Airlifted To The Hospital

June 5, 2022

Hey, family. In these next two messages, I share my journey of my rapidly declining health during the Life from Light event. The event was beautiful, and it was so refreshing and uplifting to meet some of the Heartdwellers who came out to volunteer— it felt like family immediately!

Three of my sisters came to the event bringing with them my two nieces. One of them was Naomi whom I raised, and I have shared her on the channel during the earlier years. She is now seven years old and still loves Jesus. At the end of this message I will share a clip of her from the event. She has such a sweet message for expecting Mothers. We were all so busy that we didn’t take many photos for the event but the few we have I will share with you.

The Lord had been faithful through the three days fast — the pain would come and go. On the fourth day, [ I ]  woke up feeling as though I had been completely healed and was able to get a lot done but it hit me again in the evening and had me in bed shivering with chills on the fifth day. I was in so much pain, completely weak, disoriented, and unable to walk straight — then the symptoms of vomiting came. The event was the next day, and I didn’t see how I was able to do it. I kept asking the Lord in the Bible Promises if I should go to the hospital, but I kept getting, “No”.  So I felt that he wanted to heal me his way and rely on his grace. I reached out to the volunteers of the event who had come in that day from various states, and we all gathered together to pray for me and each other by that evening I was feeling a little better and at least was able to stand.

By the morning of the day of the event, I felt completely healed again. I now know I was riding on God’s grace like a wave, and he carried me throughout the majority of the event until the last two hours the pain came back violently more than it was the whole week. I had not had a fever yet, but I got it then. It felt as though I was burning from the inside out on fire. Once the event was finished I had everyone else close down and told my sisters to take me straight home. I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye to anyone. Upon arriving home my sisters cooked me some soup as I stayed in my room with my body on fire. I moaned as I tossed back and forth asking the Lord for mercy.

The following day I couldn’t take it anymore and the ladies couldn’t either. Mother Elizabeth decided to take me to the hospital. I was so weak — barely able to walk — body full of pain and delirious. We went to Urgent Care and were told to go to the hospital instead. When we arrived and I was admitted I found out they had never treated Malaria and didn’t know what to do. They actually thought I had Ebola for a minute and Mother Elizabeth had to leave so I was quarantined. When they found out it wasn’t Ebola but Malaria, I had to be air-flighted  Albuquerque, a nearby city, for treatment at a bigger hospital.

I was in pain all over and I had in my mind that maybe once I got to the Hospital I would be able to finally get medication and rest because I hadn’t properly slept for five days because of the pain. I was so wrong. Going to the hospital would be one of the biggest temptations to just give up on life. That’s where I met the Lord’s Passion — that is where I met silence from God — and that is where I had to war with my will and have others cover me in prayer to fight to live.

The first night was the most difficult not only was I in pain, but the demonic attacks were so intense. I was seeing shadows all in my mind’s eye when I would close my eyes — various demonic figures and faces. Then I saw a demon walk past me stop and turn to me, face to face. He tried to come even closer to touch me, but his face hit like a glass wall of some kind, and I realized I was being protected — there was a glass wall between us. I then heard him say, “Now is the time for victory”.  Immediately I saw light from the sky, from the roof of my hospital room. Zeal entered my room and sliced him in half. Zeal by the way is my guardian angel. Then there was a huge beast-like dog that was then running around my bed and attacked Zeal.

I then saw another Angel come with power, I now know his name as Eshell my other Guardian whom I met for the first time. He stabbed the dog demon with a sword, and it vanished. Zeal told me not to fear and that there were two angels stationed at my door with huge staffs, and I saw them. He then asked me to come with him. So I got off the bed in the spirit and saw so many demons in the hospital accompanying nurses. “And the Lord brought you here to minster to people”.

Then I came out of the vision. I found myself still full of fear the whole night as I had three more demonic attacks from the devils and was receiving prayer from all the Heartdwellers all over the world. I now know their prayers carried me through those difficult two days. The Lord indeed had me minister to three nurses [who] that night came in the room, and I felt a peace and could hear a whooshing sound in my ears like many angel wings. I was in so much pain — it was hard for me to turn but I simply asked her if she was a Christian, she said, “Eh, I’m a bit all over the place”. I said there are angels with you, someone is praying for you and God is with you. She broke down crying — in tears and we prayed together.

The next video is just a real and raw recording I did once I was getting on to my fourth day at the hospital. I was losing hope by then because nothing had changed, and the doctors didn’t know what to do. The pain and the symptoms still lingered. Mother Elizabeth told me when Father Ezekiel was praying he saw me with the crown of thorns on my head and I had such intense pain at the back of my neck and on my back, they thought I had meningitis. And Mother Clare said she saw me also with the rope around my neck they used to tie Jesus with. I had been so consumed in hopelessness and despair, but those words actually pulled me up again reminding myself of the cross and that I was suffering with Jesus, and it was Thursday, the day before his Passion. On Friday, after they had taken him before Caiaphas — that evening he was secretly tortured all night before seeing Pilate. So I began to unite myself with Jesus in the most intimate way imagining myself with him in the garden, then before Caiaphas and with the Roman soldiers, being tortured. I share that in the next recording. I am sharing these things in hopes that it gives just one person hope and a willingness to preserver no matter what God allows in your life.

God bless you family, thank you so much for all those who prayed for me. I am here because of them — and thank you for those who continue to donate and bless this ministry. All that you give reaches different parts of the world. May the Lord give us all the grace to preserver in the most difficult trials.

Video of my niece, Naomi, and her message to expectant mothers.

“I’m at the Life from Light event and I have the infamous Naomi here, everybody has heard about you, Naomi. And your prayers and Ellie too — you guys have been such a blessing in my life.  So I wanted to introduce you guys.

“Say Hi to the Heartdwellers family….say Hi, Ellie [she waves].

“Can you say, Naomi?”

[Naomi] “Hi!”

“What do you want to say to the whole channel who are watching you?”

[Naomi]  “Um, um…if you’re girl and you’re pregnant, and you, um, you want to kill your baby — you don’t know if your baby is cute or not.  Even though if it’s not cute, still keep it, no matter what.”

Amen, and amen! Amen, Naomi, what a wonderful message. That’s MY GIRL, love her so much. So, uh, just pray for me — I’m so recovering over this sickness, but their such a joy and all my sisters are here.  I’m doing a video so you guys can meet them as well. I love you guys, bye!

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