A Message from the Lord

to Sister Therese

Hello dear ones, may the Lord bless and keep you all in His peace and open-heartedness.

I received this message in October but held it back due to discernment. However, on two or three witnesses a word is confirmed and stands, right? Three people discerned — some even read the message, and all confirmed that it is from the Lord.   

The Lord is touching on the subject of His daughters as priestesses. Here is the message:

The enemy was bombarding me with various thoughts and words, assaulting me for having received the Lord at a certain time of the month. Heavily oppressed again, (for the enemy surely buffeted me about this before) I stopped before the Monstrance, before my Jesus, and told Him what the enemy told me. Then, in quietness, thoughts began to be given to me — brought to the surface.

Lord Jesus began to speak about this, saying,

Before I created you, I knew you. I knew the things you would be facing when I imparted to you My own priesthood. I knew the limits of the mind that had been placed on you since [you were] young; what a girl can do; what she cannot do in the church. This mindset has set many on the same line of thought. When I came to you and imparted to you My priesthood — I knew what I was doing. I knew your mindset and the way you were raised and accustomed to some ways in the church. But if I still came to you and gave you My whole priesthood, uniting Myself to you thoroughly — do you think I did not know about women and their days?” He softly questioned with calmness. “I knew it before I set [the] foundation to this world what My female priests — My priestesses — would be facing during these End times too when I’d come to them as I did to My apostles.

“Let’s access the Old Ways and the New Ways that I showed back in My days on earth. As you have caught it in your mind, some examples to ponder are; the Lepers [Matt. 8:1-3]. The women in their ‘red days’ [Matt 9:20-22] and the Prostitutes [John 8:1-11].

 Jesus continues,

“According to the Old Law in My Old Testament, such souls with these cases were considered unclean. They were asked to remain outside of Camp until they were clean again. While outside of camp, or even in the midst somewhere, nobody was allowed to touch them for they were considered unclean. Their uncleanness would defile the rest in the Camp — the place where I was in their midst. Some lepers were even to shout out, ‘Unclean!!’ so people would know and not approach them.

“Same for the example of the women in their ‘red days’ as you say it. They were not to approach anything holy, [nor] have contact with men. Therefore, they would not approach Me and the people during their days [of the month]. That was the script for them.

“For the prostitutes who were found in the act of adultery, were to be taken and stoned to death. No pity for the sin and defilement committed.

“All this was in the Old Law.

“Now, let’s see My example in dealing with them in Person.

“To the leper — whom nobody was allowed to touch and come near — I touched him and healed him. I embraced the man, even.

“To the woman, in her ‘red days’,  who were not allowed to touch nor come near anything holy of the temple — she came close and touched the Holy of Holies —Myself — the most perfect and clean of Temples I ever dwelt in — My body. So, literally, she touched God Himself. Instead of turning around and slapping the woman for the act committed, as she feared many would [do] if such were the case. I turned around and blessed her with My peace. Her ‘defilement’ did not defile Me. For My glory and holiness dwelling within Me was stronger than any of these, and so I overpowered the evil in her and healed her by My own strength and Being.

If you were to access this to the Old Ways, a woman entering the tabernacle or the temple and would walk and touch the Ark of the Covenant. According to the Old Law, any such souls — if not a high priest — any soul would’ve died on the spot for approaching and touching the Holy of Holies.

“The woman came and touched God Himself, and she did NOT die, but was set free and healed. I was gentle with her, a daughter of Abraham.

“To the prostitute, the norm was to stone them to death. But when I came, I stood in between her and the mob, causing many to drop their stone and depart from the site. Telling the woman that her sins are forgiven, I let her go. I showed her mercy instead of a stony death.”

“You see, I was her intermediator and saved her life. For all of them, I came as an intermediator and brought them Life, healing, and mercy in freedom from their sins and ailments.

“My examples, in contrast to the old way in the Old Covenant, differ pretty much. So, if I — God the Son — in human flesh, allowed Myself to be touched and to touch such souls as these — who, by the Old Covenant laws, were defined as defiled — why did I approach and touch them then?

“You see, I came to show the Heart of My Father in Heaven.

“If you ask yourselves then; ‘Why did He give those decrees to begin with?’ (In the Old Covenant).

“I can answer you; because I had not come yet.

“All these prescriptions were given to maintain the purity to My arrival; the line, the blood, the place, the people too. But many times, it did not work. People still struggled with attending to these laws and decrees. Thus, their weakness shown. The Blood that was to fully redeem them, had not yet come into the world. So they were under the temporary washing [with] the blood of the animals — a transitory cleansing. But when MY Blood came, it washed away all filth, uncleanness, defilement, et al.

“‘There is no evil nor shadow of darkness in God,’ [1 John 1:5].  And so I conquered darkness in those who came to Me in their need. I did not [send] them away in punishment for having approached Me. Rather I gave them peace and joy, wherever I went.

To those who listened and sought Me….”

He responded right away to my unuttered question. I was thinking of the times He gave off rebukes [chuckle], but this was to those who did not listen to Him, nor to the Father.

Jesus continued,

“I am the New Covenant. And you can see the Heart of the New Covenant, by the way I interacted with people of different kinds and needs. Each example was set in motion by My Father as to show to the people His Heart now. Now, revealed to all, what He truly desires: Mercy.

“As I said a while ago, when you receive Me in the Supper Most Holy, you do not defile Me. Rather I fill you with My healing, embrace, and wash away your sins. Nothing of what you do, or have been doing, is displeasing to Me. Rather, I see them, (the enemy) trying you in this, and I see you putting your confidence in Me, rather than cowering and shaking in fear. This they’d do to all My female priests.

But true, ‘In Christ – In Me – there is neither female nor male. All are one in Me – My BODY.’”  Galatians 3:28. [I recalled this scripture].

“Yes,” He says to me, “to answer to some who might ask, ‘But Jesus did not ordain any women as priests back then with the apostles, so why are you??’

“To this, I can say: My loved ones, who was the first one to offer Me up to the Father?

“You see, in the Priesthood, it’s about offering Me up to the Father as a sacrifice for the sins of the world. Yielding Me to the Cross, while at the same time standing near and with Me, in this sacrifice [that] I make.

“So, who was the first one to adorn Me for the Father, who was the first one who received Me when coming down from Heaven; lifted Me up as an offering to the Father in the Temple in My baby days, and ultimately, stood by Me when under the Passion, suffering and offering herself alongside too?

“Wasn’t it My Mother — a Woman?

You might say, ‘She was different [from] normal women.’ But the fact still remains that [she] was a woman. So you see, she was the first one to offer Me up to the Father as a sacrifice — lifting Me up to Him. Then came in My Apostles with the given authority from Me.

“But in all this, My loved ones, I came not to kill, steal, and destroy. I came to bind, heal, and restore. The way it used to be in the Old Covenant is not the same with the New Covenant — you are all under My Blood — The Blood of God Himself! Not of goats, rams, and cows — My Blood — which always remains pure and clean. Nothing defiling it, no matter what it touches. It rather releases My divinity and purity onto the one it touches, sanctifying it and making it whole in Me.

“I came to set aside the traditions of men and show My merciful side to all creation. I bring life to those sick and dead.

“You see the Heart of the Law now?

“Do not be scandalized by what was said or is said about My beloved prestresses. Man or woman — I am the same Lord who operates that priesthood. And did I not say that My Spirit would fall on both sons and daughters? [Joel 2:28].

“Many things have been tackled along the centuries and removed from My Footsteps Church [the Early Church]. But I am bringing back My Beloved Church, as back in My days. And with Me, women were not neglected, as was the norm and the custom back in those days. [Matt. 27:55, Mark 15:41, Luke 8:1-3]. In this, you can see the Heart of the Law, for I went about showing it to you as My Father led Me. He, Himself, was showing Himself through Me.

“So you see now the Heart of the Law?” He finalizes.

“Many things will have yet to be exposed that are not yet according to My example. But [the] time for this will come too. Remember what was told; women will rise up to keep My Church in this Last Days, with My Mother — My first-ever Apostle, who bore Me from the womb to the grave. I have given Her many such daughters after My own Heart — after Her own likeness of Me. They too, will rise up, and stand with Her.

“My heart goes out for all — both sons and daughters — and I appoint My servants to go and bear fruit that remains in Me.

“And truly, just to finalize, all female priestesses ordained after My linage of priesthood — lifting Me up on the Altar, when I gave them Myself [His whole persona, priesthood],  I Myself gave them permission and appointed them before all else, to go up to My altar with Me in them, as all My male priests do, to offer Me up.

“I am the One behind it, whether it is accepted or not. My Spirit is upon them, and they too, do greater things as I did — together with My sons the priests. Not one is greater than the other. What makes them great in My eyes, is their level of love for Me and their neighbor.

“Go, therefore, and bear fruit in Me that remains — both you sons and daughters. My Spirit is upon you all! And great is the One in your midst! My army of lovers after Me.”

He uttered these words very fondly and compassionately, like a proud Daddy – A Proud God and Daddy of His sons and daughter after His likeness.

And that was the end of Jesus’ message.

Here is a Rhema:  

We have been so accustomed to the limits of the mind, limits of the body… But your new life has no limit! The Word of God [Jesus Himself too, even] tells us to never think about your life the same way again before you were saved. The way you used to see life must be canceled.”

God bless you all with His peace and understanding.

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