Going in the Spirit to the Suffering 1

January 2, 2022

Hello brothers and sisters and Heart Dwellers family. May we all receive great faith and love to go in the Spirit to comfort the suffering.

Two days ago, Father Ezekiel began intensely suffering then the Lord revealed to him that there was a massacre going on in a country on the border of Africa, that the villages were being annihilated. We began to pray, and he received respite for a few hours and began suffering again. This time the Lord made it known to him that the massacre was also happening in the Democratic of Congo and in Rwanda. Boko Haram which is a Muslim extremist group in Africa were going in villages killing men, women, and children. Many had been severely wounded but were not dead but hanging on to dear life. Some he saw had limbs cut of or deep holes in their body and they were suffering greatly.

He then asked us all to go in the Spirit and minister to these suffering. For priests he asked them to perform the sacraments of extreme unction, absolution or provide the blessed Sacrament to those in need. He had me send out an email to all Heart Dwellers intercessors to follow these instructions as well. Many responded and because of that the Lord used many of them in the most amazing ways to bring healing and comfort to those who were dying. Here are some amazing testimonies of their experience I would like to share with you all then after that you will hear a message from Our Mother of Mercy and Jesus to Mother Clare about giving this anointing to all Heart Dwellers who desire to console the suffering.

Ms. Pam wrote:
“I have ministered to four so far. All were immensely grateful and received Absolution, Spiritual Communion and were anointed with Holy Oil. Mary passed peacefully just as I was finishing anointing her. I did not see anything, but I knew exactly what was happening.”

And I believe when she says, Mary it is a soul to which she was ministering.

Rusty responded:
“Here is my experience while praying for those in the DRC and Rwanda. It was hard to tell if it was just my imagination or if it was really happening, but afterwards I went to discern and got what I thought were confirmations from the Bible Promises and Rhema’s. May God have mercy on these dear souls.

“I played the Divine Mercy Chaplet as sung by Clare DuBois on YouTube. While listening and praying in the Spirit, I opened Google Earth and went to The Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Border of Rwanda. My eye was drawn to a mountain on the DRC side of the border with Rwanda and I saw the name of a small town “Buhumba.” Zooming in to the town I saw little houses scattered along some roads. Keeping this in mind I shut my eyes and began praying for all the souls suffering right then.

“I got an image of a little boy with both arms cut off. He was stumbling around like he wanted to reach out to something but could not. I ran to him and wrapped my arms around him and told him to call upon the name of Jesus! Jesus could help him and save him from this misery. He cried out to Jesus and immediately light began to shine around him, and a peace and calm came over him. He smiled big as he lifted his eyes up, and then I realized his Spirit had left his body. His dead body lay there—still with the same smile and expression of joy and peace with eyes lifted. I closed his eyes, and I was thanking and praising God for taking him.

“I started praying in the Spirit again and saw a little baby, toddler with bandages on its legs. I could not tell what had happened to the child as there was some kind of cloak over the child. I got the impression that the child had a leg injury from earlier, but whenever the bad men came through wounding everyone, they cut off its arms or did something to seriously injure the child. The mother was holding the child in her lap, sobbing. I approached her and told her to forgive the men that had committed this atrocity. She could not find it in her heart to do that. I told her that Jesus could help her. All she had to do was call upon the name of Jesus and ask for His help. In tears she cried for Jesus to help. Jesus appeared wearing a crown of thorns, all covered in blood from His passion. He scooped up the little child in His arms and began to console it. The mother, observing how Jesus was suffering more that her little child and consoling it, found it within her to forgive the men who hurt her child. As her child died in Jesus’ arms, I told her to go and tell others that they could call out to Jesus as well. Seeing a glimmer of hope in her eyes, she got up and ran to tell others.

“I then found myself in a dark room. Some bearded men dressed in black with black bandanas barged through the door. They took up a young girl and sliced her mid region. They started doing all other kinds of horrible things to the others in the room. Blood was splattered everywhere. As I saw the blood splattering on the men committing these horrible acts, I remembered the Blood and Water that splattered on the Roman soldier as he pierced Jesus’ side. That soldier proclaimed, ‘Truly this was the Son of God.’ I began to pray that it would be the same with these men who were slaughtering these people. I prayed that the Blood of Jesus would be splattered on them, and that Christ’s Blood would seep into the cracks of their hearts of stone, and that God would give them a heart of flesh. I saw a look on one man’s face like he was second guessing what he was doing.

“And that was the end of the visions I saw. I continued to pray in the Spirit while listening to the Divine Mercy Chaplet and looking over more of the map.”

Wow! Quite amazing, and there is more.

Then Shahin shared:
“The first village Holy Spirit led me to had a huge fire as well. The thought came to me that people whose limbs were cut off had been thrown in the fire alive. There was a child named Michael that was left to bleed to death. I baptized him in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and then ministered the sacraments to the precious child. It did not take much longer for him to breath his last.

“There were three very small babies on a large platter. They had been brutally killed with knives. I am sure the Lord withheld some of the detailed as to preserve my sanity, so I also withhold some of the details of what I saw for you to keep your peace. It was bad. very very bad. All I could do was to cry out for mercy on these children, and those who did this. After baptizing, and ministering the sacraments, I had the feeling they were with Jesus now.

“Another old man whose upper body was only visible was saved as well and departed to be with Him. Another woman was saved as well, the poor lady was right in the middle of being tormented. I was pouring holy water and oil on the tormenters and praying for their hearts to be healed from the trauma they themselves had been through. Because of that trauma they had become the very thing that they were terrified of when they were just little children.

“I also noticed Holy Spirit was tending to the leader of the Boko Haram group. He had seen so much bloodshed as a little boy, that it seemed the most normal thing in the world to kill and torture, like playing a game or having fun. Holy Spirit even wanted to reach for this man’s heart.

“After that, Holy Spirit and I went out to seal the other villages with the Dragon Slayer sword, and the seal of the living God.”

Gelter wrote:
“I did not see much at all, I only saw in part a dilapidated house and some items which looked like voodoo dolls. I was made to understand that this may have been what triggered the attacks. And that that is why The Lord did not allow them to die besides the horrendous tortures otherwise they would have gone to Hell. Everyone who ministered to these truly spared them the fires of Hell.”

Wow, that is amazing guys, which is a different perspective.

Little Melissa shared:
“When we were first given the asking to go in the Spirit, I felt like there were so many people in need that I hovered over the area and prayed the Rosary for them as well in the Spirit and gave them all absolution, anointing them and giving them the body and blood of Christ. I asked Mother Mary to please pray for them all and to guide her angels to minister to them as well. Creating globes of protection around the surrounding villages. I also prayed for those who had done this and for the Lord to work in their hearts.

“Later when I woke in the middle of the night, I went back in the Spirit. The fires had died down and there were a few people still alive. There was someone who needed help, I think it may have been a teenager, I gave her last rites. She said she was so scared and if I could stay with her. I said I would. I then spoke to her saying Have no fear for I am with you. Be not afraid for I am your God. I will strengthen you and give you help. and uphold you with my victorious right hand. -Isaiah 41:10. I spoke this over her three times. I then started to talk about Heaven and what she was to look forward to until the angels took her away.

“I then heard a cry under a house, and it was a child stuck around five years old. I went to him and comforted him and gave him last rites. He asked me to sing to him, so I sang. ‘Jesus loves Me this I know, for the Bible tells me so. Little ones to Him belong, they are weak, but He is strong. Yes, Jesus loves me, Yes Jesus loves me. Yes, Jesus loves me the Bible tells me so. Jesus loves me He who died, Heaven’s gates open wide, He to wash away our sin, let His little child come in.’ At that moment he breathed his last and the angels carried him away.

“I then heard the cry of anguish of a mother, she was crying for her children. I went to her, and she asked ‘My babies, My babies. I could not protect them!’ I put my arms around her and said to her. ‘Your babies are safe, the Lord has them. God has them. They are out there safe, and the Lord will protect and care and guide them now. Jesus has them. And the others are waiting for you in Heaven.’ I then gave her last rites and as she calmed, the Lord took her in Spirit home.

“I then came across a man. He had never been in this position before. He had always been the strong one, the one able to protect and provide for his family, but he had not been able to protect them from this. His shame covered him. I told him that God had his family and that he did not need to carry this shame. I gave him last rites and being comforted he went home.

“I then saw two children hiding in a field, I believe they were the children of the mother who had just died. I prayed for them and prayed for protection, and I saw angels put a globe of protection and invisibility around them. I took them by the hand and led them away toward a village where they would be welcomed. After a few steps, the angels took over and guided them. I felt the Lord had saved certain people and was guiding them to the surrounding villages to be cared for but also to warn them of what happened.

“I then heard a cry of a child, a young one, a baby. I found him alone crying, unhurt but abandoned in the chaos. I picked him up and held him and prayed over him. I then heard and saw in the Spirit a boy who was a teenager. He was a part of the Boko Haram but in the confusion had been able to break off from his group. His eyes were filled with tears and regret with all that he had seen and done and had been done around him. He was drawn by the cries of this little child and looking around he picked up the child and ran in the direction of a village he knew. I saw the Lord’s protection and working in his heart and felt that the child would be ok.

“By this time, the fires had died down and there was no one else left to minister so the Lord brought me back to myself. All Glory and Honor belong to Jesus alone.”

Sister Jessica shared:
“Praise be to God for the souls saved and preserved today by the power of the Holy Spirit at work through you all. When I entered prayer, I was instantly transported at the scene, a village as described by most, houses made of huts and mud burning. But I believe when I got there the worst was done because I was standing there not knowing what to do.

“Then I heard someone moaning very faintly in agony saying, “help me, please help me.” I realized she was lying right in front of me on top of many dead bodies. She was an elderly woman dying and badly burnt. I prayed for her and gave her the Sacrament and I asked the saints to pray with me for her and anyone else hidden somewhere. I gave her an absolution and after that she asked for water, so I gave her the holy water that was with me. She died peacefully in my arms. I then had an unction to pray for those that were dead because I was surrounded by dead bodies. I prayed the DMC for those dead that the mercy of God will meet them and snatch them from Hell. And I asked Mother Mary to grant them the grace to receive God’s forgiveness and mercy so none may be lost. When I came out of it, I had the urge to continue praying so I did so, just praying in tongues.”

Sister Juliet shared:
“I prayed Psalm 91 of protection over several of the huts I was shown when I prayed for these precious souls. In one of these huts, I saw four to five little children, clinging to each other in fear and holding hands trying to hide from the enemy…. absolutely heart breaking …I prayed the Rosary for them and the DMC and tried to embrace and comfort them as best as I could and by telling them Jesus was there with us and praying that He would hold His protective wings over them and fill them with His Love, peace, and warmth.

“I was also shown an elderly woman with hardly any hair, who was dressed in a thin white dress and wore a golden colored bracelet. She was lying on the ground outside a hut in pain. Her pain was much more emotional than physical due to all the evil and terrible killings she had witnessed around her. I also tried to comfort her and minister to her in the Spirit as best as I could. After this I asked Jesus to lead me to the souls, he wanted me to baptize and then I baptized these”

Sister Hadassah said,
“I was comforting a pregnant woman who had five children and they were scared and trembling. Their little bodies were scratched up and the lady was hurt. I comforted them with a song Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so and was holding one of the children in my arms who was hurt bad, and he died in my arms as I saw Jesus take him from me into Heaven. I was unsure at first if this was my imagination or the Lord then I read another young lady also was holding a young child in their arms singing the exact same song to them. Wow, that really confirmed it was the Holy Spirit.”

And here she is talking about Little Melissa who also was holding a young child singing the same song!

Lastly Rainbow shared,
“Well, when I went in the Spirit one of villages appeared to be on fire in some places. Very chaotic and a lot of screams. One woman was grieving so very much that I hugged her in the Spirit telling her all will be well, but I begged the Lord for her not to notice me but feel the peace instead. Since I could not comfort everyone, I hovered over the whole town blessing it with the grace of peace. Anointing it and pouring holy water and oil over the town. There was a man hiding behind some houses in a back road and I saw another man who was coming to kill him but the angels with me and myself stood in front of him and he was spared.”

And that is the end of some of the testimonies. My goodness the things they witnessed where amazing and many sad situations but by them being there the suffering and the dying where comforted and some even saved coming to the knowledge of Jesus Christ their Savior. That is how powerful it is to go in the Spirit. The Lord needs each single one of us to be open to this gift. All you must do is ask and your transport is your love for the souls suffering and perishing. Your consent, your obedience can save a soul from going to Hell in their last moments and you do all this without leaving your room.

Many continue to ask, “Well, how do I go in the Spirit?”

It is very simple beloved family. Enter the doorway of your heart where Jesus is and when he makes it known to you a situation or someone suffering, use your sanctified imagination to picture the place, what do you see, what needs to be done? is there a soul in distress? Then comfort them as you would someone you love who is suffering. Hold them, given them an encouraging word, pray for them and many times you will see Jesus next to you, or even the angels at work helping the soul for which you are praying. Do not rush just wait on the Lord and he will take you there by the hand, but he will always meet you when you make the first effort. Others say, “Well, I try but I do not see anything” and I say to you everyone has an imagination. You can easily picture an African village right now as I am talking, do you see huts, or shacks? What are the people dressed like, what are they doing?

When you get a call to prayer first picture the place meet Jesus there and he will take over especially when you know what is going on, you can picture men, women and children running, grabbing a few items and men with guns intimidating many and even shooting. You can all picture that and that is how you would go in the Spirit. It is also an exercise just like any virtue, any grace, and any gift it must be exercised and watered. So, you cannot give up after the first time because you still have not broken through to see anything or even the third time. There is no room to give up guys on this, people are suffering, and the Lord needs you. Try, and try again and even when you go one time do not stop continue to go every-time there is a call to prayer. The more you exercise this gift the sharper it will become. The biggest impediment to this gift is doubt, unbelief and guilt. You doubt that you can even go in the Spirit, you do not believe even what you see when you try to imagine because the enemy tells you it is your own mind and then guilt says you are not worthy enough. You do not pray like the others, you are not as anointed, you just sinned the Lord will not use you. Lies, lies, lies…it is simply love that is the transport, when you love you have touched the hem of Jesus garment and when you have compassion for another in their suffering you have just grabbed Jesus’ hand, so now go.

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