When Tempted, TUCK DOWN!!

We had just finished a meeting and I sat before the Lord, quieting my soul after that time of fellowship with the others. Starting to analyze the previous meeting, I noticed that pride had risen up during some parts when I had a share to do in the meeting.

My thoughts began to speak to the Lord about the voice He’s given me, about the priestly gift, and how these two and others grow together now. However, the stench of pride is noticed. As if a vainglorious one, in a sense of the self-congratulating vibe, you know?

As I sat pondering the gifts He’s given me, I did not wish to lose any but to use them still, but without the stench of pride flaring up. This led me to ask the Lord for a great, great measure of humility of heart. “Papa Pio, please pray for great, great humility of heart, please,” I petitioned his intercession.

And I heard within me that the Lord grants this request in His will and delight.

When asking for a great humility of heart, a picture was brought to mind of long ago, with a girl together with a baby elephant, head-to-head. The girl was showing respect for the life of the creature [as I understood]. And in the picture was a quote saying, paraphrased, “The higher you are rise up, the humbler you need to be.”

The Lord and I had a dialog in my soul going on before I began to type the following. During that dialogue, He referenced, among His words, “That is why you look at your Will. Is your will falling into pride or giving in? Is your will for a humble attitude instead?”

And as I began typing, a voice was dialoguing with me on the topic. Saying;

“At times the temptation comes, but the soul’s will might not be willing to align itself to it – then, that’s a temptation. But if the will of the soul aligns and accepts it, then temptation turns into sin at that moment, because the soul yielded its will to that suggestion.

“You see likewise with Jesus: tempted in the wilderness, but He did not align His will to the suggestions of the devil. He aligned himself to God, His Father’s will, and His heart’s desires. And so likewise through His life whenever the devil was given permission to come and tempt again.” [Luke 4:1-13 TPT].

Hmmm, I see.

The voice continued,

“So even if the temptation of pride or vanity and vainglory comes, search your will and see where it stands. Is it for it, or against it? You will notice like that the difference between temptation and sin. Like now, for example.”

As I was typing, here I began to sense again the vainglorious sensations as if puffing me up as if, “look at you ‘somebody’ who hears and types heavenly voices,” and so on. But I resisted it with my will, not yielding to it.

The voice continued, “And that’s how you do it.” 

“It takes practice in resisting and acclaiming the will and virtues of God. Fighting with Scripture, God’s Word, like Jesus did.”

Then after a pause, the voice continued,

“And the times when you do fall, take it up humbly and patiently rising again, and trying meekly one more time. Falls are inevitable at times.

“So, seek the dispositions of your will, and resist the devil as much as you can muster and he will flee from you [James 4:7]. For the rest, take up the gifts and purify the intention, alleging it up and solely toward God, in that the intention is purified. When all is directed toward God, all is pure. Without an alter ego-motive.

“So, put that into practice and hone this skill. Humility comes with it. Training it as in a battle.”

Throughout this whole dialogue, I kept getting the nudging feeling of the presence of my Guardian Angel speaking.

And so he continued,

“So, as your gift rise up and are brought forth, let your humility increase. Declaring always, ‘glory be not to my name, glory be to God’s name, because of HIS unfailing love and faithfulness[Psalm 115:1].This will do battle!  You can see the Word of God is VERY powerful in battle and in action! Keep saying it often and I will help you face them! [the enemy/temptations].”

“Do not permit that [the temptations] to cause confusion so as to stop you from using them [the gifts]. Use them still, but prune the intention behind with which it is done. So, keep increasing, while decreasing lower and lower in Him. He will be seen as you tuck down.”

And here I saw the soul tucking down and Jesus — who as in the spirit, inhabiting that body and soul — He stood in His position, and when the soul tucked down only Jesus was in sight.

And my Guardian Angel said, “As if a hit.”

“When the temptations come, it is like the baseball bat — or a ball — but, when you tuck down, you dodge the attack, that temptation. Jesus being Jesus, our sweet awesome Lord, nothing hits Him, so the attack or baseball bat passes right through Him. And no damage is done — the soul is safe tucked down and the Lord is okay and seen before all, all the same.

“That’s a temptation.” He defines the meaning of a temptation, by the examples given above.  “And the tucking down is ‘your Will not aligning itself to the suggestion’.”

And that was the end of the message.

And the Rhemas given before writing the message, which aligned themselves to this, said:

“There are diversities of graces, but the same Spirit. And there are diversities of ministries, but the same Lord. But in all these things, one and the same Spirit works.”

Which I could relate to the gifts still being used… The gifts the Lord gives to us – to still use them.

The second Rhema said;

“A person practices purity of intention when he directs his thoughts, words and actions not to himself or another creature, but to a divine purpose or mission, and ultimately to God.”

And the last Rhema said;

“Have courage and do not fear the assaults of the devil. Remember this forever; it is a good sign if the devil shouts and roars around your conscience, since this shows that he is not inside your will.” – Papa Pio.

In all of this message, I am taught to distinguish between temptation and sin committed. Because there many times can be a confusion that if we are tempted, we seem as if we already have fallen. So for me, this hugely helps! To just look at my own will and see where it stands. Is it for it, or against?

So I hope this also helps you!

May God bless you all.

Sr. Therese

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