Freed From The Shackles Of Religion And Pharisaism – Anastasia’s Testimony (Part 2)

February 15, 2022

A month after I came to Mother Clare’s channel, she published a message about religious bigots («There Are No Bigots in Heaven & I Had a Religious Spirit», I would recommend that everyone read or listen to this message, I will provide a link to it below). At first, I didn’t understand what this message was about. I realized only a several of years later that it referred DIRECTLY to me. I’ll explain now.

The fact is that we are taught in the Eastern Orthodox Church, that it was the ORTHODOX Church the Lord Jesus founded in the 1st century AD, and that the truth is preserved in its FULL, INTACT form ONLY in the Orthodox Church, and therefore it is possible to be saved ONLY in the Orthodox Church. We are taught that in the 11th century there was a split (schism) in the Orthodox Church because the western part of the Orthodox Church fell into heresy. Therefore the holy fathers of the eastern part of the Orthodox Church cut it (the western part of the Orthodox Church) off from the Body of Christ through anathema. It was only after this event that the western part of the Church became known as the Catholic Church. That’s what they teach us. Although, as I later learned, studying the history of the church, everything was quite the opposite in the sense that initially, the Church of Christ did not have any special name. It was one, universal, general, or ecumenical. So, in Russian it was called “universal”, in Greek, the same word sounds like “caPHolic” (καθολικός) [in English it is pronounced as [ˈkæfəlɪk]], and in Latin the same word sounds like “caTHolic” (katholikos) [in English it is pronounced as [ˈkæθəlɪk]]. And that is why the first seven councils that took place before the Great Schism in the 11th century are called “Ecumenical (Universal, or General) Councils” in Russian, or “Capholic Councils” in Greek, or “Catholic Councils” in Latin. For the first time, it became clear and obvious to me as to a translator!!! That is, before the Great Schism, the church was simply called “Universal”, or “Capholic”, or… “Catholic”. If any of you were interested in this question, it was after the Great Schism that the eastern part of the Church became known as the “Orthodox Capholic Church” (in the Greek pronunciation), or… “Orthodox Catholic Church” (in the Latin pronunciation), or… “Orthodox Universal Church” (in the Russian pronunciation).

So, in the Orthodox Church, we are also taught that Catholics and Protestants are heretics. We are instilled with hatred and dislike for Catholics and Protestants, but especially for Catholics. We are taught that heresy is a mortal sin, and since Catholics and Protestants are heretics, we are forbidden to pray with them, it is considered a mortal sin. We are literally being intimidated by the fact that this is a mortal sin. Catholic saints are not considered saints among the Eastern Orthodox Church, but they are considered as deceived people who have fallen into heresy and charm (delusion). I don’t want to repeat verbatim what they say about them, because it’s all very unpleasant for me. This attitude towards the Catholic Church is supported by the spiritual authority of the holy fathers, hierarchs, books, teachings, stories, dreams, revelations, and visions.

So, I came to Mother Clare’s channel with all this “baggage”. I treated Protestants much better than Catholics, and even with sympathy because it was through the testimony of a Pentecostal woman that I turned to God, but I felt a persistent dislike and hostility towards Catholics.

And so it continued until the spring of 2020, it was another turning point for me (in general, it is the springtime of the year that is a landmark for me for some reason). The Lord opened my eyes to the Catholic Church, to the Orthodox Church, to the spirits of Religion and Pharisaism and literally pulled me out of the Orthodox spiritual, religious prison in which I was. The Lord saved me again, this time from a religious prison. Escape from this prison in the spirit was very hard and difficult for me, I was very scared. This reminds me of the story from Rick Joyner’s book “The Call”, about spiritual-religious prisons (I also recommend you to read this book and other books by this author, he describes very accurately what happens to the Church in the spirit).

By the way, the fact that I was in a religious prison did not stop the Lord: in the summer of 2017, He called me to launch a Youtube channel and translate Mother Clare’s messages into Russian. That is, I was on Mother Clare’s channel for four years and at the same time, I was in an Orthodox religious prison. It was in the spring of 2020 that I felt that I had finally come out of this prison in the spirit, or rather, I felt that the Lord had brought me out of it and freed me from all religious spirits.

In the winter of 2020, I received the baptism in the Holy Spirit with the sign of speaking in tongues. (I will try to compile a separate message about this since this topic is almost completely unknown in liturgical churches). And a year later, in the spring of 2021, the Lord made me a priest.

In general, as I later found out, there are a lot of lies and prejudices in the Eastern Orthodox Church about the Catholic Church and Catholics, and these lies and prejudices have been around for many centuries. There are also a lot of lies and prejudices about Protestants. While studying the Catholic Church, I discovered for myself that it is much more adequate in many aspects than the Eastern Orthodox Church (again, I do not scold or advertise any church, I just share my experience). I also studied Protestant churches, communicated with them, and I literally encountered hatred for Catholics and Orthodox Christians, especially for the Mother of God. That is, I have experienced hatred from both sides, – on both sides of the barricades – from historical liturgical churches towards Protestant churches, as well as from Protestant churches towards historical liturgical churches.

And now I dream that this bloody enmity and civil war in the spirit between Christians of different faiths and denominations will stop, that all these lies and prejudices that divide us will be revealed, that Orthodox Christians will come out of their spiritual-religious prisons, stop hating Catholics and Protestants and instead show them and the whole world a living, real Christ, and not religion, rules and rituals. I dream that Protestants will also come out of their spiritual-religious prisons and embrace in their hearts the truth about the Holy Eucharist, the Mother of God, and the great cloud of witnesses. I dream of the unity of the Church, not of the unity of church religious organizations, but of the unity of ordinary believers who love Christ with all their hearts. The liturgical churches have what the Protestant churches do not have. They have the Holy Eucharist and other Sacraments performed by the Holy Spirit, as well as the intercession of the great cloud of witnesses. Protestant churches have what the liturgical churches do not have. They have the ministry of the Holy Spirit – the baptism in the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit in action, as well as very beautiful worship songs. In short, we need each other, guys.

By the way, guys, the Mother of God is not God, She does not replace God in any sense – not even close. For me She is a Friend, Mother, and a VERY powerful Intercessor. I ask Her to pray for me in the same way as I make such a request to my brothers and sisters in Christ who are still on Earth. I can personally testify that every time I turned to Her in hard and difficult situations, She always helped me very quickly. Through Her prayers, my difficult situations were always resolved quite easily. What does She do when She receives my request for prayer? She goes to God and prays to Him about it with me or works on what I need to change in myself before the Lord can give me any grace. Jesus loves and respects His Mother VERY much; She has a VERY big influence on Him. And while He can refuse us something, He can refuse Her almost nothing. This is the miracle and secret of our beloved Blessed Mother Mary. And, of course, it is very hurtful for Him, and He is very upset when we, Christians, disrespect His beloved Mother and insult Her. So, guys, I encourage you not to be afraid of Her and boldly involve Her in your prayers, She is happy to join you in your prayers.

So, I worked in a big company until 2015, as a wave of mass layoffs began across the country, and I was left without a job. I should add that during all this time after graduation from the university, I had nothing to do with foreign languages at all. I had forgotten quite a lot. In order not to forget them, one would need to constantly train them by reading, speaking, and translating texts. I had not done that. And here, I remember another moment that I had as a child: when I was 3 years old, I remember that I spoke to God with all my heart and told Him that I really wanted to know English and asked Him to help me with this. Why did I need English at the age of 3? I do not know, but I remember that I knew for sure that God heard me and that He would help me with this. Naturally growing up, I completely forgot about this request of mine, but God did not forget! And when He brought me to Mother Clare’s channel in 2016, in some amazing way, English seemed to come alive in my head. This was a miracle of God at work here.

Then I had several years of unemployment, and, in the end, I decided that I no longer wanted to work in an office with documents and that I would like to do something creative and more interesting. I started studying to be a florist and got a job in a flower shop, making bouquets and flower compositions.

So, from 2017 to 2020, I worked in a flower shop and at the same time translated the messages. I was very physically tired, as my work schedule was 2/2 (I worked for 2 days, rested for 2 days, worked from 9am to 9pm, was on my feet all the work time). On my days off I did translations. And in the summer of 2020, two Heartdwellers from among my subscribers began to send me donations, although I did not ask for donations. The money that they sent was not a lot but it was enough for me to leave worldly job and fully devote myself to the work of the Lord, becoming a full-time minister. The Lord confirmed to me then that this was His will for me.

And here, guys, taking this opportunity, I want to thank you all very much for your support, because without you all this would have been impossible – it would have been impossible to devote so much time to this ministry and work on the Russian-speaking channel of Heartdwellers – we are doing this together, you are in the full sense of the word, those who keep this ministry afloat with your prayers and donations. Thank you so much!

During this time (from 2017 to 2020) my health deteriorated greatly. Later I found out that I had iron-deficiency anemia and other health problems. By 2020, I began to get physically tired very quickly. I got to the point when I didn’t even have the strength to get out of bed and just stand in one place in an upright position for a couple of minutes. I didn’t know what to do, the doctors didn’t find anything special. I was helped by a friend of mine, who advised me to contact a very competent nutritionist. The nutritionist examined me, sent me to do a VERY detailed blood test (the problem was not only to do this analysis, the main thing was to interpret it correctly afterwards), according to the results of the examination, she prescribed a healthy diet for me, which also included taking the necessary vitamins and minerals, as well as daily intake of a large amount of clean water, and excluded sugar and ALL sweets, goodies, chocolate, and so on. It all helped me to improve my health, but I still have health problems, including iron-deficiency anemia. It’s a mystery to me why this happens, since I take iron, it increases in my body for a while, and then begins to fall again. And so it is constantly: I take it, it increases, then falls again. As a result, I still get physically tired very quickly, I have constant physical weakness, a feeling of weakness, fatigue, I don’t sleep well at night, I don’t get enough sleep, and I want to sleep all the time during the day, and I seem to have a fog in my head. And yes – I can’t fast at all now, in the sense that if I don’t eat meat, I will completely weaken physically. My only fast now is to abstain from ALL sweets, chocolate and goodies.

I am telling you all this not to complain, but so that you understand my condition and my situation. I carry all this as my cross and every day, with God’s help, I just make my way through all the difficulties, weakness, fatigue, drowsiness, and fog in my head. The Lord gives me strength and supports me as spiritual opposition from the enemy and from our “friends” is always present. Some days I feel better, and I am able to do more things. And some days I feel so bad and weak that I can neither pray, nor translate messages. On days like these, I can’t even think about anything. That is why I REALLY need your prayers, dear Heart Dwellers, please pray for me and for this ministry.

Regarding my marital status – I am single and have no children. My mom lives with me, she is 77 years old, but the Lord gives her strength. And, although my family has an Orthodox background, my mom is still not saved, she is a completely worldly person with worldly standards and her own view of how I need to live. She doesn’t accept my Christian values. She doesn’t like my  lifestyle; she has her own vision of what my life should be. In a word, my mom and I have a difficult relationship, but I try to treat her with patience and love. This is a good school of virtue for me, but at the same time, I do not allow her to control me and manipulate my life. Of course, I don’t always manage to walk in virtues, I often fall and make mistakes. But I am grateful to my mom for everything she has done and does for me, for currently helping me by cooking and doing most of the household chores. Since I do not have the physical strength or time to do it, I get tired very quickly. I pray for her salvation.

It took me a very long time to gather my courage and thoughts to write this testimony about my life and what God has done for me. It was difficult for me to start somewhere, and at first, I even had concerns about what other people, my friends, acquaintances, family, religious Christians, my religious brothers and sisters from the Eastern Orthodox Church, etc. would think of me. But guess what? I have made a lot of mistakes in my life, I have messed things up, especially on my Christian path, when I was a religious Pharisee and a bigot. There came a point when I gave God all the charred wreckage of my life (what I MYSELF did with my life), and I told Him: “Lord, here is the wreckage of my life, take it, please, and now do with my life what YOU want to do with it.” He took it all and started rebuilding my life and shaping me – He’s still doing it. I still need to change very much to become a true Christian, not in the eyes of people, but in God’s eyes. And now I can say with confidence that I don’t care what PEOPLE would think of me, the main thing for me is what GOD would think of me because I owe everything to Him, as well as to the intercession of the Mother of God Mary.

May the Lord bless you, beloved Heartdwellers, I love you and pray for you. And I hope that in the near future, with God’s help, I will be able to make a message for you about the baptism in the Holy Spirit. God bless you.

Link to the message “How The Lord Delivered Me From The Religious Spirit And Bigotry”:

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