Visitation- King Solomon

 ~ A Message From King Solomon To Sister Jahnavi ~

Hello heartdwellers family,

Greetings to you all in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ. May Christ rise in you and your families, to be His witness for His glory and name.

Many times we misunderstand Lord when we face trials and difficulties. His word says: “Your thoughts are not My thoughts”. He is full of compassion and merciful towards us, and still we fall into condemnation and guilt, thinking we are [the] worst sinners and we have no way out.

There is a way that is only through Jesus Christ – we are redeemed and sanctified through faith. I have suffered, falling into condemnation and untold misery. When we lose hope, we lose confidence in the Lord. In such days, I was struggling with many of my vices and sins… loosing hope of deliverance and freedom. The good news, is the bible says: “If we say we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot disown Himself.” 2 Timothy 2:13. Lord will never give up on us, for He is faithful.

I was drowned in misery and sorrow over my situations and praying, Lord began to address me, and I heard another voice. He introduced himself as King Solomon.

He began,

 “Hello sister,I greet you in the name of Lord Jesus. I wrote 3000 proverbs, almost 1000 songs. Since I got wisdom, I had immense riches. I was one of those Kings who seldom saw a war, my hands were resting, I have no wars. I was wonderfully enjoying everything Lord Jehovah gave me.

I had visitations from Heaven too. I was close to Jehovah, it was a wonderful life, I was living blessed by Jehovah. Although I was in wonder and awe of all riches and glory, one thing I failed, was on the consistency of my nature; I was a womanizer. Lord Jehovah warned me through prophet that I should give up pursuing women.

1 Kings 11:2, from the nations concerning which the Lord had said to the sons of Israel, “You shall not associate with them, nor shall they associate with you, for they will surely turn your heart away after their gods.” Solomon held fast to these in love.

King Solomon continued,

 “But I had a quest for woman, I loved women more than God, that became open destruction for me. I had to go [through] difficult trials in my life at the end, I ended doing idolatry. My heart went astray, I gave into worldly ways. I had no idea I was seeped in such a sin, an unforgivable sin, destroying the sanctity of temple. I started idol worship and I began to indulge more with woman. I gave sexual favors to the other Kings and nobles; such high was my crime against God. But in end I repented, and that too came when I was alive, more or less before my death.

 “My son Rehobam got indulged in these pagan practices, I couldn’t teach him about Jehovah God. For that, I had intense fire in purgatory. I was a soul crying and yearning for God there, all my wisdom was questioned in the end. Still, it was benevolence of the Lord, the splendor of Solomon found place in [the] Bible. I was forgiven and still my splendor is still spread throughout whole world.

 “Sister, you may not have that splendor, but you are that fragrance that Lord desires, that is your heart. He knows you and loves you, we are honored to meet you. You have lived a difficult life and still, Lord is on your side. He is with you, He will accomplish what He has started, He is faithful. What He promised, He has fulfilled in my life. When I repented, He promised one day the story of my repentance will come out, and you are going to witness for it. Amen.

 “I repented and found favour with Him again. I still say, you are His choice and His bride and we all love and cherish you. Lord has commissioned you to spread His fragrance of love and forgiveness all over the world. So I encourage sister, when I, being so hopeless betrayed the Lord – you are [in] much more better place. You will carry His name further, please be encouraged and we are cheering and praying for you.”

That was the end of message.

This message, encouraging to everyone who feel short and condemned of ones sins. Lord is merciful, His Mercy endures forever. He will forgive our sins.

May you find peace and joy in His name.


My Brides Will Rise To Punch

~ A Message From Jesus to Sister Jahnavi ~            

Hello family,

Many greetings in Jesus name. I hope and pray many are taking the need to pray this hour. Prayers are much-needed, especially when there is so much evil rising, only Lord can intervene in our lives and prevent the disaster and chaos coming on the world.

One evening, I was visiting a family. As we sat down to talk, the topic came about church; how churches are divided, and one family member said, people are catching the fish from the basket rather than catching the fish outside. My heart broke when I heard how Lords heart is hurting because of the divisions and differences in church. Immediately I lifted my heart and prayed for mercy and healing, next day Lord spoke to me,

My Jahanvi,

 “Things are coming to pass for you, what you yearned and what you desired, is coming. Hold on to Me in faith, nothing will be taken from you. I am giving you My strength. My love, don’t be disappointed by your trials, they are shaping you, forming you to trust Me. I listened to the prayer you prayed yesterday, you heard My heart, My body is being ripped by others; they want notoriety fame, extending their clout. Enemy brought this division, he is sowing discord causing fights among brothers and sisters!

 “How it heaps on Me, the lies the enemy is spawning will be much more. People will flock for better things, better lives, leaving the bitter lives for good. All they would want will come to nothing, My dear, take it in your heart, true gospel should be burning in your heart. It was not of acquiring, but losing for one another. You fight within yourselves, when you ought to fight for each other.

“Jahanvi, I have called you dear, as Gideon’s army. My brides will rise to punch and blow these end time armies raised against My Church, My brides who [are] weak, sinful – will rise into My glory. They will squash these armies with their prayers and sacrifices, all you do will not be in vain for My Church. It will stand strong again, all the blows of the enemy will [be] squashed by My faithful bride. Keep praying My dear one, I am coming through. Let the cry of your heart reach to the Heavens, may your wailing reach unto the ears of mine. I will bring down this army who [are] so proudly flaunting and parading against My Church.

 “My dear, rise up, your God calls you up to rise and fight, for nothing is impossible for your God. Stay alert, he is pouncing on you to devour you but his efforts will be fruitless, for I will stand with you. I never delay My word, it will come and come to pass.  Stay in faith, stay in your station like Nehemiah, working in one hand, another, take care of your families. Come to knees to pray. You will not be subdued but i will subdue your enemies. They are nothing dear, don’t be afraid of them.

 “Look around, I have surrounded My armies too, there are more than you think. You will know your Lord and mighty and strong one Jahnavi, keep fighting don’t give up to the enemies suggestions. I am raising you up dear, I will call you forth in love, more will come dear to fight for Me, pray for them too. Don’t give up, keep fighting I am coming through.”

Family, Lord is urging all of us to pray for the Church, to pray against the divisions of the Church, differences in the Church.

May Lord bless you with this message. Amen.

A Possible Coup In Ghana – Pray!

Hello brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family.
May we all be given the burden and grace to pray for the African nations.
If you are unaware, we have had some disturbing things take place in West Africa recently.

There was a coup that took place last week in the republic of Niger which is a neighboring country to Ghana, although not bordering us, but Nigeria. What has transpired will affect us and can possibly affect the whole world with tensions escalating and France and U.S instigating attacks and African nations coming together in alliance to declare war if anyone attacks the nation.

Father Derrick had a dream which we believe to be prophetic, and the Lord is calling all Heartdwellers to fast and pray with us. Here is an article from Al Jazeera which I trust, that explain a bit of what is going on so you can understand then Jesus will touch on this subject and what he wants us to do.

From the Aljazeera news article
Niger coup: Divisions as ECOWAS military threat fails to play out-

Mary Elisha: So, just a heads up – ECOWAS is: Economy, Community of West African States. Basically, it was put together by the U.S and it’s simply like a ‘U.N’ for West African Nations. And it’s an alliance for several West African Nations that come together to declare democracy. Unfortunately, we know that whatever America’s a part of, always has their narrative and has their agenda. So keep that in mind. So, back to the article –
As a deadline to restore Niger’s democratic government passes, strong initial ECOWAS reaction to Niger coup d’etat now appears divided.
All eyes are on the next move by West African leaders who vowed to attack coup leaders in Niger if they failed to free the detained president and revert back to a democratically elected government. The deadline for the threat of force involving troops from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) was Sunday. By late evening, no sign of a military intervention in Niger was apparent. While some observers say the bloc’s hardline stance was prompted by Western allies
(Mary Elisha speaking: meaning that they feel that America is the one who prompted ECOWAS to make such a bold statement to say – if you do not revert back to the old government, the Nations will attack you. America and France in particular, wanted the African Nations within ECOWAS to attack Niger. So back to the article) –
-While some observers say the bloc’s hardline stance was prompted by Western allies, the United States and France in particular – ECOWAS’s moves reflect a different approach of its new chairman, Nigeria’s President Bola Tinubu, and they crystallize the fear of member-state leaders who do not want their militaries getting their own ideas, analysts say.
“Coups are rarely carried out in isolation, especially when there are similar experiences, structures and institutions in neighbouring countries,”
“Militaries in the region exchange intelligence so democratic administrations are likely worried about the possibility of their soldiers engaging in similar acts.”
But ECOWAS’s combative response to Niger’s coup also reveals unusual cracks in the alliance of its 15 member states.
(Mary Elisha: So as I mentioned before, ECOWAS consists of 15 different countries in West Africa that have come together like a U.N, to be United Nations of West Africa, to kind of implement and encourage democracy. And once again, it’s backed up by the U.S.) –

-As the threat of a regional war dangles palpably in the air, countries have scrambled to pick a side in what is shaping up to be a major showdown – with wealthier coastal economies on the one side and their landlocked, military-led counterparts on the other. Niger’s neighbours to the West have risen to the defence of the new General, that has dug it’s heels in and shunned peace talks.
The military governments in Mali and Burkina Faso called ECOWAS’s bluff, saying an armed intervention in Niger would be met with force. Guinea also sided with the putschist leaders. All three countries plus Niger are suspended from ECOWAS (Mary Elisha: so as of now guys, Mali, Burkina, Faso and Guinea, and Niger are all suspended from ECOWAS. Back to the article) –
-and form part of a military-led belt spanning Africa’s Sahel from Guinea in the West to Sudan in the east. Led by Nigeria, richer, coastal states are also uniting as an alarming insecurity trend stemming from their northern neighbours threatens their stability. In recent Gulf of Guinea countries previously spared armed-group violence ravaging the Sahel have experienced attacks in locations bordering Mali and Burkina Faso.
But in recent years, the armed groups have begun to expand their reach, pushing down towards littoral states that have historically struggled to battle piracy in the Atlantic Ocean. In June 2022, Togo declared a state of emergency in response to an attack that killed eight soldiers. Jama’at Nusrat al-Islam wal-Muslimin (JNIM), an al-Qaeda-affiliated group based in Mali, claimed responsibility, marking the first such attack in the country.
Benin recorded eight times more violent incidents last year than in 2021. Recent attacks in Cote d’Ivoire are raising suspicions that sleeper cells are already operating in the country. And Ghana, which has not suffered a direct assault, is bracing itself, pushing the Accra Alliance – an initiative to halt a violent spillover from the Sahel, to act preemptively. Coups in Mali and Burkina Faso have coincided with spikes in violence, analysts say.
Both military governments seized power between 2020 and 2022 – (Mary Elisha: so guys, there’s been a coup in Mali, and Burkina and Faso just in the last year and the year before that.)
-respectively, promising to end insecurity. They have expelled thousands of French and United Nations troops as perceptions that their presence did not improve security growing.
Soldiers from the Wagner Group, a Russian paramilitary force, are now present in both countries. The private military group has been accused of human rights abuses against local communities.
West African leaders have linked the rise of military regimes to the escalating violence by armed groups as well. Oumar Touray, president of the ECOWAS Commission, said in July that the barrage of coups in the region “run parallel to insecurity that West Africa and the Sahel have been facing for some time now”.
Meanwhile, Niger – the last ally of France and the US in the Sahel – saw attack-related deaths reduced by more than 50 percent in recent years. Dialogue with armed groups, engagement with conflict-affected communities, and collaboration with French and US troops helped the situation, said James Barnett of the Hudson Institute (Mary Elisha speaking: and once again, that’s from the U.S, stating that.)-
-But the new military leadership appears poised to move away from that approach. (Mary Elisha: Meaning guys, that the new military in the Republic of Niger, wants nothing to do with the West and France. They want France to get out, they want any U.S and West affiliations in the country to get out because they’re a sovereign nation. They want to take hold of their own country, because to be honest; many African countries have been raped, pillaged and taken advantage of by the West, all their resources, everything is going to colonize- um, those who colonized them. And they’re kinda fed up with that. Did they go about it the right way? No. But they’re really wanting to take hold of the Republic of Niger and have all the resources that have been pillaged by France, for France; now given back to the nation of Republic of Niger. So back to the article-)
-“It has already announced the termination of its defence agreement with France,” said Barnett. “It’s unclear if Wagner will enter the fray, but it is certainly a risk if ECOWAS goes ahead with an intervention, and the junta in Niamey is desperate for external support.”
So how will this affect ECOWAS? (Mary Elisha: this is important guys because Ghana is one of the leading countries in the ECOWAS group that has been formed.
Our president now was a former Chairman for ECOWAS in 2020. Now our Nigeria president is the one who’s the Chairman for that. And so, Nigeria, Ghana; the leading West African wealthier countries, have taken a stance – there’s a huge division now – taken a stance to not agree with this coup and this way of government, because they want to continue to encourage democracy. And then you have the smaller and more poor countries, the militant countries like Mali, Burkina, Faso, Guinea and Republic of Niger, that have been defiant, and said no, we no longer want the West or U.S help or our ‘colonized master’s, no longer involved in our country.
So there’s a huge split here and ECOWAS is being prompted by the U.S and France to do something- to do something about it. So they’re wanting to rise up and instigate Nigeria and Ghana, to actually go in and fight Republic of Niger, to fight their own brothers and sisters, to instill back democratic government that it was before. So here, the article states about how it will affect ECOWAS) –
So ECOWAS is not new to military interventions to restore order. Regional force was crucial to ending the Sierra Leone and Liberia civil wars in the 1990s. In 2017, the alliance helped usher out former Gambian autocrat Yahya Jammeh, who refused to hand over power after losing elections.
But Niger presents ECOWAS’s greatest challenge in 30 years, analysts say.
“There are hard regional divisions at play now,” said Barnett. “This would be a messy conflict.”
Niger’s Western neighbour Chad – which is not officially part of the regional bloc but has played a mediating role – might provide inroads for a land invasion, but has not committed to military action.
[Defence] chiefs have said an invasion would be a last resort, but there is a chance the bloc will continue to take a hardline approach. President Tinubu of Nigeria, the ECOWAS chief, harbours personal ambitions to make Nigeria a regional superpower again, Barnett noted, and France has signaled it will back the bloc’s threat.

Mary Elisha: meaning that France is going to back up ECOWAS. And we all know France is against also to, the Ukraine; and right now Burkina, Faso, Mali and Republic of Niger is all for Russia. So once again, this is such a bigger issue. So that’s the end of the article, for Algeria News Article.

The following days after the coup took place, my cousin said there were several military conveys going to and fro, from the embassy that it caused so much traffic and rumors that soldiers were being trained on how to dismantle a coup government if that took place here in Ghana. I brushed it off and thought: that could not happen.. I was just praying more so for mercy for the rest of that West African nations.

Would you know, the following morning, that Father Derrick had a prophetic dream – where a coup took place here in Ghana. He said there was much pandemonium, disruption and chaos. He was so burdened by the dream because he felt it was so real, and we told his pastor and began to pray. So during prayer, I came to the Lord with all of this on my heart.

Jesus, is Derricks’ dream true Lord?

Jesus began,
“It will happen eventually My little one, war is inevitable, but the timing depends on the prayers of My people. It’s time to plead for mercy like never before. That is why I sent you here to this nation for such a time as this. Offer your Lords Supper for this sole intention, to have mercy upon the West African nations that leaders would be yielded to My Spirit, and not the agenda of men. And that the Church would began to pray interceding like never before, to hold back the Fathers hand a little while longer.

“There are many dynamics of power in place, much is coming from the West and the elite globalists, who want to depopulate and are using the war to do it. World War 3 is inevitable as well but again, it’s all the timing. Everything is being set in motions. They wanted to start World War 3 with the Russia and Ukraine conflict, but Putin is a very smart man and did not budge when they advanced and invaded, as he instructed them not to. He knew any form of relation would cost him dearly and the world dearly in this moment – but do not think for one second he is not preparing for it.

“All the nations of the Earth are now preparing for a World War, they know it’s coming. And a war of that magnitude takes time, so many nations are equipping their military, security, and preparing many underground bunkers when D day begins. For now, everyone is diplomatic and smiling in each other’s faces, knowing the intent of their allies and their enemies. Something of this magnitude would affect tremendously the current state of your nation. There will be many sanctions, riots, protest and the ones who will hurt the most, are the poor, and street vendors and workers. The West has placed Ghana exactly where they want them to be, right in the palm of their hand, for this nation leads the West in Africa. So pray My people, and My dear ones, back to back Divine Mercies, pleading for mercy on this nations behalf.

“If war was to break out amongst the African people in the West, it will ignite a further precedence for World War 3 and accelerate the West’s idea that war is now necessary to gain control over the masses. With war, comes cyber media warfare and mind controlling. They have done it so well to cover up the truth about the Russia and Ukraine conflict, that many are blinded to the truth and the current motivations and actions of Americas current president. Many are waking up and catching on to the lies and false narratives spoken in the news about the situation.”

I said: Lord, something like this will put a hold on everything. I can imagine there will be government sanctions, lockdowns you name it –how can we prepare?
Jesus responded,
“For now My little one, get your flock praying. Offer a novena for this intention and pray The Divine Mercy very intentionally for Ghana and all West African nations. It would be good to keep a large amount of their currency money on you beloved.

The thought came to My mind to keep dollars instead.

“No beloved, it won’t be of much value when something like this takes place. Do not fear and know that I am with you. I stand with the nation of Ghana, although it’s people have gone wayward in immorality – there are many who sincerely cry out to Me and pray with pure hearts and I hear. I will pour out My spirit on many, to give them a nudge of what is to come, so churches begin praying for the nation.”

And that was the end of Jesus’ message.

Thank you family. Please stand with us in prayer. We’ll have the Novena prayer in the comments, if you wanna join us. And the Lord is calling for us all to have a 21 day fast of prayer, for the work of the City of God and this mission.
Thank you for those who have given to us, who have encouraged us, who have supported us in donations that have poured in, thank you so much, may God bless you. God is faithful!

Give unto the Lord – Blessed Mother

~ A Message From Blessed Mother to Sister Jahnavi ~

Hello heartdwellers family,

Greetings to you all in the name of Jesus Christ, may you all be blessed and with the previous message; may you all open hearts to pray and intercede for nations.

After the message from the Lord, I was still in adoration, I heard a sweet voice calling my name. I felt in my heart it was Blessed Mother. She has been so instrumental in my life, through her intercession and prayers, I have been delivered many times from oppression. Her prayers are powerful and has brought me into a state of grace.

Mother of Mercy began,

 “Jahnavi, don’t be afraid to give unto my son. He loves you, you are loved, whole [of] Heaven watches over you. We are keeping a watch over you, you are not alone, whenever you are praying we rush to you. So keep coming in adoration, your Lord dwells in a Holy place, no impurity can stand before Him. If you trust Me and my Son, soon deliverance will come. You are going to be out from the prison of fear and condemnation.

 “You are being made whole and soon you will work for Him. I know it’s impossible for you – not for us and my Son who is always with you. Once you are molded to trust, it’s easy to follow. Ask my prayers, I will intercede for you. All will be given dear, wait patiently. I love you and so does my Son. Severe trails are coming for all. These 21 day fasts are crucial for all Lord’s Brides, much spoil need to be taken from the enemy.

 “Jahnavi, stand in faith, We are with you. Keep praying. Your prayers are needed, [for] what He wants to do in Ghana and in the world. Offer sacrifices, sleep, food, entertainment. All you can give, give unto the Lord. Much will be given to you to fight, pray binding prayer, you are slacking in it. Do it in the morning, much oppression will be lessened. Lord is giving you a rest, rest in Him, and grow in holiness, Come with heart of thanksgiving, you will find much joy. Obey your husband and take care of your children, and obey my Son. Do immediately what He tells you.”

That was Blessed Mother’s short message.

Brothers and sisters, as Blessed Mother said, let’s offer everything we can, however Holy spirit leads you. I received a Rhema of psalms 10 and psalms 43. It means enemy is conspiring against nations, against us, he wants to bring chaos to instigate world war. Let’s run to the Lord and plead for His mercy, for our families for our children, for our nations.

Pray for Africa, pray for Ghana, pray for City of God work, pray for Mother Elisha and Father Derrick, especially pray against witchcraft. Pray for India too, one of our state is being persecuted. Lord told me it will spread to other states too, so please lift India against persecution.  Amen.

Teachers Who Pray

Hello brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family.

A few of us in the group I have spoken with, have been struggling with feelings of wanting to give up. Mother Clare sent out a message for us to lift her up in prayer for lack of motivation or inspiration, and another Heartdweller reached out to me with the same feelings. There seems to be a malaise over all of us.

So, this morning I was really struggling to hear from the Lord, it’s been like that for a week now. I pulled a Rhema from St. Faustina, it said:

When you feel like giving up –

My sweet child, don’t worry I have prayed for you”- Saint Faustina

Aww.. thanks spiritual mother in Heaven!

The next card said, which I was very surprised:

Pray for ‘Marilyn Rhames & the Teachers who Pray’ organization
-Pray for the school system
-Pray teachers would be intercessors on fire for Me
-Pray they wouldn’t fear using My name
-Pray My Spirit to fall upon all teachers in this organization and aver all he world to pray like never before.

This was a word Jesus gave in a message from two years ago, that I wrote down on a card to be a Rhema, right after the lock-down was about to be over and kids were going back to school and taking the vaccine. So during prayer, my heart was burdened with this. After receiving the Lord I came before Him-

Jesus, what’s on Your heart?

Jesus began,

 “You worry too much My little one. Do not be anxious for nothing, but with prayer and supplication you have already made your request known to Me. I have heard and I will answer. Continue to be still and wait on Me, My dove. There is much I am working out, even right now for your good and setting things in the right order and in the perfect place. Be at peace and continue to have a heart of gratitude each day.”

Yes Lord, thank You for all You’re doing. Thank You for the beautiful changes I do see and thank You for putting things in divine order.

 “My heart is heavy for the children and the school systems all over the world. Especially those in America, that is why you were given the Rhema card today beloved. President Biden intends to enact a law that will affect the school education on a state level. There are many within each state that have been planted there to usher in Satan’s agenda. That is why the Sound of Freedom is having so much push back .

 “My brides, know this is not a political battle, but a very spiritual one that is going on. They will give teachers incentives to teach certain things that are contrary to My ways and contrary to the nature of man. With inflation so high and the cost of living rising, many teachers will be given the opportunity to compromise in their beliefs and morals, the incentives will be that good. Many of My very own will be tempted and give in to compromise and that is why I am asking you little ones, to please pray.

 “Once America makes a move, so many other nations take the same actions for it has become the mothership for all things evil. However, I have My Gideon few, who have not bent their knees down to Baal and My brides because you pray, I relent every time.“

Lord, I’m reminded by that book Piercing The Darkness by Frank E Peretti. It’s such an amazing book of revelation, concerning spiritual warfare how it affects the real world, how the demons influence people to fulfill their agenda and actually the assignments against the school system and children.

If you heartdwellers have not read the book, I encourage you to please get this book, it’s amazing powerful and so prophetically accurate.

Yes, My servant was given a Heavenly revelation when writing that book, for they were things to come

But Lord, won’t people wake up? Won’t parents wake up to what is going on?

Jesus responded,

They are far too distracted with the struggles of everyday life, taking care of the family and their own personal needs. Satan has been very clever in this generation to cause many to love themselves more and more and love others less – that includes their own spouses and their own children. The role of a parent is one of sacrifice, a life laid down for your children to raise them up and teach them in My ways, that My fragrance may be spread on this Earth. But the influence of social media, so much demonic, doctrine and self-loving speaking which comes from pride, is hailed as the wisdom of the age. When in fact, it’s the Prince of this age that has blinded so many and veiled so many under the guise of living for now, building for now and loving for the moment.

2 Corinthians 4 1:

And even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing. The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.

 “Even My own are bogged down with some of these influences; not to mention the constant barrage of static, demonic suggestions and thoughts that come with oppression to slow My people down. So they don’t see their children, their upkeep, their upbringing, their precious hearts and minds as a priority; but I do. I have told you once, but it bares repeating, that is why your union with your beloved is so hated, because I will use you as a standard, a wall of protection for so many children all over the world, not just in Ghana. There is much you cannot see of the future I have planned for you, but your life will be lived for the children and youth of this generation. So keep that in mind My little one when You feel like giving up – there are many, many souls, children’s lives who hang in the balance that you are destined to bring to Me.”

Oh wow Lord, I am humbled. Please give me the grace for more love because I do feel it has gotten cold. Break both of our hearts for what breaks Yours Lord. Help us to see You in each child, please Jesus.

 “That I will answer. The adjustment of a heart takes time, continue to be faithful in your outreach ministry and I will ensure this will take place. Now back to the matter at hand. So I need My brides, Heartdwellers, to pray, offering up every supplication and petition before the Father for these intentions, for the organization ‘Teachers Who Pray’ and for the leaders of state and city councils, that they would be moved with conviction not to compromise and that teachers would began to see themselves as what they are – world changers, world shapers. You see, Satan took hold of Hitlers mind and all he knew, his manifesto, was by what was taught to him and he taught others . The readings of Karl Marx and more.

 “So, the power of a teacher can influence a nation, a people, and change a person’s destiny for the good or bad. I have given teachers this authority and if they knew who they were in My light, they would wield it using My name to turn the hearts and minds of children back to Me. To protect their minds and hearts from demonic influences and the culture of this age that is so polarizing. Most teachers spend more hours with a child than a parent does; added by praying for classroom and students, makes you that more powerful against the world of the kingdom of darkness.

 “My beloved ones, those who teach – it’s time to pray like never before. Seeing this not only as a job, but as a mission field and ministry. There are big changes coming and things can look at lot different next year for the schools in America and all over the world if My people do not begin to pray. It is a scary time for those who have children in the school system, but there is no need to fear, for I have overcome the world. Lets work together My beloved ones, you pray, and I will move to cover and protect the young minds of this generation.”

And that was the end of Jesus’ message.

Thank you family, for those who continue to give donations towards our GoFundMe campaign, phase 1 of the building of the City of God community. We appreciate every single gift, thank you family. Continue to think of us, pray for us and donate.

If you’re not aware of Marilyn Rhames and her organization ‘Teachers Who Pray’, I encourage you to look it up. We’ll have the link here in the comments section. But it’s an amazing organization she started as a Christian, to really support the teachers. And more importantly, to make a change in the school systems in America. So please lift her up in prayer, lift that organization up in prayer too as well, as Jesus mentioned.

God bless you family until the next message.

Catch The Pearls

Jesus what’s on Your heart ? I feel so lost.

Jesus began,

 “You are being buffeted My little one and are being tossed to-and fro on the surface of the ocean. Dive into the deep; there you will find Me and find your peace and not moved by every emotion.”

I saw myself like peter on a boat, with storms and waves coming from the right and left. Remembering what Jesus said, I listened to Jesus – I just dived out of the boat into the waters and began to swim down deep. There was a silence and perfect calm and peace. I saw Jesus there with me, beckoning me to come as we swam in the water, the colors and the fish were so beautiful and brilliant. It seemed there was no storm at all from this vantage point, but the sky turned clear blue from what I could see, as the sun’s rays were piercing through the waters in the depths where we were. Jesus came to me, faced me and held My hand and smiled.

Lord, You’re so sweet.. thank You for calming My heart and thank You for believing in me. All the songs You played were saying that I have been stuck, even like a big plane that won’t take flight, but You still haven’t given up on me.

 “Well, haven’t you felt stuck beloved?”

Yes Lord, just unsure what to do and where I am at. I know My unbelief was also hindering me from hearing You.

 “I’m here beloved, keep writing. You have felt stuck because you have taken your eyes off of Me. When I withdraw Myself from a soul, it is to grow your trust and faith in Me. You know I dwell in your heart; I will never leave you nor forsake you, but sometimes I do let souls feel the loss of My presence and many times it’s to give consolation to a sinner you have been praying for, or even a dying soul. So even that suffering is redemptive. The best thing you can do is declare your trust in Me and walk and live by faith, knowing that I am ever present with you, no matter what happens or comes your way. I haven’t left your side My little one, rather, I have been trying to get your attention. So you would know how much I love you, to encourage you to not give up on yourself.

 “You have become a bit lukewarm and I have heard the cry of your heart and will blow on your embers once again and put a fire in your bones through the words I speak to you. I am far from being done with you. I have been just preparing you beloved.  This is a season of much fruit, much harvest and much ministry; that is why I don’t want you to let up My little one. Be faithful with the graces and the task that I have given you. Set your schedule together for your flock and no longer neglect your other channels.

The Marriage For The Purpose of Eternity Lord?

Yes beloved, there is much you can share from all that I have equipped you with, to bring healing to many broken hearts and those who have given up on My faithfulness in marriages and relationships. Get going beloved, set things in place and simply be faithful. You’re so easily moved by external circumstances and how you feel. I am looking for diligence and obedience on your part. Beloved you be obedient, and I will do the rest. Do not be concerned with your beloved, for now in time he will come on board to help with the mission I have given you two. But for now – you just be faithful to Me instead!”

Yes Lord.

 “Also prepare yourself to travel as well.”

Really Lord?

Don’t question or reason concerning provision. Do what you can, getting paperwork and visas to the places I have already made known to you, so when it’s time, you can go when called.”

Yes Lord, thank You for the opportunities.

 “My beloved brides, dive into the deep with Me. Do not be afraid to go deeper with Me and leave the shores of comfortability and what I have done before. Too many of My brides walk in presumption with Me because we have walked together for a while, you presume to know what I will do and not do; however, this is a new season filled with great hope and new vision. I am doing a new thing can you not perceive it? I am leading you into a harvest that will be plenty, but you must trust My leading and be obedient to the inspiration given to you and follow Me into to new territory and new places.

 “Do not allow shame or condemnation to keep you far away from Me. Some of you are walking with guilt and a heaviness of My displeasure. Do you not know that I delight in you? I speak over you daily with songs of deliverance and say you are My beloved child in whom I am well pleased; not because of what you are doing, no, but what I know will be finished in you and what I know will be completed. So come to Me, My beloved brides, do not run from Me or shy away from going deeper.

 “What does going deeper mean? Being still, sitting at My feet to hear My heart, take risk with what you hear and do it. It is in that place of faith and obedience, I will leave you in awe at My goodness and My mercy. I am asking all My brides – will you trust Me and dive in? There is a place I want to take all My brides, where you will continuously live from the chambers of your heart, the bridegroom chambers, and be assured of My love for you over and over again. You have been buffeted by so many lies long enough and rather hide from Me. Catch the graces that each moment brings. Grace to have great faith in how I am leading you, what I am asking you and grace to do it. Graces are like precious pearls that I am adorning each of My brides with. I leave you now with great hope to dive deep with Me and catch the pearls.

Just then I saw my hand cupped and Jesus drop a pearl in my hands

Thank You Jesus!

I Will Use You My Brides To Bring Down The Giants

Hello family, brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers. This is a short, sweet message from Jesus to really encourage us all in our faith.

I have been in a place of uncertainty for sure not really sure the next step but simply doing what is set before me to do and what I have finished yet. It has felt like a dark night in my soul. I feel very empty of thought or direction and I know it’s all the Lords doing. A cross of fatigue is also upon all of us here – just feeling so tired, heavy and sleepy as if we don’t get enough rest. Father Derrick and Sister Ruth have been feeling it too. As we are going through the motions but attempting to keep our heart fixed on Jesus.  

I pulled Rhemas and they were so encouraging. The first one read:

“Your life will become brighter than the noon day and darkness will become like morning”

The second said: “Do not let your hearts be troubled, and do not be afraid-you will have peace, quietness and confidence from now on.”

Wow thank you Lord The third said: “When the night comes, what do we do?

Jesus responded, “Watch the stars”

“But if it be a cloudy night, what to do we do?

Response, “Enjoy the rain”.

I felt Jesus was encouraging me to continue to have faith and actually enjoy this time of dark night, trusting in all that He is doing and being faithful, despite my lack of feeling.

I came before Him this morning,   Jesus what’s on Your heart?  

Jesus began, 

It may seem like you are in limbo, but continue to be faithful to the inspirations I have put in your heart little one, as you wait on Me to makes things clearer for you. Indeed, your life will become brighter than the noon day and darkness will become like morning. That is why I want you and all My brides in a place of great thanksgiving and thankfulness. Rather than murmuring and complaining”...

Interestingly enough, a brother had just posted a Rhema message on our Heartdwellers Africa page. He received it this morning, it was one of Mother Clare’s earlier messages and the title was, “Lost in the woods, Seeds of Bitterness, The Power of Complaining”. And If I could be honest, I was guilty of this. I found myself murmuring in my heart here and there about small things. No more than the usually murmuring that I always do, but it seemed this time the Lord wasn’t allowing me to get away with it at all and didn’t want me to complain not one bit about anything.  

I had got the Rhema ‘Sin of Ingratitude’ about two days ago and was sick at heart because of it. I had really made an effort to thank the Lord because I was seeing so much good change that I had dreamed of but at the same time, complaining here and there about other things and didn’t realize how that hurt Jesus.  

The card said: Repent of Ingratitude.
I can do nothing else, but cry and ask for pardon. My heart is a nest of ingratitude, my thoughts are about everything except you. My words are harsh, disdainful, annoyed and hardly charitable. You lower yourself and I lift myself up. You give to me and I except and feel entitled to your gift rather than grateful for them. I am I kind, generous? Do I forgive and forget? I am a cesspool of misery Lord, forgive me from this instant. My life shall consist in imitating you 

Jesus continued, “You do not see as I see and you have no idea what is just around the bend for many of you My faithful brides. Rejoice in praise for every trial and bring to remembrance My faithfulness and My delivering power in your lives. It is always good to remember. David did that often to encourage himself. He meditated upon My goodness and contemplated often the many battles I delivered him from, that is why he was a man after My own heart. He had had seen My mercy in his life over and over again and that became the source of his strength. He knew Me intimately because  of what we had gone through together and the faith he put in Me was never disappointed and that is why when all the soldiers of Israel quaked in their boots at Goliath, David was undeterred and unmoved by this taunting enemy that was 10 times larger his size.” 

1 Samuel 17 Now the Israelites had been saying, “Do you see how this man keeps coming out? He comes out to defy Israel. The king will give great wealth to the man who kills him. He will also give him his daughter in marriage and will exempt his family from taxes in Israel.”

26 David asked the men standing near him, “What will be done for the man who kills this Philistine and removes this disgrace from Israel? Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the living God?”

27 They repeated to him what they had been saying and told him, “This is what will be done for the man who kills him.David said to Saul, “Let no one lose heart on account of this Philistine; your servant will go and fight him.”

33 Saul replied, “You are not able to go out against this Philistine and fight him; you are only a young man, and he has been a warrior from his youth.”

34 But David said to Saul, “Your servant has been keeping his father’s sheep. When a lion or a bear came and carried off a sheep from the flock, 35 I went after it, struck it and rescued the sheep from its mouth. When it turned on me, I seized it by its hair, struck it and killed it. 36 Your servant has killed both the lion and the bear; this uncircumcised Philistine will be like one of them, because he has defied the armies of the living God. 37 The Lord who rescued me from the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear will rescue me from the hand of this Philistine.”  

“Rather, he knew the magnificent and all powerful God he served and had seen what I could do. He remembered what I had done and so his faith was much larger than that giant and because of it, that Philistine giant Goliath came down. Awaken the new faith within you My brides and trust Me. There are the giants of this generation taunting the armies of God in your land and I will use you My brides, to bring these giants down.”

And that was the end of Jesus message.

Constant Praise And Worship

  ~ A Message From Jesus to Brother Aderson ~

Dear Jesus, I come to sit at Your feet. Do You want to speak with me?

Jesus began,

I love you, My love for you is unfailing. I will not leave you or forsake you. I was waiting for you to come and spend quality time together, My heart exposed to you. Do not allow worldly matters to burden your Heart, nothing happens without My permission. I know the heart of men, I know their downfall, but I do not rejoice over their fall. Please pray for a change of heart, that they understand My will and know Me”..  

I said: Lord, give me the grace to remember them in My prayers.  

Jesus said, “I will if you ask. Be happy in Me, do not expect joy and happiness in the world . I am the only source of good and the only way to a quiet and happy life. Rejoice over your sufferings and injustice, know that your God sees everything and in due time He will come to set you free. Rejoice and thank Me for all I allow in your life, know that I am always here by your side and will never allow your enemies to triumph over you.”  

I said: I just don´t understand Lord. Why this greed, why doing that..  

Jesus said,  “It is nothing personal, he is doing what he was hired to do, but all happens according to My will. Do not let this to overburden you. I want you free for Me.” Thank you Father. What is in Your heart?  

Jesus: “I always want you to be happy, even in your trials, you can do so much when you have a thankful heart. Thanking Me for all I allow in your life. Lift your heart up to Me and praise Me. Constant praise and worship, let it be in your heart. Praise and Love Me. You wonder, why this message? Your enemies can´t stand a soul that is in constant praise and worship, burning with fire of My Love, having My spirit in them. Lift your heart up to Heaven and have Us always in your heart. Carry Us in your heart and make it a living dwelling from Us.

Accept My challenge for this day on…”   I said: Sure Lord, I will do that..  This was the end of our conversation.

Live In Peace With Your Neighbour

~A Message From Jesus To Brother Aderson ~

Hello Father, it has been long. Thank You for the beautiful party we gave for our son (July 15th was my son´s birthday).

I am sad because of my mother´s behavior. I prayed and am praying for reconciliation in the family, but mine and Your words are not being taken seriously.People are not greeting – Jesus what can I do, now division seems to be more than before?  

Oh, Jesus, I am sorry and forgive me for entertaining talks that led to this. I can’t recognize my mother´s behavior, please Jesus have mercy on us, sinners!

Jesus, what is in your heart? 

“The choices My people make are not always what I desire for them. You can choose to live in peace with your neighbor or live in fear of others. It all come down to the choices My people make.  

“I lived on this Earth in peace with everybody, but some persecuted Me because they could not understand My way of living. I lived for peace, I wished everybody to know My peace, inner peace. It is peace in your heart that is missing. Peace with your neighbors is so important for your wellbeing. You wonder why I am talking about peace?  

I said : Yes, I am…   “When you do not have My peace, you become insecure, judgmental, fearful, and defensive. Remember, the first thing I gave to My disciples after My resurrection was My peace. Peace that I am your refuge, peace that I am all you need. You do not need to fire back at people when you have My peace. What can you be afraid of if you are with Me?  Even those who persecute you are in constant fear, fear of losing their power, fear of not achieving their task, fear of their masters..  

“I want you all to walk in My peace. I created you all to live in peace. Let all this dungeon of fear, anger, bitterness, resentment fall, let My spirit dwell on you. Let Me be your God. How I love you all and want you all to live in peace, but for this to happen, you must abandon yourself, die to yourself. May I say that you are your greatest enemy? Yes, when you allow your flesh and emotions to tell you what to do. I want you all to live in peace and stop making enemies.”

Resting With Jesus

~ A Message From The Lord To Brother Aderson ~

Jesus began,  

“I am Love, moved by Love in everything. Let love dictate your life, there is so much freedom in Love. The person who loves is free – free from attachments, free from self-seeking, free from expectation from others. Love is not demanding; it is simply love.”  

I said: You have called us to love, You have allowed events in my life to show your love and mercy, Oh Jesus, I thank you. Even when I was despised, You showed me what love is. It is You.  

Jesus said,  “Let me fill you with my Love, this is a new chapter in your life, you are my ambassador of Love. All things are made from love, from the Father´s heart. It is impossible to be in Our presence and not be touched by Our Love, love My son.”  

I said: Father, please let me hear Your heart?  

Father said,  “I am here with you, My son. Be an example of Love to your family and your neighbors. Do not be harsh to people, it takes time to build character. By your example they will know they are loved. Expose their sin but love the sinner. You were once a sinner saved by my mercy and now, I want use you to bring sinner´s to Me. Not by might, but by My love and mercy. Do not be afraid to love those who hate or despise you, it is by your love they will know that you are My disciple.

“Always seek Me in everything, do not assume that you know a situation for what you see on the surface, go deeper; deeper in discernment and wait for Me. I know that sometimes you will be misunderstood, they will not understand that you are pleasing Me, Your God. Do not be afraid. When the enemy presents you the flaw of others, come to Me. Do not shut the door because of fear, no; open to receive everything I allow. People will be changed by My love in you, I am always with you.

“Always look for the best in others, do not expose their faults (here He is talking about judgement), but encourage them with words of Love. People are looking for comfort rather than who will point finger at their sins. Show their wrong with kindness and let My Spirit work in their soul. In due time, they will become a fountain because they were love and cared for.  

“Remember, love conquers all, it is the strongest weapon a Christian can have. Be gentle and smile, let my face shine through you. Let Me be seen, let My love be felt and My words be heard.

Go now in peace and let My spirit guide you!”