Temptation to Sin

Hello, Brothers and Sisters and Heartdwellers family.

This is a candid message where I fell into coveting something that was not mine and the Lord revealed my attachment to a soul and the temptation to fall into sin because of the closeness of our friendship.

You all are aware of my journey with Derrick and he has shared his struggles to let go of friendships he knows he needs to cut off. I have found myself frustrated many times wondering why it’s so hard for him to let go until the Lord allowed me to fall into the same struggle and I was humbled. As I realized we have a lot more in common than I think and I am so very weak if it were not for His grace.

There is a soul here whom I have gotten close to, really liking their company and conversations. I found myself texting back and forth funny jokes but it hit me this morning as I scrolled through our phone conversations that we were a bit too friendly with one another and if this was Derrick and I had gone through his phone seeing him talk to a young lady this way, I would feel some type of way. I was so convicted, realizing that I needed to now set boundaries. Then that following day another brother said he got a message from the Lord that War was imminent and that weren’t enough prayers to forestall WW3. That was so discouraging and just starting to feel our prayers and fast offerings were of no help.

So, I came into prayer with all of these thoughts on my mind and Jesus addressed them all.

Good morning, Lord, what’s on your heart? I know what’s on mine. Lord, help me not to be attached. Well, I already kind of am. Is WW3 imminent? Have our prayers and fast offerings been in vain?

Jesus responded immediately,

“This is a test beloved just keep praying, just keep praying and submit yourself to the will of the Father.”

Yes, Lord.

“I do want to discuss with you this soul and the issue you are musing over at hand. You do have My sentiments beloved, and this will be a good lesson for you both since you’re coming into the season of marriage yourself and you will be entrusted with a community with many married couples. Let me share with you My ideal conduct concerning friendships and interrelationships in marriage. The devils are very clever to take what is intended to be pure and profane it, but he doesn’t have to do much to insight these thoughts when one’s nature is very weak and not prudent with their words or actions.”

Thank you, Lord, for confirming this is you. I had to stop guys using Bible Promises to make sure this was Jesus speaking because I began to feel anxiety and got “Joy”. So, I continued writing.

Jesus continued, “It is Me, beloved, your most dearest and favored friend and spouse here to lead and guide you so you can lead and guide others, My little one.

“There is nothing wrong with friendships between and man and woman and in Heaven, all will be as one. What joy, purity, and freedom it will be when that time comes, but until then here on earth you have your fallen nature, your flesh that tends to rule in that area and specifically the demons to insight feelings, thoughts, and even vibrations in the body. Man have to do violence with their flesh and mind to keep it in check and that is a grace they must ask for and cooperate with.

“When I put married couples together, I know them through and through, and I desire that they would be one another confidant, accountability partner, and deep friends. That is why I said the two become one flesh, but rather too often do the couples look outside of themselves to fill the void, to find that friendship and that person who understands them and they can bare their soul too, and too often it is the opposite sex. The dynamics of men and women were created to be that way so it is easier for man to talk to a woman versus other man and easier for a woman to talk with a man versus a woman, especially in your generation.

“When I walked this earth, we were very prudent and discretionary with the opposite sex. Our culture made it so and the times we were living in, sin and the demons weren’t as prevalent now as it was then. Women had their quarters and men had their quarters. Even in the temple rarely did we congregate inside because our focus was on God and not on one another. It was only outside the temple that women and men would gather. Holy Married couples only came together for the sake of conceiving a child, not out of sensuality, lust, or passion. I am not saying beloved to go back to those times of restrictions, but they helped tremendously to keep couples faithful, pure and their hearts guarded.

“I gazed at Nathaniel when he was under that fig tree because I was aware of the sexual temptation he was struggling with as he looked upon the women playing in the field and he was soon to be married.

John 1:47-49
When Jesus saw Nathanael approaching, he said of him, “Here truly is an Israelite in whom there is no deceit.”

“How do you know me?” Nathanael asked.
Jesus answered, “I saw you while you were still under the fig tree before Philip called you.”
Then Nathanael declared, “Rabbi, you are the Son of God; you are the king of Israel.”

As an aside from Blessed Anne Catherin Emmerich’s Book of complete visions of Jesus Christ. Jesus gave her more understanding as to what really happened under the fig tree to cause Nathaniel to immediately respond in this way.

You see infidelity starts in the mind, enters the heart and then can produce full-blown sin. The devils are very cunning to play on this by setting up situations and circumstances with souls and couples. Let’s say you are not finding attention at home, or rather you began to get attention outside of your marriage with a young lady or a young man. It starts out very innocent at first, seemingly, but you have an attraction to them and before you know it you like being around their presence, spending time talking and exchanging conversations. Right there, beloved, is where you must stop and nip it in the bud.”

I began to get anxious and wondering if this was really the Lord, but the sad truth is I was attached…. so, I told the Lord:

It so sad, Lord, the reason why I am struggling to hear from you because I am attached already to this soul, and I am trying to reason with what I think your saying from what I want…as I keep thinking ‘but we can’t be friends?’ I really enjoy when we talk and his jokes, but you are right Lord it’s wrong, and I know it. I am finding it hard to let go please forgive me.

You are forgiven, beloved, and this is for your own good. You know how the devils can insight and instigate suspicions, and marriages have been hurt before unbeknownst to you because of your closeness with a women’s spouse. You were innocent and pure in your thinking and sometimes they may have been too, but the devils are bent on causing strife division, and jealousy so if the wife sees how much their spouse is talking about you or is inclined to you it causes insecurity and jealousy within them. Although you do not perceive it and you know how it feels to be on the other end.

“I want you to be a true guardian of marriages, beloved, and not give the enemy any more room and teach others not to do so as well. You both are vulnerable and need to find deep friendship in the one I have chosen for you, not one another.”

“Beloved ones, if you lack that friendship and communication in your marriage do not look elsewhere, look to Me alone. I am the most attentive listener, the most engaging conversator, the one who understands you, and the one who can give you the best counsel and wisdom for your situation.

“Do you see now, when I led you in this way? The first time around with Derrick, how I lovingly and faithfully helped you through every storm because I was your only recourse, no friends, no pastors, no relatives – you ran to Me and I spoke to you and helped you through the various ups and downs. Did I not?

You did Lord, so faithfully and you’ve been an amazing friend to help Me, but what about those who say they cannot hear your voice like this?

Jesus continued,

“It’s because they are not putting in the effort. Spend time with Me, let Me be the only treasure after which they seek and I promise I will teach, lead and guide them. Healing them and their marriages.

“Now back to the subject at hand I am not saying married couples cannot have friends, but couples should be friends with couples as to not give room for the enemy to enter in. However, even in that, it’s important for the man to seek a true friend with the husband, not the wife.

It’s so sad, guys, I was struggling, Jesus knowing my struggle said, “Share your thoughts, beloved.”

I’m so sorry, Lord.

Man, I didn’t realize how much I was struggling with this interiorly. It is hard when you meet someone who is so interested in your life asking questions, even slowing me down when I speak so they don’t miss any word. I have always wanted that and felt so unheard many times, especially in my relationship rarely does he ask me questions of my past or seem to be really attentive to the details of my day and asking me questions. Although we have known each other for years. So, to meet someone who does that it’s such a joy to talk to every time and our conversations are so great as were wanting to get to know each, but I realize it’s so wrong and I have fallen into comparison.

Jesus responded,

Exactly, beloved, that is what happens. You began to compare your spouse with another. Wanting them to have the same characteristics or attributes, wishing your spouse was more like the one you talked to, and that is where it begins. Rather than seeing your spouse as the perfect gift, I have chosen for you, dying to self and walking in self-forgetfulness. Its self-love that is the motivation behind all of these things. Self- seeking. But when you love you forget yourself and you can love your spouse despite their idiosyncrasies and faults and you are there for them and allow Me to be there for you instead.

“You must set boundaries and when this conviction comes be swift to reconcile it so it doesn’t go any further. The demons are attacking sacred marriages right now with tremendous opposition and subtle assignments such as these. Man finds it hard to open up to other men at times because there is the nature of pride and judgments when a man shows and shares their weakness. Man size one another up because that is how they have been taught rather than be brothers to them, but I am changing that now and starting in this community.

“I am giving man the heart of the Father, who is so tender, so loving, so humble, meek and so transparent and open. That all that posturing and desire to be on top would be completely gone in the chosen man of this generation, but they would be lovers. Man, who would find their strength in embracing their weakness and even boasting about it so I get all the glory and I will do that with Derrick and this soul as well.

“Jealously is the main culprit to hinder many friendships with women causing them to also compare and not open up to each other because that is not so prevalent in a man- to-women friendship. But I am also changing the chosen women of this generation to be Mothers. Like that of My Mother so gentle, meek, and quiet in spirit. Women who ponder things in their heart, not gossip or taking excessively and I am doing that work in you beloved. If you, as a married woman or man must talk to the opposite sex outside of your marriage, talk only out of charity, but do not confide in, our entertain deep conversations about your past or even hidden thoughts of your soul to the one that is not your spouse. It will stir you to open your heart to them and began to sketch out a place for their presence to dwell there when it should only be your spouse occupying that place in your mind and heart. Set boundaries and if you must communicate have a brother or sister with you. You know the term ‘three is a crowd,’ then make it a crowd always to avoid the appearance of evil and to have accountability for your conversations and questions.

“I know this will be new for you little one, but this will be a great help to you in your marriage, and Derrick will come to understand soon enough and desire these boundaries in your marriage. And these are also good guidelines for your community, beloved. I want you to be like a big family, know the enemy will try his best to use this tactic alone to insight friction in many marriages or cause the single ones to seek the attention of a married one. If you teach on this, live it, and set the boundaries now, the enemy will not have that much room and will be shut down immediately.

“Share this with this soul I am now showing him a better way and you as well because I know, see and hear his struggles. My desire is to strengthen his marriage and even restore the places where love has grown cold because of frustrations and misunderstandings. Share with Derrick as well and continue to pray for him as I am slowly but surely showing him My standard of purity and what is most acceptable in dealing with relationships with others.

Thank you so much, Lord, for this message. It unraveled me and so the depth of my misery is shown again. Thank you, Lord.

My conversations with the soul and with Derrick went really well as the Lord continues to teach me to be open, honest, and transparent with him. Blessed Mother also brought up conviction to the soul the next day in a rhema touching on all that Jesus said and we knew to guard ourselves from this and guard our heart. Thank you, Jesus!

God bless you family, until the next message!

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