Self-deliverance Prayer & How Demons Work

Hello Brothers and Sisters and Youtube Family, hope you guys are being blessed.

Before we jump into the deliverance, I wanted to discuss some more of the enemies’ tactics and how he gains entrance into your hearts. It will shed light on how to stop the enemy from gaining entrance again in your hearts once you receive deliverance. So these are notes from Mother Clare’s message on Still Small Voice: “Enemies Tactics”.

Many times the enemy uses people to hurt us, and we began to see them as the enemy. That is how many of us brides are filled with bitterness because of what has been done to us. Which the Lord is trying to get us all free from, and walk in His love instead; immediately rebuking the demons and seeing them as our real enemy.

You see, when the devils attack us, they desire to plant seeds in our hearts, which is where God dwells. If he can spoil the garden of your heart, he can then draw you away from Jesus. When those seeds take root, they bare fruit of death – which is bitterness, resentment, anger, discontentment and so much more; none of the fruits of the Spirit. It’s like they birth other demons that take residence in your heart and spoil the vine of your love for God, if you don’t catch them. As it says in Song of Solomon 2:15. 

So these demons are the small foxes that come in and steal from us if we allow it. They cause division and breech for more demons to come into your heart until you are home for them. As Jesus has mentioned in previous messages, a root of bitterness not taken care of will change your DNA, that’s scary… we must clean up our hearts, guys!

The Lord has been so gracious and merciful towards me, that He has given me a grace to feel when seeds fall into my heart, so I can renounce them immediately. When I found myself frustrated, angry, or getting impatient, I would feel a pang in my heart and sometimes I literally feel a seed that just dropped in my chest, and I can feel it working its way down to settle in my heart. It was quite alarming in the beginning of my walk, I couldn’t understand what was going on. My chest would hurt so bad like I was having heartburn, but now I do – and immediately come before Jesus, repenting and renouncing the seeds that fell, asking him to please take it out, I don’t want it. So you should also do the same.

The opportune time for an attack is when: you’re tired, sick, or frustrated.

They use family members, loved ones, friends, coworkers, and even strangers, to cause this breech in your heart.

a) A Demon of Division comes with arrows dipped in poison they shoot at us. When the arrows land the poison becomes a seed in our hearts, they are seeds of pride, self-righteousness, disrespect, judgment, critical, jealousy, resentment, accusation, gossip, fault-finding, unforgiveness, ungrateful, rejection, impatience, lust, grief & sorrow, anxiety, fear, discontentment, and bitterness.

b) Arrows fired from the enemy, plant seeds that quickly grow root and spread like fibers, like cancer in us. Soon breakthrough into the evil realm is made and a door is created, which they may come and go with ease. Hence the open doors,
number one purpose is to destroy everything good.

c) When one has hidden resentment, no matter how you apologize, it re-opens easily. Deep, emotional wounds allowing life force to slip away.

d) You come out emotionally, mentally, physically depleted, and hopeless. The condition of your heart has wounds, abrasions, broken with liquid coming out (and this happens guys, literally in the spirit).

e) They leave their excrements in your heart to undermine its integrity and set you up for further wounds and wounding. Demonic excrements DESTROY the integrity of the heart.

So you then become guarded, offensive, defensive, fearful, rejected rather than walking in the purity of love, which gives itself freely. So you can see how the enemy has been doing this in all souls since childhood.

So if you have found yourself responding with arrows of poison and realize these seeds in your heart; repent before Jesus and renounce them now immediately. And if you find yourself under attack in this way with someone – immediately you both stop. Rebuke the demons of division. Take a look at your attitude and repent. The demons hate when you stop and pray. Especially you and the person they are attacking.

That’s why David said in Psalm 51:10 “Lord create in me a clean heart, O God and renew a right spirit within me.” So ask the Lord to do the same for you before we began this deliverance prayer.

I hope you had some quiet time with the Lord and were able to discern the strongman and demons in your life that have been hindering you from walking in the fullness of God’s freedom. So I want you to pray along with me repeating the words I speak, speaking them over yourself with all authority and faith. Do not be surprised if you cough, burp, yawn, even vomit – these are all good manifestations of demonic deliverance, as the demons are leaving your body. I will pause at some places in the prayer to give you an opportunity to renounce the demons the Lord showed you that you may be hosting. And you can always pause the video as well, I encourage you to do that.

Self-Deliverance Prayer:

Lord, I thank you for your great mercy towards me. Look upon me as your child with loving pity and please deliver me from all evil as I come boldly before your Throne of grace to obtain freedom and deliverance. Lord, I confess I am a sinner and worthy of your justice. I thank you that your wrath was poured upon Jesus our Savior that I may now live in light of your grace. You said you are near to the broken-hearted and those who are sorry for their sins. I sincerely come before you in repentance and I renounce and repent of______. [Here I will give you some time to verbally repent of the sins and offenses the Lord has shown you and those you recognize in your heart from the video. Really, dig deep and ask Him to forgive you of hidden sins as well. You can pause the video as well if you need more time to do this].

Thank you, Lord, that you have me now seated in Heavenly places with Christ Jesus. Please clothe me with the full armor of God. From this position by the power of the name of Jesus of Nazareth, I call upon the holy ministering and warring angels to pray with me and to enforce these directives.

Right now, in Jesus Christ’s name, I bind up and rebuke any strongman and all unclean spirits working inside or against me.

I bind the gatekeeper and bind all hindering spirits and demonic reinforcements from interfering with this deliverance, in Jesus Christ’s name.

In Jesus Christ’s name, I bind up all the principalities, powers of the air, all demonic kingdoms, dominions, thrones, and every demonic entity and unclean spirit working against me and my family. I put you on notice Satan, that I am attacking you from my position of authority seated with the Lord Jesus Christ in the Highest of the Heavenlies.

I loose warrior angels of God to surround me right now, and I ask you, Father God, to loose a wall of fire like in Zechariah 2:5 to surround me and my family right now, in Jesus Christ’s name.

I loose warrior angels with swords to go into the lowest portion of my body and surround me, and to separate all demons from the strongman and each other, and spoil the demons of their power, armor, rank, and resources, in Jesus Christ’s name.

I loose the sword of the Lord, to cut off all connections between the demons on the inside and the fallen angels and unclean spirits on the outside, in Jesus Christ’s name. I execute the judgments written on all devils inside right now, and I loose the judgments of God along with fire and burning and destruction perpetual, on all the devils attacking me right now, in Jesus Christ’s name and in accordance with Psalm 149:9.

I loose angels of God into attack formation, and to attack all foul spirits inside of me! Charge! In Jesus Christ’s name. Every unclean spirit that the Lord Jesus Christ wants to come out of me: come out now, and go to where the Lord Jesus Christ is sending you!

All spirits of insecurity—inferiority—every type of fear—nervousness—anxiety— insomnia: Come out in Jesus Christ’s name! Wounded spirit—deep, wounded hurt—abandonment—orphan spirt—trauma—superstition spirits: Come out in Jesus Christ’s name!

Spirit of heaviness — depression — hopelessness — worry— sadness — isolation — suicide: Come out in Jesus Christ’s name! Every spirit of cigarettes — alcohol — nicotine — marijuana — gluttony — eating disorders — rebellion — cursing — foul mouth— all psychotropic drugs and sorcery: Come out in Jesus Christ’s name!

Lying — cheating — murder — revenge — abortions — coveting — slander — mocking — rage— angry man — jealous — deceit: Come out in Jesus Christ’s name!

Anger — rage — resentment — unforgiveness — bitterness — murder— revenge: Come out in Jesus Christ’s name!

Doubt and unbelief — confusion — chaos — antichrist spirits: Come out in Jesus Christ’s name!

Pride — big pride — little pride — stiff-necked pride — ugly pride: Come out in Jesus Christ’s name!

All spirits of witchcraft, idolatry, divination, necromancy, Ouija board, séance, tarot cards, consulting with psychics: Come out in Jesus Christ’s name!

Spirits that came in from reiki, yoga, martial arts, transcendental meditation, reading occult books, Wicca, Hecate, the Goddess, Freemasonry, eastern star: Come out in Jesus Christ’s name!

All spirits of Santeria — Palo Mayombe — Marine — Shamanism New Age spirits — another JESUS — meditation — acupuncture — acupressure — spiritualism: Come out in Jesus Christ’s name!

I loose the sword of the Lord to cut and chop all kundalini, python, and serpentine spirits off of my spine and in my body: Come out in Jesus Christ’s name!

I bind and rebuke all spirits of mind control — occult mind binding— mind binders — octagon — squid — oculus — witchcraft mind control. I break your power and cut all control spirits connected to my mind, and all matriarchal and patriarchal control spirits connected to me, in Jesus Christ’s name: Come out in Jesus Christ’s name!

I break and cut all psychic heredity — all lay lines — all ungodly soul ties connected to me and command them to: Come out in Jesus Christ’s name!

Spirits that came in through adultery — incest — rape — fornication — all spirits of sexual fantasy — incubus — succubus — Asmodeous — Osmodeous — internet porn — lust — masturbation — anal sex — bestiality — homosexuality— sodomy, I bind and rebuke you and command you to loose me: Come out in Jesus Christ’s name!

Spiritual husband — spiritual wife — marriage-breaking spirits — infidelity — wife swapping — divorce — frigidity: Come out in Jesus Christ’s name!

All vagabond spirits — hindering spirits — blessing blockers — religious spirits: Come out in Jesus Christ’s name!

All spirits of sickness, premature death, destruction, root of bitterness, cancer, asthma, all infirmities: Come out in Jesus Christ’s name!

Father God, I ask you to loose civil war into the demons’ camp and cause every demon to attack one another now, in Jesus Christ’s name. I command my strongman to start throwing out the demons under its command now! In Jesus Christ’s name.

I loose the arrows of the Lord God dipped in the blood of Jesus to rain down and impale the demons in Jesus’s name. I loose the hornets of the Lord to sting the demons and drive them out in Jesus Christ’s name.

Angels of God! Attack these spirits and cut the strongman away, hook and pull them out in Jesus Christ’s name. I loose the fire of God on every demon, in Jesus’s name.

I loose fiery destruction on all demons, in Jesus’s name. I loose the fear of the Lord into every demon, in Jesus’s name. Angels of God, burn the demons’ scrolls, banners, flags, standards, and seals, and break their cups in Jesus Christ’s name. I rebuke you foul spirits— come out in Jesus Christ’s name.

Move! Out! Out! Out! Come out! In Jesus Christ’s name.

I am giving you demons a few more seconds to come out and then I am going to cage you up.

Father God, I ask You to loose warrior angels to go in and cage every demon by itself in a cage filled with the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. Angels of God, slice these devils, scourge them, read the Word of God to them night and day, and sing the songs from the old Gospel hymnals like “There Is Power in the Blood”, until they come out! In Jesus Christ’s name.

Demons, I bind you from being able to communicate with one another and you will not harm me or my family in any way. All you can do is come out and confess Jesus Christ as Lord and then go to where the Lord Jesus Christ sends you— never to return. Keep coming out in Jesus Christ’s name!

Angels of God — execute the order in Jesus Christ’s name and cage every remaining foul spirit, until next time in deliverance or they release me. Every demon, as you come out, you are ordered to go to where the Lord Jesus Christ sends you and never return.

I seal this deliverance with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray over myself God’s spirits of power — love — sound mind — deliverance — health — fear of the lord — grace — mercy — excellent spirit — in Jesus Christ’s name.

Father God, I ask You to send the Holy Spirit now to fill up every void in me.

Bind all demonic backlash — retaliation — revenge or retribution from attacking me and my family, my finances, my ministries, my purpose, and my destiny and my marriage, in Jesus Christ’s name.

[From John Ramirez’s book, “Unmasking the Devil: Strategies to Defeat Eternity’s Greatest Enemy” page 89].

Now a Prayer to Break Generational Curses:

Father God, in Jesus Christ’s name, I confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Lord Jesus, I confess and believe that You died for me and my sins, and that You rose again from the dead and are seated at the right hand of the Father. Lord Jesus, You paid the price for me that I might be redeemed from the curse and enter into the blessing.

Father God, in Jesus Christ’s name I confess that, in the past, I and my ancestors have broken Your laws and commandments and that this has brought a curse on me and my family. I confess all sins back to the very first thought, word, deed, and gesture that I or my ancestors have committed: Sins of idolatry, pride, sexual sins of fornication and adultery, incest, rape, the murder of the unborn (abortion), dishonoring of parents, involvement in witchcraft and the occult, membership in secret societies, having children outside of marriage, cursing Israel, racism toward other ethnic groups, not helping the poor, robbing You of tithes and offerings, not coming to the help of the Lord, and anything else known or unknown that I or my ancestors have done.  [Mention anything else you or your ancestors have done that God brings to your mind and specifically name it. Examples: Going to a psychic or fortune teller, using a Ouija board or tarot cards, reading horoscopes or studying astrology, involvement in Wicca, Reiki, yoga, the martial arts, or other means to tell the future.]

I now renounce Satan and all of his demons, all personal and ancestral contact with the occult, and I put you on notice, Satan, that I hate you and your demons and want nothing more to do with you.

Father God, in Jesus Christ’s name I repent and renounce all of our sins that I and my ancestors have committed, and I ask you to forgive me and my family, in Jesus Christ’s name. In Jesus’s name I now close all doors opened to the demons thru these sins, and I lay claim to Galatians 3:13: “Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree….”

I now break and loose myself and my descendants from all personal and generational curses, and I lift the curses, in Jesus’s name. In Jesus Christ’s name I also break and cancel all blood oaths, contracts, covenants, rituals, pacts and agreements made with the devil and his demons by me or by my ancestors and command the curses and every associated demon to loose me now and come out of me and my children and go to where the Lord Jesus Christ is sending you!

I now ask you, Father God, to fill me with the Holy Spirit and release on me and my children all the blessings of Abraham that I am entitled to through Christ Jesus and that me and my family might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith in Jesus Christ’s name. I will live and not die to declare the works of the Lord! I can do all things through Christ Jesus which strengthens me. Greater is He that is within me than He that is in the world.

I break all hexes, vexes, curses and spells, incantations, evil declarations, psychic prayers and thoughts, witchcraft control, mind control and lay lines, jinxes, juju, effigies, fetishes, bewitchments, and enchantments off of me in Jesus’s name, and loose myself and my children from them in Jesus Christ’s name.

Spiritual Warfare Weaponry

Spiritual warfare is a must; trust me, I know. We need to wake up, beloved, and be the Church with the authority that Jesus Christ has placed on us to destroy the works of darkness. We are sons and daughters of the Most High God— what a God we serve. Let me leave you with the most lethal supernatural weapons that every believer is armed with.

Weapon #1: The name of Jesus but not in a superstitious way. I mean brandish the name of Jesus with the power of the Holy Spirit. You’re claiming the supremacy of God’s sovereignty and authority in the face of every demon that shows up to fight.

Weapon #2: The Word of God and proclaiming the supremacy of God’s Word. “For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword” (Heb. 4: 12 NKJV). Jesus Christ illustrated this in the wilderness when He destroyed the devil with the Word of God.

Weapon #3: The blood of Jesus and proclaiming the victory of the Cross. Revelation 12: 11 says: “And they overcame him by [the power of] the blood of the lamb…” (NKJV).

Weapon #4: The word of our testimony; this speaks about who we are in Christ, our identity of who we are in Christ. Again, declaring the victory of the Cross, Revelation 12:11 says: “They overcame… by the word of their testimony…” (NKJV).

Weapon #5: An obedient life. Fear comes over the kingdom of Satan when we live an obedient life. It brings the devil to his knees. The devil can only operate and succeed with his attack when we step out of that obedient life.

Weapon #6: Praise and worship is when we proclaim the supremacy of our God and who He is. Psalm 150:6 says, “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord” (NKJV). Praise turns the devil’s kingdom upside down.

Weapon #7: Our heavenly language. Speaking in tongues builds up our inner man when we are in communion with our God. In the Scriptures, Paul makes a profound statement by saying, “I speak in tongues more than all of you” (1 Cor. 14:18 NIV). Paul is sharing the importance and power we have in Christ when we speak in tongues.

Weapon #8: A life of prayer defeats the enemy of your soul and gives you a direct connection to the One who created you, God, and it builds your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Weapon #9: Finding your purpose and destiny that God has designed for you to walk in so you can destroy the works of darkness. This produces fruit for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Weapon #10: Fasting is so important. Many people fasted in the Bible. Fasting moves the heart of God and brings breakthrough in the spiritual realm. In the days of old it saved nations, won battles and wars, destroyed strongholds, and brought the devil to his knees

Weapon #11: Intercessory prayer destroys and dismantles the devil’s kingdom in the spirit realm. In the Bible, brothers like Daniel and Nehemiah and sisters like Esther, along with many others, interceded for others and got the victory.

Weapon #12: We must have perseverance, and with the authority and confidence we have in Jesus Christ. We have to be more determined and more consistent than the enemy. Perseverance is not an occasional thing; it’s a commitment and a lifestyle to the supremacy of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, walking in His power in faith, knowing who He is and who we are in Him.

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