Wounds of Love From Jesus, For Healing

April 18, 2022

[Sister Therese] Hello, dear ones! Be greatly blessed with peace in your soul.

So, it was during my Adoration time, and I was excited to continue to read my new book, The Dolorous Passion of Jesus Christ by Anne Catherine Emmerich. I also recalled that every Thursday, the priests are suggested to read and meditate on a certain chapter from the book of John. So I was a bit divided—which one to read?

Playing in the background was meditational music titled, “Wait on The Lord: 3 Hour Meditation & Prayer Music.” Before choosing which book to grab, I first opened my Adoration book, In Sinu Jesu, to see what was on the Lord’s heart, and mind and the whole reading struck a bell in me. Wow! I paused at times in between my reading. His words from the In Sinu Jesu, from that chapter He gave me, said:

(the title of the chapter is Thursday, April 15, 2010 – and the Lord begins…)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

“I who am before you—I am the Word. No book—however beautifully written—can speak to your heart as I do, for I am eternal Wisdom, infinite Love, and untreated Beauty in dialogue with your soul. My words are not like the words of men, My words surpass even the words of My saints, though I often speak through them and continue to touch souls through their writings. My Words are like arrows of fire shot into the heart and wounding it so as to inflame it and heal it with divine love.

Make yourself vulnerable to My words. Allow Me to speak to you in such a way as to wound you with the piercing of divine love. When you come before Me and wait upon Me in silence, you are, in effect, allowing Me, when I choose and in the way I choose, to wound you with an interior word as to set you on fire with a communication of divine love. Expect Me, then, to speak to you, to console you, and to enlighten you, but also to wound you. Unless I wound you in this way, you will be incapable of withstanding the attacks of the enemy and of bearing witness to Me in the midst of darkness and tribulation.”

And as an aside, this past week and some days, they have been rather… purifying, as I might put it this way. I remembered the days I have had during this week as I read this.

Jesus continues:

“In the spiritual battle that is coming, only those wounded by Me will emerge victorious.”

And here I remember how Mother Elisha says often, ‘We are victims of His Merciful Love. He exposes us so He can lavish His mercy on us.’

Continuing with the reading:

“This is why I call My priests to seek and to accept the healing wounds of My love. Those who keep watch before My Eucharistic Face will be among the first to be so wounded. I have called you to Adoration because I desire to wound you not once, but again and again, until your whole being is wounded, and so purified and set ablaze with the fire of My love. Would that your soul were wounded as many times as I was wounded on My body for love for you in the combat of My most bitter Passion! Allow Me, then, to pierce you through and through until wounded by divine love, you are wholly sanctified and made fit for my purposes and desires.

This I desire not only for you but for all My priests. I would wound each one again and again with My burning love so as to purify the whole priestly order in My beloved Church and present it to the eyes of the world as a victim priesthood made holy in the Holocaust of divine love.

Until My bishops and My priests allow Me to wound them with the fiery arrows of My divine love, their own wounds – wounds of sin – will continue to fester and spread a filthy infection of corruption and of impurity in the Church. Let each one beg Me to wound him, for in wounding My beloved priests, I will heal them, and in healing them, I will sanctify them, and in sanctifying them, I will offer glory to My Father and fill the world with the radiance of My OWN FACE AND the love of My own heart.

This, in truth, is who you are: a sinner held fast in the embrace of My divine friendship.”

And I will stop here with the reading from the chapter that Jesus gave me from In Sinu Jesu. During these past days I really felt the “sinner” part, and what struck me is that though I am that “sinner”, this sinner is held fast in his embrace of divine friendships. Doesn’t smell to me like the sinner is being rejected at all. He embraces the sinner fast. That was comforting to realize. So, when you reject yourself, God holds you fast—the truth, that is—it’s what He says.

So, about wounds… As I was settled on my chair, I began to ponder, [reflecting] on three or four types of “wounds”:

First: Men can wound the body (the physical), but they cannot pass through the spirit unless we allow them—which is the Will—our will. (That is found in Matthew 10:28)

Second: The enemy can wound the body, and he tries to force himself into the spirit by attacking the mind—the Will, again—of the soul.

And third: God can wound the body, the heart, the mind, and the spirit (Matthew 10:28). But His wounds are different—(I went on pondering)— He wounds the core of the soul, and His wounds are healings wounds. Why would God need to heal? Because there is a festering wound. In order to remove the infection, He needs to cut or apply a substance that cleanses the wounds, which will in turn burn the wound with an ardent feeling, doubtlessly. Then, as it is cleansed, He would have to cut some parts to remove the dead flesh that is infected. While the enemy wounds you for destruction—for death, sin wounds you to cripple—God wounds you to heal [and you can say Sin is the fourth type of wound]. God wounds you to heal. His wounds are the only ones that are “good” wounds. All the rest are putrefying.

So, what I have been experiencing during these days, the past week, or even before, and maybe even what you might have been experiencing these few days—they were His wounds of love, which will produce healing. Now on this account—of this “producing healing”—the next message I will share with you is a short episode illustrating this type of [being] wounded for healing. It’s like a healing treatment for the soul—a method that I hope you will apply to yourself.

See you soon guys, God bless you all!

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