Patience, Sing, Paint! Practice Your Gifts

A Message from the Lord to Sister Therese

Being outbalanced in my sleep and waking-up hours since arriving here, going to bed at 2 or 3am mostly – waking up around 9 or 10am in morning, this impacted the morning time in prayer with Jesus and me, and thus, eventually felt sluggish and lacking inwardly, causing at times a switch even in my behavior. After this long period of patient waiting, the Lord tells me, “I wish to spend much time with you, My dear. Try to make it to wake up early in the morning and have our time as before, for you need it much. As much as I do. Let’s get back in the rhythm together. Much is yet to be done before we depart from here, but for all; you need Me in good ample quality time so you could function as I desire for you to. Ok? Can you do that for Me?”

Yes, Lord. I want that…

“Good! Thank you. It’s going to be very rewarding for you and many – including Myself! Thank you.”

“Although…” I said.

“We know.” He responded.

I was about to say it is all because of His help. And He was thanking me?

“Because you co-operate.” He says, “I’m thankful for that, truly.”

“I’m sorry…”, He said gently.

My thoughts then, were veering toward my mistakes and struggles lately, slightly thinking of all this purifying season that I have been put through, that we all seem to have – and I did hear Him say His gentle “I’m sorry.”

I should be sorry, Lord…

“You are still trying to be just and perfect with no fault, I know that is not your intention to do so, but the battle takes effort to overcome these struggles. I see you trying, I see you growing – and again: make progress by abandoning yourself to Me always – always. Every little bit of struggle and pain I see in you I take and turn it to something good, so do battle by trusting and having confidence in Me. It will take a while, but your will is set in that direction. Now, be patient with yourself as we do walk and see you grow, yes? You are to be very, very patient with yourself. Especially after a fall, that is when they hit the hardest, as you know it.

Jesus continued, “Try also to be patient with the conduct of others. Show them the patience you desire to be shown to you. Treat them as I treat you. For what better example and teacher you have if not Me? I give you the example on ‘How To’, now – you on your turn, practice it. Yes! You see it! – just like in drawing: They give you the tutorial on ‘How To’, but the skill will only grow and evolve, if only you practice it and continue to practice, it doesn’t come at once – unless you are a prodigy,” He added funnily, “but do that, and with patience, you will get far in life.

“Wait for Me for whatever is triggering you to impatience, and I will do the doing for you and show you the way out. Bring it to Me and then, wait on Me – with patience.

“You see, much of what I do in My plan with mankind, with their own personal lives, their wives, husbands, children, friends – anyone; it requires continual patience from their side, as I work out the plan and their details into action for a greater good to take place. Mankind is just running short of patience. Had they more patience with themselves, their relatives, or strangers, they would be better off in life now. Like you usually say to yourself at times, ‘With patience, you cross the sea. With evil, not even a river.’ That is a good proverb that links back to My people crossing the sea.

“Apply this, and whatever tries your patience, endure thankfully, for that is shaping you better than a joyful blessing. For in trials and testing do My people grow and man-up in virtues.”

Thank you, Lord.

“Thank you for embracing Me.” I heard, and truly it was Jesus saying this. He began to mention something else, sharing His heart:

“You embrace Me more than you know – My hugger.” And He hugs me tightly, “I will give you many such hugs when you come Home – even greater than this! For all your life you longed to hug your Spouse and Lord, and this is, and will be, given to you bountifully. That will be one of My many gifts in My reservoir for you.” He said, happy and excited at heart.

“Oh! Many things are yet in store for you, both now and in the age to come. It will bring you so much happiness and fulfillment! You can barely scratch the surface of it. All you desire to do and accomplish for Me, for souls, for the joy of your soul – all given. All done and accomplished, just to give more space for others waiting in line for you to do.

“You will have your little cross,” He says in a funny low voice, “and you will have your walls.” He means murals or paintings for me to do, “Plenty of them!” whispering with a hand to his side as if telling a secret, causing me to laugh. And by the ‘little cross’, He mentions crafting a cross, like the original cross on the Calvary.

Jesus continued,

“But you know, even if it were to happen once or twice here while on Earth, you need to have the courage and make the step. You see, I give you the ideas, but your part is to make the move and together it will come into reality – a teamwork! My part and your part, make it happen here. What do you say?”

Well, I would be very funnily happy for having it done here, to be honest. But sometimes fear prevents…

“Fear is always a bummer and a joy stealer.” He expressed a tone of the enemy’s attempts, “This is how they steal the joys of My people – fear of the outcome, fear of failing skills, fear of this, fear of that… Ugh!

“Try to replace that with My joy, as I told you before.”

After a silent short pause, He says, “So, would you like to do it?”

I would!

Then I thought, that this house is not ours that I should have the liberty to paint as I wish on the walls, for then, the walls would be marked with the painting.

And Jesus instantly intervenes, saying,

“The blessing of that painting would’ve blessed many. But although it might not be here in this house, on these walls – it will be given to you one day soon. But until then, enjoy to your heart’s content and create with the tools I have given and provided you.

“Donchu think it’s about time we do some art, huh?” He nudges me with His right shoulder on mine, somehow funny. Pinpointing, suggesting, but as a Lord, saying, ‘this is the direction, go for it.’

“I would love to!”, I said to Him.

“GOOD!” He Responds, “We can do it together then. Don’t fret over ideas or skill comparisons or worries – it will be given as it will be given. Your job, is to enjoy what We are doing through your hands. That’s the delight of life: enjoy what We are doing!

Jesus continues, “Invoke My Mama to help you in all things. She is there for you, even in the most little and insignificant of things. If it’s on your heart and it troubles you – as a Mother, she is more than ready to listen to it and help you out. Try involving her more often in your daily duties too, and speak to her as a mother, as a friend, as a most delightful soul interested in your heart and thoughts. Oh, she is more ready to aid you than you think!”

“…You need help with your voice?” He suddenly asked, catching me off guard.

Uh… I do.

“Hmm,” Jesus gave a delighted smirk, “I wish that you too would train your voice and sing to Me from the top of your lungs and heart, but you need to let it go of expectation of how you can, or cannot sing as yet. You need to let go of that fear of sounding crooked, the fear of shaming yourself in front of whoever might listen. There is a gift there, but you need to cultivate it promptly and not yield it to fear. It won’t grow like that. So try to open your heart to Mama, so she could help you, bodily and spiritually, to sing your praises to God, and to protect you afterward from any vanity or pride. Yes?

“Try it! You did it today during Supper and you see, you felt joy a cheer and a slight taste of freedom when you allowed your voice up.”

Then I remembered a teenager, a teen adult, from Instagram that I saw one day, with such an amazing acoustic voice. Jesus catches up with my train of thoughts,

He says, “You wish to sing like him?”

Got to be honest… I love those types of voices, I said. I would love to sing like that, even if similarly… That type of voice is my type, among all the types of singing.

Jesus responded,

“Your voice will be different, but powerful in its message in song. When the fullness of it is complete, you will taste the sweetness of it all.”

He means, complete, as in completed in Heaven.

Singing out your gift to Me for all your God has ever done for you and through your little temple, on Earth, and in Heaven.

“Until then, My dear one, sing your heart to Me. Do battle against those trying to silence your voice, and use it for Me always, and everywhere, when needed. And be at peace. You are growing in Me. You are growing, my little flower in the shade. Your type is of silence, hiddenness, solitude in the freshness of the rising dawn and the beautifulness of the dusk.”

He somehow sounded cheerful and happily poetic today. (Sister Therese chuckles).

I said to Him, “Those are the times I love the most!”

“Yes! I know!” He laughs, “I made you so!

“Delicate, wise and ever seeing My glory all around.

He continues, “Remain always tethered to Me, this will be your fulfillment of life. Tunned, tethered to Me forever.” His voice lowered at the final of these words and embraced me to His chest, keeping me there for a while in silence.

(He sighs long)

Thank you for coming, Lord.. to speak with me after a long while now.

“We needed this.” He replied.

He continued to hold me in His embrace. And as I recalled the word Mother Elisha told me on Christmas,

Jesus adds gently,

“What I told you through her is true. I would like the gifts to be honed this coming year. Taking them up again.”

Mother Elisha send a Christmas email to me, and among her words, she writes to my wonderment, that she brought it up suddenly like this, saying:

“… And you are super anointed if there is a word for that lol. Please this year cultivate your creative gifts again don’t let them be on the back burner but move forward and use all the gifts the Lord has given you.”

Truth be told, I have not been.. very diligent with drawing lately, and truly it fell on the back-burner as I tented to prioritize other tasks in ministry. But now, thinking of the time I had available and the ministries to aid and tend to – many times my own delayed messages drive me to frustration and confusion, as to where to pick them up to publish them… I wondered where to start, and where to end.

Jesus catches me and says,

“I will help you sort them out.”

And He continues,

“Many need your touch, so I could touch them. These are to bring you delight to your soul, and you experience it when you do it. That’s your shoe! It’s made for you.” He referred to drawing, painting, etc. “I am happy when you are happy, and this is one of those that brings you happiness. Even better when I am there with you in doing them all.”

He winks with a smile. For oftentimes, if not always, I see His final result on a drawing that we made together..

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