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Hello, Brothers and Sisters and Heartdwellers family. One of our priests sent out a prayer request for the country Burkina Faso, that there was a coup.

A coup is a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government.

I thought he was addressing what had happened a few months ago. However, this morning that prayer request was lingering, and for whatever reason, I decided to look it up and realized this had happened again a few days ago. This nation had a coup just 8 months before and now another one had taken place. My heart sank because I know there are good things that happen in a coup, but also terrible executions, killings, and a disruption in the society at large causing instability.

So I looked online and found an article from Aljazeera News that read:

On September 30, Burkina Faso military leader President Paul-Henri Damiba was deposed in the country’s second coup in a year, as army Captain Ibrahim Traore took charge, dissolving the transitional government and suspending the constitution.

The 34-year-old Traore said on Friday evening that a group of officers had decided to remove Damiba due to his inability to deal with an armed uprising in the country that has worsened in the past nine months…

Since 2015, Burkina Faso has been caught up in an escalating wave of violence attributed to rebel fighters allied to both al-Qaeda and the ISIL (ISIS) group, killing thousands of people and further displacing two million. 

The West African regional bloc Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) suspended Burkina Faso from the organization, which Ghana leads demanding the Damiba-led government hold elections as soon as possible.

After the Lord’s Supper, I began to think of the nations of Africa.

Good morning, Lord. What’s on Your heart?

Jesus began,

“Traveling prayers will prevail for your nation and the world, My beloved one. So many are suffering greatly, not just you and your beloved husband. So many sacrifices and prayers are needed for My mercy to prevail over the judgments that are coming upon the whole world. I do want you to take the nations of Africa in your heart. Burkina Faso and Mali were the start of many coups that will take place in West Africa. Togo and Cote Devoir [which is Ivory Coast] will soon be next, but Ghana will stand because you and so many others continue to pray. But it is on the brink of so many things because of the vast immorality that has been ingrained in the culture and its people from generations ago. The idolatry, the paganism that runs deep in the blood of many. I am raising up a remnant in this nation who will truly know Me even as they are known.

I will shake up man’s doctrine and this prosperity gospel that has seeped into this country from the Western churches, causing many to despise poverty and see it as a curse rather than a blessing. That is why I will cause you and Derrick to leave in voluntary poverty to show many wealthy, many elites, and many middle class who call themselves by My name how to really live. A life of simplicity. Living on the bare necessity and giving to others. Living for others, and that is what I will began to teach you two now.

My beloved ones, especially the priests of Heartdwellers, I want you to begin to take the nations of Africa deep within your heart. Pray for this continent that has been ravished by pillage, corruption, bloodshed, and stripped of all its dignity and prestige because man so it fit to draw a cast system between races and classes.

It also has much to do with the days of Noah. After Noah’s children departed, mankind was spread abroad and My teachings of faith as the One true God was buried after man’s lust for pleasure, money, and honor instead. So they submitted themselves to dark spirits that control arid places and the land, as the people gave themselves over to delusions and sensual pleasure instead.

Now this is a turning point for all in the world as the shaking is coming and is already here. Do not be distressed by what you see or hear. Many of these judgments must take place to purify the land and the people. But if you would pray My mercy will mitigate and lessen much of what the Evil One has planned.

Africa is My continent of choice. There are so many who cry out to Me day and night. So many who thank Me day and night for the little they have received. So many who have given their lives for the Gospel… Will they not receive justice?

Now is the time! Pray. Pray fervently for the nations of Africa and for the churches that they would arise and not lose their lamp stands before Me.

Pray for the children and suffering that they would be comforted.  Pray for the leaders of the nations that they would walk in conviction and sensitive to My leading and those who have taken power wrongly would be removed and the people would submit themselves to Me whole heartily and their ways. Pray for these things My beloved brides, and priests, offer your Lord’s Supper for this.

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

So let me give you a bit of background.

When a nation has a coup, in as much as there is political disability there are always certain opportunities to either restructure the nation or send it into disarray.

For instance, when you take the Francophonie nations in West Africa—which were colonized by the French—even though on paper they are independent countries—which is Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, and a couple of others—they are not really independent, since the majority of their resources are vastly controlled by their colonial masters—which in most case is France. And the laws are set up to favor France over the country. Such as national resources, educational systems, medicine—they control all of that in African countries.

So the government in that country is trained to be good servants of their colonized masters. So when a coup takes place, the first thing the militant leader does is to cut the nation off from the colonial masters which in turn gives all the power, resources and control, back to the African country—which is a good thing, if the leader is not corrupt…

So please lift up the nations of Africa in prayer.

And I just want to share with you a post that Derrick shared with me concerning the coup that took place in Mali, by colonel Assimi Goïta. Here, this is what it says.

So, it just shows you how much France controlled Mali, which was not a good thing because Africa—we truly need to be independent so that the nation and the people can stand on their own and recourses go back into the nation, versus everyone coming to Africa and stripping it of all its resources. And, that’s why it is the way it is.

So, this is what it says:

Colonel Assimi Goïta, a 36-year-old new Mali leader cancels 8 of 11 secret agreements with France:

  • Automatic confiscation of national fiscal reserves –  canceled.
  • The right of preference over any raw or natural resources discovered in the country –  canceled.
  • Priority to French interest in companies and public contacts and public vendors[?] – canceled.
  • Exclusive rights to provide military equipment and train military officers of the colonies; the right for France to send troops and intervene militarily in the country to defend its interest – canceled.
  • The obligation to send to France an annual checkup and report on the status of the reserves – canceled.
  • Renounce all military alliances with other countries except[?] France’s permission – canceled. 
  • The obligation to ally with France in case of a World War crisis – canceled.

So, you see all here that France had a tremendous interest in this nation and was really leading and controlling the nation in so many various ways. And when the coup took place, the military cut that off, so that France will no longer control the nation of Mali.

And so that is what happens a lot of times in the coup – which can be a good thing, as I mentioned. Because it’s time, I believe, for Africa to stand on its own. It will do that though the Lord – through the lord Jesus Christ, the Gospel being spread and through our prayers that leaders will no walk in corruption and dishonesty and distortion, because there is so much of that in Africa – so much of that!

So, thank you guys so much! Please lift up all the nations of Africa in prayer.

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