Deliverance from a Spiritual Husband

May 27, 2022

Hello, Brothers, Sisters, and Heartdwellers family.

This message was given to me second day in day in Zambia. Pastor Chama and Pastor Brian thought it would be good to put me up in a lodge near a lake for my trip. Although I tried to explain to them my vow of poverty and that I would prefer to stay somewhere more simple — maybe with a family friend or someone instead, or even in the village. However, they felt it would be good for me to stay at the lodge. I didn’t even get a chance to stay there because I took a nap and had an attack. I knew It was the Lord. He has made it clear for me to follow the way of St. Francis and when he was called to stay with the Cardinal they gave him a very nice room and he too got attacked. He didn’t understand why until the Lord made it clear that he was called to be an example of poverty to all his brothers. He immediately told the Cardinal goodbye and left to stay somewhere much more simple and in line with his vow of poverty.

So I told them there was no way I could stay there. You guys will see the story unfold in the videos and how lovely and simple I lived while staying in the villages rather than in a lodge.

Pastor Brian was so kind enough to have me stay with him and his wife at his home. I thought for sure I would get some rest, the Lord would be pleased right? But I got no sleep the first night and had a series of dreams and demonic attacks.

It first began with me having a dream that I had married someone else, and we were lying in bed as the mother was in the same room waiting for us to consummate the marriage. She was very impatience that we hadn’t done that yet, as I kept thinking why was she here and why the rush? She kept saying something about sowing her son’s soil, as I told him that I looked forward to getting to know him more as though I didn’t know him that well.

The next dream felt so real. As I slept someone came to lie on top of me from behind, resting their head next to mine on my shoulder. I couldn’t see them, but I could feel them—even their breath. It startled me terribly as I felt someone violated me. Then I came to myself gasping for air realizing it was in the spirit. At first, I couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman but felt strong it was a man and I began to pray. They felt very familiar with me.

[In] the last attack I felt a presence very heavy all around me in my dream as I slept in bed. Then I woke up and I was being held down. This time it was different from sleep paralysis. It was like someone was holding me down—had tied my hands together, and my feet. I felt it was that man again. I was being held down by a man then I woke up—wondering, what is going on? Then it hit—I got the Rhema the day I was leaving for Zambia that was “St. Arch Angel Raphael” and Mother Teresa. The last Rhema was about modifying my flesh in another way when I wanted to fast. I thought cool, wow I have St Arch Angel Raphael accompanying me on this trip and Mother Teresa—this is not the first time he has accompanied me. He came with me to my sister’s wedding. But I began to think that he was with me [for] more than just travel protection and I thought of the story of Tobit as I pondered wondering, is that also why I am here?…not just to establish something but there is something deeper as well. This man felt like a spiritual husband which I have never experienced before and what Sarah had which blocked her from being married.

If you don’t know the story of Tobit, I encourage you to read it. The book is found in the Catholic Bible and is one of the apocryphal books that was removed when creating the King James Bible but it’s an amazing true love story that unfolds. Tobit, a pious Jew exiled to Nineveh in Assyria, gives alms and observes the law of God. Despite all of his good works, he is struck blind. Concurrently with Tobit’s story is that of Sarah, daughter of Tobit’s relative, whose seven successive husbands were each killed by a demon on their wedding night. When Tobit and Sarah pray to God for deliverance, God sends the angel Raphael to act as intercessor. Tobit regains his sight, and Sarah marries Tobit’s son Tobias. The story closes with Tobit’s song of thanksgiving and an account of his death.

Now as an African I have heard of spiritual husbands and spiritual wives. This is a very serious, and very real thing that stifles many marriages and causes many men and women to have a stronghold of lust because they have been spiritual given to a demon. Many times it’s the cause of sexual attacks in your sleep by succubus or incubus spirits. I had never read that in scripture, [about] this particular type of demon until I read the Book of Tobit and I was flabbergasted that it explained and even put a name to the strongman or demon over spiritual husbands and wives, Asmodeus. Sarah had this demon who was her spiritual husband. He would kill all her husbands on her wedding night. So she was not only single but widowed seven times. No one wanted to go near her because of it and sometimes a spiritual husband can be the cause of delayed marriages.

So I woke up looking at Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament wondering why he allowed these attacks and what this could all mean — thinking if my thoughts were his thoughts as I felt something spiritually happened here and would happen here in Zambia concerning my marriage to Derrick but how? I went through my discernment and the Holy Spirit made it clear that it was a spiritual husband that I had, and he did bring me here for a dual purpose — to help Pastor Chama establish Children’s Hope Community Center and to break the curse, and convenient with the marine kingdom that has held me bound from being married to Derrick.

Jesus began,

“You were initiated here, to the king of the sea in Zambia.”

I thought Lord, but why Zambia?

“In witchcraft, it’s not so much as being tied to your country rather being tied to regions to have more authority and power. You being initiated here would give them more authority and power not only over Ghana but having an arm here as well. You see all that I have delivered you from?”

Yes, Lord. I am so dumbfounded, not sure what to say.

Jesus continued,

“You have been praying for me to deliver this last battle into your hands for victory and this will be your last battle and blow to the kingdom of darkness. I have brought you here for a dual-purpose, beloved. Everything I do is to the detail, and very specific. So this is your annunciation as well to help Pastor Brian and Pastor Chama establish Children Hope under Heartdwellers Ghana. This will be my holy arm here to bring freedom, deliverance, healing, and hope to many in this country. Where they thought to use you for their purpose to bring about destruction and power I will use you to bring about My glory and that of my Mother’s name to be praised, honored, and for me to be worshiped as the King above all Kings. I am that I am, and I am in complete control. The dark forces satan uses will fail every time and I will use his plans to always bring about my purpose turning things around for good.

It is good to tell the intercessors these things, you have a whole team, an army fighting behind you, beloved. That is why I have brought them to you. Their prayers are powerful, and I want you to rely more and more on them and not on yourself. These next two weeks you will need fervent prayers backed up with fasting for what I will do here through you and in you for My glory. To bring about the fulfillment of My purpose in this marriage that I have ordained for heaven’s glory. Derrick needs to be covered too more fervently at this time.

Your story mirrors that very much of Tobit and Sarah and they are both praying for you. You come from their lineage as well as their same story is being repeated generations later. You see when a soul is initiated into the marine kingdom especially to be queen you are given over to a spiritual husband, who watches over you, who melds themselves to you with the desire to control you and hold you captive. They ward off any man that would come with interest to take you as their own. But when you gave yourself to me as an adolescent through your mother’s prayers I began to protect you and hide you from the eyes of men that would cause a derailed destiny and destruction in your life. You see if they can’t ward off men they will bring you the wrong one and have you entangled in confusion and frustration for the rest of your life.

This particular demon has been working against you and Derrick for the longest. Although you have prayed, fasted, bound and loose when a demonic covenant of this magnitude has been made in your case, it has to be broken properly once and for all.”

Lord, how do I break this?

“I could easily break this, beloved but I am teaching you how to fight so you can help others to fight, and break covenants like this. You must do a Lord’s Supper for 7 days for this particular intention, then use holy water now on the crossroad with Derrick and your name breaking every covenant to the marine kingdom with the water that is now blessed. Arch Angel Raphael will be there to aid you during the night. They won’t go without a fight. Do not be afraid, and as I wake you in the middle of the night it is to pray, and heaven will be behind you to do the rest. Do not fear little one.”

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

So family, I told the intercessors once I found this out and we all began to pray. I did the curse-breaking prayer instructions Jesus gave us, but instead of using His Blood while in Holy Communion I used Holy water. I am amazed at God’s goodness and mercy in my life. So many hidden things—unknown—but now revealed to bring redemption and freedom. Please continue to pray for Derrick and me and this union. I know nothing can oppose the will of God and it’s your prayers that will be a definite part of our story.

God bless you, family, until the next message.

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