The Cry of the Poor: Mutebi’s Orphanage

March 3, 2022

Hello, Brothers and Sisters and Heartdwellers Family.

The Lord has put it on my heart to do a series called the “Cry of the Poor”. It’s a song He plays on my playlist in worship very often, calling Heartdwellers Ghana to give more to help those who are poor and in need around us.

He has even admonished the entire group for being lazy in charity—in giving. I have a feeling it’s not just us but many others on the channel who are lax in giving. You reason with yourself, “I don’t have that much, let me get richer, a better job; let me get a higher salary; let me save first and then I will give to the poor.” Give the widow’s mite—the little you have, and the Lord will bless it. Or you have been jaded by corrupt ministries or persons asking for money when they were not being honest. Well, do not let that stop you from helping those in need. That is actually a tactic of the enemy to cause many hearts to grow cold and hardened towards giving when you have been taken advantage of. It’s never our job to investigate how the Lord’s money is used when you give it. You just be obedient, and the Holy Spirit will do the rest. Remember as well, charity covers a multitude of sins.

1 Peter 4:8-9
Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. Show hospitality to one another without complaining.

Ouch! I’m not always faithful to that!

When you give to others, that covers you from any judgment that would befall you because of your sins. You see, the more you give to others, the more the Lord covers you with his mercy.

This year, the Lord has really called us to a greater level of generosity and hospitality as he has given us the scripture,

James 2:15-16, What if a Christian does not have clothes or food and one of you says to him, “Good-bye, keep yourself warm and eat well”—but then you don’t give him what he needs, how does that help him?


There are many souls who have begun asking this ministry for donations or wanting money to help the poor around them, and I was one of the jaded people. I didn’t realize it until the Lord exposed my heart when we began to get many requests every week. I found myself thinking, but Lord, we’re saving this money for the City of God Community in Ghana. And are they really telling the truth? I didn’t realize how selfish I was and trying to hold on to what we have rather than giving it away as the Lord has instructed us to do in,

Luke 6:30, “Give to everyone who asks.”

As we went to Bible Promises, He would reveal one by one how He wanted us to give, and [in] substantial amounts. He then brought three ministries to the forefront to really sow into, pour into, and help in a great way. I am so glad I listened to the Lord because the leaders of these ministers are so generous, and their stories are so beautiful.

They don’t get as much help as they need because people like myself disregarded them as being just another person using children to get funds rather than real people called and anointed by the Lord and desperately in need of help. And now I am so honored that we can help them. Why am I sharing this with you Heartdwellers family? Because the Lord is wanting me to bring these ministries before you to see how you can help us to help them. The Lord has asked us to ship supplies to each of these three ministries, Mutebi Orphanage in Uganda, Pastor Chama’s Children Hope in Zambia, and fountain of Life ministries in Kenya, I am bringing before you in the next three videos. I know you all will be touched when you see the precious children, their smiles, and them thanking Heartdwellers. Will you join us in supporting these ministries or even sending us donations to give to them we would so appreciate it.

Here is Mutebi’s story:

Mutebi Emmanuel is the founder of the orphanage. He was born in 1991 by his mother who passed away at his birth. His father died shortly afterward due to the grief of the loss of his wife, stress, and loneliness. So he never got a chance to know what if feels like to have a Mother and Father. So then he decided to start up an orphanage to look after the poor because of what he went through as an orphan. He says, he went through a lot that he can’t explain. Now the founder of Mutebi’s Orphanage, located in the east part of Uganda’s Jinja District. This organization helps poor children, orphans, widows, and children with disabilities. The organization is operating in seven prominent districts in Uganda under a program called, Tweyambe. He takes care of twenty-one children. Fourteen have families who are impoverished and seven are orphans. He is looking for funds to expand an education program, for medication, evangelism efforts, and a sanitization program for the children. They are currently renting but would love to have a permanent home. He also would like to set up projects that can make them self-sufficient. As of now, they grow their own corn. He is praying for God to send good people who can not only work with them but provide monthly support for food, clothes, mattress among other needs.

Wow, amazing how the Lord used his pain to bring about his purpose to help other children. Here is Mutebi Orphanage.

[see video]

If you would like to help in supporting Mutebi and the children you can donate children’s books from the age of 5-14 which he asked for as we prepare to send him a box of supplies. Or you can make a donation to us and note it for Mutebi’s Orphanage, and we will add it to our monthly support we provide for him.

God bless you, family, and thank you so much for your generosity!

To reach Mutebi directly please like their facebook page and message him;

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