Praise Will Be Your Weapon These Next Few Months

October 8, 2021

Hello, brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family. This message was given to me on the Feast Day of St. Michael the Archangel. This morning all of us were hit with arrows and assignments of discouragement, lies, fear; and another with rejection.

It all began in prayer when the enemy of my soul bombarded me with all sorts of lies to cause me to be utterly discouraged. I was teaching one of our new priests how to do the Lord’s Supper while desperately trying to hold back my tears. I had told myself that after this I would take a walk and maybe talk to one of the sisters to pray for me. Just then, one of the sisters called as we were in the middle of the Lord’s Supper, crying profusely as she was unable to catch her breath. Both of us, worried by her sobs asked her what was wrong. She told us of a young lady who worked at the grocery store where she frequently shopped for the community. They were wonderful friends and always cordial toward one another. However, she had slipped up and made a statement a few days earlier which she knew had really hurt the young lady. For the past few days, she had searched for her to apologize and couldn’t find her. She had even gotten her a card, and flowers—and that day she saw her. She was so excited, but this young lady was not excited to see her and loudly rebuked her to embarrassment before the whole grocery store without giving her a chance to apologize or tell her of the misunderstanding they had had. She left in sobs. Immediately I knew I needed to get the girls together because I was on the verge of crying myself.

Rather than finishing the Lord’s Supper, I felt I needed to get us all together. When the sisters got home, I rounded us all together, as we began to open up and confess our struggles. We were truly all under attack in one way or another. We began to pray for one another, and I began to get clarity as to why one of the ladies seemed to have so many struggles—because she too was being pounded by lies. It was a beautiful time of bonding and fellowship as we received the Lord and gave each other a sign of peace. I felt profound peace come over my heart and over us all, knowing that we are not fighting alone.

Later that evening, during the Rosary, I began to hear Blessed Mother speaking.

Our Mother of Mercy began,

“Why are you so sad, oh my soul? Hope in God, you will soon praise him again. Praise will be your weapon in these next few months. Praise amidst storms, praise amidst contradictions, and praise amidst sorrows; praise and prayer will get you through, My beloved daughters.

“I am so pleased that you listening to promptings of your Guardian angel, Zeal, today and got the girls together. You all were hit with many assignments and arrows. I need you to always remember that. When one of you is hit, it is always most likely that you all have been hit with something. Today is the Feast Day of the Prince of the Heavenly Hosts. So, the battle has been most fierce over the chosen ones of God. All throughout His body, He is suffering terribly. There is a war in the heavens, a battle for the people of the earth, and many, many souls hang in the balance. Your greatest gift that you can give to Jesus is your suffering, my daughters—to give him every sacrifice and offering. So many graces were released because of the suffering of many today.

“Be united in prayer, and be united in your sufferings, My beloved ones. The Lord will need everything from you in these coming months. It is good that you band together as you did today. It was so beautiful to see before all of Heaven as all the Angels, and all of Heaven surrounded you, and hugged you all, cheering you on. Satan and his demons were fully frustrated. And they knew that the arrow shot at this soul would bring to her ruin — that she wouldn’t be able to complete anything today.

“They intended to cause her such great shame and guilt that she would no longer open up to the souls in Taos, and especially at that establishment. She is the Lord’s emissary here in this area, and the Lord’s presence in her touches so many—far more than she can think. They will do anything to stop her from bringing joy, peace, and hope wherever she goes— but we stopped that today. What they intended for evil, Jesus worked out for good, and used it to bring you all together.

“Love indeed deepens when purified. This group, although small, is a force to be reckoned, with especially when you band together in unity, and brotherly love. That is the strongest link, and that is what they want to break. Be attentive to one another, be honest to each other, and carry each other, for the times ahead will be like a strong tempest. But because you are deeply rooted in My Son Jesus, you will each be like a tree planted by the waters. Heat nor strong winds will pull you away. Don’t worry, My little one. You all are under my covering and protection.

“My beloved children, these times coming upon your nation will not only affect America but the body of Christ. Where one suffers, you all suffer. So it is time to come together. Be at peace with all men and strengthen the bonds that remain, for they will be attacked. As they succeed to cause division in your nation, they will attempt also to cause division in families, friendships, and especially Divine relationships.

“Stay close to one another, pray for one another, and know that your sufferings will not be in vain. The night will be long, My beloved children. Although there will be times where darkness has seemed to have won the victory, remember that God is in control and greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. And when you all come together, band together, support one another, carry each other, what used to be one flame becomes a torch for the Lord. Living flames proclaiming the Gospels in their lives, inflamed with the love of God, and inflamed with such resilience, on fire, but not consumed.”

And just then one of the sisters was finishing up the Third Decade of the Rosary with the Meditation of Pentecost, as she said;

“Pray to the Heavenly Father for the power of the Holy Spirit to fill you with love and boldness. Pray to the Father that the fire of the Holy Spirit will purify you and transform you into a witness of Jesus.”

Again, I knew that was our Mother of Mercy speaking.
That was the end of her message.

A Word to Rouse the Weary

October 7, 2021

Hello, family, many of us are going through various, trials, tests, and temptations. Some of us may feel on the verge of even wanting to give up. It may seem as though your situations have not changed but they have even become more intense as the fire seems hotter than ever.

Last week we got in our missal reading when doing the Lord’s Supper about Jesus being tempted for 40 days and 40 nights before starting his public ministry, and how Satan was relentless in wearing the Lord out, to give in, to buckle, to cave in, and to serve him and his lies. And now Satan is tempting us Heartdwellers in various ways to give in, to buckle, to cave in, and to serve him and his lies.

These past two weeks I had come under demonic attacks and oppression. First, in the form of night terrors and sleep paralysis with feelings of a demonic presence in my room. I offered these attacks and my sleeplessness to the Lord for the salvation of souls—especially the children who have been kidnapped, who will be kidnapped, sex trafficked, and tortured this month for Halloween.

Then the Lord made it clear that we had been cursed again and many assignments had landed upon the Body of Christ. When one suffers, we all suffer and the Lord, yet again, permitted this for the salvation of souls. When we back up our prayers with sacrifice and suffering it is so powerful.

Many times we want to be delivered from our trials quickly and swiftly and find it so hard to keep pressing on when the night seems so long and continues to get darker. As I have talked to others, many have been going through various trials in their marriages, in their ministries, attacks against their faith, with their relationship with the Lord, demonic attacks, you name it. All of us are being hit right now, and it may be the same trial that you have been battling that has just intensified. I just wanted to encourage you all that you are not alone, and the Lord has made it clear to me after the 40-day temptation reading and the attack that night, I heard in my spirit, “For 40 days, you all will have diabolical temptations that I will use to sanctify and purify you.”

I shrugged that thought of thinking that it was my mind but with this ongoing trial I realize that was the Holy Spirit. All of our trials look different. Mine has been a cross of contradiction, confusion, frustration, discouragement, and deep sadness. As the enemy attacks my faith in not believing anymore in any word that Jesus speaks to me. The fear has seemed like a mountain which I couldn’t move, which causes me to not only doubt every word given before but tremble to get another one. There were days when a garment of heaviness took over me, and all I could do was cry.

I just couldn’t seem to get out and away from this cloud of darkness as the demons were so loudly reminding me, especially in prayer, that I couldn’t trust the Lord’s faithfulness anymore. I would fight through it just so I can be available to the ladies and my responsibilities throughout the day, just to wake up and be
hit all over again. It was like a pit I could not get out of, with exhaustion added that you cannot imagine, which was not normal for me.

For you it may be hopelessness, thoughts of suicide, loneliness, deep despair, anger, deep discontentment, division or strife in a relationship, relentless attacks against your mind, continual sexual attacks in the middle of the night, a deep yoke of condemnation, and shame that you’re drowning in. It may be extreme lethargy, anxiety attacks, depression, or slander and false accusations hurled at you by those you love. Whatever your cross may look like, that is just it—it is a cross the Lord has entrusted you to carry for your purification and for the salvation of souls.

When we are suffering, many times it causes us to take our eyes off the cross, and onto ourselves. We start asking the Lord; why me, what have I done to deserve this; Lord, how long will this go on; when will I be set free, when will things change? These are all the questions I had this week as I tried to reason through my sufferings. But the only answer is the cross. Although I was looking for a personal word from Jesus to me, I hadn’t heard from him in over a week and my heart was war-torn and aching unbearably. Even the Rhemas I was receiving were bringing no comfort as it seemed as if the Lord was hiding himself from me for a time. Until these scriptures came up in my Lord’s Supper.

Hebrews 5:7-9 Christ’s Obedience;
“In the days when Christ Jesus was in the flesh, he offered prayers and supplication with loud cries and tears to the One who was able to save him from death. Son, though he was, He learned obedience from what he suffered, and when he was made perfect, He became the source of eternal salvation for all who obey him.”

So even Jesus offered prayers with tears and cries many times. He understands your tears and your cries. He not only laid down his divinity but his perfection that he allowed himself to be shaped and formed through suffering so he could learn obedience to the Father. Jesus was without sin, and he still had to suffer to learn obedience. Then how much more us, who are full of sin, have to suffer to also learn obedience to the Father’s will.

John 12:23-32
Jesus replied, “The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified.  Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.   Anyone who loves their life will lose it, while anyone who hates their life in this world will keep it for eternal life.  Whoever serves me must follow me; and where I am, my servant also will be. My Father will honor the one who serves me.

“Now my soul is troubled, and what shall I say? ‘Father, save me from this hour? No, it was for this very reason I came to this hour.  Father, glorify your name!” Then a voice came from heaven, “I have glorified it, and will glorify it again.”  The crowd that was there and heard it said it had thundered; others said an angel had spoken to him.  Jesus said, “This voice was for your benefit, not mine.   Now is the time for judgment on this world; now the prince of this world will be driven out.   And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself.”

So we are that kernel of wheat that must die to produce much fruit. We must die to our flesh, our self-love, our preference, opinions, expectations, our desires, and our pursuit of a selfish life, to gain the eternal one.

And what is eternal life? To know the one true God and to know the one he sent Jesus Christ. It is experiential knowledge of God. And how do you get to know God in this intimate way? Through suffering. Many times we can cry out like Jesus mentioned in the Scripture, “God save me from this hour of trial”, but Jesus responded and said, “No it was for this reason that I came” He was simply saying it was for this reason I was born, for this trail that my Father may be glorified. Our response must be the same. When you are met with a devastating trial or test that is so painful, and the enemy of your soul is tempting you, beckoning you to give up, you must then say, “No, it was for this reason that I, too, was born—that I came on this earthly exile that I may suffer this trial so that the Father may be glorified.”

Then Jesus spoke to all present and said that when he would be lifted up, he would draw all men to himself. He was referring to being lifted up on the cross. His suffering lifted him up—becoming an eternal sign and symbol of redemption of mankind. So you see, brothers and sisters, our sufferings, although you feel so low, so humiliated, and so debased—when you not only carry your cross but are nailed to it submitting yourself to the will of God, you are actually being lifted up. That through your life, through that testimony that will come from this trial, through the many souls that will receive the grace of conversion through your
suffering, you will then draw all men to Jesus.

So remember, when the Lord lifts you up on the cross to be with him when you suffer, you draw all man to him. Nothing is wasted. We have a long road ahead of
us family, and the Lord is going to ask of us many sacrifices—some small and some great. He will give to some burdens, trials, and others he may take away your rest, your relationships, your health, and even your loved ones.

But we must say yes to whatever he asks of us. We must not shrink back, give in to despair, and think we’re fighting alone. Because He understands and is right beside you, do not be shaken. And when the fire gets hot do not think that it will burn you but it’s being used to purify you and ignite you to be on fire with divine
love and zeal for Him. As he answered the cry of the heart that souls would be saved as graces pour out through your melodies of praise in your storm and the
melodies of prayer that come forth from your tears. None of it is or will be in vain preserver, my fellow weary brides, let us persevere and trust in his goodness.

And lastly, I will end with a reading from The Imitation of Mary, How to Offer the Sacrifices God Asks of Us:

Blessed Mother began,

“My Child,

“Be persevering and generous like me when God asks anything of you, no matter what it may be. He asked me to sacrifice what I loved the most. Yet what does He ordinality ask of you? Only the sacrifices of what you ought to hate! If you love God, generosity should be the main proof of your love. A heart that is mean, does not know what it means to love. If you are unwilling to do anything difficult for God— if you lose heart at the sight of difficulties to be surmounted, can you be said to love?

“He Understands” by Chandler Moore

“True love proves itself in pain and conflict. Inability to suffer is incompatible with the outlook and practice of an authentic follower of Jesus. Do you want to please the Lord with your surfaces? Then offer them promptly and without inquiring what they will cost you. The world asks harder sacrifices of its disciples, yet it need only speak, and they obey immediately and completely. Is God to be the only Lord to whom no one is willing to offer sacrifices without first inquiring whether He is asking too much? My child, we have but little love for God if we put limits to the proofs our love is willing to give. In the world, a person who acts solely according to whim and loves only when its suits his interests, when nonetheless not dare show a heart such as most Christians dare offer God. A son who does only what his father absolutely requires, a wife who is not interested in pleasing her husband when pleasing him makes demands on her—do such people show a sincere and acceptable love?

“God is infinitely good to all His creatures, but He is also a jealous God. He is not served as He requires and deserves to be served unless He is served with a Heart
perfectly submissive to His wish. Be ashamed then, to do so little for Him when He has done so much for you. Do you find that He gives you orders sometimes difficult to carry out? My Child, He will give you other such orders, for you must earn His rewards. Prosperity, rest, reputation, health, life itself: all these He may ask of you, for He has right to them all.

“Do not be surprises that the more you give Him, the more He will ask of you. He does this in order to prepare you for the greater favors during your time on earth and to enable you to receive greater rewards in heaven.”

That was the end of Blessed Mother’s message.

Let’s not refuse what the Lord is asking of each of us, let’s give ourselves to him generously …all for souls.


“He Understands”

I have a friend, he understands
I have a friend, he understands

[Verse 1]
There’s nothing new under the sun
Questions we have
Have been said and done
Fully God and man
He felt it all, all, all
High as king but still
He’s low enough
To meet us where we are

He understands
He was alone, left by his friends
And foxes have holes
He had nowhere to go
No place to lay his head
So if anyone knows
He undеrstands
I have a friend, he undеrstands
He understands
[Verse 2]
I’ve found a friend in the high priest
Who’s not out of touch with reality
He was a man tempted like me
So I won’t feel guilty
He gives me space to be
What he made me

He understands
He was alone, left by his friends
Foxes have holes
He had nowhere to go
No place to lay his head
So if anyone knows
He understands

The pain you feel inside
He understands
The tears you cry at night
He understands
I know you want to hide
He understands
I know you want to run away
He understands (Woah oh-oh-oh)
He understands
I’m so glad he understands (He understands)
He’s my friend and he understands
He understands
I don’t have to worry
I don’t have to fret
He understands (Woah oh-oh-oh)
(Woah oh-oh-oh) He under-
One more time (Woah oh-oh-oh)
I have a friend and he understands
He understands
Even if no one else understands
He understands
He understands
He was alone, left by his friends
Foxes have holes
He had nowhere to go
No place to lay his head
So if anyone knows
He understands

He understands
He’s felt everything that I’ve felt
He’s lived through it all
He understands
I have a friend, he understands, he understands
I have a friend, he understands
I have a friend, he understands
I have a friend, he understands
I have a friend, he understands
He’s felt it all
Tempted by it all
Still he was sinless
He’s lived through it all
Every question
Every fear
Every feeling
He’s right here
He understands
You’re not alone in your confusion
You’re not alone in your doubt
You’re not alone in your frustration
He understands, he understands
I have a friend, he understands
I have a friend, he understands
If anyone knows, he understands

Don’t Tie My Hands, Civil War is Imminent

October 6, 2021

Hello, brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family. May we all receive great endurance for the storm we are about to head into.

This morning before prayer, I decided to get my reading from St. Faustina’s book [Diary of Saint Faustina Kowalska] and the Rhema I got said;

“I have offered this day for Russia. I have offered all my sufferings and prayers for that poor country. After Holy Communion, Jesus said, to me, ‘I cannot suffer that country any longer. Do not tie my hands, My daughter.’ I understood that if it had not been for the prayers of souls that are pleasing to God, that whole nation would have already been reduced to nothingness. Oh, how I suffer for that nation which has banished God from its borders!”

I had a sinking feeling Jesus was now talking to me—but about America. When I went out to the pasture to pray, I was trying to discern some things, and Jesus kept giving me “Hospitality”. I then discerned he wanted to speak with me so I came before the Lord saying;

Good morning, Lord, I am here. What’s on your heart Jesus?

I then saw Jesus at my right-hand side. He gave me a kiss on the right cheek. However, I began to doubt that it was really Jesus. I then saw a series of images of a false Jesus who was not acting like the real Jesus—as perverted images attacked my mind. I just wanted to give up writing altogether. However, I held every thought captive, quieted my anxious heart, and told myself to try again. So I used my sanctified imagination again and I saw Jesus still sitting next to me and smiling, full of peace.

He then began,

“When you let in one small crack of doubt, you begin to doubt everything. My beloved, calm your heart, I am here, right here beside you, and that was me who just kissed you on your right cheek, not a demon, don’t worry.”

[Laugh] Because that is exactly what I was thinking. So I continued to write…

Jesus continued, “I am so proud of you for persevering. I know it has been very difficult, but not one of your tears, your offerings, your prayers, and your sacrifices has been wasted, not one, Beloved. I know your heart has been heavy and weighed down by many cares, Beloved and I have come to lift your burden and get your eyes fixed on Me. You will need your eyes fixed on me for all that is to come and happen in your nation.”

Lord thank you for your great mercy towards me. Interiorly I have been such a mess with judgments, irritation, anger, and resentment even towards you. Please forgive me.

“You are forgiven, Beloved. Not one word I gave you was a lie. Don’t believe the father of lies, and don’t worry about your little flock either. There is a core group among them who truly knows and follows my voice through you. They are not at all disappointed or discouraged by Me permitting another delay in my promise to you or the City of God mission.

“What I said, will happen at the appointed time. I want you to continue to be and to give a good example of a soul who trusts in My Goodness—laying anything I ask of you at the altar over and over again. Too many of them are attached to their preferences, desires, their timing, and even promises I have given them. But I want a soul who is completely abandoned to Me, giving Me whatever I ask of them, whenever I ask of them, trusting Me, and trusting that I am good. And, if I ask of you something that is very precious to you, when I give it back to you it will be far better than they can imagine—and the way I do it will be far more beautiful than they could think. Trust, Trust, Trust, is the theme of this season, remember?”

Yes Lord, I just feel I have been trusting for so long and I lost my hope this time. I really lost my hope.

Jesus responded, “Did you beloved? I know the movements and thoughts of your heart. Thank you for letting Me have the timing in this, My beloved one. I just need this as an offering right now and it has brought thousands of souls into the sheepfold. So, thank you for saying yes, My beloved bride. Oh, how you are so dear to me. In all your weaknesses and misery, you are a treasure to behold.”

Really, Lord? You’re so kind and sweet.

“I know you don’t believe it or see it and that is always a good thing. Look at Me, Beloved. Look at Me.”

At this point, I could see Jesus as I gazed into his eyes and he gently kissed me again and said, “I love you.”

I love you too, Lord.

Jesus continued, “You will need the strength of my love in the coming days and months. You and all My brides will. The Rhema I gave you this morning was to warn you. The time is up for your nation. Yes, although there is My Mercy it doesn’t always look like Me mitigating and delaying trials and judgment.

“This Civil War will be My Father’s justice nonetheless, and His mercy for your nation. For you deserve far worse, for worse than what is to happen. It will begin with an increase in violence in different cities. Some will not broadcast on the news. As more casualties….”

Immediately I began to doubt, thinking in my mind wondering, is this really the Lord?

Jesus chimed in, “Keep writing, my beloved.”

“As more casualties arise, these instances of violence will begin to get more frequent that they will have to mention it on the news. There won’t be a day that goes by without a mass shooting or an outburst of violence happening. They will do this at the city levels then it will be statewide. Many in fear will begin to take up arms. Those who are not with me will use this means to protect themselves and not citizens or others.

“If you are selfish in this way, My beloved ones I will not and cannot protect you. If you feel you have a right to bear arms, be a protector of all people, not just yourselves or your family. Although, I prefer you would rather trust solely in Me. However, I will use these—those who have a conscience and are sensitive to my voice, to be of help to the helpless.

“There will be martial law implemented in many cities because of this, but don’t be afraid when that happens. Although your government will put on a front as if they are in control during when that happens, that will be the time when those who are in the deep state will be removed from their offices and replaced. I am doing a deep cleaning in your government.

“I want my brides in a place of prayer always before me. It will not look as bad as the media will portray it to be. And, of course, they will try to brand those who are patriotic as the enemy. Trust in my words, and in my love for you and your family. When I told you to prepare some food a few months ago it was for this reason. It won’t be safe to go to the stores and grocery stores. Try to go as seldom as possible, and in the early mornings if you must, but stay at home. Stay in prayer pleading for My Mercy—not to stop the violence or this civil war—but pray for the souls of the many that will perish.”

“That is what is most important—that they would know Me and have eternal life to be with Me where I am. Just like the battle of Absalom and David, this will be the final battle between the deep state government and President Trump.”

And guys, just as an aside here, this story is found in 2 Samuel chapter 18. I encourage everyone to read it, please. It will bring you much clarity to what the Lord is doing as scripture is unfolding before our eyes yet again. For the word of God is alive (meaning prophetic). What happened generations ago, and even historically in the Bible many times, is still a foreshadowing of what is going on in our day. The saying history repeats itself is because God is the author of our lives, and he is so loving that he has given us examples and laid out a blueprint of not only how we should live but of how kingdoms rise and fall, in his gift to us, the Bible. But mankind still refuses to listen to the author and goes on in pride as though we can write our own stories. Only if we would listen and submit to
Christ’s headship, but we still haven’t. So this story, now thousands of years later, will again repeat itself—not through Absalom and David, but Biden and Donald Trump.

Jesus continued,

“It would be good for all My beloved ones to revisit that story, and how Absalom was brought to his own demise and David enthroned as King again. Many will mourn for various reasons, but I will be victorious at the end of all of this. This won’t be an easy time for your families or your friends for civil war always divides. And many of your loved ones have already chosen sides. Do not engage in any arguments or reasonings with them when these things begin to happen. Let them know what is really going on behind the scenes and pray for them.

“For those who have enough goods stocked piled this is an opportunity for you also to show mercy and walk in charity. Share what you have with those who have none. For those who do not have the means at all, get the little that you can, and I will provide for you in a very tangible way.

“It’s time for you to take My Mother’s request seriously, Beloved, and get the house in town prepared. Get all that you and the girls need for 6 months and then some so you can be a source of help to others. The time is very short, and I want you to focus on getting that completed this week. Trust me, My beloved ones. Pray for the mercy of souls, pray for the salvation of those who are unprepared for what is to happen. Pray for Biden’s soul. Pray for President Trump, he will need great courage, great protection, and great precision in the transfer of powers in this time. And pray for those controlling the lying media, the reporters, and executives, because they too will be brought down and exposed in this time. Do not worry, My brides, I intend to raise America from its ashes, but it must be brought low first before I raise it again.”

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

Wow, family! If I can be honest my heart has never been in a place of stockpiling food and readiness. Living on the mountain that responsibility was given to one of our brothers who has been doing this for the past four months. So it was never a concern for me. Now that the Lord has put me in charge of the house in Taos, he wants us to get on that. I am new to this. The ladies and I are trying not to feel too overwhelmed but Blessed Mother, who is the Mother of this house, will help us.

For those who live in America, if you have not gotten at least 6 months of food put aside, I think it’s a very good time to start and do it as soon as possible. I was sensing in my heart that things would begin to start this month towards mid- month and that is why the Lord is getting on us to do it as soon as possible and finish quickly. New York State just mandated the jab, but it has been blocked for a few days in court. As the Lord mentioned Biden would have this mandate at state levels and everything the Lord said is happening. Amazing! Let’s pray for the people of New York. This will only be the beginning of a great uprising that is coming to push back this ordinance.

This is going to happen quickly, family, please get ready. If you can’t afford 6 months, just like Jesus said, do what you can, and he will provide for you. Please don’t panic or fear. Stay in prayer and stay at his feet and DO NOT WATCH THE NEWS.

I wanted to help you guys with a list of items you can purchase to get started maybe 3 of everything. If you have a Super Save, HEB Store, or Mexican grocery store near you their prices are usually really inexpensive compared to the big chains and organic grocery stores. Also, use Sam’s or Costco to buy bulk items and lastly, Amazon but they can be a bit pricey with items. Here are some suggestions for you. By bulk rice, a lot of dry bean bags, (those will stretch) oils for cooking; protein (like logs of ground beef, cans of tuna, sardines); any form of crackers. Frozen veggies are better than canned. But if you have to get canned veggies, then get as many as you can if the electricity goes out. Cheap jars of spaghetti sauce and a lot of pasta. Several packs of Idahoan Potatoes (they’re instant mash potatoes). You can eat them with a can of meat, chicken or tuna or you can even make soup out of it. Instant mash potatoes will be great to store up, and Bear Creek soups, these are both dehydrated items that will last long. Get lots of gallons of water and toilet paper. The rest of our list we will provide for you in text format.

Love you guys, pray for us, pray for each other, stay strong and encouraged in this storm. God bless you guys until the next message, and let’s continue to pray for Mercy.

Here is the list:
 Pancake mix
 Zatarain’s rice
 Cornbread mix
 Campbell’s cream of chicken/mushroom
 Salsa
 Spaghetti sauce
 Condiments
 Tortillas
 Canned tomatoes
 Pasta
 Rice
 Beans
 Oatmeal
 Flour
 Baking soda
 Baking powder
 Dried milk, eggs, cream, butter
 Chicken stock
 Honey, sugar, syrup
 Spices
 Ghee, canola, olive, vegetable oil
 Bear Creek dehydrated soup
 Idahoan mashed potatoes
 Canned sardines / tuna / chicken
 Toiletries
 Pharmacy, medicines

You Will Weep for Your Children

October 4, 2021

Hello brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family.

It’s been a sweet time here in the house but just as with any family, we have what you call Holy abrasion where we braze one another, and many times can cause injury or offense. Blessed Mother had given me the card the day before, “Mother, not Victim” and the back said, “don’t allow the enemy to pit you against your children. You are their Mother, pray for them, love them and be patient with them, Beloved.”

Everything was going wonderfully that day, so I then thought this card was a warning of something that was to happen. Sure enough, the following morning we had a situation arise which was miscommunication and misunderstanding. I found myself really frustrated because it seemed of late, I was having to correct this soul about something and wanting her to rise up to the responsibility of really being a Mother.

After our misunderstanding, I felt an air between us and before we started praying together, I wanted to clear the air and for us both to have a clean conscience before the Lord. As we talked, I expressed my gratitude for her and encouraged her that if I corrected her in any way, it was out of love and that the Lord was also calling her higher. We kissed and made up the best we could and when we began to pray, I heard Our Mother of Mercy begin to speak immediately.

Our Mother of Mercy began,

“I’m glad you made peace with her, My beloved daughter. I need you to be very patient, very patient with these little ones. Although older than you she has submitted to you, which takes great humility. Love her, encourage her and be there for her. Too many times in life many have spoken to her condescendingly, rejected her love, and not accepted her.

“I have brought her to this place to be healed, to learn to love, and to be raised up that she may love others as a Mother. She will be a wonderful mother. Continue to pray when you see weakness in her character. Correct, always gently, and show much mercy, for much mercy has been given to you.”

Thank you, Mother, for your counsel. Please help me. I want to Mother as you Mothered, please give me your gentleness, your patience, and your humility.

Our Mother of Mercy responded, “It has already been given to you, My beloved daughter. You must correspond with these graces and don’t overthink when you correct.

Our Mother of Mercy continued, “Know that many times it must be done and trust the Lord to work all things out within you and the souls He entrusts to you. The mechanisms of a soul are so intricate and must be handled with great care. Don’t worry, as you hide under my mantle your motherly hands become mine and we will care, love, and raise these precious souls together. Remember I am the Mother of this house. [Smiling] Always look to Me, Beloved, and I will be your guiding light to Jesus.”

I began to ponder about what I had just seen. Before starting the Rosary my hand accidentally swiped my phone to the news and sometimes the Lord does that to get my attention on something that He wants me to see. I saw a headline of a young 6-year-old who passed away at an amusement park because she wasn’t buckled properly. And another headline of The State of New York mandating the jab now, especially for school employees. I began to think of that young girl and her family—how broken they must be.

And all of a sudden, I had infused knowledge that she was taken now into heaven to escape what was is to come and that many children were about to die because they would soon mandate that all children would have to take the jab to go back to school. I was so disheartened with these thoughts, “Thinking no, it can’t be true!” I then asked Our Mother of Mercy, “is what I am sensing true, Mother?”

Our Mother of Mercy responded,

“Unfortunately, yes, My beloved one, many children will pass away from the jab. It hasn’t happened yet, but it will happen. Many are not listening and continue to walk in fear and trusting the words of the government than the words of the Lord. As the covid cases rise, that will put pressure on the schools and in turn many will begin to make the jab mandatory for the children if they want to continue their education. Many parents already have and will buckle under this pressure not realizing this will bring to their children’s demise.”

I then saw Her crying… my heart was broken as I too felt the grief.

“Oh, there will be so many children, My beloved ones. It will be like that of the time of Egypt when the spirit of death was given permission to touch the firstborn. Men’s hearts in your nation are still hardened as they continue to walk in their obstinance, and the Lord will also use this to wake many up. It is so sad that this measure has had to be taken. This is also the Lord’s mercy to take the children before the worst of things happen to your nation. There will be mourning in the cities just like in the time of Jerusalem.”

Zachariah 12:11
“On that day the wailing in Jerusalem will be as great as the
wailing of Hadad-rimmon in the plain of Megiddo.”

And another scripture came to my mind Matthew 2:18

“A voice is heard in Ramah,
weeping and great mourning,
Rachel weeping for her children
and refusing to be comforted,
because they are no more.

“Warn your loved ones, your family if they will listen to trust My Son. This is a time of reformation, for the Kingdom of God is at hand. Things cannot continue to go on as they used to be. Many are not seeing the frivolous and money-centered lives they have been living, which has caused them to neglect their children and have them raised by the systems and doctrines of the world in the public schools and have formed their children’s conscience.

“They will not see this as an opportunity from God to rectify how they have lived their lives and raise their children. Keep them at home and home school them. Many will be given in and love their money, their lifestyle, and see their children being homeschool as an impediment so will have them take the jab. It is the poor and simple ones I cry for the most for they have no means of taking care of their children as they are homeschooled and would rather have them take the jab than lose their only source of income. But they, too must learn to trust the Lord or lose their children.

“Pray, My beloved ones, pray that many will harken to the still small voice. Warn others and pray for the lives that will be lost. Pray especially for the parents that this will turn their hearts back to my Son, back to God, living for him and trusting in him alone. That many will begin to see the wicked intent of this agenda and repent of living their lives selfishly…

And just then one of the sisters was reading the Mystery of the Decade as she said: “And no longer reject My Son and his message of love, His message of repentance and holiness.” And I knew that was Our Mother of Mercy speaking.

That was the end of Our Mother of Mercy’s message.

Family I was so disheartened and kind of hoping this maybe was my mind, but when I went to discern with Bible Promises, I got Joy and Psalm 126, of all things, “Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy”. Confirming that this was from Blessed Mother and the Holy Spirit. The first message I have tried to repost about the jab has been taken down 3 times and everything the Lord said in the message is coming to pass. Please help me to spread this message everywhere. Share this on your social media pages, on your own channels. Print this message out and put it in envelopes and give it to people. Whatever creative ideas you can think of because people need to know this. This will be so devastating when this happens.

Please trust the Lord, homeschool your children, and do not let them take the jab. I pray that this video is not taken down but if it is, my channel will be permanently removed but I must trust the Lord and Our Mother of Mercy and be obedient. Remember this ordinance of the jab for the children in school will not last long. So it’s not worth your children taking it and passing away just to have the ordinance lifted a few months later. Please, please trust the Lord Jesus and entrust yourself to His Mother, and your children, they will watch over you and your family with great care if you heed their counsel.

God bless you, family. Pray and spread this message.

Say “Yes”

October 1, 2021

Hello, brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family. May you all receive the grace to respond and say “Yes” to Jesus.

The girls and I had gathered for dinner, and we were discussing the saints and their lives. We were also very excited because it was the day of Irina’s vows as a Franciscan Sister and ordination as a priest. She a young lady from Portugal who answered the call to come here only three weeks prior. We began discussing how many of the saints at first seemed ordinary but denied themselves in amazing acts of self-renunciation for love of Jesus. We were so inspired by them, especially Saint Mary Maranello. We had watched her movie the Saturday before and all she would say was, “yes” to Jesus any time he brought her suffering or joy. She would receive it humbly submitting to God’s will saying, “yes”. And because of her, “yes”, the organization that she led is still growing and multiplying till this day, over 150 years later. Amazing!!

The ladies were thinking, “Could we ever imitate the Saints?” Then I encouraged them that anyone can become a saint. A saint was simply a soul who persevered faithfully in the will of God and that it wasn’t always about manifesting signs, wonders, and miracles but simply loving, and loving well. The greatest gift the Lord said through Paul was, “Love”, for us to seek the highest gift above all else. And saints like Bakhita who a slave was and didn’t do any outward miracles. But she loved greatly, forgave much for all that she had been through, and could still love others like Jesus. Now that was the greatest miracle!

After dinner, we began praying the Rosary and as we were praying, I remembered what Blessed Mother told me about making myself available to hear from her. So I stepped away for a moment to get my laptop and sat for a few seconds to hear what she had to say. Immediately I saw golden illuminated stars hovering on top of their heads. Then the stars began spinning and getting brighter and brighter, like tokens in a video game. Blessed Mother appeared with her hands opened as the spinning stars slowly came to a stop and the word “saint” was written on it.

Our Mother of Mercy began speaking,

“My beloved daughter, do not be surprised, there will be many saints in this generation. All those in my end-times-army will become saints, My beloved one. You have given great counsel, for a soul becomes a saint when they preserver faithfully in the will of God. There is immense opposition, attacks, and assignments from Satan to annihilate this young generation before they can grow into the fullness of their purpose. But the Lord will not allow that.

“That is why he so hates this generation. For it is you, little ones who will be used to bring his kingdom to ruin, simply with your ‘yes’. When you make an act of your will with your ‘yes’, not only does it change your life, but it changes the generations after you. With your simple yes with the little things asked of you. You have no idea how powerful your ‘yes’ and steps of obedience are. With My ’yes’, God incarnate came into this world, the Messiah was born, and redemption came to mankind, simply because I said, ‘yes.’

“Do you see how your ‘yes’ can change everything? Jesus is looking for souls who will say ‘yes’. There are so many who do not care, many who do not listen, and many more who hear his voice, hear the call, but say ‘no’—when they would rather hold on to earthly attachments, earthly pleasures, and earthly honors of the world that are all passing away. In your ‘yes’ lie your destiny, graces, consolation, and the fullness of joy and contentment within your soul.

“Teach others, My little one to say yes, moment by moment. It is in these little moments, My beloved ones, that lies your test of love for Jesus that you may prove to Him that you are His and He is all you desire. Say yes to what is asked of you. Say, yes to what we want to give you. Say, yes to the unique crosses fashioned for you and the small crosses showered on you each day. Say, yes to the disruptions, delays, and inconvenience that are allowed daily. Say, yes to what is taken from you. Say, yes to the call of Jesus in the disguise of your brother or sister who is in need, putting your plans and desires aside and saying yes.

“Truly you are blessed, for your children will be among those who will always say yes because their love for Jesus will be great and that is by His mercy.”

And here she began talking about Irina, and Mother Magdalene (who was renewing her Franciscan vows in the ceremony).

“It’s been a long time coming for this little one, but she is such a delight to the Lord. Both of them are and have overcome much to get to this place of surrender. But my dear daughters, today is only the beginning of a long arduous journey of many yeses that will be needed from you. Many sacrifices, self-denials, and many violent battles with your flesh that you will have to undertake. But you will preserver.

“They will be faithful, and they will finish well, I will make sure of that, as their Mother of Mercy. Today all of Heaven is on standby and in anticipation of this most beautiful wedding to take place. My Son is getting prepared even now.”

Pennell “Yes To The Cost”

I then saw a vision of Jesus hurriedly getting ready because, as we were doing the Rosary, it was getting really close to the time when we had to begin the ceremony. I then saw Padre Pio and St, Francis fixing His tuxedo. Padre Pio was buttoning up His collar and St. Francis, tying His wedding shoes. I then thought in my heart, “Why a tuxedo when she is going to be given her wedding garment, the habit?” And I felt the Lord read my thoughts and He said, as they put on their habit, he would put it on too. I then saw Jesus during their Franciscan vows, now changing, and having a habit on when they received their habits and holding Irina’s hand.

I thought wow, Lord, that is so amazing!

Our Mother Mercy then said, “Be little, be nothing, and nobodies in the eyes of the world, and know that you are everything to Jesus, with your ‘yes’.”

That was the end of Our Mother of Mercy’s message.

Our little Irina took her vows and now has become Sister Therese. I am so blessed to have her and Mother Magdalene on this journey. Please continue to pray for us and say, “Yes to the cost” whatever that may look like for you. Follow Jesus and don’t turn back.

A Crown Of Favor Has Been Given Thee

September 30, 2021

Hello, brothers and sisters Heartdwellers family. May you all receive the grace of favor gracefully showered upon you by Our Mother of Mercy.

The three ladies and I are getting adjusted here in Taos at the house. We follow the same schedule as the community on the mountain where we have four hours of prayer in the morning, then at one hour of medical training, then the hour of Divine Mercy prayers following that. We break for a little bit of work then dinner and afterward we gather at 6:30 pm to do our Rosary.

We were having our Rosary meeting in my room with Jesus exposed in the Eucharist. It was our normal Rosary. However, during the third decade, which focuses on the mystery of Pentecost, one of the sisters read the passage, “Then fire fell upon their heads,” and immediately, as I had my eyes closed, I felt an overpowering sensation fall upon my head. It overtook my whole body. It was as if something was being poured all over me starting with my head. The sensation felt so sweet it literally took my breath away. I felt like I was about to explode as I was enraptured, intoxicated, and losing control of my body. I felt limp but at the same time, I could feel something in front of me, stopping me from tipping over. Then I felt the sensation on my head get really heavy—so heavy that I began to lean over, and I thought for sure I was going down. But again, something stopped me. I felt it was my Guardian angel and I was allowed to rest my head on him. I began to breathe shallow breaths because the sensations and feelings were so overwhelming. I then was unable to continue the Rosary. I could no longer speak but take deep shallow breaths. I had experienced this before a couple of times, and I always wondered what was happening in the spirit. Sometimes I am given a mantle, other times anointing oil is being poured on me, and other times it’s a crown. While all of this was happening, I was hoping it wasn’t a crown, [laugh] because a crown always means a trial, and the LORD crowns you ahead of time as a sign to you that you will indeed get through the trial he is about to allow.

However, the crowns I had received in the past never felt this heavy and never overtook all my faculties like this before. I just didn’t know what was going on. I couldn’t tell the girls anything, as well, as I kept shouting aloud in my mind, “Please ladies, one of you get a Rhema. Get a Rhema as to what is going on”, but to no avail. They couldn’t hear me and continued on with the Rosary. Once they got done with the Rosary, they both lingered for a bit as one of them thought I was asleep. I too lingered in the LORD’s presence, still unable to properly move or speak. Then a few seconds later I was able to move my hands and speak a bit as I told them I wasn’t asleep but to please get a Rhema, as I spoke still between breaths, wondering if the LORD would bring clarity as to what just happened to me. The Rhemas were good but not really clear and didn’t seem to relate to this amazing experience I just had. After the ladies left, I had to lie down because my body was unable to stand up. I felt like a limp noodle, slain by the Holy Spirit. So I laid down as I heard a voice gently say, “A crown of favor was given thee”. I was still in a state of recollection and trying to make sense of everything and wondered, “Could that be you Mother?”

So after about 30 minutes or so, I came to myself and got up to begin working. I went to the Bible Promises to discern something. However, the Holy Spirit redirected me and made it clear that he then wanted me to listen for a message. I knew it was Blessed Mother prompting me, so I began writing. I’m here, Mother I’m here.

Our Mother of Mercy began,

“Thank you for following the promptings of the Holy Spirit to come to me and be attentive to my every word. I have missed speaking to you, Little One, but I am ever so close to you, your Mother of Mercy. It was I this morning that took your burdens, your tears, and your worries in the depths of My Immaculate Heart. Thank you for placing them all in my hands.”

As an aside, she is talking about what happened that morning. This past week has been really rough as I realized the promise of a summer wedding and us leaving soon for the City of God Community in Ghana would not come to pass, yet again. I hadn’t heard from Derrick for weeks now as I had been fighting to keep hope alive—This would be the fourth time the LORD had tested me this way with this promise, and it is so painful. My heart was war-torn. If I can be honest with you guys, I was hurting so badly full of resentment, hopelessness, frustration, and my heart was sick again because I was promised I wouldn’t be
disappointed, and I bared my soul to you all as we have fasted and prayed and prayed and fasted in hopes that things would happen just like He said. But my heart was sick. The scripture, Proverbs 13:12, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.”

Sorrow had been drowning my heart for three days as I was trying to make sense of it all—reasoning with myself as I knew my faith was under severe attack. I was struggling to trust the LORD as the enemy was pelting me with so many lies and arguments that seemed sound but were tearing at the fabric of my relationship with Jesus—causing me to mistrust Him, mistrust every word he had spoken as I began to doubt all the other messages that He had given me and was fearful to hear from him again. It was really bad. As I was finding no relief or answers from Jesus. I finally cried out to Blessed Mother in tears wit my heart in such anguish. I then saw her during prayer standing before me. With her hands open, I handed her everything in my heart—Derrick, the promise, City of God Community, my doubts, my fears, my disappointments, my anger, everything. She took each one tenderly and removed a small thin veil that covered her heart and placed each item inside her heart like a little compartment stored away in her—as I knew that now she not only had my burdens, but she carried them in her heart, and I felt such a relief at that very moment.

Our Mother of Mercy continued,

“When you give me your promises, your hopes, desires, and dreams, I in turn, give you My Son’s hopes and dreams and true desires for you. You can never go wrong with a swap like that.” [As she smiled]

I then began to be filled with contrition. Pouring out my heart in repentance and confession of my sins and the horrible attitude I have had. Before I could utter a word to confess, she read my thoughts and said:

“There is no need to go on confessing all your wrongs, your misery, and wretchedness. Yes, we know. He knows, and we still love you very much. I am here to bring you reassurance and to restore, to you hope, My beloved little one.”

Mother you all are so merciful and gracious towards me.

Our Mother Of Mercy responded, “It is my Son’s love for you that brings me to you and the cry of your heart. How can I deny when my little ones cry out to me? I am your Mother, and I too have cried alongside you amidst your pain and confusion, but I want you to relinquish all for the love of Jesus. He is doing something you can’t not quite understand, but it will work out for your good and be very good. Trust Him, ok?”

Yes, Mother.

“Today you were given a crown of favor.”

Uh-oh Mother, that always means a trial.

“Yes, Beloved One, the way chosen out for you is a thorny one. Your life will be full of daily trials—some larger and in different degrees, but you cannot escape this life without a trial, and you have asked to be near Jesus. You have given yourself to him as his bride. That means to be on the cross with him continually. Please don’t run from this or worse, resent and despise this. Oh, how that hurts Him the most.

“It may not be the most favorable place to be on earth, but on the other side of Heaven you will bow down, lay all your crowns down at His feet in thanksgiving and in awe at His Goodness towards you. That although as unworthy as you are, you have been chosen to share and have great glory with Him in Heaven. The crown of favor is a heavy one, the same one I was crowned with, My little dove. Like Mother, like daughter [she smiled]. It consists of a band of scorn, engravings of obedience, molds of humility, gems, and jewels of patience and perseverance. Diamond jeweled rope of charity and stained crosses embedded all around. This crown brings with it all of these virtues as you rise in favor before God and man. But it always comes with a cost, Beloved, and did you not say, ‘yes’ this morning to the cost?”

I did Mother, I did—first hesitantly then with zeal. It’s just been such a weary and long battle in all things. I have nothing left.

And as an aside, this morning the LORD played a song over me called, “Yes to the Cost”. I sang it hesitantly at first then with my whole heart. I will share this song with you all in the next message.

Our Mother of Mercy continued,

“Good, that is very good, for you had nothing in the first place. All that you thought you had was given to you from Jesus and when he breaks and empties you it’s not that he takes what he has given to you away. Rather that He has carved another place in your heart that was full of self-love, selfishness, and pride making it hollow so that He can fill you with more treasures of graces and gifts. That is the emptiness you’re feeling. He is going much deeper with you and cleaning a lot more area in your heart, making room for all that He is to give you. That is what happened tonight. When the LORD gives you the great and immense privilege to have His glory rest upon you, don’t be so quick to leave that place of submission and helplessness. He does His greatest work in those moments. Be still and know that He is God, just as you did today. You received a heavenly deposit and a Heavenly crown to persevere in the coming tests and trials that await you, but you will be victorious. My beloved little ones, crowns of favor are coming for you all and for many, the LORD’s glory will overtake you. Please be in a place of readiness to receive all that He wants to give you. Too many times men cry out for God’s glory, for His physical tangible presence, but when it comes, they don’t linger. They are quick to go to the next song, the next prayer, and the next thing to do on their list. Wait on the LORD, my beloved ones, wait and linger. Be expectant for what he is going to do.

“I desire to speak to you often like this, my beloved little one. So make yourself available every time as Mother Clare has during the Rosary, and wisdom from above will be given to you and for the group. I leave you now with great hope, with My hope within you. For nothing can steal what has been given to you tonight. But you must trust and believe, always moving forward. I am your Mother of Mercy and you and all your little ones are seated with Me and My Son on thrones in Heavenly places.”

That was the end of Our Mother Of Mercy’s message.

God bless you guys until the next message.

I’m In Love With The God-Man: Song

September 21, 2021

Hello family,

This a fun song the Missionaries of Love Crew and I put together! [Laugh] You will hear the voices of Sister Ruth, Mother Magdalene, Irina and myself. The Lord prompted me to work on music and I asked Blessed Mother’s help and she gave me a wonderful song with beautiful lyrics, about being in love with the God-man, Jesus. And the steps it took me to get there as he would me with his love one step at a time and desires to woo you with His love one step at a time.

Sister Ruth told the Lord that if she was to sing on this song, he would give her 5,000 souls saved from the gates of hell. [Laugh] And I believe he did! Enjoy


Oh I want More

First step,
I hear him calling
With his chords he is drawing
Shame tells me to “STOP!”
But I’m not listening

Second step,
My heart is open
His words are exposing
Everything in me,
So he can make me clean

Love forever
Held fast together
I’m in love with the God-man
And this journey has just began

Third step,
He gives me his heart
Heals every wound and scar
I’m fallen In love,
Your gaze and your presence I live for

Fourth step,
I take his hand
Face to Face I stand
With the lover of my soul,
Jesus I’m your bride to behold

Love forever
Held fast together
I’m in love with the God-man
And this journey has just began

Oh, this love is so overwhelming,
Is so overwhelming,
Is so overwhelming
Oh, this love is so overwhelming,
Is so overwhelming,
Is so overwhelming

Oh I want More

Next step…

[The End]

Aderson’s Testimony: Under the Protection of the Mother of Mercy

September 17 & 18, 2021

[Part 1]

Hello, Heartdwellers Family. May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. I was inspired by the testimony of fellow Heartdwellers and decided to share mine as well.

I was born in Luanda, the capital of Angola. I am the first of seven children. My parents were humble people who always took care of their children, trying to give the best possible education. When I was a year old, my grandmother told me that one day while she was walking with me, she heard a voice saying, “This boy is going to die.” At that time, we were still connected to traditions of men. She took me to a lady who had a small chapel and, in that chapel, [was] an image of Our Lady. So, in that place, she gave me out to our Lady’s protection. I think that ever since that moment the Blessed Mother has taken care of me.

I was always a very curious child, and because of that the enemy tried, and almost managed to pervert me through pornography. When I was little, about 10 or 11 years old, a family member invited me to watch a pornographic movie. I remember I was sneaking, and he saw me. Maybe he thought it was good for me. He used to leave adult magazines on his drawer and because we slept in the same room I was driven by curiosity. I would go there and look at the magazines.

During that period I thought everything was fine, it was normal to watch and see those things. But I didn’t know it was opening a big hole in my soul and it would have serious consequences later on. I started to have many impure thoughts to satisfy the desires of my flesh. I was a slave to impurity… It wasn’t until I started high school that I started gaining control over my emotions, or these feelings.

I grew up in a Catholic environment, but I wasn’t exactly a Catholic. I didn’t pray the Rosary, I didn’t believe in Our Lady, and I criticized people who did. I used to say that I was a Protestant in the church. But I remember that I liked the images of the Saints. I had a certain admiration for them. Now, I remember that I knew how to pray the Hail Mary, even though I didn’t pray the Rosary… Jesus, forgive my ignorance…[continuing]…I have never joined any youth ministry group in my church. I tried several times to finish the catechesis, but I couldn’t, there was always some distraction—it was school or friends—we used to play soccer. It was mostly on Saturdays.

In 1995, as I remember, the persecutions started. It was the moment, that year, I started reading the Bible. I read the Old Testament a lot, I liked the stories. But there were some books, like Ezekiel and Jeremiah that I did not read. They were so enigmatic for me.

During that year, my family was strongly persecuted by a family friend who joined forces with some relatives and had cast curses against us. At that time I had many nightmares about unknown animals attacking me and sometimes I heard people’s voices in my room, but I couldn’t see their faces. I got sick many times during that year. I had a lot of cramps and dysentery; the reason was unknown to us. When my father also got seriously sick, and, at that time, we didn’t know God the way we know—we didn’t have a relationship with God. We looked for several sources who told us that my father was under a death curse and that very day he would die if he wasn’t treated. Due to the panic, and we did not have anybody to instruct us or to give us guidance, we found a lady—she was not Christian, but she managed to heal my father. After that, we had some time of peace in the family.

In April 2001, I was sent to Ghana to pursue my higher education. In 2003 I was baptized, received my First Communion and Confirmation at the Church of the Lady of Holy Rosary in Kumasi, Ghana. Although I had a superficial knowledge of the sacraments, God allowed me to have them because I had the desire, I remember I had the desire to receive the sacraments.

During those four years [when] I lived in Ghana, I got a little closer to God. It was a very beautiful time, a time of spiritual growth. The church in Ghana was very lively and that included the Catholic Church as well. I was fascinated to know that the Catholic Church was not only liturgic but that the Holy Spirit also did the same thing as in the Pentecostal church. I remember a retreat we did for a week in a region called Adum Fie. It was awesome! It was the first time I had felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. I saw people falling from their seats, the whole room smelled of olive oil… I said, “Wow, how different they are!” Today I know that it was a Charismatic Renewal community…

I returned to Angola in May 2005 to start working. Unfortunately, the enemy was already working against me, and I was not aware of it. To start work, my documents were hidden. I was supposed to start in July, and I could only start in October.

In 2006, I was sent to France to attend a technical course. The night before the final exam I had a dream in which a voice told me I wouldn’t be able to complete the course, I would fail. The next morning I forgot everything I had learned, everything went dark. In the theoretical exam, my computer blocked, and it was a 6-months computer, it was still brand new. But the Lord did a miracle, they gave me another opportunity to take the following tests and if I scored 85% in all tests, or exams, I would be on probation, and I did score more than 85% in the exams. I had the help of some colleagues from Italy and India who were ready to help me. In the end, I passed the course on condition.

Three months later I returned to Angola, and my life turned more to material things. The fire of God that burned in me during my life in Ghana, little by little was being suppressed by the world or by my worldly life. I started to be more interested in having money and enjoying life. Getting married, settling down, was not something for me. Everything seemed to go very well, I had a good job, good salary, even though it was a tough job. I used to work offshore. For those who know, offshore life is not easy. But when you are onshore you spend what you earn offshore.

So, because of a lack of promotion in my career, professional career, I decided to leave my job in December 2007. I didn’t look for God’s guidance because I didn’t know [about] it at that time. I spent almost two years without working. It was a very hard time because a lot of strange things happened. I had good qualifications but couldn’t get a job. Sometimes I passed the tests, but they didn’t hire me. One time I was already hired, but the next day my name was removed from the list of workers in the company database…I believe [at] that time the Lord was already working in my life. But there is something that happened before I [lost] the job. I remember in that year I was dating somebody. And one day I felt something in my spirit. I didn’t know what that was, but I knew that something would happen. In the evening I went out with the girl I was dating. After we got involved, in the morning the feeling stopped. To me, that was a sign from my guardian angel. After that, things just started going in the wrong direction and I lost my job, as I mentioned before.

Finally, in October 2009, I got a job that was lighter and gave me more time to do other things. I met a girl who was completely turned to the world. Even though I was far from God, I was aware of sin because of my background. I knew what was and wasn’t allowed in dating. And I was completely on fire and blinded by this girl. I ignored the voice of my conscience that clearly warned me about what I was doing.

In 2009 or 2010, I don’t remember the date very well, I started receiving in my mailbox a message in Spanish that spoke of the Blessed Mother. I believe they were about the apparitions in Garabandal or Fátima, but as I didn’t believe in Mary, I ignored those posts. Who is Mary, who is she? she is normal, she’s in heaven, she cannot speak to us.

But Blessed Mother never stopped interceding for me, she knew I how ignorant I was. So in May 2011, the week after I spent a day with the girl, it was on Sunday, I still remember…it was on Sunday. Because it was on Sunday, I remember I offended God. After having spent this day with the girl, on Monday when I went to work, I opened my mailbox and guess what? there was the message in Spanish that spoke of the Blessed Mother, I don’t know how, and why—I think it was my guardian angel who was tired of seeing me offending God, who inspired me, so I decided to open the message and read what was there. The message talked about apparitions of the Blessed Mother. This made me curious, and I continued to read the message and opened the various links connected to it until I arrived at the Brazilian website of a seer, a mystic that published, or posted messages from the Blessed Mother.

[Part 2]

I started to explore, to go deep into the pages, and read the messages. They spoke of repentance and conversion, encouraging us to stop offending Jesus’ sacred heart. The more I read, the more I became convicted of my sins. It was as if I was seeing myshort life; what I was doing, how I offended Jesus. That same week, I began to believe in the Blessed Mother. I spoke to my father about Fatima, and he explained to me what had happened there. I learned to pray the Rosary and started praying it alone in my room.

I still remember this same week I decided that I should stop offending Jesus, this was the first time I went to confession, and I was shaking when I was before the priest. I was really shaking my first time. Maybe the enemy tried to stop me. Thank God I had the comfort of the priest, and after confession, I was in peace. So I was determined to break with immorality, and I promised the Lord that I would not become sexually involved with a woman until after marriage. The Bible says you don’t promise anything to God, but I was bold enough and I made this promise to God.

I remember now, (I don´t know if it was after or before this promise) I was praying with eyes closed in my room and I saw light coming to me. I was scared and I opened my eyes. It happened the second time and I did the same, I was scared. Then another day it happened but I put in my mind, okay, if this is from God, then I will receive it, so I received the light. And I felt such joy and peace, I wanted to scream, I wanted to laugh, I wanted to cry at the same time—it was wonderful. I will never forget something like that.

Then, I talked to my girlfriend, the girl I was dating, and I told her that we should stop fornicating, stop offending God. And if we wanted to continue dating, it should a holy one. She only nodded yes with her head and no with her heart. As time went by, I began to love Our Lady because I was searching, I was thirsting, hungry just to know her, and I would not allow anyone to speak ill of her or Jesus. I remember one time I almost fought with one of the Jehovah’s Witness brothers because he said strange things about Jesus, I couldn’t stand it.

My girlfriend at the time told me that I talked so much about the Blessed Mother that I looked like a fanatic. It hurt me, but I was determined that I would rather be with the Blessed Mother than have a woman who didn’t believe in her, or who didn’t accept her as our Mother.

I began praying the Holy Rosary every day. I attended Mass almost every day, except Saturday. I started confessing my sins once a month and received Jesus in the Eucharist, with respect. Before my conversion, I had never confessed, and when I sinned, I spent days and days without taking Communion. And when I went to take Communion, in my mind it was like, okay, now you are forgiven. Time is gone by, so now you’re forgiven, now you can approach The Blessed Sacrament. Yeah, nobody taught me…that is not an excuse, but it is reality. Well after I started to give my life to Jesus through Our Lady, I spent three years reading and learning about the Catholic faith—the true, traditional Catholic faith—the lives of the saints, and the various apparitions of Our Lady.

The Rosary was my favorite prayer. At this point, three years after my conversion, I was heavily tormented by demons, especially those of impurity. My refuge was the Eucharist, confession, and fasting. I started fasting Wednesdays and Fridays on bread and water because I was atoning for my sins against God, because the Blessed Mother always spoke of the consequences of our sins, so I wanted to repair those sins. The enemy was furious and wanted to bring me back to worldly life, but I was determined to be with God. I had been converted out of love and not out of fear. So I decided to stop offending Jesus; not because I feared going to hell but because of love for Jesus.

Here I will tell you two tests that God allowed:

First, at one time, the enemy assailed me with doubts about our Lady and even Jesus. He said that it was all idolatry and that I would go to hell. I think I also had thoughts that said the Bible was all an illusion of men. This lasted I think a week or so. In the end, I said, if I go to hell for believing in Our Lady or for doing good, I would rather continue like this. After a few days, these doubts stopped. Then I learned that there was a saint who suffered the same temptations…

The other one was heavier. At a certain point, whenever I stared at a woman, offensive words would come out from my mind and when it was Our Lady, a great offense would come. It seemed like I intentionally offended her. This test lasted longer, but God gave me the grace, the strength to resist. The enemy hates Our Lady and especially hates all those who are under her cover… In 2014 I felt the Lord calling me to be a catechist (evangelist), something that I readily accepted.

The Battles:

In June 2015, I had a totally strange, unknown disease to me. It was something I hadn’t had before. It turned out that I was under a death curse. I only realized this in 2015, but then I found out these curses had been cast on me in 2013.

I remember praying at 3 am for three days, asking God to reveal to me who was hurting me, and three times I dreamed of 3 of my family members. They were people I liked, but unfortunately, they were rooted in witchcraft, and for some reason, they wanted to take my life.

Those were difficult years of warfare, but I always had the strong presence of the Blessed Mother during that trial. Through the Rosary she protected me. Whenever I got sick, I asked for strength to go to Communion and God would give me the strength. In many dreams or nightmares I had, I always had Our Lady with me, protecting me through the Rosary. When I went to church, one particular day I went to church and approached the image of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and I felt her heart and her comfort.

The Eucharist gave me the strength to rise amidst the pains caused by the illness that afflicted me. It was four difficult years, but the presence of our Lord was strong in my life. Today I know that everything was allowed to purify me and make me grow in faith.

During that time of spiritual battles, I had the help of many brothers from other denominations. The Lord showed me that He is a God of Catholics and Protestants. In October 2019 I was delivered from the evil that had afflicted me, in a non-denominational Church. In October, the person who persecuted me, encountered death, after I was set free. In the same month, the Lord let me know that he had chosen someone for me, and in October 2020 we were married. So in July of this year, our baby was born. The curse that I had was a curse that would not allow me to have anybody, but the LORD set me free. And I have a family now.

How I met the Heartdweller Family:

It was in 2018 that I found out about the Heartdwellers Brazil channel, which translates Mother Clare’s messages. I have a brother who had stopped believing in Our Lady and didn’t pray the Rosary. We had some conversations about Our Lady, but he had his ideas, so one day in 2019 he started praying the Rosary. I wondered what had happened and he told me about the messages that Mother Clare had published about the Virgin Mary. At the time, many people left the channel and questioned whether Mother Clare had been deceived into publishing such messages. Then it became clear to me that the channel was real. So I decided to join the Brazilian community.

In 2020, because of a message that one of the administrators posted about the Virgin Mary, I decided to seek Mother Clare’s help through Mother Elisha to find out if what had been posted was true. After meeting Mother Elisha, I decided to respond to a request to be a translator and thus joined the community of Heartdwellers Ghana. All the events in my life had the hand of Our Lady. From the day my grandmother introduced me to Our Lady, my baptism in a church consecrated to Her, my call to conversion through her messages, my knowledge of the community of Heartdwellers through her. When Jesus invited us to be a priest, I immediately said yes. And today I am a priest for the Heartdwellers Ghana community.

Thank you, brothers, for your patience in listening to my little testimony of how Blessed Mother has been a blessing in my life. May Mary Most Holy intercede for you all!

Judgment Day Dream: God Exposed The Idol In My Life

September 16, 2021

Hello Heartdwellers family, I wanted to introduce this message, and it means a lot to me because the young lady sharing this message, is my own sister. She’s the fifth- youngest girl out of six. The LORD has been so merciful on our family and delivered us from so much. She has a powerful testimony of her own, after dealing with much insecurity and the LORD delivering her from mental sickness, suicide attempts, and sexual abuse. She has now given her life completely to the LORD and is really on fire for him. She, too, hears from the LORD and gets prophetic messages from Him, and has many prophetic dreams. I encouraged her to start her own channel, and she has. This is her first video from a powerful dream she had when she was taken to the judgment seat of God and judged for how she used her time. I believe this will resonate with so many young people because this is a common idol to many in our generation, and it could lead you to eternal separation from the LORD. In Exodus 20:3 he says, “You shall have no other god beside me”. Whomever or whatever you give most of your time to is your god. So let me ask you, who is your god?

Hey viewers, I appreciate your watching this video. I’m simply just wanting to share, just the dream that I had about God telling, straight up that I have made social media an idol. Again, this video is not to say that social media, if you have Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, all that stuff, that it’s bad or it’s a sin, it’s far from the truth. This, again, just pertains to me—me, and my walk with and personally what he sees fit and unfit in my life, that may be keeping me away from him, and, in this case, it’s social media. Now, I know exactly what I do with my time; given that each and every one of us is given 24 hours in a day, what we do with that time, the balance, and all of that good stuff. For me, embarrassing and sadly enough, I have to say that it involved me simply just literally—when I say literally, for more than four hours I could just lie down or sit in one sitting and just scroll on social media, whether it’s Instagram—normally it’s YouTube—but it could be Instagram—I used to have Facebook but, I just felt led to delete that because I felt like that was one of the main things that was hindering me personally—again this is a personal issue, so if you’re using Instagram or social media, just social media in general, with a healthy balance, kudos to you. But for me, this was not the case.

So, right into the dream…

In this dream, I was in an open field. In this open field—again, I couldn’t see myself, so it was like I was just watching and looking—so, in this big open field, there were rows of people that were lined up. These people that were lined up were literally just standing in a line, one behind the other, row by row, kind of like the military-style. No one was interacting with each other, everyone was just looking straight, it even kind of looked like people couldn’t recognize the other people who were next to them. So, again, at the bottom it was like two stacks of people so at the very bottom stack—it was weird because in the dream, I automatically had an idea—or I knew, I just knew that the people in the bottom were the people that were going to hell and the people in the top, they were going to heaven, they had eternal life. The people at the bottom were out of luck. Mind you, these people at the top that had eternal life, there were very few compared to the people at the bottom. I just want to back this up with scripture. In Matthew 7:13-14, it says;

“Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. 14 Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.”

This just stuck with me. So again, the people at the top were very few, I knew automatically that they had eternal life. The people at the bottom—it was a lot of people, countless, very broad, and I just knew automatically that these people were going to hell.

In front of these people, there was a judge. And this judge was not happy, and I knew that this judge represented God, Jesus, himself judging everyone. And to back this up with scripture, this is Revelation 20:12;

“And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened. Another book was opened, which is the book of life. The dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books.”

So again, these people were just forward, looking at this judge, waiting to be judged, waiting for it to be their turn. Right next to them was a huge lake, a long lake that stretched out on the side, and next to everyone standing was a big lake, literally as it opened up it became a portal to hell. This portal then was a ring of fire as it opened. As God was throwing people, not throwing but casting people, just as the Bible says, into this lake of fire. And of course, just to test everything I had to refer back to scripture, which it also says in plenty of others, but I went ahead and chose Revelation 21:8, this one says;

“But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”

That definitely resonated with me. Many people, again, were being cast into the lake of fire. Then, at that moment, everything changed. God then turned his face to me—again, this person who was symbolizing God—I didn’t really see their face, it was like a regular judge you would see in a courtroom. But again, like I said, the whole dream in itself is symbolic. So God then turned himself to me and told me, “You’ve made social media an idol” in a very angered voice. Literally, you guys, that was it. I stepped back…I was taken back in the dream, and I stepped back a little and I woke up.

As I woke up, of course, I was like, okay well, what was that about? But again I knew exactly what God had just told me straight up because again, I knew how I had been just so distracted and so just in tuned and so consumed in social media. And when I say social media, I mean YouTube, Facebook, Instagram…I don’t even have to speak anymore…but just social media, anything, just even my phone in general. It’s like a little social media device that I carry around that I am so attached to. I feel like a lot of people are the same way. We panic whenever we can’t find our phone. And I remember there was a pastor I was watching one day that said that only if Christians would treat their Bibles like they do their phones, the world would be so much different. And I feel I stand behind that.

So I am just praying to God that he would release me of this…idol worship, that I didn’t even know…like, I kind of knew, like, okay, I’m giving myself so much
time to this. But for it to become an idol, in my head, I’m like, “Ugh, naw, it can’t happen. But we don’t realize how many things can become an idol. Just think about whatever you give your time to, 90% of the time, whether it is a person, a job, you know, if God is not before that or if he is not before everything you do, or your first priority, or everything kind of shifts back to Him, just kind of really examine and ask yourself. But also be encouraged because, like I said, God is a good Father. I am so thankful that I had this dream. It wasn’t to condemn me, it wasn’t to make me feel bad, but it was it to make me aware, like okay, seek God watchfully he can be found, because there will be a time where that won’t exist, it will be too late. And just like the parent, if you are a parent, you correct your children whenever they’re going the wrong way or they are doing something you don’t approve of, you correct them in love. Although you might be angry, it’s a righteous anger because it’s like you want them to do it the right way. And God does this, he corrects us, chastises us, rebukes us, all that stuff, but it is for our good. So, if you’ve ever had a similar dream where you thought God was speaking to you or kind of correcting you, take it. It’s not the devil condemning you. Like I said, there is a difference between condemnation and conviction. Moving forward, sorry I got off track. When I woke up from this dream (just to close everything out) I came across Leviticus 26., and I kid you not, I literally just asked the Holy Spirit—Holy Spirit, speak to me what you were trying to tell me in this dream. Lo and behold, I opened up and I prayed, and I got Leviticus 26 that said;

“Do not make idols or set up an image, or a sacred stone for yourselves, and do not place a carved stone in your land to bow down to or before it. I am the LORD your God.”

Sorry, I was getting a little bit emotional but yeah, that stuck with me, and it will stick with me. And again, I am so thankful that God gave me this dream. But I just want to warn those who are just so intertwined and so devoted to their phone. It has nothing to do with social media, it’s something else. Just be aware of where you’re giving your time and how much time you’re investing in it and in the end, how is it having an impact on God’s kingdom. Again, social media can be very good and can be used as a platform to glorify God, to share His word, to encourage other people. So it’s not like it’s bad but it’s just a matter of what are we doing on there, are we just wasting time…, idle time that we could be doing something else? we could be just thanking God, or are we distracted? Just a number of things. The one thing I want those listening and those who have chosen to watch this video all the way to the end, I thank you so much, God bless you. I just want this to be as an encouragement to really just step back and examine your life and, like I said, what you are giving your time to and how much time we’re giving God. And truly just seeking him because He’s our loving father, he cares.

Time is running short, whether people want to believe it or not, I mean you look at the Bible, we’re in the End Time, I don’t care what anyone has to say, I mean, it says it himself just like we know the season is coming for summer and fall, etc. We know the season is coming to an end very soon. Nobody knows the day nor the hour, but in this time that we’re given, let us not waste it doing things that we’ll be standing at the end of our lives, and we know that it is still meaningless. Just take that and just be encouraged. And thank you so much for watching. I pray you guys have a blessed day.

Civil Unrest – War Coming

September 15, 2021

Hello, brother and sister and Heartdwellers family. May you all receive great courage to keep your eyes on Jesus in the hour we are living in.

I had to go back up on the mountain in the community to get our truck and it was the community Rosary hour when I arrived. So Mother Clare wanted me to stay and pray the Rosary with everyone. I then got updates on what the Lord has been speaking to Mother Elizabeth and the Lord said, “War Is Coming”. I kept thinking Lord what about all our prayers for Mercy wondering if this can be delayed or held back. World War III will commence the Rapture and the Tribulation. These were some thoughts in my heart as I continued to pray.

When I arrived back in town at the house in Taos, there is a prayer tree I consecrated to Blessed Mother where I go to pray daily. I was having a wonderful time in worship when I turned around and across the field was an abandoned building with huge graffiti words in black that said, “WAR”. My heart sank as I felt such a foreboding of something truly coming to our nation. I then began to hear Jesus speak to me, so I stopped worshiping and began writing. I came before Him saying,

Good morning, Lord. I can’t help but have a sinking feeling of forbidding events in our nation. Then when I turnaround I saw on the building written in gratified, WAR, is that coming to our nation?

Jesus, what’s on your heart?

Jesus began, “My beloved one, the next few months in your nation will be tumultuous with the increase in covid cases, with nations raging against other
nations and with many Patriots anxious for the return of your rightful, President Donald Trump, as they see Biden’s administration unravel at the seams, it will culminate into civil unrest.

“As I mentioned, there will be many protests all over your nations concerning the mandated vaccinations as they begin to really crack down and pressure the populous to take it or lose their livelihood. There will be many emotions of anger, anxiety, impatience, and frustration which has been festering up for a while now. With the world events taking a dive for the worse many will begin to get hopeless and want to take justice into their own hands, protect themselves and take matters in their own hands which is a perfect recipe for civil unrest and civil war.

“It won’t be as bloody, but there is a great chasm and great divide going on in your nation. Those who are for me and well aware of what is going on, and those who are blinded, following the blind, and those who have not my perspective but their own agenda in mind and are anxious to take liberty into their own hands.

“This will be a dark winter for your nation. I intend to do what I promised by exposing Biden and removing him from office. Although there are casualties with any transition of power, I never intended it to be this way. The deep state will even be surprised by the anarchy and the unrest they themselves won’t be able to contain or handle. That’s what happens when you work for and with Satan. When you think you have control, he then uses the same system and turns it around against you. These things will come about very organically, and the dark matter released upon the earth doesn’t make it any better, as certain cities will be targeted more strategically.” (I then sensed Chicago would be one of the main cities, as he said that.) “…as demons of rebellion, and principalities such as mayhem, chaos and anger have their way.

“There will be many lives lost, an increase in mass shootings more than ever before, and great affliction which will cause many to become hopeless. But My brides, I want you to stay at peace, keep your peace, and do not fear. Be a source of hope for your family telling them that I AM in control. As I continue to expose the corruption and fraud in this administration. Although they intend to bring about World War III in order that they may reign supreme over all nations and Obama take his place as the world leader. I am going to cause a shaking from within that they wouldn’t have time to even focus on other nations, but will be preoccupied with this war, within their own nation.”

I sensed what Jesus meant by all of this is that Biden and his administration’s goal is to bring about WW III if he could have his way. He would lead us into that war, then everyone in our nation would come together in patriotism and the focus would be a nation that has now become our enemy. Obama would become world leader over UN and once the war begins, which they planned, it would be devastating. However since they have planned the war, they would quickly restore our government and infrastructure a lot sooner than anyone could possibly do and rise to be the victors in all of this and be praised by world leaders, therefore setting the stage for the New World Order and Obama rising to ultimate power of all nations. That is something Jesus told Mother Clare as well. So you see family, that is the agenda of Biden being president. He is a puppet being used to fulfill the bigger picture of the new world order agenda. However, the Lord is going to use this situation to turn this on them, what they never expected. Because in order to implement the new world order they must get the people’s trust and support. This uprising will toss Biden to-and-fro, as many begin to lose their trust and support for whom they thought they voted in.

Jesus continued, “I want you to pray, My beloved brides, for those who will want to take justice in their own hands and not wait on me. There are so many of them who are zealous but walking in their own wisdom and will be the ones easily killed or can cause the most damage to the masses. I have a strategic plan in mind, going about this but Satan will insight these souls out of the anger, impatience, and bitterness in their own hearts to move on their own to incite violence and rhetoric that will be harmful to many who will follow their ways. Pray for the many Patriots who are willing to fight for liberty in your nation, that they would wait on my timing and my way of doing things.

Pray for the many casualties especially the innocent that will be lost in the crossfire of all of this. Pray for the lying media to come down, Biden administration, and their agenda to be exposed. Pray much, much for mercy on all. Stay away from the news like never before. There will be so much poison that anyone who watches it, there will be no way for them not to be infected. Infected with the poison of fear, anger even rage and bitterness. Stay at my feet, resting on my heart and in prayer. These things must take place to wake up the masses, to restore your rightful President and to reform this nation before I return and for revival to break forth.”

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

[Psalm 4:7, Joy]