Time of Tribulation: Dream of Alien Taking Over Human Clone

I had the craziest dream, well it felt like that to me anyway. There was a group of us in a school. It was elementary and junior high school together. I saw my old friend Sister Magdalene; she passed away last year from covid and now is with the Lord in Heaven. So when she stepped into the school smiling, I was a bit in shock wondering if this was her look alike because she looked just like Sister Magdalene.

Her sister was also in the school and was taken aback by this person who looked and acted just like her sister, but her hair was a bit longer, down to her shoulders. However, everything looked the same. Her mannerisms, character, personality  – looked just like my deceased sister in Christ. I was with a group of friends when I saw her, and we all decided to go to the bathroom afterwards.

She didn’t see me, and upon reaching the bathroom, we were all concerned and knew something was up. This couldn’t be my friend because we knew as the Scripture says: it’s appointed for a man to die once then be with the Lord. Hebrew 9:27 So who was she?

In the dream in the next scene, it seemed some time had passed and she was now growing in ranks and great popularity in the school. In real life before she was a religious sister, she was a teacher. So she came to the school to teach and everyone loved her, but I knew something was amiss.

I walked past a group of school children talking with her, and praising her for long legs and long nails. Something made me shudder and I knew I had to get out of that school. She now had full control, and I knew this was not my sister in Christ, but another being who had taken on her features.

So me and a friend of mine decided to run away, leaving the school. Upon coming outside we had to go through a grassy areas and we decided to crawl as to not be seen. It was evening, and there was a huge pit that had been made arranged nicely with carved out stone seats. Almost looked like an auditorium or coliseum style pit within the ground.

I could hear a man talking very calmly, and there were many seated in that pit and many more students from the school began to arrive. There was a stone wall we could hide behind, but with the amount of people coming, it would be too late to run they would catch us, so we decided we had to blend in. They were having some type of meeting.

So I sat at the very top, and one of the children noticed me and called me by name, asking what was my number? I wasn’t sure what to say, and realized everyone had been given a number and was paired. They said they had be given the number 3. Just then the man asked for everyone’s attention, and they all began to look up. Everyone in the coliseum; their faces glowing bright pink and I began to see their real features.

They didn’t look human anymore, more like aliens wearing human suits. Everyone now had tentacles on the side of their mouth that made noise, and it seemed when they got together, they were making some type of call. I had a knowing in the dream that all in the pit received some type of injection. It was my friend who was an alien and was cloned to look like my sister Magdalene, that brought the deception. And many bought into it and received an injection for super-human powers, that began to change them into the likeness of aliens.

Then I woke up and actually went back to sleep and had a second dream, I will share later in the message.

This first dream reminded me of the movie pet cemetery, where a young family moved to this town near a native American graveyard; where they believed if you buried your pet there, it would come back to life. They ended up losing the life of their small son who was about 3 years old to a car accident. The Father was so distraught, that he decided to bury his son in this pet cemetery to bring him back.. and sure enough that evening, the son showed up. He looked just like the child, but in the days ahead, he began to act very strange and ultimately was being used to bring the destruction of the whole family, because it was now an evil spirit that inhabited the son.

That is what I sensed in the dream  – it was an alien that was inhabiting my friends body. And it also reminded me of the movie faculty, where an alien took the form of a teacher at the school and began to infect a group of the students. At the end, you couldn’t tell which one was human and which one was alien. They entered through the nose and would take over the human bodies. Finally, they found the mother alien and culprit, who was the new girl in school and had pretended to befriend everyone to get their trust, but she was an alien.

When they found out, they were able to kill her and also bring deliverance to all those who had been taken over by the aliens, simply after being injected with sugar  – the alien which looked like a parasite, fell out of them and they were human again. So weird these terrible movies, now I know they were conditioning for what they intend to do to mankind during the tribulation. Like Mother Clare would say: “The truth is stranger than fiction”.

So I came before the Lord immediately after waking up, and I heard:

The aliens will come with all manner of deceptions to lure my people into lies and ultimately the destruction of their souls.”

Lord is this dream about the mark of the beast? Considering the injection that everyone took and then became aliens.

Jesus responded,

 “No, but they will be used to push many to take the mark and work in conjunction with the antichrist. It’s still all one kingdom, Satan’s kingdom and reign on Earth. He may have different divisions, and many times they will play themselves against each other to make it seem as they are different beings, from different planets and universes that have reigned over mankind for centuries.

 “There will be a variety, but they all are demons with the same goal to bring about the destruction of mankind and take as many souls as they can with them. This is the second dream I have given you concerning the alien injections.”

And it’s true guys. Actually the Lord gave me a dream about this a while back, and maybe I’ll share it in the next video, that particular dream of the alien injections.

 “This will be a very real thing, with many mesmerized and lining up to receive this lie of immortality and super-human power, when it is purely demonic.”

Lord, how can one be injected and still, their soul will be saved?

Because guys, when I saw in the vision, the pit – when the pink light came from inside of them; it showed their real features inside their skin, and they all looked alien-like. It was so gross, no-one looked human.

Jesus responded,

 “I am the life and resurrection anyone who believes in me even though he died, will not die.” John 11:25”

And as an aside; it reminded me of the movie faculty as I explained, that many received the alien parasite and where under their influence for a time; but once the alien parasite came out of them, they were normal. Just then I saw a vision of many throwing up this yellow green slime  – they were having deliverance after taking the injection.

Jesus continued,

 There will always be hope if a soul has not taken the mark. It will be much more difficult, but there is always hope. Many children clones will be used in this way to lure the hearts of their parents and bring them to their destruction of their soul. Do not be moved my people to be forewarned is to be forearmed.”

And when He’s talking about many children, He means like, children who have passed on to Heaven. They have cloned their bodies and they will be used.

 “When you see these beings who have passed on, but now walking among you, even if it’s a  loved one  – do the sign of the cross. It is very powerful, it will cause much agitation. Do the sign of the cross with much faith and much authority commanding Satan to leave in the name of Jesus, and these beings will be gone.

 “Take your other family members through Scripture, showing them that this is a great deception and remind them of my Second Coming, and how I intend to bring life to all things dead but that these beings are not their loved ones, rather demons instead. If you stay in a home, cover the entrance-ways with holy salt and holy water, commanding the Angels to not allow any evil entity or spirit to enter.

 “Many will come like phantoms to test even the most faithful elect with the voices of the loved ones, calling out to them playing on your emotions and your longing to see them. So precise will their look be to your long-lost loved one. Not all will be tested in this way, but many will. And those who will be tested, have already been marked for this and the clone of their loved ones already made, as they wait for the appointed time.

 “I have told you once before in the Scripture, that this will be a time of trial surpassing any other time in history. The people of the Earth will have no idea what hit them. So destitute, distraught, and hopeless will many be when all these things began to happen. And this attack will be used right after the destruction of the third of the Earth and the antichrist rising into power. They will be used to play on many emotions, to bring comfort and relief and a false sense of hope that will only lead to their demise. That is why I gave you the dream my little one to share and to warn”

Lord what about the second dream? Was that witchcraft or a demon?

As an aside guys, I had a second dream right after the first dream  of a man digging out a deep pit underneath a tree. He was dressed normal but I knew it was construction work. The weird thing is, there was a big Bengali tiger right above the pit watching him, as if to oversee the work. I thought the man would scream with terror but he was working in fear. Then he climbed out of the pit and nervously began to walk. The tiger then turned into a man and began to follow his every step. The man walked into a cave-like building and the one who was once a tiger, followed him with a thirst to devour him as soon as they were out of public.

I just had a knowing in the dream as I watched all of this. I wanted to scream and warn the guy or get someone’s attention, then I saw a group of people different ages, just outside the cave entrance ready to also go to work in digging pit. They were led by a women in a long black cloak. I knew she was a witch and one of the group members began to talk to me. He was a white cowboy guy and was telling me how he had some tools and I was dumbfounded that no one was running or seeing something weird concerning this job.

 “Witches at that time will be used even as they are now, to be instruments and vessels to continuously open the portals of hell. What you saw was a demon shape shifting from a human to an animal to devour its prey. Because work and food will be scarce without taking the mark; witches will be used to lure many into jobs of labor, where they will promise a bit of comfortability, and food. They will not hide who they are, for then will be time to be exposed. And know those who have no faith in Me will give in. And many who have faith in Me will also be tempted to go to these labor camps, if you call it, for a days work and a days food. Not realizing there are run by demons looking to devour them quite literally.”

Lord, I am lost for words..

 “Pray pray pray my little one for these souls now and do not fear. I will be with you and many others who will be called to stay behind to rescue many from the cunning and manipulating devices of the devil. My people you must have faith in Me alone when these things began to happen. If you put you faith in anything else besides Me, you will indeed lose your life and can easily lose your soul. You will be tempted and tested in ways you cant even imagine.

“If it where not for My grace and My spirit. I will lead you, I will provide for you, I will protect you, but the moment you get weary and decide to go off on your own in any way  – you can be sure it will lead you down in a path of deception and death. These things and this time is not far off, but rather knocking at your door. Begin to prepare now, praying the Divine Mercy continuously for strength and courage for this time of tribulation and pray ahead for the souls that I desire to save.”

And that was the end of Jesus message.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your dream and the message from Jesus. It’s a sobering reminder to stay vigilant and rely only on Him during these times. I have a question, what steps do you suggest we take to prepare for these tribulations and protect ourselves from these deceptions?

    Yoy E.

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