Henry Gruver, Cities Destroyed

January 29, 2022

Cities Destroyed
A message by Henry Gruver

Now the next vision that I want to finish this segment up with is this;

In this vision, I watched the hand of God—because God said, “I will not let utter annihilation take place in this nation. In the latter days I will gather the wicked who have no heart to repent. I will gather them as I gathered the animals into Noah’s Ark—and I shut the door. I will gather them into cities that are marked for utter destruction. There will be in massive conferences and conventions, they will be parading down the streets in the nude and all their [inaudible] and all their
demands and their haughtiness when the bombs hit, and you will see them no more. If you don’t believe that—that’s Psalms Chapter 37, “You will look for them” the word of God says, “…and they will be ashes under your feet.”

I say to you, if you are watching this right now and you are haughty in your spirit, and you say “…Away with this Christian stuff and all this radical Christianity”, I plead with you, it is time to repent. Behold, today is the day of salvation. If you don’t turn now you will be drawn by the Spirit of God, and when the destruction
hits this nation, it will take you out and you will be ashes under the believers’ feet. The word of God says it.

In that vision, I saw missiles coming up over the coastal range. They were cruise missiles.  I explained them to a gentleman just a few days ago who’s an official from the Pentagon and he asked me many questions about these missiles that came in out of the sea—that came off the sea —they were fired from the sea, and he said, “Henry, those were cruise missiles”. He said, “We’ve been worried about this because”, he said, “you see, these subs, coolant subs and Typhoon subs are all loaded with cruise missiles. It’s cruise missiles that are undetectable and we’re afraid they’re going to take out our strategic command centers. 

I saw them coming, but I heard the voice of Go, a powerful voice behind me say, “Watch what I will do!” And all of a sudden as those missiles were just coming up over the coastal range—ash shot out in plumes above and right in the path of them, those cruise missiles are literally powered by turbofan cruise missiles—by turbo engines. They are made just like a jet engine—ash gets into them, and they shut down. In the vision they went like this [making a spiraling downward motion with his hand] and they went down, they didnt even explode—failsafe systems in them. God is going to have areas marked across this nation where no penetration will be.  They will not be hurt. I saw areas of giant plexiglass areas over cities—certain cities— I will not name to you the cities. You obey the Lord He will make sure you are there. Just like he’s gonna make the wicked be in the wrong place, He’ll have the righteous be in the right place if you will be honorable with. Lord. I saw masses of military men shooting everybody, insight. They split ranks and went around these dome areas and places where people were on their faces praying they didn’t even know they split ranks. They didn’t even look at each other when they came back shoulder to shoulder as if to say, “Where have you been?” It was the Spirit of the Lord that protected them. And that’s what God says he will do in this day.

Then I saw that the masses coming in of troops in some areas across this nation. 

Again, I heard the thundering voice saying, “Watch what I will do!” and all of sudden volcanic eruptions of lava begin to flow out of these with these places and rivers of lava—I saw them flow sideways on mountains and create walls of fire around areas. And the righteous were protected in those areas. Tanks don’t go through lava. Troops don’t walk through them. 

So the planes—next came the fighter planes and the bombers and again the thundering voice say, “Watch what I will do!” And as they came in, again the plumes of ash shot up in the path of them and those that God were protecting, the planes never reached them, they crashed and burned. 

God has a plan people, but I want to tell you something. If you want to be a part of His plan, you got to walk and talk with him. You’ve got to begin to communion and fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ. You’ve got to stop calling this that we’re talking about, gloom and doom. It is NOT gloom and doom., it’s the pleadings of God. It’s the judgment of God. The wrath is soon to follow. Do you want the judgment of God? In Psalms Chapter 37 it says in verse 10, the righteous talk of his judgment all the day long. It is not unrighteous to talk about the judgment of God. It is the word of God. The righteous to seek His judgment for in his judgment we become righteous. Then it says, “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God”. [Matthew 5:8] 

I want to see him in the catching away. You better believe it, but I want to see him down here. I’ve faced too much in my life. I’ve faced too many guns and knives in my life, and I’ve survived them. I’ve survived 27 minutes dead! I’ve survived armies round, and terrorists around me, I’ve gone into their hideouts, and I’ve come out alive. Because the Lord protected me and if he’ll protect me, he will protect you. 

I’m not giving you a message of gloom and doom. I’m giving you a message of warning. Behold, today is the day of salvation. Today is the day of the Lord—not tomorrow, TODAY!

Events are getting ready to snap, crackle and pop around this world so fast and God is wanting you and I as his people to be on the victor’s side and not the victim’s side.

I’ll end with this; I asked the Lord about all these camps, like government camp that I mentioned to you, and I said, “Lord, what about Auschwitz and all these different places where so many were imprisoned and killed?” And the Lord answered me and said this, “Different season, different generation. I promised that when this generation comes forth it will not pass until all things spoken by the law and the prophets be fulfilled”.

All things talks of Psalms 91, Psalms 37, Psalms 2: The kings of the Earth have set themselves in array, against the Lord and against His anointed. But the Lord shall sit in the heavens. [Psalms 2:2, 4]

Will He chew His nails to the quick and say, “Oh no, they’re going to destroy all my people and I can’t do a thing about it.”
It doesn’t say that people. It says he is going to sit in the heavens and laugh and hold them in derision and say, hold on. Yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Mount Zion, ask of me and I’ll give you the heathen. [Psalms 2:2,4,6,8]

God so loves the world, that he doesn’t want any to parish. That’s the heathen. He don’t want to give him to his ashes under your feet. He wants to give them to you redeemed. He wants a mighty revival to take place across the land. 


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