“He saw young people coming to me with their own torches 

that were not as yet lit. They touched my torch and theirs burst into flame,

then they WENT OUT all over the world with this light, and spread it.”

Mother Clare, on The Prophecy of the Torches

And so now we have various

Family and Friends from the same Tree!

Heartdwellers shoots and branches:

Our Parent Site

The Lord has been speaking with Clare and Ezekiel for over 30 years, and in 2012 asked her to establish the Still Small Voice Youtube Channel to spread the word about His wonderful love for us, and to get His Bride ready for the coming Rapture. Which has now grown around the world. For more messages from Jesus please visit their website.

Heartdwellers Texas

As the Lord commanded us to “love one another as I have loved you,” our purpose is to reach out to our fellow brothers and sisters in need. We serve the homeless and the poor in Dallas and surrounding areas, as well as bring hope to those who are incarcerated.

Heart to Heart With Jesus

This channel is dedicated to teach all the intimate unconditional love of Jesus for you and to show you how to connect personally with Him, even to the point of hearing and seeing Him. 

Heartdwellers Caribbean

Love, Serve, Encourage, and spread Joy to all those that are in most need of it. We hope to provide them with their needs, spiritually and physically, free of charge.

Through the Lord and His grace and mercy, we share with you a glimpse of how beautiful and amazing heaven is to hopefully encourage you to want to go deeper with the Lord in your own special way, and discover who He truly is for yourselves.

Theresian Petals

This place is simple, not at all on prophecies, nor on big movements or events… It’s a small spot where ones walk and path with God is shared. Petals blowing from Jesus’ hands—a symbol of blessings, joys, growth, love, virtue, hope, sacrifice, etc—from Heaven on Earth for many to taste and feel the delicacy of their King’s heart and Being. Each drawing we made, each message and lesson shared serves the purpose of you knowing Him.

Queen Mary of Heaven

Our love and devotion for Jesus, Mary and Joseph is the cornerstone of our evangelization, and whether through prayer, the sacraments, spiritual warfare, art, music, and worship, we always seek to foster our wonderful friendship with the Holy Family of Nazareth.

May God bless you and your loved ones – In Jesus’ name. David and Catherine.

Heartdwellers Germany

On this channel, you will find the translations of Still Small Voice, in German.

Heartdwellers Russia — Жители Сердца

This channel is a translation of messages from the Still Small Voice, in Russian.

Other: Happy Care Global

It’s a Christian non-profit organization in Ghana. We will be partnering with them in this mission by providing care to the poor and needy by demonstrating the act of loving your neighbor as you love yourself. Through donations and contributions, they impact lives through welfare programs. Find them on Facebook.

Help us build this Family!

The community will live solely off God’s providence through donations. Not one seed sown
into this community will fall on the ground wasted but will reap a harvest of thirty,
sixty, and even a hundredfold not only in this life, but the next!

Will you help us build the City of God and all His heart desires?