of the story of Jesus healing the 10 lepers only one came back to praise God (Reference Luke 17:11-19)
  • Its important that we always come back to thank and praise God when he shows us his faithfulness!
  • There is power in coming back and praising God for what he does, he always honors that!
  • Faith is hearing, believing, obeying and praising!
  • 9:8 His neighbors who have known him since birth just recognized him as the beggar. Didn’t give him any name just identified him by his status and by his disability- Isn’t that how it is in the world.
  • May we not be quick to show judgment towards others because of their ability or disability and their status if you have, ask the Lord for forgiveness and ask him for greater compassion for others
  • The good news that immediately upon the healing seeds were planted in the heart of those who knew he was the blind beggar but now he sees! Where others rejected and doubted the miracle God did- Which one are you? Do you notice the transformation of the testimony of others in your life believe and praise God or do you question and doubt that God can do miracles?
  • All miracles in our lives are used to not only transform us but to transform others around us!
  • The beggar kept declaring yes I am he, but some still doubted not him but doubted God- Have you had anyone doubt Gods hand in your life and if so what was your response?
  • 9:10 I love that they all began to inquire which showed the seed that was planted by this miracle happening began to stir in their hearts and they wanted to know Who healed him and what happened- When God has done a marcel in your life do people ask you what happened to you or this situation..what is your response?
  • 9:11 The beggar hadn’t still identified Jesus as the son of God but just a man. As we continue in the story you will see how his faith begins to grow and he gets the revelation that Jesus is God!
  • The beggar gave them steps to faith. That he heard Gods voice, He believed, and obeyed and was healed.
  • As He was washed in the pool and was healed. In our spiritual life that’s what happens to us as well. We were all once blind, but Christ word washed us and now we see.
  • Gods word washes us clean! (Ephesians 5:6)
  • 9:12 Then they asked where is he now- As a believer when Jesus transforms our lives and performs a miracle within us it causes others to want to look for him as well!

Heavenly Father I thank you so much for your goodness and mercy. I thank you that you are working a miracle in my life and that you see me and haven’t forgotten me. I thank you that this transformation even that you are doing now is all for your Glory and power. I pray that I would see people how you see them and not for their sin. I pray for the grace to be obedient to your instructions so that may faith can grow and impact those around me in Jesus name!

  • 9:13-15 The crowd of his neighbors took him to the Pharisees first because it was the Sabbath- We know as a believer true work of the Lord is everyday (Reference John 5:17
  • The beggar shared his testimony even with the religious leaders- As a believer I encourage you and challenge to share your testimony with others!
  • 9:16 The Pharisees were hypocrites and out of jealously and pride they blasphemed God
  • They didn’t understand the true meaning of the Sabbath rest for Jesus is our rest (Reference Mark 2:27)
  • Others were divided and seeds of faith were planted as they began to think how can a meer man or sinner do miracles
  • 9:17 the Pharisees continued to question the man and ask his opinion of Jesus- What is your personal opinion of Jesus?
  • The beggar then claims….I think he is a prophet. We see here is faith is growing initially he stated that Jesus was just a man (John 9:11) now he is saying he is a prophet
  • 9:18 The Jewish leaders refused to believe – Because anyone who the Father has not drawn will always reject the truth, which is Jesus (Reference John 6:44)
  • 9:19-20 His own parent validated that the beggar was in fact blind but no sure how he can see and they leaders should ask the son instead. -The parents wanted the heat off of them and put it back on the son
  • Yet the leader still did not believe when Jesus told them where there are two witnesses it becomes a fact ( Reference John 8:17)
  • 9:22-23 The beggars parents denied Christ because of security, comfortability and culture. The synagogue was the center of Jewish culture back then and they didn’t want to be thrown out but the Lord desires us not to fear man but fear him alone (Reference Luke 12:53)
  • The beggars parents just like the Pharisees were religious and didn’t have a true relationship with Jesus. They put their faith and hope in a tradition, in a building and status and when that was threatened by following Jesus they denied him
  • 9:24 The Pharisees were deceived because Jesus was God. As he had mentioned he doesn’t want the glory but it glorifies the father when we glorify the son! (Reference  8:50)
  • 9:25 This response shows the power of God. Sometimes we may not fully understand or know who Jesus is but when he touches us we are never the same again
  • We were all once blind, we responded to the drawing of God upon our lives and now we see!
  • 9:26 That’s the response of people around you when they see a transformation in your live because of Jesus it leads them to ask questions.- So in your own life what did Jesus do, how did he heal you?
  • 9:27 the beggar seemed to not only grow in faith but in boldness lol. As he sarcastically  responded to the religious leaders he also confessed that he was a disciple of Jesus!
  • 9:28 The Pharisees followed man and religion anytime you do that you will not only stumble but be led into darkness
  • If they truly followed Moses teaching they would’ve known all his teaching pointed to Jesus!
  • The Pharisees said they didn’t know where Jesus came from when many times he declared to them were he was from (Reference John 3:13, 3:16)
  • 9:30 I love that even the beggar found there explanation strange lol So here he gets even bolder.
  • God doesn’t hear sinners- this is partially true. The Lord will initially hear our cry for mercy and come to us so we might know him but as a believer if you continue on in your sin your prayers will be hindered ( Reference James 5:16)
  • God indeed will move on the behalf of those who worship him and do his will (Reference Colossians 1:10)
  • 9:32 Jesus was in the beginning ( John 1:1)
  • 9:34 The Pharisees judged the man that he was a total sinner because he was blind. We know the Lord said it wasn’t his sin that made him blind (Reference John 9:3)
  • The threw the beggar out of the synagogue and out of society- As a believer are you willing to defend Jesus if it cost you everything? 
  • The beggars family disowned him. Jesus speaks of a time coming in the near future where family members will turn against each for his name sake ( Luke 12:53)

Spiritual Blindness

  • 9:35 I love that Jesus heard and found the beggar- We server a God who hears and sees us, and will come and meet us right were we are at! (Reference Isaiah 65:24)
  • Jesus asked him “do you believe “-As a believer doesn’t he ask us the same thing when we he does a miracle in our life or answers a prayer…do now believe?
  • 9:36 The man, eyes had been opened physically but not spiritual. Its important that our eyes are opened spiritually by Jesus!
  • 9:37 Jesus revealed himself to the man and spoke to him- As a believer we now have the grace to see Jesus and to hear him! (Reference Matthew 5:8)
  • The man believed then worshiped Jesus- Its impossible to believe in Jesus and not worship him. Worship is an expression of our belief and love for Jesus!
  • 9:39 I know we learned earlier the scripture says Jesus came not to condemn the world but save it (John 3:17) so you might say this is contradicting however the cross immediately testifies to the depravity of sin, darkness, blindness we were all in and our desperate need of a savior who bridged the gap that we can now have eternal life, and relationship with our Father in heaven
  • So anyone who denies the cross, who denies Jesus, denies that he is a sinner, denies that he is  blind automatically renders him/herself to judgment
  • Jesus,The word of God gives sight to those in darkness and sets us free from this world! (Reference John 8:36)
  • It renders judgement on those who think they see that there are in fact blind because the Jesus is the Truth…the only Truth! (Reference John 14:6)
  • 9:40 Just like the Pharisees there are many who walk around in our time thinking that following Jesus is foolish and they are way to knowledgeable to believe that. That they are not a sinner nor do they need a savior. The word says the gospel is foolish to those who are perishing (Reference 1 Corinthians 1:18)
  • 9:41 Jesus came to open the eyes of all those who were blind
  • Everyone is born blind until the except Jesus as savior then their eyes are truly open
  • Anyone who claims there are not blind remains guilty and headed for judgment
  • Jesus opens your true spiritual eyes
  • The Gospel is eye opening!

Heavenly Father thank you for opening my eyes to the truth and bringing me out of darkness. Give me the grace to stand up for you at all cost. I pray that if there any blind spots in my life you would reveal them to me by your holy spirit so I can repent and turn away from it so I can walk more in your light. I pray for the grace to see you more clearly as you truly are, to see others as you see them and to understand your word in Jesus name!

The Good Shepherd and His Sheep

Chapter 10 Points of Truth

  • 10:1 shepherd owns their sheep. We Jesus sheep and are owned by Him!
  • Jesus always tells the truth! lol
  • Sheepfold is the body of Christ
  • Jesus is the gate
  • Shepherds are also leaders
  • Thief and robbers are- Satan, (Reference john 10:10)
  • His is servants; false teachers, prophets and shepherds (Matthew 7:15)
  • Theifs and robbers sneak over wall, they come in the dark when no one is looking
  • 10:2 Any shepherd who comes through Jesus is the shepherds of the sheep
  • Any leader that comes through Jesus Christ is called to shepherd those the Lord puts him to lead
  • Jesus is the gate and the gate is narrow (Reference Matthew 7:13)
  • 10:3 The gatekeeper is God the Father who opens the gate for Jesus to his sheep which is us!
  • Jesus calls us his own, He knowns us by name and He leads us out into the world!
  • 10:4 I love this because Shepherds who herd animals always walk behind them to ensure none of hem go astray but Jesus the True and Good shepherds goes ahead of us!
  • Jesus, The Good Shepherds goes ahead of us (Reference Deuteronomy 31:8)
  • We follow Jesus because we recognize his voice (Reference John 10:27)
  • We have the ability to recognize the voice of God by cultivation a relationship
  • 10:5 True sheep wont follow a voice of a stranger
  • they will run instead because they don’t recognize the voice- Have you ever heard a voice rather than Jesus speaking to you, could be through a person and what did you do?
  • 10:6 Those who heard didn’t understand. They didn’t understand because they weren’t Jesus’s Sheep (Reference John 6:44)
  • 10:7 Jesus states he is the truth and the gate for the sheep
  • 10:8 All who came before Jesus and claimed to know the truth or be the messiah were thief’s and robbers like their father the devil
  • Anyone before Jesus was a lie
  • true sheep listen to Jesus
  • 10:9 Jesus is the gate and only through him can you be saved (Reference John 6:47)
  • As a sheep of Jesus we can come and go freely before the throne of God! (Reference Hebrew 4:16)
  • Jesus  always leads us to good pasture (Psalm 23)
  • Pasture is the presence of God, there we are refreshed, healed and strengthened
  • Pasture is also the word of God for us to be fed
  • 10:10 All thief’s; Satan & his servants come to steal, kill and destroy
  • Steal our fruit: joy, peace, patience, love, longsuffering, kindness, meekness, gentleness
  • Kill our: hope, faith, dreams
  • Destroy our: lives, future, destinies
  • Jesus came so we may have life and have it abundantly in his Presence!
  • the abundant life is in the presence of God
  • 10:11 Jesus is the good shepherd
  • He sacrificed himself for us (Reference Romans 5:8)
  • A true and good leader will follow Jesus and will also sacrifice themselves for the flock God has entrusted them with
  • Sheep don’t follow other sheep but only Jesus
  • 10:12 A hired hand is anyone who is not called of God to lead or shepherd (Reference Matthew 22:14)
  • They have the wrong heart and perspective so they always run any sign of trouble
  • 10:13 The hired hand is money motivated, money interested, and money hungry
  • We know that the Love of money is the root of evil ( Reference 1 Timothy 6:10)
  • a hired hand is selfish and is all about self interest
  • A hired hand doesn’t care for Gods people
  • 10:16 Jesus is the Good Shepherd
  • Every true believer is a sheep of Jesus
  • As a believer Jesus owns us, we are his sheep
  • We know Jesus
  • 10:15God the father knows Jesus and Jesus knows God the Father because they are one (Reference John 10:30)
  • Jesus sacrificed his life for us!
  • 10:16 Jesus came to die for us all, for the other sheepfold was Gentiles
  • Jesus came for the Jews but they didn’t receive him (Reference John 1:11)
  • Jesus reconciled Jews and Gentiles so we are now all ONE sheepfold (Ephesians 2:11-16)
  • All believers despite race, class, or nationality are ONE in Jesus and we are all apart of the same sheepfold because of Jesus sacrifice
  • 10:17 God the Father loves Jesus because of his sacrifice to give his life for us
  • God loves us when we sacrifice for his name sake and glory!
  • How can you sacrifice more for the gospel? Is there something the Lord is asking you to give up, sacrifice it for it brings joy to Gods heart!
  • 10:18 Jesus was foreshadowing his death and resurrection
  • No one could take Jesus life before it was time so no one can take our lives before it is time
  • Jesus has been given all authority and now he has given the keys of authority to us because he lives within each of us! (Reference Matthew 16:19)
  • 10:19 Gods word will always divide those who don’t believe
  • 10:21 Demons cannot do the work of the Lord or set people free (Reference Mark 3:24)

Heavenly Father I thank you for making a true sheep. Thank you for sending your son Jesus to sacrifice himself for me that I may know you. I pray for the grace to be a good shepherd of the flock you call me to lead. Help me to go after the lost, bind the broken and heal the wounded with your love. Give me the grace not to follow anyone else but you Jesus and by your spirit teach me how to recognize your voice more clearly in Jesus name!

Jesus Claims to Be the Son Of God

  • 10:22 Scripture says it was now winter as the Jewish people were celebrating The Festival of Dedication- Winter (cold) shows the state of the hearts of the Jewish people. They were celebrating an historical event where the Israel was saved through the Macabee brothers but the true Savior of the world was with them and He wasn’t celebrated
  • 10:23 cool link of the picture of the temple and where Jesus was walking
  • 10:24 The Jewish people were still in unbelief after Jesus had spoken plainly in many times before and through the testimony of John the Baptist and the Samaritan woman he declared “He is the Messiah”
  • Scriptures where Jesus makes it plain who he is:
  • John testimony John 1:29
    John 4:26
    John 5:19-24
    John 8:28
    John 9:37
  • 10:25 Why Didn’t the Jewish people still believe?
  • The proof that we are children of God and a follower of Jesus is in the work that we do as well (Reference James 2:14-26)
  • 10:26 Those who don’t believe Jesus are not his sheep
  • 10:27 FAVORITE**** A true believer and sheep of Jesus has the ability to hear his voice, know God and Follow him
  • 10:28 Jesus gives us eternal life and we will not perish (John 3:16)
  • We are secure as believers no one can snatch us away from God, no matter how far we stumble we are his! (Reference Isaiah 49:16)
  • 10:29 God the Father has given each of us to Jesus.
  • We are his reward!
  • 10:30 Just as Jesus and God the Father are one. Now with Christ living inside us we are also one with God the Father, Jesus the son and The Holy Spirit!
  • 10:31-32 Stoning was a assigned to judgment however they had no room to judge since they were sinners and couldn’t stone a man who was without sin Jesus!
  • So we also know that every good work is directed by God in our lives!
  • 10:33 The Pharisees were accusing Jesus of the same sin that they were guilty of because Jesus is God! (Reference John 1:1)
  • 10:34-36 lower case (g)ods in the bible was used to always identify gods of the earth, whether idols or man who God appointed to govern nations and people. So the scripture is found in (Psalm 82.6). So it was normal in that time to call man of authority gods per the scripture so Jesus was claiming the Pharisees were being hypocrites if they can call mere leaders of the earth gods than why should he be stoned for calling himself the son of God
  • Jesus is set apart from ALL men who came before and after him. He was sent here by God!
  • 10:37 As a believer how can people believe in Jesus unless we actually carry out his work
  • 10:38 Jesus having performed many signs, wonders and miracles testified that He came from God and that He is the Son of God!
  • 10:39-40 no one could touch or harm Jesus before his time
  • 10:41 Wow Johns testimony even after death was so powerful that because of what he said about Jesus many people believed.-Can the same be said about your life? Do you testify of who Jesus is that even in your death people can say Jesus was indeed real because of your life? Let your light shine!! (Reference Matthew 5:16)

Heavenly Father, I believe that Jesus is the Son of God and only through him can I be saved. I pray that as Jesus was one with you give me the grace to walk in perfect right standing with you. I pray for that my life would be a testimony of who Jesus truly is in me. I pray for the grace to walk in signs, wonders and miracles to testify of Jesus power within me. May I come to you everyday seeking direction and guidance as to the work that you have set assigned for me. May I finish the work that you sent me on this earth for in Jesus name!

Chapter 11 Points of Truth

The Raising of  Lazarus

  • 11:1-2 Mary, Martha were very close to Jesus and Mary poured expensive perfume on Jesus feet and wiped it with her hair before he was to be buried (Reference Luke 10:38-42)
  • 11:3-4  We see Jesus response to his two close friends that he is not moved by sickness or the fear of death and we shouldn’t be either
  • Have you ever saught God in prayer for something timely and had to wait patiently for answer and seemed like he wasn’t moved by time? How did you react?
  • Jesus was always only moved by the Fathers direction and timing- May we pray to have that deep trust and security in trusting Gods time in all things
  • We know that all sickness cannot end in death for a believer because we have eternal life! (Reference 1 Corinthians 15:54-55)
  • We also know that when sickness comes into our bodies or that of a loved one God still will use it for his glory (Reference Romans 8:28)
  • 11:5 Jesus knew Martha, Mary, & Lazarus by name and he loved them.-This shows the heart and nature of God he loves each of us, is very well aware of our present situation and knows us by name (Reference Isaiah 43:1-2)
  • 11:6 Jesus stayed two more days after hearing Lazarus was sick-there was a cultural significance to this because in those times people believed the soul of a dead person lingered around the body for 2 days. If Jesus would have healed Lazarus in that time the people wouldn’t see it as a miracle but Jesus just merely summoning the soul back to the body. Jesus was there to make a statement that he was the Son of God
  • Naturally when we hear someone is about to die we make arrangements to rush to their side but we see Jesus wasn’t moved by death he was only moved by the Fathers direction and timing
  • 11:7-8 The disciples responded back in fear when Jesus mentioned going back to Judea where they intended to stone him
  • Again Jesus shows us how he never feared death or persecution however the disciples did. We see a drastic change after the disciples receive the holy spirit in Acts how they are now willing to go back and preach the gospel even after being warned of death (Reference Acts 4:16-19)
  • Would you be afraid to go back to a place that warned you not to come back or not to speak up of Jesus?
  • 11:9 Jesus response indicted how we should live every hour to do the will and work of God. He is the light of the world but now the light of the world is in us! (Reference Matthew 5:14-16)
  • We should never fear to do the work of God if we are in his will for his word will be a lamp unto our feet and guide to our path even if it seems dangerous God is with us!
  • 11:10 Those who walk in darkness will stumble because there I no light in them
  • 11:11 In the eyes of God death is just sleep because he has conquered death and because he has conquered death when we believe in him so have we! (Reference 1 Corinthians 15:54-55)
  • Jesus knew Lazarus was dead but since he has victory over death he saw Lazarus in his true state sleeping
  • 11:12 The disciples didn’t know that Lazarus was dead
  • When death comes to close family and friends as a believer we can rest knowing they too are sleeping and they are not dead at all but alive in Christ
  • We know that all the  dead in Christ will awaken to the voice of God and taken to heaven (Reference  1 Thessalonians 4:13–18,)

Heavenly Father, help us to trust in in the face of crisis, struggles, in sickness and even when death is approaching towards our loved ones. May we trust you whiles we wait patiently for your response and healing. May we not fear death but know that in Christ we have eternal life so death has no hold on us May we be able to bring peace, comfort and faith to those who find themselves in that situation. May we always remember you use everything for your glory in Jesus name!

  • 11:13-14 The disciples still lacked faith that Jesus was able to do something about death of Lazarus. They didn’t really believe that Jesus could raise Lazarus from the dead
  • 11:16 Isn’t this just like as our faith as disciples of Christ once we follow Jesus we too proclaim that we are willing to die for him but not really knowing what that means
  • As a true believer God does require that we DIE to ourselves that Jesus may live through us- (Reference Galatians 2:19-20)
  • 11:17-19 We know the cultural impact of Lazarus being dead for 4 days because then those around would know that Lazarus is truly dead and his soul no longer is with him.
  • 11:20-21 We see Martha’s lack of faith in the statement. Knowing that Jesus had performed miracles before why did she not feel that he wouldn’t be able to raise Lazarus? Have you ever had a moment in your life where you questioned Gods timing?
  • 11:22 We also have that promise that if we ask according to Gods will in Jesus name he will give us what we ask! (Reference 1 John 5:14-15)
  • 11:23 Jesus declared that her brother will rise again!- As a believer we too will rise again for we live even after death! (Reference John 1:25)
  • 11:24 Martha was a woman of scripture and she knew of the prophecy that when the Messiah comes we will be resurrected in the last day (Reference 1 Thessalonians 4:16)
  • 11:25 I looove this scripture Jesus referred to himself as I AM , Jesus is God ( Exodus 3:14)
  • Martha, was built up in Jesus words
  • Jesus is the resurrection and life
  • Only in Jesus are you raised up and find life!
  • In Jesus we live even after dying!
  • 11:26 In Christ we never Perish, we never die
  • Many generations, people and philosophy have tried to attain immortality we know that is only found in Jesus Christ!
  • Just as Jesus ask Martha do you believe? Do you still fear death don’t because death has no power over us as a believer!
  • 11:27 We see Martha faith is being built up first questioning why the Lord didn’t come on time, then knowing that when Jesus prays something happens, then declaring that he is the Messiah, Son of God!
  • The word of God can built our faith in difficult times!
  • 11:28 We know that Jesus indeed is the greatest teacher! (Reference 1 John 2:27)
  • 11:29-32 As the crowd followed after Mary to mourn with her so should we comfort those who are also mourning. Mourn with them ( Reference Romans 12:15)
  • 11:32 Mary had the same response, lacking in faith at what God was able to do and questioning his timing
  • Mary was moved by her tears
  • 11:33-34 Jesus was moved by how sin had taken ahold of the world and that of the lives of his children. For the wages of sin is death (Reference Romans 6:23)
  •   Sin provokes God to anger
  • As a believer when we have a troubled heart because of what is going on around we can take rest in Christ that he has overcome the world and death! (Reference John 14:1)
  • 11:35 Jesus wept, the shortest verse in the bible.
  • Jesus wept because of their lack of faith
  • Jesus wept because of the consequence of sin in the lives of his children
  • Jesus wept because when we cry he shares in our sorrows and tears (Reference Matthew 5:4)
  • 11:36-37 As a believer there will always be scoffers around when you are believing for God to come through yet it looks like nothing is happen. They will test you and say where is the proof of this God that you serve?

Heavenly Father please help us to look to you and the finished work of Jesus when were facing sickness or have loved on the bed of death. Help us to declare by faith that the same power that rose Jesus from the dead lives in us. Give us the grace to trust in you when we pray for healing help us to trust your timing in all things in Jesus name Amen!

  • 11:38 Jesus has rolled away the stone in all our lives brought us out of darkness into his marvelous light of salvation!
  • 11:39 sin always has a smell, a smell of death but in Christ we are transformed into sweet smelling aroma to God and to those who are saved! (Reference 2 Corinthians 2:15) That’s why Jesus knew Lazarus would have no smell and commanded the stone to be rolled away!
  • 11:40 When we believe in Jesus we get to see Gods glory unfold in the most miraculous ways! (Reference Deuteronomy 5:24)
  • 11:41 Even Jesus was always in a state of surrender to God the Father in all things- as a believer we should always be in a state of surrender as well. Looking up to Jesus in all circumstances
  • 11:42 Jesus showed in that moment that He and God the Father were indeed one. He prayed out loud so they would not only give God glory but know that he was sent from God!
  • 11:43 Jesus had authority over Death and still does!! (Reference Matthew 28:11)
  • 11:44 Lazarus came out, a man who was once dead but now alive because of the power, mercy and authority of God!- That’s our redemption story we were all once dead in our sin but by the Grace of God Jesus saved us with his death and resurrection to give us life in him! (Reference Ephesians 2:1,4-5)
  • Dead things can only be awaken by Jesus Christ
  • Were all bound in sin and our flesh until Jesus declares we are his and we are free! (Reference John 8:36)

Heavenly Father thank you that you are the resurrection and life and since I believe in you I will live and not die. Thank you for calling me out of darkness into your marvelous light. Thank you for breaking off the chains of sin that I was in and with your love setting me free. Give me the grace to remember your promises and walk in your authority so that those I pray for who are sick will be healed all for your glory in Jesus name!

The Plot To Kill Jesus

  • 11:45 Mary, Lazarus and Martha life was a testimony testifying of Jesus- Is your life a testimony are people drawn to wanna to know Jesus or believe in him?
  • 11:46 Some of the people decided to follow the crowd and instead of giving God glory they wanted rejected Jesus (Exodus 23:2)- Do you side with crowd or do you side with Gods word and what he has done and is doing?
  • 11:47 The Pharisees still didn’t believe in Jesus after preforming such a  miraculous sign. Their hearts were wicked and out of jealousy bent on evil (Reference Proverbs 27:4)
  • 11:48 The Pharisees were coveted their status, their titles and the earthly kingdom of Israel. As so called religious leaders they weren’t concerned with people being healed and set free but rather their selfish desires (Reference James 3:16)
  • 11:49-50 Caiaphas was prophesying exactly the purpose in which Christ came. To lay down his life that we might all live! (Reference 2 Corinthians 5:14)
  • 11:51-52 Jesus just didn’t die for the nation of Israel  or only for the Jewish people but for all men all over the world that they may become children of God!! (Reference 5:12-21)
  • 11:53 The Pharisees plotted and planned to kill Jesus after that moment because his hour was near and Gods prophecy had to be fulfilled not because they had power to do it!
  • 11:54 Jesus was always so wise and knew when to hid himself from the crowd because it was not yet his time
  • 11:55-57 Many people looked for Jesus but couldn’t not find him (Reference Proverbs 1:28)

Heavenly Father thank you so much sacrificing your self Jesus for us that we might all live and become sons and daughters of God. May we not live or hold on too titles, labels, status and build our kingdom instead of yours. Give me the grace to live for you wholeheartedly in Jesus name!

Chapter 12 Points of Truth

Mary Anoints Jesus At Bethany

  • 12:1 This was during Passover where the Jewish people  would celebrate how God once saved them from death as they offered a  lamb sacrifice to him and covered their doors with the blood- Jesus was is the perfect Lamb sacrifice of God and is preparing to be the Passover sacrifice for all of history and for all people! (Reference John 1:29)
  • 12:2 I love that fact we see that Martha is serving and Mary is the one again at his feet performing a beautiful act of worship (Reference Luck 10:38)
  • 12:3 Mary was anointing Jesus to prepare for his burial
  • what is the significance of anoint, why does God anoint?
  • 1 John 2:27- anointing of the Holy Spirit
  • James 5:14- anointing for leading
  • Luke 4:18- anointing for ministry of others
  • Leviticus 8:10-12 anointing for sanctification
  • 2 Corinthians 1:21 – as a believer were anointed by God!
  • What’s the significance of anointing Jesus feet?
  •  John 13-10- The Lord said its not necessary to clean the whole body but the feet
  • Matthew 28:9- To sit at the Lord feet is an act of worship
  • As the room was filled with a sweet fragrance because of Mary  act of worship and sacrifice of the expensive perfume our lives as Christians too become a sweet aroma to God when we sacrifice and worship (Reference 2 Corinthians 2:15-16)
  • Our lives are aroma (Reference Ephesians 5:2)
  • 12:5-6 Judas was a thief at heart and didn’t care for the poor
  • the scriptures says this about thief’s, they will not inherit the kingdom of God (Reference Galatians 5:19-21)- Is there anything that your are stealing or not doing honestly please repent and ask the Lords forgiveness and grace to help you to stop!
  • Only God knows the motive of the hearts of man and he knew the motive of Judas-Do you test your heart before you do or say something to check your motive? (Reference Proverb 16:2)
  • 12:7  Jesus knew he was about to die, however as a believer we can take rest in that now after Jesus’s death and resurrection he will always be with us until the end of the age!! (Reference Matthew 28:20)

The Plot to Kill Lazarus

  • 12:8 Lazarus life was a testimony to testify of the miraculous work Jesus had done (Reference Matthew 5:16)
  • 12:10 Lazarus was facing death as well as a follower of Jesus-As a believer the Lord warns us that the world will hate you as they hated him and some of us might have to die for the Gospel are you prepared? (Reference John 15:18-25)
  • 12:11 Because of the testimony of Lazarus may believed in Jesus-As a believer our testimonies hold the same power have you shared with others your testimony and what God has done in your life? (Reference Revelation 12:10)

The Triumphal Entry

  • 12:12-16 The entry of Jesus into Jerusalem was fulfilling a prophecy that only the Messiah would do however the people still didn’t see that he was the Christ
  • Isiah 53:1 prophecy
  • Luke 19:5-40
  • Zechariah 9:9 prophecy
  • 12:17 The crowd continued to bear witness that Jesus was the Christ- We know one two or three witness testify than its truth according to Gods word (Reference  1 John 5:8)
  • 12:18 Now as a believer the same holy spirit that was in Jesus lives within us we can also do signs and wonders if we just believe (Reference Mark 16:18)
  • 12:19 There is nothing the Pharisees could do to stop the spread of the gospel even now after Christ resurrection the gospel is being spread all over the world! (Reference John 12:32)
  • The Pharisees were afraid that the world would go after Jesus but upon his resurrection when e have the holy spirit the disciples were known as the men who turned the world upside! love it (Reference Acts 17:6)

Heavenly Father May our lives be a testimony for your glory. may we liv to bear witness as you truly are and testify of you. Thank you that you have anointed me to lead, to minister to others and to be sanctified that many may come into your kingdom. May I be one of your servants that turn this world upside down for your gospel in Jesus name!

Some Greeks Seek Jesus

  • 12:20-22 The Greeks sought Jesus to see if he was the Messiah they desired to hear his wisdom (Reference 1 Corinthians 1:22)
  • 12:23 Now Jesus time had come because it was Gods the Fathers perfect time. No one could’ve taken Jesus’s life before that time because he sacrificed himself voluntarily out of his love for us (Reference John 10:17-18)
  • 12:24 Jesus was telling those about the Kingdom of God.  Jesus was comparing himself to a grain of wheat. He had to die and as he did he gave the holy Spirit to us all so now in his death and resurrection Jesus is multiplied among his body. So now more people are able to be reached for the gospel.
  • What is fruit? The fruits of the spirit love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness’, gentleness, meekness, patience and self-control (Reference Galatians 5:20)
  • Are you bearing fruit for God?
  • In order to bare fruit for the kingdom we must abide in Christ (Reference John 15:14
  • The Kingdom of God is all about multiplication- God told us to be like him fruitful and multiply make disciples of others! (Reference Matthew 28:19)
  • 12:25The world tells you to live your life to the fullest but in the Kingdom of God you must die completely to yourself than you live
  • Do you love this world? Ask the Lord to help detach from this world
  •  (Reference 1 John 2:15)
  • 12:26 In order to serve Jesus we must follow him then where his spirit is so will we be.
  • To be a true disciple of Jesus we must obey and follow Jesus (Reference John 8:31)
  • We will be lead by his spirit going where he has us to go (Reference Romans 8:14)
  • When we humble ourselves as Jesus did then God will lift us up in honor (Reference 1 Peter 5:6)

Heavenly Father I pray that you would prune me to bare fruit for you kingdom. I ask that you search my heart and help me to grow in virtue. Give me the grace not to love this world but be in this world and draw men to you. If there is any area in my life I am holding on to and not giving to you please reveal it to me Lord. I pray for the grace to serve, follow and obey you. Help me to be lead by your spirit wherever you go and humble me Lord in Jesus name!

The Son of Man Must Be Lifted Up

  • 12:27 Jesus soul was troubled, troubled:showing distress or anxiety
  • So we know how human his emotions were, Jesus was fully man here on the earth but yet even though he had moments of anxiety he never stayed that way. He always immediately went into to prayer- As a believer we have a God he understands us so well. He tells us not to be anxious but with prayers let  your request be made known to God and that exactly what Jesus modeled in this passage (Reference Philippians 4:6-7)
  • What is the purpose of Jesus coming to this earth?
  • 1 Peter 3:18 – He died because of our sin to bring us to God
  • Romans 5:10- to reconcile us and give us life, eternal life
  • Galatians 3:26- So we can become Children of God
  • 12:28-29 This is the second time a voice from heaven spoke to the multitudes in Jesus’s presence (Reference Matthew 3:17)
  • 12:30 God the Father spoke from heaven in Jesus’s presence so that others may believe that he was and is the Son of God
  • 12:31 God sent Jesus not to Judge the World but to save it (Reference John 3:17) however, here he says now comes the judgment of the world: the ruler of this world will be cast out.
  • Who is the ruler of this world?
  • 2 Corinthians 4:4 – Satan is the god of this age
  • Ephesians 2:2 -Satan is the prince of this air and the father to the sons of disobedience
  • Jesus came to judge Satan and cast him out not the world!
  • 12:32 Jesus was lifted up on the cross and lifted up after his resurrection that in his name all man can now be drawn to God the Father (Reference John 6:44)
  • 12:33 Jesus was prophesying about the type of death he would die, so that people would remember during his death he said these things but they still didn’t believe
  • 12:34 Christ Kingdom does indeed rule forever, It was , It is and It will be! (Reference Daniel 2:44)
  • 12:35 Jesus is the true light (Reference John 1) and as a believer  He lives in you. So Jesus is still among us today!
  • How can you walk in the Light? by reading the word of God which is the LIGHT (Reference Psalm 119:105)
  • Those in darkness do not have the light, don’t know Gods word and don’t know Him
  • 12:36 When you believe in Jesus and follow his word (Light) you become sons of Light and not sons of disobedience!

Heavenly Father thank you for sending your son Jesus to die and be resurrected so that my sins would be forgiven and that I would be redeemed as a child of God. Thank you that Satan has already been cast down and give me the grace to not follow any of his ways or lies anymore. Be lifted up in my life Jesus that you would draw people to yourself through me. Give me the grace to be the light of the world and always walking in your light, your ways and obeying your commands that I become a son of light in Jesus name Amen

The Unbelief Of the  People

  • 12:37 Though Jesus did many signs and wonders among them they did not believe – Unbelief is a result of stubbornness and pride ( Reference 2 Kings 17:14-15)
  • Unbelief hardens your heart and leads to  a falling away from living for God (Reference Hebrew 3:12)
  • Who is an unbeliever: anyone who doesn’t believe that Jesus Christ is Lord
  • Have you ever had a momentary time of unbelief about who God is or his promises to you?
  • 12:38 Jesus referenced a prophecy in Isaiah regarding the Messiah and how many would not believe who He was. As religious leaders and teachers of the Law the Pharisees should’ve caught on to that scripture and realized the prophecy was being fulfilled but their hearts were so hardened towards Jesus in unbelief (Reference Isaiah 53)
  • 12:39 Unbelievers die in their sin (Reference John 8:24)
  • 12:40 Satan is the one who has blinded  and hardened the hearts of man of  this world (Reference 2 Corinthians 4:4)
  • 12:41-42 Some Pharisees believed but they were afraid to confess their belief and loved the title, status, and honor of man that God
  • As a believer not only must we believe in our heart Jesus is Lord but we must confess it! (Reference Romans 10:9)
  • Jesus states if we are afraid or ashamed to confess him before man that He will not confess us before God(Reference Matthew 10:32)- Are you ashamed to show or tell others you are a Christian or even defend Jesus when given the chance?
  • 12:43 That is what you call a fear of Man. God tells us only to fear him (Reference Galatians 1:10)
  • The Pharisees loved the glory of man rather than from God- The glory of man is fleeting , will always lead to self and destruction. Whiles Gods glory is eternal and will lead others to him! ( Reference Proverbs 29:25)
  • Unbelievers will always  lead to you seeking glory outside of Christ (Reference John 5:44)

Heavenly Father I pray for forgiveness of any unbelief in my heart about your ways or the promises you have made to me. I confess by faith your word is true and Jesus you are Lord of my life. I pray for those unbelievers that you would remove the blinders from their eyes and soften their hardened heart that they might know the true gospel and be set free. I pray that I wouldn’t seek mans glory and I ask you to cast down any fear of man I may have. Give me boldness and courage that I may confess who you are where ever I go. I pray that I leave to only seek your glory and your praise alone in Jesus name Amen!

Jesus Came To Save The World

  • 12:44 Whoever believes in Jesus believes in God for he is the One who sent Jesus – (Reference John 1:14)
  • 12:45 We see Jesus through his life and his words in the bible and because of that we have seen God. Jesus is the image of God (Reference Colossians 1:15)
  • 12:46 Jesus is the true light and when we believe in his word which is light (the bible) and we obey it we walk in light not in darkness (Reference John 1:4,9)
  • 12:47 Isn’t that amazing! Unbelievers who hears Gods words and don’t keep them are not judged by God but area available to receive his mercy because he came to save them!
  • Jesus came to save the world not judge it- So as a believer your not called to bring judgment upon this world but to declare Jesus has saved them from their sin and this world! (Reference Luke 9:54-55)
  • 12:48 but for unbelievers who continue to reject Jesus will be judged on the last day!
  • The first coming of Jesus he came to save the world in his seconding coming he will Judge the world (Revelation 19:13, John 5:25)
  • 12:49 The word of God is a commandment and it is eternal life!
  • 12:50 Gods word is powerful and has all authority from which Jesus spoke which is now given to us through the bible. Use Gods word in every area of your life it will not return void! (Reference Isaiah 55:11)

Heavenly Father thank you for giving us our beloved King Jesus who came to lay die his life that we may live. Thank you for saving us from darkness and the wickedness of our own sin and drawing us into your light. Give me the grace to declare to unbelievers that you came to save them and that this a window of mercy you have available for them. Give me the courage to then share of your soon return and your coming judgment if they reject you. Open their eyes and hearts Lord to receive you in Jesus name amen!

Jesus Washed the Disciples Feet

  • 13:1-2 I love that Jesus loves us until the end even now. He was the sacrificial Passover lamb who was about to lay down his life for the whole world to atone for our sins (Reference John 1:29)
  • 13:2 We see here the devil is able to enter  his thoughts in our hearts. Its so important that we guard our hearts from Satan’s lies and schemes (Reference Proverb 4:23)
  • 13:3 Truth: Just like Jesus as Christians we too have been given all things into our hands (authority as a believer) That we too come from God and go back to God when we die!
  • 13:4-5 I love a commentary on this that stated this passage was a symbol of Jesus redemptive story for us : that the supper table is the Throne of God and Jesus rose from his throne, laid aside his divinity as he did his outer garment and taking on mans garment of flesh as he took the towel and tied it around his waist, then poured out his blood in sacrifice as he poured out the water into the basin and washed our sins, wiped away clean as he washed the disciples feet and wiped it off with a towel- That is so neat to me and so true!
  • 13:6 I love Peter because he reminds me a lot of me lol. He was bold in his confession for Jesus but always seemed to rely on his own strength then Gods grace
  • Back then culturally to wash some ones feet was the lowliest of jobs only slaves and servants of the house would wash guest feet. They had dirt roads and wore sandals so you could imagine the dirtiness of their feet
  • Jesus humbled himself yet again to show his disciples what true leadership and power is which is serving
  • 13:7 Jesus knew the disciples on had a limited revelation of what He was doing and what this symbolized however he knew that not just for his disciples but for his future disciples we would get the full revelation of Gods redemption once all that Jesus fulfilled was completed! (Reference Ephesians 3)
  • 13:8 Peter didn’t know denying Jesus washing his feet was denying being cleansed by God and it is impossible to consider yourself clean if you have not accepted Jesus and been washed by his blood (Reference 1 John 1:7)
  • 13:9 Peter immediately realizing this wanted his entire body washed. We know that as believer in Christ
  • 13:10 Jesus was letting his disciples know they were morally clean, but having their feet exposed to the filth and dirt each day he needed to clean their feet. Which He was implying that all his disciples  and as believers now we need to be renewed and washed by the word daily (Referenced Romans 12:2)
  • 13:11 Jesus knew Judas was going to betray him but still loved him.
  • We can know that as a believer God is sovereign (Psalm 115:3)
  • God knows the motives of all man (Proverbs 16:2)
  • God knows the  hearts of everyone (Reference 1 Samuel 16:7)
  • Jesus loves his enemies and wishes not one to perish (Reference  Matthew 5:44-45)

Heavenly Father, please help me to lead and serve like Jesus. Help me to walk in humility and not only care for my brothers and sisters but serve them in love. Give me the grace to love my enemies and forgive any friend that has betrayed me. I pray that you would test my heart, search me Lord and if any evil has entered in please reveal it to me that I may repent and be clean before you in Jesus name Amen!

  • 13:12-14 Do you understand what Jesus did in the washing of the feet of his disciples? Sometimes we can sensationalize this or make it just about feet washing but the Lord desires us as Christians to making serving a life style:
  •  Examples of Washing The Feet Of Others
  • -Encouraging the brethren
  • -Praying for people
  • -Forgiving others
  • -Carrying the burdens of others
  • -Serving others
  • 13:15 We should live by example by treating others not how we wanted to be treated but how Jesus treats us (Reference Luke 6:31)
  • 13:16 The Lord is not a respecter of persons, so despite what positon you are placed in as a believer you are always called to humble yourself and serve (Reference Matthew 23:11)
  • 13:17 Blessed are we when we serve and do all that the Lord has asked (Reference John 8:31)
  • 13:18-19 Even though he loved Judas, we know only those chosen by the Father are able to be drawn to Jesus (Reference John 6:44)
  • Judas was chosen to fulfill a prophecy and betray Jesus. Referring to the scripture in Psalm where David’s right hand man betrays him to help his son Absalom overthrow his reign (Reference Psalm 41:9)
  • 13:20 So we know that we are here sent by God so who ever receives us receives God and who ever rejects us doesn’t reject us but God (Reference John 13:20)

Heavenly Father, please give me the grace to lead like Jesus. May I be the example of the hands and feet of Jesus in all that I do. Give me a servants heart to see others as you see them. Help me to treat others as I want to be treated and may I always be willing to take the lowliest place and position with out grumbling or complaining. When I serve may I do it with such excellence that it brings you glory in Jesus name I pray Amen!

One Of You Will Betray Me

  • 13:21 Jesus always knows the motives of man, nothing can be hidden from him (Reference Hebrews 4:13)
  • 13:22-23 I love how all the disciples were looking bewildered, wondering which one of them it was yet the disciple “whom Jesus loved” John seemed unmoved, certain  and so sure of who he was that he was resting on Jesus bosom
  • When you know that God loves you it gives you assurance and peace
  • When you know that God  loves you it makes you steadfast in your identity in him
  • When you know God loves you it causes you to lean in close to him
  • When you know that God loves you, you rest in him
  • When you know that God loves you, you wont walk in condemnation or shame
  • 13:24-25 Of course would be the boldest to ask John to ask Jesus but why didn’t he ask Jesus himself? Most like out of fear but as a believer we should never be fearful to ask God any question (reference Jeremiah 33:3)
  • John was bold enough to ask because he was that intimately close with Jesus, because He knew Jesus loved him. Your relationships change when you know that person loves you. John knew that his measure of intimacy wasn’t based on his love for Jesus but he had a knowing that Jesus loved him and it changed everything
  • When you know God loves you, you don’t fear to ask him anything
  • When you know that God loves you, it changes your relationship with him
  • 13:26 Jesus answered John and not Peter because John had leaned in close therefore Jesus was able to trust him with that secret. As a believer when you press into Jesus that’s when he tells you what others what to know. That is when revelation and deep understanding come. Are you leaned into him?
  •  Genesis 18:17 Here Jesus says shall I hide anything from my friend Abraham, as he didn’t hide anything from his friend John. Jesus desires to be our closest friend, so press into him like never before!
  • 13:26 When Jesus dipped the bread and gave it to Judas this was His last offer of Grace and mercy to him so that he wouldn’t sin. The bread was a symbol Christ body that was about to be broken on the cross for our sins just as we take communion if we reject the bread than we reject Christ sacrifice and his body. We have to eat of his flesh and drink of his blood to have eternal life! (Reference John 6:51)
  • 13:27 Interesting thing is Judas took the morsel but never ate it therefore He rejected it and rejected Jesus
  • How many times can we take Gods word but don’t digest it, we don’t allow it to take root in our heart, lives or transform us? Its the same thing, we must not only read but eat of Gods bread which is the word of God.  (Reference John 6:56)
  • Satan entered into Judas heart, that means Satan has access to our heart if we allow him. The temptations began in our mind but when we allow it in our heart we have allowed Satan in. So guard your hearts! (Reference Proverbs 4:23)
  • Jesus commission Judas to act quickly because Prophecy had to be fulfilled and he quickly wanted to go to the cross that He might save us! (Reference  Matthew 26:24)
  • Since Judas chose sin rather than Jesus, and Jesus told him to leave quickly
  • Sin cant be in the presence of God
  • Sin will cause you to draw away from God and from your community of believers
  • 13:28 The other disciples where unaware that Judas would betray Jesus
  • 13:29-30 What I love is that even though Jesus knew Judas was about to betray, His love superseded his desire to out him. He knew the disciples would be moved to anger towards Judas if they knew what he was about to do. Jesus indeed loved his enemies until the end.
  • Could you honestly have someone in your inner circle and know beforehand they would betray you. Yet still love them, give them the same privileges as your other friends and not slander their name?  We can all take an example from Jesus to love our enemies (Luke 6:27-37)

Heavenly Father, please draw me close that I may know you more. Jesus help me to know you intimately to continue to press in and lean into. I receive your love for me and know I can come to you with any question or request for I have a friend in you. Please help me not to choose sin when the enemy comes with his temptation and always accept your grace instead. Please help me to forgive those who have betrayed me or seem to not want my best interest. Help me to love my enemies and love like you love in Jesus name Amen!

Jesus Predicts Peters Denial

  • 13:31-32 Jesus was about to be glorified because of his death and resurrection and God the Father was also gloried in him for God that Father and Jesus are one
  • 13:33 Jesus was for warning his disciples of his soon departure back to heaven and because the disciples had not been redeemed by Christ blood sacrifice they were unable to go where he was going.
  • But we thank now we are all apart of the new covenant through Christ death and resurrection we can go where he is….too heaven! Further more he is coming back for us all! ( John 14:3)
  • 13:34 We were given a new command to Love one another before the commandment was to love thy neighbor as thyself.  Culturally the Pharisees and many religious people debated amongst themselves as to who was really their “neighbor” but Jesus came to give a higher standard of love. Which is to love everyone for every person is your neighbor!
  • 13:35 I love this scripture : Because Love is the measure of how people will know we are followers of Jesus Christ….Challenge: How are you loving your brother and sisters in Christ?
  • 13:36 The Disciples still were not understanding fully who Jesus was and what he was about to do
  • Jesus knew the disciples were not ready to suffer with him or even follow him to the cross. For he knew all of them would be scattered as the scriptures had to be fulfilled ( Zechariah  13:7)
  • Jesus knew that by the Holy Spirit which would be given upon his resurrection not only would the disciples follow him  later but, all other believers could as well! (John 16:13)
  • 13:37 Oh I relate so much to Peter as he presumptuously relied on his own strength and his own love to be able to lay down his life for Jesus. How many times as Christian we make a hasty vow to God out our own strength? (Ecclesiastes 5:2)
  • 13:38 Jesus always knows the motives and the state of our heart even if it different from our confession. (  Proverbs 16:2) He knew that Peter would deny him
  • The only way to truly follow Jesus is to lay down your life! ( Matthew 6:24-25)

Jesus Comforts His Disciples

  • 14:1 The Remedy to a troubled, anxious heart is trusting in God
  • 14:2 Jesus was speaking of Heaven, in which their are many mansions awaiting those who are his children and He has gone to prepare the place for u all! Hebrew 11:16)
  • 14:3 Jesus is coming back for us all to take us to be with him! (Reference Matthew 24:30-31)
  • 14:4 Jesus specified to his disciple that “They know the way” just as we know the way which is through him. The way to salvation is only found in Jesus Christ (Reference John 14:6)
  • The way is also narrow (Reference Matthew 7:13-14)
  • Promises from Jesus that should comfort us all!:
    -Trust in him
    -He has a place prepared for us
    -He is coming back to take us to be with him
    -Jesus wants us to be where he is, in heaven!
    -As a believer we know the WAY!

Jesus the Way to the Father

  • 14:5 Thomas even after still being with Jesus for so long still didn’t understand the full revelation of who Jesus was (Reference John 14:9)
  • 14:6 Jesus answered I Am first testified that he was n the beginning and that He is the great I AM (Reference Exodus 3:14)
  • He is THE WAY – NO ONE can come through the God t
  • He is TRUTH ( Reference John 16:3)
  • He is Life ( Reference John 11:25)
  • 14:7 To know Jesus means to really know God
  • Jesus is God in the flesh, so the disciples knew God by knowing Jesus (Reference Colossians 1:15)
  • 14:8 Philip still had unbelief and how many times as Christians we can fall into unbelief when we have seen God work time and time again in our lives ( so convicted writing this lol) (scripture James 1:6)
  • 14:9 To see and know Jesus is too see and know the nature of God the Father (Reference John 10:30)
  • 14:10 Jesus and God the Father are one. So all of Jesus words are Gods words, All of Jesus works are Gods works. Jesus abides in God and God abides in Jesus.
  • What is beautiful about that is the Jesus was an example of how are relationship with God as his children is as well. As we abide in God he abides in us! (Reference 1 John 4:13)
  • 14:11 Jesus declared to believe in who he says that he is or believe in him through the evidence of miracles he did  ( Reference Isaiah 61:1)
  • 14:12 WOW so all it takes if Faith to do the same miracles Jesus did
  • ANYONE who believes in Jesus is called to do “greater works” than Jesus (Reference Mark 16:18)
  • to open the eyes of the blind, lay hands on the sick, cast out devils, to preach the gospel
  • What is that greater work? The great commission  ( Reference Matthew 28: 16-20)
  • 14:13 God will do whatever you ask in JESUS name and his name alone but we must pray according to HIS WILL (1 John 5:14)
  • To pray in the name of Jesus glorifies God
  • 14:14 So what have you asked Jesus for? He promises he will do it!

Jesus Promises the Holy Spirit

  • 14:15 We cant say we love God but we don’t obey his commands (Reference Luke 6:46)
  • 14:16 The Holy Spirit is a gift from God the Father
  • To receive the Holy spirit as a believer all you have to do is ask
  • Holy Spirit is our counselor
  • Holy Spirit will be with us forever!
  • 14:17 Holy Spirit is the spirit of Truth
  • which means there are other spirits that are deceptive ( Reference 2 Chronicle 18:21)
  • The world cannot accept the Holy Spirit or know him (Reference 2 Corinthians 4:4)
  • But as a believer we know Him!
  • Holy spirit lives with us (Reference Acts 1:8)
  • Holy Spirit  is in us ( Reference 1 Corinthians 3:16)
  • 14:18 We are not orphans for we have been adopted in the Family of God (Reference Ephesian 1:5)
  • We will never be alone for God comes to us through the comforter (Reference John 14:26)