Dreams of Coming WW3 and Warning of Food Shortages

Hello, Brothers. Sisters, and Heartdwellers family. As I mentioned I received a message from two members who had profound dreams. One was about World War III and the other was [a] confirmation about the coming recession. Each dream was given to me the day I received the message.

This is from the first soul:

“I had a Dream I would like to share with you, about the war, [that] I dreamed it this morning. I just woke up from the dream, and in this dream, my Mom said that the war was going to happen in two days. I said to her, then we all need to start praying more. [It] seemed to me it was like 24 hours a day that Jesus wanted us to pray so He can extend Mercy to the whole world to give us more time because He didn’t want the war to start yet. And then my Mother told me that it was going to happen inevitably. And then I told her, ‘But Mom, Jesus extends Mercy, He can change the times on when the war will happen if we just pray — pray for More Time More Grace More Mercy.’ Then somewhere out of the blue, somebody talked about the war happening in two weeks. Then I said, ‘Well [I] guess we [had] better start PRAYING.’ but I felt a deep sorrow for all FAMILY MEMBERS who are NOT READY — and FRIENDS — and SORROW FOR THOSE THAT WEREN’T PRAYING ENOUGH. I don’t know what this means. I know a lot of us here at the mountain are praying as much as possible. I BELIEVE THE HOLY SPIRIT IS TELLING ME THAT ALL AROUND THE WORLD, A LOT OF PEOPLE [WHO] ARE HIS ARE NOT PRAYING ENOUGH. THEY ARE LIVING THEIR LIVES AND IN THE WORLD. When I got up and talked to my husband about it and I said I wonder if this dream is from the Lord. It was 8:33 in the morning. The Blood of Jesus on this message.”

Wow, family. I believe what she is saying is correct. We all need to pray more, unceasingly. I know many of us are so weary in praying — weary in praying because we haven’t seen what the Lord has promised, and things haven’t happened, and so we want to give up on praying.  But guys, it’s our prayers that are so effective and I’ll share with you at the end of this message, a Rhema that I got twice this week from Blessed Mother, kind of confirming that, not just for me, but for all of you. Your prayers are so effective and powerful. Please continue to pray for more time, more grace, more mercy.

This is a second dream from another soul. She had two dreams:

Dreams by Lisa

“I had a dream someone told me that everyone should write down their passwords and have a hard copy because, for whatever reason, when a blackout occurs, the passwords will not automatically save as they usually do. It was a weird thing to dream about, but I got Obedience in the Bible Promise Book”.

The second dream she had,

“Hi, I wanted to share a dream I had about [an] increase in food prices. In the dream, I was at a college campus in Europe. I was in the cafeteria, and it was lunchtime. Although there were quite a few people in the cafeteria, almost no one was in line for the food the cafeteria was serving. Then I saw one girl getting her food and checking out. She got a regular cafeteria meal on a tray, and at checkout she also grabbed a small bag of crackers. The checkout lady told her that the total came to 70 dollars, or Euros, I know they use different money in Europe. The girl was shocked and hesitant not knowing what to do. She inquired about the price and the checkout lady told her the meal was 60-something dollars and with the crackers, it came to 70-something dollars. Then she said, “I can’t afford that.” So they took her tray of food and put it at the beginning of the line at a discounted price.

“In real life, God had me make a vegetable garden this year. It was my first time gardening. I just harvested my green bell peppers. In the dream, I had three bags full of my peppers and I was going around the college offering them to people. Everyone accepted them, no one refused. That’s all. I think it would be good to make home gardens as the Lord directs.”

Wow, family, it seems that the Lord is telling us three things here; to pray for more time, more grace, and more mercy against the war starting; to forestall the war; and also to pray for those who will be lost when the war starts. The second thing is that as the recession hits, Blessed Mother made it clear that we need to give. Give to those around you, give to those in need, please, don’t be selfish — don’t hoard like many all over the world have begun to do and will do when it hits. Do not be like the world. Stockpile for others — for the sake of others. And all that you have, help everyone around you, give — give to those around you. I love, in her dream, when she said she gave her peppers, and no one refused. If you’re hungry, who would want to eat a green bell pepper? But when you’re at that state and you have no money for food, you’re going to eat whatever is given to you.

The last thing she mentioned is that we should start our own gardens at home, and I think that is very wise. When I was on the mountain we began our own garden and harvested beautifully. So I would encourage anyone who has a field or who is able to get a pot of soil at home in any manner, please, start gardens so that you will have some type of food source of vegetables, or fruit available for you when times get really rough because our food comes from the earth — from the land — we can till the land in order to receive our food. We’ve become so accustomed to going to the grocery store and eating processed foods. So if you have that availability, please do it — do it not only for your sake but for sake of others.  You can use that to help neighbors — help those who are hungry — help those who are in need — help the children who may be starving when that time comes, it would be such a blessing. So please, please do those things.

And this is the Rhema that Blessed Mother gave me, and it says here — I got this twice in a week.

“Your prayers have availed much. Never doubt the effectiveness of your prayers. God’s grace spills out upon the earth even now to bring the conversion of those souls who hang perilously at the brink of perdition. Impress upon all you meet the shortness of time”. – Blessed Mother

So family, let’s take heed to all these warnings the Lord is revealing to us and to one another’s dreams. Seek the Lord that he may guide you in how to prepare and remember do not think of yourselves but stock up for the sake of others and give freely. Also do not be afraid to share any dreams or vision Gods gives you, [with] others. We have [a] need for this gift in the body of Christ. When the Lord reveals to you something, it’s for you to pray, discern if it’s [from] the Lord and if it is his will to share it, and how to share, it with others. But never sit on a dream or vision because what the Lord shows you may be a puzzle piece to a bigger picture that the body of Christ needs.

God bless you, family. until the next message. Let’s continue to pray and prepare.

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