Will You Take Satan’s Bait?

Hello Jesus, what’s on your heart?

Jesus began,

“It is on the world.”

I said, “What about the world Lord?”

Jesus continued,

“There is a blanket of darkness covering it and many are being sucked into hell. What you are seeing is about the anti-Christ reign in eliminating Me from schools and putting gay marriage into the minds of the youth. I am pouring out My Spirit upon My people that will spread the truth of My gospel to those that support evil. I have given ample opportunity for mercy in this country. I am no longer tolerating evil, and I will hold accountable those who have supported it. I want those who are for me to be for me. Let it be known that I am holy. My church is celebrating in evil, at odds with My scripture. They are gathering to themselves, those who do evil and counting evil as good. Many churches I will tear down for the sake of the people that have been fed lies and have endorsed evil. I do this for your sake that you would live righteously in keeping with My commands. Who will stand up for the truth if not My church? How much more will the church take? I have seen how my people have been deceived into believing a lie and have compromised with the truth. Share your story of the dream you had.”

Ok Lord.

Well, last night I had a dream of satan speaking to me. I cannot remember his form, but he was as a human, very cunning and deceiving. I don’t recall the setting, but he invited me to do witchcraft by saying “ Do witchcraft and have a cookie”. At first I hadn’t heard it correctly then he repeated again. After I took a hold of what he was saying, I was said “NO!”, with such deep conviction in my heart. Then satan said to remember Jesus and his grace. Basically, he meant the saying that we are under grace and therefore we could sin. I hurriedly said something along the line of, “GOD IS HOLY AND RIGHTEOUS. HE HATES SIN!” I repeated this then after that I saw him kind of shrug it off and walk away. I woke up and contemplated how people have been deceived this way, especially in the church.

I looked up what witchcraft means in the Bible, and it means:

Involves the manipulation of the demonic host, through incantations and the casting of spells. Witchcraft can also involve communication with demonic spirits impersonating the dead.

Some say it also means rebellion against God.

I woke up with such a feeling of disgust because now I know how the evil one fools people into doing evil from the twisting of scripture. How cunning guys. We need to be careful to correctly divide the word of God. Even Jesus Himself went through this type of temptation in Matthew 4: 5-7

5 Then the devil took him to the holy city and had him stand on the highest point of the temple. 6 “If you are the Son of God,” he said, “throw yourself down. For it is written:

‘He will command his angels concerning you, and they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.’”

7 Jesus answered him, “It is also written: ‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test.’”

Jesus is a great example of how we should seek the whole truth in order to combat the wiles of the devil.

Jesus continued,

This has been going on for generations of what the devil has done in My church. I am now bringing to light what you are battling. There is much more test to come for all of my people to see who truly is for me. Stand therefore and be counted, for great is the way to destruction and many go down that path and narrow is the way to life, and few find it. Choose life.

And that was the end of the message.

See you in the next video.


Ice Skating and Hang Gliding with Jesus, Heaven Visit

Hello, my name is Rusty and I want to share an experience with you I had with the Lord back in February — on February 18, 2022.

I went into dwelling prayer early that morning and the songs that the Holy Spirit had picked were really leading me to press into Jesus and believe that He really wanted to spend time with me and show me some of Heaven. While listening and worshipping in my spirit I laid down and just began to imagine Jesus.

I pictured Him coming to the front door of our house. as I was wanting to meet with Him. He knew he had permission to come in and I was lying in the floor in my office, and He walked up and opened the door to the office and came in. He reached out His hand to me. I grabbed it and stood up. He gave me a big warm hug! (If you’ve never experienced a hug by Jesus, there’s just nothing like it!) He then grabbed my hands and we stood there for a minute, heads bent down, just resting forehead to forehead.

He then said,

“Come on!”

Grabbing one of my hands he began to skate off, and I realized that we were ice skating in the stars! It was such a neat feeling gliding through the air with a dark starry background. Everything was done so effortlessly! I was amazed just thinking, wow, Jesus really is a whole lot of fun!

Then He asked me,

“Do you want Me to throw you?”

I said, “Yes!”

So He lifted me up in the air while we were gliding through space on the ice, then in perfect time with the music, He threw me into the air!!! I did many twists and landed perfectly on the ice. Then we grabbed each other’s hands and began to spin around and around, going faster and faster on the ice.

After that, we started chasing each other in a big game of tag. I just remember being ahead of Him and looking back, just all caught up in the moment and I just looked back to see how far away he was. Then I looked forward and realized that I had stopped on the edge of a ginormous waterfall! So standing on the ice yet here, just looking ahead of me there was a giant waterfall at my feet, and I was teetering on the edge getting ready to fall over so I was trying to keep my balance so. But Jesus suddenly came behind me and just shoved me over the edge!!!

I started falling — I was caught in shock — just like, Wow! what is He, what’s He doing? Anyway, as I was free falling He came up behind me and grabbed me — then realized we were hang-gliding !!! I could see my feet dangling over a beautiful valley of green fields and trees. There were lots of animals roaming here and there. The sky was a beautiful color like it gets as the sun is starting to set. We had lots of fun with the wind whipping through our hair. It was just really amazing, really, really beautiful. I just couldn’t get over that I was just — I was doing this with My Lord. But it just shows His playfulness, His playful heart.

Then I could see a high stone cliff beautifully carved, it had beautiful stone railings around the edge. It almost seemed like it was a platform suspended in the air, but I knew it was jutting out from some tall mountain — kind of like that big platform by the castle in the Lord of the Rings at the end where they could overlook middle earth if you have ever seen that.

Anyway, as Jesus and I approached the platform in the air, I could see Father God in a white robe with a long white beard standing there. We both landed gracefully on the platform and Father God reached out His arms. I ran to Him and gave Him a big hug! It was like I was 11 years old or thereabout and coming into His warm embrace felt so wonderful! It was just like a grandfather that has so much unconditional love for his grandchild! He hugged him and reassured me that I was loved, and I didn’t have to seek anyone else’s love or approval. All that I needed, He had, and He would protect me. I felt that — it just felt so secure in His arms.

Jesus stood there to the side as the Father, and it felt weird calling Him the Father. After this experience it’s more like Papa or Daddy is such a more close, affectionate term. Anyway, Daddy God and I embraced. Jesus was so happy to see this. Then I realized that the Holy Spirit was there too. He had long blond hair and was happy to see this too! I got a view of this encounter from overhead, and I was in the middle surrounded by Papa, Jesus, and Holy Spirit (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). I was surrounded by so much love and peace. I could just feel many insecurities and impurities just washing off! And just surrounded by a bright light. It’s just amazing what the power of love will do! True Godly agape love! Not the superficial lusty kind of love of the world, but pure, unconditional, undefiled love.

I enjoyed being so close to Papa, Jesus, and Holy Spirit, and I began to wonder where Mother Mary was. I then noticed her standing a ways back on some steps leading down to the platform. With nods of reassurance from God that it was ok for me to go to her, I ran to her and just gave her a tight embrace and was in tears, just thanking her for how she had prayed for me and interceded for me to be able to have this encounter. She really is a wonderful mother and cares so tenderly for us. Her heart is so big, and she has a way of presenting situations and requests to Jesus in a way that He just cannot resist. It pleases God very much for us to have and show mercy. After all, He is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance! And He invites us to join in showing mercy to others by praying for them and asking God to also show mercy to them. Anyway, that was the end of my vision. Yeah, I guess it was a vision. I just thank the Lord for the amazing time that I had with them that morning. I wrote this, this morning just saying,

“My heart is full! Thank you, Mother Mary, for praying for me as well. God, please take me deeper into the Glory. I love you, Papa! I love you, Jesus! I love you, Holy Spirit!”

Thanks for listening.

The Earth Is Passing Away, Come Follow Me

Hello, Brothers, Sisters, and Heartdwellers Family. I came before the Lord this morning saying, Jesus would you share your burdens with me?

Jesus sighed, and He began,

“Oh, My beloved the lost world — the infighting, the death of this world is on My heart. Many don’t realize the earth is indeed passing away. Every second deteriorating, being consumed, being destroyed, and in some places denigrating. I was very literal when I said that in scripture, all things are passing away, my beloved ones.”

1 Corinthians 7:31
“…and those who deal with the world as though they had no dealings with it. For the present form of this world is passing away.

“So many have grown discouraged, and hopeless as they have gazed on the state of this world and have not stood on My word. Yes, the earth is passing away, but not one word from My mouth will return void — no, that will stand. Do not put your hope anymore in the future. Do not say tomorrow things will get better or five or ten years from now things will change. My dear ones tomorrow is not promised for some of you and definitely not five or ten years. Things will not get better, there is no brighter future ahead with new technologies and innovations to look forward to, or better yet, put your trust in anything —I mean everything will pass away.

Satan has been so clever to present to you a future with humanity and a false sense of peace leading the way. Technologies that are guided by demonic power and his wicked servants to cause the deception of many. Do not fall for it any longer, My beloved ones. I cause suffering in the world to get your attention that your home is not here. If your life has been full of trials and suffering, beloved ones, thank me for it. Oh, thank me, for it is My mercy to get you so sick of this world and filled with hope in Me, desirous of the Heavenly home that I have promised and have prepared for you. Do you know many who are living the good life, as you see it, are headed straight to their grave — straight to destruction, and straight into the enemy’s hands?

If I would have allowed you to get that job, that acting role, that position, been accepted by those groups of friends, or been a part of the elite in-crowd, or married that rich man or rich girl — it would have ruined you and brought you so far away from Me and possibly losing your salvation. My beloved ones, their world has nothing to offer you but smoke screens and allurements and intrigue that will make you sick and twisted within. Come out of the world once and for all. Stand with Me and in Me for there you will find surety and security to stand when all things in this world begin to shake as they are shaking now and breaking, being destroyed, you will not be moved and be among the hopeless and despairing.

I am calling out to you. You hear my voice, respond to the call, My beloved ones. No longer sit on the fence. Chose this day whom you will serve, the world or me? You have nothing to fear when you come after Me, and follow Me. I have words and a world that are eternal that will never end or never be destroyed but renewed to bring new life. Come follow Me.

I will pull you out of the mire of confusion and complacency that has ensnared you to live a life less than what I created and destined for you. You fear the unknown because you really don’t know Me, and I will lead and guide you in every step, beloved ones. You will never feel alone again — for you have never been alone, but I have been with you and will continue to. There are many traps set up for you, My beloved ones. Only if you knew how intricate the plan of depopulation and genocide that has been going on for centuries. This has been planned long ago and planted in the minds of My children since the days of Noah — to steal, kill and pillage and it will only continue to get worse, beloved ones — only worse. But those who know Me and live for Me will be victorious and have nothing to worry about. I will take care of their every need and give them a peace this world cannot give and will never give.

Do not continue to listen to the senses or even the words of your government. Almost all things are meant to harm you and kill you. Rather seek me out, follow My ways and come to know My heart. I will protect you from all that they plan to unleash on this world and on the masses. Your hope, My children, is found in me alone. When you come to know me, really know me, you will not be moved and even when you face death rather than fear it and try to save your life you will run to lose it for My sake because you will be returning to the one whom you love. Death simply takes you back home to Me to your eternal resting place. A place of utter bliss and union with Me and all that I created — enjoying, growing, and learning to be all that I created you to be. That is what it looks like when you are mine and you follow me. Trouble is coming to your world, great troubles, my beloved ones, are on the horizon. You must make your decision. I give you the grace now to respond — leave all else behind, pick up your cross, and follow Me.”

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

Church Hurt, A Source of Division

Hello Brothers, Sisters, and Heartdwellers family. When the enemy hits, he usually hits you all at once and on all sides. I have shared with you guys how I have been dealing with some fires around me, personal, interrelational, and then a similar situation happened in the community just left me angry, disappointed, and hurting adding on to the burden I was under.

After prayer, Jesus immediately began,

“Your heart is a storm-tossed ocean, My beloved little one. I need you to be still and know that I am God. I am in control and have you and all situations in the palm of My hands. You are under attack and so is this little flock of yours. I want you to be more sensitive to the inspirations, instructions, and counsel I give to others to be given to you. Do not dismiss them or any dream or word shared with you because you all are one body. In this family each person has different gifts I have brought to this group, and it’s always a part of the bigger picture. There are things you will not catch or blind spots you don’t see that I will reveal to your children and those around you not only to humble you but also for you all to work in union together. You need each other. All of you. Although you are scattered in different parts of the world, you all need each other.

Yeah, family, one of the priests reached out to me about two weeks ago and said, the Lord gave her a word that our faith was going to be tested in some way and the antidote would be humility and brotherly love. When she told me these things, our group was running smoothly so I didn’t take it as [being] serious. But now some of us are in the fire with various situations and I realize the word she had was right and I should’ve heeded the Lord’s forewarning through her.

Jesus continued,

“Check up on them individually often and I want the group to check up on one another, be open to one another, hide nothing. I have brought you here because this is a family you can trust. It is not perfect, but brotherly love reigns in the center of this family. Why? Because I Am the center of this family and in all that they do. Do not fear loving or fear receiving love, My little one.

“I want to talk to My brides about this very thing. Wounds incurred by the church or as you would call it “church hurt”. There have been many of you who have been hurt by the church institutions and by Christians whom you called friends. You went into a congregation having expectations of finally being loved, understood, supported, and built up, but rather you found infighting, gossip, judging, criticizing posturing, and politics. You were scorned by those who didn’t understand you and you were ruthlessly judged and rejected for your weakness and failures which further made you close off and not open up to anyone. You looked around thinking who can I really trust? Share, My little one, about your experience in the community.

Well, a situation arose here in the community with a soul whom I went to for counsel. I shared my burdens with them and even apologized for my attitude because of the burdens I was feeling. Then I got called in for a meeting as it was shared that the Lord had brought up to this soul that many things were disordered in the community and mentioned some of the very things I shared with them privately the day before. I felt so disappointed because it had happened so many times in different situations, and I felt my confidence in sharing with this soul was gone, and I had feelings of betrayal again. I knew the enemy got in because I was seething with anger and ultimately confessed my sin of pride, anger, and resentment. It made me want to shut down, not open my heart anymore and put a guard up again. I know that is not what the Lord wanted. Then during worship, He played a song called “Church People” by Jonathan McReynolds — so on point as I realized I was holding on to “church hurt” — being wounded by those in the Body of Christ. I needed the Lord to really deliver me from this and give me the grace to make excuses, especially for my Christian brothers and sisters if they ever wounded me again rather than allowing the injuries to hurt so deeply that they stop me from loving and forgiving as I should. There was another soul in the group going through this and I began to realize I am not the only one who needs healing.

Then Mother Clare pulled this Rhema after this incident to share with the community and it said,

One day Our Lord Jesus Christ said to Brother Leo, a companion of blessed Francis:

“I have regrets regarding the brothers”

“Why Lord?”

“For three reasons.
First, because they are not grateful for the blessing that I give them generously every day by procuring their nourishment without their having to sow or reap. Secondly, because they complain all day long and do nothing. Thirdly, because they provoke each other to anger and do not return to charity, and do not forgive the injuries they have received”

Ouch, I knew that was for me.

Jesus continued,

“What I want you to realize, My brides, not one part of My body is perfect, no not one, until I return. Then My brides will be made perfect, for now, the Church is being purified. In all denominations, you will find forms of rancor, division, misunderstanding, and souls filled with self-love and self-seeking from the most solitary monastery to the catholic, orthodox, and evangelical church, and even in small church groups. So no family is perfect. However, the ones who endure are the ones who are being perfected in brotherly love and quick to truly forgive offenses. You were never meant to put your hope and expectations on others. Even the dearest and sincerest of believers will disappoint you, that is human nature. But what will be your response? Will you shut down, will you close off, or worse hold into bitterness and resentment?”

As an aside when I went to confession, my confessor walked me through a guided meditation to enter into the garden of my heart and they asked what I saw. I saw among the beautiful garden this black tree stump that had a few small branches growing from the stump. I could see the roots of the tree trunk went deep down in the depths of my heart — they were big, black, and twisted. I then knew every wound I incurred produced a seed of bitterness which grew roots and had twisted itself to create this big tree stump in the garden of my heart..Ulck!

“There are far too many bitter Christians who have held on to the resentment of past wounds incurred in the church or among other Christians. You see bitterness causes you to become a walking wounded soul and many times those who hurt you are hurt themselves. You don’t realize you then become just like the ones who hurt you because when bitterness takes root in your heart it begins to skew your perspective, harden your heart, smother your flame, and cool the fire of your love towards your brothers and sisters and ultimately towards Me. You are quick to lash out, be irritated, agitated, impatient, and down allowing the enemy to hit you where it hurts — using another to strike you in the same place you have been wounded with false accusations, misunderstanding, or offense. The seed now begins to grow into a root, a bitter root, and My brides, all of you still have bitter roots I want you to deal with. Some are more apparent than others. Ask me to show you these bitter roots in your heart and allow Me to help you to cut them down once and for all and uproot any other seeds that have been planted in the garden of your heart.

I am calling My brides to holiness so that means a greater degree of humility. I am allowing and will continue to allow all manner of tests and trials for the demons to sift you, to buffet you — not to destroy you — but to purify you. For it is in the wounding that I can come in and do a deep healing. Don’t you see My hand in each trial, in each frustration, and in each humiliation? Thank Me for it instead and be smarter than the devils. Do not fight with your brother or sister, contend in your heart, or think ill of anyone please do not do that. Stop in your tracks when those thoughts creep up even if the soul has done the same offense a million times, do not find fault with your brother.

Rather see it as a stronghold that the enemy is using to cause them to harm others or a fault that they don’t see — and pray for them instead and love them. If it’s an evil spirit influencing someone to cause pain or harm I will let you know so you know how to pray more effectively, but the greatest weapon against division, strife, and offense is brotherly love and making excuses for that person. The devils are very clever to set up traps to hit you all at once. So a situation happens the day before, another in the morning, and another in the evening with different souls. When you recognize you are being hit on all sides, stop and recognize, ‘wait this is an attack upon Me and these souls’. Refuse to come in agreement with Satan’s lies, renounce His influence over them and you and declare your love and commitment to Me and to them despite the offense. Ask Me to heal your heart and theirs as well. He will lose every time. My beloved ones, pray for one another and pray for this little group of yours against division, offense, and rejection. They want to scatter you all, but I won’t allow it as long as you Love one another as I have loved you.

I do want you to take that three-day retreat, Beloved, it is very much needed. It will be a time of refreshing for you and Me. Deep healing and a change of perspective that you will be strengthened by My grace and love to persevere in the demands of this life and gracefully carry all the responsibilities given to you and love the children and the souls I have given to you and those who are still coming. I love you My brides, strength, and healing is on the way. Persevere in love, I share your sufferings with you.”

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

Jonathan McReynolds
Feat. Mike Todd & The Walls Group

Child, I feel you – and the truth is
That hurt people hurt people
But God is going to deliver you from people
(Please, Lord)

Every person who disappointed you
The ones who damaged your perspective
Today, you’re letting ‘em go
God says I want you to trade Me
Trade Me your sorrow, trade Me the pain
(Please, Lord)

And I want to give you joy
This is the moment,
You gotta let them go
(Please, Lord)
I know it’s hard – and I know it’s painful
(Please, Lord)
But God’s future for you is bigger than any relational failure
So I’m letting it go (Please, Lord)
I’m giving it up (Please, Lord)
I’m releasing (Please, Lord)
And I’m not gonna be held back by all of these
(Please, Lord)

[Chorus: The Walls Group & Pastor Mike Todd]

When the thoughts of (Please, Lord) the pressures of (Please, Lord)
I wanna be free from (Please, Lord) my God (Please, Lord)
Everything (Please, Lord) that society says (Please, Lord)
Here and right now (Please, Lord)
I choose to forgive (Please, Lord)
Please heal, touch, Lord (Please, Lord)
Please heal your (Please, Lord) brokenhearted (Please, Lord)
And I will bring the love (Please, Lord) ‘
Cause there’s still (Please, Lord) Oh-oh-oh-oh,
So deliver me From people

[Outro: Jonathan McReynolds]
They are the best and the worst you’ve created (Please, Lord)

You Are On the Brink of WW3 — PRAY!!!!

I was in adoration as the Lord has commissioned me to do a three-day retreat to just be with Him and work alongside him. During our time of Adoration, he played this song from the soundtrack of The Passion of Christ, “The Olive Garden, Night Sky” when he was in Gethsemane. The picture said it all as Jesus looked so sad with the crown of thorns on. I began to ask him what was on his heart because Father Ezekiel had been suffering terribly for the past two days and I knew the Lord’s heart was hurting as well. Then when I was just about to end the last song he was playing, I heard quietly in my heart “You are on the brink of WW3, consecrate a 7-day fast and pray”.

So I immediately began writing:

Jesus, I am here, I am here, Lord.

Jesus began,

“Be with me, My beloved bride. Pray with Me and petition the Father for Mercy for the world. You are on the brink of WW3, and I have chosen you and all My beloved Heartdwellers to be My little Apostles of Mercy as Saint Faustina was. There is nothing more irresistible than a pure soul who comes before the Father petitioning that His will be done on earth. This is not His will yet, beloved one. But all players are in their position and in the ready at any moment to begin shooting missiles, rockets, bombs, and ultimately a nuclear attack that will devastate your nation and insight WW3.

My people have become lax and weary from battle. I understand, My brides, how do you think I feel? My heart is also war-torn from the death, devastation, the wickedness of this world, and the evil one and his servants. But My brides, you hold My authority, you have the power in your hands to yet again rewrite history and forestall the most devastating war the world will ever see, superseding all the wars that came before it.

There is nothing glorious about war, but tremendous tragedy, suffering, loss, and demoralization. Please pray, My beloved brides. Consecrate a 7-day fast to petition the Father for My Mercy. Offer everything you can — the smallest to the greatest sacrifice you can give Me. I am grateful for it all — and be with Me in the garden interceding, praying, believing, and calling forth My mercy to yet again forestall the horror that awaits mankind until the appointed time.”

Just then I looked up as I focused on the painting in my room done by one of our sisters, of Blessed Mother weeping, holding Jesus in her belly who was in the womb that looked like the world.

“My Mother weeps for the little ones — those who will become orphans in an instant. Children raising children because their parents will be lost in the war — lost in the fight. That is where you are headed, My brides. This will not just affect America, but the whole world so please heed My warning seriously and pray, pray, pray like you have never done before. Pray for hardened hearts to be softened, the sleepers to wake up especially in My church so that they too can be privy to what is truly going on and come alongside you in prayer.

The devastation will be tremendous, touching every citizen from the poor to the rich as the Anti-Christ Obama will then avail himself to rise up as the victor in all of this to end things and commence their long-awaited liberation of all things wicked and evil, the tribulation. It will be hell on earth quietly literally, My beloved ones. I need your prayers and sacrifice. The world needs your prayers and sacrifice. The unbelieving and lost need your prayers and sacrifice. Stand with Me My Brides do not let me down. I am counting on you. I know you have been wearied from the battle.

And here Jesus was reading my thoughts at that moment because, I don’t know about you, but I have with everything and concerning our nation, wondering when things would change or if our prayers have done anything at all. As I apologized to Jesus in my heart for hurting him with my unbelief.

But things are changing behind the scenes. I have been slowly turning the tide and that is the very reason they are escalating things and rather pushing feverishly to begin this war because they know their time is short, but just as I told the Pharisees who wanted to take My life, their hour had not yet come, and I say the same to them. Their hour has not yet come, the reign of darkness is appointed for another time very soon. If My beloved ones would pray, the Father may relent again, and you will be given more time, more grace, and more mercy in increments. Please pray my dear ones, and heaven will hear and heal your Land.”

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

I bless you family, with the grace of prayer and supplication to be poured out upon us all. We will need it for the days ahead and to be sensitive to stay with Jesus in the Garden and pray the Fathers will be done and for the sake of His sorrowful passion that He would have mercy on the whole world.

Wage War with Your Doubts, Fears and Insecurities

A man holds up a Bible to dark shadows

Hello Brother, Sisters, and Heartdwellers family.

This morning I woke up feeling so low and sick at heart my mind was under attack with so many fears and my heart full of discouragement and insecurity.

There was a situation that arose in Zambia that really began to burden me. I could feel the pain keenly of Pastor Chama’s struggles and all that he was going through as I was trying to work it out myself. Then as I spoke to Derrick, he tried to encourage me but made a few innocent comments that pierced my heart deeply causing me to feel so insecure. He had no idea the enemy had already hit me earlier with some thoughts of insecurity, so this added to everything, and I began to realize that I really needed healing in my heart from this. I had never felt so insecure in any relationship. Although we’re not together I began contemplating the fears of marriage all over again and everything else the Lord was asking me to do. I was feeling overwhelmed and discouraged about many things. Then I pulled a Rhema,

“Even if war breaks out against me I will be confident in what the Lord is doing”.

I truly felt under attack and my heart was in pain. I sat in silence for a long while, getting readings from holy books to receive some food for my soul, and perspective. I had missed my prayers in praying the Rosary for a couple of days and knew I needed to run to Mama. So I prayed it and laid all my intentions, feelings, sorrows, and burdens before her. Then I went into worship. Holy Spirit picked a song that was the sound of the ocean waves beating against the shore. I closed my eyes as I saw myself sitting on the beach very close to the water. The waves would rush on my feet and come all around me. I sat there in serenity as I noticed Jesus come and sit beside me in the water — but as soon as He sat down, it was no longer Jesus but Blessed Mother, as I remembered they told me once, their hearts are one and the same. I heard Jesus whisper in my heart, “You need your mother today.”

She smiled at me and then just held me close to her heart. I held her so tightly and again tucked my head underneath her chin as the waves rushed upon our feet, and all around us, then would retreat back — and again would rush on us, then retreat back. She held me in silence, but her love was enough as I began to feel a strengthening. She kissed my forehead saying, “All will be well,” and held me tightly again. She began singing a song over me but in Arabic. Her voice was so beautiful and soothing. Then I heard a low airplane flying above us. As I looked up it had a banner flying behind it, white with red letters that said, “You’re beautiful” — I smiled. Then as it went it quickly turned around to come back with a banner now that said, “I love you.” I could see it was Jesus in the cockpit. I began laughing as he waved. Blessed Mother giggled and smiled — then the airplane went and came back again with another banner now that said, “I love everything about you.” Then it went away and came back with a new banner that said, “You are just perfect.” Then again it went and came back with another banner that said, “You’re a miracle.” Then the last banner said, “I am working a miracle in you.”

All I could do was smile as I continued to be held by Blessed Mother as the airplane finally flew away. Then I suddenly saw Jesus come to the right side of us. He smiled then He put his arms around me, and Blessed Mother. I was now tucked in between both of them — the two sacred hearts— as I felt my heart aflame and being healed by Their Love.

Jesus then pulled away and handed me the most beautiful red rose, with dew drops on it, as I smiled coyly, thinking [of] how loving he is as He said, “For you.” Blessed Mother smiled, and then He told me to come with Him as He pulled me now to my feet and we began to walk — and I came out of the vision.

Jesus, what is on your heart?

Blessed Mother began speaking instead,

“My beloved, I am here — peace, peace, peace. Rest your weary head upon my heart, My beloved daughter. There you will always receive strength, understanding, and the graces that you need. You continue to be assailed with many doubts, fears, and insecurities. A war has broken all around you to cause you to look at the waves in the storm that is consuming your heart rather than at Jesus. You are so weak and little and need much strength from your union with Him which will give you a greater resolve and determination to stand when many times, you feel like falling. Do not worry, Beloved, your heart will be healed of these things, and you will be made whole.

Many of the brides of Christ are being assailed in this way. There are demons of insecurity, fear, and doubt that have been released on the body of Christ. We told you this would be a season of favor, and many are moving into new seasons, territory, and gifts of great favor. The enemy of your souls wants to steal these things before you even start — or stop you dead in your tracks to bring confusion and a turning back to what you feel is more comfortable and safe. Do not allow him to steal this new ground we are giving all of you, My brides. Do not allow him to. When war rages around you, My beloved brides and you are unsure of the direction, or uncertain of the climb stop, praise your beloved spouse — find your peace in what you know He has told you to do, and stand upon that word waiting until He brings clarity and courage. But do not ever retreat.

You are His warrior brides, and you must wage war with your insecurities once and for all. Insecure means to be secure in yourself, that is the true meaning. As you look at yourself as a weak, feeble, fickle, and incapable creature, of course, you will find no confidence there. But when you look at your beloved spouse, your God, who is strong, who is faithful, who is kind and compassionate to heal and bring deliverance, who is merciful to strengthen you, equip you and give you a love that will so utterly transform you — because the way He loves you is quite different from how you see yourself and how even others see you. His words must be the definition for your identity, for your security, and for your confidence to do all that he is asking of you. You felt prompted to pray for these things in yesterday’s meeting, but you didn’t speak up.”

As an aside, she is talking about our Sunday service. A brother pulled a Rhema card, and everyone began to say they struggled with negative confessions. We prayed for him, but I was thinking we should’ve prayed for everyone as well.

Our Mother of Mercy continued,

“It wasn’t only your brother who is dealing with these demons, but all of you in the community, one way or the other, are waging war with doubts, fears, and insecurities. Although some cover it up with a smile, there are hidden things deeply rooted in each of you and the Lord wants all of you free — all of His brides are free from the pain of the past, words spoken over them by others, the uncertainty of the present, and fear of the future.

So say this prayer,

‘Lord, I give you my fears I give you my doubts and I give you my insecurities. I am confident that I am who you say that I am and with your help and strength I am capable of doing all things. Heal me of words and negative profession that I have spoken over myself, and others have spoken over me to cause chains around my feet, my mind, and my heart from doing all that you have called and created me to do. I believe you, Lord, I trust you Lord and I receive your love to heal me from the mire of my past, the mire of the present, and my anxieties of the future. I say yes I can do it because you can through me.’

Receive His joy today, beloved ones. Let the joy of the Lord be your strength. How is that done? When a soul meditates on His goodness, meditates on His love, mediates on the gift of His grace, His mercy, and the hope of eternal life that awaits you it fills your heart with joy —that He is good and works all things out for your good and that He is with you and for you. My beloved brides, I am singing songs of deliverance over each of you. Arise from your bed of insecurity and fear, as I securely place you into My Immaculate heart tucked deeply with great assurance of Jesus’ love and tender care.”

That was the end of Our Mother of Mercy’s message.

God bless you, family, until the next message.

Feeling Burned Out, Have You Neglected Me?

Hello Brothers, Sisters, and Heartdwellers family, May we be sensitive to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and the grieving of our spouse Jesus when we neglect him for other things.

I want to apologize for neglecting you, for allowing the cares of this world to pull me away from Your heart and being distracted in my thoughts, and for allowing other things to take up the space in my heart and mind that should be yours. Please forgive me, Jesus.

I had gotten a Rhema message two days ago from Mother Clare’s website titled, “You have neglected me, My brides”. I thought, uh oh, I felt it was so true for me. I have been so busy this week especially in the morning during my prayer time having to help the new priests, being called in the community for other things which have cut my prayer time short, dousing fires that have risen up which have not really permitted me time to get a message because I have to rush off to Mother Clare’s to work. But even on my days off there is no excuse and when I have tried to press in I have been called and find myself irritated by interruptions and in prayer, my mind is all over the place on other things. I have had enough backed-up messages to cover the channel, but I missed Jesus deeply.

When I read the Rhema message surprisingly it was talking about her channel and how donations and views were low and that was going on here on this channel as well, so I thought the message was for the flock and not for me. If I can be honest I was a bit relieved, but I still had a small conviction about it and I brushed it off. I got a chance to spend the weekend in one of the empty hermitages and had a wonderful time with Jesus in worship, but again was called suddenly on my day off during prayer and was unable to hear from the Lord again.

The following day I had scheduled our first board meeting and wanted to get in at least an hour to spend time with the Lord before our meeting because I would have to rush off afterward again to go to Mother Clare’s for our Sunday service.

The first song the Lord played was called “Please come back to me” by Michelle Tumes. These are some of the lyrics:

I can’t breathe, it’s agony
Wondering where you are
Picture me on my knees
Have you run too far?
… Can you hear can you hear
The sound of my heart break
With each step you take?
Can you feel, can you feel me when I say …
“Please come back to me?”
I miss you, will you come to your senses?
Please come back to me
I await the day when I prepare the feast
And I embrace you running to me
… All I am, all I have
Is yours to find
You hide and seek, you think you’re free

Ouch, the lyrics stung my heart as I realized how much I had hurt Jesus and I was moved to contrition that I have been so busy lately and I was the bride who neglected Jesus. I immediately felt I needed to cancel our board meeting and got confirmation, so I canceled it to ensure that I put Jesus first instead.

I sat before the Blessed Sacrament and closed my eyes. I saw Jesus before me looking sad with his head and eyes looking down. I came before him and put my forehead to His forehead and lifted His face. Then I planted kisses all over Him. First, on His forehead, His eyes lids, His cheeks, everywhere saying I was so sorry for neglecting You. Then I held Him tightly putting my arms around His neck then He held me tightly and I could feel Him smiling again as He whispered in my ear, “I have needed you.”

Aw, Jesus.

I have needed you too, I said, I am so sorry please help our hearts to be one again, Lord. I am desperately in need of you. Please forgive me for putting other things before our relationship. Help me not do this again.

Jesus began,

“I know this is a season of growth for you that I have ordained, and summertime is always filled with many temptations to get busy with distractions, even ministry, and put Me on the back burner. But that cannot be for you, My beloved bride. I know you come into prayer, and you give Me what you can and many times I allow the community interruptions, but there are many more times, where your heart is divided far away from Me, consumed with what needs to be done, what is going wrong and the worries of this world. Keep your gaze and your heart fixed on Me. That is why you’re feeling the burnout.”

Yes, Lord, I feel like I am on the edge. You gave me that Rhema last Sunday, “Burn brightly without Burning out”…how is that possible? What do I need to change? Many times I despise my responsibilities (forgive me Lord), and wonder if I could just have a retreat, a day of just being with you and doing nothing else.

“That time is coming, Beloved, and I will call you into moments of retreat for a day or days at a time, but only if you would give Me your undivided attention and heart each morning it would be like a retreat. That is your time of rest, Beloved and that is your time of healing and equipping. I want you to begin rising earlier, that will help. When you rise earlier it gives Me so much more time with you and you’re not feeling pressed or rushed.”

Lord, but I sleep so late because I get home so late because of my schedule.

“I understand, Beloved, I will give you grace for all of that, but rising earlier will help. I do wake you up, but you lie in bed for at least an hour and that time could’ve been spent with Me instead. I promise you if you cooperate I will give you all that you need to do what it is that I am asking. Burnout comes from a lack of intimate trysting time with Me and for you, hearing My voice. My voice gives you strength that is how we connect and feed one another. Do you know you feed Me, My bride when we speak?”

No, Lord, how so, how can I feed you? You are God you have everything already.

“But I don’t have you, Beloved. You feed My soul with your smile, with your voice, and with your love. My merciful love is alleviated when I am able to pour out the contents of My heart to My bride. You are like a golden pitcher that I can pour My living waters into, and it brings Me relief that you are here, you are listening, and you desire to know what is on My heart. Then I am unburdened, do you understand?”

Yes, Just like when I have a lot on my mind, and I go to confession or talk to a friend I share my burdens. I walk away feeling so relieved, at peace, and knowing someone understands.

Jesus continued,

“Exactly, My beloved, you are My friend and My bride. Where can I go to unburdened myself when you are not there? I need you —. I need all My brides in this hour. So much suffering, so much disdain for who I am and so many more who are mine are so distracted by the allurements of the world and cares of this life that I am neglected. It happens every summer, so I am pulling all my brides close very close.

My beloved ones, please don’t get pulled away or snagged in prayer. I love that many of you come to spend some time with Me giving me the best you can, but I am desiring more. Please don’t just come for an hour of worship and say a few prayers, be with me as you would be with a spouse or an intimate friend. I want your heart and if you feel coldness and dryness in prayer ask Me to ignite the fire of your heart again to love Me, to feel again and desire me above all else.

Then seek Me out to know what is on My heart. How I desire to share My burdens with all My brides, but many are going to and fro concerned with external things, family, children, life, and their heart are so full that you can’t hear Me speak nor can you catch the impressions I give you in your heart because your mind is elsewhere.

My brides, I need you above all else. Let even ministry come secondary to our time and union together. What good is ministry if you are not connected to Me? If you are not seeking Me out but praying just to check in and say that you have prayed and go on about your day. The times you are living in are treacherous that will not sustain you or be enough for you to avoid the enemy’s traps and tactics he has set up for you each day.

You must give Me more time, immerse yourself in My loving presence and truly seek Me out to get instructions from Me each day so you can stay in my will and be protected and be given a heads up when a trap is laid up for you. In that, you can avoid many unnecessary sufferings. I wait for you, My brides to come back to Me.

For those who have been coming, press in to hear my voice you are mature enough to begin journaling and listening for My voice. Don’t allow the enemy to continue to sow in your minds doubt and unbelief. If you come every day expecting to hear from Me I promise you I will speak, so come.

As for you, My beloved little one, thank you for responding and thank you for putting that important meeting to the side and putting Me first. I will bless it when you all meet and give grace and anointing upon each person to the roles they have been given as they too put Me first in their day and seek Me out. It will be necessary for all of you to really get close to Me, cleave Me, and to be filled with My love to lead this ministry and organization and that will happen in prayer. Tell, them these things.

Lord, are we on the right track?

“You are on the right track, Beloved. Be determined in all things, but more determined to be with me above all else.

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

The confirmation that He gave me in Bible Promises was Hosea 14:4, I will bring My people back to Me. I will not hold back My love from them, for I am no longer angry with them.

God bless you, family, until the next message.

Launch Your Nets Into the Deep, Let’s Catch Men!

Hello Brothers, Sisters, and Heartdwellers family. May the Lord give us all, the grace to throw our nets into the deep.

Since the Lord gave me instructions on a couple of things I was trying my best to get tasks done while juggling my responsibilities in the community. I felt hard-pressed for time and hadn’t been able to get a message from Him. However, I had so many questions about details I needed to know from Him. My discernment seemed to be off from those I had trusted to be my second and third legs. I didn’t know what was going on which caused me to be insecure about the direction I was going. I was fearful of moving forward again. Then during prayer, He played a song called “Launching Out” by Julie True, and I felt He was telling me, “Trust me, move”.

So after prayer, I came before Him saying;

Good morning, Lord.

I think you have been wanting to speak to me for a long time. So I have shied away in my unbelief, insecurity, and doubt. Please forgive me, I know it hurts you dearly, but these feelings were overwhelming. Help me to really let go and trust you and not be afraid to fail or be hit with contradictions — but with great grace and determination do what I feel you have told me to do.

Thank you for giving me the courage to come to you this morning to receive peace and direction to my anxious soul

Lord, am I on the right track with you?

Jesus began,

“Yes, My beloved one, ‘Oh ye of little faith’ [sigh]. You will overcome this in time as you begin to see the fruit of your labor unfold, Beloved. The reason I allowed confusing readings in the Bible Promises, was for you to come to Me. The Bible Promises is a great tool I have given you and shown all Heartdwellers to use for discernment. But it should never take the place of My voice, and that is what you have allowed. Don’t do this again, My little one. I long to talk with you. I too have things on My heart that I want to let my brides know about. I long to take you into the secret chambers and let you know of My concerns, My worries, sufferings, and the mysteries of heaven. There is so much I long to tell you for the sake of My brides, and because I love you.”

Wait — Jesus, you worry? I thought that was a sin.

“I am God — and yet fully human. I have My concerns, Beloved, on situations, on each soul. My worry looks more like a concern that I desire to share with you, so you can come in agreement, and pray with me. I know the beginning to the end — but although I know the ending of every situation and every soul, I too ponder concerning the direction all of you take — the trials you will have to go through, the walls you will continuously hit until you finally get it. I have feelings and it bothers me to see My children suffering tirelessly and needlessly when they don’t listen to Me or take My counsel. That hurts the most, but I know it’s necessary for your growth and to draw you to Myself in holiness. But who can I share these things with if My bride is not available to talk to — to have a listening ear to My concerns and issues of My heart — now do you understand?”

Yes, Lord, I am so sorry — please forgive me — I have missed you dearly. I feel as though I have been a Martha, feverishly working to get things in order, delegating responsibilities….

Jesus chimed in,

“…And building up my kingdom and Church. That is what you’re doing, Beloved and we’re doing this together. There are times when all this is necessary, and this is the season. You should know that I am leading you by how things are coming together, Beloved, do not fear I am with you. I am striking your tent pegs and increasing your territory just as I said I would, Beloved rejoice, be determined and steadfast rather than cowering in fear.”

Oh my beloved Jesus, please give me the grace.

“It is being given to you as we speak.”

And thank you, Lord, for the overturning of Roe vs Wade. Jesus, you are amazingly faithful. How do you put up with me, so easily given over to doubt and discouragement? This really stirred in me great hope and faith for things that you promised that might be ahead. You are faithful!

“Say it again, Beloved, I am very faithful, and although there are some very troubling things on the horizon you can trust in My promise to you and all of Heartdwellers I will do what I have promised as you continue to pray, repent for your own sins and those of your nation. I will come and heal your land — with it bring more time, more grace, and more mercy for My brides, for the church, and for the world. Continue to pray and do not be moved by what you see any longer but trust in Me — keep your eyes fixed on Me. I am in control.

I now want to talk with My brides — those who are also being hit with unbelief, doubt insecurity, and fear. This is an assignment on the body to cause many of you to cower in the shadows of your own inability, uncertainty, and fear of being deceived or failing. My brides, how will you know it’s Me unless you take a risk. It is time for many of you to launch out. You have been hiding your light under a bushel for far too long, content to be hidden not because of your humility but because of your insecurities and doubt.

My brides, I need you to work with Me, it is time for us to birth our children together. You have responded to My call to come alongside Me in intimacy — walked with Me, suffered with Me — and now I want you to see My glory and the fruit of your labor in the children that you will raise up to know Me, follow Me and love Me. Do not fear any longer — it is I, speaking to you to press forward with every inspiration I have given. This group is likened to a horse who is not stout, or intriguing to look at in the eyes of men. Your coat is short and not as shiny as the others. You have knees that seem to be too large for your body and they tend to wobble when the climb gets steep.

Other horses may pass you by with condescending demeanors, and even mocking at times because they seem farther along than you, running faster and doing more, running wild and free — but it is the turtle that wins the race, not the hare. What they don’t see is that I have taken the reigns and I am leading you step-by-step up this steep climb. Although you buckle and shake you keep going, you keep climbing — although you stop from time to time, you cannot fall too far because I am holding you, I am leading you and guiding you into a unique path. You are being trained and equipped to be a horse with great courage, discipline and, more importantly, led by the shepherd.

As the other horses run wild they will soon come to see you at the top, with such stamina, such strength, and having great trust in My leading their reigns. Where I go you will go, where I lead you, you will follow, and where I halt, you will halt following My every lead. You see, My beloved brides, be not concerned with your lack of ability or weaknesses. All of these I care nothing about — rather, I desire to strengthen you with My grace and give you My ability and strengthen you with My anointing. Please, I am counting on you —it’s time to launch out and be very diligent with all I have given you to do. Stretch out our tent pegs and walk into the new territory I am giving you and get busy about My business and building up My Kingdom which will in turn prepare My brides. You don’t worry about the results — one step at a time in obedience and love for me will do. I break off the yoke of insecurity, unbelief, fear, and doubt that have so many of you bound and I give you grace for great courage and diligence today to be faithful to me and the gifts that have been given. Launch your nets out into the deep and let’s catch men.”

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

I Have Chosen You To Be My Priestly Bride

Hello, Brothers, Sisters, and Heartdwellers family. The Lord began to place upon my heart that it was time again to ordain more priests and raise up bishops. I was so excited for our group to see whom the Lord had called up higher, or should I say, lower, to serve. We discerned and I shared with those the Lord was calling to the priesthood and to my surprise some were very hesitant and not interested.

I know the priesthood is a calling from the Lord and cannot and should not be forced on anyone, but I couldn’t help my heart aching a little bit for Jesus. The priesthood is the ultimate intimate union any soul can have. It can be likened to the Wedding Feast of the Lamb with His bride, but here on earth. You become so united with your beloved God that you become Him, and He becomes you, as a priest. Living His life here on this earth in the most intimate, unique yet most powerful way on the earth and you say no to His proposal. It has to sting in Jesus’ heart a bit, but He understands why and is oh so patient with each soul, especially those He calls to enter into the Holy of Holies as His priests.

During prayer, the Lord began to play songs that were just wooing me with His love. Every song, every lyric, was so comforting, reassuring of His love and His friendship and His need for my love.

I saw Him before me, and we embraced. He held me tightly as I rested my head on His chest. I woke up feeling so exhausted physically knowing it was a cross He wanted me to carry. Being in His arms I just wanted to stay there and not to, rest there, so I did. The next song playing was called, Consuming Fire, and the lyrics said, “burn within”. Jesus and I held each other tenderly. I had a knowing that exchange was going on.

I felt He was sharing with me that any time He holds a soul in an embrace an exchange happens. As we were now chest to chest holding one another, I could see He was inflaming my heart. There was a fire transferring from His heart now into mine. The next song began called, Fountain, and the lyrics were saying, that I am a fountain that will never run dry because I am in Christ. I began to realize our embrace was turning into us becoming one. So many things were happening in my soul as the Lord was pouring within me anointing, graces and I was literally inside of Him and He in me. We were one.

As the following song began the lyrics were about the veil being torn and now the scene changed. I was in the tabernacle in Jerusalem during the time of the apostles. I was inside the temple near the Holy of Holies, and I saw a thin white veil-like curtain that separated me from that place. I saw Jesus before the Ark of the Covenant, He had an ephod on and a priestly hat. An ephod is an apron-like garment worn by the Jewish high priests. It is gold, blue, purple, and scarlet yarn of finely twisted linen. It contained 12 stones to represent the 12 stones from Aaron’s breastplate signifying the 12 tribes of Israel. The first row of precious stones was ruby, chrysolite, and beryl. The second row was turquoise, sapphire, and emerald and the third row was jacinth, agate, and amethyst and the fourth row was topaz, onyx, and jasper. (Exodus 39:8-14). He smiled at me and beckoned for me to enter into the Holy of Holies.

The veil then separated on its own like a curtain being drawn and I walked forward toward Jesus before the Ark of the Covenant. There were hot coals and incense rising as Jesus held the incensor. I then knelt down, and Jesus took one of the burning hot coals, I opened my mouth and he placed it on my tongue. Surprisingly it didn’t burn me, and it was red hot, He then said, “Consume it.” It reminded me of the experience Isaiah had before the throne of God

In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord, high and exalted, seated on a throne; and the train of his robe filled the temple. 2 Above him were seraphim, each with six wings: With two wings they covered their faces, with two they covered their feet, and with two they were flying. 3 And they were calling to one another:

“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty; the whole earth is full of his glory.”

At the sound of their voices the doorposts and thresholds shook, and the temple was filled with smoke.

“Woe to me!” I cried. “I am ruined! For I am a man of unclean lips, and I live among a people of unclean lips, and my eyes have seen the King, the Lord Almighty.”

Then one of the seraphim flew to me with a live coal in his hand, which he had taken with tongs from the altar. With it he touched my mouth and said, “See, this has touched your lips; your guilt is taken away and your sin atoned for.” —Isaiah 6:1-7

I consumed the coal and it melted in my mouth like cotton candy. I then extended my tongue out again and realized the coal was still there, but now it was black as if it had never been burned and Jesus took it from my mouth and put it back on the altar. He then gently pulled me up to my feet. I now realized I was wearing an ephod and priestly hat as well. He took my hand holding it up as a bridegroom would hold his wife’s hand up at a wedding and then He brought me to stand opposite Him before the Ark of the Covenant.

We. Both began to pray, bowing back and forth speaking into the Ark, as the incense surrounded us. Surprisingly we were speaking Arabic, we continued to bow towards the Ark continuously as we were praying together. He then took Holy water and sprinkled the Ark and myself. Then He took his nailed pierced hands and held them tightly together in a fist and one drop of blood from each hand fell onto the mercy seat. It brought tears to my eyes. He grabbed my hands and brought me around to His side, upon doing that in an instant we became so small, like tiny people now standing in the Ark of the covenant with the hot coals seemingly looking like large boulders before us.

He smiled at me, took my hands beckoned for me to follow Him as we stepped on the hot coals we were not burned. Then he [lay] down and drew me to himself, as I [lay] down with him. He held me tightly in His arms as my face was buried in his chest. I knew we were both burning yet there was no pain and the smoke rising from our burning smelled so sweet. A fragrant offering, another incense before the Lord and the scripture came to my mind

Romans 12:1
And so, dear brothers and sisters, I plead with you to give your bodies to God because of all he has done for you. Let them be a living and holy sacrifice—the kind he will find acceptable. This is truly the way to worship him.

Jesus began,

“I need you, I need you My beloved bride, and all those I have called to the priesthood. I need you. You were not called because of your worthiness, your righteousness, or your knowledge you were called because you carry My heart, you love Me, and have asked to love Me more. What better priest than My bride who knows Me, who dwells with Me, and who is all Mine. That makes for the best servant, priest, and shepherd.

True priesthood is service to God and friendship with Me in the most intimate way. It is a life laid down at the altar daily where you burn with the sweet fragrance of long-suffering, of patience, endurance, of persecution, trials, and great consolation with Me. Where you burn with the fragrance of prayer, intercession, and supplication, you will never look more beautiful than when you step up to the altar during Holy Communion to offer Me yourself as a victim holocaust for the salvation of souls, for mankind, for My church and for the world.”

My beloved brides do not hesitate at this call or better yet grieve me with your resistance, your doubt and most of all your rejection of My love. To be a priest is the highest honor any soul can be given in My Kingdom for you mirror that of your High Priest, your spouse, and your God. Every faculty and every gift given to the first apostles is now passed down to you to bring the rest of My church into the Holy of Holies to become My bride. You bring life to your fellow priest with your prayers, with your devotion and with your sacrifice.

It’s not about what you know or even understand. I took poor fisherman, a tax collector, a physician, loose women with no education, clout, or status of a life of religion and made them My gatekeepers, teachers, and priests to the mysteries of the Kingdom of God to reveal to the world and they did. And now I desire to pass that mantle unto you because I have found you to be worthy in My eyes. Although the world will scoff at you and you will not be accepted by many church institutions, you were called to this before the foundation of the world.

Each of you predestined for this role, this is your inheritance. Do not be like Esau and swap your birthright for a bowl of stew. The stew of the world, the stew of your own self will, and the stew of the enemy’s lies that are hindering you from taking this step. I need you my beloved ones, I need you so desperately. I believe in you, and I am counting on you.

Go deeper with Me, embrace Me, give Me your life lying next to Me at the altar burning beautifully as you approach My mercy daily for the sake of others and to make reparations for your own sins as well. The world needs you, souls need you and My church needs you. I am deliberate in all I do and in all whom I choose, and I have chosen you to be my priestly bride. Will you respond? My hands are extended — I welcome you now into the Holy of Holies, to pray with Me, to worship there with Me and to offer Me before the Father for the sake of the world as you offer yourself to be united to My passion as a living sacrifice daily to draw all men to Me.”

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

We now have ordained seven new Heartdwellers Ghana Bishops and three Priests. They all responded to the call, we praise God! God bless you family until the next message!

Breakthrough Is On The Way!

Hello Brothers, Sister, and Heartdwellers family. May we all receive the grace of faithful perseverance.

We had our second wedding on the mountain, with Brother James and Sister Hadassah. They are the second couple on the mountain who got sent out for their mission a few weeks ago. They also will have a channel which I will share with you guys, and Hadassah’s beautiful goodbye message she received from the Lord the day of her wedding, as she knew they would be leaving days later.


So, I got kicked out of my former hermitage — okay I didn’t get kicked out, but I had to move into the loft of another hermitage since my roommate got married. The internet had been working slowly for a couple of days and we didn’t know why — but once arriving there, it really wasn’t working at all. I was unable to upload any videos or send any to others to upload. Hence that is why you guys saw such a gap in the Zambia vlog posts and messages. Nothing was going through, and it was so frustrating. Then on top of that — to add to my emotions — Derrick went silent on me. We had been talking faithfully every day, and he seemed to be evading me. It hurt because last summer the same thing happened, and I was trying my best not to come up with suspicion, but it was too late.

I kept telling Jesus I offer this to you, I offer this to you — but I was hurting bad and frustrated with everything else. The time I had — continued to escape with the responsibilities in the community and the ministry. I was just exhausted all around and found it hard to catch up as I began to get overwhelmed again.

Then one of our intercessors came to visit the community for two weeks. This soul and I are very close, and the Lord began to speak to me about really structuring Heartdwellers Ghana properly and professionally. We are a 501c3 Nonprofit organization, by the grace of God, receiving our status just within three months of submission which is unheard of. However, I have no idea how to run a nonprofit organization, the business side of it anyway. In my prayer time, he began to speak to me about raising up those in the group to take officer positions and he also brought up Derrick, that he should be given a major role as well, although he is not fully on board yet. I thought to myself, Lord, he is not going to listen to me or even want this position. Last year he completely rejected being involved at all. He is so fixed right now on trying to get a paid job or start some type of business to make money and [is] even thinking about going back to school which is not the Lord’s will. So far, all of his endeavors have ended in much failure and pain for him. I always warn him ahead of time it’s not in the Lord’s will, but he has disregarded my counsel, so I was very leery and deterred in even telling him. However, the Lord kept bringing up laziness over and over again, that I needed to tell him so he could use his gifts to help us. I knew he would at some point, but I just thought this was the wrong time — shouldn’t we wait until he really comes on board? I should know by now Jesus always does things his way. So I was contemplating all of these things, my anxieties frustrations with all the error messages in the morning on my computer when I tried to download again and hurting over Derrick’s attitude towards me, I was a mess.

I came in to worship and this time I didn’t wait to hear from Lord. I needed to hear from him to bring peace to the storm in my heart. So I began;

Good morning Lord, forgive me, the past couple of days have been so frustrating and I haven’t received these sufferings with the right heart or the right spirit. Please forgive me and help me through these muddy waters.

Jesus, what’s on your heart?

Jesus began,

“My beloved, I have missed you too. I am with you, and I am for you. Rest in my promise, and in My love. I am working a miracle before your eyes, you have nothing to fear. Derrick’s heart is turning, but there is an intense struggle going on interiorly now. It’s always the most difficult right before the breakthrough, right before the finish line, and right before the battle is won. I do need you to take this fast more seriously. My mercy covered you yesterday, but you are in a war, Beloved and the enemy is very intent on doing what he can to cause frustrations, irritation, and simply discouragement so you slack off.”

As an aside, the Lord told me to do a 21-day fast for Derrick in preparation for his coming to the mountain. And if I can be honest, I haven’t really been fasting well. Yesterday I saw a bag of peanut M&M’s which I told the Lord I would be giving up sweets also in this fast, but I couldn’t control myself. I was feeling frustrated, discouraged and so over it. I took a huge handful, then another handful, then another handful — then took a Ziplock bag and poured some in there and took it with me to eat in Adoration. Guys, I am a hot mess and have no shame.

I kept telling the Lord I was sorry and kept eating as I thought, really, is this fast and prayers doing anything? I sure was sorry when an hour or so later my stomach began to hurt something fierce. In the wee hours of the morning, I was feeling nauseous and had to use the bathroom outside in the dark wet cold night. Yup, learned my lesson — as I gave the whole bag of M&M’s and all the candy we had quickly away the next day to one of the sisters doing the food ministry in the valley.

Jesus continued, “Do not slack off and it would be good to get this soul in on this as well.

And here he is talking about having the soul who came to visit join me on the fast.

“Do not discount this fast or your sacrifice. I will do what I just said. Derrick continues to go off on his own in what he thinks is best and what will make him the most happy and provide him money. But it will end yet again in disappointment, betrayal, and disfunction if he continues on. Let him know these things, continue to pray behind him, and offer the position to him. Do not worry about what you think he will say, or do you just be obedient, and I will do the rest and work out the details in My timing.

Be patience with yourself beloved and be very patient with him, oh so patient. You are called to wear a glorious crown of patience so give all things time. Do not concern yourself with the worries of provision for all that I have asked you to do and even the bills you have racked up during your hospital stay. Do what you can, Beloved, to get assistance and I will do the rest. Take each day one step at a time and be very diligent and wise with your time beloved. You have been too lax lately because you are caught up in emotions of discouragement, hopelessness, and discontentment. You are being barraged by the devils. Rise up from your mourning and weariness don’t you see the battle is already won, praise me for it and move ahead, Beloved.

This soul will continue to be such a consolation to you, and I am so glad that he responded and said, “Yes” to my call. He won’t regret it one bit, although the enemy many times will throw doubts, disturbances, and anxieties at him to cause him to waver or question what I am doing. Tell him to keep his eyes on Me, his heart fixed on Me. You are his Mother and what you have endured with Derrick will be a testimony to him of My faithfulness that I can take even the worst and most painful situations and make beauty from ashes. Right now I have broken the foundation of his family and purified his affection in his heart, taking the rightful seat in his throne room. There will be many temptations to turn back, but I am doing a new thing.

I am bringing healing, restoration, and rebuilding his family in My way and in My time. His children will be My sons and I will be their Father. Tell him not to worry, I am raising him up, much, much higher than he can imagine. I have found him faithful and pure in My sight that is why I can trust him with this role and position that I have entrusted you to give him. There is much more to come and as I am putting together this team of yours, all the gifts in each of the souls will be used and anointed for my purpose to bless so many all over the world. Do not worry again about provision for you and the others, that will all come in abundance in time because I know your heart will be for the poor, so I can trust you with much because it will be given away, leaving more than enough to take care of their personal needs. For now, I am working on the hearts of all to respond and say ‘Yes’.

“Stay close to me, Beloved, hold on to My promise and pray, pray, pray, fervently. Breakthrough is on the way.”

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

Well an update, after receiving this message Derrick finally called and sure enough, as Jesus said, he had five major job offers, and in church, someone gave him a prophetic word that he should be very cautious and take his time. He listened and when we offered him the position, to my pleasant surprise, as Jesus said, He accepted it! The fast was a success and Jesus was faithful! Derrick happily took the offer to come on board Heartdwellers Ghana Incorporated and his heart began to change after watching the film Mully Movie which can be found on YouTube for free. I encourage everyone to watch it. My goodness, it inspired me with such great faith! I told Derrick to watch it and he cried as his heart began to change as he mentioned that he sees himself doing the City of God Community full time in the future and he even broke off some old friendships and said, He is feeling like the Lord may be calling him to a life of solitude and prayer. I was like whaaaaaa #hushJesushush.

I didn’t have to say anything. Although he is not fully on board with everything the Lord is indeed moving slowly and surely. Please continue to pray for him and pray for this soul that is heading back to the mountain. After visiting the Lord called him to come back and stay for a year. He is leaving behind his two young boys ages 4 and 8 and an ex-wife whom he is believing for reconciliation in the near future as the Lord has promised he will restore his marriage. So for those now tarring in faith concerning a promise from God, this message is for you too…be encouraged breakthrough is on the way and as he is doing it for me He will do it for you. We are in this together!

Matthew 19:29, And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or fields for my sake will receive a hundred times as much and will inherit eternal life.