Vlog # 10 — Saying Goodbye

Hello Brothers, Sisters, and Heartdwellers Family.

Okay, so I’m here with Pastor Chama’s Uncle— he’s here in the background talking, — and his friend Simon. Simon came because he has keloids and it’s gotten really bad. He mentioned that he had treatment here at UTS, which is in Zambia. It all went away but within six months it was all back again.

[Simon] “Yes.”

And that is because it is in your bloodstream….

[Simon] “Yes.”

He said he met somebody at the hospital who had also taken the same treatment They took medication from South Africa, and it actually went away.

[Simon} “Yes.”

But they can’t remember the name of the medication. So we’re trying to see how best we can help our brother here. You mentioned, too, that here in Zambia the problem is that when you have surgery for keloids, you are supposed to have continuous treatment but because, first, it is expensive and then, the appointments are six months out — then the keloids grow back. He’s thinking that if the treatments were closer together, for many people who have this issue, the keloids would go away because it takes so long to grow back.

So can you explain the pain and what happens?

[Simon] “Yes, there is a lot of pain like burns, especially at night and there’s some itching. Other doctors advised us that it can be better, even to have the medicine than the surgery. The medicine can be much better than the surgery”

So guys, with that said, I’m about to pray for him just so the Lord would clean his bloodstream [so] that it wouldn’t return and we’re just praying that if anybody knows anyone who has keloids and you know of a treatment that he can use because the treatment his friend had in South Africa he — has no contact with the friend anymore — it wasn’t even a friend, he had just met him — he doesn’t know his name and he’s tried to find him, or the medication but can’t find it. So, if anybody has an idea of a treatment for keloids, if they have it in South Africa, then I’m sure they would have it in America. He said the guy used the medication and it was completely gone. So we just want to see — if there is anybody who knows about keloid treatments, please let us know so we can help Simone here to get the keloids gone.

So, Simon, is there anything else you want to add?

[Simon] “I think that’s all but if anybody can help me I will really appreciate it because it sometimes makes me uncomfortable.”

Sure, sure, yeah.

[Simon] “Especially in the midst of people, it makes me uncomfortable.”

Sure, sure, yeah, yeah…you have a beautiful smile and a beautiful face, despite the keloids, you know. So keep smiling despite your situation.

[Simon] “Thank you, thank you very much.”






Okay, I finally made it guys, I’m here in South Africa, transiting back home. The travel and the trip to Zambia was amazing — it was amazing! It felt like a second home to me. It’s so unfortunate, I miss it already, being here at this airport, I really do miss it.

A lot of amazing things happened that I didn’t get to vlog with you guys. So, I think two days ago — the videos you guys have seen, ended two days ago. And two days before I left we went to a hospital — we met a young man who needed — um, who had an issue with his head. I prayed for it and the Lord said He wanted us to take him to the hospital. So, I had to drive two hours — we took him to the hospital — and I feel like the Lord did all of that, in order for the opportunity to arise for us to be at the hospital. While we were at the hospital I felt the Holy Spirit tell me to go and to go and just pray for people. So I went to the room where most people were waiting and I just began to pray for people who were waiting to see the doctor, and many people were healed of their ailments — pain in their bodies, breathing issues as well, one lady had glaucoma and we prayed for her and she was able to see — she wasn’t able to see in one eye and [after we prayed] she was able to see. It’s all glory to God. One thing I always said with the guys, the Lord has so humbled me in Zambia with really having this gift of healing manifest because [with] the Zambian people, their reaction is so, um — they just have no reaction. So I pray for healing and I’m like, is the pain gone or …” And the lady was like, “Yes, I can see, thank you”, and she just walked off [laugh]. Everybody was like that, just completely no reactions. I was there for about two hours — it got to the point where I found myself tired and even sweating and I just even said in my heart, “Man, Lord, I’m tired. And I was so convicted because it reminded me of Jesus when he went out to the areas and he would go and he started healing the sick, you know, and many times He was there for hours. People would come from all over just to come [and] see Him. So when one person started to get healed, everybody then wanted prayer. Before I knew it I was just going around through whole the room just praying for people. I found myself [thinking], Wow, see how quickly I could be ungrateful and how quickly I could be ungrateful and how quickly I could be in my flesh. Whereas Jesus had a flood of the whole town coming to see him and He gave himself completely to the people — to heal and to touch them — even when he was weary he didn’t complain about being tired. And so, easily how I complain about being tired [laugh] I thought, Man, Lord, I’m such a hot mess, you know?

I’ve always desired the gift of healing and I see now — what it comes with — if that makes sense. So we prayed, you know, and a lot of people were touched by that. I was humbled because I remember the Lord told me, concerning the reactions of people, why am I concerned with the results? Not results — why am I concerned with the reactions of people? You know, like a lot of times in America, somebody gets healed they’re like, “Oh my gosh, I can see!” And a lot of times it puffs up that vainglory and I realized, man, I still have so much pride that I wanted people to react in a certain way to say, “Wow, I’ve been healed!” But no one in Zambia — everybody was so easy — like children were like, “Yeah, I feel better,” and just walked away. I’m like, “Dang, Lord… [laugh]. I remember saying in my heart, “Man, Lord, this is like a thankless job”. Then I realized, “Wow! I made it about me”. I’m such a hot mess, guys, really. And that’s why I’m so glad the Lord allowed the gift of healing to manifest in Zambia because it really has humbled me, really. And also it brought up to the surface the pride and vain glory that I have in my heart. So I’m so glad that the Lord revealed that to me.

Then we went to [visit] a prison. The Lord put it on Pastor Chama’s brother’s heart — you guys should go to a prison. I said, Yeah… then I wasn’t even thinking about it. When we were in prayer, Pastor Chama got confirmation from the Lord that he wanted us to go to [visit] a prison. That’s when we had to go to the hospital. We stayed at the hospital for a good amount of time. Before I knew it the prison was closed and when I woke up the next morning I got Laziness in Bible Promises. I was like, Man, Lord — the scripture He gave us was on Hospitality — about “When I was hungry, you fed me and when I was naked you clothed me and when I was in prison, you visited me.” So I knew the Lord was saying I need you to go to the prison. We went to the prison, and guys, it was wonderful.

I’m leaving Zambia — finally leaving Zambia. I will have updates for you as far as how the trip went. Goodbye, beloved Zambia.

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