Demons of Griping and The Power of Thanksgiving

Hello brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family.

It’s been really rough drought in not hearing from Jesus or connecting with Him. I am so glad you guys have been encouraged and fed by Sister Jahnavi’s messages, they have been a real blessing and inspiration. Today during worship, I really was hoping in anticipation that the drought would be over and Jesus would speak to me.  I was just hoping to hear something, just one word even – ok who am I kidding.. I wanted a message. I said in my heart,

Good morning Jesus, I have missed you and I have missed Mother.

I saw Jesus holding me so tenderly as I rested my head on His heart.

“I am closer than you know” Jesus said,

I realized someone came and hugged me from the back, as we all three held one another; and I knew it was Blessed Mother.

Aw mother, I have really missed you as well. Make my heart in tune with both of you, so that we can be a three strand chord not easily broken. Lord is it ok for me to say something like that?

They both smiled and He nodded. Mother turned me around to look at her.

 “My beloved daughter, I know it’s been a cross not hearing from your beloved but it was intentional – a sacrifice was needed and many souls have been strengthened by this great consolation that was given to them since you said yes.”

Wow Mother, it’s so humbling and so reliving at the same time; I thought I was in trouble. Oh thank you Mother, please give me the grace of diligence and complete confidence in the Lord.

 “I will my little one. I want to encourage many of my daughters and sons. Many of the brides of Christ are under heavy veils of condemnation, despair and hopelessness which does not come from the Lord, but from the evil one and his demons to steal hope of the future and hope of Gods’ love in their lives. Oh my children, come to me, come to me often and let me be your guide through the rough waters and storms of life. Rather, this is a season of great joy, harvest blessing and fruit and you have allowed the small foxes to steal the vine of your love.

 “With every complaint, murmur, show of ingratitude, comes with it, demons of discouragement and hopelessness to eat away at the vine of you and Jesus’ love. Don’t allow them my brides, use your authority and take those thoughts captive. Cmmand the evil spirits to leave and call upon me through the Rosary and I will come to your aid to your defense, to put these little evil creatures to flight. All they know is destruction and they seek to destroy your peace, your faith, hope, and your love for God and the life He has given you. That is why the Rosary is so powerful against these things, because with each hail Mary comes with it grace for hope, for faith and love in your lives and in whom you’re praying for.

 “My brides, do not given into despair; the one who has started it, is faithful and will complete all that He has started in you, in your families, in your marriages, in your spouses and in your lives. He is Lord over all and everything.

Let me show you something..

I saw Blessed mother walking next to me, and she brought me to a round screen like object. I saw one of our intercessors taking care of her children and a bit overwhelmed and exasperated. Then I saw different believers all over the world going through various trials. I then saw these huge mole like creatures that were very big, with large claws maybe about 1 feet long. They entered the homes of believers and stuck to their back and used their claws to nip them every time they gripped or became snappy – not even with others but this particular demon made souls frustrated with themselves, snapping at themselves with all sort of malicious and mean thoughts about themselves. They come from an open door of ingratitude and carry with them demons of self-hatred, condemnation and despair.

Blessed Mother continued,

 ”You see, the demons cannot reside where there is a soul whose heart is full of thanksgiving. These demons hate to hear praises and thanksgiving.”

Every time a soul would begin to thank the Lord for something, they would cover their ears with their big claws, shaking their head back and forth for the soul to stop. They would nip them in the back with the big claws, the soul would stop begin to feel discouraged for a moment, but once it began to praise the Lord, it thoroughly irritated this creature and it began to get smaller and smaller and smaller, until it was gone, just like that.

“So you see my little one, thanksgiving and praise is a powerful weapon and one that needs to be used more and more at a greater measure for the Brides of Christ; especially in this season and all that He is doing and has in store for those who love Him. You will all end the year in wonder and awe at the goodness of God. Praise Him now for just who He is, and His great mercy towards you.”

Thank you Mother, thank you. Help me to turn my murmuring, griping and even my frustration, to praise, help me Mother.

Also, is there a word for the soul I saw? She is going through so much and would love to hear from the Lord.

 “Tell her the Lord is greatly pleased with her, His pleasure surrounds her like a shield even now as we speak. I say shield, because she has been under attack for so long with so many misconceptions, suggestions and negative thoughts about herself and how God sees her. Let this precious one know God does not see as men sees, but He Looks at the heart and her heart is so beautiful, so child-like it is, but has been hardened by the trials of life, marriage and motherhood, that it has taken her joy.

 “My sweet little one, return to that place again. Allow your little ones to remind you of the wonder and child-like faith you once had. Allow yourself to enter into that child-like space with them, and be who God created you to be; a rainbow of love, light, joy, of wonder and purity, as you are. You are a wonderful Mother and being made into a saint. Carry your crosses with great tenderness and deal with yourself in even greater tenderness and compassion, as you do with all around you.

 “Give mercy to yourself and know we do not look for perfection as some do, and even you – we look for love. And you have loved and continue to love, and for that, we are very pleased and enjoy dwelling with you and in your home. Continue to pray and find hope in the Lord, faithfulness in all things, He will not disappoint.”

Thank you Mother for such a beautiful word, thank you.. she was a real burden on my heart.

 “And on ours as well beloved little daughter. Go now and be faithful to the inspirations of the Lord.“

And that was the end of Blessed Mother’s message, our Mother of Mercy.

God bless you family, until the next message.

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My Name Is Mary Elisha I started this blog 6 years ago on my journey walking with Jesus and never knew all that he had in store for me. It has been a journey of tears, trust and confidence in him. Knowing that He is my loving spouse and he wouldn't lead me astray however he has given many suprises along the way! lol Upon fully surrendering my life to Jesus, he has completely turn my world right side up. Filled me with his spirit and showed himself in supernatural ways. He has completely left me in awe leaving me with the thought.....(as most Holy Spirit filled followers of Christ also say) why didn't I surrender 15 years ago! lol. When I started this blog I was a 30 years old zealous for the Lord and desiring to make his love known because it tranformed my life. However, I didn't know the way and the road in which he would take me. It is the way of the cross, the way of holiness and the way of love. Living a life seperated from the world and compltely concecrated to him. I no longer belong to myself, but to him as he has led me to a life of hiddeness and deep intimacy I didn't know was so avalialble for all who would make their lives, their hearts his home. He has given me a new name, a renewed purpose and a heavenly family who is so very present and so real to me. Saints who cheer me on, give me council and pray for me everyday to ensure I do the Lords will and the greatest gift of all He has led me to his Mother! Who has always been My Mother just never knew it. I love Mother Mary, she is my heart, my friend and confidant and continues to prepare me to a worthy bride to her son, Jesus. It is she, who has handpicked me for this mission and to run the community "City of God: Sacred Heart Refuge" in Ghana, West Africa. This is her mission and her ministry as a gift to Jesus and I just get to be her handmaiden. Heartdwellers Ghana is an extention of Heartdwellers ministry by Mother Clare and Father Ezekiel from Still Small Voice Channel. Jesus has taught us about divine intimacy with him. As we dwell in his heart, He and the Father come to make their home within us. (John Where Jesus is all of heaven is as well because the kingom of God is within. So here may you come to get fresh manna from Jesus and any ther saints who may want to give us council, encouragment and exhortation that we may finish this race of faith and run to win the prize. To be a bride spotless, blameless adorened with purity, carying the fire of charity and zeal for our fathers glory. That we maybe ready for him when He comes back for us. Our Lord, Jesus Christ is amazing the intimate you become with him the more in awe he leaves you. I hope this blog draws you nearer to our Lord and you began to open the ears and the eyes of your heart to all that he has to say to you and show you. All of these messages are from Jesus with you. May you be blessed by his words of life. God bless you!

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