Expect a Miracle!

“I am extremely pleased with this chaplet. Extremely pleased. Go out and teach this devotion to the whole world, and I will be with you. Expect a miracle.” Jesus

Our Mother Of Mercy

During Advent of 1994, Our Lady began a special manifestation of her presence during a Rosary group meeting in the Jacksonville, Florida area. Present at these Rosaries were many very devout and faithful Filipinos who worked in the medical community.

She initially appeared as Our Lady of Fatima, but after several manifestations, during the following weeks, she began to display the Divine Mercy Rays emanating from her heart.

“I am your Mother of Mercy. As my Son has wished to make my Immaculate Heart known,
in union with His Most Sacred Heart, now in these last days are the mysteries of me, your Holy Mother,
about to be revealed. For God has kept His sublime secrets hidden and veiled from mankind.”

Our Mother of Mercy

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In Diverse Languages

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German, Hindi, Filipino, Russian,
Plus the book: Hope In Winter Comes. Also available in Portuguese PDF.

Promises of the Chaplet

  • All graces and merits needed in this life and at the hour of death.
  • They shall not stumble or fall through error of faith, nor misled into false doctrine or teaching.
  • They shall obtain the grace of a happy death, and will not die without the sacraments of the Church.
  • They shall not be left unaided, but will have the peaceful assurance of my very real presence, and that of my son, Jesus with them all the days of their life.
  • They shall obtain remission of all their sins, venial and mortal, and shall be expiated of all satisfaction due to the lesser offenses.
  • They shall continue under the effects and benefits of this Divine Mercy even after their death, and be granted speedily the satisfaction due their serious sins, thus entering Paradise more quickly.
  • They shall merit manifold graces for unrepentant sinners, and be a source of comfort and indulgences for the souls in purgatory.

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