Pope Benedict Reveals His Testament To a Nun After His Death – Part 1 of 3

Hello brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family.

The inspiration the Lord mentioned to me in the previous message, was this – to do a message on if anyone outside Christianity can have a relationship with God. Which will follow after part 1 and part 2 of this series. And the second, was to finally share a message he gave me two years ago concerning Pope Francis.

I received a link to a blog a few days ago, concerning a nun in the Franciscan Order in Columbia who had an apparition of Pope Benedict.  He revealed so much information concerning his last years on Earth and about the true identity of Pope Francis – warning the Church to truly pray.

Here on this channel, we are not Catholic nor Protestant fundamentalist, but we are Early Church. Simply, we believe what Jesus taught the apostles. And we have been taught by Jesus to love His Church, not a denomination. So I care deeply for the Catholic Church, because it’s a part of the Body of Christ, just as I am part of the Body. I can’t hate my own flesh; however too many Christians do that, not realizing when we judge and tear at the Body of Christ, we are tearing literally at Jesus himself.

So with that said, what the grace of God gave her to have her dictate such a powerful revelation, is nothing but the mercy of God. So that many would wake up in the Church, recognize the times we are living in, and pray for the Church – not judge it, please. What she said stirred up such a witness in me; remembering a message I received from Jesus concerning Pope Francis.

At that time, Mother Clare and Father Ezekiel felt it wasn’t the right time to put it up and would rather cause more distention, so they told me to put it on the shelf for a later time. Being my spiritual covering, I had to obey and so I did, and now the Lord is saying it’s time to share this message. People are ready.

So I’m first sharing our sister’s vision she had and the message she received from Pope Benedict, before I share the message Jesus gives me, because they confirm one another. Let’s seriously pray for the Church, the Catholic Church, many lukewarm and sleeping believers to wake up and be aware of the season we’re in.

So it begins,

This was communicated on the 2nd of February 2023 in Colombia, to Sister Benedicta of the Holy Cross, a member of the community of the Franciscan Sisters of the Holy Cross –in the form of a diktat, during an apparition of Pope Benedict. With the request to make it public, in particular to inform the Curia of the Vatican and the entire College of Cardinals. This is a preliminary, anonymous translation based on the audio text of the aforementioned video from Radio Rosa Mystica, Colombia. The question of authenticity must be answered by everyone who sees this posthumous testament of Pope Benedict XVI, who died in December 2022.

It reveals facts that are partly extremely shocking in their demonic malice. But the testament is also a wonderful testimony of a heroic faith in Jesus Christ, the Only Way, the Only Redeemer, which should encourage us all according to God’s will, to imitate. The clear reference of Pope Benedict XVI in several sentences to the Mysterium Iniquitatis, the mystery of wickedness, which will now take its course after his death, that of the last pope, as well as the testimony of the sovereign leadership of the Church in this time of trial by Our Lord Jesus Christ, “who has everything under control”; Prepare us for the final battle between good and evil, which will end with the triumph of the elect, the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

And it begins,

February 2, 2023, at 23:00, Pope Benedict XVI again appeared to Sister Benedicta:

This time I saw him in my cell, wearing his white papal robe, his beautiful emerald cross on his chest, his fisherman’s ring and his very bright red shoes. He was sitting on a chair that I have next to my bed, but the chair didn’t look real. It was a high chair, upholstered in white, the wood that adorned him was finely carved and golden, very elegant and sober, the whole thing sparkled with a radiant glow. The white was very intense and his skin was rosy. His face was healthy, rested and fresh, with an unwavering calm.

I cried, “Your Holiness, is it you?” I hadn’t fully recovered yet. I heard him pray in Latin in a sonorous voice. It was like a prayer for the Church. His pronunciation was perfect, what a great Latinist! He looked at me, smiled and said, “Laudetur Jesus Christ”. I replied: In saecula saeculorum. He continued:

“Arise, for our Lord wants you to write what was wanted to hide after my death. It’s imperative that you do that, and I have a lot to say.”

His Holiness spoke to me in Latin and I understood him in perfect Spanish. Some time ago another saint spoke to me in French and I understood him in Spanish. How do you do that? I don’t know. All I know is that I understand what they’re telling me. So I sat down with difficulty and took paper and pen to write. Pope Benedict XVI said to me:

“The story is long, and what I am about to tell will cause a hurricane that will shake the Church to its foundations, especially the central government, the Curia of the Vatican. My enemies feel they have won by their successes, but their joy will not last long. They say among themselves: we have finally silenced him. His vote had harmed our interests. What a relief!

But they do not take into account the will of God. They don’t expect me to speak, they don’t think about that possibility, they think the dead don’t speak, but they forget that God is righteous and sometimes, as in my case, lets them speak, even though it’s from eternity, and bears witness to the truth that is Christ. I am with God and live forever and ever. Our Lord knows how to write straight on crooked lines, and he has allowed me to reveal myself to different souls after my death, to testify that there is life after death, and that no matter how much they want to silence me, the truth will come to light, albeit post-mortem.

During the funeral mass of my great friend John Paul II, I felt a great stir in my heart. John Paul II had undergone surgery on his neck with the sole purpose of silencing him and thus worsening his health, to prevent him from making decisions that were inconsistent with ecclesiastical Freemasonry that held high positions in the central government, and not as the media of the time claimed. Pope John Paul II had another government plan in mind, one that did not provide for changes unless they were necessary.

He was initially skeptical of an investigation conducted within the Curia of the Vatican, a report that contained very important and compromising information that required immediate changes because it threatened the stability of the Church, information known in detail to his predecessor, Pope John Paul I, who was assassinated not only because he knew this information, but also because he had initiated a purge that involved some changes within the central government and the Vatican Bank, which was reason enough to depose him. Only after the assassination did the great John Paul II change his mind. He shared this information with me and we got to work.

At that time I was Prefect for the Doctrine of the Faith. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. The damage done was irreparable and it was very complicated to remove many high church hierarchs. And yes, it is true that some steps had already been taken. Freemasonry, which was predominant in the college of cardinals and in the various dicasteries, had spread its tentacles through alliances not only within the Vatican, but also outside it. We just did what we could and not what we wanted.

It is very difficult to work with a hostile government, as I did, and with few allies, against a majority that openly stands up as relativism and modernism, in all its shadows. We soon noticed that there was a climate of open rebellion and disobedience to the Pope, and all this threatened to lead to a great schism within the Church. In the course of my life, and especially during my pontificate, I have experienced terrible and painful moments. Some of them are known only to God. It was never thought that evil could reach the highest levels, and now Satan feels powerful and lord over everything.

I had learned that there is a very dangerous mafia in the Vatican of Masonic cardinals pursuing occult interests. They are traitors to the Church, who occupy very important positions and create allies and then destroy the Church and the Catholic faith from within, cardinals and bishops who do not fear God and without conscience kill souls in cold blood, all out of love of power and money, and move further and further away from the true mission entrusted to us by our Lord Jesus Christ. When I looked at the lifeless body of the great John Paul II, I thought of this. And at that moment, in the depths of my soul, I made the decision to go with emirate and dedicate myself to writing books.

I felt that my mission had been accomplished. I had given it my all, and in the best possible way. Moreover, my health was not good. I wanted to continue my contribution to the Church in a calmer and more relaxed position and keep myself in the background. I was convinced that my task was over after the death of the Holy Father. But God’s plans are not our plans, and he had already decided for me. In the conclave, when I realized with horror during the vote that the choice would fall on my poor humanity, I said to God with resignation from the bottom of my heart, “Lord, don’t do this to me!”, a phrase that was then adopted by the media, manipulated by some Masonic cardinals to distort everything and fabricate a destructive and false image of me until my death.

The rumors included that I would tighten the laws of the Church because I was conservative and traditional, and that I would oppose the new modernist air that was emerging at the time, and it was also said that I was a threat to their plans because I opposed relativism. When I was asked whether or not I accepted the will of God, I replied, “Yes, I accept the will of God.” While all the protocols were being processed, I thought to myself that there were people in the group of cardinals who were better qualified than I was, but God in his goodness chose me out of all men, a simple and humble worker in the Lord’s vineyard, a phrase I made public on the day of my election as successor to the apostle Peter. I knew very well what was in store for me, and my enemies had grown stronger and more numerous.

I was aware of some of the files that Pope Paul VI had created during his pontificate on the Vatican Curia and which we later studied together with my predecessor John Paul II. My wish was to initiate a thorough cleansing, and I knew that this would not be easy, that there would have to be a total reorganization within the Vatican Curia. I was aware that it would most likely cost me my life, as it had cost my predecessors, but I decided to take the more difficult road, supported by the help of some people of faith. To this end, I began a much-needed purification within the Legionaries of Christ at the time, forcing their founder, Marcial Maciel, to withdraw from all public office. That alone earned me many enemies, not only within the church but also outside it.

I knew the greatest purge awaited me. I knew the Curia of the Vatican and all the intrigues that were drawn out there. I knew I wasn’t the favorite candidate for Peter’s chair, not because of a lack of quality, but because I wouldn’t help the Masons in their goals. In the meantime, they would prepare the ideal candidate according to their interests, they needed someone to burn while choosing a candidate who was in line with the powers, and that stopgap was me.

– Here Pope Benedict sighed deeply, and his gaze was like an endless sea of peace.

But God, in His infinite mercy toward His Church, was kind enough to delay the great mystery of iniquity a little longer, for He knew that this mystery would be revealed after my death, and that he would act in complete freedom, supported by his most faithful associates. The great destroyer of the Church was already on his feet, his name was already heard in the corridors and in the hidden meetings, but he had to wait until he was well prepared and the right moment came, a moment that God had prolonged in his goodness thanks to the prayers of the saints and the righteous souls in the Mystical Body of the Church, simple, peaceful, silent souls with unshakable faith, able to lay down their lives for Jesus Christ, souls who do not give in to evil and who know where the fault lies. These souls are loved by the Lord and are present in great numbers, they are quietly ordained and form a mighty army that walks at the hand of Mother God.”

– Then an angelic smile appeared on Pope Benedict’s face, and he continued:

“That I was an inadequate instrument was not unknown to God, for he gives his strength and strength to bear the cross with love, as he himself has done, and this was a comfort to my soul, which was already beginning to feel the rejection by the majority of the members of the College of Cardinals and the civil authorities, and was aware that the battle had only just begun. My suffering as pope began on the first day of my election. When I stepped on the balcony and saw the roar of a sea of souls, I understood my fate. God had me in his grip. When I was dressed as Peter’s successor, a shiver ran over me. Throughout my body, I felt like a lame lamb being led to the slaughter. Over the course of my life, I have come to realize that the Lord’s ways are not easy and are littered with roses and thistles.

It is dangerous to believe that one can choose any path, that they all lead to the truth. This is a great mistake on the part of the person who is currently “leading” the Church. I’m talking about Francis. He can promote this kind of regime and division within. In a way, this means accepting communion with relativism, an ideology that I have condemned countless times, and with revolutionary ideologies that seek to impose the powers of the world by force.

The grave errors propagated by the Church from the desecrated throne of Peter drive souls to suicide. In an act of hellish violence, evil has already been done and cannot be undone, only God can save his Church from falling into the abyss, and I had already seen this clearly during the sessions of the Second Vatican Council. There I had a vision of the future of the errors that had arisen from that moment on, thanks to the misinterpretation of the council and the many purple wolves that had infiltrated, and which had certainly entered through the schism in the Church during the pontificate of John XXIII.

All my life I have fought against relativism, and in many of my writings I have condemned these kinds of revolutionary theories that are against God. It saddened me personally to see how most cardinals, except for a few, adopted this ideology. And that is precisely why they eagerly sought reforms within the Church, reforms that would include my elimination, for I was their greatest obstacle.

I would have felt their boundless hatred of me, and had it not been for the mercy of God, who was always with me, I would certainly have succumbed to these attacks. They had several occasions to kill me, but God preserved me, for my hour had not yet come until the day when I would be eliminated. I knew that with my death the sheep would spread, but I was sure that the Divine Shepherd would gather them in His flock. I was only an instrument in the plan of salvation, nothing more, and soon the great purification would come. It is our Lord Jesus Christ who is truly in charge of His Church. After my death, there was great confusion. Somehow, God allowed the wickedness of the hearts of those who claim to be true disciples of Christ, and who in reality become the Judas of this age, to cause even more confusion and division within the Church.

On my 95th birthday, among many other slander talk, it was said: This is the pope who did not want to be pope, I heard it myself live from some cardinals. I felt tired and exhausted, I was deprived of all enlightenment and comfort. I was on the road to Calvary with our Lord and embraced the cross of the Redeemer.

I knew that soon my hour would come. I experienced the prison of loneliness, the fear of not being able to speak openly except through codes and parables.

I experienced the prison of guarding by a prison guard who I knew could not be trusted. I was overwhelmed and without comfort, but I tried to imitate our master as best I could. And I did not refuse the bitter cup that was offered to me, always with the grace of God, with all my trust in Jesus Christ and distrustful of my own strength. I knew that Judas Iscariot was by my side day and night and that he would soon betray me with a treacherous kiss. Yet I did not reject him, for I saw the hand of God in everything, although, like a meek lamb led to the slaughter, I was dumb and did not open my mouth except to bless and forgive.

Judas Iscariot was amazed at Jesus, the divine Master, because he did not live up to his expectations as a political warrior, but was a peace-loving, humble and meek man. Somehow I saw myself as a reflection of this image, I was meek and humble, a man of peace, and this confused many who challenged me. Many put me to the test, but the most disturbing was my jailer, my own secretary…

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