St Therese Message – Be Content With What God Desires For You

Hello brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family,

I was having a bit of a rough morning with feelings of anxiety, fear, doubt and insecurity creeping up again. There was some news that I found out that should’ve been good news to my ears, but rather, caused me to begin questioning and doubting how the City of God and all the Lords promises He made concerning souls who were called, but now are called elsewhere, would be fulfilled. It seems I was getting away more and more from the vision and would be left without the help of the souls I thought were called there. There were personal issues going on as well and I just felt deflated.

I pulled some Rhemas and they were so encouraging. The first said –

Prophetic vision from Derrick:

I was in a habit in front of a church and was humble, but carried a lot of the Lords anointing and power, and people were amazed that I was a wealthy mans wife.

I sighed, day-dreaming of the day that I could put the habit back on. In the previous days, I had longed for that religious vocation and now with the news, wondering how everything would come together and when. I was starting to get really sick of living and being in the world this way when my heart wanted something else.

The second said –

“I will quiet you …I will heal you

I thought: ‘aww Jesus’ He was reading my mind as I was struggling with these negative emotions.

The next said –

The Spirit of The Lord is Upon you

And the last said –

Lets have a date night tonight, smiling I am waiting -Jesus.

I expected to get hammered with correction, but I was met with such kindness and love. After receiving Him I came before the Lord.

Lord, the Rhemas you gave me are so sweet, I have been terrible this morning thank You for drawing me with words of loving kindness. And a reminder of the vision is so refreshing, as I keep thinking it will happen.. it will happen. Everything seems like it’s dead, maybe just where my head is at, but the desire to be a religious habited sister again, the work of the City of God and now finding out this soul is also getting married.

I keep wondering how everything fits into the plan but I know You’re faithful and You will do it. I am so looking forward to the date night. Blessed Mother, please protect time for me to do that and don’t allow the devils to steal my joy or bring distraction or anxiety that will cause me to lose my focus of spending time with Jesus in the evening – please Mama, just for me if it’s the will of God, thank you.

After saying however, I saw Saint Therese instead. She approached me and grabbed my braids and swung it around. I thought it was so funny and couldn’t believe that was the first thing she did. I thought is this my mind or is this really Saint Therese?

She began,

“My beloved sweet sister, trust the Lord all will be well. Your hair is very nice, very interesting.”

(laughing) Really Therese, you like it?

As an aside, I had to get my hair rebraided and at this point I was over it. Over getting my hair done altogether, I had contemplated cutting it off. For those who have been on the channel – remember I wanted to do that almost a year ago and Holy Spirit intervened; Jesus wouldn’t allow me because He said he liked my hair. I had asked my husband and he said it would be okay, but when I went to the Lord I got a no. So I had to get it done and this was one of the things that made me long for my habit and veil again.

St. Therse continued,

 “Oh I love everything about you, but I know your hearts desire and in time you will get it. In the meantime, you can become Love in the duty of state the Lord has placed you in. Your work or your call is not to be a habited sister or a Franciscan sister, but rather Love. Love in the church, that is your vocation. You were wondering about the rhema a few days ago, I am the one who prompted you to pick it.”

And the Rhema she is speaking of, was from the Imitation of Christ about rational desires and it admonished me for wanting to serve Jesus in the way that I desired, but not wanting to serve him in the way that He wills for me and mine is now not only as a wife, but in the world.

 “I want you to have rational desires, desire of what set before you, not something in the future because if so you deny yourself the grace and opportunity given to you right now at each moment given by God to do every action with extortionary love.  Oh My little sister, you have lost focus in this way. Thinking you would be satisfied, content and fulfilled if only you were living in the way you desired rather in the way the Lord has desired for you right now. Live in love, live out of Love, act out of Love and you will change those around you and become a great example as well. You are unique and Heartdwellers is unique. The Lord is indeed doing something new in His Church. You are not called to be like any religious order that was before or will come after. You all are called to be simply lovers, little Christs on this Earth, loving extraordinarily, deeply and selflessly renouncing the world and self, all for the sake of Jesus and your neighbor.

 “The moment you think a religious vocation becomes your identity, that is the moment you have begun to lose your way. You are called to be all in all for Jesus simply, that is it and that is all. He has called you to be a beautiful virtuous wife to a wonderful husband I might add. I know things may not seem so clear now, but from Heavens perspective, He is oh so beautiful; truly one of a kind, chosen by God himself, by your beloved uniquely made and fashioned just for you and for the purpose in which you have been created for.

 “Oh, thank Him My sweet sister, thank Him immensely. Oh if you would only realize the goodness of God over your life and the lives of others. If souls would only recognize the goodness of God they would not worry, but there would be constant praise on Earth and thanksgiving, but you only see through a veil on Earth and sometimes what seems like through a dark glass paned window. So there your faith must live and kick-in each time when doubt wants to consume your mind, or the enemy of your soul comes to lie to you and accuse you that God is not as good as He is because of your circumstance or how you feel.

 “Trust Him either way and reject Satan lies that is what he knows to do best, but I know its been a real suffering and trial for you concerning the roars, suggestions and taunts of the evil one in various ways. Continue to stand firm in faith and on Gods promise, He will not fail you and begin to live out your full calling here beloved, right now, today and upon those the Lord has given you and in the duties, and demands you are called to do right now.

 “There are so many things you can do better, in detail, taking your time and most importantly with greater love. See every opportunity to serve, as an opportunity to serve Jesus and rather, no longer complain about your chores and duties of the day, but be more disciplined with your time and full of joy and thanksgiving knowing that your beloved does all things with you. It’s such a pleasure and joy for Him to stand with you, work with you, serve with you and love others through you, oh it’s such a joy. Only if you can see He stands ready to come to the aid of another.

 “Rather many souls He lives in, fight with their flesh and do nothing or drag their feet, unwilling to be of service until the last drop. Where as that is all Jesus intends to do time again and with each request over and over again. He is ready and wants you to be ready as well, full of joy and commitment to whatever task is given. Your prayers have been heard, be ready and available this evening for your beloved Jesus; He awaits with anticipation at the joy of your embrace and presence.”

That was the end of Saint Therese’s message.

I hope many of you can relate when you want to serve God in a different way than where you are at, thinking your way would be better, or you would have more opportunities. You would be happier if you were married, happy if you were single, happy if you didn’t have a this specific job or boss because you could serve the Lord better or be from a different family or if you went to a different church… all of those things cause us to not see the opportunity in front of us, that we can serve the Lord where we are at fully. Well, pray for me family.

Thank you for those who continue to give to Mother Ruths mission, we appreciate it and please remember us for the China mission trip we really need donations as soon as possible so we can buy tickets before it’s too late.

I just received this email after finishing this message from the Passion translation blog and felt it was a confirmation and I wanted to share with you guys I know it will bless you as well.

Encounters God’s Heart.. Surf the Waves of Adversity.

You don’t have to stand with your hands over your ears while the enemy screams his lies. Turn your attention to the Commander of Angel Armies. Tune your spirit into the victory cries of Heaven. God is coming to rescue you. With Angels at His side, He will calm the raging seas.

Those roaring waves that once knocked you down will only serve to strengthen you. Soon you will laugh at the enemy’s attempts. Angels will lift you up to surf upon the waters that were meant to take you out. Nothing can stop you now. With Yahweh, you are undefeatable. You are courageous, strong, and fearless. You are the child of the King. Born to fulfill a destiny that no enemy in hell can steal. It’s time, rise in victory.

Father, the shouts of the enemy are silenced in your presence. You are holy and unstoppable. I feel your joy infusing me with faith. I stand unafraid and unaffected by the lies of the enemy because I know who You are and I trust Your love for me.

Isaiah 51:15:
“I am Yahweh, your faithful God, who split the sea with its roaring waves. My name is Lord Yahweh, Commander of Angel Armies”

Amen.  God bless you until the next message.

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