Touching Hearts And Souls

We have been blessed by the support of others and the Lord’s grace and mercy to come up with some Gifts for you, for yourself, or to be given to others. A Still Small Voice Journal, where one is to start journaling his heart to Jesus’ Heart — a heart-to-heart conversation. Followed by two types of Rhema Cards which we did. Type 1 is Love Notes, 300 in number, each with a different word on it from Jesus. And Type 2 contains Art as a cover, which we call Evangelical Cards, which are to minister to souls in need as the Lord leads you.


Still Small Voice Journal

These pages are meant to start you off on how to dialogue with God, pour out your heart to Him, take a record of the rhemas and words He has given you, and listen to Him too. It is a 100 pages Journal to be used personally or gifted to someone.

Journal Back and Front Cover
Preview How It Looks Like

LOVE NOTES — Rhema Cards

The Love Notes are 300 in number, each with a different word on them from Jesus. Below are some examples of their design inside and out. For these, in order to have a number of them, please email us at, with your mailing name and physical mailing address and we will send them to your home.

Evangelical Cards — With Art

The drawings by Sister Therese have now taken the form of Evangelical Rhema Cards—ministering with art! Each word is given either by Daddy God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, or Mama Mary. Below you will encounter them downloadable and free for you to minister with as the Spirit leads you.

Horizontal Version:

Vertical Version:

With your help, His words and touches will go wider!

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