This page is brand new because the Lord just revealed another gift he has given me that can only be done by him….drawing! lol I honestly was never really artistic but very creative. Recently in worship and prayer I would get so many beautiful images and pictures that I so desired to share with people but it was all in my mind. I would think to myself there is no way that I could draw or paint anything. However, through Still Small Voice Youtube channel , the Lord  began to speak to us all as his brides that we need to use our gifts and to bank on our inability and rely on his ability to do it through us. So we must ask simply with all our hidden gifts “Jesus do it through us”. So I want to challenge you to really dig deep in your heart and see what you would desire to do not just what you think you can do or are good at…but what would you like?? Go for it, if the desire is in your heart its most likely from Jesus and ask him to do it through you!




“A Heart Held Captive By His Love”



“Hidden Under The Shadow Of His Wings” -Psalm 91


” All It Takes Is One Drop” Ephesians 1:7  I saw this image during prayer when I asked the Lord to show me who I am without his grace. I was wretched, tattered and unwanted but Jesus wanted me and its just one drop of his blood that restores me and us all!



” A flower for the Lord, A lilly of suffering, A rose of brotherly love, A violet of humility.” A Rhema from the Lord he had me draw out  When we walk in all these virtues we become a sweet fragrance of flowers for Jesus!


“The Bride Looks Like Her Bridegroom” – I love this drawing because this is so true for all the Brides of Christ. We too shall wear a crown of scorn and contempt, have our hearts pierced with accusation and persecution. Where we would have to extend mercy and we will have to yield our sword always being prepared for battle. We look like Jesus!



“Run Desperately To The Cross”- I saw this image during prayer when the Lord showed me the world passing away and the cross of Jesus being the only thing able to save. As the Lord was closing the mercy doors to get the cross many souls were coming to it in the last hour.



My first Painting!!! The Lord spoke to me to draw his passion a few weeks ago and with the help of the holy spirit He did it through me. Its not what I pictured in my mind but by Gods grace I will get there. I wanted to peptic hi torturous suffering that is rarely mentioned. Where the Romans had Jesus sit on a spike chair which was reveled in St. Faustina’s vision in the 15 secret tortures of Jesus. He went through so much for us that we may also not give up or grow weary carrying our crosses!


So the Lord has really been pushing us heartdwellers to really move forward in the gifts he has given us. To co create with him! Many times in prayer I may see various images and at first right them off thinking they were me but I love what a friend reminded me that there is nothing good in my of myself. So if I think of anything good or see good especially in the Lords presence its him. So began the journey of me painting and asking Holy Spirit to do it through me. I am amazing and looking forward to all that he will continue to do. So I wanted to share my painting to encourage and bless others as well. That if you always wanted to sing, play an instrument, paint, dance etc and you think there is no way I can do that. YOU ARE RIGHT! you cant lol but God can through you if you allow it. 🙂 Its amazing now I can look at my wall in it see my journey with the Lord painted out
So this painting below is called Ferious Focus of Faith after a prophetic word was give to prophetess Lana Vawswer that many of us were in the valley battling but we must rise up to have a ferocious focus of faith on Gods promises to not be moved. I was inspired to paint this with Holy Spirit helps. It makes a great reminder for me on those days my faith start to waiver. Lets be Ferocious in faith!
This is the second painting I did on a canvas and had really fallen. To be honest I was Leary coming into Gods presence but he gave me the most beautiful picture of me in a vast ocean just swimming in the Ocean of his Mercy. Where he told me I can come time and time again.
The third painting I did, and one of my favorite because its so personal. After one of the most tremendous and painful trials of faith. I wasnt sure I could not only move forward with the Lord but with the future with him. Fear was all around me but he reminded once again in prayer seeing my hand and a plant growing out. Then he reminded me using Kari Jobe song ” The Garden” that there is redemption in ever little seed. So I should bury that seed of pain and he would redeem it into something beautiful
This painting really came out of a prayer I used called “The binding prayer”. I am in prayer a lot and the Lord has really been equipping me in spiritual warfare and one of the many weapons we can use it to use the Holy Angels to release arrows dipped in the blood of Jesus into the enemies camp to destroy their camp!
IMG-20190206-WA0012 (1)
This painting came from my heart as well in deep moments of doubt continued to swirl around my mind and heard. I saw mountains being uprooted from the ground as I spoke in faith to cast the mountain into the sea! Matthew 17:20
This painting came from a prophetic word I received at a church conference where a lady prayed over me and the Lord gave her that image and word. “That all the questions I am waiting on him to answer are found in his blood” I believed he has redeemed everything

Profiting from Trials

My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces [a]patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be [b]perfect and complete, lacking nothing


Throne Room Worship

During prayer I seem to find myself before the throne room of God with flowers falling, my worship being a sweet smelling aroma before the Father!




This painting was birthed out of intercession for our nation as the Lord has taken my faith to the teachings of the early church and how Mary truly is our blessed hope. Her intercession for our nation is powerful and has granted the Father to have more mercy on us. Combined with the suffering of the Lord which many intercessors have suffered great trials to offer our Lord for the sake of our nation



The painting came from a commission the Lord gave me over and over again in my communion times that I am called to be a watchman and to speak! To Not Fear!




This inspiration came from when the Lord began to lead me back to the fullness of my faith and family in heaven. Of course no other than Immaculate Mother Mary




One of my favorite as well because it always reminded me during my trials when I wanted to complain or find myself in self pity. I just take a look at the picture and beloved Jesus and I am reminded if he suffered for me without love then can I do the same thing






IMG-20190206-WA0018 (2)



I saw this in prayer after whiles listening to Kim Walkers “Undone”, As I danced around the cross and replaced my flower crown for thorns


Being Transformed
This is  prophetic word the Lord gave me about 3 years as I was walking on a trail I saw a butterfly which landed at my feet and wouldn’t meet.  I went down to meet the butterfly thinking for sure it would move but it didn’t. Then I asked the Lord what did all this mean and I heard ” I am transforming you and your family”




IMG-20190206-WA0017 (3)

Giving My WHOLE Heart Back To God
During prayer the Lord began to show me how far I had drifted from him in this season. Indeed it had been a hard season of many battles and I didn’t realize my heart had gotten hardened and full of bitterness. That I had come to a place where I really didn’t trust him with my whole heart. So in prayer I saw myself on my knees in the rain and utterly despondent because I had hurt Jesus and now wanted to give my broken heart back to him wholy, without reservation.

Giving my heart back

The Glorious Bride
The Lord had really been speaking to me about being lazy concerning the gift of painting and to take my time and do it well. In the past I used to do jewelry with crafts and beads. Holy Spirit gave me an idea to do a painting with beads. So I thought to do one of a bride of Christ with a flower crown. I just love flowers and with the help of Holy Spirit will continue to challenge myself with his help

The Gloriou Bride painting



Morning Glory!

Holy Spirit gave me the idea in prayer to get more creative I used to do Jewelry and fashion so he wants that incorporated in my paintings as well!  So he had me add African fabric called “Ankara” to make the butterfly wings!  So much fun painting with him, funny I thought I was done yesterday and this morning in prayer he gave me the idea to do the finishing touches!
Morning glory

This painting me and the holy Spirit did  for my sister I saw in prayer a waterfall washing me and making it clean because its in worship where we are made whole and clean!