Surprise Wedding!

Hello, Brothers, Sisters, and Heartdwellers family.

This trip to Sierra Leone has truly been a whirlwind of the Lord’s goodness that I couldn’t have fathomed.

After Derrick’s visa interview didn’t go the way I expected, I was dumbfounded and so disappointed. I couldn’t understand why the Lord would permit this — how all His promises fit into this barrier that was now before us. It didn’t seem like there could be a bright light in this dark, seemingly impossible, tunnel. Then, that night, Mother Clare messaged me that the Lord allowed this roadblock to getting our attention because He wanted us to get married instead. 

Now, the Lord had given me a personal promise that Derrick would propose on this trip.  But married?  I never thought that. I shared Mother Clare’s message from Jesus with Derrick — and her sentiments — and surprisingly he called her and agreed that he wanted to get married!

Nothing, so far, is going as I planned — but it’s going perfectly! Mother Clare then suggested Brother Juniper should marry us — which means we would have to get married within a week’s time since he and I would be leaving Sierra Leone then. I was in shock — amazed — excited — and terrified, all at the same time. After we prayed, Derrick and I both had peace about having a small private ceremony before we leave.

Then God, being so good — the following day we found out about another interview date my cousin saw a post from a travel agent in Ghana who was able to get another interview date for Derrick very soon, (can I say #hushJesushush#?) which confirmed the word the Lord said, that he would be returning back with me to the mountain.

The last wonderful surprise is the date of our wedding. We chose October 1st because it would be the last weekend, we are here. During adoration, I just decided to look up [to see] if that was anyone’s feast day and found out, to my amazement, it was St. Therese Little Flower’s Feast Day!!

I had sent out an email last month to our intercessory group, and two different times, to do a Novena to her specifically for the intention of Derrick. If I can be honest, I was disappointed, both times because a breakthrough didn’t happen. Then, I received a Rhema from her — a Rhema that said,  during the second Novena,When the saints and God didn’t answer her prayers, she knew they were pushing her hope” — as she reminded me to “hope against hope”.  So, she answered my prayer, and it was all in the Lord’s perfect timing.  Amazing! I promised her that I would give her honour and share about the power of her intercession if she would answer this prayer — and she did!  St. Therese the Little Flower is so amazing and highly to be sought after if you need a miracle in your life. She helped me break this curse over my life and Derrick’s life to bring us to the fulfillment of all the Lord has desired. Thank you, sweet little big sister, love you!

Words can’t describe it and it’s so surreal — it’s finally happening! Thank you all for those who prayed and fasted with us and [who have] been on this journey with me — to see the fulfillment of this promise.

Because of the busyness of the first week, I had not been able to get a message from the Lord so forgive me, guys. So, as I contemplated all these new surprises, fear started creeping up again and I began to hear Jesus finally speak to me.

I began,

Good evening, Lord, thank you for your words of kindness to calm the storm in my heart and forgive me for being so ungrateful in what you are doing and allowing fear to rule again. I must sound like a broken record.  Thank you for him — and thank you for this promise being fulfilled — and to my sweet big sister, Saint Therese, Wow!  She has been behind this the whole time…

Jesus began,

“My beloved one — surprise!

I then saw St. Therese clapping her hands with joy and excitement because we chose Saturday, October 1, 2022, to do our wedding ceremony, having no idea it was her feast day!

Jesus continued,

“All of heaven in resounding in joy at this union and this promise that is coming ahead to be fulfilled. Thank Me, Little One, and let go of anxieties and fears once and for all.”

Lord, you always say that, and I don’t. Please help me with this, I am such a worry wart, and I don’t want to be anymore,

“Well, tonight you surrendered much of your burden to My Mother and now look at the peace you have. I want you to go to her more and more, Beloved. When the cares of life get too burdensome give them to her and let go of [them] completely”

So, Lord, you knew all along — this was Your will. You told me Derrick would propose — you also mentioned a fall that would take place after our trip. So, when Mother Clare told me to get married, I was very resistant to the idea because You promised he would be a faithful man in our marriage. So, I just didn’t know which word to believe.

Jesus responded,

“Well, Beloved, I am not a man that lies. However, prophetic words can be circumstantial, and your circumstance has now changed. This was a cross you were willing to carry for love of Me and that is good enough Beloved. The intentions of your heart and willingness pleased Me very much. But now that you [will] get married, that is not in the near future, nor is staying with your cousin on your trip to Ghana either. I want you both to enjoy one another because it’s your closeness that will draw you both closer to Me.”

Really Lord? I feel this whole week I have neglected you — so consumed with him, his time schedule, and all that he desires to do. I thought for sure I would get an admonishing Rhema concerning my lack of prayer, lack of adoration and even taking time to listen for your voice… Forgive me if any of these things displeased me.

“You did not, Beloved. Sometimes a married woman has to leave the altar to find Me in her household. I want you to continuously find Me in him. Do not fear when you give him your time, you are giving Me your time as well. We are one in the same, and this time of bonding is very necessary. There have been years lost between you two, and many things that needed to be said, understood, clarified, and forgiven.

“Do not worry, your love for him becomes a prayer before Me.  When you adore him, it is as though you are adoring Me. In time, you both will learn to have more private time alone with Me — and even protect one another’s time with Me. But for now, I must build the foundation of love between you two which will leave you both secure enough to really seek Me out and spend time with Me separately”.

Thank you, Lord, for this clarification and peace. Wow!

“You are most welcome, My beloved little one. So, Rejoice this week. Do not let anything disturb your peace! Continue to pray for him and what he must do to cut loose ends and let go of certain attachments. Prepare yourself for your wedding day with much praise, sacrifice, and prayer. You see, your Novenas to My Little

St. Therese [were] not in vain but you hoped against hope — even when the prayers weren’t answered then. Now it’s being poured out upon the both of you. Do not fear to consummate your union.

As an aside, (I know this is kind of candid) Derrick and I talked, and we were thinking of waiting on that. I got a reading from the Book of Tobit about Sarah and Tobias — there was the demon Asmodeus assigned to their marriage and that is the demon of spiritual husbands and wives which causes people not to get married. Jesus made it clear we were dealing with the same demon and stronghold, in our situation. So, I thought it would be best, after we get married, to consecrate three days of prayer and fasting after our union to honour the Lord and to be really delivered from this. I wanted to do that — and Derrick — he thought it would help him to curb any lingering passions, so we should wait, even after we get married.

Jesus continued,

“We would rather prefer that, Beloved. Many graces will be given to both of you on your wedding day and night, through the intercession of your sister St Therese, and will solidify this union that I have put together.

“Continue to listen to him. Beloved. Put aside your preferences — opinions, and really submit to his leading. Today was a perfect example of what I told you not to do. He feels his opinions, his discernment, and feelings do not matter when you do that. Trust that I am in him and he in Me. He doesn’t have to discern like you, but he is led by Me — and trust his decision. You prayed for his discernment — do you think I didn’t answer?”

As an aside, the first day we arrived, we decided we would do the Lord’s Supper together and then share our Rhemas every day. The First Rhema I pulled was “Pray for Derrick’s discernment”. I did, right there on the spot. Then towards the end of the week, we had to make a decision [as] whether to continue living where we were or stay with his friend. The Lord had made it clear in previous messages, to pray for his friend to open her home up to us and she did. I thought this went right in line with what Jesus had told me, although Derrick felt for us to stay a bit longer at our location. Brother Juniper and I decided to go to the Lord to discern His will, and so did Derrick. To my surprise, He wanted us to stay. I was humbled and confused. Derrick, then later told me his frustration, that I never seem to listen to his direction until I check with the Lord — which was what the Lord told me not to do — but I still did it. Help me, Lord.

Sorry Lord, forgive me, I don’t want him to feel that way at all.  Please help me to let go of this bad habit.

“Well then, let go of every direction, vision, and detail you have in mind and submit all things to him, Beloved, okay?

Yes Lord,

“Now concerning Sierra Leone, I have made My thoughts known to you. For the remaining time, you are here, try to set up Heartdwellers Ghana as an NGO. Do not concern yourself with the corruption of the government, this will be most necessary for what I want to do here. Derrick’s friend will be of great help — actually, her entire family. Continue to make plans and go out to various places this week to help the sick, burdened, and lonely. The more each of you goes out and sees the suffering and their condition[s], your hearts, enlarged with My love. Juniper will return here and Father and [will] become the overseer of what I desire to do in this nation with time.

“Tell him to take these people into his heart, for he will become truly their father. Submit these things to Derrick — I will give him peace about all I have said so that he will take the lead in this to make it happen. I will bless all that he does to be a blessing for others. But remind him to pray about everything and everyone he connects himself with for this work, so he doesn’t get entrapped with anyone who has wrong motives. I do not want anyone or any business who would try to make money in any way, off the poor but rather I am calling you all to give lavishly to the poor. Do not judge do not criticize, and do not make presumptions about who is honest or not. Furthermore, be willing to be taken advantage of, that is what love does — lays down its life for those it loves. I want you all to lay down your opinions, your finances, and your lives for those I love — whom you will soon come to love as well.

“This week really try to make time to come to me each morning —I will have a Word for you and for our little flock — they need to be fed and taught, Beloved. Give me that time and I will give you all the time you need to meet the demands of the day. Know that all your sufferings have been preparation. I am preparing you like a beautiful bride as I did Esther for the King. Although he doesn’t look like it, I am giving you to a King who will win the hearts of many, for My kingdom, with his life, his sacrifice, and his love. He has long needed a Queen garland with grace and beauty, both exterior and interior, to be the one who holds his heart and steers him in the right direction which is My direction. Rejoice, Beloved. Again, I say to you, Rejoice with much thanksgiving and praise. Your promise is underway and soon to be fulfilled!

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

Wow, family! Thank you so much for your prayers, sacrifice, fast offerings, your tears, and your words of encouragement through this journey. All of you combined have brought me to this place of having my promise fulfilled.  I couldn’t fight, pray, and break this curse on my own. It literally has taken the most amazing family all over the world to do this for me, to do this for Derrick — and to do this for Jesus. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I won’t leave you all hanging — I will have some photos for you all after this ceremony. Please keep us in prayer this week. Also, enjoy some of the footage we experienced in Sierra Leone.

God bless you, family, until the next message!

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