Prayer for the Continent of Africa

Lord, I lift up the continent of Africa and all its 54 nations. I pray for Holy Spirit to move and bring revival. We pray the churches would not lose their lamp stands before You!

Revive the hearts that have gone cold and ignite a fire for hearts that have never known You. May You open their hearts to receive the sweet love and guidance from Blessed Mother. Subdue every Religious Spirit of judgment, bigotry, and rejection against Your Mother, so that all the nations of Africa would embrace her with open arms! May they partner with her and the holy saints—the Great Cloud of Witnesses—to bring Heaven here on earth!

We pray that the children and the suffering of these nations would be comforted. We pull down every kingdom and principality of witchcraft, paganism, and idolatry. WE DECREE AND DECLARE the raising up of the Holy Cross in every nation that the Gospel would not only be spread but received.

We pray for unity in the Church and cast down every spirit of jealousy, comparison, and competition that has caused Your servants and churches to fight with each other rather than love one another.

May all hardened hearts in these nations receive a heart of flesh that mirrors the Lord’s, so they may love the things He loves and hates the things He hates.

We pray for the leaders of the nations that they would walk in conviction and sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and that those who have taken power wrongly would be removed.

Let the revival turn lives around and destroy long-held traditions that brought nothing but chains and bondage. We pray that all people in the continent of Africa would submit themselves, their ways whole heartily to You, Jesus Christ

Lord, You came to set the captive free, please free the people in Africa of generations of bondage to ungodly traditions! May they be guided to live under Blessed Mother’s mantle through the Holy Rosary as they go to win souls and do exploits for the Lord’s Kingdom.

In Jesus’ name, we pray!


Pray for the Nations of Africa

Hello, Brothers and Sisters and Heartdwellers family. One of our priests sent out a prayer request for the country Burkina Faso, that there was a coup.

A coup is a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government.

I thought he was addressing what had happened a few months ago. However, this morning that prayer request was lingering, and for whatever reason, I decided to look it up and realized this had happened again a few days ago. This nation had a coup just 8 months before and now another one had taken place. My heart sank because I know there are good things that happen in a coup, but also terrible executions, killings, and a disruption in the society at large causing instability.

So I looked online and found an article from Aljazeera News that read:

On September 30, Burkina Faso military leader President Paul-Henri Damiba was deposed in the country’s second coup in a year, as army Captain Ibrahim Traore took charge, dissolving the transitional government and suspending the constitution.

The 34-year-old Traore said on Friday evening that a group of officers had decided to remove Damiba due to his inability to deal with an armed uprising in the country that has worsened in the past nine months…

Since 2015, Burkina Faso has been caught up in an escalating wave of violence attributed to rebel fighters allied to both al-Qaeda and the ISIL (ISIS) group, killing thousands of people and further displacing two million. 

The West African regional bloc Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) suspended Burkina Faso from the organization, which Ghana leads demanding the Damiba-led government hold elections as soon as possible.

After the Lord’s Supper, I began to think of the nations of Africa.

Good morning, Lord. What’s on Your heart?

Jesus began,

“Traveling prayers will prevail for your nation and the world, My beloved one. So many are suffering greatly, not just you and your beloved husband. So many sacrifices and prayers are needed for My mercy to prevail over the judgments that are coming upon the whole world. I do want you to take the nations of Africa in your heart. Burkina Faso and Mali were the start of many coups that will take place in West Africa. Togo and Cote Devoir [which is Ivory Coast] will soon be next, but Ghana will stand because you and so many others continue to pray. But it is on the brink of so many things because of the vast immorality that has been ingrained in the culture and its people from generations ago. The idolatry, the paganism that runs deep in the blood of many. I am raising up a remnant in this nation who will truly know Me even as they are known.

I will shake up man’s doctrine and this prosperity gospel that has seeped into this country from the Western churches, causing many to despise poverty and see it as a curse rather than a blessing. That is why I will cause you and Derrick to leave in voluntary poverty to show many wealthy, many elites, and many middle class who call themselves by My name how to really live. A life of simplicity. Living on the bare necessity and giving to others. Living for others, and that is what I will began to teach you two now.

My beloved ones, especially the priests of Heartdwellers, I want you to begin to take the nations of Africa deep within your heart. Pray for this continent that has been ravished by pillage, corruption, bloodshed, and stripped of all its dignity and prestige because man so it fit to draw a cast system between races and classes.

It also has much to do with the days of Noah. After Noah’s children departed, mankind was spread abroad and My teachings of faith as the One true God was buried after man’s lust for pleasure, money, and honor instead. So they submitted themselves to dark spirits that control arid places and the land, as the people gave themselves over to delusions and sensual pleasure instead.

Now this is a turning point for all in the world as the shaking is coming and is already here. Do not be distressed by what you see or hear. Many of these judgments must take place to purify the land and the people. But if you would pray My mercy will mitigate and lessen much of what the Evil One has planned.

Africa is My continent of choice. There are so many who cry out to Me day and night. So many who thank Me day and night for the little they have received. So many who have given their lives for the Gospel… Will they not receive justice?

Now is the time! Pray. Pray fervently for the nations of Africa and for the churches that they would arise and not lose their lamp stands before Me.

Pray for the children and suffering that they would be comforted.  Pray for the leaders of the nations that they would walk in conviction and sensitive to My leading and those who have taken power wrongly would be removed and the people would submit themselves to Me whole heartily and their ways. Pray for these things My beloved brides, and priests, offer your Lord’s Supper for this.

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

So let me give you a bit of background.

When a nation has a coup, in as much as there is political disability there are always certain opportunities to either restructure the nation or send it into disarray.

For instance, when you take the Francophonie nations in West Africa—which were colonized by the French—even though on paper they are independent countries—which is Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, and a couple of others—they are not really independent, since the majority of their resources are vastly controlled by their colonial masters—which in most case is France. And the laws are set up to favor France over the country. Such as national resources, educational systems, medicine—they control all of that in African countries.

So the government in that country is trained to be good servants of their colonized masters. So when a coup takes place, the first thing the militant leader does is to cut the nation off from the colonial masters which in turn gives all the power, resources and control, back to the African country—which is a good thing, if the leader is not corrupt…

So please lift up the nations of Africa in prayer.

And I just want to share with you a post that Derrick shared with me concerning the coup that took place in Mali, by colonel Assimi Goïta. Here, this is what it says.

So, it just shows you how much France controlled Mali, which was not a good thing because Africa—we truly need to be independent so that the nation and the people can stand on their own and recourses go back into the nation, versus everyone coming to Africa and stripping it of all its resources. And, that’s why it is the way it is.

So, this is what it says:

Colonel Assimi Goïta, a 36-year-old new Mali leader cancels 8 of 11 secret agreements with France:

  • Automatic confiscation of national fiscal reserves –  canceled.
  • The right of preference over any raw or natural resources discovered in the country –  canceled.
  • Priority to French interest in companies and public contacts and public vendors[?] – canceled.
  • Exclusive rights to provide military equipment and train military officers of the colonies; the right for France to send troops and intervene militarily in the country to defend its interest – canceled.
  • The obligation to send to France an annual checkup and report on the status of the reserves – canceled.
  • Renounce all military alliances with other countries except[?] France’s permission – canceled. 
  • The obligation to ally with France in case of a World War crisis – canceled.

So, you see all here that France had a tremendous interest in this nation and was really leading and controlling the nation in so many various ways. And when the coup took place, the military cut that off, so that France will no longer control the nation of Mali.

And so that is what happens a lot of times in the coup – which can be a good thing, as I mentioned. Because it’s time, I believe, for Africa to stand on its own. It will do that though the Lord – through the lord Jesus Christ, the Gospel being spread and through our prayers that leaders will no walk in corruption and dishonesty and distortion, because there is so much of that in Africa – so much of that!

So, thank you guys so much! Please lift up all the nations of Africa in prayer.

Tarry In Your Sufferings

So it had been a couple of days since I sat with the Lord to hear from him. He told me to come every day but for the past couple of days, Derrick and I haven’t been feeling well. To be honest with all the new changes and being in Ghana I began to feel insecure hearing the Lord’s voice and just resorted to getting a Rhema for a few days. I was also very busy in the morning, and I was needed, so I wasn’t able to sit for long after the Lord’s Supper to get a message.

Derrick’s illness began to get worse, and he was admitted to the hospital. He was diagnosed with malaria and typhoid.  I had typhoid as well. I had done the Lord’s Supper and gotten the Lord’s Passion readings about suffering. I then saw the intercessory group on Skype and realized so many were going through various trials in the group. I had talked to Derrick about suffering for a soul and now being a father for the flock in Heartdwellers Ghana. He didn’t fully understand or agree with the way we see suffering and I had been really wanting him to step into the role now that we were married but there was a lot of hesitation. I understood but I really desired it.

When he got sick I just knew it had to be a cross he was carrying for the group. So I came before the Lord with these thoughts on my mind. I felt as though the Lord wanted to speak to me but was feeling insecure and hesitant. Then the thought came to my mind that it was unbelief that was causing me not to come before Him to hear His voice.

Good morning, Lord, please forgive me for my unbelief. Is that what is stopping me from coming to hear your voice?

Jesus began,

“Yes, Beloved, I am here and have been waiting. Come always to hear from me. You need My words just as much as I need your friendship. It’s a true consolation for Me, Beloved. Put your doubts aside and just write, Beloved, write.

“What Derrick is suffering now is a cross and there is much more to come.”

Boy was the Lord right. After the first day, we thought for sure the malaria would just pass, but now it’s been about four days in the hospital and the headaches still haven’t let up. So, guys, please pray for him.

“He will come to understand the crosses I allow are for the salvation of souls. He is now a father and what you were told today during the intercessory meeting is true. Many of your children are suffering in various ways and trials — some known and others unknown and his carrying this cross for them will bring tremendous relief. Be patient with him, Beloved. Soon enough he will step into that role and fully grasp and take hold of the responsibility of being a father of souls. As for now, see him as your Beloved husband  Love him, be patient with him, and be there for him.

So much takes place when a soul suffers for Me — graces overflow to all those around them. They give life to everything although many times they don’t see it nor does it feel like it but it’s very true. Nothing is wasted and he is backing up all that you have to do as well, for the ministry. Do not be discouraged by his state, this illness has to run its course. So you be there, avail and tend to his every need, for what you do unto him you are doing unto me as well, Beloved.”

Thank you, Lord, for your words of comfort. So much is on my mind.

And here family I finally went to see my aunt and my cousin, the two who have done witchcraft. I was fearful at first, not of them, but of providing them any information and even visiting them about our marriage — so that they can fight us more? But the Lord made it clear to love them and not to be fearful, to proclaim His mercy. Both seemed genuinely happy for us and very surprised at the turn of events. My love for them came back into my heart but a part of me knew I couldn’t entrust my heart to them. It’s so funny because everyone in Ghana keeps praising Derrick for waiting and enduring and putting up with me leaving the mountain, having no idea the full story that I waited. My pride wanted to put the record straight so many times, but Derrick and I would look at each other and rather laugh.

Then the pressure began for a wedding, to make plans, set up dates, and get things in line and I began to get anxious. In Ghana we have to do a traditional ceremony called the knocking where Derrick’s family comes to my family with a dowry and both of us could feel the pressure just from my aunt and cousin alone. But the rest of my family was at ease. We didn’t like that as it seemed, again, they wanted more control so that was on my mind — wondering if I should begin planning things now or waiting on the Lord.

Jesus, knowing my thoughts, answered,

“Leave all things at My feet. I am the one who has put you two together and the wedding will be the same. Don’t stress yourself now with any details just yet. Something miraculous will take place at this event. Just as it was at the Wedding of Cana, so shall it be with your and Derrick’s wedding here. Do not worry and continue to pray.

“My beloved brides, continue to tarry in your suffering. Your enemies are weakened every time you offer me a sacrifice — not only a sacrifice of praise but a sacrifice of sickness or pain. They are weakened because you submit yourself to your loving God and graces are released tremendously on them, on the souls you’re praying for and souls who have no one to pray for them — so nothing is wasted.

“I know many of you have been in hard trials and circumstances and want to give up. Do not lose hope, My beloved brides. Your sacrifice is holding back so much and is bringing in a torrent of fruit, truly it is. Your consolation and prize will be found in heaven.

“So no longer look to be happy in this life but rather look to be filled with joy — My joy which is your strength in the most difficult of situations and circumstances that are allowed. You all are growing in your faith beautifully and stretching beyond recognition, in perseverance — do not give up… I have plans to give you hope and a bright and prosperous future amidst the darkest hour that will veil this world. You will stand as bright lights to bring hope, joy, and peace to so many.

And that was the end of Jesus’ message.

Pray Much & Allow Yourselves to Feel the Pain

Sitting down and waiting for the Lord to hear from Him, after a pause, I began to hear from our Mother of Mercy.

Mama Mary began to say:

“My little one, I ask you to pray with me unceasingly for the few days ahead. It will be crucial on prayer and petitions to the Father for many souls in peril of perdition. Take me with you always as you go onward with your day, and we shall pray and intercede together.” She said. “There is much need of prayer and I will grant you my own heart of prayer so you will have a heart for the souls too.”

Then, thinking what to pray and how, she responds to my thought,

“As you can. My prayer always on your lips.”

She means the Rosary. Which at times, during the day, there is an inspiration to just speak to her, through the Rosary, one bead slowly at a time.

Mother Mary continued,

“I will take them before the Lord our God and Father,” [she meant the slow, little, heartfelt Rosary beads during the day.] “and present them on behalf of the world, of my chosen souls, of those yet to know the Lord our God and me, their mother. They might not have much sense of peril right now, but daily, my little ones…oh, daily there is a soul being lost!

“You were wondering how can God be both happy and bear with the tremendous pain of losing a precious soul forever…”

She means me. I’ve been wondering about that.

She continues, “Yet because of His righteousness, the judgment on the souls go as they go. I do the best I can to intercede for them before my beloved Son and Savior, but some souls would not yield no matter how much time would be given them.

“So I petition you, my dear little ones, be near me to aid many such souls at the hour of their death. That even as they live, those who are His, will come to the flock renewed and made whole in Him, Our Lord.

“Pray with me, my little ones. Even if death would come to the door of some and others, let’s pray their souls be with God forever and not one shall be lost.

“Pray with me at all times in this hour of death for many.

“Do not fear, Mother is here.” She gathers her arms around a group, which are her children, enclosing them in the safety of her mantle around them. Like the wings of a mother hen. So very secure in her protective embrace. As if, also, sheltering them for coming danger.

Mother continued, “Do go along tending to the Lord’s service and souls, but keep your minds and heart riveted on souls and the Heart of our Lord. Thank you, my dear ones. I am here to aid you in prayer. Thank you.” Gratefully lowering head gently as a sign of gratitude.

And that was the end of our dear Mother of Mercy’s request.

And then the Lord Jesus began to speak, saying:

“There might be little time for all to prepare hearts for My coming. Spend the remaining time loving Me with all of your hearts and grant a word of counsel and of love to your neighboring ones—even in your own house as fitting, with Me. Do not neglect letting them know of what transpires currently, so they too will be informed and take heed to analyze themselves with Me.

“My dear ones, do not yield to fear, although the looming events would stir up many such fears—do not yield to them! Take them by the horns and bring them to My feet and submit them to My authority. You have no need to fear as you remain close to Me. Even if I were to show you an area that needs to be polished within you – fear is not to reign you! For once I have you as My own, you are Mine, through good and bad alike. I take you and shape you. However, those who do not heed to Me and follow their own agenda, plans, and lucrative – they would fall easily because of a lack of roots in Me, the Vineyard. Love them much, be patient with all, for your patience and restraint is a testimony before them of Myself.

“Be strong in Me, take care of them. And My dear ones, when suffering is seen, when death is witnessed, allow yourselves to feel the pain, uniting it to My sorrowful aching heart. I will take your hearts and you, uniting it with Me, will feel the peace and abandonment of all that must take place, ordained by our Father in Heaven. Your tears, sorbs, and aches are prayers so powerful! Do not fear feeling pain for them. For all heaven feels likewise, as I do—One Body, One Spirit.

“Lift up your cries and mourning to Me. Let these tears be healing waters to many souls, even for your own loved ones.

“Do not fear the terrors of night, ask Me to shelter and safeguard you and your household and My angels will be here, guarding your lives safely.

“Have a heart and mind of prayer, My loved ones. For like this, a change takes place.”

“Also, dear little ones, accept adversity in My name. Offer it to Me, and hope will keep you at peace.”

Then, wondering about the message which was given until now, I blurted out, saying to Him, “It seems like war is already at the door, Lord…”

I just felt a serious sense from the Lord, and He only said, “Pray much.”

[And when He mentioned this, I looked at the clock and I saw that we were on date October 11, and the clock read, 11:11. Everything was “1”. And “1” is a nudge from Daddy God—God the Father! Interesting…]

He rubbed His hand on my right arm in a reassuring gesture, adding, “I’ll keep you all safe.” He means the souls near Him.

He continues to say a bit more,

“Even if death should take some of you, My love for you all remains! You won’t be lost in Me. This is why, also, the examining of conscience will serve good to begin even now. Access the areas of your lives where there is need to be acknowledged and worked upon with Me. Bring back to Me the areas needing reconciliation with Me. And even if I should take some of you, happy will your souls be because you took time with Me to examine and cleanse your hearts before Me.”

“That would be it for now. Stay close, dear ones. Stay close to Me and My Mother’s heart for you.”

And that was the end of Jesus’ message. God bless you all, take refuge and comfort in the Lord’s heart.

A Message from Mother Mary and Jesus to Sr. Therese

Raising Children, A Word from the Lord

“What is on Your heart today, Jesus?” I asked.

“The glory that awaits you all soon. Some will experience it sooner than they think, others will have to go through a battle until I take them home. But all in all, whether heaven or earth, you all can share in my glory even now. For those who cannot yet meet Me in their hearts, they meet Me when they think of Me. I always have ways of touching My people and not leaving them off shriveled and wanting. I always provide a way out and meet their needs! Sometimes different than expected.”

And that was – which reminded me of the Lord’s Supper. I got the readings of The Miracle of the Multiplying of Fish and the Five Loaves. So, when He mentions, “different than expected”, He referenced Himself as well to the five loaves and the two fish which He multiplied unexpectedly to the people.  

Jesus continued,

“It is well to pray for the rising of the righteous spirits in children. Many do a battle with that and need My aid in their lives to educate children according to My design and ways.

“My people, these little gifts are from My heart to your heart. The bond of a parent and child can be so strong, but stronger will it become when In Me – the source of you both – the place where you were first born. I thank you for accepting My children and allowing Me to enjoy them as well as you do while they grow on earth and begin to discover the gifts I have endowed them with. But My beloved ones – for those who do it, blessed are you and they – but for those who do not yet take reign to educate and disciple my little ones as I lead you – it will be dangerous to leave them off to their own will if left alone at this young age.

Take measures to educate the little ones as I educate you, My dear ones. Take great patience in the process to their bettering, for as I am patient with you all, so you are to follow My example and be very patient and enduring when their flesh is flaring up. You can liken it to yourselves when this happens, how your flesh also flares up before Me at times and I deal with you firmly, but gently.

They will need you in these times of the end. Teach them to share, to respect, to aid and succor a need. Teach them forgiveness. Let them know My name, let them know My love for them by how you too love them in My name. Love these little ones and soon they will grow up to be men and women after My heart in a world so dark. Let these little gems be true to Me and heaven. Teach them, My little ones [He means you all – us all], the ways of My gospel in action! Little tokens here and there to get them started. Water them by praying for them and I and My beloved Mother and stepfather, with the angels assign in their life and others aids I bring your way – they will man up in Me! Do not be discouraged by the influential ways of the world on them, because, by your prayers and fidelity to Me, I will protect them from harm. I do eventually snatch My little lost sheep from the mouth of the lion. Fear not, keep praying for them, and wait with Me to see the breakthrough! Never losing hope for I never lose hope in My Father to call them to Me. I know My own, and another voice they will not follow.

For those in the world, do your best to prevent them from watching sin. Always counsel them on the better choice and then leave them to Me. Don’t be pushy on them, dear ones, to the point of alienation and aversion. They hear you once, twice, or three times, they hear you, but sometimes the world can be louder to them. In this case, wage war with Me by silently praying for them and hoping for My aiding grace for them to change the course of life they now have. Never lose hope, for I answer each prayer of a loved one to his sons and daughters!

You will have to be patient with yourselves as well and know that they are also My instruments to shape and hope virtues in you by testing your patience and love for them and Me, in some cases.

Need not be afraid to fail. I will always pick you up and try anew and tend to the wounds caused. Just be confident in Me, for you are also My children and I hone and educate you, too, through them. You are all being taught by Me in the end, no matter how it comes or through whom I move. Just receive and recognize My counsel and voice through others, and the sooner you hear My voice, the better your peace and joy in Me.

Many of you I raise up as parents, entrusting you with little gems from Heaven, to discipline and educate men and women of a future generation to walk in My ways, because you are now walking in My ways. And you cannot imagine the impact a single soul walking in My ways, what it does to those on earth! It transforms lives and futures, it impacts the eternity of many souls, all because they have been instructed by My very own ones to love the Lord their God with all their heart, soul, and spirit. So, my dear ones, tend to them as My future saints, as My little angels on earth, preserve them in Me, and allow Me to shape them through the events of life.”

Then Mother Mary comes in and says, “Place them in my trusting hands.”

And Jesus continues after that,

“And she will supervise them for Me,” He said, “these are her own children also, and she is the best of Mothers one can ever have!”

He was speaking of Himself also, smiling happily while looking in her direction.

“Together with My Mother, My Spirit moves on them. Happy the man who has well-trained children in My ways since young! For then, when they grow up, they will be great in me, under the protection of My Blessed Mother.

“So, tend to Me in them. Let My need be your need. Let My ways be your ways. And together we will rise up a generation of saints after My heart and Spirit! Do your best to accompany them as fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, friends, heaven inmates in the same home of My Father.

“Thank you for taking them under your wings and receiving Me with them in your homes.”

And as He was saying that, I could see Jesus entering the door with two children entering the house. And He was pushing them gently on their back to come in while He was smiling at the parents welcoming them. As if, He was giving these children from heaven to this family as He, Himself, was coming along as well! [Chuckle] He was all smiley! He was a happy, motherly, smiling Jesus and His children, literally.

Jesus continued,

“I am here with you all. Blessed are you who come to Me with your children – My little angels on earth, My ambassadors of love eternal walking the lands of the earth. Keep them in Me! I am their covering unto eternity.”

That is, from the harms of the earth to their soul’s salvation.

“Teach them of My truths and let them come to know of their Guardian Angels, too, for fellowship and bonding in this life journey. Teach them little heartfelt prayers. Encourage them to sing their songs to Me in their own sweet way to Me! Set them on My foundation and cleanse them with confessions. Start them strong in Me, and it shall be their anchor for life! I am with you in this all. Together we can all do it.

“Don’t expect perfection at first sight. All growth takes time and seasons of change. Meanwhile, always, always enjoy them as I do. Always try to see the best of every situation and allow a simple little smile to escape you in gratitude to Me for these little gems in growth. For great is they calling in Me, and great is the blessing of My Father upon your house. Do not lose hope, be fervent in Me and declare My victory over it all!

“Now that My mercy reaches out even at the gate of death!”

He could also mean, the gates of hell.

“My ways are not your ways, and My ways are always higher than yours. So, keep in mind, I always move to gain them back to me no matter where they went off to.

“Relinquish them to Me. But do your best to father and mother them well, with Me at the core of their hearts and house.”

A Message from Jesus to Sr. Therese

Let’s Exchange Our Love

Hello, Brothers and Sisters, and Heartdwellers family. And hello to all the new subscribers!

This morning I was given some news from Derrick that wasn’t part of my plan that I had in mind to get him to the mountain. We had a bit of an argument and when he left for work, I was bombarded with many thoughts and doubts thinking, “Maybe we did this too soon.”

I was just sick of the world, and he was still very much in it. And once he arrived home, he shared with me the suggestions and temptations that were coming to his mind — and it was the same thing. We prayed together and asked one another for forgiveness for our attitudes in the morning.

I then remembered the Lord said to pray about everything that is contrary to what He has shown me. How easily I forget to pray! Rather I say something…

Lord, help me.

Then I pulled a Rhema card that said:

Teach on the Bride of Christ, Proverbs 31.

I thought to myself, “Hmm Lord, I have done this series before on the channel.” But then Holy Spirit brought to mind I should do it on the Marriage for the Purpose of Eternity channel. So I knew intimacy was on the Lord’s heart.

I came before the Lord Jesus:

What’s on Your heart?

Jesus began,

“Man plans their steps, but I order their course. Beloved, hold on tight to all My promises and do not be waned or moved. I make all things beautiful, and I am doing that now.

I told you Derrick would need a lot of grace from you even after you’re married. So be gracious, loving, and trusting of Me. He still has many desires to make a name for himself and come into success, but he will have to learn that those things will happen only in My way and not in the way he thinks. Just as you desired to get married when everything would be perfect and in sync. No, beloved. You both need each other now and he needs you more than ever. Soon he will begin to realize it and take heed to your counsel and wisdom a bit more seriously. For now, you stay before Me in adoration. Love him, support him and pray.

You know what I have called you both to do, so pray! Asking Me to remove obstacles and mountains and provide roadblocks and closing doors where he is going in the wrong direction. Truly his heart is Mine and all yours. There is just much distraction the world brings and that is why the opposition has been so intense to stop him from coming to the mountain.

Just as I said in the scripture, I will lure my beloved into the desert and speak to her heart. (Hosea 2:14). Do not concern yourself with events or plans he brings up that reveals itself. Rather trust Me and the words spoken. I also need you to abandon yourself in how and in the way I desire to bring about the expected end. Stop taking things so personally and know the real source behind all these things.”

“Both of you received a sucker punch this morning.”

And as an aside family — and for those who may be new to the channel — a ‘sucker punch’ is truly an assignment from the enemy. When you have a thought, a suggestion or a word or a situation that happens, and you’re having a good day, and all of a sudden you feel like you’ve been punched in the gut. By something somebody does or a situation or circumstance, or a word, and it just tails you into this spiral, downward spiral of condemnation or guilt or frustration. And it just consumes your whole day — and that’s really what happened this morning.

Jesus continued,

“And Beloved, you know this, but he doesn’t, so you just be smarter than the devils. Don’t look for him to fully understand the direction I have told you or the way of life I have called you to. He is transforming beautifully, Beloved, but it will take time, a lot more patience and grace on your part, and much, much love.

Love will be the gel that holds you together and he is a man of great humility indeed. That is why he always comes first to make amends or reassure you in this way. Let go of your expectations for now, Beloved, and allow Me to move and work through him as you pray. You must take the same advice you have been giving others for so long.

Truly, you will have a best friend in Derrick — and even better: a spiritual companion in this very narrow and difficult road of holiness I have called you to. For now, you both are adjusting. Give room for that, Beloved. Give him room and trust Me and trust him, and you just pray.”

Oh, thank you, Lord, for your words of comfort. Help me to receive them with peace and forward motion to all that You have inspired for me to do. Is there a message on Your heart for our flock, Lord?

Jesus continued,

“Yes, Beloved, there [are] always many things I desire to share with My brides. I am calling deep unto deep. Deeper waters of intimacy and love in Me. There is so much going on the surface of life. The surface of your emotions, the surface of your families your marriages, and the surface of the earth. You are hearing wars, rumors of wars, catastrophes, violence, hate, murder, corruption, abuse and so much more that can cause anyone anxiety, grief, discouragement and hopelessness.

My beloved brides, I long for your affection and attention. I want to be intimate companions and friends again! I am coming to you as your Bridegroom desiring the presence of His bride. Many of you have allowed work, fear, and insecurity to get in the way of going much deeper with Me. The enemy of your soul has been brazening with his attacks against My brides and against those I am calling into the bridal chamber.

My beloved ones, do not fall for his tactics! Condemnation is the food of the devils and many more feel so unworthy, so broken and so guilt-ridden by their sin, they cannot approach Me, and worse — they cannot receive My love! My dear ones, I desire mercy, not judgment. Run into My merciful arms, there I wait to pick you up, to clean you off, not to condemn you, not to admonish or reprimand you, but to love you and reassure you of My love.

You are in need of this love to sustain your life force. If you are feeling empty, depleted, tired and weary—come to Me. For I have a drink that will bring about eternal life within you. My words of affirmation and love and care will bring back any soul from death to life.

I desire to woo you with My love, to be moved by yours in return! Let’s exchange our thoughts, our feelings, and cares. I am always ready to listen and counsel you! My beloved ones, you bring me such great joy—you have no idea! In a world that is callous, cold, and indifferent, you bring such healing and mending to My broken heart.

Please, do not stay away. Please, do not cower in fear at a distance, or worse—reject My advances. I need you, My beloved one. I need you and long for you now. Please come to Me and I will give you peace and rest to your soul.”

“Come, My dove!


New Levels, New Graces

Hello, brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family.

I received this message right before we were to leave Sierra Leone and head to Ghana. It has definitely been an adjustment now, as a wife. All my time is taken up with Derrick, which is not a bad thing, but something very new for me since I have been alone and able to do what I wanted with my time. But now, having to be available for another so readily, is something new.

(Sorry for all the noise in the background, you guys. They’re working on a nearby house, and I can’t close the window. So I hope you guys can hear me. So, if you guys can hear me…).

So anyways, that is why you guys haven’t received messages from me. Forgive me. There are a few more messages coming. I even thought Jesus would be upset. However, He has been so sweet through the Rhemas — and very clear in this message — that He is in my husband and My husband is in Him. So I am spending time with Him. It sounds so weird to say, “My husband”, guys….  

From the previous message the Lord wanted me to stay hidden and not share with my family that I was coming to Ghana. However, that all changed once the Lord surprised me with this marriage. I had to tell them, and my Mom began to pressure us that we needed to not keep it private but tell my other family members, [who] are my cousin and aunt, the same ones doing witchcraft against us. Honestly, I didn’t want to share this celebration with them or really see them.

Then Derrick and I were dealing with baggage from his past that we were having to work through that was painful at times for me — as I was really struggling to overcome my insecurities in this marriage and [to] be confident in who I was — and trustful of him and the Lord’s promises concerning our marriage.

I had a pulled a Rhema that morning that said,

            “Bind a Spirit of jealousy, competition, and comparison.”

That summed all my feelings and I have been binding and praying this prayer ever since.

I came before the Lord this morning saying:

Good morning, Lord. I am in awe at your goodness, Lord. Although, I have fumbled my way through certain emotions, tests, and assignments that came — even up until the very day of our wedding. Thank you, Lord, for your faithfulness. Help me to come to you daily to hear from your heart. I miss you, Jesus.

Jesus began,

My beloved, I have never been more close. All the time you have spent with Derrick has also been with Me. Do not fret or concern yourself with many things that rise up to cause you insecurity. Truly, that part of your heart will be healed very soon as you both grow together in love and continue to be naked before one another, even down to the hidden thoughts.

“And that is why he is a beautiful man. Much grace has been given to him and he is responding beautifully — and will continue to.”

As an aside guys, that is one thing Derrick has made a commitment to — [to] be very honest with me. Brutal, transparent, and [nakedly] honest with me. He has been convicted in telling me even the suggestions and thoughts that come to his mind, so I know how to pray. And we made it a point to have no private conversations between us — but to tell one another what is always going on, so there is no room for the enemy to bring lies. I am honest with him as well. It’s quite amazing and I pray the Lord continues to sustain us in this grace. I see now [that] this relationship is to mirror that of Heaven where all thoughts are made bare. I get it now — a marriage for the preparation of eternity

Jesus continued,

You both are a safe place for one another to grow amidst your weaknesses, fears, doubts, and failures. Do not doubt My words to you concerning your marriage. It will be beautiful, indeed. You are growing more and more in trust with Me and in him. The Rhema given to you today was to ensure you always come to Me for My opinion, Beloved.”

And as an aside, the Lord is speaking of another Rhema I received warning me not to take the counsel of anyone but to follow His voice in my heart.

“You both will be given counsel by numerous people — loved ones, friends, and those even coming across [as] pious. But it’s best you both submit to one another, then submit to Me. I speak to your heart, Beloved — do not be moved by the waves and storms of the words of others, because they will come.

“Stand in faith in what I have spoken and the direction I am taking you both. Sometimes family can be the most intrusive and the most damaging. They think they know best, but My ways are so much higher than theirs and I am teaching you and Derrick now to both have My mind and My thoughts.

“I will continue to speak to you because you have need of My friendship, My words, and counsel. And in time, Derrick will come to see the accuracy of all you tell him —— and value your wisdom, counsel, and these messages I give you,  more than gold. Be patient with him, Beloved. And do not worry — because you have obeyed, both of you will live out your life in prosperity, fruitfulness, rest, and contentment. There will always be sacrifices and sufferings that I will permit to sanctify you both. But with Me in the middle, there is nothing that you two cannot conquer.

“I know, many things have been troubling you, but take each one and leave it at My feet. I am faithful and I haven’t brought you both this far to leave you. Trust Me, Beloved One.

“Now during your trip in Ghana, there will be some turbulence in various situations that will present [themselves]. I need you not to be fearful of your enemies. I have said it before, and it bears repeating — they are more fearful of you. You both — do not be afraid to share the union that I have put together because it testifies of My mercy. I am protecting you two. This marriage will not fail.

I said to you — to love your enemies, do good to them and bless those who have cursed you. So that is exactly what I want you to do now. I want you to love them. When you see them, bless them even, and find a way to do some type of good to them so they can get a taste of My mercy. A taste of My love.

“Go forth to establish the City of God properly upon arrival. Be sensitive to My spirit and leading — and go out without fear to the destitute, the suffering, the poor — and most importantly, the children. They are awaiting your arrival in the spirit. You cannot hear the cry of the little ones as I do — crying out for a hand, crying out for help, crying out for someone to love them, crying out for someone to rescue them from their lives of begging and being used as means on income for their families.

‘First present yourself in love — not to teach, but to love — just as you did with those precious little ones yesterday. Do you see how easy that was?”

And here Jesus is speaking of some precious little boys I met when I was taken to the highest peak in Sierra Leone. There were about seven of them begging. I began to talk with them and ask their names — befriending them. We prayed together and the children let me know their needs. You will see them in the next video.

“You are anointed to draw many children to Me because they see Me in you in— your smile, in your gentleness, and in your motherly love. So speak to the children, get to know them and the needs of their parents. Meet their need and that is how you will have an impact to break through their hearts.

You and Derrick continue to pray together every morning without ceasing. I am giving you both a new level and a new grace of prayer and supplication that will be needed very much in this new season you both are in. Tell Derrick not to rush through this time because it will be — and it is the most important time of his life and of each day.

I will give him insight, speak to His heart, prompt him with inspiration and direction. Have him bring everything you guys are dealing with before Me. Not just intercession for the nations and others, but I desire to be a part of every detail of your lives, and I will work miracles. That is all for now, My beloved one. Go forth today with great joy and peace in what I am doing. Let all anxiety fall to the wayside. I will be here again tomorrow to speak to your heart.”

And that was the end of Jesus’ message.

Luke 6: 27-36

“But to you who are listening, I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them. Give to everyone who asks of you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back. Do to others as you would have them do to you.

If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners love those who love them. And if you do good to those who are good to you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners do that. And if you lend to those from whom you expect repayment, what credit is that to you? Even sinners lend to sinners, expecting to be repaid in full. But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be children of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked. Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.”

Thank you, family, so much for your patience, your love, encouragement, and support in this journey. We have exciting news that Brother Juniper will be returning back to Sierra Leone rather quickly. And now, in Ghana, we are in need of provision more than ever to really help these children and get Heartdwellers Ghana set up. Our donations are low so whatever you can give, would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much for your support. God bless you! Until the next message.

The Cup of the Bride; “She too yields to the Father’s cup for her”

In a quiet pause, the Lord was resting. Two resting in one body — the soul rests in Him, and He rests in the soul.

Quietly the Lord said,

“So much is happening right now…. If only you could see it….”

He continued…

“There is always something happening around the world — both good and bad. It is just a matter of how much good or bad takes place. So when I come here, to be with you, even if to rest in the silence – it takes the weight away. Knowing I have a soul by My side in these days — although God — it brings consolation of one’s presence of not being alone to bear it. I might have the very weight of the world on My shoulders, but you all being near Me, by My side — you hold on to My shoulders, My heart, and soul – and you lighten Me up, My people — You lighten Me up.

“When I have a heart to whom I can unburden Myself, share My thoughts and heart — it’s so reinvigorating — much like you do when you share your burdened heart to a trusted friend and soul. I have many such around the world, and many more yet to come. And for all of them, I am deeply grateful they stood by My side always — through good, through bad, through thorns and nails, and through dancing and rejoicing.

“You see, the one who begins to fall in love with Me begins to want all concerning Me — All concerning My heart, My soul, My cares, My needs — My tears. You know how it is, when you love a soul, you don’t choose with partiality which side of them you would want — you accept all they are — weaknesses and strong points. And so, My bride growing in her love for Me daily — she, too, is learning step by step to accept and embrace all of Me — Both joys and thorns. Gradually, all would be pleasing to her, out of love for Me. She then grows more and more in Me. At times she too would say —‘Lord, take this cup away from me.’  But likewise, as I work in her soul and heart, she gains the courage to yield and be like Me — ‘Yet, not My will, but Yours be done.’

“You see? She is much alike unto Me in My bitter most sufferings. But My grace is there for her, and she too yields to the Father’s cup for her. Evermore I am there to help her drink her cup, gulp by gulp”

And I saw that they are in the garden, knees bent, on the ground, and the bride drinking, with the help of Jesus, from the cup offered her.

Jesus continued

“Not forcing her, for she decides to do so for Me. Love does not force itself onto others — it is patient and enduring, kind, and strong, and lasting, [1 Corinthians 13:5]. And so am I by her side, for I know the taste of a bitter cup offered.

“My child, you all have your own bitter cups to drink from. Had they not been in your lives, a blessing would’ve lacked for you, your families, and many other souls.

“You see, when it comes from My hands, there is nothing that ought to make you afraid — when you know it is My hand offering it to you — measured, for you, a dearly beloved soul I adore and care for. You see, both the cups of joy and blessings flourishing, and both the bitter cups are a form of blessing from Me to you. It is different, yes, but still, My hand works doing it. When you know I am the Good Shepherd and the Faithful Master who wishes no harm to His own ones — when you know I am the loving-dovey of Fathers, [The] most perfect one – you ought not to fear the cup I offer you.

“It is turbulent when it happens [what the cup brings], but there is also a sweetness that is felt when the suffering is for Me. You know? It is most pleasing to know you are suffering for your good God, who did not restrain Himself for your sake too. Full-blown love on you He gave. Full-blown love, He continues to give. So you see? Fear not. Rather, contemplate Me, as My Mother did. Her source of joy in her bitter cup was knowing it was in the Father’s will for this to happen and take place. And if so, it was for a good, flourishing reason. Yes, it brought her much peace and joy in the suffering that occurred, but she did not lose the awareness of Him in all of this.

“Whatever you are going through, your peace will be in Me. When you let yourself be taken care of by My hands, and circumstances, when you abandon your own self-seeking to Me, you become wholly detached, and soon, as you wait on Me, you come to see My breakthrough behind that event. You see later on what I worked in it, and in you, and in many others you might not know of as yet.

“All in all in this, My children, your peace lies in Me — your focus on Me; My goodness; My sovereignty; My love. Even in the suffering, I love. Pain does not make Me lose awareness of loving. Rather I transform pain and suffering into a cause of loving —  Me and your neighbor.”

“Be likewise.”

“My grace can aid you [to] retain this awareness and. Even if the waters sway to-and-fro, and you, in the storm, know not right from wrong, up from down – endure with trusting confidence — deep down within you, you will feel My peace in uncertainties. That is My mark unto you. My peace which pulls you through as an anchor so you will not lose yourself in the raging storms.”

And then I saw a soul on turbulent waters — and a dark, cloudy sky — winds blowing to-and-fro — and he was uncertain of his whereabouts as if he was lost in what was going to happen to him. But he is strangely calm within, quiet, and trusting for an outcome. He did not ‘lose it’ and panic.

 “Keep your eyes on Me. Even if crying, even if mourning the loss of someone, even through fits of rage or loss of temper – pull your mind and soul down unto submitting all to My Spirit. Submit all to My Spirit.” [All that you feel, both positive and negative emotions, as like to pull them down as taking control over yourself and them.]

And then I thought that the message topics currently — it seems as if being “off mapped” — I could not see this topic today, and what it could be related to. And the Lord, catching on my thought, responded saying,

 “It will make sense in the near future. Trust Me. Stay close to Me.”

He concluded with a calm voice as if before a storm starting, with clouds still gathering up.

The Lord’s Supper theme today was Death as a Metamorphosis into a Better Life, with the scripture of John 12:24.

“Unless a grain of wheat falls unto the earth and dies, it remains a single grain. But if it dies, it bears MUCH FRUIT.”

So, likewise, Jesus, in the garden, who drank His cup and He died — there’s much fruit.  So, likewise — with His bride when she takes up her cup, dies to self, and with Him bears much fruit.

God bless you all.  Take courage, under the weight of your crosses and take refuge in Him, the Beloved of your soul. The Lord’s peace be with you.

A Message from Jesus to Sr. Therese

“Choose this day whom you will serve, son”

Hello, brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family.

Thank you, guys, for coming alongside Jesus and I as this wonderful promise is fulfilled! God is so amazing and faithful, and what a blessing the Cloud of Witnesses [is]! Blessed Mother is the one who carried me through the five years of — waiting, enduring, praying, failing, and persevering in this promise. And my sweet-sweet sister, St. Therese sealed it all with her powerful intercession!

Now I have a few letters from Jesus that were very pivotal in getting both Derrick and [me] to the altar. I wouldn’t be right not to share these with you because you all have been such a part of our journey with your prayers, your words of encouragement, and your support. This is also to testify of God’s goodness because He truly works out the worst situations for our good. When we don’t understand, just trust Him. I pray that me and Derrick’s journey can be an encouragement and testimony to someone that God is indeed the God of the impossible!

He can change a heart, a situation, and a day, in an instant in your favourand that is what He did for me.

You all are aware that Derrick came to Sierra Leone— for a visa interview and I was in shock when we were denied. I thought for sure, just as Jesus and Blessed Mother alluded to pray before and after his interview because I know the Lord wants him on the mountain and nothing can oppose His will. So I was mystified as to why He allowed this.

When Derrick walked out of the Embassy, he seemed not moved at all, but rather relieved. He hasn’t been keen on coming to the US and one of his biggest fears was that he was to be rejected getting a visa. On our walk home, he mentioned to me that he needed more time anyway. I felt so disappointed, frustrated, angry, and sad all at the same time. He had an ex-girlfriend here that he was struggling to let go and I felt he just wanted to go back to his old habits.

Brother Juniper, however, blurted out, “you two should just get married!’’ I didn’t think anything of it because I was so mad, as I was hit with thoughts of, “What was the point of this trip?” “Why all the fasting and prayer?” “The sacrifice?” “What is the point of anything anymore? I am so tired of this battle—I give up!!”

So, when we got home, I let Derrick have it!… [chuckle]—Lord, forgive me. I told him, I was done! that I couldn’t do this anymore. I thought I would have to go back to the  US on the mountain and endure another six months of waiting to apply for another visa, while he still plays around and has me there on the shelf. I was done]— over it, and told the Lord I give up!

As I shared these things with Derrick—mind you we are not even in a relationship just building our friendship—to my surprise, he had tears in his eyes and saidhe didn’t want to lose me and that he was really hurt by the rejection, and this happening allowed him to see that he couldn’t lose me. Everyone else wasn’t worth it….

I was stunned, shocked — but still hurting by the Lord’s will which I thought was a disappointment.

Then we had to go on a ministry outreach just an hour later, I wiped my tears getting myself together so I can be there for the children. During the outreach Derrick attended, I saw him so moved by what was going on and he said at that moment, he realized he was crazy if he lost me, and this is what he wanted to do! He was so touched by the poverty and the needs of those in the village (as you guys saw in the previous video), that he wanted to make a differenceand do with me.

All of this happened in one day: his spirit changing—just like Blessed Mother said. His heart changing just like Jesus said. And God getting all the glory—just like He told me.

So that night I woke up to a message from Mother Clare saying, the Lord wants you to get married. My heart jumped with fear for a bit because I knew Derrick would propose, although it seems so far stretched with all the obstacles we faced before our trip—but never thought we would get married, at least not right now, not on this trip.

I then talked to Derrick and to my surprise he asked us to call Mother Clare. He spoke to her and said she confirmed everything he was feeling in his heart, and that he wanted to get married. I was in awe and amazed at the swift changing of events all in one day! So, I want to share with you two messages given to Derrick. One when he changed his heart, and another the on day of our wedding!

Choose This Day Whom You Will Serve, Son.

Letter to Derrick, from Jesus to Mother Clare

“You need to get married,” Mother Clare said, “the Lord has allowed this to bring it all to a head. It is time to call the question.”

Then I heard the Lord say, “You are right.”

Lord, please tell me what is on Your Heart.

Jesus began, “I want to move on with Our (Father, Son & Holy Spirit) plans, I need them to get married. Neither one will ever regret it. 

“Derrick, it is way overdue. Please stop living for yourself and get serious about serving Me. I have so many wonderful plans for you. You don’t want to continue to waste time and miss them. 

My son, do you realize that your conduct, if you were to die committing these sins, do you realize that you could go to Hell? and take other souls with you, by your example? Souls have thought that by your example, they would go to Heaven because they confessed Me but still fornicated?

You are not saved by being a nice guy, or saying you love Me, or any works you do.  You are saved by My grace, when it is received sincerely, it produces the fruit of Obedience to My commandments, the Gospel, and living your life by My commandments, confessing Me, and proving your confession by repentance, and continual amendment of life. When you do this, My Grace abounds to you, but I do not give that same Grace to one who presumes that because he has said the sinner’s prayer, he can continue in his sin.

By example you have taught those around you that sin is ok, if you love God and say the salvation formula. It isn’t that easy son; you must live as I have commanded you to live and not cause others around you to fall and possibly lose their souls to Hell.”

Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revellers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.”  [I Corinthians 6].

And whoever may cause to stumble one of the little ones believing in Me, better is it for him if a millstone is hanged around his neck, and he has been cast into the sea. And if your hand may cause you to stumble, cut it off; it is better for you to enter into life maimed, than having the two hands, to go away into Gehenna, into the fire—the unquenchable— [where their worm is not dying, and the fire is not being quenched.]  And if your foot may cause you to stumble, cut it off; it is better for you to enter into life lame, than having the two feet to be cast into Gehenna, into the fire—the unquenchable— [where their worm is not dying, and the fire is not being quenched.] And if your eye may cause you to stumble, cast it out; it is better for you to enter into the Kingdom of God one-eyed, than having two eyes, to be cast into the Gehenna of fire—where their worm is not dying, and the fire is not being quenched. [Mark 9: 42-48]

“Nowhere in My Book does it say that as long as you confess My Name and believe you may go on sinning and you will be saved. You have known this in your heart but have continued to allow your weakness to rule you. My Word says, that if you cannot control your passion, get married. If you love Me, truly, Derrick, you will obey Me.

Now to the unmarried and the widows I say: It is good for them to stay unmarried, as I am. But if they cannot control themselves, they should marry, for it is better to marry than to burn with passion.  [I Corinthians 7]

“You have failed in every undertaking you’ve begun because of your sin. I cannot bless one who goes on sinning and disrespecting My laws. I have withheld from you, success, because you have withheld from Me, your life. Because you are called to serve in My Kingdom, you must be free from sin. Consider that this habit has brought nothing but sadness into your life and the lives of others.

It is written that if your eyes cause you to sin pluck them out. Whatever member causes you to sin remove it and save your soul. I have forestalled the event planned to stop you from losing your soul, because of the prayers of those who love Me and have given their lives to Me. You owe them a debt of many thanks because you still have your legs and walk. Note that, I did not heal all that were ill because they had not repented of their sins and had no remorse. But I allowed them to be chastised with Leprosy and diverse sicknesses to save their souls.  Those whom I love, I chastise.”

My son, do not take lightly the discipline of the Lord, and do not lose heart when He rebukes you. For the Lord disciplines the one He loves, and He chastises every son He receives.  Endure suffering as discipline; God is treating you as sons. For what son is not disciplined by his father? [Hebrews 12:6-7]

“I have brought the woman of My choice into your life to save your soul from Hell. I am telling you this because you have been in grave danger of perishing. Also, to give you the opportunity to live an authentic Apostolic Christian life, giving you the opportunity to love souls with your beautiful heart, saving them, bringing comfort to the lost and infirm, leading men and women into eternal life, not by word only but by a spotless example. What I have already done for you is a dream come true for any Christian on this earth, yet you continue to stall and question, bringing sorrow to My heart. 

You have no idea the suffering this woman has already endured because I told her that you are My choice. She went to the cross to offer her life for My holy will and save you from damnation. And on that cross, her heart was crucified with Mine.

My son, I must tell you, that so far, you have lived a very shallow, self-centred life, concerned for your freedom to indulge your fleeting passions and attempts at financial abundance, while others gave Me their penance, and tiny offerings of their life and I in return shower abundance into their coffers. I know your heart is to give and do for others, but in continually choosing your own way of doing things you have squandered much time and many resources. In all humility, recognize your bankrupt estate and consider the cause is a stubborn refusal to embrace My will and move forward in trust, doing exactly what I wish for you to do in exactly the manner and time I wish you to do it.

If you continue to resist Me, there are other men, better men, faithful men, committed men, wanting to find a wife such as her, and if you do not repent and commit, I will give her to one of them. I am most serious, son; the time has come to remove sin from your life and make the commitment you already know you should have made years ago.

Contrary to what you think, you do not know everything about the Scriptures. You have been taught error and not the full story. You do not have the full help to reach sanctity because of it. You will recognize you are in error by the sin in your life. I have taught all, that by their fruits you shall know them.”

Matthew 7:16-20

Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

“Son, a trail of broken-hearted women is evil fruit. A fatherless child is evil fruit. Pride and self-righteousness have kept you from going deeper in the Scriptures to learn what My 1st-century Christians believed, lived and practiced. There are many denominations that teach different portions of the Bible and deliberately avoid others. My Church teaches the whole truth and is not cafeteria-styled Christianity.

That is one reason why you are not able to stop sinning.  

You are operating under many curses which I have allowed to land because of your immoral lifestyle. There are many other things you are ignorant of that could help you and I have sent My Emissary into your life for that very reason. I want you, with all My Heart to be My minister, and I have put together a clear path for you to follow, but will you?

So now you have the whole story, where you stand before Me? And you have a choice to make. When I created you, I endowed you with special graces that most other men do not have. So far, you have wasted them on your passions. But now I am calling you to make a choice: serve Me or serve your flesh. It’s up to you. I force no one, but I do reprimand and correct those I love. You, I love dearly and want to give the kingdom, but what are you willing to give up to have it? It comes at a great cost, just as you were redeemed at a great cost My crucifixion.    

Choose this day whom you will serve, son, and know that I will always love you no matter what.”

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

And God being so merciful, and Blessed Mother’s prayers is so powerful and Saint Therese interceding…—Derrick said “Yes!” Choose Jesus, choose the better portion, choose to serve Him with his whole life by making me—his wife.

God bless you, family!… Thank you so much for your prayers and support! I could not do this without you!!

Love you guys!

Start Having a Healthy Detachment

“Do the best in your power to serve, love, and forgive.

The Lord began,

“I would like to say a word, My dear ones, about detachment — Healthy detachment. I am absolutely faithful and true to My word, but I need you to be willing to receive of me in that method and way I come through. It is not less beneficial for yourselves and your dearly loved ones, it is the highest good and most complete perfect decision that is coming through. Have a holy detachment from all things, My dear ones. When you have this blessed detachment, you more readily receive My instructions and will for you. So ask of me to grant you this grace, with the grace to put in into practice and hold on to it. In turn, it fosters childlike faith, trust, and yielding to me.

My dear ones, have a healthy therapy with me, of mind, heart, spirit, and will. Surrender it all to Me and place your complete trust in My care. Know that whatever I allow is the very best — even if under the guise of afflictions and struggles. My loved ones, all in your life is something I turn to good. There is no need, therefore, to worry, be preoccupied, anxious, or concerned about your well-being. Although it seems impossible, I am in the process of making a way for you. I simply ask to be riveted in Me — only Me, and Me alone. Be free like the winds, soar on high with thoughts on Me. Have you noticed that when I consume your mind the worries fade away? Until of course, the awareness of them comes back again. I ask — love Me unto distraction. And if troubles distract you, I distract you back to Me. Only be sensitive to My inner inclinations and nudges. I always wish you to be heavenly-minded and allow me to take care of the earthly matters. This does not mean being clueless about what is going on around you, but do not allow it to rob you of My inner peace and absolute trust.

My dear ones, I am not yet nearly done with you. I am here. All you need is right here — talking to you. Grab hold of me and let me hold you to My chest. Let me rest on you as well. And if we need to reason, do it with Me, I will bring you clarity. Have hope in Me, all will be well and going as I will. When you are riveted in me, and me alone, you will begin to see the bright sides of life, even in suffering. Suffering should not weary your love for Me. Rather allow it to kindle you deeper within me. This is something I am willing to do for you. Only be willing — and be willing to be detached and solely attached to Me and My will for you. In the meantime, My dear ones, feast on Me, create with Me and fill others with the fruit of your gifts. Be unto others as I am not you. Be unto others as best as you can! My grace is sufficient for you! My power is perfected in you! My faithfulness is always at your disposal.”

“Thank you for listening to Me, My little bride. Yet again, feast on Me.” He shoulder hug, “You are all the apple of My eye.”

He gazed with tender eyes on all the crowd listening to Him.

And that was the end of Jesus’ message.

May we all be given a spirit of truly rejoicing when we go through all kinds of difficulties. May we all be given the grace to surrender all to His choice and will. May we all have childlike freedom of mind, heart, and spirit, allowing ourselves to be held and to be taken care of by Father in Heaven? May our eyes be the eyes of heaven — while on earth — filled to the trenches with a very deep grateful spirit.

God bless you all!

A Message from Jesus to Sr. Therese