The Lover – I Wound To Heal

Hello brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family.

God has been so faithful – truly this month has been a month of thanksgiving, as I am learning to trust the Lord even more, as I watch unity, peace, and love reign like never before. He was right to say there would be moments where I would be tempted to think of pains of the past, memories and old injuries that would resurface to cause anxiety and doubt again. I realized: Lord, please.. I really need to be healed. I was tired of these harassing spirits tormenting my mind, bringing me great anxiety at different moments.

So this morning I opened up Mother Angelica spiritual lessons book and the page landed on the prayer for ‘Inner Healing’. All I could do was cry, as I felt the Lord heard the cry of my heart and has seen my weariness in this battle for my mind and heart. It was such a beautiful prayer, and I knew indeed the Lord was right in His words to me that this would be a month of breakthrough and He was finally going to bring healing to us and it already has began.

I then pulled three more Rhemas from my card file and the first read:  

“You’ll see,“ he said. Sister Therse is going to cure you” I accepted with joy and was bowled over. I begged St. Therese for prayers with all my heart speaking with boundless words that she heard me.

St. Therse daily reading

I thought wow.. another confirmation. And thank you so much my sweet big little sister I called, her (Saint Therese.  She has been so instrumental, so available, so close and so real in my life. She has counseled, guided me, helped me and brought so many breakthroughs in my life because of her intercession. And we got married on her feast day after doing a novena. She is so involved in every detail of my life and has worked miracles for me. I encourage all of you to enlist her intercession often. Besides Blessed Mother, her prayers for me get answered very tangibly with amazing fruit, that I am able to witness and testify about. Truly, she is showing flowers of blessing from Heaven so please ask her to pray for you for a certain cause and watch Jesus perform a miracle!

My second Rhema, was a beautiful card done by Sister Therese that she personally created for me. And Sister Therese is one of our Sisters in the Franciscan Order. She’s now called to the mission for Sierra Leone.  

On the front, was a beautiful drawing with Jesus done by Sister Therese, called ‘The Lover’ and on the back, was a drawing of a bride with her arms wide open and Jesus with a sword cutting her across the chest and it read…”Seeing and eyeing a crooked thing that has grown inside of me; Jesus eyes it with the desire to cut & mend anew…. The soul perceives his thoughts and with wide open arms, disarms herself to the cut without resistance. So in love with Him she surrenders to His hand and sword. Willing to be sliced to pieces in the depths, so mending anew and healing will come through…Two lovers in Love”…

Beautiful.. but scary at the same time (laughs). But like Saint Faustina said: “If he cuts me up in pieces, I cry; every piece is yours”. Lord, give me that grace and attitude.  

The last Rhema further put the nail in the coffin as it read –

(at the approach of Sister Death) Brother, let me rejoice in the Lord and sing His praises in the midst of my infirmity, by the grace of the Holy Spirit I am so closely united to My Lord, that through his goodness. I can indeed rejoice in the Most high himself.  

I always get this Rhema when a major trial is coming and I have to die to myself…    

So during prayer I came before the Lord. Jesus calm my anxious heart full of worry fears and peace, in submission to your will.  

Jesus, what’s on Your heart?

Jesus began,

“I wound to heal. I wound, to heal. Allow Me to wound you over and over again in My wounded love. It brings healing to the broken and infected places.”  

Lord, well help me to understand.. because when something has a wound, it needs to be healed, but what’s the point of continuously wounding in the same place when healing hasn’t taken place? It makes the person more broken and more fragile – it seems it will be worse for them. And here, I am talking about myself. The Lord has tested me in one area over and over again, back to back, and many times I have asked the Lord please heal me first before you allow another trial Lord.  

Jesus responded,

“That is your perspective My beloved. What you don’t see is the deep inner healing am doing in the soul. When I allow a soul to be wounded in the same area several times it’s to bring a deep inner healing in that area. You see, the wounds of the soul carry weight and are very deep. If I have called a soul to love like Me, they must be wounded like Me. The deeper the wound, the deeper your love will be. For instance – a soul who has struggled with certain addictions, they try, are good for a while, then mess up again.   

“They are pounded continuously with condemnation as they try and temptations come and they fall again. But once that person is healed, they will have such great compassion for those who struggle with certain habits and addictions, versus one who has struggled with a temptation and overcome it the second time. So you see, the deeper the wound, the deeper the empathy, the deeper the compassion and the deeper the love for others. That is why I must wound if My beloved brides will allow Me; to trust My hands of precision when what looks like a wound, is the very thing that is so necessary and good for you to transform you into the person I created you to be.   

“There is nothing to be afraid of beloved, it will work out for your good and any souls who give themselves entirely to Me. So many of My brides are afraid to give Me everything, I mean everything, and allow Me to do what I please and how I do it. I need the consent of My beloved ones but so many are hesitant because of their mistrust in Me. Remember that image I gave you of a cup filled with play-doh, and when you pour liquid in it, it doesn’t penetrate – but let’s say you stick your finger in that play-doh; now the liquid will have some where to go. The deeper you stick your hand in the play-doh, the more of the liquid enters in and the deeper the impression of the finger is in the play-doh.   

“That is the same with your souls. You are filled with so many memories, so many ideas, thoughts and suggestions that cause you to naturally be selfish and self-centered. When I began to wound a soul from a tender age, it rather causes you now to see outside yourself because you understand now what pain feels like and are more conscious of your actions towards others, as to not make them feel what you felt.”  

And guys, when the Lord showed me this vision a while back, it was about love. I remember seeing myself having a cup of play-doh, and then pouring liquid on it and the liquid was of love. When you pour liquid on play-doh, in a cup of play-doh; it really won’t seep into the play-doh really, it just kinda lays on top and just wets it. But when you stick you finger deep in a play-doh cup, it leaves a hole impression, when your finger comes out. So, if I was to pour liquid in that play-doh now, that hole where my finger was, is actually filled with liquid, and the liquid is the Lord’s love.

So, let’s say my soul, or your soul is that play-doh; when the Lord wounds you deeply with a wound, let’s say like a.. I think of a knife or like a finger; you get wounded deeply as something pricks you into the depths of your soul, and it’s deep – it’s gonna leave an empty area. It’s gonna leave a wound, that empty area. But God comes in and fills it with His love, and so, then it’s actually covered.

So the more that you get wounded, say you have a cup of play-doh and you stick five fingers inside of it, deep inside of it, and you have a deep cup of play-doh; and then you pour that liquid love over that play-doh – now you have five deep impressions of love there, in your soul that you didn’t have before. And that’s what Jesus was trying to explain to me, about the wounds that we incur in our soul, and how He comes to heal it with His love. But He has to wound it first, to make room for His love to be there.   

“So when I wound a soul in the same area; lets say rejection, and you are wounded by various trials, different situation, and people that reject you over and over again – you will come to know the keen feeling of loneliness, and the need for love that all souls created to have. In time, as I bring healing, you then are drawn to the very ones who have felt rejected and now want them to feel loved and accepted because of the pain you went through.“  

2 Corinthians 1:4: He’s the one who comforts us in all our trouble so that we can comfort other people who are in every kind of trouble. We offer the same comfort that we ourselves received from God. 

And that scripture came to my mind as Jesus was talking.    

“Yes, it is painful. When I am doing surgery, it’s never easy, but it will be so beautiful, pristine, and healed when I am done. Trust Me, just trust Me My beloved brides. And you too, trust Me, My little one. I am ever so faithful – hasn’t all that I permitted in your life gave you great patience and compassion for others?”   Yes Lord, it has.  

And you can always grow more in that grace. Yes your heart hurts and another wound is coming to break open the brambles of bitterness and resentment, choking out again the seed of love I have given you. This time around, healing will take place so deep within your soul and leave a beautiful scar to tell your story and testify to My glory and goodness.    

My brides, I am doing a work of art in each of you. Do not fear the wounds that you’ve incurred; but now, I am doing a deep work of cleaning and healing in your soul. Deep inner healing many have wanted from the memories of their past, torments and taunts of regrets. And “should’ve” “could’ve” and “woulda’s” will  be made anew. A dispensation is coming to all of deep inner healing in your souls. Don’t resist, or be defensive, but open yourself up to My wounding love to heal you from your past and fears of the future. Remember I wound to heal, it will hurt at first but bring you much joy and relief in that area of your life once and for all. Trust Me, My brides”.

And that was the end of Jesus’ message.  

I went to the Bible Promises to get a confirmation about this message and he gave me ‘Comfort’  

Psalm 138:7:
Though I walk in the midst of trouble, thou wilt revive me. Thou shalt stretch forth thine hand against the wrath of mine enemies, and thy right hand shall save me. 

Wow, really sums it up. And here, I would like to leave you with the Prayer for Inner Healing. Maybe you can benefit from saying this too. God bless you family, until the next message.  

Prayer for Inner Healing:

Lord God, Father of all, we come before Thee today, empty with our soul in need of healing. We need that confidence and hope that comes from Your Holy Spirit. Help us to realize Your love for us and to give that love to our neighbor. We need to build and renew. There is in each of us, something in our memory that keeps us from being compassionate and merciful. So deeply rooted are these gnawing resentments, that they obstruct us from the good You have for us. We ask You to reach into each of our memories now and heal them. Touch that unforgiving spirit within us and drive it away. Father, We know You forgive us, but we find it so hard to forgive ourselves. Remove all the regrets of the past. Lord Father, we know You are present now, and beg You to remove all of our guilt and make us new, so we can be used by Your Son. Lord Father, reach in and heal us all and fill us with the love and compassion that surpasses all understanding.


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