Saying Goodbye

February 7, 2022

Hello brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers family, I give you this message with a heavy heart that one of our sisters in the community passed away. We all gotten better but she just kept getting worse and had to be taken to the Hospital.

In the previous message the Lord gave us a word we could stand on that he wouldn’t let our enemies triumph over us. So I was standing on that word when everything looked bleak. Mother and Father sensed the Lord was going to take her home, but I was fighting to have faith. However, when we got a call from the nurse saying there was nothing they could do, I felt like the breath was taken out of me. I couldn’t understand and even comprehend this possibility. I imagined she would be back in a week or so—and I was faced with another contradiction. I was put to the test in the series of Total Surrender I gave you guys—when you pray for something and the opposite happens, then what?

We had prayed, fasted, interceded for the community, had a worship night where we did warfare as we stood on God’s promise, and breaking curses of death. But now I was here—I was face to face with this test just on the heels of doing that teaching for you guys and I was struggling with resentment, confusion, utter discouragement and realized I still hadn’t given the Lord everything. I was too attached to this outcome, and I was struggling to let go. I found myself crying and crying and crying. I hadn’t cried like this for so long over death because heaven had become so real to me. But this was hitting me so hard. Others in the community where elated at the joy of our sister finally being with her beloved spouse as I kept telling myself, pull yourself together be strong, you should be happy too, where is your faith? But that mask was cracked as I felt Holy Spirit remind me that no I don’t have to be strong; I don’t have to pull myself together, I don’t have to be overjoyed. It is okay to mourn. “So mourn and grieve over your beloved sister and allow Me to comfort you.” So I had days of random thoughts and tears would flow. Everything about the mountain reminded me of her; our walks, our times of worship together, our deep talks of all the Lord’s promises to her and me. I went to Blessed Mother’s prayer tree where we met often to just cry it out before Mama. I just couldn’t understand it. And what was more painful, was that the Lord wasn’t giving me any readings or worship songs to comfort me, which was so unlike him. I was aching so badly inside, looking for a word, a line, a song to let me know that it was his will for her to go, and he understood my pain. Finally, in my tears, I cried out in my heart, Lord you are the comforter where are you?

Then I got a reading from “Imitation of Mary” about suffering, and it read,

“The Lord has a purpose for all of this. All glory and honor to Him He could’ve easily prevented this but chose instead to allow it to form me in holiness. Bless Him”

I thought about how I shared with you guys, how St. Faustina blessed the Lord in everything. So finally I humbled myself bowed my heart amidst my tears and blessed Him.

After receiving the Lord I poured out my heart to him.

Lord this hurts so bad, I didn’t think this would happen. The thought of not having our sister returning has brought me profound sadness in my heart. It seems others are taking it better, but my heart aches for her. The loss of her unique laughter, her boisterous personality, and her motherly hugs. I thought I saw death differently, that it would be so easy to let go of a loved one because I know they are with you. But the only way I can speak to you is in tears.

I thought she would get better. I was hanging on to your word you gave about “Lazarus would arise” presuming it was for her and now I am hit with the most painful contradiction as I am assailed again with doubts and struggling to have confidence in you again. You have put me to the test, Lord, of total surrender when what you pray for doesn’t happen, how will you react, and I have failed. I am a mess, Lord., I am hanging on by the thread of your Mother’s mantle to trust you. Jesus, I do trust you, Jesus I trust you, Jesus I trust you.

“My beloved little one, I am here to comfort you, we are all here to comfort you.”

Holy Spirit?

Holy Spirit responded,

“Yes beloved, I am the comforter, and you did cry out to me this morning. My spouse’s mantle is enshrouded around you. Receive Her peace, Her love and comfort as well. As a Mother, how well she understands loss and having to give up someone you love to the will of the Father. Your prayers, your faith, your worship have not been in vain, Beloved. Don’t allow the enemy of your soul to lie to you. He is berating you with so many thoughts in this moment of trial and weakness. I love your beloved sister, more than you can imagine and much more than you and this community have loved her.

“I had plans in store for her and she consented to carry this cross of sickness. We came to her giving her the decision to return or to finish her work here in Heaven. Although it would cause great temporary sorrow, she saw the fruit her death would bring and so much life that would spring forth from graces released if she entered Heaven to be with Us. So she consented, for the sake of the salvation of her son and the work I have purposed for him. All of these things will unfold because of My goodness. I use everything for your good. Trust me, My beloved little one, this will be so very good for you, the community, and her family.

“Continue to pray for her doing the Novena that she may escape the fires of purification and enter straight to be with her Beloved. I know this has been so hard for you but be at peace now, Beloved. Celebrate who she was when she was with you and celebrate even more that your beloved sister has been found worthy and what she will become in this life. More alive than you can imagine, more present to you just by a whisper of her name and very much assisting you in all you do, for her end times ministry will began. She will be like that of Therese, doing much good on earth in these last days. She will have much favor with the Father, being the first martyr of the community.”

Martyr, Lord?

“Yes, she consecrated her life, a life of white martyrdom and she consented in laying down her life for the salvation of souls. She will be considered among the martyrs and will have great clout before the throne, interceding for your community and every cause brought up to ensure the Father’s will, will be done in your lives and the life of this community, and your community as well. So do not cry any longer, do not be sad, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”

As an aside I got a reading two weeks earlier during our live Mother of Mercy Chaplet session on Facebook. I didn’t bring the “Imitation of Mary” book which I usually use to get readings before we began our prayer, so I used Mother Clare’s book, “Hope in Winter Comes” and got the chapter “I am the Mother of The Martyrs”.

She said, I am the Mother of Martyrs. Do not suppose that those who die in the Chastisement as innocent victims of circumstance, are not counted with the holy martyrs. I am the Queen of Martyrs. The innocent victims of the Chastisement will be in Heaven, with me. They have so much to look forward to. I am giving this message to you for all of those who will lose loved ones—that their grief will not be unbearable. The innocent victims of the sweeping hand of the Justice of God will be servants in my palace in Heaven.

Let the families of these souls know that great is the glory they shall enjoy in my holy presence and in the Courts of the Most High. The prayers they prayed for their loved ones will become the prayers their loved ones will pray for them in my very presence. They are not to grieve long and hard, for those who have gone before them shall have received the better portion.

After sharing that live I thought to myself, Lord, could one of my loved ones die this year? Who could it be? Not realizing this word would indeed come to pass two weeks later.

Holy Spirit continued,

“Pray now for her sister, her beloved son, and her family, for salvation and conversion. Graces are being released now and we need them to respond. Pray for her sister that she wouldn’t run back to the world as she is tempted to do but trust me that I have a plan for her here and surrender all to My most merciful heart. There is still much purification and sanctification that needs to be done in her soul and that is why she is still here as I continue to prepare for her Heaven. Pray for her son against any bitterness and resentful feeling towards me. That he would see the life his mother lived, her sacrifice, her love for Me, and be moved at his heart to serve Me with his whole life.

“Beloved ones, there will be many of your loved ones taken home this year. I want to prepare your hearts to be all together detached. In your surrender you have given Me everything and you must trust in My goodness. Death is not the end for a soul especially those who die in grace. None of your prayers for your loved ones have fallen to the wayside. If I decide to take them in their youth, bless Me for having them escape further defilement and impurity of this world. For the younger a soul dies the purer they are in Heaven, so great is the glory of these little ones. And if I take them in their old age they have finished their course and all things left unfinished will be finished in Heaven.

“The world is getting darker and more difficult with time. It is My mercy if anyone of your loved ones are taken to escape the hour of tribulation. There is so much good done in suffering and even in death, so much, by My beloved ones. There is nothing to fear. When We take a soul that belongs to Us, it is by their consent, especially when people are praying for them. We are not dead to the prayers of the loved ones although many pray selfishly wanting to keep them here. We see the greater good and what would bring Us the greatest glory. Then, we present it to that soul to make it their decision and in that state a soul is more yielded to the will of God and thus consents to what would be for the greater good of the salvation of souls. Pray always with great faith and greater detachment to what you will and in all things just as Jesus said, “nevertheless your will be done” even if it’s a contradiction. Surrender all, My beloved ones, and hold tightly to nothing besides the will of God.

“Remember, with your beloved sister it is not good bye, but see you soon, very soon. Those who die in Christ are so much closer to you than when they were on this Earth. They are now one in the Lord with no inhibitions, no ulterior motives and no self-love or self-seeking left. They are made perfect and can love you perfectly, see you perfectly and see all situations from the perfect perspective. That’s why the intercessions of the saints are so powerful because they pray the
perfect will of God. All they want for you is what the Lord wants. There is none of the selfish attachments that you have on earth. Do entrust all to Him, let go and
know that this refiner’s fire and the life of your loved one offered up has born and will bear copious fruit.”

That was the end of Holy Spirits message.

You all are aware of Mother Magdalene she, shared her testimony with you a few months ago called “From Illuminati Slave to Priest”. She was my fellow priest sister, and dear friend. I hadn’t grieved for someone like this in a long time. Usually I am so overjoyed that my loved one has passed on but the Lord, in his mercy, allowed me to feel such deep grief so I could really learn to mourn with those who mourn despite my faith and joy in them going home and have greater compassion to those who lose their loved ones. So I am grateful. Then during one of my moments of grief, in worship I had a vision of her; I was walking up to the front house hermitage where she stayed and she opened the door with her habit on and smiled and said, “Cheer up” and raised up her arm and said, “all for souls, remember?” Oh how I laughed and cried. Truly her life was #allforsouls.

The Lord, being so faithful in the details of everything, had her airlifted to another hospital in Santa Fe for treatment. And her son, the next day, decided to take her off life support. The hospital allowed us to go and give her last rights and to be with her when she took her last breath. You see the first hospital only allowed visitors who were vaccinated, could you believe that? So the Lord worked out everything so we could see her and say our, not good byes, but see you soon’s. Once they took her off life support they said it could be a while—minutes or even days—it was up to the patient—and they thought she would take a while. I held her hand and she opened her eyes for just a moment, and I told her we were all at peace now. We all were ready to let her go, that she could go, and her son said the same. She then closed her eyes and took her last breath and left. Father Ezekiel said he saw throngs of angels surrounding her carrying her to heaven.

She has a son, named Lamont who is in Texas and had visited the refugees this past summer. He is like a brother to me and all of us now and is her only child. If any of you would like to sympathy flowers, cards, or gifts I think it would be such a great blessing to him and something he would cherish for a long time. If you’re interested in doing that please email, and we will provide you with his mailing address.

Oh, Magdalene, we love you, and you will be dearly missed. St. Mary Magdalene of Sacred Heart Refuge, pray for us.

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