The Cry of The Poor: Children’s Hope

March 4, 2022

Hello, Brothers and Sisters and Heartdwellers Family.

This is the last ministry of our Cry of the Poor series. Thank you so much to all those who have responded and donated to help these ministries. God bless you!

Pastor Chama is so very special to me and to the Lord’s heart. He came to us several months ago asking for a small donation just to get a bicycle and some Bibles to share the gospel in his hometown in Zambia.

Several months later he came back asking for another donation and I was so surprised at the Lord’s generosity towards him as he told us to give him a large substantial donation every month for his ministry. Since then he has become not only a friend but a brother to me. He has gone out of his way to not only sow into his own ministry but use every donation given to help others and continues to bring so many souls to us in his area that are in need, so we can help them. He truly is a gem, another St. Francis in the making and I am so grateful the Lord brought him to us.

He had a vision recently from the Lord, as he stated to me, “The LORD gave me a vision as I was praying, in which I saw people around the Church throwing stones at the building trying to put it down. When I came near I noticed a certain part of the building was about to fall so I ran so fast go inside hold the part which was going down so that it wouldn’t fall. Then the dream just ended.” He asked me what this could mean and an interpretation. I sought the Lord and the Holy Spirit made me realize his vision sounded very similar to St. Francis’ call and the vision that was given to the Pope about his order.

First, St. Francis embarked on a journey to Rome to seek Pope Innocent’s approval of his new religious community, eventually called the “Order of Friars Minor” [usually referred to as “Franciscans” today]. Pope Innocent was skeptical of Francis’ initial Rule [the plan for the community] and dismissed him and his followers. Then, Pope Innocent had a powerful dream.

“Truly,” cried the Pontiff, “this is indeed the man who has been called to sustain and to repair the Church of God.” And in explanation of these words, he related how, some time before, after a day on which he had been anxiously considering the misfortunes of the Church, he saw in his sleep a beggar supporting the Lateran Basilica, the church which was tottering and ready to fall. The beggar was holding up one of the walls of the church—and it was St Francis. Then, bending towards the man whom he believed was called to this high mission, he embraced him paternally, and unreservedly, but in words only, gave his approval to the rule which St Francis presented. St Francis has since had a great impact on the world through zeal and humble poverty.

So we have now embraced Pastor Chama and his ministry paternally and unreservedly doing whatever we can to help him rebuild God’s church in Samfya Zambia as he looks [for] and searches out the poor and needy bring them to us to help them as he puts the needs of his church and orphanage last. He truly is an amazing soul.

His story began at age three when his father died leaving him with his mother and three other brothers. Then at age 10, his mother died leaving him an orphan. Life became very difficult. He almost had to drop out of school, when the Lord brought an organization to help him with his school fees, and he was able to go to college and get a degree in theology. Being an orphan himself, he felt keenly the pain of children who were poor and in need. So the Lord sent him back to his village to establish a church and orphanage called, “Children’s Hope”, to share the grace and love of God that he had so readily experienced.

Here is Pastor Chama and the Children’s Hope Ministry with pictures and videos of all the souls he has touched since we began sending monthly donations to him.

This morning Pastor Chama visited a certain community school and learned about the needs of the children. Some needed uniforms, shoes, books, pens, pencils, and literacy books just to mention a few. He purchased 10 uniforms for 10 children and literacy books.

Here he sent a photo of a man in need, who has Aids [autoimmune disease] and Tb [Tuberculosis]. He was sick for the past three months with no medical care and his feet were swollen. He needed financial support for him, and his wife to get medical attention. Few people in Zambia come out and disclose their status because they will be shunned from their communities. Because he brought this young man to our attention we were able to help him!

Then he met a widow at the New Day Celebration he did for the children, where a boy who is unable to walk showed up with his mother. We found out the boy couldn’t go to school because he had no money for school fees. The mother of six is a widow and lives in extreme poverty. The young boy’s legs were all covered in dirt because he had to crawl on the ground on his knees to get to the toilet.

We were not only able to help the boy get school fees, and a new wheelchair but also helped his mother start a poultry business to sustain and support the family! God is so good and thanks to Pastor Chama for bringing this family to our attention.

Pastor Chama’s vision is to build an orphanage and buy sewing machines and carpentry tools so that widows, young ladies, and men can learn a trade and provide for themselves, so they don’t fall into severe poverty as so many have in that country.

His needs:
Since donating to him, he has been able to almost complete the building of his church and is still in need of cement to finish the floor and $900 for a 35×100-meter plot of land to build the orphanage.

The ministry needs are Bibles, Clothes and Blankets, Shoes, materials for uniforms, Soaps and Lotions, School bags, cameras, and toys for young children to play with.

We will be sending a 55-gallon barrel of items to pastor Chama by the 21st of this month that will be shipped to Zambia so if you would like to donate any of these items that would be greatly appreciated. Send too P.O. Box 1113 Taos, NM 8751, You can send us a donation on his behalf or contact him directly at Children Hope on Facebook and email him at

Pastor Chama has also brought two young ladies from college, Grace, and Patricia, who are in need of remaining school fees in order to go to school. One is in need of $1700 and Grace is in need of $1100. The Lord has called us to give $500 towards their outstanding school fees. So Patricia is still in need of $1200 to continue going to college, and Grace is in need of $600 to continue going to college as well.

So, please family, if you are able to support and help Pastor Chama to help these young ladies, it would be so greatly appreciated.

And here is a video and picture of him will 25 bags of Milli-Meals to help feed the mothers and the hungry.

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