Preparation For The Breaking

May the Lord give us the grace to be free from the opinions of men and embrace our failures openly.

After the previous message of the Lord delaying our Ghana mission again. I found myself contemplating what you guys would think. What the donors would think — and would anyone believe me again when I say that I am finally leaving for Ghana or give to help us build the City of God community when the time came? There was a comment from a viewer a while back who openly and honestly apologized because they thought one of my messages was from a lying spirit since some things the Lord has shared on the channel haven’t happened yet or didn’t even happen at all.

I began to question thinking if I was them would I follow me or trust the words I was hearing after seeing so many contradictions? I brought this to the attention of Mother Clare after finding out I had to stay again, longer in the community, and she exposed in my heart that I had a fear of men. I was more concerned with what you guys thought than doing the will of God and allowing those who would go elsewhere go, and those who would stay, to stay — leaving that all in the Lord’s hands. Boy, what she right, I still was concerned with how I looked in the eyes of men and feared humiliations — and mine have been so public of late.

However, she made me realize that the Lord created this channel to show the way of Holiness — to reveal how he deals with his servants and how he prepares them for breaking and raising them up again in greater humility, and how it’s okay to fail. I need to be okay with failure and not fear the opinions of men. I have learned failure is so necessary to success in God’s kingdom. It’s actually our failures that lead us to holiness because we get broken in God’s mirror seeing ourselves as we truly are rather than trusting in our own righteousness embracing our misery and trusting in God’s merciful love to make us Holy. Here she gives me personal counsel but it was so good that I began recording her because I believe this will benefit so many of the Brides of Christ and remind us all to let go of any pretense or mask so many Christians have because we don’t want others to see us vulnerable, weak and as failures. The Lord prepares us for breaking — all of us — if we say yes to him and walk with him we will be broken time and time again until we truly become soft clay in his hands that he can easily mold. Enjoy this wonderful wise counsel from our Mother Clare.

Mother Clare:

Okay, so basically the people who are looking at you know the spirit is alive in you, otherwise, they wouldn’t be on your channel. But they’re still operating with the world’s value. In other words, they’re still looking to see everything to come true. But the Lord didn’t send you there to be a prophet who accomplishes all these grandiose things. He sent you there to be an example of holiness — and holiness means you are not affected by man — you’re not afraid of man. You don’t try please man — thinking, “Oh, how are they going to react — how’s that one going to react? Oh, I’m going to lose donations“. You cannot afford to do that because you have an authentic prophet’s call on your life. You have got to be true to God, not man. So, what the Lord is trying to accomplish on your channel is to teach that to the people who are going to be led astray by false prophets or whatever — because they’re looking for achievement, they’re not looking for authentic holiness. You see what I mean?

Authentic holiness means you love, adore, and obey God with all your heart. And if you discern something and it doesn’t come to pass because you discerned it wrong, that’s a lesson for you — at least you stuck to what the Lord wanted and what the Lord told you and didn’t consider other options — “What if this doesn’t happen, what if that doesn’t happen?” You didn’t do that. You just did what He wanted you to do and He’s happy about that. So, in order to prepare you for a higher calling, He’s got to totally wean you off the opinions of men. That means you cannot be afraid of making a mistake. You have to be able to make a mistake and recover from it. Otherwise, satan will control you. And, you know, if you move up in the ranks because you’re popular with people, there will come a day when you’re tested, and it will be either tell the truth or keep your channel. Tell the truth or tell them what they want to hear. If you have bought into the world with its money and its glamour, its acclaim, its approval — if that’s important to you, at that moment, you’re very likely to fail the Lord. You see what I mean? You have got to be ruthlessly committed to the Lord and abandoned totally when it comes to making mistakes. If I make a mistake, I make a mistake. So, I mean, how do you get good at anything? By making mistakes [chuckle] right?

On the piano, I’ll play something, and it sounds horrible. So I won’t play that riff again, right? I play something that sounds really good, and it’s anointed, well, I’ll work up on that. But, when it comes to dealing with crowds of people, look at how Jesus had to suffer that. I mean, the absolute humiliation of being crucified after he was the greatest religious leader that Israel has ever seen, you know? and all the apostles were very attached to the fact that He was a great religious leader. When He failed, supposedly, on the cross, they all were deflated, and it popped their balloons — they were all disappointed. What does it say in scripture, the road to Emmaus when the guys were walking on it (the apostles are), and Jesus comes up and they say, yeah, we thought he was the messiah, right?

So, you’ve got to be able to rise above contradictions. I think He’s flattening the button [teaching you to die to “self”] for you, right? So you don’t lose any sense of self-worth or who you are by failing. You’ve got to just brush it off and say this is all in the process of learning. I was obedient to what I felt was the voice of the Lord and I know He is pleased with that. What everyone else thinks doesn’t matter, because you’re not there to serve them, you’re there to serve the Lord. You’re not there to coddle their opinions and build yourself up so that they say,— “Wow, she’s right here”,— “she’s right there” — “look what she did there”— “she did this” — that’s not what you’re here for. You’re here for the truth and the naked truth. If you have to go naked into the fight and come out with nothing — empty-handed, the Lord is still pleased with you because you handled it according to His heart. Not the heart of the people or the public or anything — or your bank account even.

I mean I faced that one off on YouTube when I had to say, the Lord wants the Blessed Mother — wants me to explain to you about the Blessed Mother. I knew I was going to lose probably more than half of my channel. But I also knew exactly what the Lord was telling me to do. And I thought to myself — I don’t care. I don’t care if I lose the people on the channel or lose money or anything like that. All I care about is that I was faithful to talk about what He wanted to talk about, which was a scandal to many Christians, right? That’s the place you’ve got to be, and I can see the Lord hardening you up by all of these contradictions. Because, if the visions are true that He’s given you about Ghana, you’re going to have to be a pillar of steel against authorities, against governments, against witch doctors, against crowds of adoring people…You’re going to have to be a steel pillar or a brass wall, that WILL NOT BE MOVED, no matter what they think, no matter what’s taken away from you. Look at Mother Teresa…not Calcutta but, Saint Teresa of Avila, she had just gotten all these approvals to go ahead and build the monastery and then they pulled it all out from under her and people laughed her to scorn. But she is one of the greatest Saints the church has had.

It is about contradiction, the contradiction of the cross. So, if your people are saying, I don’t know if that was really from the Lord… My answer to them is, you have discerned this voice before, you know that she speaks for the Lord and just because it doesn’t follow your outcome — what you anticipate — does not mean that she didn’t hear from the Lord. It means the Lord is doing something different. How attached are you to being right?

Yeah, the scripture says to test the prophets and see if they be of God. But look at the fruit. Part of the test is the fruit, not just one thing that happens — or that one says — or events that don’t line up the way that we think they should — you have to look at the fruit. What are you learning? How true is the fruit? The fruit of holiness is what we’re looking for, not the fruit of grandiose prophesies being fulfilled — but the truth is in holiness and in consistency with holiness. And a willingness to lay down your life, to lay down your ministry, to lay down anything the Lord asks you to lay down to follow Him the way He wants to be followed. That very well may lead to scorn and contempt by other people — but what do you care? You know the Lord loves you and He’s supporting you, he’s upholding you — and you know He’s also dealing with your humanity because your humanity is just the same as theirs. They’re saying, oh, prophesied that and it happened — prophesied this and it happened. When people follow that they’re running the risk of following a false prophet because there will be signs and wonders that accompany these false prophets and they’ll fall for it because, Wow, look at that! And in the meantime he’ll be sleeping with people behind their back — he’ll be doing business deals and not paying taxes — I mean, it’ll be rotten from the core, but on the surface, it’s very convincing to people because they’re gullible, they don’t know what real holiness is. They don’t go deep enough. You look at the fruit, the real fruit, not just what people accomplish. So, in this season, I think the Lord was asking you to be the “dumbbell” and exposed to them what breaking is all about. Preparation and breaking — this is what it’s all about. Am I shaken by that? Well yeah, I was at first, but then when I saw the Lord’s face and how He was smiling and how He was so happy with me because I passed a test, all that went away, and I didn’t care anymore. So He’s happy with me.

Mary Elisha: I feel like I fail every test, that’s how I feel at times. That’s learning too.

Mother Clare:

You cannot succeed in overcoming a test unless you learn what mistakes you’re making so, you’re bound to fail. I think you should write that into your program up here between your ears — write that in. You’re going to fail, right? But as long as you’re still pleasing to the Lord, it doesn’t matter. Because failing is part of the training and the learning process to be successful — if the Lord wants you to be successful. He can take things that are totally out of your own control, like for instance, immigration passing some stupid rule that negates what the Lord told you He was going to happen. But it doesn’t make you a false prophet. That just means that the enemy is against you, and you have to deal with that in a way that does not cause you to shrink and to be walking on eggs over your channel so that nobody is scandalized by you, No, they need to learn how the Lord treats His servants and prepares them for bigger things. Get rid of this notion that every jot and tittle has to be fulfilled. That may happen later in your life but right now He’s dealing with the vulnerability that you have and if you don’t learn to be a brass wall now — when you get up there and the pressures are tremendous, you’re going to cave in on him and something important to Him is going to fail because of you. But if you don’t cave… You know, this was the way Saint Clare was. The Pope wanted to re- write her rule and she withstood him. She said, no this is the rule Francis gave me and this is the rule I’m going to live by. She was sick and she refused to die until that rule was approved — until the Pope finally gave in and approved that rule. She was a tough lady. She might have been really sweet and pretty and gentle and kind, but her heart was resolute on what she knew God told her — what His will was. She withstood, I think a couple of Popes and a lot of prelates. So I think that’s what the Lord is doing.

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