40 Days Acts of Love Challenge

Hello, Brothers, Sisters, and Heartdwellers family.

This morning, I had just got off a prayer call with a friend of mine, and we were praying for marriages. During her discussion, she made a statement about doing acts of love towards those we love, and our family members as well.

I then remembered during the prayer, I got a Rhema from Stormie Omartian’s book ‘The Power of a Praying Woman’ – a prayer for the Lord to restore relationships. And it was so powerful, it brought me to tears because it was so on point with the family issues I was dealing with, and others that I have been praying for were dealing with.

Once I got off the phone with her, I did the Lord’s Supper and felt so encouraged, enthused, and somewhat excited. The Lord began to impress on my heart the movie, “Fireproof”, by the Kendrick brothers. Of a couple who were on the verge of separation and the husband was challenged by his Father, to do a 40-day love challenge to show love to his wife, and also to teach him how to love like Christ.

So I texted her the link to that movie as the Lord began to put it on my heart to do the same. I then pulled a Rhema and it said, “I have confirmed this path for you, move forward I am with you”. I thought, “You are speaking to me, Lord..” So I began writing.

Hello Lord, thank you for a fresh start today. And praying and talking with my sister greatly encouraged me. Lord, thank you for that time. Please give me wisdom on what to do next and how to prioritize, so that I may faithfully do your will.

Jesus began,

My Beloved one, I am here. I have always been here. Do not give in to the lies that you are all alone in your suffering and feelings. Did you not feel My presence so plainly last night when you two took a walk?

And as an aside, Derrick and I took a very long walk to and from the mall back home. Whilst walking, he tends to go ahead because he has longer legs, and mine, well –are short. I was wanting him to go at my pace because I felt I was walking alone. Then my hands got burning hot, and I knew Jesus was right next to me – in fact, holding my hands to walk alongside me… Aww, Jesus, He is so sweet!

Yes, Lord, my hands were burning hot.

Jesus responded,

Well, I was walking with you both. That was a consolation from Me so that you would have peace and know that every pain you feel, I feel too. We are in this together and will be victorious together Beloved one. I no longer want you fearful about seeing three sets of 5 anymore.”

By the way guys, I have mentioned this to you and so has Jesus through Mother Clare: that seeing three sets of the number five (like 555), is always an indication from the Holy Spirit that suffering is coming. I have seen so many here in Ghana, more than anywhere else. [The] last time I saw so many sets o  f five, was the day I was leaving Zambia, having no idea the ordeal I would have with malaria and being airlifted and admitted into the hospital.

Also, four years ago during my first trip to Ghana as Derrick’s fiancé, I left broken and brokenhearted. These were all great sufferings to me, so when I see that many, it means a really heavy trial is coming. So far, there have been trials at least every three to four days, but not major ones. I have been fearful a big trial is ahead because it’s been battle after battle.

Jesus continued,

I have shown you plenty, being here, because the time you two have in Ghana will be filled with much sacrifice and suffering. That is your lot, My dear one. So no longer allow this to get you anxious about what I permit to happen. You always think it worse than it is, which causes your cross to be much heavier.

“Just look to Me and thank Me for every time you see those numbers. Because with suffering comes grace and I promise you, Beloved, with every sacrifice, will come much consolation. Whatever I permit Derrick and you to go through, although it may be difficult and painful, know that I will always bring restoration and healing at the end.

“Remember, love deepens when purified. It may not feel like it, but I am deepening the love between you two. So thank Me for it instead and no longer believe the enemy’s lies concerning what I have promised. He will be a faithful husband. There is much opposition coming against you two because of various enemies, some within your family. But keep your eyes on Me and your heart fixed in My peace and no longer be moved by the slightest action or words spoken, or not spoken.

“When I mentioned breakthrough was coming, it was relational breakthrough that I am going to bring for all My brides. So rejoice instead! It is the darkest before the dawn and it’s coming for all My brides. The inspiration that was spoken through your sister and given to you this morning was from My Spirit. I want all My brides to do this 40-day challenge. You can call it ‘40-Day Act of Love’, for what you do to the least of these you have done unto Me (Matthew 25:40)

“My Beloved brides, as holidays come to a head, the enemy has planned many devices, situations, and circumstances to rather cause strife, division, anger, and arguments instead. Whereas I want to bring peace, joy, and hope in abundance this holiday season, which is a reflection of My Spirit. And I want to use my brides as vessels.

“There are 42 days left until the end of the year and I want you to be intentional. My brides, whom are you striving with? Who has offended you, or rather with whom are you finding it difficult to grow in your friendship and relationship? Is it your spouse, a family member, an old friend, your neighbor, a co-worker who is it? I want you to sit before me and release that person into My care.

“Choose the closest one to you that you are having difficulty with and do a 40-day Act of Love for them. Love is an action and often times you say it so loosely, not understanding the gravity of the word love. For I am love in the flesh. To say you love someone is to say you “love them like Me”.  So reveal My heart, My character, and My love this holiday season with that person chosen.

“Use your journals and each day, think of acts of love that will make them feel appreciated, loved, understood, heard, and seen. And if they dismiss your gestures, do not acknowledge it or even reject it do it anyway again the next day. Do not give up or stop, My Beloved ones, because in these 40 days I will do a miracle in your heart and theirs as well.

“You have been taught to love with condition but My love, love’s without condition. So you will be met many times with indifference and ingratitude with your acts of love, but do not let that deter you. I am growing you and training you to love as I do. Let this be a fun time for you and Me because I will work with you on this. Come up with creative ideas to show the person you care for them. Put your desires and preferences aside and do what they desire.

“Think ahead and have things ready for them, serve them, be attentive to their need. It’s the smallest gesture that will mean much something they have asked you to do or made it known that they really like, but you have disregarded doing it. And each day, add on to your act of love and see if you are not transformed by the end of this year. I am giving this challenge to all My brides.

“Each of you have that person right now in mind. Do not push, or demand your way in any way, but simply love act out this love without getting any recognition or thank you back each day if it doesn’t come. You just trust Me, continue to love, continue to give yourself, and make them loved and I will do the transformation.

“Know the enemy of your soul will want to make many of you discouraged even halfway into it because you will see no fruit or change. This challenge is not to change the person with whom you are called to love, but rather to change you. And in the process, trust Me, my Beloved ones, they will be changed as well.

“It would do you well, My little one, to go a bit deeper with this and see the areas where you have slacked off. It’s the little things that are asked of you that you disregard as nothing that mean something. So just do them.

Yes Lord, thank you for this beautiful word. Give us all the grace to preserve in love, in acts of love for this challenge.

Lord what about what I discussed with Mother Clare – is that your will?

Yes, Beloved, I give you My demands, but submitting to your covering is always best. Pull back and out from all these other projects for now and focus your attention here in Ghana. You have been waiting for the go ahead and I give that to you now. It’s time to begin making preparations to build the City of God community. Let that be priority.

“Don’t stop helping those in need but let the need for the community and the various projects needed to complete this vision, be a priority. I will help you with this. I gave you a very wise and capable husband to execute this. I know what I have shown you and given you to do, but now the two of you have become one and are together.

“Be open to his opinions and the vision I give him. I have made it clear there will be many contradictions you will face, and you will encounter some here. Do not be fearful, but submit to his leading, direction, and design. Share what I have given you to do and leave it with him.

“I will begin to deal with him in areas where he may be inserting his will rather than mine, but this will help build a level of trust in him and more so in Me. I am working Beloved, be patient, be humble and be excited. No longer allow fear to steal your joy and ingratitude to steal your praise. I love you, My little dove let’s get to work.”

And that was the end of Jesus’ message.

So family, for those who haven’t watched the Fireproof movie I encourage you to watch it. It’s a family-friendly movie and it’s so good. The focus of the movie is marriage but as Jesus said, this challenge is for all His brides. There’s someone in your life you can always love better, it doesn’t have to be a spouse. So think hard and let’s do this together!

I am going to be posting on the community tab on the channel starting Monday, a reminder of what day we are on and maybe even some tips. I would love for those who will do this challenge as Jesus requested to use the community tab on the channel as a forum for us all to communicate. Please post in the comments daily any creative ideas you come up with, so another may use that to show an act of love.

Share photos of what you do. Share even your failures or road bumps that happen, because we’re here to encourage one another when we fall, to continue to persevere in love. It makes a world of difference when you have others persevering with you. This is also a time we can also pray for one another’s relationships whomever the person you are doing this challenge for – and pray for one another.

So what do you say? Will join us in this challenge? If so, please comment on the post, Monday!

God bless you family. Can’t wait to see what the next 40 days does to us.

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