Pray For The Wounded Angels

April 4, 2022

Hello, Brothers, Sisters, and Heartdwellers family.

May the Lord give us a real sense of the presence of Angels and the burden to pray for them daily.

I had a terrible fall again. With my preparations for going to Zambia, I got a notification from a cousin of mine that the mandates in Ghana had been removed. I then began to get a message from what I thought was St. Joseph and Blessed Mother confirming that I was now called to go to Ghana after Zambia. The message was beautiful and so encouraging for me to go there. Everyone in the community was excited as I was prayed over in preparation for this new adventure.

I had received a Rhema that a humiliation was coming and sure enough by the end of the day I found out that Ghana still had the mandate for all to be vaccinated and that the message was from a lying spirit. I truly was humiliated, as I realized the Lord was purifying me of attachments and more importantly—my every enormous mountain of pride. I realized I had really offended the Lord with sins that I was still struggling with in Lent, and he had removed his covering of protection over me because of that.

So during Adoration today I was feeling awful and coming to terms with how I hurt him. I began to feel quite sick to my stomach thinking maybe this was an intercessor burden. I decided to pull three Rhemas:

One said;

“Call upon the choir of angels that are set over countries and nations and bring messages to my people. They stand opposite of Arch Angel Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. They are ready to help!”

The second said;

“Angels Wounded pray for them”, and on the back was written, “Jesus’ message to Mother Clare:

  • Pray for healing
  • Pray for reinforcements of help
  • Pray for more weapons and tools to fight
  • Pray for strength to fight the battle

And the last Rhema said; “Say, ‘No’ to discouragement.”

We had a prayer meeting that evening, but since I started not feeling well physically I told them I wasn’t going to make it. However, after pulling these cards the group call came. I could feel the Lord saying to pray with the group and give them these new prayer points, the Angels needed our help. So I got on the call and told them the Rhemas I just pulled and if it would be okay if we prayed for these intentions instead. They were up for it—and my goodness was it a powerful time of prayer and revelation about the Angels—these amazing creatures of God, and our friends. So I want to share with you what we saw and what we heard from the Lord to equip all of you with the little understating of the ministry of Angels we received during prayer. As we began to pray I sensed there was a triage in Heaven for the Angels. I first asked the Lord how could the Angels be wounded? I didn’t know they could be wounded until Jesus gave the message to Mother Clare and it was so surprising to me. I thought they were untouchable. However as we were praying in the spirit Jesus made known to me that all creation suffers one way or the other. Romans 8:22, “For we know that the whole creation groans and suffers the pains of childbirth together until now.” Angels get wounded in battle by the sins of mankind. When we sin there is a breach in prayer and the demons have the authority over souls, situations, regions, and nations because of it. When the demons are given authority it pushes back the Angelic forces that were there, and they are overtaken in number and can be and are badly wounded.

So I went to this heavenly triage. I saw Blessed Mother there attending to the Angels. They were lying down on cots like soldiers. One particular Angel had a bandage over his head. He had a long open wound that was a gash on his leg and the feathers on his right-wing were charred. I then was told that we would be given antidotes. I then had this clay-like mixture in my hand, and I wiped it on the Angel’s leg on top of the open wound covering it completely. It immediately turned golden and sealed up the Angel’s leg restoring it as new.

Then the Holy Spirit told me to blow on the Angel’s wing because we were given a gift, God’s very breath, in our lungs. Although the Angels were created by God they didn’t receive his breath of life as we did. However, the wings of Angles are a gift and bring healing to us on earth. When they flap their wings it refreshes our spirits, rejuvenates us, and strengthens us. That is what you call, the wind of the spirit. It comes by the Angels flapping their wings. And now we get an opportunity to bring healing to them by just simply blowing on them, releasing God’s breath to restore damage to their wings. So I blew on the Angel’s injured wing—ever so gently and it was restored like new.

Then Holy Spirit gave me the understanding that the most sensitive and powerful part on an Angel is its wings. So the demons target that area by using fire to singe or charr their feathers, break their wings, or pluck their feathers. Just like when a bird’s wings are broken, they are very restricted as to what they can do, and it’s very painful. However, God would never allow the Angels’ wings to be torn off. Only Satan and the fallen angels’ wings were removed in this way as punishment for sinning against God…..

I then was back in the heavenly triage and Blessed Mother was giving the same angle an elixir of some sort. I knew it was made from the River of Life and a certain type of fruit from the Tree of Life crushed and mixed together. The elixir was blue and when the Angels drank it they were healed. And to be strengthened they drank an elixir that was white. I was made to understand that it was similar to the same ingredient the Angel gave to Jesus to strengthen him in Gethsemane before His passion.

Luke 22:43, An angel from heaven appeared to him and strengthened him.

We then moved to the next prayer point asking for weapons and tools to assist the Holy Angels who were still in battle. I began to ask the Lord to create armor for the Angels’ wings. It was made out of gold, very lightweight like a feather. I saw Angels receiving these gold-plated wings which were armor to cover their wings. It came over their heads and slid down their backs to fit perfectly, the shape of every feather of their wings—so their wings looked like gold. I then saw a battalion of Angels with this gold-plated armor over their wings—bending down, positioning themselves— turning their backs toward the demonic army—then lifting their wings up in the air—and shot blades from their armor. The blades were golden, in the shape of a feather. The armor itself became a weapon as several golden feather blades were released all at once into the demonic army. When this feathered blade pierced a demon they couldn’t remove it and the demon began to turn white, and stony— then just burst like the dust of ashes, disappearing. It was amazing to witness as more groups of Angels gathered together positioning themselves and releasing this feather blade from their new armor, destroying many demons.

I released bombs to be given to the Angels—Heaven’s Light bombs, which called down heaven on earth. I had never used or seen them before, but they are white, translucent balls—when released they completely burn a hole in any demonic atmosphere, dome, or force field, allowing literally, a passage from heaven to earth. I saw one of the places we were praying for, [I’m] not sure where but the area was just covered in darkness—so many demons blanketed the atmosphere, [that] it was pitch black with demons. Then the Angles shot the Heaven’s Light bomb and created a hole causing a breach. Then I saw different situations—regions, and places, where this bomb was now being shot—as the Holy angles were now able to charge—pouring out of heaven through this hole that was made—to come to the aid of many.

And then I loosed a net of containment. I saw a black net the Angels were given— but they shot it out and it expanded like a big spiderweb grabbing so many demons in the demonic army—then it closed catching and trapping them. I began to pray [that] the net would be laced with Holy Fire. The demons that were caught in this sticky net began to scream and burn as the net enclosed them tighter becoming like a sack and getting hotter and hotter. The Angles then grabbed these sacks and hurled them into the abyss. Then as we continued to pray the Holy Spirit said, “The greatest weapon is the blood of Jesus—plead the blood of Jesus”. So I began to plead the blood over nations, over regions, over souls, situations, and over demons. They began to scream horrifically as it caused them to be completely destroyed. I then was given the understanding that the blood of Jesus is used against demons and used to cover souls, but we cannot plead the blood of Jesus over the Angels. However, they use the blood of Jesus as a weapon. When they hear us praying and pleading His blood, they do just that. Amazing! Amazing insight the Holy Spirit gave me.

Here are some of the things some of the intercessors saw. And it’s amazing, as we shared, what confirmations we received from one another.

One of the brothers began;

• On the second prayer point as Mother mentioned that Mother Mary was in a hospital, I started praying and extending my hand over the Angels to heal them by the power of the Holy Spirit. I was attempting to heal everyone on every floor of the hospital and all of a sudden I saw myself on one floor. I looked around and I began to heal and speak healing over them but no matter the direction I looked, I couldn’t see the limit of the room. There were angels in every direction as if it was one humungous field—a limitless field. As I was sending healing in each direction, I had to pause for each floor so I could cover everyone. Then suddenly, I started feeling like I wasn’t being effective anymore—like the direction I was looking towards, the angels were not getting better but getting worse. Then I realized that it was a personal attack to prevent me from healing them because even the vision got somber. I bound the demon that came to stand in front of my car. I drained it of its power, and had the angels drag it to the abyss—and the vision continued. I began to get amazed at the size of the hospital floor. As I thought wow, imagine if all the brides were praying, how many floors in the hospital we could cover.

One of the sisters shared;

• As I was praying in tongues, I first saw an angel lying down. I began to weep at the thought of how they come into this dark heavy world to bring us the messages and words that we need, thus they have heavy opposition and are wounded. Those tears of gratitude made me think that they were healing to the angel I laid my hand on—thanking him while praying in tongues and weeping, (as Mother Elisha said, Mother Mary would grant us the antidote for healing the angels).

[It’s interesting that she said this because the Lord has told us that the River of Life is made up of tears, our tears. I sensed that too as I was praying, that truly our tears are healing to our Angels]

Then I moved ahead for a while and saw another angel sitting on the floor, so to say. I approached him, bending down, and noticed I was handing him a ball of light, which made me think, this light will strengthen him. Then I saw his wings were needing help too, so I got up and laid hands on his left wing and it got restored, (it’s weird how Mother Elisha mentioned to breathe on the Angels at the same time) I saw myself sighing as if releasing the sigh over the Angel.

On the 4th prayer point, we prayed for more weapons and tools to fight:

• I saw the Angels picking up bombs that when unleashed cause a black hole in whatever was its target, sucking the devils into the abyss.

Then, I was on the battlefield with my priestly stole and with Jesus in my Monstrance in my arms, facing the scene. My thought there was that the Lord’s presence and radiance in the Monstrance would strengthen the fighting angels. Some angels came to pick up whatever weapons they needed. Some weapons flew directly to their spot. I realized [that] as I prayed in tongues they were provided the weapons they needed.

On the 5th prayer we prayed for strength to fight the battle:

• I saw a Glory mist or substance from the Lord that came over them as dew, which had a double purpose. When it settled on the Holy Angels it strengthened them but when it settled on the devils it weakened them.

Another intercessor shared;

• As we were praying in tongues for the Angels, I envisioned giving them swords, bombs with the blood of Jesus, hammers, love bombs, and lasers. I also gave them protective shields which were more like force fields that they could shoot from, but the enemy’s weapons couldn’t penetrate. I started by giving them one at a time, then I said that they would be self-replicating so as to get them to the Angels faster. Since that wasn’t fast enough, I then started putting large crates on conveyor belts, sent in every direction (north, south, east, and west). At one point I wondered if the enemy could intercept the weapons so I prayed that the weapons were being dipped in the blood of Jesus and if the enemy got near them they would burn. I called out Ukraine, Russia, China, Poland, Israel, Syria, and Australia. For the wounded Angels, I prayed that they would be restored from the tops of their heads to the soles of their feet and that their healing would spring forth speedily. I played the warfare music with shofars in the background. I also thanked my guardian angel, Cyrus, and a face appeared briefly. He was a handsome young man. He didn’t stay long, he was busy. In fact, he had a very serious look on his face as if he was looking past me and at the enemy.

It’s interesting that Mother mentioned the wings that turned into blades. At one point I was throwing blades alternating hands from my chest outward in a horizontal motion (with sound effects: Shh, shh, shh, shh….as I threw them in rapid secession)


• Another intercessor confirmed the Lord’s words about the blood of Jesus. As she was praying in the spirit she heard Father God speak to her saying, “Father said to pray, give the angels permission to use the blood of Jesus to weaken the demons in their greatest need because it is powerful!”

Once we ended our time of prayer, we were all feeling very charged and two of the intercessors had not received their gift of tongues yet. We felt prompted to pray over them to receive this gift and they both did! The Lord definitely moved in a powerful way! So please pray over the Holy Angels tonight and every night, they need our help through prayers!

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