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Hello brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family.

A few of us in the group I have spoken with, have been struggling with feelings of wanting to give up. Mother Clare sent out a message for us to lift her up in prayer for lack of motivation or inspiration, and another Heartdweller reached out to me with the same feelings. There seems to be a malaise over all of us.

So, this morning I was really struggling to hear from the Lord, it’s been like that for a week now. I pulled a Rhema from St. Faustina, it said:

When you feel like giving up –

My sweet child, don’t worry I have prayed for you”- Saint Faustina

Aww.. thanks spiritual mother in Heaven!

The next card said, which I was very surprised:

Pray for ‘Marilyn Rhames & the Teachers who Pray’ organization
-Pray for the school system
-Pray teachers would be intercessors on fire for Me
-Pray they wouldn’t fear using My name
-Pray My Spirit to fall upon all teachers in this organization and aver all he world to pray like never before.

This was a word Jesus gave in a message from two years ago, that I wrote down on a card to be a Rhema, right after the lock-down was about to be over and kids were going back to school and taking the vaccine. So during prayer, my heart was burdened with this. After receiving the Lord I came before Him-

Jesus, what’s on Your heart?

Jesus began,

 “You worry too much My little one. Do not be anxious for nothing, but with prayer and supplication you have already made your request known to Me. I have heard and I will answer. Continue to be still and wait on Me, My dove. There is much I am working out, even right now for your good and setting things in the right order and in the perfect place. Be at peace and continue to have a heart of gratitude each day.”

Yes Lord, thank You for all You’re doing. Thank You for the beautiful changes I do see and thank You for putting things in divine order.

 “My heart is heavy for the children and the school systems all over the world. Especially those in America, that is why you were given the Rhema card today beloved. President Biden intends to enact a law that will affect the school education on a state level. There are many within each state that have been planted there to usher in Satan’s agenda. That is why the Sound of Freedom is having so much push back .

 “My brides, know this is not a political battle, but a very spiritual one that is going on. They will give teachers incentives to teach certain things that are contrary to My ways and contrary to the nature of man. With inflation so high and the cost of living rising, many teachers will be given the opportunity to compromise in their beliefs and morals, the incentives will be that good. Many of My very own will be tempted and give in to compromise and that is why I am asking you little ones, to please pray.

 “Once America makes a move, so many other nations take the same actions for it has become the mothership for all things evil. However, I have My Gideon few, who have not bent their knees down to Baal and My brides because you pray, I relent every time.“

Lord, I’m reminded by that book Piercing The Darkness by Frank E Peretti. It’s such an amazing book of revelation, concerning spiritual warfare how it affects the real world, how the demons influence people to fulfill their agenda and actually the assignments against the school system and children.

If you heartdwellers have not read the book, I encourage you to please get this book, it’s amazing powerful and so prophetically accurate.

Yes, My servant was given a Heavenly revelation when writing that book, for they were things to come

But Lord, won’t people wake up? Won’t parents wake up to what is going on?

Jesus responded,

They are far too distracted with the struggles of everyday life, taking care of the family and their own personal needs. Satan has been very clever in this generation to cause many to love themselves more and more and love others less – that includes their own spouses and their own children. The role of a parent is one of sacrifice, a life laid down for your children to raise them up and teach them in My ways, that My fragrance may be spread on this Earth. But the influence of social media, so much demonic, doctrine and self-loving speaking which comes from pride, is hailed as the wisdom of the age. When in fact, it’s the Prince of this age that has blinded so many and veiled so many under the guise of living for now, building for now and loving for the moment.

2 Corinthians 4 1:

And even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing. The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.

 “Even My own are bogged down with some of these influences; not to mention the constant barrage of static, demonic suggestions and thoughts that come with oppression to slow My people down. So they don’t see their children, their upkeep, their upbringing, their precious hearts and minds as a priority; but I do. I have told you once, but it bares repeating, that is why your union with your beloved is so hated, because I will use you as a standard, a wall of protection for so many children all over the world, not just in Ghana. There is much you cannot see of the future I have planned for you, but your life will be lived for the children and youth of this generation. So keep that in mind My little one when You feel like giving up – there are many, many souls, children’s lives who hang in the balance that you are destined to bring to Me.”

Oh wow Lord, I am humbled. Please give me the grace for more love because I do feel it has gotten cold. Break both of our hearts for what breaks Yours Lord. Help us to see You in each child, please Jesus.

 “That I will answer. The adjustment of a heart takes time, continue to be faithful in your outreach ministry and I will ensure this will take place. Now back to the matter at hand. So I need My brides, Heartdwellers, to pray, offering up every supplication and petition before the Father for these intentions, for the organization ‘Teachers Who Pray’ and for the leaders of state and city councils, that they would be moved with conviction not to compromise and that teachers would began to see themselves as what they are – world changers, world shapers. You see, Satan took hold of Hitlers mind and all he knew, his manifesto, was by what was taught to him and he taught others . The readings of Karl Marx and more.

 “So, the power of a teacher can influence a nation, a people, and change a person’s destiny for the good or bad. I have given teachers this authority and if they knew who they were in My light, they would wield it using My name to turn the hearts and minds of children back to Me. To protect their minds and hearts from demonic influences and the culture of this age that is so polarizing. Most teachers spend more hours with a child than a parent does; added by praying for classroom and students, makes you that more powerful against the world of the kingdom of darkness.

 “My beloved ones, those who teach – it’s time to pray like never before. Seeing this not only as a job, but as a mission field and ministry. There are big changes coming and things can look at lot different next year for the schools in America and all over the world if My people do not begin to pray. It is a scary time for those who have children in the school system, but there is no need to fear, for I have overcome the world. Lets work together My beloved ones, you pray, and I will move to cover and protect the young minds of this generation.”

And that was the end of Jesus’ message.

Thank you family, for those who continue to give donations towards our GoFundMe campaign, phase 1 of the building of the City of God community. We appreciate every single gift, thank you family. Continue to think of us, pray for us and donate.

If you’re not aware of Marilyn Rhames and her organization ‘Teachers Who Pray’, I encourage you to look it up. We’ll have the link here in the comments section. But it’s an amazing organization she started as a Christian, to really support the teachers. And more importantly, to make a change in the school systems in America. So please lift her up in prayer, lift that organization up in prayer too as well, as Jesus mentioned.

God bless you family until the next message.

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