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Hello, Brother and Sisters and Heartdwellers family.

I wanted to share with you an update about Little Peter from Zambia. I shared his story with you guys in Vlog #2 Musalia Community. He had a terrible skin disease that had never been treated. I petition you all to pray for him and encouraged donations for his medication.

A heartdwellers couple responded and send in a donation so he could be taken to the clinic and receive medical treatment. He did, and the medication completely restored his skin and health. Here are the before and after photos.

What I didn’t realize is this skin condition and various skin conditions like this are very common in Zambia. Pastor Chama and Pastor Brian then brought three more different cases. Two sisters who had what it looked to be chicken pox but they are much larger and caused open sores. Another young man had something that looked just like monkeypox. What Pastor Chama and Pastor Brian found out was that the cost of the medication for Peter was in total $232 and was enough to not only help Peter but the two sisters who used the same medication and they were healed. Here is there and after picture. The third young man’s skin was restored as well, and he is still in the process of taking the medication because it was very recent.

Pastor Chama mentioned that this is due to lack of hygiene and showers that this skin condition occurs. Many children in the area don’t have access to water and are unable to take showers regularly and once this skin condition occurs it is so difficult and so expensive to get the children to the clinic.

In Zambia, the currency is called Kwacha and many live far below the poverty level. In the village, the average income per week is 2 Kwacha which is equivalent to 12 cents U.S $. That is how difficult the struggle for families are over there. To work for 12 cents a week is unheard of here in the US no one can survive on that. So now you see how long it would take a mother or father to afford $232 US dollars to purchase medication for their children. As an adult that would have to work for 1,933 weeks just to afford the medication. Isn’t that crazy?

I am sharing all of this with you because I am asking for you to come alongside Children Hope Community Centre’s mission and help us raise funds to purchase the medication these children need in bulk from the pharmacy so that we can help more children. The medication is Benzyl benzoate which can be found in Calamine lotion and other skin medication products we can get here easily in the United States for $10 or less. However, the clinic has given the children 5 different Benzyl benzoate medications that they have to take as a process to be cured from this.

When Pastor Chama asked the clinic about us buying the medication in bulk from them, they rather encouraged him not to give this to every child, but to bring them to the clinic facility, and the ministry of health would attend to them and treat them right away. However, all 5 children we have used this on have been completed healed by this medication and we feel the clinic and ministry of health just want to make money instead. The Lord told me to put this up on the channel because one batch medication costing $232 can help 3 children receive healing from this skin infection.

So, family we would like to raise as much funds as we can so we can buy as much of this medication as we can. We are asking for you to consider bringing relief to at least 3 children by committing to a one-time donation or monthly donation of just $232 to bring relief to the children suffering.

You can send your donation to pay pal and noted it to be allocated for “Children’s Medication”, or you can donate to the Children’s Hope Community Centre “go fund me” account. xclick&hosted_button_id=CVYBNCG3XNRX4&source=url


We are working on the website and God willing intend to launch it this month. Please keep Pastor Chama in your prayers. He is taking a sabbatical to focus on his family and Pastor Brian will be leading Children’s Hope in Pastor Chamas’s absence. I would like to end this video by introducing him to you guys, so you can be praying for him and his wife to run this ministry accordingly. Here is Pastor Brian singing a beautiful song of praise to God.

Thank you so much family for your continuous prayers and support! God bless you until the next message.

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