How To Break Curses Off Of Your Spouse

March 14, 2022

What a beautiful word of encouragement not only to her but to anyone really struggling in their marriage—that was a prophetic word for you too.

Now I want to address and give instructions on how you can break curses off of your spouse especially if you know they have been in bondage to witchcraft or have deep strongholds that need to be broken. This instruction was given to me by Mother Clare years ago for Derrick when the Lord revealed to me that he had spiritual wives and many demonic covenants that have become a stronghold from childhood.

She mentioned via John Ramirez a former witch now evangelist said that witches make covenants by using crossroads. They do it in the physical that is how principalities are able to reign over certain regions, cities, or even streets. So they go to an intersection and simply curse it. That is why there can be certain areas in neighborhoods that have more crime than others.

The Intersection

That is the same in the spirit, they use spiritual intersections, crossroads in a person’s life and curse it. Let’s say for instance in your family everyone seems to die or get sick or something negative happens at a certain age, divorce, or marriage spirals downward, loss of job. Don’t brush that off, that time frame is very significant, and the Lord may be revealing to you a crossroad that has been cursed in your family or spouse’s family.

So you want to get a piece of paper and draw an intersection that looks like a cross specifying direction N for the Northside of the intersection, E for Eastside, W for the Westside, and S for the Southside, just like what you are seeing. Write your spouse’s name on it. Then on the Left top corner write “Loose from every and then continue on the right-side curse in Jesus name”. Then write, Renounce anyone or anything they are tied to. Then at the lower left-hand corner write soul ties, and on the lower right-hand corner, Bring him/her to repentance.

Then you do a simple communion service for this intention and once you say the word for the juice to become Jesus blood you dip your finger in the cup and cover this crossroad, intersection on the paper with the blood of Jesus. Just take your finger and wipe his blood all the way down from the north, south, east, and west crossroad you have made on the paper. Pleading the blood of Jesus over every covenant, soul tie, curse, and assignment on your spouse’s life, loosing them from that, by the blood of Jesus, breaking every curse, hex, evil wish, incantation, and spell off of them in Jesus name.

Then on the other side of the paper, you write your spouse’s name out in big letters in the middle and begin to write all the scriptures of who the Lord has called them to be, what you want them to become, and begin to declare these scriptures, standing on them every day in prayer. For example, declaring Isaiah 54:17, “No weapon formed against your spouse, your marriage name will prosper”; Philippians 1:6, “I declare, and I am confident God will finish what he started in my marriage and in my spouse (mention their name).”

Write Scriptures

Lastly, I would encourage you all to get plants just as Jesus mentioned to that soul. That is a wonderful idea. That you would write down different promises on paper, tear them into small pieces roll them up and put them in the soil pot of the plant, and speak over that seed every day God’s promises and prayers and watch it grow. A prayer plant! The Lord has amazing creative wisdom. I hope this will be of help to you for those struggling in your marriage and who have been unsure how to fight. I have a prayer the Holy Spirit led me to draft up and would love to email it to anyone who is having difficulties in their marriage. You can customize it to the struggles in your relationship but it’s pretty detailed. Just email me at and we will provide you the prayer. God bless you, family, and stay encouraged, don’t give up.

As I finished putting this message together I felt a check in my gut I went to Bible Promise Book to discern if this message should go up and I got Joy, but I kept getting Humility and Laziness as well. I sat for a second and thought, hmm… then the thought came to my mind, Jesus do you have something to add to this message? and I got Joy realizing he wants to say something concerning this.

Jesus, what would you like to add?

“My beloved ones I know the pains you are suffering in your marriages, but please trust Me in this hour, please trust Me. Don’t allow Satan to make you forfeit your destines because things have become too difficult to bear. What you are fighting against indeed is not flesh and blood, but wickedness and principalities in high places (Ephesians 6:12).

“Thank you little one for giving Me room to speak. I do live in you and want to do everything together remember?”

Yes, sorry Lord. I didn’t even think about it Jesus continued,

“Okay back to the matter at hand, many of you are dealing with diabolical spirits, incantations, and curses placed upon your marriages. It is so easy now in your generation for curses to land. You have no idea, the servants of Satan curse almost everything and they release curses constantly. Their last day’s agenda is to attack families, that was the word given to My faithful servant Lucia of Fatima.

Here I quote, “In that letter, we find written from Sister Lucia dos Santos, ‘The final battle between the Lord and the kingdom of Satan will be about Marriage and the Family.’ Don’t be afraid, she added, “Because whoever works for the sanctity of Marriage and the Family will always be fought against and opposed in every way, because this is the decisive issue. Then she concluded: ‘nevertheless, Our Lady has already crushed his head’”

“Satan knows if he attacks and destroys families, then he can easily destroy nations, it’s that simple. Families are the thread that holds societies, simply life, together. I made it so, to mirror that of the Divine family, Myself, The Father and the Holy Spirit, and the example of the Holy Family, My Mother, and stepfather, St. Joseph.

“You see where sin abounds curses land and many times, unfortunately, there is one spouse who is more bent on the world and willful sin than the other. If you are the other, I have given you the grace to fight, to pray to intercede for your family, for your spouse standing in the gap. You first must see that you are not fighting them, so don’t fight them. Fight on your knees in prayer because when you fight against one another you are tearing at your own body.

“Many of you if you can assess the trouble you are going through in your marriages you will see the same thing laid waste to your parent’s marriages or that of your spouses. Many of these curses are generational and it’s time someone would rise up to break it and I have chosen you, but it will come not without a fight. When blood is shed, when there has been a robbery, theft, corruption lack of integrity any type of injustice or compromise, how it affects souls and generational.

As an aside, guys, The Lord allowed many curses to land on Derrick on me, it was so painful. I didn’t understand why because I had done all the “right” things, you know? Then, He revealed to me that there was much bloodshed, in my family, because of witchcraft so the curses were going to land either way. However, in His mercy he allowed it to land before we got married so we wouldn’t have to deal with it later. Wow, I was dumbfounded when he told me that. And how good He is to do that for us.

Jesus continued,

“That is why it’s so important to walk and live in integrity as a couple. Every lie, white or blatant, will be accounted for and calls forth the Lord’s judgment. When there is excessive sensuality on the part of your spouse you can rest assured there are demons of lust, jealousy which cause them to covet and be discontentment which will lead to infidelity.

“With every affair physical or emotional comes with it a soul tie. Even when you open your heart to someone rather than your spouse emotionally it opens the door. What you don’t see after your emotional friendships are long gone, that person still has a soft spot in their heart for you, and with every fleeting thought they have of you comes an arrow into your heart of discontentment or if it’s your spouse that had an emotional relationship it causes them to be discontent in their present situation with you.

As he was talking what I envisioned was a man and a wife. Then a saw an image of another woman who had a close friendship with the husband alone and in her heart, she had a thought of just missing him. Of course, it was demons who shot that arrow. At the same time, she had the thought, the man who was with his wife was shot with an arrow and immediately began to think of his past relationships as demons of agitation and discontentment jumped on him.

Oh my gosh, I realize I have done this recently as thoughts of past friendships and even boyfriends have crossed my mind, some who are married. And when the thought comes I have found myself reminiscing if I can be honest, but always end up praying for them. My goodness, I didn’t know by doing that I was shooting an arrow at them too, causing them to eventually be pulled by thoughts of others outside their marriage. Wow, Lord, I didn’t know how deadly that was. Thank you for telling us. I bet arrows are flying continuously, on so many couples. Lord forgive me.

“The demons are very clever. That is why it’s stressed to keep the marriage bed undefiled, Hebrews 13:4. That doesn’t only go for physical intimacy, but emotional intimacy as well. My beloved ones do not open your heart to anyone besides your spouse. Don’t share your deep emotional issues, sufferings in your marriage and trials with anyone else. If your spouse is not emotionally available entrust your heart to Me. Pour your heart out to Me, let Me be your incomparable friend, not another, definitely not from the opposite sex.

“Do not let your confidence betray you for it’s in an innocent friendship outside of your marriage where it all starts. The battle is intense strategically by Satan and His demons against marriages and families in this hour. But the wisdom being poured out, the graces and courage to preserver upon many is great as well. All of these things I allow to equip, to strengthen, to mature you, and purify you, My beloved ones.

“You must fight to teach others how to battle for their marriages and break every spell, evil wish, hex, and devilish wile off your spouse and reverse the curse. These strongholds you see, and demonic covenant agreements didn’t happen overnight nor will their transformation. Be patient and trust the work that I am doing and know that by doing this very thing many chains will be broken and bondages set loose off of them.

“Do it more than once if you have to, and on their birthdays are pivotal. Birthdays are very significant for each soul heavenly and otherwise and the kingdom of darkness knows this. So don’t let up, My brides, pray with intention and expectation that I am fighting for you, and with you in this, You will be victorious!”

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

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