My Annunciation — Zambia

June 11, 2022

Brothers, Sisters, and Heartdwellers family thank you for coming alongside me to see my interior journey as I came back from Zambia and the trial I was faced with.

Now, for the fun part as I take you back to recap the amazing experience I had in Zambia and the many lives that were touched because of Pastor Chama’s and Pastor Brian’s “Yes” to Jesus — and my “Yes” to Jesus — with the Help of Blessed Mother of course.

The Lord moved in a powerful way as many were touched, healed, and delivered. I was truly humbled to be a part of what the Lord did and what he is doing in Zambia. You will get a full picture of my journey, the needs of the people, and, hopefully, catch the vision of the need for the Children’s Hope Community Center that He wants established there.

We are in the process of creating the website and will be launching it soon with a GoFundMe campaign to get the Lord’s mission going. You will see why the enemy fought this so hard — because He knows the many lives that will be touched by this work and wanted to “out” me before it started. But by God’s great mercy towards me and the prayers of you — faithful family, and friends, I am here, and this work will go forward to draw so many children, adolescents, old, young, suffering, and poor, to Jesus.

In Zambia, a majority of those who live in the villages are definitely below the poverty level. Their currency is called Kwacha. One US dollar is equivalent to approximately 15 to 17 Kwacha. Guys, people are struggling, seriously struggling to make 30 Kwacha in a week, which is equivalent to two US dollars.

You will hear me share how your donations helped so many in a tremendous way. One is Pastor Brian who was renting a place equivalent to $5 US dollars which is 75 Kwachas, but the place had no electricity. He was struggling to rent a place that had solar electricity for only $25 US dollars, and we were able to help him. We helped a widow with $900, to begin a business to make a living and another widow who lost her nose to witchcraft and had been ostracized for so long. She had a son who needed work and we were able to bless them with $700 to start a business. We are able to get a new wheelchair for $200 for a young man whose will wheelchair broke down on him on the side of the street. We were able to provide a young boy with new shoes and bless his parents with $120 US dollars so that he could go to school and no longer sell vegetables on the street. We were able to take a young man to the hospital to receive medical attention, and we met Purity.  Seeing the smile on her face despite her condition and [seeing] her wounds healing because of all those who helped, brought joy to my heart! We were able to bless so many more because of your generosity in donations.

Lastly, we had so much fun with the children. We introduced them to water balloons and games which they loved! I got a chance to really live a life of simplicity and poverty and conform my ways to the culture of village life which meant prayers from 3 am to 5 am, then getting up to shower, eat breakfast and be ready to go for ministry by 8 to 9 am every day. It was tiring at times for sure, and an adjustment, to eat the same meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, for two weeks. But truly, this is the life that I am called to, and a good look into how our lifestyle will be for those who are called to Ghana, the City of God Community. So enjoy this journey with me that you made possible by your prayers and donations. I thank the Lord and Blessed Mother for this wonderful Annunciation and adventure that you now get to see.


Hi everyone, I decided I’m going to vlog this trip and just put it on the channel at different times [laugh]. But the Lord continues to tell me that He is in the details and even in the delays.  So, I initially thought I was going to be leaving last Tuesday to go to Zambia, but I had a series of details that I missed and mistakes that caused the passport visa to be delayed — so I didn’t get it until Monday morning.  I thought for sure, I’m leaving Tuesday.  I wanted to leave Tuesday so I could come back in enough time for the event —that would have me coming back on Saturday and give me a week to prepare for the Life from Light event.  Then Mother Clare and Ruth told me, oh, why don’t you just leave on Wednesday, you know, to make sure it gets here.  I was like, NO, I want to leave Tuesday!  I didn’t want to push it back one day further because that would cause me to come back, then, on the week of the event.  I should know by now that any time Mother Clare suggests anything, it’s always Jesus.  So, sure enough, I finally get my passport visa on Monday. I was so excited — then I realized I had forgotten to take my COVID test. So I called Walgreens trying to see if I could take the COVID test at least on the same day. They wouldn’t allow me to.  I was like, Lord, NO…..  That meant that I would have to leave on Wednesday — just as they all had suggested. So I realized this is Lord’s will —so it’s His will. 

So I leave Wednesday and I am flying, by the grace of God and providence. There’s a YouTube subscriber, Vanessa (hey if you’re watching this!) who works for United Airlines, and she put me on her buddy pass about a year ago and I’m still on there. So I get to fly from the US to South Africa for free — because they don’t fly to Zambia.  God has just been so amazing in His providence. However, with that said that means I have to fly standby. For sure, I’m thinking, I’m gonna get on this flight.  I mean, I was telling Ruth — “who’s going to South Africa — I’m in Santa Fe, who’s going?” forgetting this is a connecting flight.  So when I get here in the morning I realize — they tell me I won’t be able to make the flight, you know, there’s not enough room. And I’m like, NO..

Before that, I saw several 555s as we were driving and I told Ruth, oh man, this is gonna be a very interesting adventure with the Lord it never fails, you know, it wouldn’t be the same without some type of delays or crosses. But God being so good, I got a chance to meet a mother who is the mother of three and she’s a beautiful soul, but I could tell that she was New Age. So I gave her the Rhema cards — the Lord put on my heart to finally get the Rhema cards done and I have them, let me show you guys.  This will be available to all our donors to get free Rhema cards — evangelical Rhema cards.  So this is what it looks like, it says From Jesus With Love, and inside there is a note — a prophetic word — called Love Note, with a prophet word on the back. So I have several of these and they are random Rhema cards that the Lord has called me to create.  I have several of these that I can give to the souls that I meet — just random souls.

So, when I found out my flight was delayed, I was like, oh man — so I messaged Pastor Chama and he was like, I’ll rebuke it, I’ll rebuke every demon delay! He was rebuking the enemy…. [laugh].  I said, no, no, no, wait, stop — I told him, I have to teach you right now, you’ll be inundated. As a Heartdweller, you tend to carry crosses and the Lord is in the delays.  So you don’t want to rebuke something that he’s doing.  It’s all Him. And, sure enough, you know, I’m sitting here trying to figure out now, okay, Lord, how can I get a connecting flight?  They’re able to get me to Denver, which is fine.  The problem is the flight from Denver to Newark and then to South Africa and that means that I’ll probably have to stay a night in Newark and also stay again in South Africa, so it’s two more days. I don’t know how the Lord’s going to work it out. 

But, sure enough, as I’m seeing all of the consequences of all of these things, one of the workers here, a flight attendant — not flight attendant — a worker at the counter was getting off of work and said, “Hey, do you want to eat breakfast? We can go somewhere for breakfast”. I thought, “Hmm, wow, Lord, what providence. God is so amazing. So I got a chance to talk to her — she’s a wonderful soul too.  So I prayed for her, her name is Marcie. So, the Lord is just lining things up.  And as I’m sitting out here, I decided, you know, Lord, I’m just going to pray the Rosary, pray for everyone — one thing I do when I travel anywhere I go, I always ask the Lord, as He’s told us, I always release the angels of conversion at the doorways of every location that I go — ministering angels and I pray, Lord, that every soul that comes into this airport today will receive the grace of salvation, and I’m believing that — and I believe that too, so as I’m contemplating these things and praying the Rosary, guys, all of a sudden, I see before me a bird. A couple of birds start coming right before me and I wish I could turn the camera, if I may — if not, I have it actually in my phone which I will share in the video. I kept looking at this bird and I was like, wait a  minute, is this a lark? This can’t be a lark..  And if you guys don’t know what a lark is, that is the bird for St. Francis, that is what inspired St Francis actually to wear our habits.  He called all creation and creatures sisters  or brothers.  He loved the lark and called it sister lark.  He recognized that a sister lark was so beautiful that she had no beautiful outwardly appearance.  She wore her feathers brown like that of the earth and she would fly to and fro, free as a bird (as she was).  Free from entanglements and things of this world and that’s what inspired him, guys — to get the brown sack-like habit and that has become our religious outfits, our religious uniforms. So I’m just sitting here and I’m just watching, and I thought, oh my gosh — so I Googled and sure enough, it’s a lark sparrow.  There are lark sparrows all right here before me. I’m just blown away I’m amazed at the Lord, because, once again, He’s in the details. I know that means St Francis is saying, “I got you, girl! I’m praying for you and I’m with you in this. We’re journeying together”. So this is so awesome.  I will have the picture in the video to show you “Sister Lark”, a lark sparrow, which I have never seen before. This is so awesome! So once again, I’m excited to see what more the Lord does — what else He has in store.  I’ll keep you guys posted. I’m still in Santa Fe and we’ll see what turns out, how I get to Denver —what’s going to happen in Denver — I‘ll keep vlogging and I’ll put this up hopefully it will be a wonderful story — a compilation of what the Lord did on “our” journey, guys, because you guys are a part of my story too.  Thank you for your prayers.  I love you guys, bye!


Hey family, so this is vlog 2 [laugh] and I’m tired! I flew from Newark, New Jersey to South Africa.  So I’m here. Since the first time I did the video I got stuck in Newark, New Jersey because of a delayed flight.  I had no idea one of our Heartdwellers was there actually in Newark. So I had to stay literally a whole day before I could fly. I got picked by them — this is actually one of our intercessors.  I was asking the Lord, what are you up to, you doing? Why would you have me stay there? And sure enough, the Lord said He wanted to make this intercessor of ours a priest.  I was like, Wow! He rerouted my whole schedule to have me delayed in Newark for a whole day just so I could be with one of our dear intercessors and ordain him as a priest.  So the Lord has been in the details.

So, I got my flight to South Africa.  I met a wonderful couple who is coming in for a wedding.  They’re not believers but I just shared with them — one of the girls was having a lot of panic attacks and I shared with her the peace of God and gave her the Jesus loves you Rhema cards and she said that she would leave it in her book and open it at the right time.  So I have just been praying for her. 

Then when I came out — you know, with South Africa, coming here in the evening, I realized, okay well, Lord, I’m here! I have to stay a whole night. I have met quite a few people.  Everyone is asking me why don’t I get a hotel, why am I sitting here at the airport? But, because of our vow of poverty, the Lord really wants me to live a life of simplicity and the amazing thing is, being here at the airport I have met so many people.  So, the Lord in His providence already He has sent people just to come and take care of me. 

So I met a young man who just saw me here and decided to take me to get something to eat, and we talked and come to find out he’s Muslim. He has a wife who’s Christian and he feels the pressure of having to convert to Christianity, although he doesn’t want to. I just asked him if he has any Christian friends and he said he didn’t besides his wife.  I just told him about — just simply the gospel and the love of Jesus and I prayed that the Lord would reveal  Himself to him. He allowed me to pray for him and I gave him a Rhema card and we connected as well.

So it has just been amazing, the people the Lord is having me meet here.  I just sit down, and people sit next to me, and all of a sudden we just have a conversation.  Another young lady whom I met too, is coming to South Africa. I found out that she is a midwife,  she’s about my age and she is Ghanaian. She also goes to Ghana — she’ll be going to Ghana in September and that’s been a desire of mine, especially the City of God Community.  My Grandma was actually a midwife and I always said, man, I would love the learn midwifery so we could help the women who are pregnant like young teenage mothers who don’t have access to medical care and to be able to assist them.  She said that’s what the Lord put on her heart to do because, since the pandemic teenage pregnancies have skyrocketed in  Ghana.  She wants to really equip and teach the young girls about that so that they could abstain and also teach them simple basic health care for their bodies and for their babies. And I thought, “Hush, Jesus, hush!”  So we connected too and so she’s excited that whenever we come to Ghana to connect and really to be a part of what the Lord is doing and let’s see how we can help her too.  So, the Lord has set up amazing souls whom I’ve met, who are wonderful — who I’m just connecting with. It’s amazing.

So I’m here, it’s about 11: 00 pm here — So I’m here at the South Africa Airport — this is the airport guys [panning the camera].  I’m on the third floor, nobody is really here, DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth Airport) where it’s busy, but there’s nobody here so I’m trusting the Lord to take care of me and protect me before I leave. I leave at 11:30 in the morning. So, I’m just going to sleep here on this bench and sleep here with my suitcases.  I have all of this stuff that I brought for Pastor Chama and trust the Lord that He’ll protect me or send other divine appointments and we’ll see what else happens. I will continue to vlog, and we’ll keep you guys posted on this amazing adventure with Jesus.

So, love you guys.  God Bless you guys until next time — till the next vlog video, bye.

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