Sabina Wurmbrand Speaks, Lose Your Life!

March 11, 2022

Hello, Brothers and Sisters and Heartdwellers Family. May we all receive great courage to lose our lives and gain it in Christ.

Yesterday, during our day of intercession for the world and the conflict going on, a reminder came to my mind randomly that I had registered to watch the movie “Sabina: Tortured for Christ, the Nazi Years”. It popped in my head while praying the Divine Mercy and when I looked it up it was the last day to watch it for free. I thought wow, Holy Spirit, that must have been you reminding me. This must be important for me to watch it.

The movie was so wonderfully made. And rather than showing you what she went through in the Nazi camps they told her love story. Her love story of finding Richard (her husband), finding Jesus, and loving her enemies. It was wonderful! There was a scene in there where the Nazis were just beginning to take over Romania. They were at a checkpoint that had not been there before. They had to show their IDs and if they were a Jew they would be taken immediately to prison. Her husband Richard, a former atheist, now a pastor, was very nervous, and they were behind a long line of cars. He told her that this is their last chance they could just run out of the car and escape because if not he would be imprisoned like all the other Jews. She had a Bible in her lap and read to him “Jesus said, ‘Whoever would save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will save it’”, giving him great courage to face what was ahead rather than fleeing and saving themselves. She told him that this was their mission. When they arrived at the checkpoint a nervous Richard handed the guard their identification, the guard got distracted by a conversation and never looked at the ID and just handed it right back to them. Relieved, Richard took their ID and drove off as they both smiled joyfully realizing God had not only protected them but intervened.

I was so moved and touched by that movie, especially their love for God and their love for each other as they took many risks to save others, putting their lives on the line. It ended with a powerful scene of her meeting the soldier who murdered her whole family. He was an atheist and Richard challenged him that God would reveal himself in his wife, that he was going to wake her up and tell her what he had done to her family and all he would receive was love, forgiveness, and a meal to eat. He didn’t believe it one bit. When Richard told Sabina she was in shock, then went out and not only hugged the man but kissed him telling him she had forgiven him, and he was forgiven. He broke down in tears, this strong, brash brute of a man became like a little child in her arms crying, completely broken by love—God’s love through her. I teared up amazed at the grace of God and at her courage. Then this soldier began to help them hide other soldiers so they could escape as well.

It was an amazing film. So in the morning, I opened up and my Gospel reading was:

Luke 9:24, For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will save it.

The words jumped out to me again, as the scene from the movie replayed in my mind. Then I felt so strongly that Ms. Sabina Wurmbrand wanted to speak to me. I kept pushing this idea off, but I couldn’t shake it. So upon receiving the Lord I came to Jesus.

Good morning, Jesus, what is on your heart?

Jesus began,

“My love for you and My brides knows no bounds. How I love you, the delights of My heart. In these tumultuous times, you’re living in, you bring My heart great, great, great consolation and joy when I look upon the earth and see such brilliant lights amidst the blanket of darkness upon the whole earth. The lights come forth from your heart, piercing the Heavens and bringing glory to My Father’s throne. We are strengthening all My brides for what is to come and the many missions that will be given.

“Sabina does desire to speak to you, and I desire for her to. Much wisdom can be gleaned from her. You both remind much of My Mother, in Her faithfulness to the Father’s will, Her love and compassion to always help those around Her, even Her enemies.”

Sabina began,

“Don’t doubt my beloved daughter and sister, I have watched over you in my heart and prayed fervently for you. How all of heaven rejoices over your faithfulness and your little mustard seed of faith that continues to grow every time you step out in faith in obedience to the Lord’s demands. They did a wonderful job capturing the heart of my life in that film. The heart of the gospel is love and forgiveness. This message is so needed right now in your day, in this hour as times and events begin to get worse. Be not dismayed, Mother Elisha, it will be the love of God and love of neighbor that will sustain you.

“Yes, Derrick will become much like my beloved Richard. Although there is a tug of war in his soul he will become a zealous servant of the Lord. Laying down his life, time and time again, for the sake of others, for the sake of love. Great courage he will be given, to fulfill the mission you both have. Both of you need each other, just as Richard and I did. In the moments of fear, he will be strong support of encouragement and in moments of cowardice you will be strong support of boldness to remind him, ‘whoever loses his life for the Lord’s sake will gain it’. You both will do valiantly and finish until the end.

“I want to speak to you about loving your enemies. This will be a staple in your lives and for all the brides of Christ. A time will come when you come face to face with hate, face to face with scoffers, mockers, those who want to put you to death or will even put some of your loved ones and friends to death for believing in the gospel. You must forgive and respond in love. These times you’re living in air conditioning for all of these virtues, and you must begin building yourself up in the holy faith. How does one do that? Re-reading the gospels, meditating on the beatitudes, and seeing Jesus in each soul no matter how wicked their actions, comments, or intentions. That is Jesus coming to you under their guise and needing to be touched by your love, to bring repentance to these twisted souls.

“Once war begins on your soil there will be many opportunities to help soldiers. Not just those of your own country but help all soldiers. For in God’s army we only have one enemy, Satan and our flesh, but no man is your enemy.”

As an aside, I saw a vision when the Lord called us to intercession. I was back in Texas, it felt like my old neighborhood and war was going on. I was with a group of people, it could’ve been my family, but a Chinese soldier showed up with a gun. It’s like he was lost and had crossed over into enemy territory. He was so scared of what we would do rather than him trying to kill us. We knew that many Chinese were here in America fighting us. He was so young, maybe 18 or 19, and was just shaking as if he didn’t want to be in this war. We gently told him it would be okay—to put his weapon down and we wouldn’t report him to American soldiers. He was so unsure and fearful, as we continued to reassure him that we were wanted to help him. We got him food and sheltered him from the American soldiers so that he wouldn’t be killed. Then I came out of the vision as I had tears streaming down my cheeks because I could feel his fear and how he just longed to go back home, see his family his mother, and father, and although a soldier he was scared of this war that was going on.

Sabina continued,

“See them as your brother and extend a hand. You have heard that going on in the Ukraine and Russia conflict. What a beautiful grace that has been poured out and how more beautiful, that people are responding. Giving shelter, food, and help to their supposed enemies. The power of love will trump evil every time, my brides. You may not see soldiers now around you, but there is the hurting, there are those who are angry, embittered with injustice, those who have been hurt by the church and now seek to bring it down. There are those who scoff, who make fun of your faith and discount all you say. Love them, forgive them all that the more.

“You will be faced with challenges ahead to give up, take the easy road, even protect yourselves and your family, but the Lord is calling for you all to be resilient. Do not flee the battles ahead, but courageously fight it head-on with Jesus at your side and all of Heaven cheering you on.

“If my beloved Richard and I gave in to the fear that had seduced the whole of Europe at that time, we would have never been able to save thousands of souls with God’s grace. We would have never seen the hearts of soldiers, prisoners turn to God and the Voices of the Martyrs would have been silenced. We had no idea the eternal impact it would make by our “yes”, by giving our lives to Jesus whole heartily in death or in life to do with it what He willed.

“Many of our loved ones and friends died. It was God’s will to spare our lives in the Nazi camp, that we may live to testify and spurn the hearts of the Churches in the west that had become dead and cold with complacency. My beloved Richard would never have stepped foot in the church that day which changed Mother Clare’s life and planted the seed which has now become Heartdwellers. You see, the mercy and the goodness of God it so great, when you say yes, and give him everything.”

Wow, amazing, guys. Mother Clare has shared in her testimony that Richard Wurmbrand came to her church as a guest speaker. When she was with her first husband and four children. He preached passionately about the cost to serve Jesus and then challenge everyone in the audience that they had a price and looked straight at Mother Clare and said, “what is your price”. She knew it was Jesus looking deep within her heart when He looked at her and she was seized with conviction. The Lord was calling them to go to a different country through the missionary organization YWAM but that would mean she would have to sell their new vehicle they had just gotten from her husband’s family, and she didn’t want to seem ungrateful, so she didn’t go. She missed the first call, but the Lord called again later on in her life and this time she responded as Richard Wurmbrand’s phrase would ring in her ear, “What is your price?”, as she finally said yes to Jesus. And here we all are.

Sabina continued,

“I will always be near to you, my beloved daughter, praying for you to receive much courage, for your life will mirror that of mine very much in the times to come. Find your courage and strength in the love Of God alone. You will have many, many, trials, but the Lord will spare your life so that you will be a testimony. As he has once told you before, you are not called to a physical martyrdom, but Mother Elisha, you have been given the great grace to die so that He may live. As your life and that of Derrick’s become a wellspring for all unto eternal life.

“Give it all away, my beloved brides, give it all away. Forgive those who hurt you and bless those who persecute you for great will your reward be in Heaven.”

That was the end of Sabina Wurmbrand’s message.

What a wonderful consolation. I’m so humbled to hear from her, another Cloud of Witness. If you do not know who Sabina Wurmbrand is, she and her husband Richard Wurmbrand began an underground ministry during WWII—hid many Jews, Nazi, and German soldiers. They smuggled food and goods. They were caught and imprisoned several times. In total, they spent 14 years in communist prisons—three of those years in solitary confinement, suffering and tortured much at the hands of their captors. When they got out of prison there was a price on Richard’s head which led them to the United States wherein in 1964, he testified before the Senate of the inhumane treatment of the prison camps. His writings and stores of persecuted Christians were spread all over the world and birthed their ministry Voice of the Martyrs.

They passed away within five months of each other as Sabina was 87 years of age when the Lord brought her home in August 2011. I am amazed at the insight the Lord gave me through her because I had a vision just this year of myself in a concentration camp. My hair was completely shaved off—dark circles around my eyes as I sighed and the scripture came to my mind, “and the living will envy the dead”.

I did think I was called to martyrdom until the Lord made that clear and now I know he will give me the grace to make it until the end during the tribulation but not without great suffering. I encourage you all to please go to and register to watch the movie for free. Or go to Voice of the Martyrs. They still have the link available. If it doesn’t work by the time this message goes up, you can donate any amount and get the DVD as a gift! It is so powerful and will resonate with all as we are watching conflict unfold right before our eyes. Let’s not pick sides but choose to love and forgive.

God bless you family, until the next message.

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